Mandarmani Resorts

Sun View Resort, Candlewood Park Beach Resort, Aqua Marina Drive Inn, Viceroy Beach and Spa Resort, King’s Crown Beach Resort, Massara Beach Resort, The Sana Beach,  Sonar Bangla and many more.

The artfully equipped Mandarmani resorts strive to offer an experience that is both luxurious and homely. The little town by the beachside, offering stunning views of the rolling blue waves of the Bay lapping at the glittering white stretch of sand, prides in its variety of beachfront resorts.

From the budget friendly lodging at the AquaMarine Drive Inn or the Massara Beach Resort, to the opulent stay offered by the Sana Beach and Anutri Beach Resort, the Mandarmani beach resorts cater to all tastes and budget options. The resorts offer an ideal stay for both families and couples.

The well furnished rooms, with their spacious interiors and modern furnishings, seek to recreate the experience of a home away from home. Some of the best resorts in Mandarmani offer experiences that are found nowhere else in the eastern coast of Bengal. From the petting zoo within Viceroy Hotel and Bar to the amusement park housed within the Sun City Resort, a stay here is never a dull one.

Here are some of the best resorts in Mandarmani:

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Anutri Beach Resort

 A resort located close to the Mandarmani Mohana region, Anutri Beach resort is a much sought after Mandarmani beach resort. The tastefully decorated rooms here offer a luxurious stay. The resort houses an outdoor pool, a spa and wellness centre and a multi cuisine restaurant of its own. Anutri also has a private beach area.
Location: Mandarmani Beach Access, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455
Price: Starting from Rs. 3,200/- per night
Amenities: Spa, Jacuzzi, Free Wi Fi services, Private Beach Access, Free Car Parking, Café, Gym, Indoor and Outdoor Game facilitates


Debraj Beach Resort

 A perfect blend of comfort and modernity, Debraj Beach Resort offers spacious rooms for stay. With view of the central pool, the Resort offers a cottage stay experience as well as a lavishly decorated special housing unit known as the Sixth Sense.
Location: Railway Station, Digha Road, Near Contai, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721423
Price: Starting from Rs. 2,912/- per night.
Amenities: Free parking service, Free Wi-Fi Service, Complimentary Breakfast, Outdoor Pool, Airport Shuttle, Private Beach Access
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 1.7 kilometers


Dolphin Beach Resort

Offering stunning views of the surrounding seas, Dolphin Beach Resort mixes opulence with a rustic charm. The spacious rooms, with well furnished interiors, are complemented by the lush green lawns within the hotel premises. This Mandarmani beach resort also has an outdoor pool, and a restaurant of its own.
Price: Starting from Rs. 2,500/- per night.
Amenities: Free Wi Fi services, Fee parking services, outdoor pool, room service, laundry service
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 6.5 kilometers from the main beach entrance.


Mallickaa Resort

A short drive away from, Mallickaa Resort seeks to create a haven for nature lovers. The 10 hectares that comprise the resort premises are littered with casuarina plants, akashmina plantations and a vast mango orchard. The delightful cottages at this Mandarmani resort offer a perfect combination of luxury and comfort to its guests. It is also among the only Mandarmani beach resort that is pet-friendly.
Location: Post Office- Balisai, PS, Ramnagar, Tajpur, West Bengal 721656
Price: Starting from Rs.2300 Per Night
Amenities: Bonfire arrangements, Free Wi-FI Services, Free parking services, laundry services, room service
Distance from Mandarmani beach: Around 4.4 kilometers.


Bombay Beach Resort

Set in a serene, romantic locale, Bombay Beach Resort is a popular beachside getaway in Mandarmani. The well-equipped, lavishly decorated rooms here seek to provide the highest level of comfort and luxury. The open green lawns, set against the backdrop of the scenic sea, adds to the charm of the place.
Location: Mandarmoni, Dadanpatrabar, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455
Price: Starting from Rs. 2,500/- per night.
Amenities: Bonfire arrangement, sea-facing swimming pool, baby pool, barbecue facilities, children’s park
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: Approximately 8.4 kilometers away from the main beach entrance.


