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Switzerland Day Tours
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Best Excursions in Switzerland

Switzerland has been the world’s most favourite holiday destination for decades now and the reason can be seen as soon as you get off the plane! Switzerland is home to simple breathtaking scenery with the  landscape being dotted with towering peaks, shimmering lakes and countless waterfalls.

Switzerland has entertained tourists for a very long time and this means that here, you will be able to get tailored experiences like nowhere else.  You can be a part of fascinating train journeys through pristine landscapes, walk on suspension bridges that seem to float between two mountains offering panoramic views, walk behind waterfalls and through frozen glaciers.

Having said that,
Switzerland tourism involves a lot more than your days out into the wild! Swiss people also have a distinct culture with age-old civilizations still living in their traditional chalet-style homes. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot the locals in their traditional attire, playing their huge alphorns in the marketplace.

You can also visit the remote villages you get a taste of true Swiss culture! The Swiss countryside is dotted with numerous castles, forts and their ruins with fascinating histories. You can visit several scenic landmarks that sit alongside its numerous lakes and walk through centuries old vineyards  that follow age-old techniques.

Apart from the quintessential villages and towns, you can also enjoy the more cosmopolitan and modern side of the Swiss country through its cities and metropolises. You can visit Geneva and experience first-hand some of the world’s most sophisticated machinery at CERN.

Or, you can go to Zurich to witness some of the most contemporary and eclectic architecture in the world! Also, you can visit Basel which is considered an arts capital of the world with its modern installations of Art Basel which showcase the best in the world of  contemporary art.

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People Also Ask About Switzerland

  1. Which are the major tourist attractions to visit in Switzerland?

    1. Jungfraujoch: Jungfrau is the tallest peak not only in Switzerland but also in the entire continent of Europe. Standing at a height of 4,182 metres, it is known as the top of Europe and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding snow-clad peaks of Monch and Eiger.

    You can take a cable car to the top and spend a fun day at the summit visiting the Sphinx Observatory or walking through pathways made inside a glacier! The place offers the best of
    Switzerland tourism, with its restaurants and eateries offering panoramic views and playgrounds where you can leave your children as you enjoy your meal.

    Jungfrau, 3984 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
    Timings: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
                  Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 AM - 1:15 PM & 2:15 PM - 7:00 PM
    PriceReturn tickets from Interlaken start from CHF 184 or Rs. 13,500

    Checkout & Book:  
    Zurich to Jungfraujoch Day Trip

    2. The Rhine Falls: 
    One of the most stunning sights to see when in Switzerland are the Rhine Falls. These can be found in the town of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. These are the largest falls in entire Central Europe and if you really want to witness their strength, you must visit during the summer months of July and August when the ice from the glaciers melts, making the falls swell in size. The Jurassic limestone landscape offers a Stark contrast, making these a sight to behold! You can view them from the viewing platforms or from a cruise on the river.

    Rheinfallquai, 8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland
    Timings: Open 24 hours

    Checkout & Book: 
    Zurich City Tour with Rhine Falls

    3. St. Pierre Cathedral: 
    St. Pierre Cathedral was originally built (around 1160) as a Roman Catholic Church but later became a significant symbol of the Protestant movement. Between 1536 to 1564 it was the home church of John Calvin, a prominent leader of the Protestant Reformation. His seat can still be found in the north aisle of the cathedral. St. Pierre’s combines the elements of Gothic with Neoclassical architecture to form a stunning building.

    The north tower can be reached by climbing a total of 96 steps and offers a clearer picture of the architectural genius of the place. Another sixty steps take you to the south tower which offers panoramic vistas of the city along with a close look at the ancient tolling bells.

     Place du Bourg-de-Four 24, 1204 Genève, Switzerland
    Price: CHF 8 or Rs. 590 for adults
    Timings: Daily, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

    4. Oberhofen Castle:
     Sitting at the edge of Lake Thun, the Oberhofen Castle has been a part of the scenery since the 13th century. This old castle with its English-inspired gardens and Bernese-Baroque style architecture along with Prussian styled library and smoking room make it an interesting place to visit and photograph.

