Italy Beaches

Rabbit beach,Rotonda Beach, Sant'Andrea Beach,Spiaggia La Pelosa,Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia,La Pelosa, Sardinia,Spiaggia di Porto Giunco,Spiaggia di Maria Pia,Marina Piccola Beach,Spiaggia di Lido di Orrì,Marina Grande Beach and many more. Include these stunning beaches in your Europe tour, ensuring a memorable journey through the sun-kissed shores of Italy.

Beaches in Italy, with their calm, blue water and mesmerizing views, are the best in the entire world. The city has a massive coastline, meaning around 3.3 thousand kilometers of Italy are covered with many beaches with something for everyone. Every beach here has the clearest water, white sand, limestone cliffs, with most beaches having lido bars. Camogli Beach is one of the most beautiful Italy beaches due to its Mediterranean and rustic look.

The best beaches in Italy also include water sports activities, like La Pelosa, which is ideal for swimming for children due to its calm, shallow-deep water. Or Porto Giunco beach, ideal for snorkeling, one of the most popular water sports on Italian beaches. The beaches here offer an opportunity to relax with family or indulge in water-sports, mentioned above. Most beaches are accessible by foot, though you may have to hike a bit. You can also enjoy a ferry or a boat ride on many beaches.

Here is the list of best beaches in Italy:

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Rabbit beach

  • One of the best beaches in Italy is Spiaggia Dei Conigli which is also called Rabbit beach. This tropical beach is known for its crystal clear water and soft white sand.
  • Set in the Mediterranean Sea, the surroundings here are beautiful, with a sense of transience abounding.
  • The beach is an attractive one as it has calm water, tryst of turtles, and abundance of fish.
  • To reach this sandy beach, one needs to hike for 15-20 minutes which makes your journey more exciting.
  • Contrary to its name, the number of rabbits here is low, instead it is known for its turtle population, which many visitors come to see.
  • Sunbathe, eat delicious homemade food from the shack, or indulge in swimming or snorkeling at this beautiful beach.

Location: The little island of Lampedusa, Sicily, 92010, Italy.

Activity: Swimming, snorkeling, and bathing


Rotonda Beach

  • Another one of the beautiful beaches in Italy is Rotonda Beach, or Spiaggia Della Rotonda, with the best view from the rock of Santa Maria dell Isola.
  • It is confined by the rock of San Leonardo on its east side and a small beach called Little Sea or Spiaggia Mare Piccolo on its west side.
  • Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, its white sand and brightly colored houses on its tropical coastline attract visitors.
  • The water is calm, shallow, and clear, ideal for swimming and other water activities.
  • Private beach clubs present here offer sundecks, chairs, sporting equipment, and more amenities.

Location: Port of Tropea, Italy

Activities: Snorkeling, boating, paragliding, surfing, diving, kayaking, and more.


Sant'Andrea Beach

  • Sant’Andrea beach is a small beach, and its granite look makes it stunning and one of  the best beaches in Italy.
  • The beach itself has light gray granite-looking sand and the water is turquoise-colored, and crystal clear.
  • In the past, Sant’ Andrea beach was a loading deck for ships, coming to pick up wine that the region surrounding the beach produced.
  • Now, only a little bit of the pier is visible, which makes for an impressive look.
  • Due to its shallow water, it is the perfect beach for scuba diving, a popular sport here.

Location: 57030 Marciana, Province of Livorno, Italy

Activities: Scuba diving and swimming


Spiaggia La Pelosa

  • Spiaggia La Peloso is one of the best beaches in Italy and is a Sardinian oasis due to its white sand and shallow turquoise water.
  • From the village of Stintino, La Pelosa is only 2 kilometers away, offering a beautiful view of Isola Piana off its coast and Isola Asinara, which is behind La Peloso.
  • The magnificent beach offers visitors a sight of a Caribbean-style beach with a scenic view to relax after a tiring day.
  • You can also enjoy diving here to witness its exotic marine life, Canyoning, and surfing here by renting the equipment from specific agencies.

Location: Near Stintino, Province of Sassari, North-West Sardinia, Italy

Activities: Snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, and kayaking.


Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

  • One of the most stunning and tiny beaches in Italy is Cala Goloritze.
  • It is located at the end of a deep ravine, reachable only by boat or foot.
  • Though the hike on foot takes an hour, returning to land takes double the time. The water here is a mix of green and blue, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or spotting tons of marine life.
  • You can even dive off a pinnacle (143 meters) into the clearest and bluest water for a memorable swim.
  • There is a fee to enjoy Cala Goloritze to keep it safe and protected.

Location: Near Baunei, Province of Ogliastra, East Sardinia, Italy.

