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Philippines Tour Packages

Duration Price
7 Days Exciting Philippines Tour Package 7 Days / 6 Nights ₹ 53000.0
5 Days Budget Tour Package of Philippines 5 Days / 4 Nights ₹ 44000.0
Highlights of Philippines in 8 Days 8 Days / 7 Nights ₹ 59000.0
6 Days Philippines Tour Package 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 43000.0
Philippines Honeymoon Package from Mumbai 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 43000.0

Philippines Packages

Browse through a wide range of Philippines holiday packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Philippines vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

Where to go in an island nation that is made up of around 7,000 islands is a question that everybody wonders about. With an incredible number of experiences, UNESCO heritage landmarks, adventure activities, it is a must to know which places to include in your
Philippines tour packages and things that you must absolutely try while here!  With Thrillophilia your Philippines tour is going to be nothing short of an amazing memory.

Our experienced travel designers ensure that we create the best packages for you that include all the top destinations, activities, and experiences. We pride on our packages being amongst the best yet they don’t set you back as far as the price is concerned. You will always find an exciting deal or offer running to make travel affordable yet exciting for everyone. 
Whatever your vacation style, you will find a Philippines holiday package that’s perfect for you. We include super fun activities like volcano tourism, underwater river cruises, and exploration of natural cave pools for the adrenaline junkies.

For those who love unique destinations, our packages include destinations 2000-year-old rice terraces, places where coffins hang on cliffs, and waterfalls that have water so blue that it seems to glow. Not to mention food tours, amazing nightlife and traditional art form experiences that are included in our package options like Adventurous Philippines, Highlights of Philippines, 5-day budget tour package, and many more. We promise you a dream like vacation with the best price guaranteed.
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7 Days Exciting Philippines Tour Package


The Philippines is widely known for being a secret getaway to some of the most exotic and happening beaches of the whole world. Apart from beaches, you will also get to see its wonderful places of tourist interest, vibrant nightlife, adventure sports and much more.

110 Ratings


110 Ratings

₹ 66,250

₹ 53,000 per Adult

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5 Days Budget Tour Package of Philippines


The Philippines is not only a beautiful country but also a wonderful adventure destination for adventure seekers. Coming over to this place, you will get to spend some wonderful time as well as get a chance to make some unforgettable memories exploring the pristine coastline and vibrant city.

77 Ratings


77 Ratings

₹ 55,000

₹ 44,000 per Adult

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Highlights of Philippines in 8 Days


The Philippines happens to be an abode that is home to numerous small and big islands and a plethora of natural fascinations that will just wave your mind and soul. It is such a wonderful place that perfectly suits any and every kind of tourist.

55 Ratings


55 Ratings

₹ 79,729

₹ 59,000 per Adult

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6 Days Philippines Tour Package


The Philippines can be described as a country that has got impressive shorelines, coral reefs, stunning islands, divine places of worship and some pristine beaches. Coming over to this place with your loved ones, you can spend time in relaxation as well as get spoiled taking part in various water-based adventure activities. 

102 Ratings


102 Ratings

₹ 66,154

₹ 43,000 per Adult

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Philippines Honeymoon Package from Mumbai


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
In order to have one of the best honeymoon experiences, you can, without doubt, book the Philippines Honeymoon package from Mumbai where you will get to experience the best of the whole world in a single visit.

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 53,750

₹ 43,000 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Philippines Tours

  1. What are the famous places to see in the Philippines?

    1. Vigan: An architectural and historic masterpiece, the 16th-century UNESCO protected Vigan is a preserved Spanish town, the only one in Asia to exist and one of the best places to include in your Philippines tour package.

    The buildings, streets, plazas, cathedrals here all have Chinese and European influences, an extremely rare combination. This place that was one of the stops on the Silk Route, houses heritage houses, Syquia Mansion Museum, the 15th-century Bantay Church Bell Tower, etc. Don’t miss to enjoy Ilocos cuisine, go on a weaving & pottery tour, and shop at the Hidden Garden.