    It also has an age-old church with interesting architecture that adds more character to the space. It is definitely one of the top places to visit if you are looking for romantic places to visit in Interlaken.

     Schloss 4, 3653 Oberhofen am Thunersee, Switzerland
    PriceCHF 10 or Rs 733 for adults.

    5. The Ruinaulta:
     If you are a bird-watcher, a hiker or a nature enthusiast in general, Ruinaulta is the place for you! Popularly known as the 'Swiss Grand Canyon' this is a deep gorge surrounded by breathtaking meadows and forested cliffs.

    If you are here during the summer months, you can spend your days white river rafting in the rapids of the Rhine River. If you are looking for a relaxed holiday, you can also go canoeing or kayaking on the quieter parts of the river and soak in the views of this 10,000-year-old landscape.

     7104, Versam, Switzerland

    6. Lake Geneva: 
    Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and is actually shared between the two countries; Switzerland and France. The lake has long been a major landmark not only on Switzerland tourism’s map but also on the world map.

    When at the lake, you can spend your time kayaking, canoeing and even water skiing! The waters of the lake are reasonably clean to allow swimming during the summer months. Alternatively, you can also cycle or hike around the lake.

     Lake Geneva, Switzerland
    Checkout & Book: Geneva City Pass

    7. Chateau de Chillon, Montreux:
     If you want a glimpse of the royal history of this European country, then you must visit this architecturally stunning complex which has inspired writers and painters for generations. Everyone from Lord Byron, Victor Hugo to Jean Jacques Rousseau has tried to capture the beauty of this castle.

    It is a vast complex of interconnected buildings that have been clustered around three well-maintained courtyards. Apart from its stunning lakeside location, the lake has many impressive features including Gothic-styled underground rooms, Camera Domini, decorated with beautiful murals and an old Chapel adorned with paintings.

    Avenue de Chillon 21, 18
    20 Veytaux, Switzerland.
    Timings: Daily; 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
    PriceCHF 12.50 or Rs. 915 for adults.

    Checkout & Book: 
     Chateau De Chillon Tickets 

    8. Lauterbrunnen: 
    Lauterbrunnen is a quaint village town in Switzerland and one to visit if you truly want to immerse yourself in Swiss culture without breaking your bank balance. This town is mostly known for its 72 waterfalls, two of which can be found in the middle of the town.

    You can follow a trail to see the rest 70 of those and experience some of the most magnificent views offered by the Alps. When here, you can take a cable car to Jungfrau, visit the fierce 10-level Trummelbach Falls and visit the Honesty Store. Lauterbrunnen offers a more affordable side of the otherwise expensive Switzerland tourism.

     Lauterbrunnen, Canton of Bern

    9. Bern: 
    The capital city of Switzerland, Bern has been sitting around a crook in the River Aare with the oldest part of the town dating back to the 12th century. The old part of Bern is known by the name of Altstadt and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

    Some of the most popular attractions include Zytglogge,a 13th century tower with a 15th century astronomical clock which is also the town's oldest monument. You can also visit the art museum which is known for its eclectic design and spend your time enjoying a meal by the riverside.

    Bern, Switzerland

    10. Lake Thun:
     Lake Thun is situated in Switzerland's Bernese Oberland region. It is a vast lake with dancing blue waters and unparalleled views of the Alps. You can spend your time kayaking on the lake or ride a paddle steamer cruise to the town of Interlaken.

    There are several trails that run along the lake and lead to sleepy villages and quaint grasslands. You can also choose to stay at one of the many luxury resorts located on the edge of the lake and enjoy the brilliant views throughout the day.

     Lake Thun, Switzerland

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  2. Which are the best things to do in Switzerland?

    1. Walk on the Chapel Bridge: This is a historic bridge that carries great architectural and cultural importance. Standing on the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne, this bridge was built in the year 1333 to protect the city from outside attacks. Stretching over a length of 670 feet, this is a covered bridge, making it the oldest covered bridge in the entire continent.

    Inside the bridge, you will find several 17th-century paintings depicting major events from Lucerne's history. Although several of the buildings were destroyed during a fire, the bridge still remains one of the top tourist attractions in the country.