Oasis Beach Resort

A short walk away from the beach area, the Oasis Beach Resort makes the best out of a budget stay experience. The air-conditioned rooms here are well furnished and comfortable, with each room fitted with a private balcony of its own. The Resort also has an in-house restaurant of its own.
Location: Mandarmani Sea Beach,Mandarmani,Midnapore
Price: Starting from Rs. 1,000/- per night.
Amenities: Free Parking, Laundry Service, Room Service, Doctor on call
Distance from Mandarmani beach: About 100 meters.


Royal Heritage Resort

 A popular budget Mandarmani resort at an excellent locale, Royal Heritage Resort is ideal for those looking for a cost-effective stay. The modest rooms available here seek to create a comfortable experience. The Resort offers a pool and an in-house restaurant of its own.
Location: Mandarmani Sea Beach Rd, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455
Price: Starting from Rs. 2,320/- per night. Tariff rates increase with the meal plan opted for.
Amenities: Outdoor Pool, Laundry Service, Taxi Services, Swimming Pool, Private Beach Area
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 8.3 kilometers from the main beach entrance.


The Sana Beach

With its architecture inspired by the Hawa Mahal, this boutique Mandarmani beach resort offers one of the most luxurious experiences available here. The Sana Beach offers cottages, rooms and suites for accommodation. The Resort also has an in-house restaurant, as well as an on-site café of its own.
Location: Mandarmoni, West Bengal 721461
Price: Starting from Rs. 3,350/- per nightAmenities: Badminton court, indoor pool, Sports Lounge, Pool Table, Amphitheatre, Boating and Angling facilities, Shuttle Services
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 1.2 kilometers from the main beach entrance


Massara Beach Resort

Built on a natural sand dune, Massara Beach Resort is a scenic beachfront resort offering fantastic views of the ocean. Designed to resemble traditional colonial cottages, this scenic Mandarmani resort offers well-maintained rooms with views of either the sea or the garden. It is also one of the best resorts in Mandarmani to enjoy outdoor sports, with its facilities for volleyball, cricket, badminton and bicycling.
Location: Mandarmani, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal 721463
Price: Starting from Rs. 2,899/- per night.
Amenities: Laundry Services, 24-hour dining, shuttle services, bonfire facilities, room service and housekeeping
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: Around 5 kilometers from the main beach entrance point.


Viceroy Beach and Spa Resort

With its well-furnished rooms and exquisite amenities, Viceroy Beach and Spa Resort is one of the most luxurious Mandarmani resorts on the beach. Guests at the Viceroy get to choose between Premium and Executive rooms, with the latter being more suited to larger groups.
Some of the most fantastic amenities available here include the outdoor swimming pools, the vast landscaped lawns with gazebos, a Rain Dance floor, and a temple within its premises. It is also the only Mandarmani resort that has an Open Air Theatre and a petting zoo within its premises.
Location: 8, Kalindi Gram Panchayat, Silampur, Purba Medinipur, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455
Price: Premium Rooms: Starting from Rs. 5,400/- per night for two people. The tariff rates increase with the number of guests and the meal plan opted for.
Executive Rooms: Rs. 5,100/- per night for two people. The tariff rates increase with the number of guests and the meal plan opted for.
Amenities: Free parking, playground, spa, outdoor pool, mini zoo, laundry services, room service.
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: Around 200 meters.


Aqua Marina Drive Inn

With its lush, landscaped lawns and exotic cottages, Aqua Marina Drive Inn offers the best of boutique-stay experience. The rooms are exquisitely designed to deliver the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. The beachfront restaurant also offers a children's playground, an outdoor pool and an on-site restaurant of its own.
Location: Mandarmoni, Dadanpatrabar, Dist- Purba Medinipur, West bengal 721455
Price: Starting from Rs. 1,600/- per night.
Amenities: Free Parking Services, Sun terrace, outdoor pool, playground, shuttle services, room service
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: Around 6.9 kilometers from the main beach entrance.


