Things to Do in Australia

Activities to do in Australia

Skydiving in Melbourne, Ride on a helicopter, Go for wine tasting, Explore Great Barrier Reef,  Parasailing in Cairns, Kangaroo Island Tour,  Underwater scooter ride, Banana ride, Windsurfing, White water rafting, Zipline Adventure Bungee Jumping and many more.

Surfer along with the bubbly dolphins, soak in the warmth of the sun at the beach or indulge in a shopping spree, things to do in Australia are in a grand profusion. Each city in Australia, be it the hip culture of Melbourne or the dazzling architecture established in Sydney, has its own flavor that allures the tourists to the bewitching country. In other words, a holiday destination or just a reason to run away from the hectic life for a few days of adventure, Australia delivers the perfect mixture of leisure and thrill in an attractive package which makes the place an instant attraction and a must-visit.

Activities to do in Australia are many and in variety. Driving through an alluring stretch of outrageously long,151 miles of Ocean Road, meandering around in the streets encapsulated with some artistic graphitizes or exploring the abysses of an ancient establishment, the Shrine, there are not a few but a ton of activities to enjoy in the country. Additionally,  experiences like witnessing an astonishingly beautiful sunset at St Kilda Pier and wandering around the Blue mountains, happen once in a lifetime and are truly breathtaking. 

Following, adventurous activities like snorkeling, surfing, deep-sea diving, and more are also very much present in the country to enjoy. Not just adventurers, foodies have something to admire upon too. The delicious delicacies Australia offers is not alien to anyone. In fact, it is one of the prime reasons many want to explore the county. In the end, with an array of adventures, ancient architecture, modern art, and delicious cuisines to explore, Australia is the one place you have to visit this holiday season.
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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest sanctuaries in the world, which is home to more than 800 animals including emus, Lorikeets, kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, etc. The construction of the Sanctuary began in 1947 and is regularly remodeled. The sanctuary is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Australia. Its premises include wild animal encounters, shows about nature, Wild Island Adventure Splash Zone and an on-site Cafe.

Sydney Opera House

The Opera House Sydney is a world class Opera house located on Port Jackson. This incredible structure is famous for its architectural design which uses a series of white billowing sail-shaped shells for its roof. The Opera House is also famous for its programs and performances. The building is one of the most photographed structures in the World. The opera house features a concert hall, studios, theatres, reception room, rehearsal rooms, a restaurant and an open air fore court that overlooks the Sydney Harbour. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in Sydney, Australia. It is an imposing steel arch bridge extending from the Central Business District to the North Shore. The Bridge offers a spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House and the surrounding area of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is famous for being the world's largest steel arch Bridge. The best way to experience this phenomenal structure is to join one of the Climb Leaders and get to the top of the Bridge. 

Sea Life Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium features over 12,000 marine animals belonging to about 650 different species. The exhibits are spread across 14 themed sections featuring sharks, stingrays, turtles, swordfish, dugongs, penguins and several other animals. There are several special experiences that you can indulge at the Aquarium such as a ride on the glass bottomed boat, behind-the-scenes tours, snorkelling in the Shark Reef and many others.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is a very famous and well known beach and it gets its name from the picturesque suburbs that surround it. The beach offers many restaurants that serve exquisite meals from all over the world and many bars and cafes. Along the coastline of Bondi beach goes through a unique makeover that involves adding hundreds of whacky sculptures.

Skypoint Observation Deck

Touch the skies and challenge gravity at SkyPoint Gold Coast, one of the city’s prominent adventure attractions. Situated at the highest point of one of Gold Coast’s tallest skyscrapers, SkyPoint Climb and Observation Deck stands 230 metres above ground and offers 360-degree views of the entire city. Embark on the daring external building climb to the top in one of Gold Coast’s most sought-after adventures.

Melbourne Zoo

Commonly known as the Melbourne Zoo, the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens is the oldest zoo of Australia. Established on 6th of October 1862, this phenomenal zoo is home to a large variety of animal, bird and reptile species. Located just five minutes away from the city center, this popular zoo is inspired by the London zoo and is the perfect place to learn about animals. 

The zoo also has a large schools section and caters to many school visitors throughout the year.

