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Top Sellers of Sri Lanka

A land of myth, legend, history and one of the richest cultures, Sri Lanka is one of the hottest travel destinations and lures adventurers of all kinds. Perhaps you’re someone who loves the solitude of nature and steady walks through trails. Maybe you love relaxing by the sea with the sun warming your face and a cool breeze caressing your skin. Or, maybe it’s nightlife you crave and a little game of chance at a casino – whatever your thrill is,with the best tourist places to visit in Sri Lanka, this island nation has it all.

Ravana’s Lanka has a long history and over 2,000 years of written record. It’s been mentioned in the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata too. Over the years, Sri Lanka witnessed occupation by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British and this colonization is evident from the colonial architecture, Catholicism, surnames and vocabulary that you’ll notice on your visit here.

Although small, Sri Lanka has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that must be visited as well as religious sites, numerous national parks, verdant tea estates and, of course, beaches. Take a scenic train ride past plantations and hills and try your hand at blackjack and poker at one of the many casinos. Tickle your taste buds with local favorites like rich curries, fragrant polos and the odd-smelling wood apple. Excited yet? You should be! With the best tourist places to visit in Sri Lanka, so much diversity and culture, there really is no place quite like Sri Lanka. If you’re still wondering if this is the destination to head to, read on and you’ll find yourself convinced!

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People Also Ask About Sri Lanka

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka?

    1.The Dambulla Cave Temple: Visit the Dambulla Cave Temple, known for having the largest Temple Complex In Sri Lanka, and located in the charming town of Dambulla. Also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla, the Dambulla Cave Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    Feel excited while visiting the temple from the 22 century, known to be the largest best-preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka. Delight in visiting the sacred pilgrimage site with its five sanctuaries, with a 160 m rock surrounding the plains. Take a look at its beautiful  Buddhist mural paintings and 157 statues with 153 Buddha statues, three statues of Sri Lankan kings, and four statues of gods and goddesses.

    Kandy - Jaffna Highway, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

    2. Arugam Bay:
    A popular place to visit on the Sri Lankan coastline is the Arugam Bay, known locally as "Arugam Kudah'' and located on the southeast coast around 320 km from Colombo. The beautiful moon-shaped curl of soft sand will mesmerise you with its azure skies and swaying coconut trees.
    Relax on the beach, enjoy sipping cool coconut water as the fragrance of jasmine fills your senses. Allow the southern sun to give you a golden tan as you lay on the beach. The bay is also ideal if you want to indulge in various water sports such as speed boating, windsurfing on the turquoise water etc

    Ampara, Sri Lanka

    3. Galle:
    The 16th century marvel Galle, is a historical destination, and an important city in Sri Lanka. While walking through the streets of Galle, you will feel as if you are walking into history and soaking in the past via its colonial splendours.
    Spend an entire day to visit the Galle Dutch Fort to cover all the other monuments that are stationed within this establishment. Some of the other places in Galle which you must visit include the Sea Turtle Hatchery and the Mahamodara Sea Turtle Hatchery Centre. Galle will also delight you with its beautiful beaches offering various water sports.

    Galle, Sri Lanka

    4. Temple Of Tooth At Kandy:
    If you are visiting Kandy, a visit to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a must. Known to be the most sacred site in Sri Lanka, the temple is locally known as the Sri Dalada Maligawa and is a place of worship that was established in the 16th century AD.
    Overlooking the mesmerising Kandy lake, the temple is located next to the royal palace complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy. Pay a visit to the temple to take a look at the golden casket which is known to have been holding a tooth of Buddha.

    Sri Dalada Veediya, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

    5. Mihintale:
    Another top attraction of Sri Lanka is Mihintale, the birthplace of Buddhism which attracts hundreds of pilgrims. Mihintale, literally meaning Mahindra’s mountain, is actually a mountain located near the town of Anuradhapura.
    Visit this place to learn about the legend of how the place became the cradle of Buddhism and Sinhalese culture. Feel charmed looking at the sequence of caves, stupas and gorgeous shines spread across lush green wooded hills. Take 1840 steps to reach the summit on the top to be rewarded with a spectacular view of the surroundings.

    Mihintale is a mountain peak near Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka.

    6. Polonnaruwa Sacred City:
    Explore The Golden Past Of Sri Lanka while visiting the sacred city of Polonnaruwa. This is the city that was once a kingdom of Sri Lanka in ancient times. Feel like entering the Golden Age as you walk inside the popular place to take a look at the ruins of the stupas, shrines and palaces telling you the story of the city’s glorious past.
    While visiting this place, take a look at the statue of Parakramabahu I who ruled during the golden age. Feel enchanted as you get the breathtaking view of the Lotus Pond which is made in lotus-shaped petals and built on 4-tiers.

