Located just below the border of Mumbai, Alibag is a little coastal town in the state of Maharashtra. The name of the town literally means “The Gardens of Ali” and refers to the fruit orchards that were planted by Ali, an Israelite who used to live in the town during its earliest days. Owing to its convenient location by the sea, the town was regarded as an important strategic port during the British reign in India.  Being a coastal town, the beauty of Alibaug derives largely from the various beaches here. With its glittering golden black sands and clear blue waves, the clean and sparkling beaches of the town are a sight to behold. The brilliance of the beaches is often complemented by the historical fort ruins and ancient temples that can often be found scattered around the place.

Whether you’re a lover of the sea or a history buff looking for an insightful vacation, Alibaug is just the place for you. The excellent beaches here, such as the Alibaug Beach, Mandwa Beach or Nagaon Beach, among others, offer a happening day out for the entire family. Apart from the regular swimming and sunbathing, some of these beaches offer a marvelous variety of watersports as well.T hose with a penchant for the past can also spend a happening day touring all the historical attractions here, such as the Brahma Kund or the Kolaba Fort. One of the best ways to spend your time while in Alibaug is to try your hand at the watersports offered by the beach here.

Sports like parasailing, jet skiing and banana boating can be done by beginners as well as experts, and promise a fun experience for all. While in Alibaug, you can also try your hand at camping, with the several beachside campsites here offering perfect locations for the activity. Summers in Alibaug are generally hot and humid, winter months tend to be cooler and pleasant. Winter here lasts between November and February, and is generally considered to be the best time to visit. Rainfall in Alibaug generally concentrates between the months of July and September, while the winter months remain dry.

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People Also Ask About Alibag

  1. What are the best places to visit in Alibaug?

    1. Alibaug Beach: One of Alibaug’s primary attractions, the Alibaug Beach is a must-visit for all sea lovers coming to the city. Flanked by palm fronds by the shore, the stunning yellow sands of the beach offer a serene getaway in the heart of nature. While swimming is definitely an option here, you can also spend your time at the beach lounging on the chaises. Limited water sports facilities are available here as well. The 400 year old Ganesh temple that stands on the beach is an added attraction here. The beach is also known to command excellent views of the sunset, making it a much-sought after location for evening walks.

    2. Kolaba Fort: Nestled by the waters of the Arabian Sea, the Kolaba Fort is an erstwhile military fortification dating back to the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. Over 300 years old, the Fort has still preserved some of its original vestiges, including cannons and fortifications. The Fort is surrounded by all sides, and although it can be reached on foot during low tides, boats need to be hired to ferry passengers to Kolaba during high tides. The Fort also houses an 18th century temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

    - Timings: 10.00AM-05.00PM
    - Entry Fee: INR 5

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    3. Brahma Kund: Built in the 17th century, the Brahma Kund is one of the most prominent historical attractions in Alibaug. According to legend, Lord Brahma himself had once taken a dip in the waters here, thus owing to its name. The spectacular Kund is rectangular in shape, with a series of steps leading upward on all four sides.

    - Location: Hilltop Raigarh District, Alibaug 402201 India
    - Timings: 08.00AM-06.00PM

    4. Murud Beach: A secluded black sand beach, Murud is known for its serene and quiet ambience. Dotted with coconut and palm fronds, the beauty of the beach is complemented by its clean sands and clear waters. A number of food shacks and chaise lounges on the beach enhance the casual, Riverbed vibe of the place. A number of historic fort ruins surround the beach, and are easily accessible via boats from Murud.

    - Location: Murud, Raigad

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    5. Alibag Magnetic Observatory: One of the only 13 such observatories in the world, the Alibag Magnetic Observatory is the pride of the city. Established during the British reign, the observatory stands testament to the city’s colonial past. The Observatory has two buildings in total, one housing geomagnetic instruments and another home to precision recording instruments.

    - Location: Police Line, Alibag, Maharashtra 402201
    - Timings: 10.00AM-05.00PM

    6. Awas Beach: Lined with casuarina trees on all sides, Awas Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Alibaug. The golden beach generally always remains sparsely populated, making it a popular getaway for those looking for a quiet time out. The beach commands some beautiful views of the sunsets, making it a popular choice for lovers looking for a romantic evening out. The quaint villages surrounding the beach have several resorts and homestays as well.