    Location: Northern part of the Luzon island.
    Timings: Can be visited anytime.

    2. Chocolate Hills: Often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, Chocolate Hills’ appearance is as intriguing as their name and must be a part of your Philippines tour! This is a cluster of 1268 hills with all of them having the same cone shape, a phenomenon that has baffled geologists.

    Ranging from 30-120 metres in height, these hills change their appearance depending on the season. While they are lush green in the rains, the dry season turns them into brown-coloured mounds looking like chocolate!

    Location: Bohol province.
    Timings: Can be visited anytime.

    3. Sagada: One of the most intriguing places that must be included in your Philippines tour package, Sagada is famous for its rugged mountainous landscape and lush valleys.

    The most-visited attraction here is the 2000-year-old hanging coffins at Echo Valley that are placed on the face of the cliffs. Don’t miss to see the 60 humongous limestone caves here and their rock formations and the Blue Soil Hills that have an unearthly appearance of a blue powder strewn over brown rocks.

    Location: Mountain Province, North Luzon.
    Timings: Can be visited anytime.

    4. Banaue Rice Terraces: These almost 2000-year-old rice terraces are often described as unparalleled natural living phenomena and must be a part of your Philippines tour package.

    They were not only carved by the traditional Ifugao tribes using only the basic tools but are also kept alive by an irrigation system, quite sophisticated technique for that time that continues even now. Extending for around 20,000 kilometres, this UNESCO Heritage Site is still in use by the locals.

    Location: Ifugao-Mountain Province Road, Banaue.

    5. Rizal Park: Dedicated to the national hero of the Filipino people, Dr. Jose Rizal, this park is a beautiful green oasis that is seeped deep in history, making it one of the best places to include in your Philippines tour package.

    Spread over 60-hectares, it has landscaped flowering Japanese and Chinese gardens, a huge stadium, an open-air amphitheatre, and a 3D map of the Philippines. There are several food shacks for you to enjoy local street food and horse riding facilities. Every evening, a dancing musical fountain show is put up, that’s a must-see for all the energy and colours.

    Location: Ermita, 1000 Metro Manila.
    Timings: Every day from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm.

    6. San Agustin Church: This Roman Catholic Baroque-style church is a stunning remnant from the 16-century that’s survived the Second World War and numerous earthquakes. The beautiful architecture of high frescos, painted ceilings, sunken panels, and intricately carved pillars is further accentuated by the surreal notes of the pipe organ music that always plays here.

    The highlights here are the baroque carved in pineapple motifs, the ancient crucifix, ivory choir seats, and 16 chandeliers brought from Paris. There is a museum inside the church complex that houses artworks of the Augustinian monks that are a beautiful juxtaposition of nature and science with religion.

    Location: General Luna, 1002 Metro Manila, St. Manila.
    Timings: Every day from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

    7. Taal Volcano: One of the most active volcanoes of the Philippines along with its caldera filled lake definitely warrants a visit and must be included in your Philippines tour package. Not only does that fact that this volcano has erupted more than 40 times, but also because of the stunning views that it offers, Taal Volcano ranks high on any itinerary.

    Visitors can hike or horse ride up till the rim of the crater that offers close inside views of the crater. The lake is a great place to boat and bathe in the cool waters. There are several lush groves here that serve as picnic spots with surrounding panoramic views.

    Location: Talisay and San Nicolas Batangas.
    Timings: Can be visited anytime.

    8. Kawasan Falls: Known for its shimmering blue waters, Kawasan Falls is a cluster of 3 falls that’s amongst the most popular places here and must be a part of your Philippines tour. The unearthly glowing blue waters are explained by the presence of limestone deposits and allures people from all over the world.

