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Dubai Tour Package from Bangalore 2021 5 Days 4 Nights ₹ 24852.0
Dubai Tour Package from Ahmedabad 2021 6 Days 5 Nights ₹ 31326.0
5 Days Tour Of Dubai City With Cruise and Safari 5 Days 4 Nights ₹ 18725.0
Cruise and Sightseeing Tour For 5 Days in Dubai flights Included 5 Days 4 Nights ₹ 18725.0
5 Days Romantic Getaway to Dubai with Desert Camping 5 Days 4 Nights ₹ 22113.0
Dubai packages - Browse through a wide range of Dubai trip packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Dubai tour packages with exciting deals & offers.

Bringing you the best of your
Dubai trip, Thrillophilia has an enthralling range of Dubai tour packages. Whether you opt for Dubai family trip packages, Dubai tour package for couples or Dubai group packages, we cater to add an extra flavour to your Dubai travel packages with our impeccable services and exciting discounts and offers. Our Dubai Tour Packages from India yearn for your larger than life experience, including not just a mere there and back trip but also exciting and thrilling activities to do in Dubai. Experience the luxury Dubai tour package to avail the opportunity of staying at the lavish hotels or on the contrary, our pocket-friendly Cheap Dubai tour packages to save the money for the extra fun.

Enrich your holidays in Dubai with your beloved, with Thrillophilia providing theme-based Dubai Honeymoon Tour packages and feel free to customize them as it suits your taste. With multiple fun-filled activities, Thrillophilia assists you to dice the thrill with
Dubai holiday trip with Desert Safari and dune bashing. To ease things down with tranquility and peace you can opt for the Tour of Dubai with Palm Atlantis Stay or the Romantic escape to Dubai with Dinner Cruise or Desert Camping with your partner, living the moments of your life.

Home to spectacular architectural and technological wonders of whooping proportions, Dubai outshines all the other places on the face of the earth with its contrasting beauty. Thrillophilia aligns an amazing array of
Dubai tour packages making your trip to the city of superlatives doozy as never. Travelers’ abode - Dubai is a spot-on place for all the unique experiences one has in the bucket list. We cater to add the tinge of expertise and a dice of thrill to your Dubai stay making it a comfortable and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Housing wonders like the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Ski Dubai, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and the Dubai Creek, Dubai has emerged out to be one of the most important, beautiful, innovative and adventurous cities of the world.

An embodiment of the thought “Go Big or Go Home”, Dubai has never known how to keep itself lagging behind when it comes to dazzling the world’s population with experiences curated here that are otherwise unheard of in the rest of the world. Get acquainted with the local essence of this city with our
Dubai local tour packages or on the contrary, opt for the Dubai city tour packages if you wish to get the whiff of the fast and dazzling city life. Thrillophilia helps you schedule your Dubai trip without missing any major attractions with its well-designed Dubai tour packages bringing to you all the best things that this place has to offer.

Speaking of that, why is Dubai called the city of superlatives? 
Home to the tallest building in the world, the giant Burj Khalifa, Dubai has always done something by going the extra mile and achieve it all. To add more, the supertall skyscraper - the Palm, built on reclaimed land from the sea near the Jumeirah Coast of Dubai is a giant palm tree structure that not just defies the normal beliefs but attracts a lot of awe from the people coming to visit Dubai. A city above the clouds, this is an ideal destination to spend an exotic vacation with your soulmate availing our Dubai Honeymoon packages.

Not just the sky-scraping buildings, Dubai is also famous for providing some of the most unique and adventurous experiences, ones that you can cherish for a lifetime. Dubai has been able to create ways for itself in places where no one could even imagine to venture. Be it land, mountains, sand dunes, skies or even the waters around, Dubai has conquered it all. One of the most famous adventure sports and often a delightful inclusion in many of the
Dubai tour packages is the adrenaline pumping experience of Desert Safari. The thrill of riding a 4x4 vehicle and bashing the dunes of the desert nearby Dubai is going to be forever instilled in your mind. The delicious BBQ dinner and sleep overnight in the camps pitched in the middle of the desert makes it even an astounding post-experience.

And speaking of dessert, how would you like to glide on the fine sands and surf down the dunes at a heart-racing speed? Yet another favorite of tourists arriving in Dubai every year to get the best out of your
Dubai trip! Sandboarding is a famous adventure sport that takes place in the deserts of Dubai and is something that attracts a lot of people here, especially in the months of winter.

Dubai also takes care of visitors who wish to get away from all the heat. With the introduction of
Ski Dubai, the city of superlatives reached a new level of making the impossible possible. Ski Dubai, built in the middle of a desert is the experience of snow under a roof in the dizzyingly high temperatures here. Complete with an 85-meter mountain possessing 5 slopes, a 400-meter run, and a 3000 square meter snow play area, all in one of the biggest malls in the world, Mall of the Emirates. Spread in an area of 22,500 square meters, Ski Dubai is the experience of snow in the middle of a heat-blazing desert.

To add up to the list, another great achievement of this city is that of mastering the art of challenging the limits that the sky has to offer as well. You can enjoy skydiving over the Palm and come speeding down from a height of over 8000 ft towards the ground underneath to add more to your
Dubai Trip. And as you come down, you will get an eye-feasting, never-seen-before view at the amazing skyline of Dubai and the man-made island structure of The Palm.

And talking of conquering the skies, Dubai is also the home of world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. The neck-craning giant is, in turn, home to the world’s highest observation deck. It is said that if you stand at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa and then take a quick elevator to the observation deck, you can watch the sunset twice in the same day. And that is probably the reason why the observation deck is one of the most famous
places to visit in Dubai. You get some of the most amazing views of the Dubai skyline.

