Bihar, a state known for its historical importance, architecture, monuments and some unexplored gems. With abundant nature, numerous ancient remains, various hidden attractions and well preserved caves and fortresses, one will find a plethora of unexplored Places in Bihar like Sonbhandar Caves, Glass Bridge, Dungeshwari Hills, Barabar Caves, Rizwan Castle,Telhar Kund, Bihar School Of Yoga, Kumhrar, Kesaria Stupa, etc. 

Are you also planning to visit Bihar, but do not want to go to the conventional places? Do not worry, we know quite a few places that will surely make your trip exciting and worthwhile. With numerous destinations like the Lauriya Nandangarh and Telhar Kund desperately waiting for visitors to enjoy the perfect vacationing experiences, one will overcome many hidden destinations in Bihar that only locals are familiar with.

While places like the Barabar Caves take you back to the regional history and let you experience the bygone era, the Rizwan Castle on the other hand lets you experience royalty in its ruined palace walkways. Many attractions like the Muchalinda lake 
and the Kesaria Stupa are popular among the locals, yet very few tourists explore them. Overall, Bihar is home to numerous hidden gems which can only be explored once you head out for a tour.
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Sonbhandar Caves, Rajgir

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Owing to the various tales and stories surrounding them, the Sonbhandar Caves have been inviting flocks of tourists towards it. Also known as “Sona Bhandara Caves”, which means a heap of gold, this place was once a treasure hunting site.

The inner walls of these caves have some inscriptions within them which are still not decrypted and those inscriptions are believed to offer information about the hidden treasure. Among all the unexplored Places in Bihar, this one is truly worth visiting. 

Location: Sonbhandar Caves are located in the Rajgir district of Bihar. 

Historical Facts: These beautiful Sonbhandar Caves are dated back to the 3rd or 4th century. Although not concrete but this could be determined by the inscriptions found in the caves and some archaeologists mentioned that these inscriptions are in the Gupta script which was highly used in the 4th century, but these caves can be much older as some believe them to be from the Maurya empire which ruled from 319 to 180 BCE. 

Architecture: Sonbhandar Caves depicts the architectural era of the Mauryan period. The main cave is designed in a rectangular shape with a pointed ceiling, and this design can be compared to the Barabar Caves, which are the first man-made caves of India.
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Dungeshwari Hills

Sitting in the pious land of Bodh Gaya, the Dungeshwari Hills are home to a very famous and religious location. Also known as Mahakala Caves, Dungeshwari Hills is the same place where Lord Buddha spent years penance before descending to Bodhgaya.

However, the time he spent there cannot be determined since he was continuously travelling to new places to preach Buddhism. 
The hill overlooks the panoramas of Bodh Gaya, and to reach the top, one is required to trek for a while. Upon your arrival to the peak, you will find a small yet charming temple where local religious people visit on a daily basis.

Although the hills are quiet off the road and less explored by the tourists, they still remain among some of the most scenic locations of Bihar.

Location: Located at a distance of about 12 km northeast of Gaya, Dungeshwari hills are found along River Phalgu. 

Historical Facts:  Dungeshwari Hills are often considered to hold historical significance, especially for the Buddhists as this is where Lord Buddha meditated for penance. 

Barabar Caves

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Surrounded by lush greenery and scenic ponds, the Barabar Caves are the oldest and the most well preserved rock cut caves in the world. Owing to their serenity and architecture, the caves have been exhibiting the brilliance of craftsmanship from the era when people didn't even know what tools were.

From the wall murals to giant entry gates and from inscriptions on the walls to well crafted passages and stairs, everything about these caves is breathtaking. The Barabar Caves are believed to be built around 322 to 185 BCE and are surely some of the most unexplored places in Bihar.

So, if you are planning to visit Bihar, exploring Barabar Caves is something you must not miss. These are the first man-made caves holding such a historical significance, and if you love exploring ancient monuments and are keen to know what happened in the past, do plan a visit here during your Bihar tour.

Location: Barabar Hill Road, Barabar, Sultanpur, Bihar 804405

Historical Facts: Barabar Caves hold much significance in history. They are considered to be the only remains of the Ajivika sect, a sect that competed with Jainism and Buddhism somewhere around the 4th or 5th century. However, as time went by, nothing related to this sect was lost, except for the famous Barabar caves.
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Rizwan Castle

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Once used as a stay for various famous international guests, the Rizwan Castle is in ruins now. This multi-storied castle is very similar to the one you see in movies and fairytales, with circular ladders, connected rooms, wooden balconies, lookout points, surrounding towers and a giant gate for entrance.

