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Top Sellers Of Sri Lanka

Romantic Places in Colombo

Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple, Mount Lavinia Beach, Viharamahadevi Park, Independence Square, Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Beira Lake, Uppuveli, Independence Memorial Hall, and many more.

If you are planning to sojourn the magical land of Sri Lanka anytime soon, you will be surprised to receive a breathtaking welcome from the multitude of fascinating places to visit in Colombo. These stunning places will let you get a unique taste of the beauty and majesty of the astounding Pearl of the Indian Ocean and make you fall in love with each other all over again.

The plethora of romantic places in Colombo range from ancient magnificent temples and lush parks to picturesque beaches and serene lakes. While the couples can shop till they drop at Independence Square and Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, they can spend the most romantic hours amidst the scenic views of Beira Lake and Viharamahadevi Park. While you are here with your sweetheart, you can engage in a myriad of super fun things to do for couples in Colombo, starting from lazing at Mount Lavinia Beach to shopping your heart out at Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Colombo for couples:

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Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

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Gangaramaya is an ancient temple at the foot of Kioicho Mountain, near the present-day city of Higashiyama. It was built in 1788 after an expedition led by Emperor Kammu, who found hot springs at this location.

Although it burned down many times over the centuries, including once during the Battle of Sekigahara that devastated Kyoto, it has since been rebuilt and has long enjoyed popularity as one of Kyoto’s major Zen temples.

The temple is built in a magnificent architectural style and taking a stroll around the temple while taking in the spirituality of the place is one of the most amazing things to do for couples in Colombo. The place is now recognized internationally as a place where people can experience nature and nature's cycles through meditation and relaxation.

61 Sri Jinarathana Rd, Colombo 00200, Sri Lanka

6 AM to 10 PM

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Mount Lavinia Beach

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Mount Lavinia beach is at the northern end of Sri Lanka's Mount Lavinia promenade. The beach is two kilometres long, and there are numerous restaurants within a 500-meter radius of the beach. The best time to visit this beach is from November to April, and you can find it by walking up from the bus station or taking a minibus from the Lighthouse junction.

You can also take a horseback ride from the stable at the Lighthouse intersection, or rent a boat from Mount Lavinia Lake and row through the Koggala Lagoon's backwaters. There are several hotels and guest homes in the region where you can stay if you're looking for some quiet place while visiting Sri Lanka's lovely shoreline which makes it one of the greatest places to visit in Colombo for couples.

Mount Lavinia Beach, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 10370, Sri Lanka

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Viharamahadevi Park

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Viharamahadevi Park, in Havelock Town, Western Province, is one of the most popular tourist spots in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is one of the largest parks in Sri Lanka which was built in the colonial era and is arguably one of the nicest places to visit in Colombo for couples and to take a sunset stroll.

The place also has a zoo, an aquarium, and an amusement park, making it unique. Because of its remote position and lack of English signage, the park is not frequently visited by international visitors, although it does have some of the rarest insect species found solely in Sri Lanka.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

6 AM to 6 PM

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Independence Square

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The Independent Square, Colombo is an iconic architectural complex of buildings located in the heart of the capital city, Colombo. With its modern architecture and ample parking facilities for cars, buses, and motorbikes, this complex was constructed between 1931-1932 as a result of the development plans envisioned by British colonial authorities.

Boasting a location on Rajarata Road near Old Parliament Building's eastern wing - with its imposing front gates - the landmark today stands as a testament to British influence not only on Sri Lankan culture during this period but also as a legacy that entangles modern Sri Lanka with one of its most recognizable symbols.

Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
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Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct

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You may not think of Sri Lanka as a shopping destination, but Colombo is home to an eclectic mix of both local and international chains and independent stores. From indie boutiques to international supermarkets, there is something for everyone in this city's shopping precinct.

Colombo's Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct is home to a range of stylish boutiques and cafés that offer everything from clothes and accessories to souvenirs and beer – all within meters of one another. There are also plenty of activities available in the area and taking a stroll here is one of the most fantastic things to do for couples in Colombo.

The place is perfect for shoppers looking for a break from the retail therapy, such as stretching exercises at Yoga Zone Studio, or browsing through Central Bank’s numismatic collection at its Money Museum.

Hospital St, Colombo 00100, Sri Lanka

10 AM to 10 PM
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Beira Lake

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Beira Lake is a place of scenic beauty, calm waters, serene atmosphere and gentle winds. Located in the heart of Colombo, the lake is a place where children can play. With clean and flat banks, it is ideal for picnics, fishing and swimming and is one of the most romantic places in Colombo.

