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Province of Indonesia, Bali is on every travel enthusiast’s list. With an abundance gift of nature, Bali is known for its alluring arts which includes traditional and modern dance forms, its splendid sculptures, its flashy paintings, excellent leather, beautiful metalworking and amazing music. It has few smaller but outstanding islands like Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan which are loaded with adventure.

You can find peace and serenity in temples like Uluwatu Temple and Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. Mountains like Mount Agung promises to give a challenging hike and an extraordinary sunrise. Rice terraces like Tegalalang make a perfect scenic view for you to enjoy. Bali Museums will not fail to astound you and trip you down to fall in love with the country as it shows the authentic face of it. Balinese food is distinctive and you should not miss the authentic cuisines Bali has to offer you. You can try these amazing foods at the excellent restaurants like Club Med Bali, Who’s Who, Fair Warung Bale, and more.

Bali is one of the most popular islands and there is a reason for it. Since drenched in oceans and beaches, it is a hub of water sports. Addicts from around the world fly here to take adventures in the most beautiful backdrop. Moreover, adventure sports are also quite common here. It could take you to the heights so that you look at an island from a very different and unusual angle. And after getting tired from all of these, you can reside in one of the most amazing beach resorts. Not to mention, Bali is world-famous for its warm hospitality.

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Jakarta is undoubtedly one of the greatest megalopolises of the world. A dynamic city with surreal juxtapositions om just about every nook and corner. Right from opulent, steamy and scented streets of the Glodok and to the colonial past of vestiges of Kota, Jakarta in every way is a city of daunting extremes. One contemporary area of Indonesia is the Merdeka Square which puts forth the face of the country just as the world wants to see – confident and bold. With the extravagant mega developments pitted against some of the humblest neighbourhoods of Asia, in the southern end of the city, the contrasts only get steeper. Crosswise the city, it is plausible to rub shoulders with the future artists, leaders, movers and shakers of the Indonesia in the sleek bar lounges and the Bohemian cafés located here. Nightlife of Jakarta is happening and you can enjoy clubbing till dawn and beyond though it is notwithstanding the sober desires of the country’s law makers.   

Located amidst the maddening traffic and the public metamorphosis, life in Jakarta is lived at an all out pace. The city is majorly galvanized by the optimism and industriousness that’s every bit evident. Dysfunction here is damned and the development is undertaken at a pace that puts forth a number of challenges. The citizen here, even the poorest of them are very positive and good natured in comparison to the other capitals of the world. Crime levels are also significantly low.

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Java is an island city in the South-Asian country of Indonesia and is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places you will ever see in your life. It is a central hub for all the internal activities of Indonesia as well as a hot spot for holidays. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia is to the West of Java and from there till the east, there are many places for sight-seeing like temples, green fields and grass covered hills, active volcanic mountains, old castles and misty rainforests.

Java is a place which will make you get lost in its natural beauty. The wet rainforests, waterfalls where you can have a dip, sea view and landscape and the pure atmosphere will make you feel pampered like never before. You will see nature’s miracles at its best when you witness the active volcanoes amid purple and blue hills and this sight is guaranteed to leave you mesmerized with its beauty. There are many places to see in Java which will leave you spellbound.

Apart from the wonders of nature, Java also boasts about rich culture and tradition, art, food and heritage. Many travelers describe this place as one of the most magical and serene places they have ever visited.

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Other Attractions

Going by the name of ‘Gunung Batur’ among the locals of Bali, Mount Batur is an active volcano which sits at 1717 meters above sea level. Offering spectacular views of the surroundings including the lush greens of Kintamani Valley and scintillating waters of Batur Lake, Mount Batur has become a popular hotspot for hiking among tourists and locals alike.

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One of the most famous water parks of Bali, Waterbom is also one of Asia’s top water parks that gives a boutique, botanical waterpark experience. It is a great place to spend an entire day splashing and swimming with your entire family. The park has numerous rides, each more unique and enjoyable than the next. Apart from this, it is famous for its greenery, restaurants, a food court and a swim-up bar.

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Another Balinese temple which is a must see for you is the Ulun Danu Batur Temple. Built in 1926, Ulun Danu Batur Temple is the second most amazing temple complex of Bali, after the mother temple Besakih. The temple is committed to Dewi Batari Ulun Danu, goddess of lakes and waterways.

"Ulun Danu" actually interprets as “head of the lake”.

