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Popular Malaysia Packages

Package Name

Duration Price
Cheap Malaysia Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights ₹ 12000.0
Malaysia Tour Package from Chennai 5 Days 4 Nights ₹ 13000.0
Malaysia Tour Package from Bangalore 7 Days 6 Nights ₹ 16000.0
Malaysia Tour Package From Kerala 5 Days 4 Nights ₹ 19000.0
Malaysia Tour Package from Kochi 6 Days 5 Nights ₹ 21000.0

Malaysia Packages

Browse through a wide range of Malaysia holiday packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Malaysia vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

Offering expansive tours at extremely friendly rates, the Malaysia tour packages offered by Thrillophilia go out of their way to make sure that your time spent here is unforgettable. From local sightseeing, to lodging and even transportation- these all-encompassing packages take care of every aspect for you. All you must do now is sit back, and enjoy the ride. 
Thrillophilia’s Malaysia packages cater to all tastes and interests. If you’re a nature enthusiast looking for a little adventure, then the Taman Negara Day trip package, or even the Bako National Park tour would definitely be to your taste. These comprehensive packages are designed to offer tourists a taste of Malaysia’s vibrant wildlife, through wildlife expeditions, hiking activities and much more.

One of the best ways to explore the natural wealth of Malaysia is to embark on an island hopping trip, and Thrillophilia offers some of the best Malaysia tours for this. From hopping tours at Kota Kinabalu to those at Redang, there are plenty of packages to go around.  We also offer a host of offbeat tours for those who desire a little extra on their vacation, such as the George Town Bicycle Tour, a Food Tour at Kuala Lumpur, and even a Firefly Spotting tour in Selangor.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation with your family, or a romantic holiday with a loved one, these Malaysia holiday packages are perfect for all occasions. The several romantic tours available at Thrillophilia will make sure that your honeymoon spent in Malaysia is an absolutely flawless one. Similarly, the family tours make sure that each person in your family will go back with some of the best memories of their lives. Coupled with amazing discounts, these packages are also tailored to meet the budget interests of all travellers. Whether you’re looking for a luxury tour or a fairly simple, budget-friendly vacation, you will be spoilt for choice here!
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Malaysia Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Malaysia

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I am reflecting on the wonderful trip that I had to Malaysia. I would especially like to thank Thrillophilia. I would also like to thank all the hotels who provided so many amenities.
I went to Malaysia with my family and we enjoyed a lot there. It was fun exploring the beautiful places in the city, Sunway Lagoon theme park was the best part of the trip, we had so much fun there, the rides were so amazing and thrilling. we even tried the local food there, it was so delicious. The facilities provided on the trip like- stay, meals, transport, everything was really nice. Thanks for the wonderful experience.
26 February 2020
Amazing place tourist should visit once worth money. Plus I would like to thank thrillophilia for providing me the cheapest tickets and assisting me with each and every enquiry within 5 mins. You guys deserve an applaud. Loved your service in every manner weather it comes to ticket prices or after service all top knotch. Would love to book all the events from you guys from now. Thank you for serving me with such a great services.
13 February 2020
The bus ride made me feel that I was on the top of the world. I was so much enjoying seeing the crowds and places. Nothing can be better than this experience. Grateful to Thrillophilia for making my trip this smooth and wonderful.
13 February 2020
Saw many places like central market and little India and we could not stop taking countless pictures in the different spots.Must say, I was worried about the language thing, but the guide was so fluent in English, he explained everything to us in detail and we faced no trouble during our KL city of lights tour
I still can’t believe that I am back home. It was a great week in Malaysia. Got very good service from the people at Thrillophilia. I highly recommend them for your International trips
Had great holiday tour, all thanks to Thrillophilia, great service and support, looking forward to book my next tour with you soon
Thrillophilia orgainised everything! Our hotels, the guides, the driver and an air conditioned car. Everything was amazing and was on time. A big thumbs up to the team for such arrangements.
We had a trip of a lifetime. Thrillophilia was very accommodating and the team made sure everything was perfect. We can’t say enough about our Drivers – they kept us safe and comfortable and were sure to point out and stop at sites
I want to express my thanks to Thrilloohilia for an excellent trip to Malaysia. I found your presentations and organisation over the period very thorough, informative, exciting and enjoyable