The Nobbies Centre

The Nobbies Centre: Coastal attraction in Phillip Island, Australia, offering stunning ocean views, wildlife encounters, and educational exhibits.

Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge, nestled along Australia's Great Ocean Road, captivates with its rugged beauty. Towering limestone cliffs embrace a pristine beach, and the gorge's name echoes the tragic shipwreck of the "Loch Ard" in 1878, adding a haunting allure to its scenic splendor.

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

Nestled on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park stands as a beacon of wildlife conservation and education. Spanning 25 acres of bushland, this sanctuary is dedicated to preserving Australia's native flora and fauna, providing a haven for endangered species.

Great Barrier Reef

Regarded amongst the most beautiful places to visit in Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the wonders of the natural world. Surrounded by nearly 3000 individual reefs and about 900 islands and coral cays, this is a retreat for snorkelers and certified divers that flock around this place. You can witness the unparalleled variety of marine life at this Great Barrier reef.

Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles is a stunning natural landmark along Australia's Great Ocean Road, featuring limestone stacks rising majestically from the Southern Ocean. Despite its name, only eight of the original twelve formations remain due to erosion. These towering sea stacks, some reaching 45 meters in height, create a breathtaking coastal panorama.

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Australia Things To Do FAQs

What are some of the best things to do in Australia?

1. Visit the Sydney harbor and watch an opera show: An iconic establishment that symbolizes Australia, Sydney harbor is a breathtaking piece of architectural design that dazzles from every angle one gazes upon. But why limit yourself by just watching its elegant beauty from the outside. One of the best things to do in the country is enjoying an Opera show inside the place; the experience is simply out of this world. 

Location: Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Price: $55 starting

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2. Try Skydiving: From Perth to Melbourne, Australia has skydiving spots all over it. A paradise for thrill-seekers, skydiving in Australia is an experience of a lifetime. Falling from a great height of thousands of feet above the ground, witnessing the city from up above; it is quite something.

Location: Skydive Melbourne,  42A Marine Parade, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
Price: $250 starting

3. Ride on a helicopter and a seaplane: Fun and equally exciting things to do in Australia are helicopter rides. Hop on a chopper or a seaplane cruise through the city and relish upon a birds-eye view of everything down under.

Location: Canberra Airport, 10 George Tyson Dr, Australian Capital Territory 2609, Australia
Price: $300 starting

4. Exploring the vineyards and wine tasting: Delight upon some scrumptious Australian wine, tour through the blissful vineyards and discover a whole new array of wine flavors of the country. For every beverage lover, this is among the top things to do in Australia. 

Location: Jacobs Creek: Barossa Valley, South Australia
Price: $200 starting

5. Exploring the unique Great Barrier Reef:  Considered as the world's greatest collection of barrier reefs, the Great Barrier Reef holds more than 2,900 reefs, stretched in an area of more than 2,300 kilometers. Gear up with your diving costumes and deep dive into the ocean to explore the magnificence of these Reefs or sail through the enchanting ocean and relish the picturesque views and soothing atmosphere with your friends, family and little ones.

Location: East Coast, Queensland mainland, Australia
Price: $270 adults, $146 children

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6. Parasailing in Cairns:  Sail above the ocean at an astonishing height of more than 300 feet. Adrenaline junkies utopia, parasailing in Cairns is one of the best things to do in Australia for adventurers. Lasting from anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes, the experience is surreal and equally exhilarating.  

B" finger LOT 996, Pier Point Rd, Cairns City QLD 4870, Australia
Price: $80

Book NowParasailing In Cairns

7. Kayaking Tour to Wave break Island in Gold coast: Embark upon a voyage to discover the thrilling Wave Break Island. The Kayaking exhibition tour in Goldcoast in a fun-filled activity. Paddling through the ocean, solo or with your gang, while gazing upon the towering building of the city, this is one of the more blissful activities to do in Australia. 

Marine Parade, Biggera Waters QLD 4216, Australia
Price: $50 starting

8. Skydiving at York in Australia: Jumping from a plane at a height of more than 14,000 feet above sea level might sound impossible but it's true. Safe, guided and packed with optimum thrill, Skydiving at York is simply breathtaking. As you decline, gaze upon the wondrous Avon valley and the Wheat belt region of the county. And don't worry, all your excitement and thrills are captured by the crew and delivered to you, at the end of it all.