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Make your Kintamani stay an exciting one while you head out for this one of a kind coffee farm tour in Bali. Get a chance to taste from the best of coffee while your visit this amazing Luwak Civet Coffee Farm. Civet espresso or Coffee luwak is one of the best items here in Kintamani. Witness the entire process of espresso appropriate from the seed till the coffee powder is prepared.  

The whole nature process of coffee making will astonish you. From drying the coffee seeds to roasting the coffee beans in natural pans made of clay are a rare sight which you get to see easily. Learn about this whole process and also interact with the locals and the techniques which are used. The aroma of the coffee beans will lure you away. Sip in that delicious fresh cup of coffee and don’t forget to take few back home.

 Location: Luwak Civet Coffee Farm is located at Jalan Raya Kintamani, Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia.

 Price: The approximate price starts from IDR 825,840.

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Allow yourself to be fooled by the Upside Down House of Bali, which greets you with its surreal decor and furnishings. It has seven different rooms in which objects are purposefully positioned upside down to entertain guests. You can take selfies in funny stances or appreciate the gravity-defying views available in these rooms, themed as kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

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Besakih Temple which is also known as Bali’s Mother Temple is located on the south-western slopes of Mount Agung. It is Bali’s largest and holiest temple, with at least 86 clan temples and shrines. Each shrine has its own anniversary, therefore there are at least 70 festivals in Besakih every year, offering mesmerizing views backdropped by hills and streams.

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Nusa Dua beach, located in the South of Bali, is the name that comes to mind for having an all-inclusive experience. From enjoying water sports, relaxing at luxurious spas, playing golf to indulging in international dining experiences, you get the best of nature and modern city life in the vicinity of Nusa Dua Beach.

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While in Bali this is another place which you cannot afford to miss. Make your holidays a lot more exciting while you visit the famous Bali Safari & Marine Park and get a chance to dine besides the animals. The Bali Safari and Marine Park was set up by Taman Safari Indonesia; covering 40 hectares of land in the Gianyar regime.

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Tirta Gangga is a lavishly decorated water garden located in Bali, spread over 1.2 hectares of crystal water pools, natural koi ponds, and surrounding tropical gardens. Formerly, these grounds were part of the ancient royal palace of the Karangasem kingdom, which was later turned into an ornamental garden accented with bathing pools, ornate fountains, stone carvings and breezy pavilions.

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Lempuyang Temple, also known as Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang is one of the oldest and most visited temples in Bali by locals and tourists alike. Sitting at an altitude of 1175 meters, Lempuyang Temple invites visitors to admire the stunning views of Mount Agung through the ‘Gate of Heaven,’ which you reach only after climbing the 1700 steep stairs.

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Kuta Beach is on the bucket list of every traveler going to Bali due to the variety of experiences it offers. From exciting water sports such as surfing or scuba diving, upscale restaurants, shopping complexes to fascinating nightlife, Kuta Beach has it all. The amazing transformation of this beach led this to become a hotspot of tourists in Bali.

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Accounted for its picturesque beauty, Seminyak Beach is one of the tourist magnets of Bali with alluring beach restaurants and beautiful boutiques. People flock here to witness the outstanding beauty and enjoy an upscale experience at the numerous Spas and shopping destinations. The beach is renowned for offering the widest range of watersports and even horseback riding by the sea!

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This private beach is part of Karma Kendara resort, located in Ungasan on the Bukit Peninsula, and is also known as Nammos Beach - the name of the private beach club of the same resort. Access down to the beach is very limited, with views of the white sand beach and azure waters.

This is one of the most exclusive beaches in Bali, with a strict entry fees and policies. For just Rp. 500,000 you can descend via the inclinator to the private sands of the Karma Kandara Villa, where your entrance fee includes purchase of food and drinks. This might seem a little pricey to you but it will all be worth it while you lounge by the sands and indulge in delectable Mediterranean cuisine without street hawkers hassling you.

Activities: Apart from lazing around in luxury, you can even watch a movie while the sun sets on a large projector screen set up for guests.  

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While exploring few of the places in Bali you will always be interested in exploring a few more places there. Once such place which is a must see for you in Bali is the Bali Botanic Garden. Bali Botanic Gardens provides an awesome escape to appreciate the amazing Bali plan. 

