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Greece Attractions Tickets

Things to Do in Greece in November

Hiking trail in Corfu, Enjoy Skiing in Arachova, Explore Delphi, Visit Lake Plastira, Explore Vergina Royal Tombs Museum, Visit Tzoumerka National Park, Discover the magical Zagorohoria, Visit The Greek Islands & more. Elevate your European journey with seamlessly curated experiences through Europe holiday packages.

Being a popular holiday destination, this country remains busy all time of year, however, planning your trip to Greece in November would be apt as it is when the place is sparsely populated. The weather remains mild in the day allowing you to enjoy fun things to do in Greece in November like hiking and more. Tourists can not only head to famous attractions like Mykonos and Santorini, but also check out hidden gems like Tzoumerka National Park, and The Museum Of The Royal Tombs of Aigai.

Greece enjoys an off season in November, which lowers accommodation prices, making it ideal for travellers visiting Greece on a tight budget. Tourists who dislike crowds and prefer to explore a location like Greece at their own leisure can also arrange a vacation during this time of year. One can checkout the ancient historical sites of the country or simply unwind amidst the pristine and blue waters of the ocean. 
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Essential Information to Visit Greece in November


Weather In Greece in November

November is the time when the transition to winter begins, so the climate tends to become colder during the later parts of the month. Temperatures of Greece in November are usually as high as 20 degrees C, however, nights are cooler.  The overall climate is pleasant for exploring the country.

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Why to Visit Greece in November?

Greece in November experiences an off season due to which the rates of the hotels also drop, making it apt for tourists visiting Greece on a shoestring budget. Tourists who get uncomfortable in the crowd and want to explore a destination like Greece at their own pace can also plan a trip during this time of year.

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What To Pack For Greece in November?

Greece in November faces plenty of sunny days available, so tourists may have to opt for a mix of clothes. Tourists are advised to pack light winter clothes as temperatures of Greece in November will drop during the nights. During the day there are high possibilities of sunshine for up to 5 hours, so tourists can consider carrying some light but full sleeve clothes too. Make sure you keep good quality walking shoes that will help you in your exploration. 

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Things to Do & Places to Visit in Greece in November

207 Ratings
Superb 207 Ratings
207 Ratings Ratings
  • 3H
  • 3H
207 Ratings
Superb 207 Ratings
207 Ratings Ratings
€ 30 € 16 per Adult

Activity Location: Dionysiou Areopagitou 15, 117 42, Athens

Activity Timings:

  • Monday - Thursday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  • Friday - 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Activity Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)

Last admission: 30 minutes before closing

About the Acropolis Museum:

Visit the Acropolis Museum, an architectural masterpiece that blends ancient history with modern design. Step into a world where centuries converge as the museum's glass floors offer glimpses into the ancient ruins beneath your feet. Marvel at the stunning collection of priceless artifacts that tell the captivating stories of Greece's glorious past. Let the lighting and artistic presentation transport you to a bygone era when gods and heroes walked the earth. From the iconic Parthenon sculptures to the intricately crafted statues, each exhibit has something unique to offer. Book tickets to the Acropolis Museum and go on a cultural journey at one of the most visited archeological museums in the world.

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35 Ratings
Superb 35 Ratings
35 Ratings Ratings
  • 1H
  • 1H
35 Ratings
Superb 35 Ratings
35 Ratings Ratings
€ 15 € 10 per Adult

Activity Location: Adrianou 24, 105 55, Athens

Operational Hours: 08:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Activity Duration: 1-2 hours (Approx.)

About Ancient Agora of Athens:

Visit the Ancient Agora of Athens, city's iconic and historic monument, with your loved ones to learn about its past. Know how it served as a marketplace and a political hub in the 5th century (B.C.). The site was initially built during the Hellenistic period, and you can still feel that era's energy while touring. With the tickets for Ancient Agora of Athens, you will also be able to access the Temple of Hephaestus, Museum of the Ancient Agora in the Stoa of Attalos, Tholos & Bouleuterion.

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Enjoy Skiing in Arachova

  • One of the best adventurous activities that you can enjoy in Greece in November is skiing in Arachova which is located close to Mount Parnassos and west of Boeotia.
  • Arachova is a mountain village near Mount Parnassos, which offers several good ski slopes for all ability levels. 
  • The village has some of the best landscapes in the country that are worth admiring 
  • This skiing destination comes with lifts and different tracks made for different levels of expertise, right from beginners to experienced.
  • Tourists planning to ski can bring their own equipment or rent from the facilities in Arachova.