3453 Spencers Brook-York Rd, York WA 6302, Australia
Price: $300 starting

9. Hunter Valley Gourmet Food and Wine Tour from Sydney: Feast upon some delicious Gourmet food and relish authentic Australian wine at Hunter Valley. Encapsulated in shades of green and wooden structures, the place feels soothing and welcoming, add some luscious food and drinks and you have got yourself a wonderful day. Also enjoy various art galleries, restaurants, and wineries on your voyage to the place. 

1/24 Burrows Rd, St Peters NSW 2044, Australia
Price: $120 starting
10.Kangaroo Island Tour in Adelaide: Meet the most enigmatic creature which is also the national animal of Australia, Kangaroo. Not one or two but an entire island encapsulated with these enriching animals. Take a ferry to the island, upon reaching, enjoy some delicious cuisines and explore a number of creatures including wallabies, fur seals, koalas and many more at the island. One of the best things to do in Australia, Kangaroo Island serves as an exciting adventure opportunity for family and friends. 

24 Willoughby Cres, Kingscote SA 5223, Australia
Price:$250 starting

Which are some must try water sports in Australia?

1. Jetpack flyboard adventures: Thrust up into the air; slide, glide and float through the water.  Become the superhero you always wanted to be with the newly developed Jet pack Flyboard experience. One of the best activities to do in Australia, Jetpack rides are an instant go go!

Location: Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia
Price: $80 starting

2. Underwater scooter ride: Riding on the streets will feel overrated when you try the underwater scooter ride. Just grab on to the motors and blaze deep into the sea. Explore the aquatics and relish living within them. In short, an Underwater scooter ride is an adventure on point. 

Location: 1371-1373 Botany Rd, Botany NSW 2019, Australia
Price: $200 starting

3. Scuba diving and snorkeling: Embark on an exhibition to discover the flora and fauna that live down under the depths of the ocean. Scour the aquatic culture and discover the true beauty these creatures are. Swim with the fish and dance with the flora, enjoy Scuba diving and snorkeling, in Australia. 

Location: Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia.
Price: $50 starting

4. Banana ride: A family fun challenge, pick your bananas, grab your members and sail through the ocean on a Banana ride. An activity designed for anyone from a youngster to an elder, this is amongst the best things to do in Australia with family. 

Location: Airlie Beach
Price: $20 starting

5. Windsurfing: Take your surfing experiences to the next level. Don't just play on the water, tango with the wind. Bring forth the true adventurer in you with Windsurfing in Australia. 

Location: Margaret River, Australia
Price: $50 starting

6. White water rafting: Explore the rivers and cut through the waves in an adventurous team game with White water rafting. A great team exercise packed with unlimited fun, White water rafting in Australia is a must. 

Location: Mitta Mitta River, Victoria
Price: $75 starting

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Which are some of the most romantic things to do in Australia?

There are numerous things and places that you can explore in Australia with your partner. Checkout this list of some of the most uniquely romantic things to do in Australia. 

1. Stargazing at the Perth Observatory: Among the many things you can do in Perth with your partner is stargazing. Spend a romantic date-night under the glimmering night sky and take a closer look at some of the farther stars. Located in Bickley, it is Western Australia's oldest observatory that is open to the public for educational purposes.

2. Vacationing at Whitsunday Islands: A paradiscal escape between Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, these islands are perfect for honeymooners. During your romantic vacation, you and your significant other can spend a day at the Whitehaven beach, fly over the Heart Reef, go sailing in the ultramarine sea and visit Hamilton Island. Moreover, you can also spot tortoises, witness unbelievable sunsets, go on a cruise among many other things.

3. Wine-tasting in Melbourne: A bustling metropolis in Australia, the city is a hub for many fun activities, events and interesting places. Including the wineries and breweries that you can tour with your spouse and get a taste of some of the best local wines. 

4. Hike through the mountains and valleys in New South Wales: There are many unexplored trails of the southern highlands that you can take up to go on a couples hike or trek. The secluded and laid-back regions of New South Wales with contrasting landscapes of rough mountains to beautiful valleys and even beaches make for the perfect romantic adventure.