Popular among the locals and the tourist for its scenic beauty together with the rare tropical flowering plants and specimens in its vast collection this garden attracts a lot of tourists. An excursion to the patio nurseries is ordinarily joined with recreational exercises at Beratan Lake, where you'll likewise locate the notable Ulun Danu Beratan Temple.

Highlights: Other than the immense gathering of tropical plants and wildlife in their natural habitat inside the Bali Botanic Garden you can likewise get your adrenaline surge and a day of fun at the Bali Treetop Adventure Park, which incorporates six primary circuits extending from tree to tree, together with nets, Tarzan swings, hops and scaffolds. Each run additionally includes 'Flying Fox' zip-lines of up to 160 meters.

Location: Bali Botanic Garden is located at Jl. Kebun Raya, Candikuning, Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82191, Indonesia.

Timings: Opens from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

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Gardens of Sambangan in Bali is a must visit location, especially for those who love to get reimbursed to the values of nature. The waterfalls amidst a pristine nature are the most loved attractions in Sambangan. Usually, visitors love to do trekking to the gardens along the vast paddy fields and the thick tropical forest ranges. Sambangan is a tranquil village located in the North Bali district of Sukasada in Buleleng regency.

Highlights: The trekking to the secret garden is known as Alam trekking that starts from Taman Rahasia. Before the trekking begins, there would be an explicit orientation of 30 minutes and along the way to the garden, one will find many adventures. Indeed, the route goes through verdant rice fields, coffee plantations, cocoa plantations, palm sugar trees and many other different types of forests. 

At Tibuan Puncak, you will take a break from the trekking. It is here the secret natural swimming pool can be found. You can spend time taking a mind blowing dip in the pool and enjoy the waterfalls. As you continue to the gardens, you will come across different waterfalls like Aling Aling waterfalls, Kroya waterfall, Kembar Waterfalls, Pucuk waterfalls etc. 

These places are quite beautiful to relax and take picture perfect photographs as well. These surrealistic locations are rather hidden from more exposure but people have experienced the beauty and a rejuvenating moment from here and now it is a favourite adventure destination.

Location: Desa Sambangan, Sambangan, Sukasada, Sambangan, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81161, Indonesia. The village is lying at a distance of around 20 minute drive away from Lovina beach and it will take a drive of 2 hours and 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar to reach the village.

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The name of the island Flores is acquired from the Portuguese language which stands for flowers.

Highlights: The island is filled with beautiful tourist attractions nearby like the famous Komodo National Park which receives massive footfall of visitors. One can enjoy and explore the wildlife, nature and the diverse culture of the people in the island. There are various activities tourists can indulge in such as diving or snorkel in the Komodo National Park. They can also attend Caci dance, trek to wae rebo, see the spider web rice fields and much more. The island has many activities to keep you engaged and entertained throughout the time you are here.

Location: Flores island is located in Southeast Asia in Indonesia. It is situated at the western side of Alor Archipelago and Lembata and towards the east of Komodo.

Timings: Open round the year.

Price: Entry inside this beautiful island is free of cost.
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Gili Islands are extremely reputed as a major tourist destination in Indonesia. Among the three major island, Gili Trawangan is the largest opening its doors to a huge number of visitors every day. From the north-west mainland of Lombok, you would need to take a boat ride of 30 minutes to reach the island and there are regular boat services from Bali directly to the island.

Gili Trawangan is equally appreciated as Bali as one of the top tourist destinations in the archipelago of Indonesia. For those who wish to have a tropical retreat, Gili Trawangan would be a perfect selection that is busy with non-motorized vehicles.

Highlights: The lounge bars, guesthouses, restaurants, stores, diving schools etc are some of the attractions on this island. The bamboo houses make it beautiful to have a divine view of the blue water supported by the crystalline beach. There are luxury resorts near the beach which give you unlimited fun and happiness.

Glass bottom kayaking is a famous deal offered by Gili Air Lagoon Resort. The dining options on the island are unending; from the traditional Indonesian dishes to the fresh seafood items would let your tummy feel akin to the island.

Activities: The island is globally reputed for its diving spots. The crystal clear shallow water offers the best diving experience to any level diver. The other major feature of the island is the swing and the hammock in the ocean which give you an inimitable opportunity to relax in the water without getting wet.

Dining and laid-back lounging are some of the favourite activities of the tourist arriving on the island. Snorkeling, horse ride on the beach, dinner cruises etc have a number of admirers and these are done frequently here.