Location: Arachova 320 04, Greece

Price in Euros: 20 to 40

Price in Dollars: 20 to 40

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Greece Attractions Tickets Explore All (12)
Explore All (12)

Explore Delphi

  • Delphi, which is located at the foothills of Mount Parnassus, is the seat of the high priestess of Oracle of Apollo and has a history dating back to the 6th and 4th century.
  • The town has some of the most intricate Greek ruins like the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, the Stadium of Delphi, and the Archeological Museum tourists can check out for planning a trip to Greece in November.
  • Explore these attractions, many of which are recognised by UNESCO and bear the tag of World Heritage Site.
  • Tourists considering a visit to Delphi can also check out places like Hosios Loukas Monastery, thanks to the different practices of Byzantine architecture used for its construction.

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Visit Lake Plastira

  • Lake Plastira of Lake Tavropos is an artificial lake located in Karditsa, which is also known as Tavropos reservoir and relies on Tavropos river for its water.
  • Surrounded by Oak and chestnut trees, the lake is one of the places where one can try various activities such as rafting, kayaking and swimming.
  • The lake holds tremendous significance to the locals as it is one of the primary sources of water for irrigation and for generating hydroelectricity.
  • The lake is considered to be a haven for nature lovers due to the picturesque views of the mountains surrounding the lake.

Location: Plastira Lake, Thessaly, Greece

Price in Euros: 10 to 20

Price in US Dollars: 10 to 20

Explore Vergina Royal Tombs Museum

  • Tourists who are planning a visit to Thessaloniki can plan a day trip to the Museum Of The Royal Tombs of Aigai, alternatively known as the Vergina Royal Tombs Museum.
  • The museum is famous for its underground cluster of Phillip II of Macedon and for its frescoes.
  • The tombs were discovered in 1977, ever since then a lot of efforts have been undertaken to preserve the structures.
  • They are recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and tourists in this place can actually venture deep into the heart of the Kingdom of Macedonia- one of the powerful empires that ruled Greece.

Location: Vergina 590 31, Greece

9 AM to 5 PM

Price in Euros:
3 to 10

Price in US Dollars:
3 to 10

Visit Tzoumerka National Park

  • The National Park of Tzoumerka, Peristeri, and Arachthos Gorge aims to protect not only the wildlife within its premises, but also the cultural heritage of the locality.
  • This is a protected area that comes with different types of activities worth trying out like rafting, kayaking, and hiking.
  • The park has more than 700 plant species that are not only rare but also endemic to that region. 
  • Some of the animals in this park include the fire salamander, griffon vulture, and the red black shrike.
  • The park is very significant for preserving mammals, so tourists visiting this park can get a glimpse of mammals like the Balkan Chamois too.

Location: Psarou Beach, Mykonos 846 00

9 AM to 4 PM

Price in Euros:
90 to 100

Price in US Dollars:
90 to 100

Enjoy at Psarou Beach

  • The Psarou Beach in Mykonos is popular among celebrities as it houses some of the most luxurious resorts with top notch VIP services.
  • Tourists looking for things to do in Greece in November can simply unwind by the vibrantly blue waters or even try some adventurous water activities like scuba diving and paddling. 
  • This beach has a lot of restaurants lined up, so tourists planning to dine with a view can consider Psarou beach as one of the destinations to head to.
  • At Psarou Beach, you may sunbathe in style as the overall weather is warm round the year.

Location: Psarou Beach, Mykonos 846 00

Discover the Argo Saronic Islands

  • Greece's Argo Saronic islands, alternatively called as Saronic island is known for its ancient ruins and beaches and is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists planning a day trip.
  • Tourists planning for things to do in Greece in November can visit these islands and check out places like the Folklore Museum which is located in Egina.
  • Beside admiring the breathtaking views, one can partake in a plethora of water based activities such as surfing and snorkelling in its Archipelago.
  • The Argo Saronic Islands are a group of islands including Salamina, Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra, and Spetses.

Hiking Trail in Corfu

  • Corfu is an island located in the North western coast of the Ionian sea in Greece which is also known for its hiking trail.
  • The island is popular among hiking enthusiasts who are eager to step outdoors and explore Greece in November.
  • This island has some of the most popular hiking routes, like the Asprokavos to Santa Barbara trail, the Vlacherna trail, and the old town hiking trail.
  • The trails are suitable for medium to advanced trekkers as the routes are long but come with stunning landscapes that are worth checking out.

Location: Kavos, southern Corfu, Greece

Price in Euros:
40 to 50

Price in US Dollars:
40 to 50 

Explore Mykonos

  • Mykonos is one of the most sought after islands in Greece, thanks to the nightlife and party scenes that keeps it alive. This island has hosted shows from renowned international DJ artists.
  • Go for a trip to the crystal clear turquoise waters or just sun bathe at the sandy beach.
  • Although it is a party destination, the island sports an old world charm and has some amazing attractions like the Kato Mili, locally known as the low windmill.
  • Enjoy food at some of the finest restaurants which are present at the island and satiate your taste bud.

