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4 Days Budget Sikkim Trip With Nathula Pass 4 Days 3 Nights ₹ 6199.0
Gangtok Darjeeling Private Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights ₹ 12499.0
6 Days Enthralling Group Tour of Sikkim 6 Days 5 Nights ₹ 14999.0
7 Days Tour Of Gangtok Pelling And Darjeeling 7 Days 6 Nights ₹ 17499.0
8 Days Romantic Tour of Gangtok North Sikkim and Darjeeling 8 Days 7 Nights ₹ 23999.0

Sikkim, an amazing destination is home to alpine meadows, several glaciers and extensive varieties of wildflowers. Steep trails take you to Buddhist monasteries on the hilltop like Pemayangtse, which belong to as early as 1700s. Sikkim Tours Packages are one of the most sought after vacations among the tourists across the world. This state is surrounded by land from all sides and is the least populated state of the country and the majority of the population is Nepali.


Though it is the subsequent smallest state in India it brags off being the most geographically diverse areas in the nation. Sikkim shares its borders with China, Nepal, China, Bhutan and another Indian state West Bengal. Around 40% of the area in Sikkim is enclosed with forests, and the nature lovers freak when they visit this beautiful destination.  It is often said “Wonders do come in small packages!”, and Sikkim is a clear evidence of this. When in Sikkim you can be an eyewitness to this as you come across the picturesque sights in the state of Sikkim. Placed beautifully in the lap of the paranormal Himalayas, its charismatic exquisiteness and captivating charm will make you feel right on top of the world.


The doorway to the North-Eastern strip of India, Sikkim is not only popular for its enchanting beauty, but also is a home to an engrossing listing of places to see and things to do. A pictorial vacation for both adventure and nature buffs, Sikkim has everything for everyone. Sikkim Tour packages offer you an opportunity to explore beauty of high soaring peaks, outstanding rivers, scenic meadows and a spectacular range  of flora and fauna and is one of the most incredible trekking destinations in the whole country. Whether it is the narrow yet awesome passes, twisty and rugged terrains, or the tests offered by the daunting heights of the Dzongri Goechala trek, everything in Sikkim is simply captivating and beyond imagination.

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People Also Ask About Sikkim Tours

  1. Which are some famous trekking tours in Sikkim?

    Sikkim is an amazing destination. It offers natural picturesque sights and superb trekking prospects to travellers who are on a solo trip or are with group of people. Some of the popular trekking tours in Sikkim are-

    • Goecha La Trek.
    • Rhododendron Trek
    • Dzongri Trek
    • Sandakphu Trek
    • Varsey Trek
    • Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
    • Kasturi Orar Round Trek

    The newness in breeze and stillness in the backwoods that the trekker experiences when he is trekking in this state will be cherished all his life. Whether you want to have adventure or enjoy nature, you will experience the best in Sikkim.

  2. Which are some famous mountain biking tours in Sikkim?

    The Sikkim Mountain biking tours are extremely eco friendly and exhilarating way of discovering the actual beauty of Sikkim. There are different bike tour in Sikkim that starts from Bagdogra-Gangtok - Phedang - Singhik - Chungthang - Lachung - Yumthang - Lachen - Thangu. Travelling for these long miles on your bike especially on the mountains will make your journey very taxing and audacious.

    The eye-catching landscapes, gorgeous countryside and rough country side offer a bold challenges to the mountain bikers who are keen to know about the distinctive culture and traditions of the people residing in the villages of Sikkim. If you wish to enjoy the scenic countryside, then Sikkim Mountain biking vacation is what you need. Some of the sought after mountain biking tours in Sikkim are:

    • Bagdogra - Gangtok (135 Kms)
    • Gangtok - Martam Village (35 Kilometres)

    · Temi Tea Garden - Ravangla (28 Kilometres

    · Martam - Temi Tea Garden (34 Kilometres

    · Ravangla - Tashiding (40 Kilometre

  3. Which are the best campsites in Sikkim?

    If you live in campsites in Sikkim and enjoy this experience to the fullest you can go to Goecha la Trekking in Sikkim. It takes you on a satisfying and prosperous journey that helps you in capturing the Himalayan outline like no others. With a large number of short days campsites Sikkim currently has become a popular vacation place for trekkers. The most famous campsites in Sikkim are-

    • Goecha la Trekking
    • Green Lays Trek or Yambong Singalila Trek that takes in the sacred landscape of Mt-Kanchenjunga.
  4. Which are some famous wildlife safari tours and bird watching experiences in Sikkim?