5. Meet cute Kangaroos at the Kangaroo Island: These islands provide the perfect escape from the rest of the busy Australian cities, the sparse population and a plethora of natural vistas, couples can enjoy some private time here. From spending time with friendly Kangaroos to relaxing and unwinding at the quaint cottages and spas, you will have a rather cozy holiday experience.

6. Go surfing in Noosa: Noosa Head is a renowned surfing site in Australia known for its prolific coastlines. Here, you can spend a fun day with your lover by trying to surf on the clear swells together. Or just hitting up the beaches for a leisurely and intimate outing.

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How to reach Australia?

Take a flight from any of the metro cities of India including New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai. It would take anywhere between 11 and 13 hours to reach Australia. Flights from India generally travel to Austrian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Hobart among others. You can also choose to sail from India to Australia. A number of cruises are available from Mumbai (India) to Perth(Australia). The journey can take up to 20 days. 

Which is the best time to visit Australia?

1. Australian Summer: From December until February, it's summertime in Australia. Temperature ranges anywhere between 20°C and 30°C making the weather humid and hot. This is the best time to cherish the beaches, valleys and water sports in Australia. 

2. Australian Winter: Between June and August, the chilling winds take over Australia. Temperature drops of up to 12°C are witnessed in the season. However, this should not restrict you from exploring the depths of the Great Barrier Reefs.  

3. Australian Spring: One of the best times to visit the country, Spring lasts anywhere from September to November. Calm and comforting weather in Australia around this time allows visitors to enjoy a number of outdoor activities like trekking, water adventures, safari and more. 

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Which are some famous places for snorkeling in Australia and how much does it cost?

There are a number of acknowledged places in Australia for Snorkeling. From the Great Barrier Reefs to Lord Howe Island and Tangalooma Wreck on the Moreton islands, these places offer an extraordinary snorkeling experience. They also allow adventurers to explore a number of small and large underwater creatures that live here. The price varies from place to place but one can expect a starting rate of around $30. The price also depends on the number of hours.

How to reach the Great Barrier Reef? What all things can be done there?

Upon reaching the Sydney or Melbourne airport, one should then need to travel to Australia's Coastal cities like Queensland via another flight. From here many tour buses run to the Great barrier reefs. There are a number of adventures to explore at Great Barrier Reef, few of the most prominent ones are Deep Diving, Snorkeling, Sailing, Helicopter ride around the island and more. And if you are visiting Australia, this is one place you cannot miss visiting.

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Which are the best cruising experiences in Australia?

There are several cruise ships that are known for delivering lux experiences on the sea to many leisure lovers. From Princess Cruises, highly appreciated as a destination for romantic escapades to the Carnival Cruises, designed for a great time with family, friends and loved ones, cruisers in Australia are many. With loads of activities and tons of delicious food and drinks, other cruises like the Royal Caribbean cruises and Celebrity Cruises are also highly celebrated. 

Where can I try cable car rides in Australia? What is the cost of it?

There are various cable riding opportunities in Australia. But, one of the best places you can enjoy this adventure is in the Blue Mountains in Katoomba. As you glide through the air you are able to cherish a grand view of the lush tropical valleys, cruising birds and an astonishing view of the Katoomba Falls & Jamison Valley. The price of the rides starts at $50.

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What are the famous hiking trails in Australia?

1. Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory: The Larapinta Trail, in totality, stretches for more than 200 kilometers. From the lanky mountains of Alice Springs in the east to Mount Sonder in the west, the trail lasts for up to 6 days. Although this might sound strenuous, each day hosts a variety of adventures and opportunities to explore. 

Northern Territory, Australia
Price: $3000

2. Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania:One of the best treks in Australia, Bay of fires requires the hiker to walk through long trails of sand and trek amidst the rocks. Participants also get a chance to enjoy a number of water activities and admire amenities including a spa in between the walk. All in all, the Bay of Fires Lodge walk might seem endless and exhausting from the outside but it has proven to be of sheer joy for everyone who has walked. 

Price: $2400 starting

3. Cradle Mountain Huts Walk, Tasmania: Encapsulated with a spread of dense grassland, the Mountain Huts walk is made for anyone from a novice to an expert. Walk through the landscapes that have lived in the county for centuries, from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair, this 6-day trek is joyous, exploratory and among the foremost adventurous things to do in Australia. 