Location: Jalan Raya Trawangan, Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat 83352, Indonesia.

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Danau Tamblingan is the Indonesian word for Lake Tamblingan, a charming lake in the archipelago. It is a caldera lake belongs to Buleleng Regency in Bali. Mount Lesung’s foot gives space for the lake to exist and this is one of the three lakes that were created inside an ancient caldera and the other two are Lake Buyan and Lake Bratan. The surrounding thick rainforest and some remnants of historical sites are the main reasons behind the pristine beauty of the lake.

The historical site believed to the 10th century Tamblingan civilization. The government has declared the lake and its surrounding areas as spiritual tourism area and thus protected from any type of exploitation. Tamblingan Lake measures 1.9 km broad and 90 meter depth and with 0.027 km3 volume.

Highlights: The lake lies on a plateau which is even inside an ancient volcanic caldera that possesses several dormant volcanoes. Among the three lakes, Lake Tamblingan is the smallest and the location that is 1000 meter above the ground gives an alpine climate. The rainforest encircling the lake houses orchids and other rare plants along with a decent collection of macaques. The Village of Gubung existing at the southern shore of the lake is the only village in the premises.

According to the intensity of the rain, the water level will vary. Other highlights near the lake are the small sized temple among which Pura Dalem Tamblingan is prominent.

Activities: Jungle trekking is the fascinating activity that can be done here since the presence of lush green rainforest will give the trekker an unforgettable experience.

Location: Buleleng Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

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A waterfall flanked by greenery at an uneasily accessible location in Bali is Banyumala Twin Waterfall. The uninterrupted cascade that falls down through the thick boulders is an overwhelming attraction and you will be forced to mesmerize yourself at the sight.

The pool where the twin falls come and join together is a chilled one where you can take a refreshing dip while you sharpen your ears to hear the voice of the gushing water flowing along the slippery rocks that are merged with the ravines, bushes and creepers.

Highlights: The waterfall is lying amidst a deep valley with three sides of waterfalls. At the centre, there is the highest and the largest and the other ones are comparatively smaller on either side of the large one. The clear water in the pool will present the most cherish-able moments.

The pool is measured to have a depth of up to 2 meters. The path leading to the waterfall is a beautiful call for trekking through the rich greenery and people who love adventure from the heart will love doing a creepy walk alone through the valley.

Location: Desa Pakraman Wanagiri, Kec. Sukasada, Sambangan, Kec. Buleleng, Buleleng, Bali 81161, Indonesia. From the main road, you will be able to find the direction of Banyumala Waterfall and then you have to tread a bad road of 3 km long.

Finally you will reach the waterfall but remember to park you vehicle away from the fall as the road is narrow. From the entrance, there would be a 400 meter long walkway which you have to cover by foot only.

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A closely hidden waterfall and the chances you have never heard of Tibumana Waterfall are higher. It is one of the kept secrets of Bali, anyone can say as the photographs of the waterfall are rarely rare. Reaching there is not easy as you think since information online is not updated but if you get the location from the map, then you can seek help from the locals. From Kuta, the waterfall is at a distance of around 1 hour drive.

Highlights: As you reach the car parking area near the waterfall, you can see temple and proceed around the left of it. Afterwards, there are the winding paths with stairs and a walk for 10 minutes suitable for any fitness level will lead you to the waterfall. Trek lovers would be loving this place as rare birds and butterflies will be roaming around you. 

Then the rumbling of the water becomes louder as you reach near. You will find a number of locals here swimming, bathing and enjoying the nature that sings lullabies for the waterfall to peacefully roll down to the pool. The green, slippery rocky structure that give space for the water to flow down and immerse in the crystal clear water in the pool is itself an amazing sight to be photographed. A proper relaxation is a promise as the environment is a bliss.

Entry fee: There is an entrance fee of IDR 10000.

Timing: The waterfall will be open for tourists from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Location: Jl. Desa Apuan, Apuan, Susut, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80661, Indonesia.

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Tulamben on the north east coast of Bali is a tiny fishing village which is recognised as a popular diving spot in Bali. The diving in Tulamben was started since the wreck of a vessel called the Liberty, a US Army Transport ship destroyed by a Japanese submarine in 1942. Divers from all over the world have experienced the beauty lying inside and there were up to 100 divers dived each day during the high-season.