    Sudarshanaramaya Puranagama Rd, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

    7. Anuradhapura:
    One of the top Sri Lanka tourist spots which has been acclaimed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites is Anuradhapura, one of the greatest monastic cities of the bygone era. This is the place where you will be able to see the famous Bodhi Tree which is also called the “tree of enlightenment”.
    Stroll across the sprawling complex which is composed of an opulent collection of architectural and archaeological marvels including gigantic brick towers, crumbling temples, humongous dagobas and archaic pools.

    Anuradhapura, north-central Sri Lanka

    8. Nuwara Eliya:
    Indulge in one of the most jaw-dropping experiences you can ever have in Sri Lanka by reaching the World’s End on the Horton Plains at Nuwara Eliya. Often referred to as the “Little England”, the rose-tinted, vaguely British-country-village will make you feel charmed.
    Roam around the town to take a look at its Tudor-style hotels, colonial-era bungalows, amazing hedgerows and pretty gardens. Spend a couple of days in this beautiful town to feel relaxed in the serene atmosphere of the town. Soak in the town’s unique heritage or indulge in a game of golf.

    Nuwara Eliya, Central Province, Sri Lanka

    9. Sinharaja Forest Reserve:
    Another World Heritage Site that you must visit during your Sri Lanka trip is the Sinharaja Forest Reserve , known as the kingdom of the lion. Explore the place which is a paradise for those with a love for natural beauty and wildlife.
    Feel excited spotting various endemic species of mammals and birds of the country with 95% of the Sri Lankan endemic birds and more than 50 percent of endemic mammals have made this Forest Reserve their home. Experience the  leisurely pace of wildlife and the splendour of dense and copious evergreen rainforests as you move into the forest covered with rain clouds.

    Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Southern Province

    10. St Anthony's Church:
    The beautiful St. Anthony’s Church located at Kochchikade is another place worth visiting during your Sri Lanka tour. If you visit on Tuesdays, weekends and on days of any major festival, you will find the place full with devotees from different parts of the world offering their prayers.
    Initially constructed as a simple mud hut, the church was made bigger during 1806. While exploring the church, lookout for the main altar holding the statue of St Anthony, which was brought all the way from Goa, in a safe bullet-proof glass container.

    Kochchikade, Kotahena, Colombo 13

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  2. Which are the famous things to do in Sri Lanka?

    1. Go Trekking On Adam's Peak: Embark on a trekking expedition to reach Adam’s Peak, located in the lush green forests of Sabaragamuwa province. Trek to the top of this 7360 feet conical mountain, which is said of an important pilgrimage destination for every religion.
    Known as Sri Pada or Sacred footprint, the peak is believed to have the footprint of Lord Buddha. Once on the top visit the Summit’s temple where this footprint has been preserved. Enjoy a spectacular view of the valley drenched in the light of the setting sun as you trail upward.

    Adam's Peak, Southwestern Sri Lanka

    2. Kandy to Ella Train Ride:
    Enjoy one of the most scenic train rides in the world as you journey from Kandy to the beautiful village Ella. The six hour long train journey will take you through magnificent mountains surrounded by clouds and mists along with charming tea plantations, gushing waterfalls, making you feel as if you are taking a journey in paradise. You may opt to get down at the Hill country towns such as Nuwara, Haputale or Eliya and explore the towns with their waterfalls and tea plantations. Hop back on the next train to continue your journey to Ella.

    Train starts from Kandy, Sri Lanka

    3. Water Sports at Hikkaduwa:
    The beaches of Hikkaduwa are well known for their cuisine and vibrant nightlife along with a whole range of watersports that are on offer. Visit this enchanting place located in the Galle district of South Western Sri Lanka, 2 hours away from Colombo.
    The well known Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary has the largest coral reef, making it favourable for an enjoyable snorkelling or scuba diving experience. While visiting this beach you can also opt for a surfing experience, which is said to be the second best in Sri Lanka.

    Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

    4. Climb Sigiriya Rock:
    Enjoy a rock climbing experience as you climb up to some steep rocky area to reach the Sigiriya Rock. Start your journey early in the day and enjoy the most spectacular view of the surrounding areas as you climb up. Reach the top to visit the Sigiriya Rock or the Lion Rock, an ancient fort which is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    Explore the fort with the ruins of its citadel, palaces, etc. Feel enchanted watching the beautiful frescoes (paintings made in wet plaster on walls) all over the fort. Visit prominent landmarks of the fort such as the Lion Gate, Mirror Wall etc. Stroll through the beautiful gardens surrounding the fort.