People Also Ask About Malaysia Tours

  1. Which are the famous places to visit during Malaysia tour?

    1. Langkawi Island: Known for its sandy beaches and stunning emerald waters, this beautiful archipelago in Malaysia is an absolute must-visit on all Malaysia tour packages.

    Also known as the Jewel of Kedah, this group of 99 islands offer a plethora of sightseeing attractions and activities. This gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an ideal setting for water-based sports such as diving, snorkeling or even boating. Special attractions at the island include a cable car ride, a rice museum and the famous Langkawi Sky Bridge.

    Location: Kedah, Malaysia.

    2. Pangkor Island: Offering a tranquil hideout for travellers seeking a quiet vacation, Pangkor’s enchanting beauty lies in its clear, unpopulated beaches, clean waters, and thick forests.

    One of the best ways to enjoy Pangkor would be to simply rent a bike or a bicycle and make your way through the stunning scenery. The Island is also well known for the remains of a 17th century Dutch fort, stressing the island’s role in the country’s colonial past. The beaches of Pangkor are also known for their excellent sunset views, and hornbills that can often be spotted here.

    3. Gunung Gading National Park: Home to the largest flower in the world, this historic national park in Malaysia is one of the best places to visit on Malaysia tours. The stunning natural reserve is also known for its various jungle trails, waterfalls and trekking routes, making it a popular destination for trekkers.

    Location: 94500 Lundu, Sarawak, Malaysia.
    Entry Fee:
    For Malaysians:
    - Adults: RM 10.
    - Children: RM 3.
    - Disabled persons: RM 5.

    - Adults: RM 20.
    - Children: RM 7.
    - Disabled persons: RM 10
    Children below the age of 6 do not require an entry fee.

    Timings: 08.00AM-05.00PM on all days of the week.

    4. Mabul Island: With its idyllic water villages and coconut fronds, Mabul is one of the most visually spectacular islands in Malaysia. Owing to its natural beauty, the island is a popular honeymoon destination as well.

    Mabul is known for its amazing array of underwater life, making it a paradise for divers and underwater photographers throughout the year. Moray eels, cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopuses, frogfishes and other flamboyant sea creatures are found scattered across the waters here. Muck-diving, a form of diving carried out at low-visibility, is a popular sport here, as is scuba diving.

    Location: Semporna, Sabah.

    5. Aquaria KLCC: Spreading across a massive 60,000 square feet, Aquaria KLCC is Malaysia’s most popular underwater aquarium. The exhibits at the Aquarium aim to take you on a journey across the evolution of marine life- starting from the Evolution Zone, with its carnivorous piranhas, and going all the way to the Weird and Wonderful with its moon jellies and pinecone fishes.

    The special attraction of the expansive oceanarium is its host of sharks, making it a popular inclusion in all Malaysia tour packages. Aquaria offers a variety of experiences with sharks, such as the Sleep with Sharks programme for children, or the Dive with Sharks activity.

    Location: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.
    Entry fee:
    - Adults: RM 71.
    - Children below the age of 12 and senior citizen: RM 61.
    - Disabled persons: RM 16.

    Timing: 10.00AM-07.00PM on all days of the week.

    6. Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary: With its host of wildlife and birdlife, the Wildlife Sanctuary at Kinabatangan is one of the most exciting places to visit for nature enthusiasts in Malaysia tour packages.

    Meandering through the lowlands of Sabah, the river Kinabatangan is a mosaic of oxbow lakes, swamps and marshes that form thriving wildlife hotspots. Orangutans, macaques, and langurs leopards are frequently spotted at the sanctuary. The vast hinterland is also scattered with a number of limestone caves, with the Gomantong Caves being the most popular one.