It also has different water sport facilities like sailboats and pedal boats. Beira Lake is not only a great destination to visit but also good for its surroundings because you can easily visit many other attractions nearby like Galle Fort, Deodar Caves, Lighthouse Point, Kynance Cove and many more.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

7 AM to 6 PM
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Uppuveli is a famous beach in Sri Lanka, located in the town of Moratuwa.  The name Breakers' Bay comes from the waves that break on the coastline and recede back into deep waters. The beach has a long history and was considered to be one of the most prestigious beaches during colonial times.

According to tradition it is where Shiva bathed while he smeared his body with ashes from his wife's pyre. The beach is a popular destination for both picnic and weekend getaways. It is a beautiful place to spend your holidays in Sri Lanka and the beach is loved for its golden sand, two resort hotels, and plenty of restaurants where you can try delicious local cuisines. It’s the perfect place to spend a getaway with your partner which makes it one of the most romantic places in Colombo.

Trincomalee District, Sri Lanka
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Independence Memorial Hall

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Independence Memorial Hall in Colombo is a multi-purpose hall of fame and a library. It was constructed to commemorate the independence of Sri Lanka from the British Empire. The hall has been the site of numerous important political, social and economic events of Sri Lankan history.

It is modelled on the Parliament House of Australia under the guidance and supervision of Prime Minister D.S Senanayake in 1947. The place has 2 floors covering an area over 1 acre with a dome measuring 50 feet from ground level at its highest point, tapering uniformly to its apex 30 feet from ground level. Visiting the memorial hall is one of the most interesting things to do for couples in Colombo.

WV38+WV4, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
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Nilaveli is a tiny fishing village in Sri Lanka's north-eastern coastline region, around 90 miles north of Colombo. The majority of Nilaveli residents are fishermen or farmers with their families, with a few people employed in the tourism industry.

Beautiful scenery and unique architecture make the village purely astounding and one of the most romantic places in Colombo. Many historic fishing boats dot the shoreline of nilaveli and some of them date back hundreds of years but still continue to provide a steady supply of fish to villagers and traders alike. Fishermen can also be found repairing nets on roadside rocks, catching octopuses at sea, or drying shrimp by the water's edge.

16 kms northwest of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
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Seema Malakaya Temple

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The Seema Malakaya Temple is one of the most popular sites of its kind in Sri Lanka. It is situated on the shore of the Colombo harbor, and was built by King Mahasen in memory of his queen, Queen Seema.

It was constructed between 100-300 AD with a second temple built on it during the 16th century. The temple comprises two main shrines which are shared between the members respectively and is an amazing place to visit in Colombo for couples.

It also contains a chamber that contains a small Buddha statue, three Bodhi trees and a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are four different entrances that lead into this complex, each having its own charm and elegance.

Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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Galle Face Green

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Galle Face is a green park in Colombo, Sri Lanka, located at the summit of Galle Road. Since its construction, it has been a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The park is well-maintained, with trees, flowers, statues, and fountains that are illuminated at night and is one of the best places to visit in Colombo for couples.

The park includes an amphitheatre that has hosted numerous events, including a concert by John Lennon on August 15, 1972, and numerous open-air concerts by local performers. The Colombo City Zoo was relocated to Galle Face from its old location at Rosmead Place.

56 Colombo - Galle Main Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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Colombo Fort

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The Colombo Fort is located in central Colombo, Sri Lanka which was constructed by the Portuguese and served as a strategic defence for their commercial interests. After the Portuguese were driven from the island, the fort was turned into a British garrison, and it served as the headquarters of British forces in Ceylon until 1947.

The fort is now one of three national monuments protected by Sri Lanka's Department of Archeology, with its vast gunpowder storage, noteworthy 18th-century mural paintings, and well-preserved ramparts among its best characteristics.

Since 1992, the fort has been home to an arts centre that has hosted exhibitions on Portuguese and Dutch colonial history as well as modern art and visiting the place is one of the most interesting things to do for couples in Colombo.

Colombo district, Sri Lanka
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Pigeons Island

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Pigeon Island in Colombo has been a tourist attraction since Sri Lankan independence. It has been designated as a natural heritage site by the Sri Lankan Government and is surrounded by a stunning ornamental garden.

The island has lovely and vibrant shopping markets as well as several restaurants and cafes that serve traditional cuisines of the place. The beautiful island is situated in Matugama Bay which is about 2 kilometers from Kollupitiya junction, at Colombo's southern periphery. The area once served as a harbour for merchant ships and tourists visiting Pigeons Island could walk across Matugama Bridge to reach it.
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Taprobane Island

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Taprobane Island is a lovely small island near Colombo, Sri Lanka. The island can be easily reached by a private boat from the water next to the Hilton Hotel in Moratuwa which is only about 10 minutes away.