    The northern Matale district,Dambulla Town,Central province,Sri Lanka.

    5. Spot Wild Animals at Yala National Park:
    Take a trip to Yala National Park, originally a hunters arena during the British colonial rule. Currently it is well known as a place with the highest population of leopards on earth.
    Feel excited as you visit the largest national park of Sri Lanka covering a  total area of 900 Sq Km and spot wild animals such as   crocodiles, sloth bears, leopards, and deers. Bird lovers would also love visiting this national park which also provides a quaint environment for several species of colourful birds as well.

    Hambantota, Sri Lanka

    6. Go Whale watching at Mirissa:
    Feel excited as you join a venture to go whale and dolphin watching at Mirissa, a place famous for this activity. Both adults and children alike would love watching these beautiful sea creatures swim and play in their natural habitat.
    Take an early morning boat ride when the weather is pleasant to reach the area of spotting and look out for whales, dolphins and turtles swim around you.

    Mirissa South-west, Trincomalee north-east,Kalpitiya northwest coast, Sri Lanka

    7. Try Sri Lankan Cuisine:
    Your trip to Sri Lanka will remain incomplete if you do not taste some of their food items. Being a coastal country, some of the staple items that are found in most of Sri Lankan cuisine are rice, coconuts and seafood.
    Sri Lankans have a history of spice production and this is much evident in their food such as in chutneys. Other special dishes which you will feel delighted in tasting include  Kottu roti, sour fish curry (malu ambul thiyal), Lamprais, Hoppers, Kiri Bath, and Wood Apple.

    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    8. White Water Rafting in Kitulgala:
    Feel an adrenaline rush as you plunge into the White Water Rafting experience in Kitulgala, one of the wettest places in the country. Located 90 kms from Colombo, the rafting is offered at Kelani river where you can ride it’s tide in grade three rapids.
    You will find this rapid suitable for both the beginners as well as the intermediate rafters.  Feel excited as you tow down through the gushing river that has been the filming place for or the David Lean's 1957 Oscar-winning epic "Bridge on the River Kwai".

    Kitugala, Sri Lanka

    9. Diyaluma Waterfall Hike:
    Travel for an hour from Ella and reach the gorgeous Diyaluma Waterfalls. Feel excited as you prepare to take the engaging trail of the falls to go on a waterfall hike. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings and the fall itself as you climb up the second tallest waterfall of Sri Lanka.
    On the way, there are lots of tiny pools where you can stop and get refreshed and even go for a dip or a swim. Reach the top to be awarded with a spectacular view from the top. While returning back, make a stop at the enroute small village to observe rubber production.

    Koslanda, Sri Lanka

    10. Take Lagoon Canoeing Tour:
    If you are in Galle, you must go for a lagoon Canoeing, a popular activity of the place. To embark on this activity, you must reach Unawatuna, an astounding island where most of the adventure sports happen in Galle.
    This island is brimmed with canals, lagoons, beaches, rivers and reservoirs making it an ideal place for canoeing. Feel enchanted as the Canoeing takes you in the midst of the Natural beauty of flora and fauna, untouched by human civilization,  and characterised by changing landscapes. Feel fascinated as you pass through a deeper sector of mangroves.

    Unawatuna Lagoon, Galle

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  3. Which destinations are famous for water sports in Sri Lanka?

    1. Bentota: The lagoon of Bentota is ideal if you wish to go for Lagoon Fishing. As this is the place where freshwater and saltwater meet, you will find more fish such as mullet, snapper, catfish, mangrove jacks etc. Bentota is also famous for boat safari during which you can watch river birds, water monitors or even crocodiles at times. You can also opt to go for a sailing, water surfing or jet ski experience in Bentota.
    2. Mirissa: Mirissa is the place where you can embark on a sailing trip in a chartered boat or go for a speed boat ride. It is also the place where you will be delighted in embarking on a whale watching tour.
    3. Hikkaduwa: The breathtaking beaches of Hikkaduwa is the place to go if you are looking for a surfing experience. The Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary, owing to its large coral reef, will also provide you with an amazing scuba or snorkelling experience.  
    4. Negombo: Enjoy a banana boat ride at Negombo, a beautiful lagoon in a modest village. The amazing lagoon is also the place where you can zip across splashing water during a Jet Ski ride.

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  4. Which are the best activities to do in Sri Lanka for couples?

    1. Take a trip to Bentota: A romantic destination where you can visit with your partner is Bentota, the place where Bentota Ganga meets the sea to form a breathtaking lagoon. Spend some “us” time in the palm-fringed beaches of this exotic location gazing at the turquoise blue water and golden fluffy sand.