Price: $3700 starting

4. Scenic Rim Trail, Queensland: Explore the ancient tropical lands and discover a variety of flora and fauna in a picturesque trek of the Scenic Rim in Queensland. Ranging from mere 2 to an extended 7 days, the trek allows the adventurers to live among the wild and relish upon the wild culture. 

Location: Brisbane
Price: $1000 per person, starting. 

5. The Arkaba Walk, South Australia: An acknowledged hiking spot, the Arkaba Walk is absolutely enigmatic. The 4 days walk through the red terrains is a trekkers delight. Various stories to tell and lands to explore, the hike is also encapsulated with a ton of entertainment. 

Location: Flinders Ranges Way, Hawker SA 5434, Australia
Price: $2400

6. Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Victoria: A Walk embedded with adventure at every step and fitted with a number of amenities at every break, the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is a luxurious hike mapped across the coasts of Victoria. Lasting for up to 3 days, delicious meals, comfortable accommodation, and unparalleled scenic views are guaranteed on this trek. 

70 Stafford Rd, Johanna VIC 3238, Australia
Price: $1700 starting

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Which are the best places for surfing in Australia? What is the cost of learning surfing in Australia?

The Australian coastlines are world famous sites for surfing. Here is a list of all the best locations to try your hand at this sport. Moreover, If you want to learn to surf in Australia you can try various camps whose prices start anywhere between $300-$500. 

1. Crescent Head, New South WalesA village that is laced with a 25 kilometers long coastline, Crescent Head experiences waves that are ideal for both beginners and seasoned longboard surfers. Located between Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, there are four spectacular 'right hand point breaks' including the Crescent Head Point which has wave rides upto 200 to 400 meters during right weather conditions.

2. Gold Coast, QueenslandThe most widely known area in Australia, Gold Coast lies in the south of Brisbane and has several beautiful golden-sand beaches that reckon large numbers of surfers each year. The long and beautiful coastlines of Rainbow Bay, Surfers Paradise among others, with rolling and crashing waves are perfect for surf and turf along with other water-sport activities and even some relaxing.

3. Noosa Heads, Queensland: A coastal town in Queensland, the beaches here are some of Australia's best surfing sites and have the most sought-after breaks for longboarding. With calm swells and wave rides of more than 200 meters through the ocean, surfing here can be attempted by beginners and experts alike, as the beaches cater to all skills and abilities.

4. Bells Beach, Victoria: One of the best coastlines near Torquay in Victoria, Australia and a renowned surf beach, this place is known to host the historic and prestigious surfing event - Rip Curl Pro since 1962. The beach here experiences great surfing breaks with strong swells that offer risings of up to five meters and above against the red clay cliffs.

5. Prevelly Bay, Western Australia: A world-renowned surfing destination, this beach in Western Australia has the heart of all expert surfers. With the waves going up to 6 meters, the waters of this bay are tested by some of the biggest names in the world who compete at the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

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Which are best places for scuba diving in Australia and how much will it cost me?

Scuba Diving in Australia is a must try activity for everyone. The treasured marine life that one can see in Australia might not be possible at any other place in the world, and that's why you must try scuba diving when you visit Australia. Here are the top Scuba Diving destinations in Australia:

- Port Douglas, Queensland
- Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia
- South West Rocks, New South Wales
- The Wreck of SS Yongala, Queensland
- Rye Pier, Victoria
- Osprey Reef, The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
- Kangaroo Island, South Australia
- Piccaninnie & Ewens Ponds, Mt. Gambier, South Australia
- Mooloolooba, Queensland
- Whitsunday Island, Queensland.

Scuba Diving in Australia starts at INR 10,000 per person, depending upon the package taken and number of sea visits.

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Which are must try aerial activities in Australia?

Australia is one of the best destinations if you want to try different adventure sports. Apart from an array of watersports activities, there are many aerial activities that one can try in Australia for an enthralling experience. These include:

- Hot Balloon Ride
- Helicopter Ride Over Great Barrier Reef and many other places
- Sea Plane Ride in Gold Coast, Queensland and Stradbroke Island
- Skydiving
- Parasailing
- Zipline Adventure
- Bungee Jumping.