    Location: Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysia.

    7. Taman Negara: Standing tall for almost 130 million years, Taman Negara prides in its status as the oldest natural rainforest in the world.

    With its wide range of activities,the National Park at Taman Negara is one of the most sought-after places to visit in Malaysia holiday packages. From walking under the largest forest canopy in the world to scaling the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, a day spent at Taman Negara can never be a dull one.

    Location: 27000 Kuala Tahan, Pahang, Malaysia.
    Entry Fee:
    - Visitors between 13-60: RM 30.
    - Senior Citizens: RM 15.

    Timing: 09.30AM-05.30PM on all days of the week.

    8. Redang Island: Known as Malaysia’s largest island, Redang is known for its white beaches and crystal-clear waters. Home to the Redang Island Marine Park, the island is flocked by tourists throughout the year. Upmarket resorts and eateries line the beaches here, promising a luxurious stay here. The island is also known for its rich coral life, making it a popular spot for snorkeling and diving.

    Location: Redang Archipelago, Kuala Nerus District, Terengganu, Malaysia.

    9. Malacca: Brimming with a vibrant culture and home to a number of historic monuments, Malacca city in Malaysia attained UNESCO World Heritage Status back in the year 2008.  The fine confluence of British, Portugese, Dutch and Islamic culture dominates the colourful Malacca.

    17th century Dutch towns, ancient Chinese temples with ornate designs and the 18th century Kampung Kling Mosque form the spirit of this archaic city. Once known for its spice trade, the city of Malacca still delivers some of the most delectable dishes, making it a must visit for all foodies on Malaysia tours. Regular night markets and antique shops add to the charm of the place.

    Location: Malaysia.

    10. Bako National Park: Nestled on the northernmost tip of the Muara Tebas peninsula, Bako is one the smallest and oldest national parks in Sarawak, Malaysia. Teeming with rare species of monkeys, lizards and nearly 200 different types of birds, Bako is a must-visit for all wildlife enthusiasts on Malaysia packages.

    The jungle trails at the Park are ideal for hiking or casual strolls, and several trails lead to the stunning beaches of Bako. The most popular beach at the National Park is the Telok Pandan Cecil, a fairly secluded bay that is known to command excellent views of the sunset. Activities such as boating or swimming can also be enjoyed here.

    Location: Muara Tebas, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia.
    Entry Fee: RM 10.
    Timings: 10.00AM-05.00PM on all days of the week.
  2. What are the best things to do on Maldives tour?

    Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were surrounded by a vast expanse of sandy beaches, turquoise waters and luxury all around? Our Maldives tour packages offer visitors some of the most exciting things to do while travelling to the Maldives. Some of these things are:

    1. Snorkelling: One of the biggest attractions in the Maldives is the beautiful sea and the mesmerising marine life. Since it has such incredible flora and fauna, Maldives is an excellent destination for snorkelling which you can include in your Maldives holiday packages.

    Moreover, you can also find stunning coral reefs here in the Maldives, with a mix of hard corals, table, finger, staghorn, boulder, lobe, and brain corals. While snorkelling in the Maldives, you can also catch a glimpse of an incredible variety of aquatic creatures, like anemonefish, colourful Giant Clams, Blacktip and Whitetip Reef Sharks, Hawksbill Turtles, Eagle Rays and more.

    Location: Maafushi Island.
    Price: MVR 200 onwards.

    2. Fishing: Since the Maldives is very rich in marine life, fishing is considered to be amongst the best activities one should take part in at least once when visiting the island nation. Be it morning fishing or night fishing, you can catch many substantial exotic fishes and other marine creatures such as marlin, barracuda, sailfish, swordfish and more here.

    Location: Multiple locations.
    Price: MVR 150 onwards.

    3. Scuba Diving: One of the top adventure activities which can be included in your Maldives packages is scuba diving, offering divers a chance to experience life beneath the Indian Ocean. It also allows you to see the innumerable aquatic creatures and coral reefs, which are guaranteed to take your breath away.