    2. Visit Nuwara Eliya: Another place that couples and those on honeymoon will love visiting is the Nuwara Eliya, known as Mini England. Feel enchanted in the romantic ambience created by the lush green mountains, misty tea estates and roaring waterfalls of the location.

    3. Take a Romantic Train Journey to Ella:
    The beautiful Sri Lankan mountain village, Ella, has been cut out for romance and the train journey to this village adds flavour to the trip. Feel the romance in the air as you explore this village with acres of jungle canopies, cloud cover and tea trees.

    4. Immerse in the culture of Kandy:
    Those couples looking forward to getting a taste of the Sri Lankan culture, a trip to Kandy is just the right choice for them. Explore the country’s rich culture as you visit the Royal Palace, Temple of the Holy Tooth Relic, the National Museum and others.
  5. Which is the best season to visit Sri Lanka?

    The best season to visit Sri Lanka will depend on which places you are planning to visit. This country has two weather conditions in the north and south zones. If you are travelling to the South or West Zone, the best time to visit is between October to April. Those who want to visit the east coast should visit between April to September.
  6. What is the most visited city in Sri Lanka?

    The most visited city in Sri Lanka is Colombo. The beautiful country is well known for its colonial history which has been combined with its modern facilities. The city will fascinate you with its wonderful hybrid native culture which has glimpses of Portugal, Netherland and Britain. Colombo is filled with museums portraying this culture. The incredible beach area along with the greenery around will delight you when you visit this popular city.
  7. Is it expensive to visit Sri Lanka?

    No, it is not very expensive to visit Sri Lanka if you are using local transport and staying in budget accommodation. Sri Lankan meals are also available at a reasonable cost so you can save on your fooding as well. However, you will need to incur some high expenses at government-run tourist attractions such as archaeological sites, national parks and reserves as the government charges foreigners more than locals.
  8. Is Sri Lanka safe for tourists?

    Yes. Sri Lanka is a safe place for tourists. The city does have some history of Civil War in 2009 which had been a concern for tourism. But after the war, the country has become calmer and is now more open to tourists.
  9. How many days do I need in Sri Lanka?

    You will need 5 days and 4 nights to visit the most popular cities of Sri Lanka. An ideal itinerary may be as follows:

    Day 1: Start with Colombo 
    Day 2: Visit Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka 
    Day 3: Keep the 3rd day for Nuwara Eliya, known as Little England 
    Day 4: On Day 4 you may opt for either Galle or Bentota. 
    Day 5: Get back to Colombo and fly home.
  10. How much does a trip to Sri Lanka cost?

    You will need to spend around LKR 7000 per day per person during your trip to Sri Lanka. While your average accommodation expenses will be around LKR6,918 for a couple per night, you will need to spend another LKR1,407 and LKR589 on local transportation per person per day.
  11. How much money should I take to Sri Lanka?

    You may carry around LKR 70,000 for your Sri Lankan vacation if only two people are travelling for 5 days and 4 nights. Additional to this will be your to and fro flight fare.
  12. What is Sri Lanka famous for?

    Sri Lanka is known for its rich blended culture, its ancient history as well as for its fusion of modernism with traditionalism. It is a country where you can spend a relaxing and peaceful vacation spending your days in the amazing coastline, tasting their delicious cuisines, and visiting various historical monuments, beautiful temples and other buildings with amazing architecture. You may also opt for having some thrill and adventure by indulging in various activities on offer.
  13. What are the best Sri Lanka tour packages that we can book with Thrillophilia?

Newly Added Sri Lanka Experience

Sri Lanka Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Sri Lanka
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Amazing holiday package by Thrillophilia, My family and I had a great experience and we really enjoyed a lot the whole trip, the arrangement was totally excellent, the hotels were very comfortable and the transport too, the meals there was truly delicious especially seafood. To be honest from the beginning till the end we didn't face any difficulty at all...and one thing we really like about was the service we get from this company when we had any questions we just called the support number and the agent instantly took actions on it, the places in Sri Lanka was truly paradise, the scenic beauty of the place worth recommending lots of pictures we took, We were very glad that we didn't miss anything on this tour...The most fun which my kids like it so much was the visit to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage which they had a great time feeding and bathing the innocent creatures. the Sacred Tooth Relic is well-maintained and the art was just lovely... At Bentota, we enjoyed the sightseeing of the place, beach, and many watersport activities...and lots more...the place really amazed us with its beauty... we learn a lot about the place and its culture...Worthwhile tour
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