    When in Sikkim you can enjoy some of the famous wildlife safari tours and bird watching tours.

    Himalayan Zoological Park: This place is barely 8 km from Gangtok and is scattered in 205 hectares and if put in a nutshell it is an amazing Himalayan Zoological Park . It houses some of the most endangered species red panda, bear, barking deer, spotted deer and bear.

    Sikkim Bird Watching Tour is also an experience in itself. Some of the famous Bird watching tours and Wildlife life safaris are in-

    Darjeeling - Kalimpong - Lava - Neora Valley National Park- Rangeet Valley - Damthang Forests - Ravangla - Pelling - Khicheparli Lake - Yuksom.

  5. Which are the best places for a spiritual experience in Sikkim?

    A huge number of Hindu Shrines and Buddhist monasteries are present in Gangtok, where you can acquire inner peace. Some of spiritual places that are frequently visited in Sikkim are:

    • Hanuman Tok
    • Ranka Monastery
    • Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple
    • Enchey Monastery
    • Do-Drul Chorten Stupa
    • Phensong Monastery
    • Shiva Temple
    • Namchi
    • The biggest statue of the Buddhist Saint Guru Rinpoche also popular as Siddhesvara Dhaam is also in Sikkim
    • The Shirdi Sai Mandir
    • Ralong Monastery
    • Tendong Hill Monastery
  6. Which are the best cycling tours in Sikkim?

    One of finest adventure in Sikkim are its cycling tours. The rugged and spectacular environment of Sikkim Himalayas provides sure shot and thrilling biking trails for the adventure seekers as majority of the roads in Sikkim are flexible cycling tours. The loveliness of the rural area, flora and fauna and way of life of the Sikkimese population can be experienced in the best possible way on a cycle tour only. Cycle tours are simply an awesome and ultimate adventure and pleasurable way to travel around North Sikkim. From ride that takes 3 to 4 days to reach Lachung wrapping up a distance of approximately 115 km and climbing an altitude of 5500 ft from Gangtok to 9600 ft to Lachung, it is a perfect way to discover North Sikkim.

  7. Which are some famous walking tours in Sikkim?

    Sikkim offers a wide array of walking tours to travellers. You can choose a tour in accordance to level of difficulty you want.

    • Goecha LA Trek
    • Rhododendron Trek
    • Green Lake Trek
    • Singalila Ridge Top Walk
  8. Which are best sites for river rafting in Sikkim?

    From moderate rides all the way through remarkable mountain countryside to thundering fast-moving water which only the most skilled rafter can steer, Teesta river rafting is the most adrenaline pumping stimulating adventure ever. Winding down the uneven and rocky mountain river is an ideal way to take pleasure and have an adventurous experience. Several white sandy beaches are present here that offers good campsites. An expedition downwards the river also permits you to enjoy the beauty of the rural area. Both experienced and novice adventurers can seek out the help of the Department of travel and tourism agents for all the arrangements related to safe and secured river rafting trips. Prices are affordable and include life jackets, helmets, food, equipment, a professional guide and accommodation.

  9. Which are the top attractions for a sightseeing tour of Sikkim?

    To make Sikkim a wonderful discovery, some of the must see destinations in Sikkim are-

    • Gangtok- Must visit destination and is the kaleidoscopic for the tourists.
    • Yuksom-From here several treks begin that takes you to the Himalayas and miraculous Kanchenjunga.
    • Tsomgo Lake is just 38km from the capital of Sikkim and is found at an altitude of 12,400ft and is the highest lakes in India.
    • Nathu La is among the highest motorable pass in the world and links Sikkim with Tibet.
    • Pelling is a beautiful Himalayan range.
    • Lachung- It is a popular snow-destination in Sikkim and is known for its undamaged and surreal beauty
    • Ravangla is a picturesque small town between Gangtok and Pelling
    • Rumtek Monastery – It is one of the most ancient monasteries in the state.
    • Namchi- It is another wonderful Sikkimese city.
    • Do Drul Chorten-It is the largest stupa in Sikkim

    Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden

  10. Which are the best places for a honeymoon tour in Sikkim?

    Sikkim with spectacular natural beauty and magical landscapes makes it an ideal honeymoon destination. It is a perfect gift placed in the middle of the Himalayas and proves to be a paradise for the honeymooners. The Sikkim honeymoon package ensures that you can be with your loved one in the surreal and mysterious ambiance and visit some of the amazing destinations in Sikkim. The special honeymoon tour in Sikkim are-

    • Sikkim and Gangtok Honeymoon Tour
    • Darjeeling-Kalimpong-Sikkim Honeymoon Tour
    • Darjeeling-Kalimpong Honeymoon Tour

     You can also get your Honeymoon Tour customized as per your liking, preference and the time you want to spend in Sikkim.

  11. Which are some famous cultural tours in Sikkim?

    Sikkim is a evolving rapidly and few of its towns like Gangtok, the capital city Namchi and Jorethang are coming up at a very sturdy pace. A large number of people are fascinated by the business opportunities offered here and slowly adopting the cosmopolitan character. Sikkim is chiefly a Buddhist state but a secular state at the same time. You will come across churches, gurdwaras, mosques, monasteries, and temples and everything is very peaceful over here. The culture of Sikkim is beautiful and the unusual harmony prevails here. The chief communities here are the Bhutias, the Lepchas, and the Nepalese and inter-racial marriages take place among the three. Folk dances and songs are deep-rooted and integral part of Sikkimese culture. Majority of the dances are associated to the incredible beauty of the natural environs, which indicates the harvest season and some others are being performed for wealth.

  12. Which are the famous monasteries to visit in Sikkim?

    Monasteries are an integral part of Sikkim and any tourist who visits these places feel the peace and get connected to the all-powerful in Sikkim, as the holy words mix with the buzzing prayer wheels. The devoted monks wearing red robes are chanting the revered hymns and the pounding of the trumpets and drums make the calm lights of the flamboyant lamps sparkle before the royal statues of Guru Padmasambhava at its elated monasteries. In Sikkim there are approximately 205 monasteries but some of the chief monasteries are-

    • Rumtek Monastery
    • Pemayangtse Monastery
    • Phodong Monastery
    • Dubdi Monastery
    • Phensang Monastery
    • Ralang Monastery
    • Sanga Choeling Monastery
    • Simik Monastery
    • Lachen Monastery
    • Lingdum Monastery
    • Labrang Monastery
    • Namchi Monastery and several others
  13. Which are the best places to enjoy paragliding and hang gliding in Sikkim?

    Paragliding in Sikkim is an important sport in Sikkim and offers an amazing experience which you will cherish all your life. Sikkim is gradually emerging as an admired paragliding destination in the country. Number of tourists and adventure seekers from all over the world visit Sikkim for paragliding and hang gliding. It houses some outstanding launching ridges and spots for the best paragliding and Hang gliding experience in India. Hang gliding is quite similar to Paragliding. There is a difference in the equipment but the two activities offer parallel pleasures.

    Special Fly Packages include-

    • Medium Flight Packages
    • High Fly Packages
    • Alpine Flight Packages
    • Paragliding and city tours
  14. Which are some famous rock climbing tours in Sikkim?

    Rock Climbing is an exhilarating sport but involves risk, lot of thrill and gives you a feeling of thrill when you are right on top of the cliff. It is extremely taxing and requires lot of stamina, expertise and nerves of steel that assists you in reading the walls with which you can select the best path to climb. Some of the best rock climbing tours are-

    • Goecha La Trek.
    • Rhododendron Trek
    • Dzongri Trek
    • Sandakphu Trek
    • Varsey Trek
    • Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
    • Kasturi Orar Round Trek
  15. Which are best destinations for mountaineering tours in Sikkim?

    Some of the mountain tours in Sikkim which you will treasure all your life are-

    • Goecha La Trek
    • Dzongri Trek
    • Trek Kasturi Orar Round Trek
    • Varsey Trek
    • Kanchenjunga Base Camp
    • Dzongri – Goecha La Trek
  16. Which are some famous helicopter tours in Sikkim?