     Kapellbrücke, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland

    Checkout & Book: 
    Walking Tour to Chapel Bridge & Old Town, Lucerne

    2. Go Wine Tasting: 
    If vineyard or wine interests you, then you have to visit the Lavaux Vineyards that stretch for 30 kilometres between Château de Chillon and Lausanne, along the shore of a lake! The vineyards are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to their rich history that dates back to the Roman times.

    This hidden spot on the Switzerland tourism map allows some of the best experiences where you can choose to tour the vineyards and taste the best Swiss wine here. If you happen to be here around the spring season, you can try the wine at discounted rates and sample as many as you like.

     Daily; 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    3. Ride the Albula/Bernina Railway Line: 
    The Albula/Bernina railway line has found its place in the very short list of train lines on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. This train has wide glass windows that run almost the entire length of the sides of the train to offer breathtaking views of the train's route.

    It passes through some unspoilt Alpine landscape, iconic viaducts and tunnels that last for several kilometres on end! The entire route extends for 122 kilometres and passes over more than 200 scenic bridges! Different seasons offer varied but equally beautiful scenery from the train.

    Chur to Tirano
    Price: CHF 148 or Rs. 10,600 for a return journey

    4. Visit the Palais Des Nations: 
    When in Geneva, you can actually visit the home of the United Nations. The building which was built to house the League of Nations functioned as the headquarters for the same prior to the formation of the UN.

    The grey monument might seem like a regular structure but has been covered with heat-resistant titanium which was donated by the USSR. The place organizes several tours on a daily basis which allow access into not only the building but also to it's 46-hectare park! The park has centuries-old trees and several peacocks that roam around freely.

     1211 Geneva, Switzerland
    Price: CHF 15 or Rs. 1,104 for adults
    Timings: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

    5. Spend time at CERN: 
    The European Organization for Nuclear Research was founded in the year 1954 and has been a world-famous name ever since the Large Hadron Collider came into existence. You can go and view the world's largest machine at work as it creates new matter through proton acceleration.

    The 27 kilometre-long tube can be viewed on any given day but tours must be booked in advance. This favourite destination of Switzerland tourism is sometimes fully booked months in advance! The place also has dedicated displays for children and a souvenir shop, making it a place where you can bring your family for some learning and fun.

     Espl. des Particules 1, 1211 Meyrin, Switzerland
    Price: Free
    Timings: Monday - Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:45 PM

    6. Go Skydiving in Interlaken:
     Interlaken is a prominent town situated in the heart of Switzerland and its location is what makes it the perfect skydiving destination. You can dive from an airplane at a height of 14,000 feet and take in the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains, glistening lakes and chalet-adorned towns.

    The rush of the fall is followed by a calming feeling that you experience as you slowly descend towards the land on your parachute. This is when you get the time to enjoy the bird's eye view of the valleys and mountains. Also, there are skydiving options for people of every proficiency, you can try it tandem or on your own.

    Interlaken, Switzerland
    Price: Starting from CHF 395 or Rs. 29,000

    7. Enjoy the Spray of Jet d’Eau: 
    The predecessor of the present Jet d’Eau was installed in the year 1886 as a safety valve for a nearby project and was moved to its current location only in the year 1891. The present Jet d’Eau is much more of an aesthetic addition and sprays 500 litres of water per second to an altitude of 140 metres.

    It is so high that you can also spot it from an airplane upto the height of 10 kilometres! During sunny days, you can expect to spot a rainbow as the water turns into spray and drenches the people sitting around it! If you are lucky, you can also see it illuminated in different colours as it is done a few times every year for humanitarian causes.

    Quai Gustave-Ador, 1207 Genève, Switzerland

    8. Ride a Cable Car:
     Switzerland is a cable-car country and you will find hundreds of cable-car routes strewn all over the place, taking people to the summits of mountains within a matter of minutes! You can take a cable-car ride to the top of Europe, to Jungfraujoch or to the infamous Matterhorn.

