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Santorini Beaches

Kamari Beach, Vlychada beach, Perivolos beach, Agios Georgios beach, Vourvoulos beach, Cape Columbo beach, White Beach, Monolithos beach, Armeni beach and many more.

The best Santorini beaches are cloistered away in sheltered coves and beneath the sheer cliffs. They surprise the visitors with a peaceful ambiance and distinctive landscapes. The Santorini beaches come in a scintillating array of hues resulting from the volcanic origins of the island. The Perissa Beach for instance has a black-sand shoreline that is surrounded by the Mesa Vouno Mountains and mesmerizes visitors with its volcanic lava coastline and crystalline cobalt-colored waters.

The cerulean Aegean Sea gives the best beaches in Santorini Greece a ravishing quality. As you may not know, the beaches of Santorini have been designated with a Blue Flag for safety and cleanliness. The Kamari Beach for instance creates a mesmerizing backdrop as the crystal-clear, azure waters lap up against the shore. Perivolos Beach is another beach that has the most picturesque setting and is prized for its intense-blue waters.

The beaches of Santorini are well developed with showers, public restrooms, snack bars, and restaurants. Thus, if you desire to make the most of a pleasant waterside promenade without compromising on the beach fun, you have to come to this enchanting Aegean Sea’s Island.

Here is the list of some best beaches in Santorini:

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One of the unique places to visit in Santorini Island, this beach is made of bright red sand composed of pulverized volcanic rock. The red cliffs jutting above the red seashore are a sight to marvel at, in the backdrop of the turquoise sea.

It is the ideal location for soaking up the sun, clicking photographs that break social media platforms, and snorkeling to witness the abundant marine life. You can admire the distinctive rock formation and sand color from the headland.

Location: Near Akrotiri village.

Highlights: Dazzling view, uncommon red sand.
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Kamari Beach

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Encompassed by Meso Vouno Mountains from all sides, the five-kilometer expansive stretch of long black sand delights the visitors with top-notch facilities, and bizarre natural beauty. Kamara Beach is indeed one of the best Santorini beaches that families appreciate because the gentle waves here make it a safe spot for swimming. This Beach was awarded a Blue Fag appellation for its pristine waters, and top-notch amenities.

Excellent services on the beach include public restrooms, beach gear rentals, showers, and lifeguards during the summertime. This beach offers a relaxing experience with its wide selection of parasols, lounge chairs, and water sporting opportunities like windsurfing, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and scuba diving. When here, do not miss out on visiting the lively Greek village of Kamari that treats you to views of a lovely waterfront promenade, and chalk-white Cycladic buildings.

Location: Southeast coast of the Santorini Island

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Vlychada beach

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One of the best Santorini beaches, that has a distinctive rugged character, has to be the Vlychada Beach. This beach boasts an extensive shoreline of pebbles and gray sand. Besides, it offers you a tranquil ambiance to relax and sunbathe. On the beach, there is a quaint café that serves lip-smacking light meals, snacks, and refreshments.

But, a surprising attraction that draws tourists from far and wide to this beach is a former factory from 1981 that once produced canned tomato paste. The Industrial Tomato Museum gives you an insight into the product that is grown on this island and that is cherry tomatoes. You can dine at the traditional Greek tavernas here and gorge on fresh seafood, besides relishing the pleasant seaside views from the restaurants.

Location: Southern side of Santorini

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Perivolos beach

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Lying in the proximity of Perissa Beach, the Perivolos Beach is one of the best Santorini beaches that has the longest black sand beach. It is appreciated for its pristine azure waters and romantic natural setting. Although the beach’s atmosphere is relaxing yet you will find a gazillion restaurants, snack bars, and hotels on the beachfront.

It is a heartwarming experience to indulge in local cuisines, and fresh seafood while lounging at the dining terrace and overlooking the gentle waves outside. Some highlights of this beach are the water sporting amenities. You can rent water skis, boats, take parasailing courses or simply make the most of a private cruise.

Location: Southeast coast of Santorini Island

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This stunning black sand beach on the southwestern coast of the isle ranks at the top of the places to see in Santorini. Together with the Perivolos beast, this is the longest shoreline in the island.