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    7. Murud Janjira Fort: Sitting atop a rock off the Arabian sea coast, Murud Janjira Fort is a historical fortress in the Raigad district. Built during the British reign, most of Murud Janjira’s biggest attractions are its cannon. The fort originally housed about 572 cannons, and some of them are still intact. The three largest cannons, called Kalalbangdi, Chavri and Landa Kasam, are still preserved in their original state. There are several other structures housed within the fort as well, such as the palace of the Nawabs, office quarters, and a couple of mosques. The gigantic gates around the Fort are important attractions here as well.

    - Location: Murud, Raigad
    - Timings: 07.00AM-04.45PM on all days of the week
    - Entry Fee: Although there is no entry charge for the fort, the boat charges to the Fort start from Rs. 20

    8. Kanakeshwar Forest: Apart from its beaches, Alibaug is also well known for its wilderness exploration possibilities. The forest of Kanakeshwar in Alibaug epitomizes the natural beauty of the place. A plethora of flora and fauna litter the place, along with some smaller animals and various birds. The forest, with its long winding paths, is ideal for trekkers and hikers. Kanakeshwar offers a good amount of jungle camping possibilities as well. The forest is also home to a special ‘Shiva sanctuary’, which can only be reached through a hike of about 1200 feet.

    - Location: Kanakeshwar, Alibaug

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    9. Vrindavan Farm: Located a short distance out of Alibaug is the Vrindavan Farm, which is a must-visit for those interested in gardening. Spread over 30 acres, the expansive farm is home to stunning orchards of chikoo, guava and mango. The best time to visit the orchard is during the harvest season, when the entire place can be seen thriving with fruits and flowers. There are several markets here, selling organic produce such as beeswax, natural honey and home grown fruits. A handicrafts stall can also be found selling tribal masks and souvenirs.

    - Location: Lonarwadi, Daund, Maharashtra 413801

    10. Nagaon Beach: Packed with suru, betel and palm trees, Nagaon is one of the most popular beaches in Alibaug. The longshore is littered with clean golden sands, with some beach shacks and food stalls serving lip smacking seafood delights to the visitors here. While swimming is a popular activity at Nagaon, people can often be found lounging on mats along the shore. Nagaon Beach, however, is the go to spot in Alibaug for water sports. A number of water activities can be availed here, with jet skiing, parasailing, boating and bumper rides being some of them. If you’re not one for water sports, you can also opt for a camel ride on the sands, which is an extremely fun and popular activity here.

    - Location: Nagaon, Alibaug
  2. What are the some of the tourist attractions to visit in Alibaug with family?

    By embracing unique features like historical monuments, fresh sea-food cuisines, and leisure activities, Alibaug is recognized as one of the prime tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Click here to explore more.

    Murud Janjira Fort - Located 54 km from Alibaug
    Alibaug Beach - Located 2.2 km from Alibaug
    3. Kolaba Fort - Located 2.3 km from Alibaug
    4. Akshi Beach - Located 8.4 km from Alibaug
    5. Mandwa Beach - Located 19 km from Alibaug
    6. Brahma Kund - Located 20 km from Alibaug
    7. Kashid Beach - 
    Located 33 from Alibaug
    Vikram Vinayak Temple Located 22.7 from Alibaug
  3. What are the things to do in Alibaug?

    1. Camel rides /Horse rides:
    You can enjoy camel rides and horse rides in most of the beaches of Alibaug including Alibaug beach, Akshi beach, Varsoli beach, Nagaon beach, Murud beach, and more. They will take you along the shoreline with a stunning view of the sea and the forts and mountains in the surroundings.

    2. Bird watching at Kihim beach:

    Kihim beach is known for attracting various kinds of exotic migratory birds season to season. Taking a stroll down the beach in the evening, you can relax by the shoreline, enjoy the coconut water and watch the exquisite birds passing by. Alibaug is also a popular tourist choice for all wildlife photographers and bird enthusiasts.

    3. Parasailing:
    The three most famous beaches of Alibaug that host a variety of adventure sports activities are Alibaug beach, Nagaon beach, and Mandwa beach. Parasailing is one of the most popular adventure sports in Alibaug for tourists. The price for Parasailing begins from 1000 INR per person and is done under the guidance of a trained supervisor and even a lifeguard.

    4. Scuba Diving:
    Mandwa beach is famous for enthralling scuba diving experience in Alibaug as the shores houses many exotic sea animals including clownfish, angler fish, and even scorpionfish. You are given thorough training before your dive session.