    The glass-windows of these cable cars allow breathtaking views of forests and waterfalls turning to rugged, snow-covered scenery. Interlaken has around 45 different cable-car routes that you can take from the town. You can also access ski destinations through a cable car when in Zermatt.

    Checkout & Book Now: 
    Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Tickets

    9. Go Boating in the Rhine Falls:
     If viewing one of Europe’s most fierce waterfalls from a viewing platform is not enough for you, then we suggest you get on a boat and get in there! You can get up and close with the waterfalls as you ride a boat right upto the falls.

    A rock jutting out of the water, bang in the middle of the walls, offers one of the best views you will experience anywhere on your map of Switzerland tourism. The views of thousands of gallons of water crashing at full speed are simply unforgettable.

     Rheinfallquai, 8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland.
    Price: CHF 8 or Rs. 590 for a 20-minute boat ride.

    Checkout & Book Now: 
    Black Forest Rhine Falls Day Trip From Zurich

  3. Which are the famous town or cities in Switzerland?

    1. Locarno: Locarno is one of the most picturesque villages in Switzerland with a distinctly Italian feel. The streets are teeming with bougainvillaeas, camellias, grapevines and lemon trees. The village is located in the shadows of the Sacred Mount Madonna del Sasso. The village is known for its natural views, pizzas and wine.

    2. Lucerne: Your Switzerland tours are incomplete without a trip to Lucerne. This medieval town is home to the beautiful Lake Lucerne on which you can enjoy steamboat rides and catch panoramic views of the snow-capped Alps. You can explore historical landmarks such as the oldest covered bridge in Europe and other ancient frescoes, churches and paintings when you are here.

    3. Interlaken: 
    One of the most famous villages in Interlaken which is home to some of the most famous (and tallest) peaks in the Alps including Mönch, Jungfrau and Eiger. It is ideal for hikers and adventure-enthusiasts who can enjoy activities like trekking, ziplining, rafting and much more.

    4. Grindelwald: 
    Tucked under the shadow of the famous Eiger North Face, Grindelwald is a typical Swiss village with flowering valleys, quaint railway stations, wooden chalets and a beautiful old-world charm. It is also a popular spot for ziplining with some of the best views during your Switzerland tours. 

    5. Zurich: Zurich is consistently ranked as one of the world's most livable cities due to its thriving cultural scene, efficient administration, and gorgeous setting at the crossing of a river and a lake. It is the largest and wealthiest city in Switzerland, which has a long history as a savvy, hardworking financial hub, post-industrial edge best exemplified by its exuberant summer Street Parade.

    With its twisting streets and soaring church steeples, much of the old center has been carefully preserved. However, Zurich has also fully embraced modern ideas, transforming former industries into cultural hubs and innovative new residences. Zuri-West, the center of the city's nightlife, is the place where that is most visible.

    6. Geneva: Explore Geneva's Old Town's riches and attractions by getting lost in its maze of winding stone streets. The Old Town is home to various museums, galleries, and intriguing historical sites for you to visit, showcasing old Geneva and everything that the city stands for.

    The finest things to do in Geneva include visiting opulent hotels, independent shops, and high-end jewelers, in addition to the city's top-notch dining establishments and delicious chocolatiers. Geneva, Switzerland's second-largest city and one of its most luxurious, is situated on the shores of the lake that carries its name.

    7. Lausanne: The capital of the canton of Vaud, Lausanne, is located near Lake Geneva. Lausanne's scenery is breathtaking, to say the least, and it consistently ranks among the most attractive cities in Switzerland and the entire globe. One of the first things you'll notice is its pure natural beauty, which includes snow-covered mountains, verdant meadows, and Lake Geneva.

    The Cathedral of Notre Dame, a significant landmark in this area, was built in the 12th century and is famous for its impressive arches and facades as well as for holding a 12-million-dollar organ that was a gift from the city of Boston. 

    8. Bern: Enjoy the spectacular views of Bern, Switzerland's capital, as you travel through the Entlebuch and Emmental valleys! Follow the beautiful Grand Zurich and try the superb quality cookies at Kambly. Enjoy the speechless views of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau peaks, and visit the Emmentaler exhibition dairy to sample the world's biggest cheese.