    You can hike up to the top of the falls to get panoramic views of the entire length of the falls as well as the surrounding lush scenery. There are several small pools here perfect for a long cool dip or simply relax. The surrounding rocky outcrops allow cliff jumping and canyoneering here from a height of around 60 ft., the perfect adventure for those who love a rush of adrenaline.

    Location: Badian, Cebu.
    Timings: Always accessible.
  2. What are the best things to do in the Philippines?

    1. Take a Manila food trip: CNN has labelled the Philippines as one of the top food destinations in the world and rightly so! One of the best food tours here happens in Manila that takes you to 8 restaurants and lets you explore several dishes ranging from appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

    Some of the most exotic dishes that you can try on this tour include Chicken/Pork adobo (meats stewed in soy sauce), Bulalo (beef soup with fish sauce), Kare Kare (a rich oxtail stew), Sinigang (tamarind flavoured shrimps), and Halo-Halo (a mixed dessert of ice cream, banana, jello, and cereal). This signature experience must be a part of your Philippines trip package.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 3,700 per person.

    2. Take a tour of an underground river: This UNESCO protected site is a marvellous underground paradise that’ll transport you to a different realm altogether and must be a part of your Philippines tour.

    Though the river is 8.2 kilometres long, tourists are allowed to explore only half of this length. The river snakes beneath limestone cliffs, rock formations, and caves giving you an amazing unearthly feeling of being deep inside the bowels of the earth. You can spot rare plants along with giant spiders, bats, snakes, crabs, and swallows here.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 3,500 per person.

    3. Take an island hopping tour: With its 7,000 islands, it’s difficult to choose which islands to visit and the ones to leave out. There are several island tours here that stretch from 13-15 days that take you to some of the most paradisiacal Filipino islands.

    From the chic island of Manila to Siquijor island famous for its caves & waterfalls, Bohol island famous for the Chocolate Hills, Panglao island famous for its coral reefs and watersports, etc. These tours also include activities like beach bonfires, drinks nights, and watersports, and will make your Philippines trip package worthwhile.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 1.20 lacs per person.

    4. Enjoy a nightlife tour: One of the best cities to enjoy a night tour in Manila, famous for its chic bars and lively verve.

    These nightlife tours, an essential part of Philippines trip packages, are customised according to your interest and include super fun things like a visit to the best dance clubs to enjoy live music, cabaret & performances, sunset dinner cruise on Manila Bay, visit a comedy bar, casino trip, visit a bayside cocktail lounge, etc. Not only do these tours include your drinks and dinner for the day but also include limousine transfers to make your experience memorable.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 8,400 per person for an 8-hour tour.

    5. Go shopping: Besides all the branded stuff, the Philippines is a great place to enrich your collection of indigenous artwork, handicrafts, masks, etc. The island nation is famous for its beautiful and intricately carved wooden salad bowls, coconut shell fridge magnets, photo frames made from Manila hemp, tribal woven baskets, brass jars, wooden crucifixes, and traditional batik textiles.

    Don’t miss to pick up skirts made of pineapple fibre, jewellery made from bones & pearls, and musical instruments like handmade guitars, ukulele, and mandolin. Some of the best places to pick these things up are the street markets of Cebu, Manila, Davao, and Marawi.

    Price: Shopping starts for as low as Rs. 500.

    6. Climb an active volcanic mountain: For those who love trekking, this activity takes the adventure up by notches! Imagine passing through lush vegetable farms, rugged trails, and grasslands up till the lava wall of Mayon Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines.

    This 2-day trek takes you close to the loose cinder and lava sand, which is an amazing experience in itself. Other fun things added to this include ATV rides, zip-lining, and night camping.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 6,000 per person.
  3. What is the best time to visit the Philippines?

    The dry season (November-April) is the best time to enjoy the beauty and experiences that the Philippines has to offer. The temperatures range between 24-30°C that is pleasant enough to be outdoors and enjoy watersports. Since there is low rainfall, all the islands remain accessible with the least amount of uncomfortable humidity.
  4. How to reach the Philippines?