    The dive lasts for about 60 to 90 minutes depending upon your capacity. You will have an instructor and divemaster with you at all times who will help you with any inconvenience underwater.  The underwater treasure of Mandwa Janjira will give you a lifetime experience of azure waters, coral reefs, and other marine life.

    5. Camping and stargazing:
    There are many camping tours and camping spots on various beaches of Alibaug. You can either camp by the beach or hike up and find a beautiful spot in the hills here to get a stunning view of the sea.

    The secluded piece of coastline will be an ideal place for stargazing while you enjoy the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, and watching the mesmerizing sunset. Many tours provide the whole equipment with tents, beds, cushions, blankets, bonfire, and more.

    6. Kayaking at Mandwa beach:
    One of the other popular sports activities famous among the tourists in Alibaug is Kayaking. There is something about paddling your Kayak in the sea all by yourself and floating on the fresh seawater enjoying all the tropical sun. Nagaon beach and Mandwa beach are popular for being the ideal spot of Kayaking with clear water and scenic beauty around.

    The availability mostly depends upon the low tide and high tide status and the cost for sea Kayaking at Mandwa starts from 300 INR per Kayak. There are also many other water sports activities like jet skiing, banana boat ride, speed boat ride, and more in Alibaug that one can enjoy. All the safety measures are taken and extra precaution is taken with the kids for all the adventure activities on the beach.
  4. Which are the best affordable and comfortable resorts in Alibaug?

    Ensure you investigate a portion of the best Alibaug resorts offering the best hospitality and amenities to stay with families and friends. Check the list given below:

    Big Splash Resort - Starting from INR 2400
    2. Casa De La Luna Resort - Starting from INR 2800
    Dewdrop Retreat Resort - Starting from INR 3200
    U Tropicana Resort - Starting from INR 5400
    5. Karpewadi Resort - Starting from INR 17000
  5. What are some of the famous water sports in Alibaug that can be booked under INR 1500 only?

    Thrillophilia offers the best water sports in Alibaug that can be booked under Rs. 1500 Only. Check the list given below.

    Bumper Ride At Nagaon Beach - Starting from INR 200 Only
    2. Jet Skiing at Nagaon Beach - Starting from INR 300 Only
    3. Parasailing at Nagaon Beach - Starting from INR 1200 Only
    4. Banana Boat Ride at Nagaon Beach - Starting from INR 200 Only
    5. Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Mandwa Beach - Starting from INR 1200 Only
  6. Which are the best resorts to stay in Alibaug?

    1. Dewdrop Retreat Resort:
    One of the most picturesque and beautiful resorts of Alibaug that will emit the soothing vibe with its ambiance, the courteous staff, and the lush green beautiful surroundings.  Situated at a distance of 200 meters from the Varsoli beach, you will wake up to the views of clear blue skies and ocean waves.

    2. Paradise Resort:
    Renowned as one of the premium properties in Alibaug, Paradise resort indeed feels like a tropical paradise. With big spacious rooms, separate play area for kids, swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, indoor games, and other recreational facilities, your stay in this stunning Paradise resort will be both relaxed and entertained.

    3. U Tropicana Resort:
    U Tropicana Resort in Alibaug is a luxury deluxe resort located close to Kihim beach offering beautiful escapades around. The resort beholds lavish rooms, suites, and villas with facilities like restaurants, gym, lounge bar, spa, library, and more. The resort also allows their customers the benefits of 24 hours check in check out service and all-day breakfast facilities.

    4. Big Splash Resort:
    Situated near the bus depot of Alibaug, Big Splash resort is a very comfortable and centrally located resort. There are tons of spacious rooms in the property with king-size beds, kettle, air-conditioner, and various other toiletries. The tropical vibe, the enormous swimming pool, and the exquisite multi-cuisine restaurants will give you the perfect holiday feels.

  7. How many days are enough for Alibaug?

    3 days are enough for having a great time in Alibaug without missing out on leisure, relaxation, and adventure altogether. You can cover most of the serene beaches, experience adventure sports like parasailing, scuba diving, camping, jet skiing and visit the historical temples and forts for a fun vacation.
  8. What can I buy in Alibaug?

    Kolhapuri slippers and Khandale Kaande or white onions are two prominent specialties of Alibaug. You can get different varieties of sea souvenirs from Alibaug local markets too. The Bazaar streets also comprise different kinds of handicrafts, fresh fruits, jewelry, accessories, clothes, and more.
  9. How far is Alibaug from Mahabaleshwar?