    After seeing the Triple Mountain peaks, get a gift bag filled with delicious Swiss treats. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau triple mountains, and bring a goodie bag filled with the delicious Swiss treats you gathered while visiting these sites. 

    9. Lugano: Lugano is a famous tourist destination in Switzerland, drawing visitors and globetrotters from all over the world to its shores with its laid-back lifestyle and wonderful natural beauty. The city, a medieval community with no traffic, is surrounded by a lot of mountains, parks, and high viewpoints.

    The city of Lugano has also established a strong relationship with artworks and artists. There are some establishments that support traditional artistic and architectural styles. There are also a tonne of museums in the city, including the Museum of Cultures, the Swiss Customs Museum, the Fondazione Gabriele e Anna Braglia Lugano, etc.

    10. Montreux: Montreux, a stunning resort community, is situated on Lake Geneva in southwest Switzerland. People go from all over the world to the town, which is set between Lake Geneva, hills, forested woods, and vineyards, to escape the monotony of their daily lives and soak in its beauty.

    Enjoy lake boating as well as taste delicious Swiss cuisine and wines close to the riverbank cafés. Flowers and vines that represent Swiss fauna and other odd shapes are dotted around the gardens at the beaches. The most famous citizen of the city, Freddie Mercury, has been memorialized by a statue.

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  4. What are the most romantic things to do in Switzerland?

    1. Rent A Tiny Chalet In The Mountains: There are several places in the Swiss mountains where you can rent a tiny cabin in faraway locations. There are tiny houses perched on mountain cliffs, in the middle of forests and on the shores of massive lakes. There is nothing more romantic than waking up next to your significant other with breathtaking scenery peeking in through your window.

    2. Visit An Old Swiss Castle: 
    There are several age-old castles like the Chillon Castle, the Habsburg Castle and Chateau de Tourbillon which sit on some of the most stunning landscapes in the country. You can visit these places lost in time and go through the pages of history, folklore and legend together.

    3. Hike Through Tiny Swiss Towns And Villages:
    There are thousands of trails all across the country that would take you to remote villages and sleepy hamlets. Here, you can spend hours enjoying the slow pace of life, observing the locals and their way of life as you make memories.

    4. Walk Through Glittering City Streets At Night: 
    Switzerland has no dearth of gorgeous cities and you can choose to spend romantic evenings walking through the lit streets of Zurich, Geneva and Bern after the sun goes down. This is when you will be able to see the local night markets, pubs and street performances come to life.

    5. Go For A Swim Together: 
    Switzerland has some of the world’s most spectacular lakes strewn all across the country. This means that you are never too far away from a romantic swim with stunning mountain scenery in the background.

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  5. Which are the best adventure activities to do in Switzerland?

    1. Skiing: Switzerland is a major winter sports destination and its beautiful peaks offer some of the world’s best skiing opportunities. From Zermatt to Interlaken, you can easily access slopes covered in fine, white snow throughout the winter months, allowing people of every age to enjoy the rush of skiing down mountains.

    2. Mountain Climbing: 
    When in Switzerland, there is no dearth of mountain climbing opportunities, from Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau to one of the fiercest in the world, Matterhorn. Depending on your expertise and experience, you can choose a mountain to climb.

    3. Skydiving: 
    When in Switzerland, especially in the town of Interlaken, you can experience skydiving from a height of 4,000 metres above the ground! It is a truly thrilling experience and if you have no prior experience, you can also choose to go tandem! It is an excellent way of devouring the beautiful Swiss landscape from a bird’s eye view.

    4. Canyoning: 
    Switzerland is home to some of the most beautiful canyons in the world, complete with rivers, ravines, streams and waterfalls. This means that you can go and have a fun experience complete with diving from cliff faces, swimming through waters and having an adventure-packed time.

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  6. Which are the most famous lakes in Switzerland?

    1. Lake Thun: Lake Thun is a massive lake that sits in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland and offers some stunning Alpine scenery. There are medieval castles, Swiss chalets and centuries-old wineries based around the lake.