Highlights: The wreck is in shallow water welcoming all sorts of divers at any certification level and it is located roughly 25 meters away from the shore and you can reach the spot by a short, normal swim. During the eruption of Mt. Agung in 1962, the ship was driven into the water off shore and it became stuck between the corals and other sea marine life and continued to be encrusted there since then.

The ship is 125 meters long and 17 meters wide and one can easily swim around the wreck and watch its amazing structure. A lot of fish have found shelter in its cargo hold as well.

Best time to dive: The proper conditions to indulge in a beautiful dive lie during the months of October and November. The weather during these months is calm and peaceful. You will be able to swim across the beautiful collection of corals and invertebrates along with large fish species in some seasons.

Diving price range: The cost of diving starts from IDR 1,500,000 for two dives and for equipment rental, you have to pay around IDR 400000.

Location: Jl. Amlapura-Singaraja, Tulamben, Kubu, Tulamben, Karangasem, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80852, Indonesia. You can reach Tulamben by road from South Bali.

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When you visit Bali, Taman Ayun Temple is a must visit attraction as it holds a supreme position in the development of Balinese culture and tradition. The astounding landmark is in the village of Mengwi in Badung regency. Brilliantly portrayed architecture makes the temple complex separated from other temples in Bali. The traditional architectural nuances can be seen in its courtyards, enclosures and the vast garden landscapes that house lotus and fish ponds.

The construction of the temple was in 1634 by the then ruler, Tjokerda Sakti Blambangan. The Chinese architectural aspects had influenced the construction of this temple as well. Hence in 1937, the temple witnessed a major restoration project.

There are the towering tiers that create the profile of Taman Ayun and the temple complex is considered to be the mother temple of Mengwi. It was meant to serve as the main worship centre for Mengwi people since they were not travelling far to other main temples like Besakih in Karangasem or Batur Temple in Kintamani. Taman Ayung is believed to be the unifying factor of the people and the royal family.

The temple complex possesses expansive landscaped gardens and courtyards. The first courtyard which is large and open is a grassy expanse while the courtyard inside has a number of meru or multi-tiered shrines. Along with them, there are pools filled with pink lotuses and fish. The complex is part of the subak which shows the complex rice field irrigation system.

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Sekumpul Waterfall is a massive twin waterfall in Singaraja, Bali, with two 80-meter-high (260-foot) torrents cascading from the jungle canopy. If you're seeking for Bali's largest and best waterfall, this is most likely it! To top it off, you'll get to view some of the island's most beautiful jungles and rice terraces.

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Newly Added Indonesia Experience
13 February 2020
This was our first day in Bali & it became more mesmerising with the Mount Batur Trek !! with a well coordinated itinerary, We enjoyed this trek to much extent. Special thanks to our tour guide Ulawa, she was obedient and helpful enough, she took us to the top with utmost care & i will recommend her name to anyone who plans to have this trek ! Thanks Thrilophila For becoming a medium to connect us with this wonderful location !!
"An awesome experience in Bali and had enjoyed it fully.The major credit goes to our tour guide cum driver Mr Gaing from Bali....He was such a nice and honest person and he was the one who made our trip to the best.... Everything mentioned in the trip itinerary had completed well and was well managed by thrillopholia team special mention to Saransh Kumar.....Thanks to the entire team for making our days special and Bali is such a beautiful place that no one should miss....."
"Awesome tour and awesome service.... Its my first trip.. Really great.. If u visit bali must go there.\n\nThanks for the rearly nice service"
Ghanashyam Jain Bali Package From Delhi
At first we weren't really sure about travelling through some travelling company specially when it is n completely unknown place to us. But must say the tour was amazing and the people are completely reliable.
It is a whole family trip that we booked. I would like to suggest it to anyone who wants to spend time with their family without worrying about anything else. Loved it, thanks.
"njce experience..awesome place."
This was an excellent and informative tour. Everything went off very well and was on time. A big thumbs up to Thrillophilia for this amazing trip.
I went to Bali with my family and got few things customized in the plan and even after adding things to the plan no other services were compromised Fully satisfied and happy from the team.
Smriti Bandopadhyay Bali Honeymoon Package from India
We had a honeymoon trip to Bali. The hosting team of Thrillophilia was really warm and generous to us, it made the trip quite more reliable and enjoyable.
Jyotis Ganaka Bali Package from Mumbai
We had a wonderful trip to Bali. The trip was very fascinating and adventurous, also the management was at its zenith.

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