    Alibaug is located at a distance of 168 km from Mahabaleshwar and it takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach Alibaug if you take the NH 66 route. But if you take the NH 48 route, you will take about 6 hours to reach Alibaug from Mahabaleshwar.
  10. How to reach Alibaug?

    The only way to reach Alibaug is via Mumbai. If you’re travelling by rail or flight, you must first make a stopover at Mumbai’s International Airport or railway junction. From there, you can head on over to Alibaug. There are several ways to do this.

    By Ferry: The quickest way to reach Alibaug from Mumbai is to take a ferry from the Gateway of India port to Mandwa Jetty. From Mandwa Jetty, one can then take a bus to Alibaug. The entire journey takes about an hour, and regular ferries ply between the two towns at regular intervals.

    By Road: Alibaug is connected to Mumbai via the Mumbai-Pune Highway. It takes about four hours to drive between the two places. Regular buses ply between the two places as well.
  11. What are some of the best Bungalows for stays in Alibaug?

    Alibaug has a number of bungalows available for tourists to relax and spend some quality vacation time. Below listed are some of the best bungalows to stay in Alibaug-

    1. Dewdrop Retreat: A modern villa in all its capacities, Dewdrop retreat offers all amenities like a flat television screen, mini refrigerator, dining table, furnished room and much more. The resort is just 7 minutes walk from Varsoli beach and is surrounded by a forest. It has a great ambiance and is one of the popular Alibaug bungalows.

    Location: Bhavani Naka, Village Varsoli, Divi Parangi, Alibaug, Raigad

    Price: Starts at INR 3000 per night

    2. Sidz Cottage: The bungalow is located at a distance of just 2 kilometers from Nagaon beach and is simple in its setting. The cottage has colourful rooms with separate dining and living rooms. Outside the cottage, there is an open air restaurant along with a lounge area where visitors can relax, sipping some tea. Moreover, there is a restaurant with a gazebo as well. The cottage serves complimentary breakfast.

    Location: Mandrekar Colony, Opposite to Nagaon High School, Naaon, Taluka, District Raigad, Alibaug

    Price: Starts at INR 4000 per night

    3. Akshay Bungalow: Akshay bungalow is a simple cottage managed by a mid aged couple. It is a typical home away from home experience where the host aunty provides good home cooked meals. It is one of the most simple bungalows in Alibaug with the basic setting and a positive ambiance. It is economical on packers and provides the value of money with basic facilities. 

    Lane Opposite to Ramnath Lake, Ramnath, Alibaug, Maharashtra 

    Starts at INR 2000 per night

    4. Ruturaj In: Ruturaj Inn is yet another option for bungalow in Alibaug. The bungalow here has a separate living room with amenities like a television set, sofa and other furniture. The resort has an outdoor pool along with a bar and restaurant. The property has a number of stay options, one of which is a bungalow that is meant for large groups of friends or families or other types of visitor groups.

    Location: Varsoli Beach Road, Near Vithhal Mandir, Varsoli, Alibaug, Maharashtra

    Price: Starts at INR 3400 per night

    5. Ghanvatkar Bungalow: Unlike most Alibaug bungalows, Ghanvatkar bungalow is located in slight interiors and is a great option for somebody looking who wants to stay away from city noise. The bungalow has a vibrant feel with colourful walls and is surrounded by fields.

    All meals served at the villa along with the parking charges are included in the bungalow charges. The bungalow also has a common lounge with a television set, an outdoor plunge pool and a barbecue in the garden area. The property is also backed by a generator.

    Location: Alibaug - Mandwa Road, Alibaug, Near Patil Poultry Farm, Zirad, Maharashtra

    Price: Starts at INR 2500 per night

    6. Jogalekar Cottage: Jogalekar Cottage offers private rooms in an arrangement of a cottage. The rooms have features like television sets, ceiling fans, and air conditioners and free Wifi service. The windows of the rooms open to the garden area and have natural ventilation.

    The cottage has a well maintained garden area with seating space along with a swimming pool. The package includes complimentary breakfast along with all meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cottage also has a separate restaurant.