    2. Lake Brienz: 
    Lake Brienz is another scenic lake that lies at an accessible distance from the town of Interlaken, other than Lake Thun. Here, you can enjoy a plethora of activities from kayaking, swimming, water skiing to boating.

    3. Lake Geneva: 
    Lake Geneva has seen tourists pouring into the country for several centuries! It is one of the most famous spots on Switzerland’s maps and the waters have been made accessible to the tourists unlike any other place. Here, you can try your hand at boating, try hiking in the area, go for a swim, cycle around or take part in winter sports.

    4. Lake Lucerne: 
    The most distinctive feature of Lake Lucerne is its interesting topographical location. Thanks to its irregular shape, the lake appears to be in four different cantons, and valleys, at the same time. Some of Switzerland’s oldest communities are also settled around this lake.

    5. Lake Constance: 
    This 63 km-long lake shares its borders between three European cities of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It is surrounded by resort towns and is considered Switzerland’s quintessential summer holiday destination. Here, you can spend your time sailing, windsurfing and swimming!

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  7. What are the do's and don'ts in Switzerland?

    1. Although a handshake is normal on the initial meeting, respect the traditional Swiss greeting of three kisses on the cheek.
    2. Dress in a tidy manner. Men should wear a suit and tie, while ladies should wear a dress or suit.
    3. During eating, keep both hands on the table but the elbow off the table.

    1. Don't address someone by their first name unless you've been encouraged to do so. Use surnames and other titles.
    2. Do not request a tax-free shopping check or a VAT refund.
    3. Be careful of the volume of your voice when speaking in public, especially on a phone. 

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  8. What is the best time to visit Switzerland?

    Switzerland tourism is best known for its Alpine beauty and stunning landscapes. When in Switzerland, you can access numerous majestic peaks, colourful valleys, breathtaking lakes and beautiful canyons. When here, you can spend your days hiking, cycling, swimming, skiing, kayaking and even sky-diving.

    Additionally, Switzerland is known for its wide variety of cheese, chocolate and meat. Switzerland’s craftsmanship is known worldwide in the form of its sophisticated clock making, the world-famous Hadron collider at CERN and its vast array of musical instruments.

  9. Do I need a visa for Switzerland?

    Citizens belonging to the EU, the Schengen region and the EEA do not require visas for Switzerland. Otherwise, all nationalities are required to apply for a visa beforehand.

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  10. Which are the famous nightlife destinations Switzerland?

    1. Kaufleuten, Zurich: If clubbing is what you are after, then it doesn’t get any better than Kaufleuten. The night club has welcomed personalities like Madonna, Prince and Robbie Williams in the past and continues to be a favourite Swiss haunt of celebrities even to this day.

    2. Bejart Ballet, Lausanne: 
    When in Lausanne, you must experience the Bejart Ballet at least once! The performances are truly world-class and if you are there around the time of their yearly event, you can experience a rich ensemble of some of the world’s top ballerinas.

    3. Pub Crawl in Zermatt: 
    There is nothing better than gulping down a mug of hot wine on a cold Swiss evening. The Papperla Pub in Zermatt offers a truly local experience where you can sit down and enjoy mulled wine as live performances brighten up the small space.

    4. Late-night Casino at Bern: 
    When in Bern, you can casino through the night at the Grand Casino in Bern that is open till 5:00 AM in the morning. The place has two bars, a smoking lounge, roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines which will keep you occupied till the sun rises. It is an excellent place to spend your time if you have a late night train or bus to catch!

  11. What is Switzerland famous for?

    Switzerland tourism is best known for its Alpine beauty and stunning landscapes. When in Switzerland, you can access numerous majestic peaks, colourful valleys, breathtaking lakes and beautiful canyons. When here, you can spend your days hiking, cycling, swimming, skiing, kayaking and even sky-diving.

    Additionally, Switzerland is known for its wide variety of cheese, chocolate and meat. Switzerland’s craftsmanship is known worldwide in the form of its sophisticated clock making, the world-famous Hadron collider at CERN and its vast array of musical instruments.