It is separated from Kamari Beach by the Mesa Vouno peak, home to Ancient Thira. At Perissa Beach, you can spoil the adventure enthusiast in you with adrenaline-pumping water sports. Afterward, you can satiate your appetite with a sumptuous meal at the renowned restaurants in the village.

Location: Perissa village.

Highlights: Black sand beach, water sports, diving, restaurants.
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Agios Georgios Beach

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This boundless beach is one of the best Santorini beaches and has been awarded a Blue Fag designation by the EEC. The whole beach is surrounded by pine trees and verdant hills and the water appears to be an emerald mirror.

The beach’s golden sands extend for more than 5 kilometers and it is one of the safest beaches. During the daytime, the resort here offers you sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sporting facilities. You have oodles of beach games and fun in the afternoon, windsurf, and take refreshing dives into the cold waters. When the day is about to set, you sit and admire the surreal beauty of the setting sun.

Location: Northern part of Corfu Island

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Vourvoulos Beach

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Located about 4 kilometers away from the capital of Fira, the Vourvoulos Village paves way for the Vourvoulos Beach, which is one of the best Santorini beaches. You can reach the beach via a vehicle as the location is not accessed by many people hence it has an unspoiled beauty that impresses you to the core.

You will feel the strong winds here and see the big waves roll over but nevertheless, this beach boasts crystal-clear waters and provides a matchless level of peacefulness and privacy. To spend nights here you can rent some of the wonderful hotels and villas with sea views.

Location: Northeast part of Santorini

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Cape Columbo beach

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Sheltered behind a shoreline of pebbles and sheer cliffs, this unspoiled dark-gray sand beach is one of the best Santorini beaches. The rugged landscape and isolated location give you the impression of residing on a deserted island.

This beach is quite undeveloped and has no fun amenities but if your heart yearns for a Cast Away experience then you must come here. Keep in mind that there are lifeguards here, waters are not far from the shore and are also quite deep. Thus, exercise caution when it gets windy.

Location: On the northeast coast of Santorini

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White Beach

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Located 14 kilometers south of Fira, the White Beach is one of the best Santorini beaches and derives its name from the white sand which beautifully contrasts the ocher or dark reddish tones experienced on other shores. You can reach the beach by boarding a boat from the Akrotiri Port and get amazed by the clear-blue water here.

The whole area is replete with strange pumice rock formations, tiny sea caves waiting to enamor spelunking lovers. This place may look like a deserted and quiet shore but the summer months are always crowded here. You will enjoy having a refreshing swim or simply snorkel to encounter the seabed’s specificity.

Location: Next to the Red beach, on the southern side of Santorini, near the village of Akrotiri

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Monolithos Beach

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Stationed in a natural tranquil environment, the Monolithos Beach is one of the best beaches in Santorini Greece, because it offers a pleasing atmosphere. Families with kids appreciate this beach for the gentle waves and playground it has. The waters here are the safest for wading and swimming.

The Monolithos Beach boasts a long black sand shoreline and a realm with shady trees. Lifeguards organize a section of the beach and there are plenty of sun umbrellas and lounge chairs for you to unwind. You can play beach volleyball and basketball in the sports here besides indulging in lip-smacking from the Italian pizzeria-trattoria here and the traditional Greek tavernas.

Location: East coast of Santorini, about 9 kilometers from Fira

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Armeni beach

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Armeni is Oia’s main port and also one of the best beaches in Santorini Greece. It is not really a beach per se but since it has access and descent to the sea, hence it is called one. This small, rocky beach has massive red and black rocks protruding from the sea, and tourists love to take an invigorating swim here. 300 stairs lead to the Armeni beach and port of Oia. The Armeni Beach offers picturesque views of the Therasia Island, volcano, and the caldera that lie on the bay’s other side.

Location: Northwest coast of Santorini, below Oia

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Baxedes Beach

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The Baxedes Beach is a long dark rock/sand beach on Santorini’s northern coast and Cape Columbo’s expansion. It is one of the best beaches in Santorini Greece for families with children because the waters here are shallow, and there are a multiplicity of beach canteens, taverns, and restaurants.

You can relax on the umbrellas and sunbeds organized and accessible on one section of the beach while your kids build sandcastles. Keep in mind that the seashore can suddenly turn to be wavy and blustery thus you can always kitesurf and surf here.