    Location: At post awas, Near Someshwar Mandir and Pathak Ali Alibaug

    Price: Starts at INR 4240 per night

    7. Tejaswee Bungalow and Homestay: Tejaswee bungalow is one of the very few bungalows in Alibaug that has fully wooden interiors. The bungalow is well maintained and has the feel of being a home away from away. The ambiance is very peaceful even though the bungalow is just a 10 minutes drive from Alibaug centre.

    The food served to guests here is prepared in a local authentic style and is loved by all. The overall costs include free parking and Wifi services, along with access to the swimming pool. Moreover, this property also has direct access to the beach. 

    Location: Alibaug - Revdanda Road, Kurul, District Alibaug

    Price: Starts at INR 3000 per night

  12. What is the best time to visit Alibaug?

    The best time to visit Alibaug is during the winter season, between the months of November and February. During this time, the weather here remains cool and pleasant, offering a plethora of sightseeing opportunities. The weather remains dry during this time as well, making it an ideal time for exploring the beaches.
  13. What is Alibaug famous for?

    Alibaug is best known for its various beaches here. Being a coastal town, Alibaug is home to some of the best beaches in Maharashtra, such as Alibaug Beach, Nagaon Beach, Awas Beach and many more.
  14. How much time does it take from Mumbai to Alibaug by ferry?

    It takes about an hour to reach Alibaug from Mumbai by ferry. The ferry makes a stop at the Mandwa Beach, from where one must either take a bus or a cab for the rest of the journey to Alibaug.
  15. Which are the famous beaches in Alibaug?

    1. Alibaug Beach: Deriving its name from the town itself, Alibaug Beach is one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches of the city. The glittering golden sands of the beach is complemented by the beauty of clear blue waves lapping on the shores. Some historic fort ruins and ancient temples add to the charm of the place.

    2. Kihim Beach: One of Alibaug’s rare rocky beaches, Kihim is a special attraction located a little outside the main city.  Apart from commanding some excellent views of the sun, Kihim Beach is also regarded as a bird watcher's paradise, with myriads of migratory birds flocking the beach during the winter months.

    3. Nagaon Beach: With its unlittered sands, this 3 kilometer long beach is one of Alibaug’s best attractions. Apart from its scenic beauty, Nagaon Beach is also known for its water sport opportunities, offering a plethora of activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, boating and much more.

    4. Varsoli Beach: With its brilliant white sands and glittering blue waters, Vasoli is one of the most beautiful beaches in Alibaug. The beach serves as a naval base for the Indian Navy as well, making it a landmark attraction here.
  16. Which are the best water sports to do in Alibaug?

    1. Jet skiing: A fun sport suited for people of all ages, jet skiing involves charting across small waves on a jet ski. Jet skiing does not require any previous experience, and can be done by beginners as well as experts alike.

    - Location: Alibaug Beach

    2. Parasailing: A sport built especially for thrill seekers, parasailing involves sailing across the blue waves of the sea on a parachute that is ferried by a motorboat below. Suspended high in the air, the rider gets treated to some of the most beautiful panoramic sights of the beach and the city around it.

    - Location: Mandwa Beach

    3. Banana Boat Ride: An extremely fun and easy family sport, the banana boat is literally a banana shaped boat which riders must alight and ride across the waves of the sea. Banana boating is a group activity, and can be attempted in groups of 3 or 4.

    - Location:  Mandwa Beach

    4. Sea kayaking: Although kayaking is generally done in rivers, this specialized form of the activity now makes sure that you can do it on calm sea waters as well. Kayaking is a solo water sport where one must navigate their way across the seawater in a solo-rowed boat.

    - Location: Mandwa Beach

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  17. Which are the best camping sites in Alibaug?

    1. Alibaug Beach: Alibaug Beach is one of the most popular spots for camping in the city. The campsite here offers an authentic tent-stay experience, with some excellent and unparalleled views of the coastline.

    2. Revdanda Beach: Revdanda Beach is another popular beachside campsite in Alibaug. The camp offers well equipped swiss tents for stay. Bonfires and open air movie nights are added attractions at this campsite.

    3. Varsoli Beach: Beach camping can also be done on the coast of the Varsoli Beach. Set on a secluded portion of the beach, the campsite is well equipped with homely tents for stay.

    4. Kanakeshwar Forest: If you’d rather pitch your tent in a forest than a beach, then Kanakeshwar Forest is just the place for you. Filled with thick forests, the campsites in Kanakeshwar are ideal for those with an adventurous bent of mind.
  18. Which are the best beach resorts to stay in Alibaug?