    The Philippines receives the majority of international flights at its Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila) and Mactan International Airport (Cebu). These airports receive direct flights from the UK, Ireland, The US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, etc.

    If you are travelling from Malaysia, you can opt for ferries running between Zamboanga City and Sandakan, Sabah.

    There are no direct flights between India and the Philippines. You need to take a flight via Bangkok, Singapore, or Kuala Lumpur to reach the international airport at Manila. Several carriers like Air Asia, Silk Air, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, etc. fly daily from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, etc.
  5. How much time does it take to get a visa to the Philippines?

    The processing of a tourist visa to the Philippines takes approximately 15 days.
  6. What is the cost of a tourist visa in the Philippines?

    A single-entry tourist visa costs approximately Rs. 4,600. This includes all taxes and the consulate application fees.
  7. Do Indian passport holders need a visa for the Philippines?

    Yes, Indian citizens need a visa for the Philippines and are issued a visa that’s valid for 14 days that can be further extended for 7 days.
  8. How much does a trip to the Philippines cost?

    The shortest trip of 3 nights and 4 days that includes stays in cities like Manila, Puerto Princesa, etc., seeing the main islands, watersports, and adventures like underwater cave exploration, beachside dining, food, accommodation, etc. will approximately cost around Rs. 45,000 per person.
  9. Is the Philippines expensive for tourists?

    It depends on your vacation style. If you love staying in luxury resorts, enjoy gourmet food, and want to experience the best of adventures, the trip will cost around Rs. 5,000 per day.

    If you want to experience more and yet spend less, you can opt for a backpacking-style vacation where you stay in hostels or small guesthouses and treat yourself to more street food. This way, you can cut your cost by almost a half.
  10. What's the currency of the Philippines?

    The currency of the Philippines is piso or the Philippine peso. One peso makes around 1.53 Indian rupees.
  11. How many days are enough in the Philippines?

    The minimum recommended stay duration of your Philippines tour package is around 6-7 days to explore an island nation as diverse and vast as the Philippines. This time is great to see islands, absorb the beautiful culture, indulge in adventure & watersports, and try the huge range of native cuisines available here.
  12. Which are the best islands to visit in the Philippines?

    1. Siargao Island: A place that’s known as one of the best islands in the world and the surfing capital of the Philippines, must be a part of your Philippines holiday package. The major attraction here is the Sohoton Cove lagoons along with its pristine tidal pools, pristine beaches, and coconut thickets.

    2. El Nido Island: One of the most stunning islands here, El Nido is loved for its gorgeous secluded beaches, forest-covered limestone hills, and turquoise-blue expanses of water. Enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, free diving, and shopping at its vibrant flea markets.

    3. Boracay Island: Long white sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets, fresh ocean breeze, and stunning green waters, that’s what Boracay Island is known for. It is famous for its beachside nightlife, shopping, seafood, and watersports.

    4. Balabac Islands: A cluster of around 31 beautiful islands known for their blue waters and stark white sandy beaches, these islands are known for their adventure & watersport activities. Don’t miss to visit Cayman Island known for its pink-hued sandy beaches.

    5. Batanes Islands: These remote islands that were shaped by volcanoes and typhoons are famous for their lush hillside landscape, rocky cliffs, and sparkling waters and must be included in your Philippines tour package. Don’t miss to see traditional stone houses and ancient lighthouses.
  13. Which are the famous monuments to visit in the Philippines?

    1. MacArthur Landing monument: Dedicated to the returning of General MacArthur to the Philippines and his contributions to the Second World War, this monument was made in 1977 at Leyte. You will see the swashbuckling life-size figurines of the General and his men standing in a man made pool here.

    2. Sandugo Shrine: This is one of the most intriguing monuments in the Philippines that translates to ‘one blood’ and must be a part of your Philippines holiday package. Located in Bohol, this shrine and figures of 5 men raising a toast depict the treaty of friendship between the Filipino and Spanish civilisations.