And right next to Burj Khalifa are two amazing experiences. The first one is the Dubai Fountain. Being one of the most amazing spectacles of Dubai, this place attracts a large number of people at the evening fountain shows, but more than that, the place is famous for the Zipline that goes over the lake, even when the show is in full swing. Combining two of the most amazing experiences that the Dubai Fountain offers is going to prove to be an unforgettable moment of your
Dubai trip.

The second amazing thing that lies near the Burj Khalifa is the biggest mall in the world,
The Dubai Mall. The place is not just famous for being of such humongous proportions but is also famous for being the home to one of the most unique experiences that you can expect to find in Dubai- the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Holding the record of being the world’s largest suspended aquarium, the Dubai Aquarium is a must-visit place in Dubai. Housing the world’s biggest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks, the place also offers some of the most scenic views of animals like Piranhas, Sea Otters, large Catfishes and a large colony of Humboldt Penguins.

And if you think that the experience in Dubai Mall is only limited to seeing other creatures of nature going by their normal life, then you are wrong. Another example of why Dubai is one of the places that offer everything for people who come here in search of experience. The Dubai Mall has a one-of-a-kind indoor scuba diving experience. Diving with the sharks housed in the 10-million liter capacity tank, you will have an experience that will not only be a memorable one for yourself but will also be a matter of envy in the people looking at you from outside the tank.

No, the adventure for these
Dubai holiday packages does not just end here. The IMG Worlds of adventure is another gem in the crown of Dubai. Holding the title of being the world’s largest indoor amusement park, the IMG is filled with multiple characters from the fictional universes of Marvel and various other comic and cartoon strips from all around the world, making it a favourite hangout for children, as well as, adults who have grown up reading and enjoying them. Also, a part of the park is the uber-fast roller coasters and theatres for those who love the movie adaptations of these works.

And you can book all this, and many other unforgettable experiences of the golden city, that is Dubai, right here. Take a look at these amazing
Dubai packages, created, offered and curated for the adventurer, wanderer and the lover of travel in you. Choose the ones of multiple days if you wish to explore the place more closely, or go for the day tours of Dubai if you wish to enjoy all that this place has to offer, one experience of a lifetime. Book your trip with us and you would always find reasons to come back right here.
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People Also Ask About Dubai Tours

  1. Which are best tourist places to visit during the Dubai Tour?

    Here is the list of best tourist places to visit places in Dubai

    1. Burj Khalifa: A must visit on a Dubai tour is the Burj Khalifa! This enormous skyscraper is all glittered with luxurious ambiance and interior. Presenting to you highly creative exuberance it has followed the Islamic architecture in making.

    2. Burj Al Arab: Famed for its exceptional hospitality and elegant interiors Burj Al Arab is one of the finest hotels that one must book for an ultra-luxury stay!

    3. Ferrari World: A Ferrari theme park that features a number of attractions and edutainment sections is a perfect lace sped the action-packed day!

    4. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: Preserving more than 140 underwater species this aquarium should be a must-go-to place. This underwater zoo has a collection of endangered wildlife species like the tiger sharks that are being kept safe in this aquarium.

    5. Dubai Marina: Spending some time with your family or partner in peace amidst the beautiful sea is a great idea for anyone. One can savor the grand gourmet meals and enjoy the live entertainment performances and light music to dance yourself.

    6. Dubai Creek: The saltwater creek that flows right in the center of the city is a must visit and one can even opt for the cruise which takes over to the attractions established on it.

    7. Jumeirah Mosque: Built-in the elegant Fatimid style this holy place is a hub for the devotees! Featuring open doors and open minds, this is a place where you can seek the blessings of Allah and have some peaceful time in Jumeirah Mosque.

    8. Jumeirah Beach: A massive jumeirah beach club that attracts a lot of people is a must to visit place when you land on to Dubai Marina. It is one of the area’s hottest attractions as you can relax under the umbrella and soak the sun. One can enjoy the glass-walled infinity pool if they wish to go for a swim. People who crave for adventure and thrill can take the plunge to try skydiving at SkyDive Dubai.

    9. Dubai Miracle Garden: This is a heavenly place with some blossoming flowers to see. This garden will make your senses go all happy and dancing when you just have a look at them. Renowned to be known as the world's largest natural flower garden Dubai Miracle Garden is a wonder to experience in the desert city like Dubai.

    10. Dubai Dolphinarium: Located in the middle east, Dubai Dolphinarium features a number of dolphins and seals which play, act, and perform live shows which is one of the best things to see in Dubai!

    11. Ski Dubai: An indoor ski-resort which sprawls over an area of 22,500 square meters is a  perfect place to witness skiing with a temperature balance of almost -1 to 2 degree Celsius.

    12. Dubai Fountain: Watch the lights and displays of the high jet waters go up to 150 meters high and come down to zero! Listen to synchronized music and have a memorable evening at the Dubai Fountain.

    13. Dubai Frame: A giant ornate picture frame which is one of the largest frames of the world is famed as the Dubai frame. It also features the history of bygone eras of Dubai and is one of the must visit places.

    14. Dubai Mall: Featuring more than 1200 stores of luxury brands of apparel, gifts, footwear, and countless other things this place is a shoppers paradise.

    15. Dubai Garden Glow: The largest glow in the dark garden in the world is Dubai Garden glow and here one can witness well-manicured gardens that are lit and various other attraction sections that extent exceptional views!

    16. Mall of the Emirates: This is not just a mall but a whole more! Here one can enjoy activities like snowboarding, skiing, enjoy chairlifts and build a snowman at this place and apart from this, it is dotted with a number of cafes and luxury brand stores!