    1. Sanman Beach Resort:
    A serene laid back beach resort with comfortable rooms, family-friendly setting, 24 hours room service, and most importantly the beautiful view of the beach. There are many tourist attractions situated near the resort-like Colaba fort, Alibaug beach, and more. You can also always take a stroll down the beach situated right in front of the resort.

    2. Tranquil Coast Resorts:
    Situated near the Nagaon beach in Alibaug, Tranquil Coast resort offers you a platter of comfortable accommodation, courteous staff, personalized hospitality, in house restaurant, beach view room, a swimming pool and a huge garden in the vicinity. A perfect place for a rejuvenating getaway with your friends and family.

    3. Casa de Kihim:
    As the name suggests, Casa de Kihim is a well-maintained property located near the Kihim beach known for its pleasant ambiance and mouth watering food. The beach is easily accessible from the resort and you can also play outdoor games like badminton, volleyball, and more in the property.

    4. Radisson Blu:
    Radisson blu already has a renowned place in the hospitality and travel industry. The Alibaug beach property matches the standard of the hotel chains. Lavish rooms, fitness center, full-service spa, and a huge library is set up for the guest’s comfortable experience in the property.

  19. How much does it cost to stay at Bungalows in Alibaug?

    The price range starts at INR 2000 and may go up to INR 4000 per person, per night. The cost of a stay at the bungalows in Alibaug differs as per the location, occupancy, and facilities of the respective bungalows.

    Most of the packages include costs with meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  20. Which are the best villa stays in Alibaug?

    1. Rosa by Vista Rooms: Vista rooms are known for their lavish yet comfortable properties pan India and their Alibaug property Rosa is no different. Situated at a 15 min walk distance from Kihim beach, this dreamy 4 BHK villa comes with spacious rooms, a swimming pool, an outhouse, a garden, and even a furnished kitchen.

    2. Casa Royale Villa: If you are a group of 15 to 20 people, this huge 5BHK villa is your perfect choice to stay in Alibaug. The convenience of the central location, a private pool, private parking, a well equipped kitchen, and even the entire terrace will make your get together or a getaway a memorable one.

    3. Shirke’s Holiday Home: Shirke’s Holiday offers you comfortable accommodation with well-equipped rooms, Wi-fi facilities, a flat-screen TV, ample space for parking, and even the access to the garden and terrace area to lounge. There is also a separate game room perfect for the visitors of every age to have fun.

    4. Mama's House: Located near the Varsoli beach, Mama's house in Alibaug is the ideal spot for vacationers in Alibaug. It has contemporary architecture, a private swimming pool, bathtubs in the washroom, a beautiful porch, a well-equipped kitchen, and even a terrace garden for the guests to unwind and relax.
  21. How can I explore Alibaug in 3 days?

    Day 1:
    Arrive at Alibaug and set to explore the local attractions including:
    - Alibaug Beach: Alibaug Beach is known popularly for its thrilling water sports and enchanting sunset and sunrise views.
    - Kolaba Fort: Located near Alibaug Beach, this 300 years old fort is home to ancient temple buildings, vestiges, and historical artefacts.
    - Brahma Kund: Constructed back in 1612, Brahma Kund is known popularly for its mythological significance.

    Day 2:
    On this day, you will pay a visit to:
    - Raigad Bazaar: The beat destination to shop for locally produced apparel, accessories, and footwear at cheap rates.
    - Vrindavan Farm: Spread across an area of 28 acres, Vrindavan Farm is the best place to enjoy nature walks and shop for natural local produce like honey, bee wax, spices, and candles.  
    - Varsoli Beach: Varsoli is a calm white sand beach that is dotted with numerous casuarina, suru, and palm trees.  

    Day 3:
    Before proceeding on your onward journey back home, enjoy a half-day local sightseeing tour, and explore:
    - Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple: Perched at an elevation of around 900 feet, Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple is dedicated to lord Shiva.
    - Mandwa: Mandwa is a beautiful beach destination that is famous for its golden sands, exhilarating water sports, and scrumptious seafood.
  22. What are adventure sports I can do in Alibaug?

    1. Beach Camping:
    Being one of the most beautiful coastal regions in Maharashtra, Alibaug is known for its beach camping sites and tours. There are many beautiful beaches like Kihim, Alibaug, Murud, and more that provide a separate isolated section for camping and you can pitch your tents by the beach and spend your night amidst the waves and the stars.