Candlewood Park Beach Resort

With its open lawns and sea-facing rooms, Candlewood Park Beach Resort is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Mandarmani. This budget friendly accommodation offers spacious, well decorated rooms that seek to recreate the experience of a home away from home. With its penchant for organizing candlelight dinners, Candlewood Park Beach Resort is also one of the most popular Mandarmani resorts on the beach for couples.
Location: Mandermani, Village – Sonamui P.O. Dadanpatraben, Midnapore, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455
Price: Starting from Rs. 2,000/- per night.
Amenities: Lawns, Playground, Bonfire arrangement, adventure sports options, candlelit dinners, room service, shuttle service, laundry services, free parking
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: Around 6.3 kilometers from the main beach entrance


Sun View Resort

Offering a stunning view of the beachside on which it sits, Sun View Resort in Mandarmani allows you to make the best of your coastal experience.  Guests can choose between a Deluxe Room, and a Standard Room.  The resort also has an in-house restaurant of its own.
Price: Starting from RS. 1,000 per night.
Location: Mandarmani Beach Road, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455
Amenities: Free Parking Services, Free Wi-Fi services, complimentary breakfast, private beach area, children's playground, room service, shuttle servicesDistance from Mandarmani Beach:  Around 6.6 kilometers from the main beach entrance


AB Resort

 A secluded resort by the Mandarmani Beach, AB Resorts offers lodging that is both serene and budget-friendly. The cottages at the accommodation are well-equipped and modern, attached to lawns in front. The resort also has an in-house restaurant of its own, known for its seafood delicacies.
Location: Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455
Price: Starting from Rs. 950/- per night.
Amenities: Restaurant, Bar, Room Service, Laundry Service, Stroller Services
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 7.1 kilometers from the main beach entrance.


Sun City Resort

Sprawling across 100 acres, Sun City Resort seeks to dazzle its guests with its out of the box architectural styles and structures. Its interestingly designed rooms, with their spacious interiors, offer a comfortable stay for groups of all sizes. Sun City is the only Mandarmani resort that has an amusement park within its premises.
Location: East Midnapur, Mandarmani Beach, Chuaulkhola, West Bengal 721401
Price: Starting from Rs. 3,494/- per night
Amenities: Outdoor Pool, Amusement Park, Spa Centre, Free Wi-Fi Services, Free Parking, Private Beach Access, Hot Tub
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 3.6 km away from the main beach entrance. However, the Resort offers private beach access from its premises.


Sher E Bengal Beach Resort

 A budget resort attached to the nearby beach, Sher E Bengal Resort in Mandarmani offers a homely stay experience. With rooms boasting of views of the landscaped lawns, the resort seeks to offer a pleasant stay. The rooms here are hygienic, well maintained and designed with an eye for comfort.
Location: Mandarmani, West Bengal 721423
Price: Starting from Rs. 4,657/- per night.
Amenities: Lawn, Restaurant, Bar, Medical Center, Laundry Service, Free parking services, Free Wi-Fi Services
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 1.6 kilometers


ADB Kanvas

Promising a vacation that is colorful and vibrant, ADB Kanvas seeks to create a luxury experience for its guests. The lavishly decorated rooms here offer a panoramic view of the sea outside. The Resort has an inhouse restaurant of its own. ADB Kanvas is also one of the best resorts in Mandarmani to enjoy water sports.
Location: Mandarmani Beach Rd, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455
Price: Starting from Rs. 3,000/- per night
Amenities: Central Lawn, Outdoor Pool, Spa, Indoor Games, Gym, Bonfire Arrangements, ATV Biking facilities, Sun View Deck, Children’s Playground
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 1.7 kilometers from the main beach entrance.


Marino Beach Resort

A popular budget stay in the vicinity of the beach, Marino Beach Resort offers a comfortable stay. Apart from the modest and well furnished rooms, the Resort features a beachfront garden, a playground, and an outdoor pool.
Price: Starting from Rs. 1,400/- per night
Amenities: Free Wi-Fi services, Free parking services, Complimentary breakfast, Outdoor Pool, Private Beach Access, Airport Shuttle
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 1.3 kilometers.