    Travelling around Sikkim is great fun but to add to this thrill you can also enjoy some of the famous helicopter tours which are-

    • Joy Ride Gangtok which is a 15 minutes of aerial view.
    • Kanchendzonga Mountain Flight which is a chartered flight. This Chartered Flight is approximately Rs 1200/minute
    • Pilgrimage Flights: Takes you to the Char Dham-Tathangata Tsal - Samdruptse - Sai Mandir
    • Tsomgo Aerial Flights: It is around Rs-18,990 for 4 people
    • There are daily helicopter flights from Bagdogra - Gangtok
  17. Which are some famous caves to explore in Sikkim?

    Some of famous caves that one must explore when on a tour to Sikkim are-

    • The North Lha-ri-nying phu or the cave of God’s hill that is situated in west Sikkim and is the most sacred of all.
    • The South Kah-do-sang phu or the cave of the occult fairies are the hot springs can be accessed on foot and is across the Rangit River.
    • The East Pe phu also known as secret caves are located in-between the Tendong and Maenam hill.

    Cave of great happiness or The West De-chhen phu can be reached with a little difficulty and is situated near Dzongri. It can only be reached during the autumn when snow is not there.

  18. Where can I enjoy the famous ropeway tours in Sikkim?

    • Ropeway tours in Sikkim are another major that attracts lot of tourists from different parts of the world. If you are in Gangtok you should visit ropeways cable car located at Deorali market
    • Gangtok Ropeway - Great Cable Car Ride.
  19. Which are the best areas for a shopping tour in Sikkim?

    Shopping is an important part of every trip or in other words you can say the trip wont be complete without shopping. The local handicrafts in Sikkim are a must buy and can picked up from any Cottage Industry in Gangtok and even the Dalai Lama Fund shop in the Hotel Tibet. Other than the handicrafts you can also buy thankas, canvas wall hangings, prayer wheels, rugs, Tibetan carpets and jewellery and gift as souvenirs for your near and dear ones. The unique dragon set would be an ideal pick from the state of Sikkim. You can also buy famous tea and cardamoms from Sikkim. The Old Market, New Market are few of the chief shopping regions in Gangtok.

  20. Which are the best food tours in Sikkim?

    Gastronomical journey to Sikkim is truly amazing and introduces us to the traditions and culture of the state, their popular drink, food, dining and cooking methodology

    Some of the must-try traditional and local food cuisines are-

    • Momos – These are dumplings which are steamed and are made out of wheat stuffed with vegetables, cheese or minced meat.
    • Thukpa – It is an amazing soup that has noodles, vegetables and meat.
    • Gundruk and Sinki Soup
    • Kinema Curry –It is a curry made of soybean and is served with rice.
    • Sel Roti – A special type of bread that is made of fermented rice and deep fried.
    • Some others are Mesu, Pakku ( Mutton curry) Sishnu
  21. When is the best time to tour Sikkim to attend its various fairs and festivals?

    Fairs and festivals exhibit the culture and traditions of the country. Sikkim too celebrates many fairs and festivals with lot of pomp and show. Buddhist culture is dominant in Sikkim and majority of the festivals are linked to Buddhist customs and traditions. Despite the religious festivals, Sikkim tourism department organizes different fairs all round the year to promote the culture and customs of the state. These festivals help the tourists to get a glance of the lifestyle of Sikkimese. Here are the chief festivals that you can participate in when you travel to Sikkim.

    • Khecheopalri Lake Festival – Takes place in March
    • Namchi Mahotsav –Is held in the month of October
    • Sikkim International Flower Festival takes place in the months of April-May.
    • Gangtok Winter Festival –Celebrated in December.
    • Losoong –Sikkimese New Year is marked by this festival.
    • Kanchenjunga Tourist Festival –This festival is held every year from 24th December
  22. What’s so special about the Goecha La Trek? How difficult is it?