    2. Trekking:
    Sagargad monsoon trek is famous among the tourists in Alibaug. The easy to moderate trek is full of lush green vegetation throughout the trail and you will be able to see the mesmerizing panoramic views of the Arabian Sea from the top as well.

    3. Quad Biking:
    You can also enjoy the thrills of ATV Quad biking on Mandwa beach. If you are a first-timer you will have a guide sitting behind and helping you out throughout the ride. The ATVs are about 150 CC and powerful enough to challenge your adrenaline rush while you are riding on the beach by the shoreline.

    4. Jet Skiing:
    Embrace the fresh seawater of the Arabian Sea by riding the Jet Ski and rattle through the waves in the Nagaon beach of Alibaug. You will have your safety jacket on and a professional to help you with the ride if you are a first-timer. The 10 to 15 minutes of Jet Skiing will be an enthralling experience for you.

  23. How to reach Alibaug?

    Alibag can be accessed by Air, Road and Train.

    • Air: The nearest airport to Alibaug is the Mumbai Airport. Alibag is approx. 140 KM from there and you can hire a private taxi that will bring you to Alibag.
    • Road: Mumbai is connected to Alibag via NH 66. It is located at about 95 Km from Mumbai. The drive takes around 2 hours. You can drive yourself, hire a private cab or take bus. There are around 35-40 state busses that ply between Mumbai and Alibag. Alibag can also be accessed via bus from other cities like Thane, Pune, Nasik, Borivali, Kolhapur, Miraj etc.
    • Train: The nearest Railway Station is at Pen, a small town in Mumbai. Pen Station then connects to Panvel Railway Station in Mumbai City.
  24. What are the romantic places to visit in Alibaug?

    1. Alibaug Beach: Packed with coarse black sand and huge rocks, Alibaug Beach is the perfect destination to enjoy a dreamy beach holiday. The beach also lets the visitors enjoy a plethora of water activities including paragliding, jet skiing, kite surfing, and sky kayaking.

    2. Kolaba Fort: Considered to be a hub for history buffs today, Kolaba Fort served as a huge naval station during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Surrounded by the waters of the Arabian Sea on all sides, this fort manifests a picturesque architecture.

    3. Raigadi Bazaar: Raigadi Bazaar attracts tourists owing to its amazing souvenirs that are available at cheap and bargainable rates. Here, you can shop for fashion apparels, jewelry, footwear, and local handicrafts.

    4. Kanakeshwar Forest: Packed with umpteen varieties of lush vegetations, Kanakeshwar Forest makes for an ideal place to spot a plethora of wildlife. Also known as Shiva Sanctuary, this place even offers the visitors the chance to enjoy trekking and camping.
  25. Which Bungalows in Alibaug are good for families?

    Bungalows in Alibaug that are good for families include Dewdrop Retreat, Sidz Cottage, Ruturaj Inn, and Tejaswee Bungalow and Homestay. These bungalows in Alibaug have all the amenities that a family would need.

    Such as play area and swimming pool for some fun time for kids. Similarly, a garden area for relaxation and fresh air for older members. Moreover, the food options provided at these bungalows are diverse. 

  26. Which Bungalows in Alibaug are good for couples?

    Dewdrop Retreat, Ruturaj Inn and Jogalekar Cottage are some of the great options for couples looking at a relaxed stay here in Alibaug. As Alibaug is known to attract many couples, honeymooners, Alibaug bungalows have enough options for a couple friendly stay. These bungalows have all amenities with delicious local food served that is sure to make the stay a happy one.

  27. What are the popular places or landmarks for bungalows in Alibaug?

    Bungalows in Alibaug are spread across various localities. Most of them have direct or close access to various beaches that serve as a landmark for those respective bungalows.

  28. Which location has the largest number of bungalows in Alibaug?

    Alibaug bungalows are located pan Alibaug. However, the majority of them are close to Alibaug beach which makes it easy for tourists to go window shopping at close by markets and stroll around Alibaug’s centre area.

    With majority of bungalows being located in and around the main area of Alibaug, travelling to other attractions also becomes easy for tourists.
  29. Which are the top budget bungalows in Alibaug for stay?

    Cottages like Niwant Cottage, Patil Cottage, Aboli Cottage, Awas beach cottage, and Lata Sumant Cottage are some of the top budget bungalows in Alibaug. These bungalows are loaded with every possible amenity and are best picks for luxury seekers.
  30. What kind of amenities do Alibaug bungalows provide?