    17. The Palm Island: Stay at the lavish Palm island which is arched with a number of palm trees and has an exceptional architectural style.

    18. Dubai Gold Souk and Spice Souk: The old markets of the city where you can shop Gold and the local spices that are homegrown by the people! Here you can shop antiques, jewelry, and countless other things that are unique to Dubai and could be bought as a souvenir of the trip!

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  2. What are the best activities to do during the Dubai tour?

    You can find amazing things to do in Dubai. The city is packed with fun giving activities suitable for adults as well as kids. Checkout the list of best things to do in Dubai:

    - Skydiving: Select from the wide range of options of skydiving over the desert campus or the elegant skyscrapers and taste the thrill of free falling down from high above the ground. With this, you can eye the best version of displays of the city and take back home a bag full of memories.

    - Desert Safari: Unveil the lure of the golden sands of Dubai with a desert safari as this is what this place is famed for. With this activity, you can trace every nook of the golden sand deserts of Dubai and soak in the warmth of the sun.

    - Cruising: 
    Cruising on Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek with your partner or family is one of the best things to do and one must not miss out on it. One can taste the luxuries of elegantly build cruises with the top-notch amenities and also embrace the major attractions of the city.

    - Fishing: 
    Gaining importance from ages, fishing is something that you should witness when in Dubai. Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Creek, and various other points are well-suited for fishing and one can straight head to them as here fishing is legal and you can witness this activity.

    - Boating: 
    Sail over the boat and tour the marvels of the city. Select the kind of boat that you like, be it the speedy one or the slow one and tour the city. Apart from this, you can also start a tour at Dubai Creek over a boat as this is the best way to explore the skyline of the city.

    - Dune Bashing: 
    A Dubai trip is incomplete with Dune Bashing! With Dune bashing, you can select the large SUVs with which you can blow off the golden sands of the Dubai deserts and make the best of memories.

    - Quad Biking: 
    Add Quad Biking to your Dubai packages and explore the rugged terrain of the city with a Quad bike. To make your day an action-packed one you can witness this adventurous sport and ride the powerful machines of almost 50 to 570 cc.

    - Helicopter Ride: 
    Ride a helicopter and take a glimpse of the mind-blowing skyline of the luxurious city! This experience is just one of its kinds and one must dare to miss out on it as this something you can not witness everywhere.

    - Seaplane Fight: 
    With this activity, you can enjoy the finest views of the city and also opt for a convenient pick-up point from Dubai Creek or Jebel Ali. If you are looking for a unique experience then this is the activity for you as with this you can cross over the majestic skyline of the city and take a birds-eye view of its glory.

    - Parasailing: 
    Sail around in the air like a bird and enjoy the majestic views of the city! You can witness this activity at the Jumeirah beach as it is famed for an array of adventures and you can have the best versions of sailing here only.

    - Scuba diving: 
    Dive deep into the depths of water explore the bounties of nature with scuba diving. To witness the best version of diving you can straight head to the Jumeirah beach as it is a hotspot of adventures and part form this you can also plan it with your friends and family.

    - Jet Ski: 
    Rush on the surface of the water over a Jet-ski and pump up your adrenaline! With a Jet ski, you can sail over at high speeds or just move around slowly. Make sure that you have a trained professional along to guide you.

    - Wakeboarding: 
    With this adrenaline-pumping activity, you can strain down on the surface of the water at high speeds. The cool water will keep splashing all over your face to make sure that you hold the grip well! Apart from this, this is an activity unique to Dubai and is one-of-its-kind.

    - Snorkeling: 
    Plunge deep down into the water and reveal the miracles of the ocean bottoms with snorkeling. If you are not much into aquatics but love to sink in the water and witness the camouflage of marine life then this is the exercise for you. Well, it has lighter pieces of equipment and you need not carry heavy loads, just take an apparatus and fins and you are good to go!

    - Zip-lining: 
    Zap and zoom like a Tarzan with ziplining at Adventure park. This is a must-add in your list of things to do in Dubai as it offers a combination of greenery and thrill all at once.

    - Fly-Boarding: 
    Take a hydro flight with fly boards and play with the speed of water. With this activity, you can try tips and tricks with the fly board and play with the water pressure that will take you to another level of entertainment.

    - Adventure Theme Parks: 
    A paradise for adventure lovers is Adventure theme parks! From zip lining like a Tarzan from one tree to another to experience the jungle canopy, where one can witness each one of them, Not only this but you can also zoom down from high to low at bullet speed at this adventure park that is a part of the Dubai packages.

    - Water Parks: 
    Refresh your soul with the cool water of the water parks and add up entertainment to the day with the slides. Here you can splash and splurge the water at the water parks like Aqua adventure water park, Splash ‘n’ Party and countless others.

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  3. Which are the best amusement parks in Dubai?

    1. Aquaventure Waterpark: Located on the famous Palm Islands, this waterpark is home to numerous thrilling water slides including a huge slide taking you through a lagoon which carries real sharks. Many animals like stingrays and sharks are exhibited in a safe environment, making it a go-to place for families.

    2. Ski Dubai: This adventure park will provide you with an icy cool feeling in the hot city of Dubai. From skiing to snowboarding, every kind of activity can be done in the artificial snow provided here with a temperature of -2 degrees.

    3. LEGOLAND Dubai: As the name suggests, this amusement park is a venture of Lego - the most popular toy manufacturer of the world. From family friendly adventures to the innovative children's play areas, this park is loaded with a plethora of entertainment options.