Location: Mykonos Town [Chora], Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Marvel at the Epidaurus Theater

  • The Epidaurus Theatre is located in the city of Epidaurus which was originally built to host different types of events related to music and drama. 
  • The theatre was originally built between 340 to 330 BC and was designed with exceptional acoustics, the structure of which is predominantly made up of limestone. 
  • The venue which has the capacity to accommodate around 15000 spectators has hosted several events dedicated to theatre, like the Athens Epidaurus Festival from local and international artists.

Location: Epidavros 210 52, Greece

Timings: 8 PM to 5 PM

Price in Euros: 6 to 12

Price in US Dollars: 6 to 12

Climb Mount Olympus

  • This is the highest peak in Greece with a height of 2917 metres and is quite popular among hiking enthusiasts.
  • The ancient Greekes regarded this place as the above of Greek Gods, especially Zeus-the head of the Greek Gods.
  • Tourists considering a trip to Greece in December might make a stop at this mountain and see the picturesque communities nestled in the mountain's foothills. These communities have charming alleys and sell a variety of locally produced goods which you can buy as a souvenir.
  • Click amazing pictures of yourself with the backdrop of  the splendid views of Mount Olympus.

Location : Thessaly, Greece

Visit The Greek Islands

  • When planning your trip, don't forget to add exploring the island in your list of best things to do in Greece in November.
  • There are more than 6000 islands and islets in Greece that are known for their clean beaches that adorn the blue waters of the ocean.
  • They can opt for touristy islands like Santorini and Mykonos, so even choose some underrated ones like Thassos, Kefalonia, and Milos.
  • Right from beaches and nightlife to local cuisine, these islands have something to offer. 

Discover the Magical Zagorohoria

  • Shortly known as Zagori, this is a municipality in Greece located amidst the Pindus mountains and is known for its landscapes like the Dragon Lake, Vikos Gorge, and Papigo. 
  • The mountain is popular amongst hikers who are looking for things to do in Greece in November.
  • Tourists visiting this place can also check out the villages in this premises like Mikro Papigo, Kipi, Vikos, and Aristi which offer views of the Voidomatis river and the river springs.
  • Plan your trip to Greece in the month of November and visit the Kokori Bridge- an 18th century bridge built using stone and connects 2 cliffs. 

People Also Ask About Greece

  1. What are the best things to do in Greece in November with Kids?

    1. Explore Mykonos- Exploring Mykonos Island and its beaches is one of the best things to do in Greece in November with kids. Apart from the party spots, the island comes with beautiful beaches and museums, which people of all ages, especially children can enjoy. Witness the breathtaking beauty of the island which is also famous for its food scene allowing you to relish authentic dishes at world class restaurants.

    2. Visit Parthenon: If your children are history enthusiasts, then mark your presence at the Parthenon, which is one of the historic sites of Greece. Children can get fascinated as they can witness the majestic ruins of an ancient Greek building and learn about its glorious past.

    3. Check out Delphi- Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site place of religious significance due to the temple dedicated to Apollo. Kids who are interested in Greek mythology will be left spoilt for choice due to the number of places worth checking out on this island. Apart from the temple, there are prominent places worth checking out in the island like Stadium of Delphi, Tholos of Delphi, and the Archeological Museum of Delphi. 

    4. Discover Lake Plastira- Headout to Lake Plastira and get mesmerised by the beauty of the lake surrounded by Oak and chestnut trees. The lake is one of the places where children can try various activities such as rafting, kayaking and swimming. Other than that, kids can have fun by partaking in activities such as bicycling and horseback riding with a full family.

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  2. Which is the best Greek island to visit in November?

    Crete is one of the best islands to plan a visit to Greece in November as the climate remains pleasant during this time of year, having its average temperature ranging between 12 degrees C to 20 degrees C. The place also remains less crowded compared to the summer months, so it is worth planning a visit to Crete during November. 

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  3. Is it worth visiting Greece in winter?

    Yes, it is worth visiting Greece in winter as it is the off-season when the country will be sparsely populated with tourists. The climate is pretty cold but it is not the peak tourist season, so there is a high chance of getting a great deal with hotels. 

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  4. Should I visit Mykonos in November?

    Yes, one can visit Mykonos in Greece in November as the place experiences mild weather during the month of November with temperatures usually being within 13 to 18 degrees C bracket. The sunshine lasts for up to 8 hours, so tourists can use this time to explore its beaches and other famous attractions.

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  5. Is it worth visiting Greece in November?

    Greece in November experiences the off-season, when the hotel prices are low and many prominent attractions are less crowded. Tourists arriving at this time will have ample time to explore and check out the different types of things to do in Greece in November. 
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