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Tourist places in Athens garner great appeal and traction by the travellers at large. An ideogram of Western Civilization at its awe-inspiring best, Athens swanks illustriously the rich and glorious history that sweeps back to more than three thousand years. At the time of classical antiquity, the city proliferated to attain the best. The place of birth of Sophocles, Pericles and Socrates, Athens is a destination which more than a relic delineates sublime past and history.

The tourist places in Athens that are worth visiting include Acropolis, Benaki Museum, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Byzantine & Christian Museum, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Benaki Museum Pireos Annexe, Museum of Islamic Art Parthenon, Kerameikos, Theatre of Dionysos, Temple of Poseidon, National Archaeological Museum Mt Parnitha National Park and Lykavittos Hill. Athens today is a scurrying and contemporary city portraying distinct vacation experiences. Compensating with all the wonderful charismatic charm, the Acropolis in Athens is considered to be the world’s most astounding and retrospective ruins. The exceptionally alluring archaeological museums’ exhibit captivating artifacts that are represented at local regions.

Various other hidden attractions that await discovery are the binding Byzantine churches quarried all-round the hamlets like the neighbourhood and the city of Athens. Tourists visiting Athens generally relish swaddling and scurrying through the Plaka district tapered pedestrian lanes, track lined with picturesque bougainvillea swathed houses and beguiling restaurant terraces.  Athens, Europe’s retrospective capital with it undaunted history, dating since the beginning of the Neolithic age, fascinates the travelers until now.

A major historic occurrence of the place has culminated back to Athens’ prolonged and gripping history. In Athens, the tourist is sure to find a wide variety of choices and opportunities ranging from shopping, nightlife, good services, and archaeological artifacts to delectable dining, above all the amiability and hospitality delineated by the inhabitants attracts travelers from afar. Therefore, in a nutshell, Athens is a fascinating city that allures every visitor during all the seasons.

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People Also Ask About Athens

  1. Which are the major tourist attractions in Athens?

    1. The Acropolis: The Acropolis is the majestic hill that houses the famous Parthenon temple and is one of the major attractions in Athens. It is tucked on a concrete rock at a height overlooking the entire city, creating a mesmerising sight for tourists from all around the globe. On hot days, it's better to see the Acropolis in the morning and then proceed to the air-conditioned Acropolis Museum in the afternoon. Alternatively, you can head to the Acropolis for a breath-taking sunset.
    Formerly, The Acropolis was a cultural spot that was transformed into a monument for the public. You can visit the  northern side of the slope to see the Acropolis from below in stunning detail. 

    2. Plaka and Anafiotika:
    Tiny neighbourhoods located in the heart of Athens, Plaka and Anafiotika are two of the most picturesque towns which evolved as famous tourist hotspots. Visit the historic churches such as that of Kapnikaréa and the Church of Metamórfosis, tucked away in quiet areas of the neighbourhood. These are lined by several tiny cafes, vibrant houses, cobbled streets, freshly brewed coffee and so on. If you love to go for outdoor movie screenings, pay your visit to Cine Paris.

    3. Syntagma Square:
    Also known as the Constitution Square, another famous tourist attraction in Athens is Syntagma Square. Here, tourists love to witness the art of changing guards, hence this place is mostly crowded during evenings. Syntagma Square hosts several famous events on festivals and public holidays. A stroll towards the nearby market would be a great choice if you're a shopaholic. Syntagma Square remains open throughout the day and is one of the most popular meeting points of the city.

    4. Temple of Hephaestus:
    A sacred shrine in Athens that belongs to several centuries back, the Temple of Hephaestus is a mesmerising tourist attraction situated in the heart of the city. The temple is dedicated to the God of fire, blacksmiths, and volcanoes, making it Athene's most loved temples, being preserved for decades now. Once you have visited the temple, a visit to Stoa of Attalos and the Ancient Agora of Athens is a must. 

    5.Allou! Fun Park: 
    Another fun destination to indulge in some real-time adventurous activities in Athens is Allou! Fun Park. Located in the neighbourhood of Rentis, this place has evolved as a major tourist attraction. An impressive choice of rides and games grabs tourists' attention over the weekend. Some of the most famous rides of Allou! Fun Park is 4D Gate, Big Apple, crazy rotations at Crazy Mouse rafting at La Isla, and so on. Kids can indulge in games like Carousel, trains, the Bongo flying elephants, the Youpi Tower and others.