    4. IMG Worlds of Adventure: Famous for being a dream destination for marvel and cartoon network lovers, this theme park is a mix of action figures and fairy tales. From the haunted hotel to the Dinosaur Land, the whole area of 1.5 million square feet is covered with something adventurous.

    5. The Ferrari World: For all the ferrari lovers, this is the place where you will enjoy what it feels like to drive a ferrari in F1 racing. From huge and speedy rides to beautiful theme parks, this amusement park is home to the best sort of entertainment one can think of.
  4. How to reach Dubai?

    With great connectivity to more than 200 different world destinations reaching out to Dubai is quite an easy task. Boarding a direct flight is the best way and in fact, the fastest way to reach here. While you opt for a Dubai tour, make sure that book a direct flight to Dubai International Airport which is the busiest one in the array of UAE airports. Apart from this, you can also land down on Sharjah International Airport and after that take a direct taxi service.

    Some of the Dubai tour packages are inclusive of the transfers but if not then make sure that make an early booking as this will cut down the travel cost.  If you are already in UAE and you wish to reach out to Dubai then you can even opt for the Emirates Express Bus service that is the local of Emirates and connect various cities like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. If you are traveling from India then the best way is flight and be it Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore there are countless flights connecting the two cities.

    Operators like Air India, Fly Dubai, Spice Jet, and various others have connecting, as well as direct flights in almost every hour. There is no connectivity to Dubai from water or road directly from India. Book a Dubai holiday package with flights from Thrillophilia and have a memorable time with your loved ones.

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    15 Best Things to Do in Dubai Airport

  5. Which is the best time to visit Dubai?

    The best time to visit is right from November to March, with mercury meters in the range of 17 degrees to 30 degrees Celcius you can have a splendid time in the city of spectacular skyline. Make sure that you make the bookings in advance as at this time the price of the accommodation boosts up and advance booking is a must to save on travel. At this time, you can tour the scenic destinations of the city that include the Burj Al Arab, Ferrari World, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, and Jumeirah Mosque.

    - Summer season (June to August)
    One must make sure that before they book a Dubai tour package they are well aware of the arid and hot climate of Dubai as it is not that easy to adapt. With temperature bars rising high to 50-degree Celsius it becomes a little difficult to roam around in the city. The months from June to August are the peak summers in Dubai and the scorching heat makes outdoor activities a little tough. Apart from this, it is the time period of Ramadan which leads to the closing of several cafes as well as restaurants.

    - Winter season (December to February)
    The best time to visit Dubai is in winters as the climate is not extreme and is quite gentle. With the temperature bars in the range, of 15-degree Celsius to 25-degree Celsius, it makes strolling around in the city an amazing experience.

  6. Is taxi in Dubai expensive?

    Contrary to the popular belief, the taxi rides in Dubai are extremely affordable, especially if you are traveling with Dubai local tour packages. For example, you would have to pay around $3 for traveling nearly 14 kilometers, which equals to almost nine miles. 
  7. Can you drink alcohol in Dubai?

    If you are aged either 21 or over, then you can drink alcohol-based beverages in Dubai; however, make sure not to drink in the public or holy places. 
  8. Do I need a visa for Dubai?

    If you are planning a Dubai tour make sure that you have applied for the visa. Getting a visa for Dubai is not at a pain at all and the application process is quite an easy one. For some of the countries like Japan, Ireland, and several others there is a free visa on arrival, but for Indian nationals, it is mandatory to apply for the visa. Apart from this, the first step is to always check the validity of the passport! To apply for a visa, visit the official website emirates.com.
  9. Is 3 days enough in Dubai?

    The best highlights of the city can be easily covered in 3 days including the beaches around Palm Islands, the Burj Khalifa and the Ferrari world. However if you want to delve into the deep insight of this fascinating city then make sure you visit here for more than 5 days.
  10. Can I get visa on arrival in Dubai?

    Visa on arrival in Dubai is given only to 48 countries in the world. The nationalities from these countries do not need a pre-arranged visa. Countries listed in GCC nationals and national from these countries need not have a pre-arranged visa to visit Dubai. Australia, Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United States of America, United Kingdom with (Right of Abode in UK) and the Vatican.
  11. How much time does it take to get a visa to Dubai?

    The type of visa you have applied for will be a key factor in deciding how long it will take to process your visa. For normal visa, usually 3-4 working days are needed and for express visa, only 1 day is enough but the charge will be higher than the normal visa.
  12. How much it will cost me for a tourist visa to Dubai?

    Transit visa costs Rs.4599 and tourist visa for 14 days has the starting price of Rs.6399. Rs.6699 is the cost of tourist visa for 30 days. For Emirates ticket holders, the tourist visa for 90 days costs Rs.20500 and for other airline ticket holders, the same costs Rs. 23000. But depending on the site you apply for online and the number of days, the cost of the visa will vary.
  13. Do I need a visa for connecting flights?

    You will need a visa if your connecting flights is coming after eight hours of your arrival at the airport. The nationals from 48 countries listed as GCC nationals which would not need a pre-arranged visa. For the nationals from these countries can get a visa on arrival at the airport.
  14. Which currency is used in Dubai?

    UAE Dirham is the widely used currency in Dubai. It is represented as Dhs or AED. At the current rate, 1 USD is equal to 3.675 dirhams. There are notes of different values such as 5, 10, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 available in Dubai.
  15. How much time do I need to explore Dubai?

    Ideal duration to enjoy holiday in Dubai is 6-7 days. In these days, you can finish visiting the major sights and landmarks along with some of the adventure activities as well. But there are option for 3-4 days of sightseeing tour, 10-12 days of activities and sightseeing tour and day tours also. Ideally, long day tours would be helpful to enjoy the city compared to the short tours.
  16. How many days are enough to visit Dubai?