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Where can I go for wildlife safari in Australia?

Australia is one of the most vast countries in the world enriched with amazing flora, fauna and wildlife. There are an array of unique and rare animals that you can only see in Australia, and wildlife safari is an incredible way to explore these animals in their natural habitat. Here are the top places where you can enjoy a wildlife safari in Australia:

- Murramarang National Park, New South wales
- Summerland Beach, Phillip Island, Victoria
- Seal Bay Conservation Park, Kangaroo Island, Victoria
- Rottnest Island, Western Australia
- Tone Perup Nature Reserve, Pemberton, Western Australia
- Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia
- Heron Island, The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
- Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory.

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Which are the famous destinations for river rafting in Australia?

One of the best adventure sports that gives the adrenaline rush in the true sense is river rafting. Passing through the thrilling gorges in rivers is one of the enthralling experience that everyone should get once in their lifetime. If you are planning to do do river rafting in Australia, then here are the top spots:

- Mitta Mitta River, Victoria
- Avon River, Western Australia
- Barron River, Queensland
- Franklin River, Tasmania
- Tully River, Queensland
- Mersey River, Tasmania
- Murray River, New South Wales.

Which wineries are good for wine tasting in Australia?

Whether you are learning the difference between the different wines, or are a wine connoisseur, you must not miss the opportunity of wine tasting in Australia. Not only, you will be served with some of the most amazing wines, but the scenic backdrop and tranquil environment will unwind and replenish you completely. Here are the best Australian wineries for wine tasting:

- Highbank Wines, South Australia
- Longview Vineyard, South Australia
- Borrodell On The Mount, New South Wales
- Keith Tulloch Wines, New South Wales
- Port Phillip Estate, Victoria
- Crittenden Estate, Victoria
- Lindenderry at Red Hill, Victoria
- Cape Lodge, Western Australia
- Mona Pavilions, Tasmania
- Jacob's Creek, South Australia
- Seppeltsfield, South Australia
- Wirra Wirra Vineyards, South Australia
- Pizzini Wines, Victoria
- Yarra Valley Wineries, Melbourne, Victoria.

Which are some best cycling trails in Australia?

The warm weather and the wide open spaces with a huge variety in landscapes make Australia one of the best places to have a fun-filled cycling experience. There are many cycling trails in Australia that can be explored for an idyllic experience, and the best ones are listed below:

- The Gap - Mt, Glorious though Mt. Nebo, Queensland
- Wollemi Cycle Trail, New South Wales
- Victorian Alps Cycle Trail, Victoria
- Mawson Trail, South Australia
- Tasmanian Trail, Tasmania
- Capital City Trail, Victoria
- Mariam - Burns Beach, Western Australia
- Darwin rail Trail, Northern Territory
- Munda Biddi Trail, Western Australia.

Where can I go for kitesurfing in Australia? What is the cost of kitesurfing?

The warm waters and the friendly winds of Australia make it an ideal place for kitesurfing. People from all across the globe visit Australia to enjoy this amazing water sports activities, and there are many spots that present most immaculate conditions for kite surfing. Here are the top places where you can experience this outstanding water adventure sports activity in Australia:

- St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne
- Shoalwater Bay, Western Australia
- Busselton Beach, Margaret River, Western Australia
- Old Bar, New South Wales
- Port Douglas, Queensland
- Agnes Water, Queensland
- Brighton Beach, Queensland

The cost of Kite Surfing ranges from $50 - $100, that is, INR 2500 - 5000 per person.

Which places are good for kayaking in Australia?

Australia has some amazing waterways and coasts where one can enjoy kayaking. The pristine waters of Australia present an ideal opportunity to go kayaking and explore the breathtaking beauty of the place. The best places for kayaking in Australia:

- Hinchinbrook Island, Queensland
- Ngaro Sea Trail, Queensland
- Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia
- Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania
- Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory
- Sydney Harbour, New South Wales
- Noosa River, Queensland
- South West Tasmania
- Port River, South Australia
- Lawn Hill Gorge, South Australia.

Where can I go for Underwater Scooter adventure in Australia? How much is the cost?