Activities: Snorkeling, hiking, climbing, and birdwatching.


La Pelosa, Sardinia

  • One of the most photographed and best beaches in Italy is La Pelosa, a popular tourist spot as it is scenic and perfect for relaxing.
  • The beach has fine sand and beautiful shallow and transparent water, which attracts beachgoers on a hot, sunny day.
  • It is a small but mesmerizing beach with views of Isola Piana.
  • Due to good wind, indulging in sailing, windsurfing, and kite surfing is a good idea; other things to do here are snorkeling, diving, and swimming.
  • Snack bars provide a wholesome experience of thrill, relaxation, and fun.
Location: Viale la Pelosa, 07040 Stintino, Sardinia, Italy

Diving, kayaking, snorkeling, kite surfing, windsurfing, and swimming.

Spiaggia Di Porto Giunco

  • A tropical beach surrounded by a lagoon is another one of the best beaches in Italy, in Porto Giunco.
  • The beautiful beach is characterized by soft pink and white sand, transparent, azure-colored water, and being home to beautiful pink flamingos.
  •  It has a sandy and shallow seabed, making it ideal for children, and the massive size of the beach makes it perfect for families to find a secluded area.
  • It has a cove whose position makes for enthralling scenery, and the headlands provide natural protection from winds.
  • This beach is ideal for relaxing under the sun, swimming, and other water activities.

Location: Southwest Sardinia, Italy.

Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, diving


Spiaggia Di Maria Pia

  • This is another one of the stunning Italy beaches that, in combination with Le Bombarde, are two beautiful beaches in Alghero.
  • This south-west facing beach offers a spectacular view of Fertilia, a small settlement, Isola Della Maddlenetta, and the Alghero bay.
  • Maria Pia Beach has the best dunes and a spectacular pine forest, making it perfect for resting during hot days.
  • It has clear blue water, white sand, and a few rocks, making jogging here one of the best activities to indulge in.
  • Since the water here is shallow, it is ideal for families with kids to swim or rent sundecks to get a tan.

Location: Near Alghero, Province of Sassari, North-West Sardinia, Italy.

Activities: Jogging and walking


Marina Piccola Beach

  • Marina Piccola, one of the most stunning and best beaches in Italy, provides a spectacular view of Faraglioni.
  • On the island’s sunny south side, the beach is sheltered from the wind via a steep rock wall, making the bay mostly warm.
  •  It makes the beach perfect for sunbathing while enjoying food/coffee from a few restaurants or cafes available with the best view to keep you company.
  • This stone beach’s private and public sections, the known siren rock, the warm ocean, and the turquoise water make it worth a visit.
  •  Swim here and visit the beach during the warmer months for the best experiences.

Location: Marina Piccola, Capri, Campania, Italy.


Spiaggia di Lido di Orrì

  • One of the longest and narrowest Italy beaches, this beach has light sand, the size of a grain.
  • It has a low seabed with multiple rocks along the shore, making it ideal for practicing snorkeling.
  • Access to the beach is free, but you will have to rent equipment, like umbrellas, sunbeds, and deckchairs.
  • One of the most beautiful Italy beaches,  it hosts several events on the waterfront during the summer months.
  • It also has multiple cafes and restaurants where visitors can enjoy delicious food.

Location: Territory of Tortoli, Lido di Orri, Italy.

Activities: Snorkeling


Marina Grande Beach

  • A pebbly and scenic shingle beach, Marina Grande Beach is known for its unfathomable experience of the magic of Positano.
  • It is the island’s central beach, and sailing the sea to reach the Marina Grande Island and walking a few minutes to reach the beach is a fun experience.
  • The depth of the calm water here starts after a meter, making the shallow water ideal for children to play in.
  • Relax on this reef and small rock-filled beach, take pictures and swim with carefulness due to the high number of pebbles.

Location: Piazza Flavio Gioia, Positano, Italy

Activities: Swimming


Cala Granara

  • Cala Granara, a beach with white sand on Isola Di Spargi, is another of the best natural Italy beaches.
  • The water is shallow, and calm, with turquoise water that laps over the slippery sand, making it unique for snorkelers.
  • A one-of-a-kind beach in Italy, surrounded by palm trees and lush island plants that transport you to a tropical island.
  • It is one of the best beaches in Italy to snorkel, enjoy the marine life, or relax in the sun while sipping mocktails/cocktails.
  • Hire a boat to get to these beautiful and clean Italian beaches for swimming and other activities.