    Dubai tour can be done from 3 days to one month as your time and budget suggest. But the ideal duration can be one to two weeks so that you can cover all the sightseeing options and enjoy the extreme adventure activities in Dubai without packing everything together and losing the fun. If you take at least one week, you will not miss any attraction or spot in Dubai.
  17. What about the temperature in Daytime/Nighttime in Dubai?

    The temperature in the daytime and nighttime in Dubai is as follows:

    - In Summer Season: 
    Make sure that to strike out the Dubai tour in summers as the temperature goes high to 50-degree.
    - In Winter Season: 
    There are no such extreme winters in Dubai as the temperature ranges from 25-degrees Celsius to 15-degrees Celcius which is quite pleasing for touring the city.

  18. How much does the Dubai trip cost?

    A decently planned Dubai trip will cost you an approximate of AED 1050 per day. This cost would include your stay, local travel, as well as food. Therefore a week’s Dubai trip would cost you somewhat around AED 7500. Try to book your flight tickets well in advance to save on your flight tickets as much as you can, if traveling on a budget. You can add on for shopping as per your budget.
  19. What can you see in Dubai in 5 days?

    - On your 1st day after arrival in Dubai, you can enjoy the Marina Cruise followed by a pleasant dinner.
    - The second day can be reserved to visit and admire the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa, followed by a visit to the underwater oceanarium.
    - The third day can be dedicated to a half-day tour around the city of Dubai and visiting the world-renowned Desert Safari.
    - On your fourth day, take a trip around Abu Dhabi and visit the Ferrari World along with that.
    - The fifth day can be left unreserved to explore like nomads.
  20. What is the cheapest month to travel to Dubai?

    Summer months of July and August are when the airfares, as well as accommodation in Dubai, are at their cheapest. However, it is not at all advisable to plan a Dubai trip with your family or kids during this time as Dubai is hottest during this time and would not allow you to enjoy the city to the fullest. You can also avail of cheap Dubai packages during the Ramdan; however, you may face a lot of problems regarding food availability during the day time at most of the public places.
  21. Is a trip to Dubai expensive?

    Dubai tours are not as expensive as they sound. One day’s cost per person would range around AED 1000 ($272) which is not that expensive. The flight tickets are what act as a game-changer to your visit to Dubai. Try to analyze the same and get yourself the best deals to cut down your trip cost. The rest all depends on how much you plan to spend on shopping in this international shopping capital.
  22. Do Indians need a visa for Dubai?

    Yes, Indians do need a visa for Dubai. However, travelers who have a visa for the US, UK or Schengen do not need a separate visa to visit Dubai. They can travel on the same visa and can simply fill up a form at the immigration as soon as they reach Dubai. However, this service can be availed for a maximum of up to 14 days of stay in Dubai.
  23. What currency is best to use in Dubai?

    The currency of Dubai is Dirham which is accepted all over Dubai; however, most of the places in Dubai also do accept US Dollars. The current exchange rate of Dollars to Dirham is 3.67. It is safest and best to carry some currency in Dirham even if you prefer carrying dollars in Dubai.
  24. Is food expensive in Dubai?

    On average, tourists spend AED 164 for food on their Dubai tours. If you are dining out, a usual meal would cost you something around 65 AED. Breakfasts are usually cheaper. Based on this math, the cost of food in Dubai does remain on the upper edge, however, it still cannot be deemed much expensive. Moreover, most of the Dubai packages are inclusive of food.
  25. Should you exchange money before going to Dubai?

    It is always preferable to exchange some currency before your land to the host country. Dirham is not that common a currency; thus, might not be available at most of the currency exchanges in other countries. However, you can easily exchange your currency after landing at the international airport of Dubai, free of any commission.
  26. Is Indian currency accepted in Dubai?

    No, Indian currency is not accepted anywhere throughout your Dubai travel. You may even not be able to exchange the same to AED through currency exchange. Always try carrying US Dollars and/or Dirham with you while traveling in Dubai. However, Indian currency is accepted for shopping at duty-free outlets at three terminals of the International Airport and the Al Maktoum Airport.
  27. Is Passport required for Dubai?

    Yes, for your Dubai travel, you need a passport that has validity for at least the next six months. Indian travelers having a US, UK or Schengen visa do not need an additional visa for staying up to 14 days in Dubai.
  28. Can we use the Indian ATM card in Dubai?

    Yes, any international visa or mastercard can be used in Dubai for making transactions through ATMs. However, make sure in advance that your bank allows international transactions and is not limited to usage in India. Do note that Rupay debit cards issued by most of the Indian banks would not be usable in Dubai.
  29. How much cash can I carry to the UAE from India?

    The amount of cash that you carry from the UAE to India must not exceed the amount that you took with you from India to UAE. Moreover, the cash amount should not exceed $10,000 under any circumstances. If you are carrying any about preceding this limit, it should be declared beforehand at the customs to prevent any kind of discomfort at the security check.
  30. What all activities I can do in Dubai desert?

    Desert Safari in Dubai, offers 4x4 dune bashing, quad biking, camel safari, sand boarding, buggy ride, bike ride, camping etc are the major activities you can do in the desert safari. As you select one package, you will get to know what all activities are included. Some packages will offer BBQ dinner, belly dance, falcon show and cultural performances also.
  31. Is it really worth to do adventure actities in Dubai?

    Dubai offers an array of activities to do. It is worth visiting Dubai for the extreme adventure the city can provide you in the form of dune bashing, sand boarding, sky diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, helicopter ride, bungee jumping, fishing and cruising, wakeboarding, parasailing and many more.