Sonar Bangla Resort

Boasting vast lawns with a pool of its own, Hotel Sonar Bangla perches on the Mandarmani beachline. This budget Mandarmani resort offers rooms that offer comfort without compromising on the luxury factor. The rooms available here are well-furnished and adequately equipped. The Resort also has an in-house restaurant of its own.
Location: Kalindi, Chaulkhola, Mandarmoni, Dist. Purba Medinipur, Pin-721455 West Bengal, India
Price: Starting from Rs. 3,500/- per night.
Amenities: Room Service, In-House Restaurant, Playground, Outdoor Pool, Bonfire Facilities, Free Wi-Fi services, free parking, laundry services
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 400 meters


King’s Crown Beach Resort

Commended for its location and staff services, King’s Crown Beach Resort offers a humble accommodation with the most modern facilities. The rooms here are well-equipped and maintained well.
This Mandarmani resort also has an on-site restaurant of its own, offering some of the most delectable delights.
Location: Mandarmani Beach Side, P.O : Dadanpatra, East Midnapore, 721455
Price: Starting from Rs. 2,600/- per night.
Amenities: Room Service, Laundry Service, Airport Shuttle, Billiards Room, Entertainment area, children’s playground, garden, terrace area
Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 260 meters.

People Also Ask About West Bengal

  1. Which are the best resorts in Mandarmani for couples?

    - Candlewood Park Beach Resort: With its romantic locale, and scenic setting by the rolling waves of the Bay of Bengal, Candlewood Park Beach Resort is an ideal destination for both unmarried and married couples. The Resort also offers high-quality candlelight dining experience for its guests upon request.
    - Sana Beach: The Sana Beach at Mandarmani goes out of its way to offer an ideal romantic experience for holidaying couples. Apart from its mesmerizing views and stunning cottages, the Resort offers specially decorated rooms and elaborately arranged dinners for couples on request.
    - Bombay Beach Resort: A romantic hideout tucked away by the beach, Bombay Beach Resort is one of the most scenic Mandarmani resorts on beach. Take a stroll along the beachfront with your loved one, or simply lounge on the Deck enjoying the scenic sunset- this Mandarmani beach resort is ideal for any vacationing couple.
    - Mallickaa Resort: There is nothing more romantic than exploring the open greens with a loved one. The beauty of the resort, which is covered in plantations, is complemented by the clear, blue lake that sits in the heart of the premises. Enjoy the sunset with your beloved, or have a picnic by the lakeside lawns- this is romance at its best!
  2. What are the best places to visit near Mandarmani?

    - Tajpur Beach: A hidden gem in the coast of Midnapur, Tajpur is one of the most scenic beaches in West Bengal. The inverted crescent shape of the beach offers a stunning panoramic view of the horizon. Tajpur is also home to a number of water sport opportunities, such as snorkeling, parasailing, paragliding and much more.
    - Shankarpur: A fairly unexplored beach on the Eastern Coast of Bengal, Shankarpur boasts of breathtaking views of the open blue ocean with a lining of glittering white sand. The beach is most popular for its cleanliness and the area of tranquility that pervades the place.
    - Digha: A small town located close to Mandarmani, Digha is a popular tourist spot in West Bengal. Also known as the Brighton of the East, the beach at Digha is a shallow one, and allows swimming opportunities. The beach also offers stunning views of the sunrise and the sunset.
    - Udaipur: The beach at Udaipur is popular for half of the beach lies within West Bengal, while the other one lies in Orissa. The beach is also home to the merging point of the river Subarnarekha with the Bay of Bengal, which offers a stunning sight.
  3. What is the price range of resorts in Mandarmani?

    The price range of Mandarmani resorts on beach can be anywhere between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 15,000 per night, depending on the resort opted for, as well as the number of guests.
    Budget resorts in Mandarmani include Aqua Marina Drive Inn and Sun View Resorts, while luxury resorts at a higher budget range include places like Sun City Resort.
  4. Which are the popular luxury resorts in Mandarmani?

    - Sun City Resort: Sun City Resort, with its exquisitely designed rooms and luxury services, is one of the most popular luxury Mandarmani beach resorts. It is the only resort in Mandarmani that has an amusement park of its own.
    - The Sana Beach: An opulently designed resort offering rooms with a view of the sea or the resort gardens, the Sana Beach seeks to offer the best luxurious experience available in Mandarmani. The rooms here are lavishly equipped, and provides an experience fit for kings.
    - Viceroy Hotel and Bar: With amenities available nowhere else in Mandarmani, Viceroy Hotel and Bar creates an experience that is otherworldly. With its opulent rooms and facilities such as its open air theater, petting zoo, lawns and rain dance facility, a day spent here is never a boring one.
  5. Which are the top budget Resorts in Mandarmani ?