Location: Northern coast of Santorini, east of Cape Mavri Petra, at the height of Finikia

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Exomitis beach

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Stretching along the southeast coast, the Exomitis Beach is one of the best beaches in Santorini Greece that is not visited frequently and is also a lot less organized. Yet, people who do not yearn for extensive infrastructure and simply want to feast their eyes upon a serene view of the sand and sea come here to enjoy moments of soliloquy. You will not find any sunbeds, toilets, beach bars, or restaurants here but this partly wild, flat beach will bowl you over with its coastal views.

Location: South of the Santorini Island, on the Exomitis Cape

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Gialos Beach

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Surrounded by wild vegetation and brown cliffs, the Gialos Beach is a gravel and sand beach that mesmerizes you with its wild, beautiful natural setting. There are a handful of additional attractions here but oodles of peace and quiet. You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers during the high season here and make the most of a sunbathing opportunity, under the gleaming Mediterranean sun.

Location: Southwest of the Santorini island near the inactive Kokkinópetra volcano

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Kambia Beach

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Surrounded by fanciful-shaped rocks that are an outcome of wind and water action, Kambia Beach is a stunning pebble beach. It is not easy to locate the beach but when you finally get here, you will be dazzled by the peaceful ambiance of the place.

The water is beautifully turquoise and crystal-clear hence you will find an array of sea urchins and other marine creatures inhabiting here. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas to enjoy the views; while sampling an elaborate Greek-style, elaborate seafood fare from a restaurant here.

Location: Southwest coast of Santorini

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A massive volcanic explosion about 3600 years back blasted away the center of Santorini Island, leaving behind a gigantic crater. It was filled with water, making it the world's only submerged Caldera, a thousand feet over the sea level, and the principal attraction among places to visit in Santorini.

The source of the rumors about the lost city of Atlantis, this mystic natural wonder fringed by towering cliffs, present remarkable boat tours, baths in hot springs, and trips to the volcanic islands at the center of the Caldera.

Highlights: Boat tours to active volcanic islands, natural harbor, captivating views.
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Xiropigado Beach

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Located 2.5 kilometers from the Vourvoulos village, Xiropigado Beach is situated between two renowned beaches of Vourvoulos and Pori. However, this wild beach is unorganized with no restaurants, beach bars, sunbeds, or umbrellas.

Yet people who value privacy over any fancy amenities love this secluded beach. You can swim in the gentle waters here and if you are a wine connoisseur, you can head to a vineyard that is 4 kilometers away from the beach, and make the most of a wine tasting sesh.

Location: The central part of the east coast of Santorini

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Mesa Pigadia Beach

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The less congested Mesa Pigadia Beach boasts a natural pristine environment’s serenity and you can access it by an unpaved country path. Thanks to the tranquil ambiance, this beach is an ideal relaxation spot.

Located within a small cove this beach has the gentlest waves and the pebble shoreline dotted with volcanic rock cliffs block the gusty winds. Despite enjoying an isolated location, this beach has a taverna restaurant that serves fresh seafood and rents umbrellas and chairs for sunbathing.

Location: Southwest of the island of Santorini off the main road to Akrotiri

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Pori Beach

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Protected by rosy-colored cliffs, this small enchanting beach of Pori is an idyllic rural landscape piece. The beach is located near the vine-covered hills and windmills that encompass the spectacular Imerovigli clifftop village. You can reach the beach via a staircase and sunbathe here without the hustle-bustle of Santorini’s crowds.

Pori Beach boasts a pebbled and black sand shoreline embraced by the crystalline waters. There are no beach facilities here but a traditional taverna serves exceptional seafood and that is located atop a hill, facing the shore.

Location: Northeast coast of Santorini, about 10 kilometers from Fira and in close distance to Colombo Cape

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One of the lesser-known places to visit in Santorini, this picture-perfect 19th-century harbor can be reached from Oia by climbing down over 200 steps. At the end of this descent, you will be pleased to enjoy an alfresco meal of flavorsome seafood and quality wine at the tavernas lining the water's edge.

The glittering water pulls you in for a vigorous swim, and the many rocks around make it the perfect spot for cliff diving. This place is also the idyllic destination of honeymooners for candlelight dinners or date nights.

Location: Oia.