Location: Piazza Flavio Gioia, Positano, Italy

Activities: Snorkeling and diving



  • Atrani beach is one of the best and secret Italy beaches, one must visit.
  • The beach is on the Tyrrhenian Sea with hilltop houses, where you can enjoy sunbathing.
  • Due to broken walls, the water is calm, making it ideal for kids and families to enjoy swimming or building a sand castle (It’s a sandy beach.
  • Walking to the beach from the town is possible, or you can take a car here as it has excellent parking services.

Location: Via Nicolangelo Protopisani, 5, 84010 Atrani SA, Italy

Activities: Swimming


Cefalù Beach

  • A hidden gem, Cefalu Beach is one of the best beaches in Italy, known for its lovely golden sand.
  • It has clear water, making it ideal for kayaking, swimming, and enjoying marine life.
  • Cefalu Beach is within walking distance of most accommodations, making it an ideal weekend getaway.
  • In summers, this beach is quite crowded, so visiting it in the winter months is best.

Location:  90015 Cefalù, Metropolitan City of Palermo, Italy

Activities: Long walks, playing, kite flying, swimming, and kayaking


Beach Of The Two Sisters

  • It is an icon in Conero Riviera and a magical spot named after twin seas emerging from the deep blue water.
  • Accessible only by sea, it is one of Italy's wildest beaches and unexplored places.
  • It is known for its sandy shoreline, pebbles, and turquoise-colored water.
  • The beauty of the surroundings on the beach makes it a wonderful and memorable visit.

Location: 60020 Sirolo, Province of Ancona, Italy

Activities: Sunbathing and swimming.

People Also Ask About Italy

  1. Which are the popular water sports to do in Italy?

    • Canyoning: Try canyoning in the Dolomites, home to beautiful gorges and snowy summits. Enjoy the view by riding the rapids from a spot (package) that suits your abilities.
    • Kayaking: Enjoy the water by kayaking on clear blue water on Italian beaches, a popular water sport here. A few beaches have kayaking facilities, like La Pelosa, Sardinia and Rotonda beach.
    • Swimming: the most popular water sports to do in Italy beaches is to swim with crystal clear and bluest water. Most beaches allow swimming and a few of them have shallow water, making it ideal for swimming for children.
    • Snorkeling: Italy’s most popular water sport is snorkeling and sports enthusiasts love to dive in the transparent water to witness the magical marine life.: Cala Granara, Porto Giunco, Spiaggia La Peloso, and more beaches provide snorkeling options.
    • Diving: underwater diving to witness marine life is another popular water sport activity in Italy. A few beaches with options to dive are Cala Granara, La Pelosa, Rotonda Beach, and more.
  2. Which are the most famous beaches in Italy?

    • Spiaggia dei Conigli: A popular and romantic beach, it has clear, sparkling water that displays a distinct color palette with the prettiest shade of blue and green. After a 15-minute hike, you witness this beautiful beach with calm water, turtles, plenty of fish, and unbelievably white sand.
    • Cavoli Beach, Elba: The island of Elba houses another famous beach, Cavoli, known for its warm breeze and turquoise-colored, clear water. A perfect beach to tan, this beach has two sides—one for spending time as per choice and another with sunbeds and bars.
    • Marasusa Beach, Tropea, Calabria: This beautiful beach is located along the coast of the Gods and is a must-see.It has calm, cool, and transparent water with handsome cliffs hugging the spotless sand. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, taking a boat-ride, or enjoying the sight while sitting on the lido bars here.
    • Tropea Beach: One of the best beaches in Italy, Tropea Beach has crystal clear blue water, ideal for swimming. Enjoy thrilling activities, like parasailing or snorkeling here while enjoying delicious seafood and cocktails at a few restaurants.
    • La Pelosa: With its mesmerizing white sands and transparent blue water, is a famous beach, thanks to James Bond movies. The shallow water makes it ideal for swimming for children for a long distance.
  3. Are there swimming beaches in Italy?

    Yes, there are swimming beaches in Italy. These include: Sperlonga, Lazio; Capri, Campania; Scala dei Turchi, Sicidy; Baratti, Tuscany; Positana, Campania, and more.
  4. What is the best time of the year to visit beaches in Italy?

    Between May and October is the best time of the year to visit Italian beaches, as these months are warm. The weather is sunny with temperate water, making it possible to enjoy the best beaches, like Cala Pulcino, La Pelosa, and more. If you go in August, make bookings in advance, as due to the peak season, all accommodations become expensive.
  5. Are beaches in Italy worth visiting?

    Yes, beaches in Italy are worth visiting, as it has some of the most mesmerizing beaches and seaside towns in the whole world. With 4,723 miles of coastline, most cities boast impeccably beautiful beaches, and no beach is the same. The beaches here range from beaches with white sand to beaches with limestone or the clearest and bluest water imaginable.
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