  12. Which are the famous waterfalls in Switzerland?

    1. Rhine Falls: Situated a 45-minute long drive north of Zurich, the Rhine Falls are not only the largest falls in the country but also in the entire continent. The most stunning feature about the falls is a gigantic rock that sits right in the middle of the falls. You can take a boat tour that drops you off at the rock so that you can enjoy the thundering of the water flowing all around you.

    2. Trummelbach: 
    These are European’s largest subterranean waterfalls and carry around 20,000 litres of water per second! The water comes from the glaciers of Jungfrau transforming into a ten-tiered waterfall that runs through the mountain. You can make your way around the falls through walkways and stairs that take you to the different viewing platforms.

    3. Murrenbach Falls: 
    These are Switzerland’s highest waterfalls with the water crashing down from a height of 417 metres, after going through five cascades! These visually stunning waterfalls are situated a little outside of the town of Lauterbrunnen and can be seen from the road itself. You can also choose to take a cable car that goes right along the face of these majestic waterfalls.

    4. Tine Conflens: 
    If you do not mind a bit of a trek through breathtaking mountain scenery, then Tine Conflens falls right at the confluence of the Veyron and the Venoge rivers are an idyllic place to go. The rushing water has carved its way through stone, forming gorges and canyons that add to the beauty of the place. If you start from the village of Ferreyres, you can get here in around forty minutes by walking.

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  13. How much is Switzerland visa fee?

    Adults need to pay Rs. 4,500 as the visa fees for Switzerland with additional Rs. 1,350 as the VFS fees. The visa fees for children (aged between 6-12) are lower, at Rs. 2,700 with no VFS fees.
  14. Do we require Schengan visa to enter Switzerland?

    Yes, a Schengen visa is required to enter Switzerland.
  15. Which are the best hiking trails of Switzerland?

    1. The Eiger Trail: The Eiger Trail is a world-famous hiking trail that offers breathtaking views of the Lauberhorn, Klein Scheidegg and Grindelwald valleys. On this trail, you get to walk past wild streams, waterfalls and steep pastures. During the summer months, you will always find a team of hikers, all roped to the mountain face, trying to make their way to the summit.

    2. Hornweg: 
    The Hornweg trail is an 8.9 kilometres long trail, located near the Swiss town of Zermatt. The trail is nestled at the base of the notoriously hard-to-climb peak, the Matterhorn. This is a hard to follow trail and you do require a little bit of expertise.

    3. Aletsch Glacier Panorama Trail: 
    With this trail, you get to hike alongside stunningly beautiful glacial scenery. The glacier runs for over 23 kilometres in length, is 900 metres deep and curves around the back of the Jungfraujoch peak. The trail itself stretches for 12.4 kilometres and covers the lower end of the glacier, offering panoramic views of the ice.

    4. Burgenstock Felsenweg: 
    If you are in Lucerne, you can definitely make a day trip out of this easy yet beautiful trail. The Burgenstock is a small mountain that sits in the Lake Lucerne. The hike includes a cliff walk where you walk a well-protected path with the lake on one side and mountains on the other. You end the hike with a glass elevator ride that takes you up to the hotel.

  16. How much is a Swiss Travel Pass?

    The prices start from CHF 267 or Rs. 19,630 and go upwards. You can opt for a first or second-class travel pass.  Swiss Travel Passes are offered for a duration of 3, 4, 8 or 15 travel days in a month. 

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  17. What do I need to know before traveling to Switzerland?

    1. Using a card or Swiss Francs while making payments as Euros, American Dollars or any other form of currency is not accepted.

    2. Spend at least three days in Switzerland.

    3. Hiking is the most fun and cost-effective way of discovering Switzerland.

    4. Hitchhiking is very common in Switzerland and can save you a lot of money and sometimes also time.

    5. The train connectivity in Switzerland is excellent and offers some spectacular views of the country.

  18. Is Switzerland expensive to visit?

    Yes, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit, and the cities Geneva and Zurich are on the list of the top ten of the most expensive cities in the world.
  19. How many days are enough in Switzerland?

    If you want to explore a minimum of 5 cities in Switzerland, we’d recommend a week to ten days, to spend at least two nights in each location and make the most of your stay. You can also explore Switzerland Tour Packages to get the best ideas and best deals on your holidays.
  20. What's Switzerland's famous food?