    Some of these include Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, snappers, barracudas, jacks, sweetlips, hammerheads, grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, manta rays, turtles, frogfish, triggerfish and surgeonfish.

    Location: Multiple locations.
    Price: MVR 800 onwards.

    4. Go for Island Hopping: Set apart from each other, Maldives is home to numerous islands which are famous for their beauty and loads of activities they offer. The shining deep blue waters here are home to an abundance of marine life that can be marvelled by traversing from one island to another. The beautiful seaplanes, Dhonis and local boats with diesel engines can be easily found around the shores and charge a minimal amount to take you from one end to another.

    Location: Multiple locations.
    Price: INR 4000 to INR 5000.
    Timing: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

    5. Enjoy a session of Water Flying: In water flying, one is tied to a hoverboard that flies in the sky with the pressure of thrusting water. The activity required a lot of strength and balance to stay afloat and surf the winds.

    This activity has attracted flocks of tourists providing the adventure enthusiasts with a much-required rush in the adrenaline. One can easily opt for this activity at Handhuvaru Dhey as this is the most famous location for which you can book your Maldives travel package where you can enjoy water flying. In addition to the usual crowd, water flying here has also attracted loads of television actors and is featured in many movies.

    Location: Handhuvaru Dhey, Male, Maldives.
    Price: INR 2000 to INR 4000.
    Timing: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

    6. Opt for some rejuvenation Spa: Among the best things to enjoy in the Maldives is a rejuvenation session of health spas. Here, you will find many famous resorts which offer luxurious spa services which can be add on to your Maldives Trip Package. From healing salt spas to ayurvedic oils spas, the variety available here is a big one.

    A couple spa session with flower petals and candles is also provided in the Maldives and is quite famous among those who visit here for a honeymoon. The best thing about spas provided here is that all the products used are all-natural and are grown organically in personal yards.

    Location: Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, Maldives.
    Price: INR 4000 to INR 10,000.
    Timing: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

    7. Admire the glowing sunset while lying in an infinity pool: What can be more amusing than resting in a blue pool with your loved one and spending the evening marvelling at the panoramic scenery of a beautiful sunset? The Maldives is home to numerous such beach resorts which own infinite private pools connected to the beach.

    From watching the oversized cargos being shipped from one harbour to the other to marvelling at the serene marine life floating in the sea, this is the must-do activity in Maldives if you want to spend some quaint time away from the hustle and bustle.

    Location: Male, Maldives.
    Price: INR 4000 to INR 6000 for a day in the resort.
    Timing: 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

    8. Whale watching from a Sunset Cruise: A relaxing and adventurous activity at the same time, whale and dolphin watching has attracted loads of customers towards Malaysia for ages. Once you cruise these lifeboats available around here, you will get to spot loads of marines flowing in flocks and stopping for you to feed them, it can be included in your Maldives packages.

    The whole sight gets most of its charm in the morning hours when the water is clear, and the sea animals remain undisturbed. Around 20 species of sea mammals, including dolphins and whales, can be easily spotted. If lucky enough, you might also get a chance to spot some sharks roaming within the deep sea. The beautiful scenery of shining skies changing colours above you and the lush and colourful marines flowing below you add loads of excitement and solace to this activity.

    Location: Male, Maldives.
    Price: INR 10,000 to 12,000.
    Timing: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  3. What are the best things to do on Malaysia tour?

    1. Helicopter Tour: One of the best ways to explore the city of Kuala Lumpur is to take a helicopter sightseeing tour around it. The 30 minute ride will take you across all major landmarks of the city, offering stunning aerial views.

    Price: Approximately RM890 per person.
    Timings: Between 10.00AM-05.00PM on all days of the week.

    2. Take a hot air balloon ride: One of the most interesting parts of Malaysia tour packages, this activity involves exploring the city from great heights, afloat on a balloon. The balloon ride lasts approximately an hour. Make sure to avail the ride that takes off during the early morning hours, to witness some of the best sunrise views of your life.