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  32. Which are some of the best places to do adventure activities in Dubai?

    The Hatta Desert and Red Dunes in Dubai are the prominent spots in Dubai which give some exciting adventure activities like desert safari, dune bashing, buggy ride, sand wakeboard, hot air balloon ride etc. Jebel Ali, Wild Wadi Waterpark, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Emirates Diving Federation Dubai, and the Jumeriah, Water Sports, Swimming - Palm Beach and Jumeirah Beach, the Dubai Ladies Club, Pavilion Dive Centre at Jumeirah Beach Hotel etc offer the most enjoyable scuba diving sessions. Gravity Zone is a remarkable space where you can enjoy the best bungee jumping in Dubai.

    If you like skiing, then Snow Park at the Mall of the Emirates can be visited during your tour.

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  33. Which are the best beaches in Dubai?

    1. Umm Suqeim Beach: Also known as Sunset Beach, Umm Suqeim Beach is a flat, wide beach that lets you take the best pictures of the Burj al Arab. This beach is facilitated with lifeguard stands, changing rooms, playgrounds, picnic areas, toilets, and green lawns.

    2. Marina Beach: 
    Marine Beach is a beautiful, wide beach, flaunting soft white sparkling sand and warm water. The beach is lined with elegant restaurants, colourful ice-cream parlours, and little cafes.

    3. Kite Beach: 
    Always found in the Dubai travel packages of adventure enthusiasts, Kite Beach offers excellent opportunities for kayaking and paddleboarding. The beach features coarse sand packed with a plethora of shells and also as the name goes people love to fly kites here.

    4. La Mer: 
    La Mer is a fancy beach with elegant restaurants, a water park, and sunloungers. The beach offers warm water and gentle waves, which is safe even for young children.

    5. Black Palace Beach: 
    Nestled between Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab and also known as Secret Beach, Black Palace Beach is a wild, raw beach, flaunting aqua blue water and golden sand.
  34. Which are the best places for shopping in Dubai?

    The topmost spots to shop in Dubai are the world famous Dubai Mall, the Mall of Emirates, the Dubai Outlet Mall, Bur Juman, City Centre- Deira, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Lamzi Plaza, Mercato Shopping Mall, and Festival City Mall. Apart from these, there are many street shops and souks in the city and around the city where you can get more items at cheaper rate. At Deira, Karama Centre, Rashidiya, Jumeirah Beach Road etc, there are multiple shopping centres in Dubai

    Discover More: 15 Best Malls in Dubai
  35. What is the cost of Desert Safari and camping in Dubai?

    The number of people, the duration and the company you choose will decide the rates for desert camping and safari in Dubai. The prices may vary from AED 150 to AED 800 depending on the activities, the vehicle and the company you have selected. Camping cost starts from USD 100 and if you choose to enjoy some cultural performances, the rate will go up.
  36. What all mosques one should must visit in Dubai?

    Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque that will let non-Muslims to enter and watch the architectural extravaganza. But women are allowed to enter only if they wear a head dress like shawl or similar thing. Since it is an Islamic country, the number of mosques would be countless and some of them are Grand Mosque, Hor Al Anz Mosque, Abu Hail Mosque, Abu ibn Kaab Mosque, Abdulla bin Saeed Mosque, Naad Al Shiba Grand Mosque, Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Mosques 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Al Mamzar Mosque, Al Habtoor Mosque, Dubai Sports and Culture Club Mosque.

    These mosques will not let non-Muslims enter but they can enjoy the structure and beauty from outside.
  37. Which all restaurants are must to visit in Dubai?

    Dubai unveils the best options to try various cuisines from the different parts of the world as the city is a melting pot of hundreds of culture.

    - La Petite Maison is one of the best restaurants in Dubai and it offers very tasty French dishes as well as Mediterranean dishes.
    - Al Iwan is the best one where you will get the traditional tastes of Emirati food items.
    - Armani or Amal is where the tastiest Indian delicacies are introduced to the foreign land.
    - Zheng He can be tried for the authentic Chinese food items and Tomo by Takahashi serves the scrumptious Japanese cuisines.

    Pierchic serves the best European style food while Eauzone is the spot for modern Asain delicacies. On top of these restaurants, there are shopping malls and street food stalls to try our local as well as international items at cheaper rates.

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  38. Can I find vegetarian food easily in Dubai?

    In the current world, the number of vegetarians is higher and thus almost all the restaurants in Dubai also have options for the best vegetarian delicacies. A lot of restaurants are found at Karama Centre, Jumeirah, Bur Dubai and so on which are mostly Indian restaurant and South Asian cuisines. Hotels, pubs, clubs etc are very careful about arranging their menu according to the palates of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

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  39. What sort of nightlife is there in Dubai?

    The nightlife in Dubai is colourful and amusing as the late night street shops and the landmarks gleaming vehemently are superb. The fun-filled nightclubs and bars in Dubai will be awakened till midnight and offer the best international performances, music and concerts along with the sizzling, delicious delicacies from all over the world. A night walk along the city roads is a preferred activity tourists love to do in Dubai.
  40. What can you wear in Dubai?

    While on a Dubai trip, it is advisable to wear clothes that cover everything from your shoulders to knees. In most of the public places, except for the beach and pool area, you must follow the dress code strictly. Avoid wearing clothes that are see-through or very tight, and it is applicable for both men as well as women.

    Additionally, if you are entering a mosque, you would be asked to remove your shoes. You might even be provided with special clothing, abaya for women and ghandourah for men while you enter a mosque. It is advisable for both the genders not to wear sleeveless tops or shorts above the knee length while traveling in public to prevent any kind of restrictions.
  41. Can someone do a Seaplane Ride in Dubai? What will be the cost?