Due to its gothic style architecture and less maintenance, many people find it creepy and haunted, however the same place acts as a perfect spot for a day of exploration with friends. 

Location: Patna, Bihar

How Old: Rizwan Castle was constructed somewhere in the 20th Century.

Historical Significance: Some believe that the land on which Rizwan Castle is constructed belongs to the famous Freedom Fighter Maulana Mazharul Haque and was purchased by Syed Imam Hassan, a popular lawyer of that time.
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Telhar Kund, Kaimur

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In the middle of a vast forest and lush green trees lies a beautiful small lake made by a gushing stream of waterfall, known as the Telhar Kund. The whole cluster of a waterfall, a small lake and a high standing viewpoint makes it a perfect location to indulge in some fun and take in the best of nature.

Due to its off the track location, Telhar Kund has become one of the unexplored places in Bihar. The kund can only be reached by hiking through a forest for a while, thus making it a must-visit location if you want some thrill.

Telhar Kund is also one of the most popular picnic spots among locals. Karamchat Dam, which is located here is known for its picturesque views and lush greenery and hence many groups, be it friends or family, come together to spend some time amidst nature. There is a deep springfall in the same area, which is considered to be the main attraction among tourists. 

Bhabhua - Adhaura Rd, Karar, Bihar 821102

Telhar Kund, a popular waterfall in Bihar, is situated on the Bhabua - Audhora Road in the Kaimur district. This area falls under the Rohtas plateau of the Durgavati River. This place is just a few kms away. Away from the famous Durgavati reservoir project.
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Bihar School Of Yoga

If you have keen interest in Yoga, or want to know more about it, Bihar School Of Yoga can surely help you. This yoga school was founded by Satyananda Saraswati in the Munger district of Bihar in 1963.

Bihar School Of Yoga is known to be one of the best institutes that preaches yoga all over the world. It constitutes 54 ashrams spread across the globe and attracts thousands of people everyday who are willing to learn yoga. This school is famous for cultivating an old and traditional form of yoga with modern aesthetics and value, and hence, people find it really easy to learn and perform. 

How old: Bihar School Of Yoga was founded in 1963 but the Institute Of Yogic Studies was created in 1994.


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An excavation as well as archaeological site, Kumhrar is believed to be the place where the old kingdom of Patliputra used to reign. The excavation around the location further introduced people to various remains of the old towns, their vessels, daily utility objects and many other things which are still there on display.

If you are a history buff and want to get knowledge specifically about the older times then this is a perfect place to be.

Location: Patna, Bihar

Architecture:  Kumhrar is a strategically designed place where 8 rows of 10 pillars each, with a distance of 4.57 meters within pillars, are arranged together. These pillars are beautifully designed with 9.75 meters in height, of which 2.74 meters is below the ground. The material used here is black spotted buff sandstone monoliths.

Historical Facts: The ruins from Kumhrar clearly depicts that it was constructed during the reign of the Mauryan empire. However, historians still have debate over this as some believe it to be from the hall that was built for the Third Buddhist Council that was held in 250 BCE, under the reign of Mauryan Emperor Ashoka.

Located: Kumhrar was found nearly 350 meters south of the city of Pataliputra, which was found in Bulandi Bagh on the banks of Son river.
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Kesaria Stupa, East Champaran

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A very famous archaeological site in Tajpur, the Kesaria Stupa has been a pilgrimage site among Buddhists. Built by Mauryan King Ashoka, this one is the biggest Buddha Stupa in India located in the Kesariya town of Bihar.

Also famed in the name of Baba Kesarnath, the stupa is believed to have a Shiva temple inside it, which was destroyed during excavation back in 1958. Other than being an archaeological site, this stupa is also a go-to spot for tourists who are interested in history as well as natural scenery.

Location: Kesariya Stupa is located on the Kesariya Road, which is approx. 110 km from the capital city of Patna in Bihar. 

Architecture: Kesariya Stupa marks archaeological excellence from the past and are designed beautifully. This stupa is nearly 104 feet in height with a total circumference of almost 400 feet.
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Lauriya Nandangarh, West Champaran

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Amidst the list of some hidden and unexplored Places in Bihar lies the small town of Lauriya Nandgarh. The town lies along the stream of Burhi Gandak River and is believed to have a pretty good connection with Indian mythologies.