    Location: Putra Jaya.
    Price: Tour packages starting from RM850 per person.

    3. Sail through the mangroves at Tanjung Rhu: If you’re someone with a keen eye for nature, then the mangrove boat safari is made just for you. Taking place just off the Langkawi islands, this guided safari involves a host of different activities such as feeding fishes, trekking bat caves, swimming, eagle watching and most importantly, exploring the mangroves in Kilim and Batu Gajah.

    Location: Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi Island.
    Price: Starting rates are RM160 per adult, and RM110 per child.
    Timings: 09.00AM-03.00PM. The safari takes approximately 5-6 hours.

    4. Explore the ocean on foot: For those apprehensive of their swimming or diving skills, Malaysia offers a new and unique way of exploring the ocean on foot, known as sea walking. Aided by a guide, you can now walk between the vibrant corals off the coast of Borneo, surrounded by a variety of colourful fishes.

    Location: Borneo Island.
    Price: Starting from RM250 per adult.
    Timings: A sea walking tour lasts around 15 minutes.

    5. Take a hop-on hop-off bus tour at night: Experience the best of Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife in this hop-on-hop-off bus tour offered by Thrillophilia. The luxurious double decker bus travels across the city to some of the most prominent nightlife destinations around Kuala Lumpur. The best part of this tour is that guests can choose to alight only at their preferred destinations.

    Location: Kuala Lumpur.
    Price: Rs. 799 per person.
    Timing: 08.00PM- 10.00PM.

    6. Experience the cable car ride at Langkawi: One of the most exciting inclusions in Malaysia tour packages is to experience the cable car ride in Langkawi. Widely regarded as the steepest cable car ride in the world, the ride takes you to Mt. Cat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest peak, located at an elevation of about 710 meters above sea level.

    Location: Jalan Telaga Tujuh, Kedah.
    Price: RM85 for adults and RM65 for children.
    Timings: 09.30AM-07.00PM on all days of the week.

    7. Take a cruise tour: One of the best ways to explore the waters of Malaysia is to take a leisurely cruise around its rivers. There are a variety of cruise tours available here, including dinner tours, sunset tours, honeymoon tours and several others. River cruises are also extremely popular among holidaying couples traveling on Malaysia tours, owing to the laid back charm of the experience.

    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Malacca, Penang and Johar.
    Price: Depending on the cruise package opted for.

    8. Try your hand at Bungee Jumping: A popular inclusion in all Malaysia tour packages, Bungee Jumping involves falling from great heights into a trampoline while attached to a harness. One of the most popular destinations for the activity in Malaysia is the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur, where the jumps take place from a height of about 22 feet above sea level.

    Location: Sunway Lagoon Park, Kuala Lumpur.
    Price: RM130 for adults, RM90 for children.
    Timings: 10.00AM-06.00Pm on all days of the week.

    9. Try rock climbing at Batu Caves: Batu Caves is the rock-climbing hub in Malaysia. Hosting about 8 crags and over 150 climbing routes, these limestone caves near Kuala Lumpur invites climbers from all over the world. The crags are easily accessible from ground level, offering an easy climb to beginners and first-time trekkers.

    Location: Batu Caves, Selangor.
    Price: Starting from RM 210 per person.

    10. Explore the Petronas Twin Towers: Anybody who has heard of Kuala Lumpur, has heard of the Petronas Twin Towers, the city’s biggest and most glorious attraction. One of the most sought-after destinations in Malaysia tour packages, these towers pride in its status as the tallest twin towers in the world.

    The tour package allows you to explore the towers and also witness the stunning panoramic views that it commands of the city. Additional attractions such as the neighboring Aquaria KLCC can also be visited on this tour.