    Well, when it comes to the city of Sheiks a luxury experience is a must and nothing could be better than a Seaplane Ride. With this activity, you can enjoy the finest views of the city and also opt for a convenient pick-up point from Dubai Creek or Jebel Ali. If you are looking for a unique experience then this is the activity for you as with this you can cross over the majestic skyline of the city and take a birds-eye view of its glory.

    To witness the Arabian grandeur from a Seaplane it is almost 16,500 INR per person and if you do it in a group then the cost could be cut short a little the experience gets even more memorable. The SeaPlane tour lasts for about 20-minutes and you can soak-in the major attractions of the city all at once!
  42. Is it worth spending honeymoon in Dubai?

    Embark on a tour to the scenic destination Dubai as it holds a whole wide platter of things to do and places to visit with your partner. From a fantastic Dubai Marina dinner cruise to the Desert Safari with a BBQ dinner here you can witness a whole wide spectrum. Not only this but you can also witness a wide range of water adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, and countless others. Book a Yacht, tour the Dubai garden glow, Seaplane flight, or anything else that you like as it lacks nowhere and victuals to all the demands of honeymooners.

    Know More: 50 Best Places to Visit in Dubai For Honeymoon
  43. What all romantic things can be done in Dubai?

    There are plenty of romantic things to do in Dubai:

    - Dubai Marina Dinner CruiseSpending some time with your partner in peace amidst the beautiful sea is a great idea for anyone and dinner here on the cruise is just a perfect way to express your love to your partner.

    - Hot Air BallooningFly around in balloon and gape at the jaw-dropping displays of the city! One of the best things to do in Dubai with your loved one is hot air ballooning.

    - Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner: Witness a combination of Dinner, dance, and BBQ at once with a Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner package and break the ice of your romantic date!

    - Cruise to Burj Khalifa: Take a cruise to the scenic destination and roam around the tallest building of the world with your partner! On this cruise, you can even witness the Burj Al Arab, Creek, and other major attractions of the city while you dine.

    - Limousine Ride in the city: The best way to explore the city Sheikhs by selecting elegant limousines namely Chrysler, Lincoln, Hummer and Ford Excursion anyone that you like. If you are in Dubai then this is something one must not dare to miss as it gives you a chance to tour the city and taste the lavishness of a luxury car!

    - Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai CreekFamed as the wooden vessel this is one of the most unique concepts of dinner in Dubai. On this cruise, you will be accompanied with live dance performances, the rich drinks, fine dining, and exotic sights of the Burj Khalifa and the floodlit waterfall bridge that makes the evening even more fantastic.

    - Tour the City in a Helicopter: Tour over a helicopter and take a glimpse of the beautiful skyline of the luxurious city with your partner! This experience is just one of its kinds and one must dare to miss out on it!

    - Seaplane Flight Experience: Gape at the majestic views of the city and also opt for a convenient pick-up point from Dubai Creek or Jebel Ali. If you are looking for a unique experience then this is the activity for you as with this you can cross over the majestic skyline of the city and take a birds-eye view of its glory!

    - Romantic Date on a Yacht: Availability of things to do in Dubai Marina is in multitudes and in one of them comes taking a romantic date on a Yacht it is a choice with no regrets that takes you to the attractions of the city and also gives seclusion.

    - Dubai Fountain Lake Ride: Witness the fountains go high and low and change the colors with the tempo of the music with your partner and make your Dubai vacation a memorable one.

    - Scuba Diving in Dubai: Dive deep into the depths of water explore the bounties of nature with scuba diving. To witness the best version of diving you can straight head to the Jumeirah beach as it is a hotspot of adventures and part form this you can also plan it with your friends and family.

    - Visit Dubai Garden Glow: Surrender yourself to the mighty views of the garden glow where the wide range of flora along with led lit lights takes the beauty to another level.

    - Visit Ferrari World: The Ferrari World is an edutainment section where one can witness a wide range of attractions and rides that are branded by Ferrari. If even features the world's fastest roller coaster and is a must visit spot!

    - Water sports at Jumeirah: Add adventure to your honeymoon and take your partner straight to Jumeirah beach which is famed for its water adventures like Jet skiing, diving, snorkeling, and many more.

    - Visit Dubai Frame: Located in Zabeel park this is the largest picture frame in the world and one can capture images with it. It stands 150 meters high and is one of the must-visit places!

    - Experience Sea Breacher Ride: Witness a newer version of water adventure the sea breacher which is semi-immersed submarine shaped like a shark and takes you to the beauties of water.
  44. What are the romantic places to visit in Dubai?

    1. Villa Beach: Does enjoying a lip-smacking meal at the side of the beach with your beloved sound romantic and amorous to you? Then, Villa Beach, with its serene ambiance and an elusive sea-front view, should be a perfect place for you two to share some dreamy thoughts with each other.   

    2. Burj Khalifa: Besides watching the captivating view of the mesmerizing Dubai together, you can also arrange a romantic candlelight dinner on the 122nd floor’s lounge to make your other half’s day even more special. 

    3. The Dubai Fountain: Watching the enthralling water show of the Dubai Fountain while savoring the glorious taste of Middle-Eastern delicacies with your partner is one of the most romantic things that you can do with the Dubai local tour packages. 

    4. Dubai Miracle Garden: if you want to spend some alone time in the lap of nature, with your other half, away from the hustles and bustles of the city life, then make sure to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden at least once during your stay in the city. 
  45. What are the best places to visit in Dubai at night?