There are many places in Australia where you can enjoy an array of watersports activities including underwater scooter adventure. Among the top places for enjoying this activity are:

- Cairns, Queensland
- Merimbula, New South Wales
- Eden, New South Wales
- Sydney, New South Wales

The underwater scooter ride in Australia will cost you somewhere between $125 - $175, that is, INR 6000 - 9000.

Which are best places for Whale watching in Australia?

Whale watching is one of the best tourist attractions of Australia. Lying between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Australia has an enriched marine life and thus, one can spot an array of aquatic animals like sharks and whales in Australia. Here are the top places whale watching in Australia:

- Eden, New South Wales (September - November)
- Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia (August - October)
- Head of Bight, South Australia (June - September)
- The Great Barrier Reef, Australia (June - July)
- Perth, Western Australia (March - April, September - December)
- Great Ocean Road, Victoria (June - September)
- Bruny Island, Tasmania (May -July, September - December)
- Port Stephens, New South Wales (May - November)
- Albany, Western Australia (June - October).

Where can one do bungee jumping in Australia? And how much does it cost?

If you are seeking the true adventure and an action-packed adventure, then Bungee Jumping can give you a true adrenaline punch. Here are the best spots for experiencing bungee jumping in Australia:

1. Brisbane, Queensland (Cost - $AU150 - $AU170, that is, INR 7500 - 8500).

2. Cairns,
Queensland (Cost - $AU150 - $AU170, that is, INR 7500 - 8500).

3. Perth, Western Australia (Cost - $AU150 - $AU170, that is, INR 7500 - 8500).

4. Rockhampton, Queensland (Cost - $AU150 - $AU170, that is, INR 7500 - 8500).

5. Adelaide, South Australia ((Cost - $AU140 - $AU160, that is, INR 7000 - 8000)

Which places are famous for rock climbing in Australia?

Rock climbing is one of the most adventurous activities that lets you experience the fresh air, with rough rock under your chalked hands and an adrenaline rush in your body. Indeed one of the activities that you must try once in your lifetime. Here are the most famous places for rock climbing in Australia:

Mt. Arapiles, Victoria
Booroomba, Australian Capital Territory
Point perpendicular, New South Wales
Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania
Umbrawarra, Northern Territory
Glass House Mountains, Queensland
Blue Mountains, New South Wales
Mt. Buffalo, Victoria
The Grampians, Victoria
Kalbarri, Western Australia

Which are some scenic train rides in Australia?

The Australian railway offers some of the most beautiful and scenic journeys that are beyond anyone's expectations. Here are the top train rides which you should not miss if you want to soak up in the natural beauty:

1. The Indian Pacific journey that starts from Sydney and ends in Perth.

2. The Ghan journey that takes you from Adelaide to Darwin through the centre of the continent.

3. The Sunlander which travels through the coast of Queensland, and takes you from Brisbane to Cairns.

4. Kuranda Scenic Railway, a short journey of two hours which takes you through a World-Heritage listed rainforest, 55 bridges, 15 tunnels and the spectacular waterfalls.

5. Puffy Billy railway that takes you just outside the Victoria through Dandenong Ranges.

Which are best places for pub hopping in Australia?

Australia is an amazing place and there's no dearth of the after-hours entertainment in Australia. One can find Aussies having fun everywhere and when it comes to pubs, there are amazing pubs in all the cities of the country. The best places for pub hopping in Australia include:

Byron Bay
Gold Coast

What all things I can do in Gold Coast in Australia?

Famed for its pristine and long sandy beaches, amazing surfing spots and rainforests with some rare birds, Gold Coast is one of the best places in Australia which you shouldn't miss. Here are the best things which you can indulge in, while in Gold Coast:

Swim, surf or bask on the pristine beaches of Gold Coast
Explore the rainforests of Gold Coast and spot some rare birds
Visit the ancient volcano and breathtakingly beautiful volcanoes
Cuddle koalas and spot crocodiles at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Take a cycling or biking tour across Gold Coast
Explore the rainforests from the Treetop Walkway
Play a few sessions of Golf in the Gold Coast's' top Golf Courses
Explore the marine life with scuba diving
Shop at some of the best markets and boutiques
Have delectable dinner/lunch or sublime coffee at the most amazing restaurants
Visit the amusement parks
Go for a hot air balloon ride
Go for a whale watching tour
Explore the museums

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