    Alibaug bungalows provide full fledged packages that include hygienic accommodation, healthy nutritious food, well furnished rooms, and quality ambiance.

    While most bungalows have a garden area with beautiful trees and herbs that make the environment fresh and sound, some of the bungalows also have outdoor pools for tourists to have fun splashing water! 

  31. What kind of amenities do Alibaug bungalows provide?

    Alibaug bungalows provide full fledged packages that include hygienic accommodation, healthy nutritious food, well furnished rooms, and quality ambiance.

    While most bungalows have a garden area with beautiful trees and herbs that make the environment fresh and sound, some of the bungalows also have outdoor pools for tourists to have fun splashing water! 

  32. What kind of food is served in Alibaug bungalows?

    Alibaug bungalows have mixed arrangements. Many serve local home cooked food prepared by in house staff while many have restaurants where guests can order as per their choice.

    If one opts for home cooked food, one can enjoy coastal food, which is the specialty of the region. Non-vegetarians must definitely try tasting the fresh local catches straight from the sea!
  33. Are bungalows safe for couples?

    Yes, Alibaug bungalows are totally safe for couples. Alibaug is known to attract couples, honeymooners from all across India and thus, is a couple friendly destination.
  34. Which is the best month to travel to Alibaug?

    The months of November to July is the best time to visit Alibaug. During these months, the weather is Alibaug is cool and pleasant which makes them ideal for tourists to engage in outdoor activities, try water sports and touring the local attractions. Moreover, August to October witnesses the rains that lead to the disconnecting of the ferry service to Alibaug. Thus getting here becomes very difficult, 

Newly Added Alibag Experience

Alibag Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Alibag
Prathiksha Divyananda Alibaug Beach Camping
"The beach camping at Alibaug hosted by Santosh Konde is simply amazing. Although the actual location is at Revdanda beach it was totally worth. The location is secluded and a perfect getaway from the hassles of city life. Apart from the barbecue being slightly limited. The overall experience was good. They have music speaker available and travellers get to play music all day long. It's perfect weekend destination for groups of friends. The washrooms were okayish. The was homely and delicious. And the overall experience was great. The place is also good for solo travellers. "
27 December 2020
Sanjeet Verma Alibaug Beach Camping
Beach camping alibaug hosted by Sanktosh konde was awesome. His team was very supportive. Location of the camp was awesome where you can enjoy sunset from your camp. Dinner specially chicken curry was too good and it reminds me of home made. Live music, movie screening, beach walk in the night and morning is like cherry on the cake. Overall nice experience and highly recommeded.
19 November 2020
Lewis Chandra Alibaug Beach Camping
The beach camping at Revdenda beach hosted by Himanshu is simply amazing. it was totally worth. The location is secluded and a perfect getaway from the hassles of city life. Apart from the barbecue being limited. The overall experience was good. They have music speaker available and travellers get to play music all day long. It's perfect weekend destination for groups of friends. The washrooms were okayish. The was homely and delicious. And the overall experience was great. The place is also good for solo travellers. The total area was decorated very nicely and place was peaceful and pleasant.
Akshay Kale Alibaug Beach Camping
"Very awesome place, good food, Music system also present"
23 December 2019
Had a great experience. Amazing night light and barbeque. Enjoyed the music. Tent were all wet due to dew at the night. But they made good arrangement.
Ashok Pandey Alibaug Beach Camping
"Outstanding experience . Well done by organizer service . Mr Santosh eknath konde . Nice view peace full place."
11 February 2021
Prashant khapre Alibaug Beach Camping
It was awesome. The view the clamness and the brach everything was perfect Love the camping Loved the ambiance Loved the night
21 January 2021
Lalit Bhatija Alibaug Beach Camping
It was a good Experience I am 42 did this with my family never did so in my young age but was worth the risk i took by planing this trip. Had fun thanks
19 January 2021
Yashasvi Mahajan Alibaug Beach Camping
The experience was awesome. They had clean tents and bathrooms. The package include evening snack with tea, following up with dinner with both the options veg and non veg. In the morning the breakfast was served with tea. The camping was at Revdanda beach and the Revdanda fort is very near from the beach.
13 January 2021
Madhav Shelke Alibaug Beach Camping
Beach is very clean and safe, staff is also co-operatve

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