    3. Fort Santiago: Located in Manila, this 15th-century citadel was built by the Spanish navigator Miguel Legazpi and is named after Saint James. The astonishing architecture of the fort, a must-include in your Philippines holiday package, is separated by a moat from the city and still has remains of the walls, bastions, and a dungeon that housed prisoners.

    4. Mactan Shrine: This larger-than-life 20-metre high statue of Lapu Lapu, a native Filipino leader who defeated the Spanish forces, is one of the top historical monuments here and must be a part of your Philippines tour package. The statue is built on the exact site of the historic battle and is a must-visit.
  14. Which are the famous cities to explore in the Philippines?

    1. Manila: The capital city of the Philippines, for its historic architecture & chic atmosphere, is a must be a part of your Philippines tour. Visit the fascinating 15th-century Intramuros, enjoy shark encounters at the Manila Ocean Park, shop at the Divisoria flea market, and see the grand architecture of the Manila Cathedral.

    2. Davao: This vibrant city, a must-include in your Philippines holiday package, has amazing attractions like the Eden National Park that has the Flower Garden, an amphitheatre, Mayumi’s Well, etc.

    Malagos Garden Resort that’s famous for its exotic birds & butterflies, and the Chocolate Museum. Other must-visit places include the Crocodile Park, Philippines Eagle Centre, and Jack’s Ridge vantage point famous for its views and coffees.

    3. Dumaguete: Also known as the ‘City of the Gentle People’, is loved for its beachfront vistas and relaxed atmosphere and must be included in your Philippines travel package. Some of the best things to do here include dolphin tours, swimming with the turtles, seeing its beautiful waterfalls, and the best of all- swimming in the crater of a volcano.

    4. Iloilo: Often referred to as the ‘Heart of the Philippines’, Iloilo is bestowed with rich natural beauty and heritage landmarks and is a great addition to your Philippines travel package. Head to Garin farm to enjoy a spiritual retreat & adventure sports, visit Molo Church to see Greek icons & its coral walls, and taste the world-famous La Paz Batchoy (a meat and noodle soup).
  15. Which are the best cultural experiences in the Philippines?

    The Philippines is one of the most toured countries in the world and one of the reasons for it is the rich culture of the country. Few things which one should do in order to understand the culture here are:
    - Visit Historical Sites- Corregidor Island and Fort Santiago are a couple historical sites in the Philippines. One gets to learn a lot about the historical culture of the country and how it has shaped the present of Philippines.
    - Visiting Churches- an integral part of any society's culture is religion. The best possible way to understand a society and their traditions is by getting to know their religious culture.
    - Filipino Fiestas- it is the best way to understand the culture in the Philippines. The Filipino Fiestas are the cultural festivals held in different parts of the country which is all about Filipino culture and tradition.
  16. Which are the places to visit on an island hopping tour in the Philippines?

    The Philippines has over seven thousand islands and it is not possible to visit each one of them. So tourists can go island hopping where they spend a few hours or a day on one island then move to another. Some of the must-visit islands that should definitely be a part of your island hopping tour are:
    - El Nido, Palawan Island
    - Coron Island
    - Camiguin
    - Moalboal in Cebu
    - Hundred Islands
    - Pundaquit
    - Manila, capital of Philippines
    - Samal in Davao Delhi Norte
    - Isla de Gigantes bear Carles, Iloilo.
  17. Where can I visit the gorgeous rice terraces in the Philippines?

    The gorgeous rice terraces present in the Philippines is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of it's the cultural aspect. Banaue rice terraces are one of the most famous ones present here which is a must visit for all tourists. Some of the places where one can see such rice terraces are:
    - Batad Rice Terraces
    - Bangaan Rice Terraces
    - Mayoyao Rice Terraces
    - Hungduan Rice Terraces
    - Nagacadan Rice Terraces
    - Ifugao Rice Terraces.
  18. Which are the best pilgrimage tours in the Philippines?