Many people consider this place to be the site where the holy “Ramayana” took place, the proof of which is still unknown. Other than being a religious site, Lauriya Nandangarh is also an archaeological site which has many age-old crafts and landmarks on exhibit including a stupa as well as a small temple along the river stream. 

Location: Bettiah, Bihar

Located: Lauriya Nandangarh, located on the banks of river Burhi Gandak River, is at a distance of about 14 km from Narkatiaganj and 28 km from Bettiah in the West Champaran district of Bihar. 

Architecture: Lauriya Nandangarh is beautifully designed and shows the craftsmanship of the past. There is a bell shaped with a circular abacus ornamented with Brahmi geese on the top that supports a lion statue. This place is known for an erected Ashokan Pillar with the famous preaching of Buddhism by Ashoka. This place is still in its form however, with time one can see that the lion face has been chipped off, and there are other signs of vandalism too. 

Famous for: This place is highly popular for a beautifully erected Ashokan Pillar.
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Muchalinda lake

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One of the most scenic lakes in Bihar, the Muchalinda Lake sits along a scenic Buddhist Temple and lets people engage in various lakeside activities. Due to its smaller side, boating is prohibited here, however people can still enjoy the scenic views of migratory birds nestling along its corners.

The lake lies amidst the Mahabodhi Complex, thus carrying a vast influence of Buddhism along it. One can spot various monks in red robes roaming around here as they tour along its corners.

Butter lamp Rd, Bodh Gaya, Bihar 824231
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Dashrath Manjhi Road, Gaya

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Who has not heard the famous story of Dashrath Manji, a man who himself cut a whole mountain to create a road. It took him nearly 22 years to construct this road. Dashrath Manjhi, a man belonging to a very poor society, a labourer by profession in the Gehlaur village, near Gaya in Bihar is famous for single handedly carving a road after his wife died in 1959 due to injury caused by falling from the same mountain. 

People in his village did not have access to even the basic facilities and had to cross that mountain to go to the other side. After the sudden demise of his wife, he decided to carve a path of 110 m long, 9.1 m wide and 7.7 m deep cutting through the tough mountain with just a hammer and chisel. After years of struggle he was able to do so and this uplifted his village a lot.

His story was also covered by many news channels and his life has been converted into a famous Bollywood movie by the same name “Manjhi: The Mountain Man.”
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Griddhakuta Peak

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Griddhakuta Peak or the Vulture Peak is one such location where nature meets culture and exhibits a perfect vibe of prayers and sanity. With its shape resembling a vulture, the Griddhakuta Peak finds its connection to various mythologies.

From the top of the peak, people can enjoy some of the most scenic views of the valley below, which not only is scenic but thrilling as well. To reach the top, one is required to trek for a while which further adds more thrill to visiting here.

Rajgir, Bihar
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People Also Ask About Bihar

  1. Which are the best unexplored places to visit in Bihar ?

    1. Kumhrar: An archaeological site as well as a fantastic place to explore nature, Kumhrar exhibits the perfect amalgamation of nature with history.

    2. Muchalinda lake:
    Located in the vicinity of the Mahabodhi Complex, this lake lets you explore the perfect combination of serenity with solitude. From small food shacks to meditation monks, the corners of this lake are loaded with many scenes.

    3. Sonbhandar Caves: Attracting vast local crowds towards it, the Sonbhandar Caves are believed to be a home to a treasure which no one has found yet. Being one of the best unexplored places to visit in Bihar, the myths related to it make it a must visit location.

    4. Barabar Caves: Being the most well preserved caves in the world, Barabar Caves have been exhibiting the brilliance of craftsmanship for many centuries. From wall inscriptions to random paintings, one can find many things here related to the past era.
  2. What is the best time to visit Bihar?

    The best time around which you can experience the perfect climatic conditions is during the winter months. The months between October to March come with a blissful atmosphere and the temperature around this time ranges from 10 to 20 degree celsius.
  3. Is Bihar worth visiting?

    Yes, Bihar is truly worth a visit if you are interested in nature, history, culture and adventurous activities. Known as “Magadha” in the past era, Bihar has been home to various such sites and ruins which still depict the royale of the past.
  4. How to reach Bihar?

    1. By Air: Bihar has various airports, out of which, the Darbhanga Airport and Patna Airport are more connected to the outer cities and states.

    2. By Rail: A well equipped route of trains runs through Bihar and connects its cities to each other as well as other states.

    3. By Road: A fine system of roadways has been established to connect Bihar to the outer world and you will find various national and state highways running through its vicinity.
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