Highlights: Swimming, cliff diving, seafood.
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Santorini Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Santorini
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People Also Ask About Santorini

  1. Which are the best beaches for couples in Santorini?

    1. Red: The Red Beach is a true blue visual delight. The red volcanic rocks in the background and the gusty Aegean winds make it one of the most striking Santorini beaches. Here you can revel in the beauty of the stunning scenery, sunbathe on the loungers and simply snorkel to your heart’s content.

    2. Perivolos: If you are looking forward to soaking up the idyllic Santorini Caldera’s views then one of the best beaches in Santorini has to be the Perivolos Beach. This vibrant beach is filled with pebbles, black lava and offers extensive options for eating and sporting. You can try the water sports here or simply partake in a beach volleyball match.

    3. Vourvoulos: The white rocks encircling Vourvoulos Beach make for a stunning landscape. This expansive beach never feels too busy and is laid with umbrellas and sunbeds. It may lack the beach bars and other adventure activities but if you love to repose in peace while indulging in your summer reading, then Vourvoulos Beach is the place to be at.

    4. Perissa:  Perissa is one of the liveliest beaches where you can lounge on the sunbeds until the sun goes down, sip on cocktails, and dance to the foot-tapping soundtracks played by international DJs at the happening beach bars. If time permits, you can also visit the Ancient Thira ruins or indulge in banana boating and jet skiing.
  2. Which are the best things to do in Santorini ?

    1. Watch the Oia Sunset: If you have come to Santorini then there is a high chance that Oia’s iconic photos may have drawn you towards it. The most popular sundown spot is beside the Oia Castle where you catch views of the whitewashed buildings, the windmills, the blue-dome churches, and the white-washed buildings.

    2. Take a sunset cruise: One of the greatest Santorini experiences has to be enjoying the sweeping views of the white towns on the caldera’s rims from a catamaran. Thus, do not miss out on taking a boat tour when here.

    3. Go wine-tasting: If you are a wine aficionado then you must not miss out on taking a tour of the wineries here. Assyrtiko is Santorini’s main grape town and the popular wineries of Santo Wines and Venetsanos Winery let you sample some amazing wines.

    4. Visit the quaint Pyrgos village: Home to less than 1000 people, this quaint little hamlet has oodles of charm. Built atop a hill, this village will let you make the most of ample photo opportunities and enjoy breathtaking views of the region.
  3. Which are the best places to visit in Santorini?

    1. Red Beach: The Red Beach is a true blue visual delight. The red volcanic rocks in the background and the gusty Aegean winds make it one of the best Santorini beaches. Here you can revel in the beauty of the stunning scenery, sunbathe on the loungers and simply snorkel to your heart’s content.

    2. Beach at Perissa: One of the best Santorini beaches has to be the beach at Parissa that lies on the southeastern coast between Perivolos and Perrisa villages. This six-kilometer stretch of long volcanic sand is dotted by tamarisk trees and the cafes and tavernas serve you the most scrumptious seafood. You can indulge in a gazillion water sports activities here or simply lounge on the sunbeds.

    3. Perivolos: If you are looking forward to soaking up the idyllic Santorini Caldera’s views then one of the best beaches in Santorini Greece has to be the Perivolos Beach. This vibrant beach is filled with pebbles, black lava and offers extensive options for eating and sporting. You can try the water sports here or simply partake in a beach volleyball match.

    4. Ammoudi Bay: If you are done watching the best beaches in Santorini Greece, you can head to Ammoudi Bay. Rising to the Oia town at the cliffs’ base, the Ammoudi Bay glistens with its sparkling turquoise waters offering a scenic setting. You can head to the isolated covers for a refreshing swim or simply indulge in cliff diving here.
  4. What is the best time to go to Santorini?

    The best time to go to Santorini is from September-November because the daytime temperatures are pleasant. Most days the temperature hovers between 21-25 degrees Celsius. There are lesser tourists found during this time so you do not have to brave the crowd’s hustle and bustle. Also, due to lesser tourists, the rates of the hotel rooms drop hence it is a win-win situation.
  5. How to reach Santorini?

    By flight You can reach Santorini by boarding a plane from Athens. You can board direct flights from the UK, Canada, and USA and reach the international airport of Athens. On reaching Athens, you can take a taxi and metro to reach the ferry port of Piraeus. Later, on a high-speed ferry, you can reach Santorini in 5 hours.

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