    The Philippines is not a very diverse country and the majority of the people residing here follow the same religion. Christianity is the most widely followed religion here. The Philippines is a very religious country and the residents of Philippines take a lot of pride in their religion.

    The religious history of the country is very rich and over the course of time, some outstanding religious places have been built in the Philippines. The specialty of the churches and cathedrals of Philippines are the architectural beauty of it. The best places for pilgrimage tours in the Philippines are:
    - San Agustin Church
    - Manila Cathedral
    - Lipa Cathedral
    - Quiapo Church.
  19. Which are the most popular trekking tours in the Philippines?

    The Philippines is a country which has been blessed by a number of hills and terrains. Many people visit the country in order to experience the trek available in the Philippines. The trek offered here is very adventurous and probably one of the most exciting treks in Asia.

    The best thing about trekking in the Philippines is that one gets to observe nature from a very close proximity. One starts appreciating its beauty after going on a trek here. Some places in the Philippines where one can go on a trekking tour are:

    - Banaue
    - Sagada
    - Itogon
    - Cuenca
    - Bakun.

  20. Should I visit Manila in the Philippines? What are the things to do there?

    Manila is a must for any person visiting the Philippines. It is the capital of the country and also the most densely populated city of Philippines. Since it is a major city of Philippines, there are several things which one can do in Manila. Some of those things are:

    -  Sightseeing
    - being the capital of Philippines, Manila is a city which is filled with some outstanding tourist attractions. The Rizal Park and the Manila Ocean Park are a must if one is visiting Manila.
    - Museums- Manila is a city which is very rich in art. One can witness this artistic feature of the city by visiting any of the many museums present here. Ayala Museum, the Mind Museum and the National Museum of Philippines are some of the best museums to visit in Manila.
    - Activities- there are quite a few activities which one can do Manila. There are several trampoline parks here where one can go to have a gala time. There are many amusement parks also in Manila where one can go to enjoy themselves.
Newly Added Philippines Experience
At first, I was nervous about this as this is my first international solo trip but the company I booked Thrillophilia and the team was professional they encourage and ensured that the trip was good which makes me felt comfortable and booked it... Yes, the package I chose was my dream destination and the booking price they offeres was matched with my budget, and the trip duration also was exactly what I am looking for. Right from the airport I was received by the friendly representative and even helps me with the documentation part and checked in at the pre-booked hotel. The hotel they selected was beautiful with all facilities and hospitable staff. The picked-up and dropped-off were exactly on-time. The staff was always there to help with all our needs and as well if there is any problem they solved it in real-time. The daily tours were well-organized and well-managed the main part of my trip was the sightseeing in Manila, evening cruise ride, and 100% the tour to Boracay which we indulged in many different water-based activities like Sea-diving, Kayaking, Banana ride, jet-ski, and lots more activities at the beaches and had great leisure time with pictures clicked...KUDOS
I'm so glad that I took this trip with Thrillophilia they organized our trip beautifully!!! It was a family trip but still, we didn't face any kind of a problem at all the entire 8 days instead we enjoyed the trip like anything the highlight of our trip was the visiting to the islands, on this trip we indulged in water-sports adventure activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and had great leisure time and feel the beauty of the place with the stunning views from the pristine beaches... Hotels they arranged for us gave us a luxury experience the staff there were very professional and friendly with great hospitalities and service...Picked-up and drop were on time always, Special thanks to the team for helping and guide us the entire trip with perfection... We missed nothing form the package we booked and to be honest we get more than we are expected...
Such an amazing decision we've made!!! our trip was well-organized by Thrillophilia, We are happy with the itinerary they make for us, the service they provided to us the entire trip was absolutely great. By the way, our trip was out of this world, beyond expectations. What a rich and beautiful culture, country, and people. We had everything set-up perfectly by the professional. Once arriving at the country we have received a warm welcome from the wonderful staff and the driver. The hotel they booked for us was luxurious. Very thoughtful activities they arranged for us... Incredibly we explored the Puerto Princesa Honda Bay's the white sandy beaches and the surrounding areas were truly beautiful we had a great time in snorkeling, Scuba-diving, etc, Amazing visit to the different islands and an unforgettable trip to Iwahig witness the fireflies was such an amazing expereince...The whole tour was safe and enjoyable...
A very memorable trip we had in the Philippines, to be honest, wasn't sure about this trip and what to expect but this turns out to be a big surprise for us. Beautiful place and kind-hearted people, The one who looks after my trip was extremely helpful and responsive to all my questions, queries, and concerns during my trip. The itinerary was well-planned and included all requirements, surely we had everything from the itinerary and we enjoy our leisure time in Manila Ocean Park, market, a food tour, and nearby hotel sightseeing... We witness alot of things on this trip...
The agent I spoke for my trip planning and who helps me out with the booking was very kind, polite, and professional helps to organize the perfect family vacation trip to the Philippines which was incredibly helpful...They planned with a detailed itinerary and answered all of our endless questions...The trip was in a budget and the services were simply amazing...The trip goes as per the itinerary and the arrangements and the activities came with the package were beyond our expectations...All the 5-days trip was full of joy, happiness, and surprises...We get more than enough than what we are truly expected
Have already recommended this to several friends!!! I was in love with this trip! the destination was so perfect for everyone and it is suitable for a family vacation, honeymoon trip, and solo trip. The biggest advantage also was that we booked this with Thrillophilia and they already plan our trip and they know exactly what we are looking for. We had great communication the entire trip with the team... The day tours were well-arranged and the places we covered were fantastic. We had a great stay throughout and also very satisfied with everything they provided to us. Thumbs Up...
The package we choose from Thrillophilia was fulfilling and satisfying though which worth all our investment on the trip, I really liked the way the team treated us the entire trip. Accommodation, meals, sightseeing and picked-up and dropped-off were spot-on. A beautiful island with lots to see and experience, we clicked lots of pictures for a lifetime to remember all the moments we had on this trip... The whole trip was full of joy and happiness... Thank you to Thrillophilia.
I had an amazing trip to the Philippines with my family! All because the package I choose was fulfilling and satisfying one. All pickups were on time with a good vehicle they arranged for us. It was a flawless execution of the itinerary, The coordinator was helpful, and supportive throughout the trip which we faced no issues at all during our trip... The place is truly beautiful especially the islands, culture, and people...We had the most wonderful and unforgettable trip.
Special thanks to Thrillophilia for a seamless and incredible adventure we had in the Philippines this trip was very well-planned and well-executed. Each event/activity was thoughtfully planned in which we enjoyed every single day on this trip... The place really beautiful and proud country with amazing sightseeing, scenic beauty, culture, and history...The overall arrangement like hotels, transfers, and the services was spot on... We are looking forward to using Thrillophilia again in the near future for our next adventure.
A great decision we had made for taken this vacation trip through Thrillophilia and the destination of the trip was really amazing... It was smooth & without any hustle in the whole trip, The way they are planning the trip was very interesting right from day 1 with full details about the trip, From the airport, we were received by the staff with a warm welcome, and helps us with all the documentation part and as well helps with the checked-in at the hotel... The hotel was cool and very comfortable though with great breakfast they served us, the vehicle arranged for us too was really good along with a very professional driver, We had an amazing full-day tour to Honda Bay Island the place is so gorgeous with the views and surrounding areas we had great swimming there and walked at the beaches along with many pictures we clicked, We get to learn about their amazing culture and history, We even went for shopping, we explore the wildlife in Puerto Princesa, We had great communication with the locals they were very helpful and friendly... Both days and night we just had a great time every time...Really LOVE IT 100%

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