Visitors can spend up to 2 hours exploring the island’s wildlife, the beautiful sea as well as the weather and various features, including its rocky terrain and mangrove forests. There are no shops or cafes on Taprobane Island, but there are benches for taking a break if you need it! There are also some shady trees where visitors can escape from Sri Lanka's hot weather.

23 Upper Dickson Rd, Galle 80000, Sri Lanka
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Pettah Market

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Pettah Market, commonly known as Colombo Market, is a lively assemblage of shops and vendors in Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital city. Food, medical equipment, clothes accessories, and all other dault requirements are available at this market.

Pettah means "market" in Sinhala, and the market first opened in 1778, however, due to the city's rapid growth, it has moved several times since then. The items on this site are of good quality and are priced reasonably and affordably. The market is open all day and is a fantastic place to visit in Colombo for couples willing to enjoy shopping and buying some lovely souvenirs.

W E Bastian Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka

7 AM to 9 PM, on all days except Sunday
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People Also Ask About Colombo

  1. What are the best things to do for couples in Colombo?

    1. A Visit to Beira Lake: A visit to the Beira Lake in Colombo would surely be a memorable and enjoyable experience. You can take a boat cruise around this beautiful pond, get up close with alligators, dolphins, turtles, and various other species of fish which live here naturally.

    2. Have Fun Scuba Diving: Scuba diving in Colombo is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here you can acquire fundamental skills such as how to breathe underwater using equipment called a regulator, which is connected to the tank, and go on your first dive with an instructor, after which you can enjoy the underwater life of the area.

    3. Scenic Tour of Colombo in AirPlane: Imagine, the sky is your big comfort zone, no more fears of flying. So you commence with your trip to Colombo by flying to the city. You will be watching Sri Lankan temples and churches on one side of this world-class metropolis while enjoying the breath-taking vistas of the pristine coastline on the other side. The experience is breathtakingly beautiful and is also one the most popular things to do for couples in Colombo.

    4. Visiting the national museum: Visiting the national museum in Colombo is a fantastic experience since you can see some of the world's most ancient treasures while also learning about the city's history and culture.

    5. Viharamahadevi Park Hike: If you are an adventure seeker, a hike to Viharamahadevi Park could be an exciting experience. While taking in the picturesque grandeur of the park, you may also enjoy bird watching at the place.

  2. Which are the best romantic stays in Colombo?

    1. Hilton Colombo hotel: Hilton Colombo hotel is situated in the heart of Negombo on the beautiful western seaboard of Sri Lanka. From the unique setting of the place, where the local town meets tropical beachscape, you can explore all that this vibrant city has to offer. This location is perfect for couples planning a leisure trip as it is also one of the best places to visit in Colombo for couples.

    2. Taj samudra: In Colombo, Taj Samudra Hotel is a world-class luxury hotel surrounded by a serene and beautiful landscape. The hotel's 187 rooms and suites offer the latest in comfort with luxurious furnishings and service and the place is stunning as well as one of the most romantic places in Colombo.

    3. Kingsbury hotel: The only 4-star hotel on Galle Face Road with beachfront access, it's located right in front of one of Colombo's best beaches - Cinnamon Bay. The Kingsbury hotel also has an exclusive dining destination that serves top-class international and local cuisine and the place is worth paying a visit.

  3. What is there to do in Colombo at night for couples?

    1. Taking a stroll at the lovely Mount Lavinia beach: Taking a calm stroll along the lovely and long Mount Lavinia beach while taking in the visual splendour of the place is one of the most popular nighttime activities in Colombo. While stargazing with your sweetheart at night, you can see why the beach was used by numerous queens and kings from various dynasties.

    2. Enjoying at the casino: If you're looking for some wild exciting activities to do in Colombo, you may try your luck at the casino. You may spend an entire night gambling while dancing to the lovely music and watching beautiful performances by Sri Lankan artists.

    3. Enjoying the buzz of Colombo's nightlife: If you want to have an adrenaline-pumping night, go to any of the city's most outstanding nightclubs and party all night long while dancing to the sounds of the amazing DJ. You can also have some delectable Tamilian cuisine while taking in the bustling atmosphere.

    4. Visiting the loft lounge bar: This is the place to go if you want to spend some quality time with your lover over a few beers. While enjoying some whipped cocktails and classic beverages, you can fully relax at the venue with its eccentric interiors and attractive bar.

  4. What is the best time to visit Colombo for couples?

    The best time to visit Colombo is from the months of December to March and July to September. During this time of the year, the weather of the place is cool and pleasant, suitable for enjoying all kinds of fun outdoor activities.
  5. What are the best things to shop from Colombo?

    - Colonial Antiques
    - Jewels
    - Home accessories
    - Tea
    - Spices
    - Natural spa products
    - Books
    - Handicrafts
    - Traditional sarees
    - Kurtas
    - Sarongs

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Colombo Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Colombo
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