    6. Benaki Museum:
    One of the best attractions to visit in Athens is the Benaki Museum. The museum is home to several art pieces and other artefacts belonging to Greek civilization. The museum was founded in 1930 by Antonis Benakis where you can admire collections of unusual coins and sculptures, as well as exceptional displays of glass and marble portraits. The museum's collection includes more than 1,00,000 artefacts from prehistoric times and modern art pieces from the 19th and 20th century. Additionally, it showcases paintings of many eras. Some of the permanent collections of the museum are Byzantine art, Ancient Greek Art, Roman Art and the historic heirlooms,

    7. Piraeus:
    Also known as the dreamland of Piraeus, the port city is known for its Nautical Museum, seaside taverns, Piraeus Archaeological Museum and restaurants. It is the most significant port and largest naval base in all of Greece. If you're travelling to Athens, stop at Piraeus to relax by the shore and spend some leisure time. One of the major attractions of Athens, Piraeus offers its visitors with an unforgettable strolling experience around its charming corners.

    8. Temple of Olympian Zeus:
    Originally called as Olympieion or Columns of the Olympian Zeus, this temple was constructed from 561–527 BC. The temple is dedicated to Olympian Zeus, a mighty God. Out of over a hundred mighty columns, around 15 are left intact, which makes it a major highlight of Athens. Some prominent attractions close to the Temple of Olympian Zeus are the ruins of Themistokles' wall and the Roman baths. 
    A great attraction to visit in Athens, the temple was built of white marble from Mount Pentelicus.

    9. Panaghia Kapnikarea Church:
    Constructed back in the 11th century, Panaghia Kapnikarea Church is a Greek Orthodox church in Athens. The church’s construction began in the early 11th century on the ruins of a temple. The church ceilings and walls are embellished with paintings from around the world. This attraction is also regarded as a major art museum attracting tourists from all around the world. 

    10. Panathenaic Stadium:
    Originally constructed in 335 BC, Panathenaic Stadium is a major sightseeing spot in the city's centre. The current stadium looks like a replica of the real stadium constructed in 1896 under the rule of Herodes Atticus. If you're a sports lover or love to indulge in sports, visiting this place is a must! The great Olympics competition originated here. You can visit here from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day. 

    11. Athens Riviera:
    One of Athem's most famous beaches, Athens Riviera, is a scenic beach with golden sand and clear waters. The beach is situated around 16 km away from Athens city centre. The river covers the mesmerising Athens coast where the temple of Poseidonia is located. You can indulge in several recreational activities such as swimming or other water sports. 
  2. What are the things to do in Athens?

    1. Take a therapeutic bath in Lake Vouliagmeni:  A visit to Lake Vouliagmeni is one of the best things to indulge in on your tour to Athens. Get a chance to have a therapeutic bath in Lake Vouliagmeni, nestled in the suburbs of Athens. You can also swim in the thermal spring lake nearby and have an experience of a lifetime. 

    2. Street Dancing Milonga: The best place to do the cha-cha-cha on the streets of Athens is the Street Dancing Milonga. You can take part in a special event called Street Dancing Milonga, which  is organised on Mondays and people of all age groups from around the world wear their dancing shoes and enjoy themselves here. 

    3. Explore the Venizelou Mansion: Explore the Venizelou Mansion which is known as the most ancient surviving residence. Get a chance to visit this historical site belonging to the times of the Ottoman Empire where you can get around the mansion which was constructed in the early 18th century. Take a stroll to several preserved urban houses called “konaki.” On your tour to this place, you will get a glimpse of Athenian aristocracy traditions and their habits.   

    4. Tour the Lost Statues Of Knossos Escape Room: If you're an adventure-seeker, a tour of Lost Statues Of Knossos Escape Room would be ideal for you. The Escape rooms have evolved as a prime attraction and an interesting concept attracting tourists from all around the globe. Inside the Lost Statues Of Knossos Escape Room, you can indulge in puzzle or riddle-solving activities with your friends or family.
    5. My City My Sounds tour: The My City My Sounds tour is one of the most exciting things to indulge in Athens. Here, your smartphone will act as your tour guide, guiding you at each step. You must install the My City My Sounds application on your mobile phone and listen to the soundtracks featuring narrations, interviews, and even street noises. If you're looking for some extra fun, this is an exciting and unique tour! 