    1. Cheese Fondue: Switzerland can easily be called the dairy capital of the world and this means that you won’t get such a wide selection of fresh cheese anywhere else in the world! You can make a whole meal out of dipping various food items in melted cheese and enjoying it at your own table.

    2. Chocolate Fondue: 
    Just like Swiss cheese, you simply can’t have enough of the Swiss milk chocolate. For dessert, you can enjoy fruits, pastries and cakes dipped in melted chocolate and enjoy them on the spot!

    3. Muesli: 
    Since this cereal was invented in Switzerland, you cannot get a more authentic Muesli than in Switzerland.

    4. Rosti: 
    Rosti can be best described as a Swiss casserole made with potatoes. It is largely eaten for breakfast and is most popular in the capital city of Bern.

  21. How much does a Switzerland trip cost?

    The average daily expenditure when in Switzerland is around Rs. 14,000. Therefore, the total expenditure will include flights, visas and the expenditure for the number of days you are visiting.
  22. Why are Swiss chocolates famous?

    Switzerland's milk chocolates are known for their melt-in-the-mouth goodness. This character comes from the high amount of cocoa butter in the chocolate, that makes them melt at body temperatures.

    Click here to Book:
     Lindt Home of Chocolate Tickets, Zurich
  23. What is the best airline to fly to Switzerland?

    You can choose to fly to Switzerland on British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airlines or Icelandic Air, depending on where you are flying from. There are several other airlines that fly to Switzerland as well.
  24. Which are the best adventure activities in Switzerland?

Newly Added Switzerland Experience

Switzerland Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Switzerland
23 January 2020
The Mount Titlis Day Tour with Cable Car was a delightful experience for me. I was traveling with my spouse. The views were gorgeous and something that I can never forget about, it was dramatically gorgeous. If you are visiting Switzerland then Mount Titlis cable car ride is a great way to spend some time in the arms of nature and enjoy a great time. I was also able to capture some really good photos of the cute little snow penguins.
10 February 2020
The fully rotating cable car experience topped with interacting with the snow penguins makes for a really fun time to enjoy. I recommend everyone should once visit the Mount Titlis and do the Cable Car ride. And I must say that the view from the cable car was amazing.
04 November 2019
It was great to spend such a great evening enjoying a ton of fun activities. I had a lot fun sledding and I must say that the fondue dinner was delicious. Fun and food, a great way to spend a night indeed.
10 December 2019
Anilaabh Bharadwaj Night Sledding Interlaken
The dinner was on point, the activities were really fun and I along with my kids had a lot of fun exploring the night night sledding experience. If you are in interlaken you have to take one night out and enjoy this thrilling adventure with your family or your friends. The drinks served were also delicious.
19 September 2019
The best fun I had at night in Switzerland was with sulwald Sledding experience at Interlaken. The activities are really organized and the guide gives thorough instruction about the details of the night. I must say that these instructions can get really boring but the guide found a way to make it really fun. I and my partner I was able to get into the action really fast with Sledging which followed dinner. All in all, I must thank Thrillophilia for making our night adventurous.
24 October 2019
Chamonix Mont Blanc Day Tour was an amazing experience. We could visit a number of tourist attractions and sight the mesmerizing views of the white mountains. A delightful and fun filled tour indeed. Thanks to the team Thrillophilia and our guide for making it happen.
13 November 2019
The overall service was satisfactory and very cost effective at the same time.
05 October 2019
Girindra Pillai Zurich Airport Transfers
The experience of being received at the Zurich Airport was very smooth. The car had arrived at the location on time and we had a very comfortable ride.
10 February 2020
The place is perfect for half a day trip. It takes around 5 hours to completely enjoy every part of the museum and it is the place worth visiting. Everything about the museum is great, I mean the first thought in my head when I heard the museum was boring but the Swiss Museum Of Transport is completely opposite. There are a ton of fun activities to do and cars to admire.
28 August 2019
We took a ton of pictures and explored a number of ancient and modern transportation vehicles. Overall, a fun place to visit.

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