    Goecha La Trek is a captivating sight of North East. It is a lovely destination in the centre of Sikkim. With extraordinary peaks and gurgling streams winding through length and breadth of meadows, this pass is a beautiful trekking destination for tourists and trekkers alike. This thrilling takes you through the beauty of Sachen and moves ahead towards Tsokha, Dzongri and Bhakim. The perplexing Dzongri offers a breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga and Pandim Peaks. It is situated at the height of 16000 ft and you can take pleasure in the romantic and enchanting walk through these lush green forests. It is thought to be one of the most romantic trekking destination and you will come across amazing mountains, friendly people and their unique culture.Goecha La Trek is difficult but can be made easy if you hold your nerves and are well equipped with a medical kit that can be accessed all through your trek. Carry the medicines you might require, insect repellents, etc. All defensive measures should be taken to guarantee your safety and other general medical information about altitude sickness.

Newly Added Sikkim Experience

Sikkim Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Sikkim
20 November 2018
About the operators: Thrillophilia ties up with trek operators for this amazing trek. The team that carries the group is well trained, well versed and allows the trekkers to focus on their trekking. To provide service at such altitude with smile on face is bliss. They also have some hidden gems planned during the trek for people to be pleasantly surprised. Our trek guide Premtuk is an old hand and lives in Yaksum region. His ability to guide the team as well as captain the support staff was fantastic. He also made sure that trekkers were absolutely taken care off. He had excellent support staff and 12 horses to make sure that we had a glitch-free day’s and nights. Tenzing, vijay and others who worked tirelessly and with laughter all the time made the time memorable. About the trek: this trek offers variety for a serious trekker. The trails and paths are not the same throughout or even different times of the year. It has varied degree of difficulty and hence one needs to be physically and mentally prepared to harness the strength. One connects to self and nature throughout and comes back rejuvenated. It’s not just the moments of seeing sunrise or the summit from various points or watching Mt Pantim alone that takes your breath away but also the journey. It’s a pilgrimage to your own inner self that one ends up discovering. Finally few words of suggestions: for city dwellers who come for this trek, it’s a great idea to come and stay In yuksam few days in advance and do some of other amazing treks. Not only it helps in acclimatisation but also allows you to soak in local culture and food.
"The beauty of this trek is all about the landscape. You start of the trek from dense forest with fresh streams and then to Rhododendron trees when you gain altitude , later which you would come across a beautiful valley overlooking Mt Kanchenjunga. Try out the local cuisine in Yuksom. Thukpa and Chang are two things you need to try out. Although the trek is not recommended for first time trekkers you can still give it a shot provided you are fit and have taken all the items in checklist. "
23 November 2019
This was my first trip with Thrillophilia as well as with complete strangers. I must say that Thrillophilia did not disappoint me ( nobody is perfect, so be flexible to accept minute glitches) . The whole trip went so smooth , starting from the pick up from airport, the hotels we got, arrangement of permits, site seeing and drop at the airport. Special thanks to Deep ( trip coordinator from tour angle) and Ammu ( my cab driver) . P. S. : if you want to see the flower calf yumthang valley and the frozen Tsomgo and Gurudongmar lake , then the ideal time to visit north Sikkim is March-April. November is the ideal time to witness the pleasant winter of sikkim along with its untouched beauty. Looking forward to travel more with Thrillophilia. P.S: the only problem which we faced was two co- passengers who used to get late for everything and because of them we had to rush from each location because of time constraint ( I totally understand that this things isn’t in the hand of Thrillophilia)
16 October 2015
Trekking in the state of Sikkim is very different and a unique experience that you would not gain from trekking in any other part of India. The Indian Himalayas trek in Sikkim is awesome and a must take. What we enjoyed the most were the mountains, the trek trails, the people and their unique culture. This was a sharp contrast to our habits and culture. The trek is not that difficult and it is in fact very much feasible to be taken even by a first timer as well. The trekking was very nicely planned and organized with perfect budget. Do try this trek.
01 July 2015
Located in the state of Sikkim, this Goecha La trek is my dream and desire come true. This trek is a treat to all the adventure lovers who are in our country or visit our country. This place is nestled midst colourful, unique, and vibrant flora and fauna. This trek also paves way to the astounding Kanchenjunga National Park that can be visited in a day. This trek is an opulent beauty as it opens doors to murky valleys, snow clad mountain peaks, astonishing lakes, and lovely rivers in Sikkim. I was just marvelled at the spectacular beauty of this place.