    Location: Kuala Lumpur.
    Price: Starting from Rs.750 per person.
    Timings: 09.00AM- 09.00PM between Tuesday and Sunday. The towers remain closed on Mondays, and between 01.00PM-02.30PM on Fridays.
  4. What is famous in Malaysia?

    Malaysia is best known for its stunning islands. With their dazzling stretches of glittering white sand, and clear, emerald-blue waters, the islands here are some of the most popular inclusions in Malaysia packages. The islands of Malaysia are also home to a number of water sport opportunities, such as snorkeling, diving, boating and much more.
  5. How to reach Malaysia?

    - By Air: Malaysia is well connected to most major cities across the globe by air. There are eight major airports in Malaysia, with the biggest one in Kuala Lumpur. International flights travel to and from between Malaysia and countries like India, Germany, USA, France, Turkey, Australia and several others.

    - By Road: It is not feasible to travel to Malaysia by car, although regular buses ply between Malaysia and other neighboring areas such as Borneo, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia.

    - By Water: Luxury boat rides and cruises are a feasible way of reaching Malaysia from places like Sumatra, Thailand or Indonesia.
  6. What is the best time to visit Malaysia?

    The best time to visit Malaysia is during the winter months between November to February. Calm seas and dry weather during this time offer a host of sightseeing activities, and allow you to explore the bountiful country in a leisurely manner.
  7. How many days should I spend in Malaysia?

    Around 7-9 days of stay should ideally be spent in Malaysia. This would allow you to explore the country’s various major sightseeing spots in a hassle free and laid back manner.
  8. Is Malaysia safe for tourists?

    Yes, Malaysia is relatively safe for tourists. Violent crime rates here are on the lower side, and the locals here are generally friendly and hospitable towards travellers.
  9. Do I need a visa for Malaysia?

    Indian travellers visiting Malaysia will need to secure a tourist Visa before entering the country.
  10. How much time does it take and cost to get a visa to Malaysia?

    The standard processing time to secure a Malaysian visa from India is 24 hours. However, you may choose to rush the process and get it within 4 hours, although against an added charge.
  11. Where we can do scuba diving in Malaysia?

    Several islands in Malaysia are ideal for scuba diving, such as Sipadan Island, Redang Island, Mabul and Kapalai Island, Layang-Layang Island, among several others.
  12. What are the best adventure activities in Malaysia?

    1. Tandem Skydiving, Kuala Lumpur: One of the most adventurous activities included in Malaysia tour packages, tandem skydiving involves being harnessed to a great big parachute as you soar through the clear blue skies. The activity is entirely guided, and can be attempted by beginners and experts alike.

    2. Scuba Diving: With its thriving marine wealth, Scuba Diving is one of the most popular tourist activities in Malaysia holiday packages.

    From vibrant corals, to octopuses, and even sharks- the islands in Malaysia are a paradise for both divers and underwater photographers. Some of the best places for scuba diving in Malaysia are Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, Layang-Layang, and Redang among several others.

    3. White Water Rafting: There is no shortage of river rapids in Malaysia, and each rapid in the country is graded according to their level of difficulty. While the Singoh rapids are extremely challenging and should only be attempted by expert rafters, the rivers of Ulu Slim and Kampar are ideally suited to first time rafters and beginners.

    4. Trekking: With its several peaks, stunning landscapes and pleasant climate, trekking is one of the most popular activities included in Malaysia tour packages. Some of the best peaks for trekking in Malaysia are Mount Kinabalu, Mount Nuang, Mount Gayong, Mount Gagau, Mount Jera and Mount Korbu, among others.
  13. Which are the famous islands to visit in Malaysia?

    1. Layang Island: Also known as Swallow Reef, Layang Island is Malaysia’s diving hotspot.  One of the most stunning inclusions in Malaysia packages, the island is best known for its vibrant underwater life. Whale spotting and birdwatching are some of the most common activities at Layang Island.

    2. Mabul Island: A fairly unexplored island, the quiet beauty of Mabul will stun anyone who comes here. The pristine beaches and emerald waters at the island are ideal for activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and muck-diving.