    1. Burj Khalifa: With massive International fame, the famous Burj Khalifa is a sight to see at night. The picturesque beauty that it offers from the 124th floor is something that you are unlikely to forget anytime soon. 

    2. The Dubai Fountains: The light and music show, along with the dancing waters is an absolutely mesmerizing sight. The magnificent show is included in the Dubai city tour packages.

    3. The Arabian Desert: A trip to Dubai without experiencing the desert culture through a desert safari is simply incomplete. From camping to stargazing to tasting the Arabic delicacies to enjoying the cultural programs, this safari will be an unforgettable memory. 

    4. Dubai Opera: Part of the Dubai city tour packages, a show at the Dubai Opera will leave you awe-struck. This includes ballet, musicals, and much more.

    5. Dubai Global Village: Numerous lights and an overall positive atmosphere awaits you here. With various cultures on display, Dubai Global Village aids you in experiencing the whole world in a nutshell.

    6. BASE Dubai: Experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Dubai is a must. Apart from being a cool hangout place, this pub has a wide range of music selection that will get you in the mood to have some fun. 
  46. What sort of public transportation is there in Dubai?

    The public transportation system in Dubai is well acclaimed. The two lines of Dubai metro that are Red Line and Green Line with multiple station and extending up to 74 kms among which 13 km is built underground are really helpful for daily commuters. The systematized bus service of Dubai is really acknowledged. Trams services are the recent additions to the public transportation of the city. The tourists arrive in Dubai largely use the taxi services since it will give them privacy and time consumed is less.
  47. Are there any metro facilities in Dubai? Can I download a metro map for the same?

    Metro service in Dubai was started in 2009 and since then it has been a great relief for the daily commuters. Currently there are two lines; Red Line and Green Line. Red Line goes from Dubai International Airport to UAE Exchange and Green Line goes from Etisalat Metro Station to Umm Hurair.

    Red Line operates from 05:30 am to midnight on the working days from Saturday to Wednesday and from 05:30 am to 01:00 am on Thursdays and from 10:00 to 01:00 am on Fridays. Green Line is open on all working days from Saturday to Wednesday from 05:50 am to midnight and from 05:50 am to 01:00 am on Thursdays and from 10:00 am to 01:00 on Fridays. Dubaimetro.eu, mydubaimetro.com etc give you the options to download the metro map.
  48. Is it safe for solo woman travelers to visit Dubai?

    Booking Dubai holiday packages, if you are female and traveling solo is a choice with no regrets. The city is absolutely safe from the police station to the emergency centers the city is well-equipped with each one of them in almost every region. Just make sure that you keep your knees and elbows covered when you visit the holy places as that is a must!
  49. What I should must pack while travelling to Dubai?

    Depending on the climate you visit Dubai, the baggage of yours can be arranged properly. If you are going during summer, then carry summer clothes, loose clothes, sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen, swim suit etc. Keep dehydrated always during this time. In winter, you can take winter clothes or some jackets or warm clothes, shawls, moisturizer etc. For desert safari and adventure activities in the desert, it will be better if you normal sandals or boots. But remember the sand can come in your shoes or boots and it will irritate you. Sandals or flip flops will not cause that difficulties.

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  50. What documents one must carry while visiting Dubai?

    If you have booked any one of the Dubai holiday packages then it is necessary for you to carry a set of documents that include the booking vouchers, passport, valid government identity proof, and photographs. In case, you are an NRI then make sure that you carry an address proof for yourself to show your citizenship.
  51. Are there any restrictions regarding anything which I need to take care of?

    During the month of Ramadan, none is allowed to have food in public since it is the holy month for Islam and they fast during the whole day for one month. If you are not a believer also, you are restricted from having food in public. But you can have at home. During this time, drinking will also be prohibited. Liquor will be available only in private clubs and pubs during other times. Smoking and drinking cannot be done in public. There are no religious restrictions in Dubai though the majority of the population follows Islam religion. But none is allowed to force anybody to change religion. Other restriction comes in the way you dress.

    Nobody is allowed to wear transparent or shorts in public. Women can wear swimsuit or full bikini at the beach. Men are not allowed to come in public without wearing shirt or wearing shorts.

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  52. Do I need to follow any dress code in Dubai?

    Dubai is an Islamic region and the natives expect the visitors to respect the culture and traditions of it. Tourists are suggested to dress modestly in public. It is good to avoid short dresses, transparent clothes but wear body covering dresses like jeans and T shirt, kurtis, long tops, frocks covering knees etc. Men are not allowed to roam around without wearing a shirt or by wearing shorts. At the beach and parks, swimsuit and full bikinis are allowed but kindly avoid wearing those to visit the restaurants and pubs nearby.
  53. Is smoking legal in Dubai? What is the legal drinking age?

    Smoking is not legal at public places in Dubai though you are free to smoke at your home or room. Soon, the government will approve the prohibition of smoking at workplace, restaurants, pubs and bars, shopping malls and similar places, then there would be a complete ban on cigarettes.

    The age limit to get alcohol and to drink alcohol in Dubai is 21. It is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone who has not turned 21 here in Dubai but the limit is 18 in Abu Dhabi.
  54. Do and don'ts in Dubai?

    In Dubai, you are expected to dress conservatively and modestly, especially in residential areas. While at the beach, wearing any kind of revealing clothing is not allowed, the bathing suit or swim-wear is only allowed in water and while coming out, make sure you cover your body.
    - It is compulsory to receive and eat food with your right hand.
    - Do not drink in public when in Dubai.
    - Only married couples are provided private rooms, in case of an unmarried couple, two separate rooms need to be taken.
    - Eating or drinking in public places in the month of Ramadan is prohibited.
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