    6. Explore the Pandrossou Market: A popular flea market  is situated in the heart of the city. The best time to explore this place is on Sundays when vendors come on the street to sell all wacky items. This place generally remains crowded during the weekend. Several tiny cafes and restaurants line the market to grab quick meals in between shopping to fuel energy. The major highlights of the place are stores selling articles at low prices and street musicians. 
    7. Relax at Al Hammam: Visit Al Hammam which is a mesmerising site that was once a traditional bathhouse in Plaka, a must if you're travelling to Athens. All you have to do is relax on a warm marble to unwind after a long and hectic day at work. Experts here will offer a soothing massage using natural olive oil soap and akise, a special kind of foam used to exfoliate the body. Besides the body massage, you can also go for a head massage here with special packages introduced for couples as well. 

    8. Enjoy at Diomedes Gardens: Spread over a vast 18.6-hectare of land, Diomedes Gardens is one of its kind of gardens located in the centre of the city. Regarded as the home to over 2,500 plants and a vast collection of 500 species of flora, a visit to this place will rejuvenate your soul. Explore the different plants belonging to distinctive parts of the world which are separated into different types of medicinal, aromatic, historic and ornamental. If you're a photography enthusiast or a nature lover, a tour of Diomedes Gardens is a must! You can also plan a picnic here. 

    9. Visit the Plaka: Another most sought-after tourist destination in Athens is Palka. The best time to travel to Plaka is during the early morning or sunsets when you can stroll through hundreds of local shops or attend workshops at regular intervals. This neighbouring town of Athens also houses several famous cafes and restaurants serving traditional Greek delicacies. 

    10. Watch a movie at Open-air Cinema: What better than watching a movie on an open deck under the twinkling stars? It is truly an experience to behold! You can also grab some delicious Greek snacks, gourmet Greek fish roe, homemade spoon sweets, fiery tsipouro, and wine which keeps you busy throughout. The place is located overlooking another prominent tourist site in Athens called "The Acropolis," offering a fascinating view of the surroundings.
  3. When is the best time to visit Athens?

    The ideal time to travel to Athens is during summer, between March to May, and from September to November in winter. During autumn and spring, the temperature remains pleasant. Athens remains the most crowded during the holiday season, so book your tickets during the non-holiday season to avoid the crowd. 
  4. Is it safe to go to Athens?

    Yes, Athens is one of the safest places to travel in the world. With a very low crime rate, the overall risk is extremely low, allowing tourists to roam around freely. No matter whether you're travelling here with a group of friends, family, or solo, Athens is safe for both male and female travellers.
  5. What is the local food of Athens? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    1. The local food of Athens are as follows:

    • Horiatiki Salata – Greek Salad
    • Saganaki
    • Fava
    • Tomatokeftedes – Tomato Balls
    • Moussaka
    • Pastitsio
    • Spanakopita – Spinach Pie
    • Gemista
    • Fish Soup
    • Capari Salata
    • Lakanika
    • Tiro Salata
    • Keftedes
    • Melitzana Salata
    • Stifado

    2. The best places to taste the food of Athens are as follows:
    • Cinque Wine & Deli Bar
    • Mama Tierra
    • Sfika
    • GB Roof Garden
    • Sin Athina
    • Indian Haveli
    • Mani Mani
    • Avocado
    • Point a Bar and Restaurant
    • Makalo
    • All That Jatz
    • Atitamos
    • Liondi Traditional Greek Restaurant
    • iFeel Cafe Restaurant
    • Royal Indian Chef
    • Dio Dekares i Oka
    • Arcadia Restaurant
    • Gostijo
    • Scala Vinoteca
    • Oineas
    • Balcony Restaurant & Bar
    • Namaste Indian Restaurant
    • Lithos
    • Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani
    • Oroscopo
    • Funky Gourmet
    • Aleria
    • A Little Taste of Home
    • Feyrouz
    • Dinner in the Sky
  6. How to reach Athens?

    1. By air - Athens has its own intentional airport called the Athens International Airport, which is located 27 km away from the city centre.. 

    2. By rail -
    Athens railway station is the closest railway station in Athens, the 2nd biggest railway station in Greece. 

    3. By road -
    Take a road trip to Athens while crossing Greek highways and other places to reach the Athens city centre.
  7. What is the best public transport to commute around Athens?

    The best public transport to commute around in Athens are:

    • Bus & Trolleybus
    • Piraeus Buses
    • Metro
    • Train
    • Tram
  8. What is the best public transport to commute around Athens?