    3. Tioman Islands: Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Tioman is one of the most magnificent places to explore in Malaysia holiday packages. Turtle farms and waterfalls at the island invite tourists throughout the year and one can easily enjoy a blissful session of diving and snorkeling here.

    4. Penang Island: Apart from its scenic beauty, Penang is well known for its local cuisine and the delectable street food available here makes the island one of the top choices in Malaysia packages among foodies. A number of cultural and heritage sights also contribute towards making Penang a popular tourist hotspot.
  14. Which are the best cities to explore in Malaysia?

    1. Kuala Lumpur: Known for the iconic Petronas towers, this capital city is famous for its bustling nightlife, bazaars and metropolitan vibe.

    2. Malacca: Also known as the cultural capital of Malaysia, the city of Malacca is known for its historic Dutch towns, temples and iconic bridges.

    3. Ipoh: Nestled by the Kinta River, this quaint little town is well-regarded for its limestone caves, Buddhist temples, and its overall Scottish charm.

    4. Kota Kinabalu: One of the top inclusions in Malaysia packages, Kota Kinabalu is famous for its stunning beaches and the water sport opportunities that they offer.
  15. Which are the best wildlife parks in Malaysia?

    1. Kilim Geoforest Park: Peppered with mangroves, rock formations and caves, Kilim is home to a variety of macaques, monkeys and even dolphins.

    2. Semenggoh Nature Reserve: One of the top inclusions in Malaysia tour packages, Semenggoh is both a nature reserve and an orangutan rehabilitation centre. Visitors can witness the treatment, feeding and sheltering of injured and homeless orangutans here.

    3. Bako National Park: With its jagged peaks, sandy beaches and dense forests hosting a variety of animals, Bako is one of the best places in Malaysia to witness wildlife.

    4. Taman Negara: Known as the world’s oldest rainforest, Taman Negara is ideal for hiking, birdwatching and wildlife spotting.
  16. Which are the best Kaykaying spots in Malaysia?

    With a collection of fifty-two beautiful islands, the popular Seribuat Archipelago located off the southeastern Peninsula of Malaysia makes the perfect destination to practice kayaking. The archipelago comprises of islands such as Kukus, Tioman, Sibu Tengah, Rawa, Sibu Besar and various other inlets. Therefore, the ideal spots to experience kayaking are as follows:

    - Semadang, Sarawak
    The Rucksack Rainforest Kayaking, Sarawak
    Kubang Badak River, Kedah
    Tioman Island, Perak
    Paradise Valley Broga, Selangor
    Pulau Langkawi, Kedah
    Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Sabah
    Permai Rainforest Resort, Sarawak
    Putrajaya Lake Club, Putrajaya
    Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
  17. Where can we go to taste famous food in Malasiya?

    Malaysian cuisine is to die for and you would love every bit of it. You can try the local dishes here at various places that the country offers. You can visit the following places in Malaysia in order to taste delicious delicacies:

    - Enak KL
    Marini’s On 57
    Restoran Samy
    Azmie Wawa
    Oriental Pavilion
    Café BLD
    El Cerdo
    Tamarind Hill
    Le Que Restaurant
    Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant
  18. Which are the best areas for a shopping in Malaysia?

    Malaysia offers various places to shop at. Some of the many shopping places in Malaysia are as follows:

    1. Petaling Street –
    Go for street shopping in Kuala Lumpur

    2. Berjaya Times Square –
    One of largest shopping complex in the world

    3. Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall –
    A shopping place for affordable shopping

    4. Cameron Square –
    The best shopping place in the beautiful Cameron Highlands

    5. Central Market –
    A beautiful artsy place to explore

    6. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur –
    Perfect place to shop for top-notch brands

    7. Langkawi Parade –
    One of the biggest shopping malls located in Langkawi

    8. The Zon Shopping Paradise –
    For an amazing duty-free shopping experience

    9. Central Market –
    Shop here and carry back a piece of the Camerons
  19. What are the best places to enjoy night life in Malaysia?