    - Aqua Marina Drive Inn: An informal beachfront lodging with open green lawns, this modest resort is commended for its well furnished rooms and accommodating facilities and services. With its outdoor sport opportunities and excellent services, AquaMarine is one of the most sought after Mandarmani resorts on beach.
    - Candlewood Park Beach Resort: A top choice for couples and families alike, Candlewood Park Beach Resort is an accommodating budget option for everyone. The resort also organizes water sports for its guests.
    - King’s Crown Beach Resort: A humble, home-like accommodation by the beach, King’s Crown Beach Resort offers a pleasant stay experience at pocket friendly rates. The Resort is known for its superior services and hospitality, and is extremely popular among holidaying groups.
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Shonali Patnaik Sandakphu Trek
"One of the best experience in my life till date. Sandakhphu trek had mesmerizing views and sceneries. Enjoyed like hell. Its great for beginners. So beautiful, so ecstatic, so adventurous. Trekking guide especially DK sir was so helpful and patient. Loved his songs. Food was great all the way. I would definitely recommend for everyone to try once in a lifeime. "
29 March 2016
Dzongri Goechala Trek in Sikkim is one of the best treks in the town. It had been a great trek. I had a lovely time there. It was awesome. I loved it totally. One should definitely try this to know how it had been. It was definitely a nice and fun trek.
Sumit Biswas Sandakphu Trek
"Overall a good trek. The Himalayan Trekker guide, Arpan, was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend it for beginners. Seasoned trekkers might find it a bit easy."
Charvi Chattopadhyay North Bengal Tour
It was a great once in a lifetime experience. Thrillophilia ensures everything is well on time and coordinated. The accommodations were perfect. The food provided during the trip was good. I must recommend
Deeksha Chattopadhyay One Day Tour In West Bengal
We have had a great family time traveling in Kolkata. Our driver and guide couldn't be better, as a person and as a professional, he made the experience 10x better. Beautiful place with beautiful people
12 January 2021
Swati Jhunjhunwala Sandakphu Trek
I thought I was going for a trek, but instead I went on a self actualisation trip. It had everything- fun, workout, snow, car journey, bonfire, and anything else you can imagine. Before the trip I was quite skeptical, whether or not I would be able to do it, whether or not the weather and conditions would be favourable, but it all worked out. Our trek guides, Bishu and Sasang, were both so amazing, so motivating, and so supportive, that they made our trip a success. At one point, I wasn’t sure if I could continue on this trek, since my legs were giving up, but our guide motivated us, told us we’re almost there, and made us complete the journey. We took shortcuts, we clicked pictures, we went 2km along the mountains just to see the beautiful sunset hiding in the clouds beneath us, and we came back changed. I recommend this trip to anyone who is reading this. The trek is for beginners with will power, and the journey is going to memorable for years, if not more.
04 January 2021
Ishan Pandey Sandakphu Trek
The best thing about the trip was our guide Vikram Da..and we generally call him Vikram. He made sure to make us comfortable and ensured our needs to be taken care of. The only thing i would ask Thrilillophilia to do is club people of similar ages and not club a 55-60 yr old person with a group of youngsters. There are differences in mental and physical attributes.
04 November 2020
Pranita Sandakphu Trek
Our trek was a remarkable experience. It was well organised and the accommodation along the way allowed for a very comfortable stay. The only problem which we faced was with the accommodation provided in Kalpokhari which was below average. The food was also quite good. I would personally like to thank the guide Mr Bisu Rai for helping us throughout the journey.
18 January 2020
I have booked a cottage for our anniversary. It was having all the modern amenities. They have very well arranged a candle light dinner for us which was included in our package. We both had a great time at this property.
20 November 2019
We enjoyed our stay in Darjeeling majorly because of all the hassle-free and advance bookings all credit goes to Thrillophilia. It was a beautiful resort with clean rooms and friendly staff. Enjoyed our tea plantation tours and exploring this beautiful city.

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