    The best public transport to commute around Athens is the metro. It is undoubtedly the easiest and quickest mode of transportation to commute around Athens. You can also hire a taxi or car for easy commuting.
  9. What is the local language in Athens and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    Greek is the official language of Athens which is spoken by ninety-nine percent of the Greek population. Also, there are a number of official languages spoken in Greece. Few of the dialects that are spoken are English, Italian, German and French.

    Greetings in Athens are as follows:

    • Geia – Hello
    • Kalimera – Good morning
    • Kalispera - Good afternoon
    • Kalinita - Good evening
    • Antio – Goodbye
  10. Which are the famous historical monuments to visit in Athens?

    1. Acropolis Museum: A famous holiday destination located in the heart of Athens, Acropolis Museum is one of the world's most significant museums housing the ruins of archaeological sites in Greece. The construction of this mesmerising building was completed in 2009, standing at the height of 1000 feet. The museum is home to objects dating back more than 1500 years. Besides being a popular historical site, the architecture of this museum is exceptional. If you're a history buff, a tour of this place is a must! 

    2. Tower of Winds: 
    Famously known as Horologion of Andronikos Kyrrhestes, Tower of Winds is a famous octagonal Pentelic marble clock tower located in the Roman Agora in the Athens city centre. The building's structure is one of the finest examples of Ancient Roman and Hellenistic architectural styles. It is a 12-metre tall structure with 8 metres diameter. It is also regarded as the world's oldest meteorological station. 

    3. Anafiotika: 
    A tiny village located in the heart of Athens called Anafiotika. It is the hidden treasure of Athens set up on the hill overlooking the entire city. Several famous tourist attractions can be viewed from here, offering a mesmerising look at the surroundings. This quaint village possesses spectacular Cycladic architecture, white houses, vibrant streets, colourful doors and tinted windows. 

    4. Ancient Agora of Athens: 
    Another historical site where people used to come together to conduct assemblies and conferences. As the name "Ancient Agora of Athens" suggests, the place has witnessed several huge gatherings. 
  11. What are the best places to enjoy adventure activities in Athens?

    1. Attica Zoological Park: Located in Sparta, Attica Zoological Park is a private zoo spread over 20 acres of massive land. The zoological park is home to over 2000 animals belonging to 400 species, allowing the visitors to witness the  marvellous marine life. Over the years, the park has been classified into several themed sections, including mammals, marine life, and birds. If you have kids in your tribe, this is one of the best places to travel! Here, you can also catch a glimpse of lions, tigers, bears, giraffes, monkeys, penguins, and many more.

    2. Mount Parnitha National Park: Located at the top of Parnitha, Mount Parnitha National Park is ideal for a leisure walk for family and friends. Run and managed by the Greek Mountaineering Club, conducts several workshops. For children, special activities like climbing, biking, Walking, trekking, canyoning, and orienteering are conducted here. In 1961, this park was regarded as the National Park and became an integral part of the European network of protected areas in 2000.

    3. Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece: Founded by Archelon and the Municipality of Glyfada in 1994, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece is the city's only hospital for turtles. Turtles who get hurt or are wounded are taken care of here! 
  12. Which are the best shopping places in Athens and what are they famous for?

    Best shopping places in Athens along with its specialty are as follows:

    • Ermou Street, a.k.a. Hermes Street – Best market to visit if you are looking for apparel, costume jewelry, off-brand items or souvenirs.
    • Monastiraki – This is a notable place to buy music and movies
    • Plaka – It is the best place if you endeavor for designer knockouts, paintings and art, clothing and musical instruments.
  13. Which are the famous historic monuments to visit in Athens?

    The famous historical monuments to visit in Athens are as follows:

    • The Acropolis
    • Syntagma Square
    • The Agora
    • The Plaka
    • The Temple of Poseidon
    • Cape Souniou
    • National Archeological Museum
    • The Parthenon
  14. Which are the famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Athens?

    Famous wildlife and national parks of Athens are as follows:

    • Ainos National Park
    • Alonnisos Marine Park
    • Oeta National Park
    • Olympus National Park
    • Zakynthos National Marine Park
    • Vikos–Aoös National Park
    • Sounio National Park
    • Samaria National Park
    • Prespes National Park
    • Pindus National Park
    • Parnitha National Park
    • Parnassos National Park
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