    Nightlife in Malaysia is extremely popular. While touring this destination you must sure spare a night or two and experience a night of dance, drinks, and fun. Some of the best places to visit in Malaysia for experiencing nightlife are as follows:

    - Gravity Club – One of the best club in Malaysia
    Beach Blanket Babylon, Georgetown
    SkyBar at Traders Hotel
    Hard Rock Café
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Bar
    Omakase + Appreciate
    Kampung Baru Sunday Market
    Play Club at the Roof
    Bora Bora, Batu Ferringhi
    Stratosphere @ Roof Bar
    Reggae Mansion
    Way Modern Chinois
    Petaling Street Market
  20. Which are the top cultural experiences in Malaysia?

    On a cultural tour in Malaysia, you can explore the following places:

    - Kellie's Castle
    Istana Budaya (National Theatre)
    Carey Island
    National Museum
    The China-Malaysia Friendship Garden
    Kampung Bharu Kuala Lumpur Heritage, Nature & Cultural trails
    Pinang Peranakan Mansion
    Bujang Valley
    Portuguese Square
    Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
  21. Which are the best island for watersports in Malaysia?

    Malaysia is popular for various exotic island locations that features beautiful and diverse cultures. These islands are popular for offering various adventure activities including scuba diving, snorkeling etc. These beaches also flaunt various temples as well as showcases cultural villages, vibrant resorts etc. Some of the islands worth visiting are as follows:

    - Pulau Pangkor
    Perhentian Islands
    Pulau Kapas
    Pulau Tenggol
    Pulau Mabul
    Pulau Tioman
  22. Which are the best places to experience activties like surfing and rafting in Malaysia?

    Surfing and rafting are activities that one can experience in Malaysia making his/her trip memorable for a lifetime. The various places that offer surfing and rafting opportunities are as follows:

    - The Selangor River, Kuala Kubu Bahru
    Sungai Itek/Sungai Kampar in Gopeng Perak
    Singoh River – Gerik, Perak
    Sungai Sungkai, Perak
    Sungai Telom, Pahang
    Pantai Batu Burok
    The Slim River, Perak
    Sungai Sedim, Kedah
    Jeram Besu, Pahang
    Sungai Tembeling, Pahang
    Tioman Island
    Sungai Nenggiri, Kelantan
  23. Which are the best national Parks in Malaysia?

    While touring Malaysia, you can get a chance to witness wildlife from close. Malaysia offers the following national parks that one can visit:

    - Bako National Park
    Taman Negara National Park
    Gunung Mulu National Park
    Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park
    Niah National Park
    Penang National Park
    Endau-Rompin National Park
    Similajau National Park
    Gunung Gading National Park
    Lambir Hills National Park
  24. Which are the most adventurous trekking place in Malaysia?

    Malaysia is a country that can be willingly visited by adventure lovers. Trekking is another activity that travelers can experience while touring this beautiful country. Some of the best trekking places of Malaysia are as follows:

    - Mount Kinabalu
    Cameron Highlands Trails
    Penang Hill Loop
    Gunung Tahan
    Gunung Gayong
    Bukit Tabur
    Taman Negara
    Gunung Belumut
    Gunung Lambak
    Gunung Nuang
    Pine Tree Trail
    Gunung Gagau
    Gunung Jerai
    Penang National Park
  25. What are the best sites for rafting in Malaysia?

    Rafting is one of the adventure activities that one can experience in Malaysia. Some of the places that you can visit for the same are as follows:

    - The Selangor River, Kuala Kubu Bahru
    Sungai Itek/Sungai Kampar in Gopeng Perak
    Singoh River – Gerik, Perak
    Sungai Sungkai, Perak
    Sungai Telom, Pahang
    The Slim River, Perak
    Sungai Sedim, Kedah
    Jeram Besu, Pahang
    Sungai Tembeling, Pahang
    Sungai Nenggiri, Kelantan