This was my first paragliding experience and I was so thrilled and scared both at the same time. This March I was going to Gangtok and came to know about the paragliding activity there and booked the same with Thrillophilia and made the most of the thrills and spills of Paragliding. After heading to the paragliding spot in Ranka at Gangtok. I was accompanied by a trained pilot throughout the entire activity when we soared at a height of 1300- 2200 meters. The best thing about Thrillophilia is that it not only gives you an option to choose between medium and high fly but regardless of the package you choose, the ride from the landing site to the take-off point is all included. I chose the high fly package where I and my certified pilot rose at a height of 2200 meters, marveling at nature’s beauty underneath. After this paragliding trip, I must say that this has been my best so far, given the whole safety protocols that Thrillophilia adhered to besides arranging a trip to the Ranka monastery. Thus, I recommend Thrillophilia with all my heart, for such out-of-the-box experiences!
26 January 2021
Who does not dream of a farmhouse stay amidst the rolling Himalayan Mountains and an emerald green forest? Yes, I am no different because I have craved for such an experience all my life and I am extremely glad that Thrillophilia came on board to grant all that I desired. My 2 days one night experiential stay at a Farmhouse in Gangtok not just let me have a perfect getaway but so much more. I learnt about terrace farming, plucked ripe fruits from the trees, enjoyed picnics along the streams, and tried my hands on organic farming. I still miss my bedroom in the homestay that had a skylight right above the bed to let me stargaze endlessly. Thank you Thrillophilia for such a splendid experience!
19 January 2021
A tour of Sikkim and Darjeeling was always on my mind having heard so much about the Yumthang (valley of flowers), the Batasia loop and the mighty tiger hill to catch a scenic sunrise. As a solo traveler I decided to book with Thrillophilia for a 8-day trip to set forth a Sikkim Darjeeling tour that would include all these places. I am extremely elated I did as the teams ensured hassle free travel in air-conditioned vehicles besides stays and dinner at the most hygienic hotels. I am back at Pune after the trip in March but I feel I am back with a piece of Tibet and North Bengal in my heart. I still cherish going to this picturesque hamlet of Chungthang, the stunning Kanchenjunga National Park, and the pristine Gurudongmar Lake. I have absolutely loved my stopover at Kyongnosla and a visit to the Baba Harbhajan dham besides of course the scenic sunrise at Tiger hill, and candlelight dinner at the most unexpected locations. Thanks a ton Thrillophilia for the most wholesome experience there could be!
17 February 2021
My partner got hold of a Thrillophilia voucher for a Sikkim homestay that initially I was not that keen on using. However, I went ahead and set off for this Traveler’s paradise homestay for 2 days and one night. And, I am so glad I did because it was one of the nicest stay experiences. Our homestay was perched on a hilltop’s edge and offered sweeping views of the Himalayan foothills, the snowy Nathula peaks, and the snaking Teesta River. A special thanks to thrillophilia for giving tripping a whole new spin as we could go for forest picnics, nature walks, and practice angling at the Kaleej Khola. To this day, I keep telling my partner as to how we need another trip soonish. Only, to try the roast chicken with thumba, under a starlit sky of the Traveler’s paradise homestay, with the chilling mountain wind for company.
09 February 2021
Every year me and my 4 friends plan a trek to some of the treacherous places. This year was no different, especially after a long spell of staying and working from home. We went ahead with the idea but this time we booked with Thrillophilia for a luxurious camping experience. And, trust me when I say this, we had a spectacular trekking experience from the minute we arrived in Darjeeling. We had an adventurous drive to Yuksom, trespassing the Teesta river. We continued uphill and crossed the Legship bridge only to reach a Yuksom hotel where Thrillophilia had booked our stays. The minute I checked in we could not believe we could get such a place for just a day of our stay as the hotel was clean, with staff ensuring sanitization at every cost. I was amazed at how it was arranged- overnight staying in tents, camps and huts even at remote locations of Tshoka, Samiti lake, Thangshing, and Dzongri. We did share out tents but an expert team ensured safety by having a first-aid-kit in hand at all times. A big thanks to Thrillophilia for arranging all the necessary permits and managing the entry fee at places required. Totally recommend Thrillophilia if you desire a mix of sightseeing, camping, trekking and not just hiking!

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