Tourist Places to Visit in Orissa

Teeming with a vibrant cultural history, Orissa is home to some of the most stunning places to visit. The temples of the state are some of the most popular tourist places in Orissa. The temples here boast of stunning architectural details that stand testament to the various kingdoms that flourished in the state’s history. While the 12th century Jagannath temple in Puri welcomes pilgrims from across the world, the 7th century Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneshwar is revered by Shaivites everywhere. Other popular temples here include Bhubaneshwar’s Rajarani Temple, Mukteshwar Temple and Parashurameshvara Temple.

The history of Orissa can be further explored by visiting the caves here, which are among the most interesting places to visit in Orissa. Believed to have been built about 2,000 years ago, the cave complexes at Udayagiri and Khandagiri are delightful architectural wonders.

The beaches along the coastline are some of the other delightful places to see in Orissa. Puri Beach, Swargadwar Beach and the beach at Paradeep are some of the most stunning beaches here. Nature lovers can also enjoy a stunning weekend getaway to the district Jeypore, with its dense forests, limestone caves and beautiful misty waterfalls.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Orissa:

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Puri is a beautiful city situated in the state of Odisha in Eastern India, just 60 KMS away from the capital. It is located along the bay of Bengal and offers a beautiful sunlit landscape with palm leaves and the glimmering waves on the shoreline. The city flourishes with diverse tourists including the holy worshippers in the temples and sun basking tourists on the beach making it one of the most admired places to visit in not only India but all across the world.

It is one of the Char Dham i.e. the four most pious pilgrimage sites for Hindus and acquires a huge crowd during the magnificent Rath Yatra every year. It has world famous temples such as the Jagannath Temple, Gundicha temple, Vimala Temple, Loknath Temple and many more. It also has the panch tirtha, a bath into which one completes the pilgrimage to Puri. Along with beautiful places to visit, the city offers great work of artisans to admire and buy from the local shops.

It also offers a glance into the lives of tribals and the traditional Odia culture and heritage of their people. 
Puri is often known as the beach city and has become a key location for short hippie trips amongst travelers around the world. Tourists love to sit by the shore of beaches and try out various activities such as water sports, boating or even fishing at the shoreline.

The city offers a pleasant coastal climate throughout the year although it gets very humid in summers. The highest the temperature goes in summers is around 36°C and the lowest in winters is around 17°C. The best time to be in Puri is around winter times as it is neither too hot nor too cold.

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Known famously as the “City of Temples”, Bhubaneswar has a strong foothold in the history of India. Better known as the capital city of the state of Odisha, this place was under the rule of King Sisupala for a long period of time. The remains of Sisupalgarh found near Bhubaneswar city imply that they predate even the Mauryan empire. Holding a 2000-year old rich history, this place presents the perfect amalgamation of a rustic world that features grand temples and brilliant architecture and a modern era that features flourishing business and commerce.

The city of Bhubaneswar exhibits timeless beauty with its iconic monuments dating back to more than 3000 years. The colourful temples, serene dams, breathtaking parks, ancient caves, picturesque lakes, and renowned museums add to the charm of this city and cater to its rich tourism industry.

It goes without saying that Bhubaneswar is home to some of the most important attractions and exciting places to visit in Orissa that attract travelers of all moods to the city. Important religious sites like Parasurameswara Temple, Mukteshwar Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Peace Pagoda, Rajarani Temple, and Ananta Vasudeva Temple propel a heavy influx of devotees and pilgrims to this place. While Udayagiri & Khandagiri, Ashoka Rock Edict, Odisha State Museum and Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavation attracts history buffs, Nandankanan Zoo, Indira Gandhi Park, Atri, Bindu Sagar, and Ekamra Kanan form a paradise for nature lovers.

If you are an action-living holidaymaker, be sure that Bhubaneswar won’t disappoint you. While you can explore the state’s culture at Odisha Modern Art Gallery and Museum of Tribal Arts & Artifacts, you can interact with wildlife at Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary and Nandankanan Zoological Park. While you can seek blessings at ISKON Temple, you can go boating at Nicco Park. Bhubaneswar has a tropical savanna climate with summers experiencing high temperatures and humidity and monsoons bringing in torrential downpours. The winters make for the most ideal time to visit this city, when the weather is soothingly cold.

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This historic town, one of the best places to visit in Orissa, lies on the Bay of Bengal coastline in the District of Puri. Konark is an important cultural and heritage landmark in India making it one of the most-visited places in East India. The beauty of Konark lies in its diverse landscape. Dotted with several temples, museums, and beaches, with silhouettes of the Eastern Ghats in the background, make it one of the best places in the country for a deeply spiritual and unconventional getaway.

Konark houses one of the most extraordinary architectures in the country- the 13
th-century Sun Temple. This UNESCO protected site depicts a chariot of Sun God with 12 pairs of intricately carved wheels pulled by 7 horses. Built in traditional Kalinga architecture, one can still see the remains of the vimana, shikara, audience hall, dance hall, etc. Another popular attraction here is the pristine Chandrabhaga Beach, one of the cleanest beaches in the country, famous for its crystal clear waters, expanses of soft powdery sands, and tree-lined shores.

Another great beach to visit is Astaranga Beach, which is famous for offering stunning sunset views. Visit the ASI Museum, the oldest in Konark, to trace the unique culture and see hundreds of antique sculptures like a sandstone Surya image, Kandolite wheels, etc. that were recovered from the Konark Temple.

One of the best things to do at Konark is to enjoy watersports at the beautiful Chandrabhaga Beach. You can spend hours surfing, snorkelling, and swimming and round off the day with a beachside bonfire. No trip to Konark is complete without experiencing the surrealism and the beauty of the Konark Dance Festival to see classical dance performances, listen to traditional music, and admire the beauty of stunning handicrafts displayed with the Sun Temple in the background.

Konark experiences extremely hot summers during March-June with temperatures reaching 43°C. Monsoon months of July-September see heavy rainfalls accompanied by sporadic cyclones. Winter months of October-February are the best to visit when the temperatures drop to as low as 12°C.

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One of the most unique beaches in the country, Chandipur is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal in the Baleswar District. The beauty of Chandipur Beach is considered to be unparalleled, and rightly so. Its yellow-golden sands and blue waters create a stunning picture-postcard like imagery. Dotted with rocky outcrops, sand dunes, and thickets of Casuarina trees, it is one of the best and the most beautiful vantage points in Orissa to savour a beautiful sunset.

Also known as the ‘vanishing sea’, and ‘hide-and-seek beach’, the waters at this beach recede twice every day during the low tide for about 5-6 kilometres revealing the seabed, making it one of the most intriguing
places to visit in Orissa. Visitors love to walk on the seafloor and find colourful treasures of seashells and colourful stones and seeing the unique sand formations. The beach houses the rare Horseshoe Crabs along with a huge variety of fish. Another reason why the beach is famous is that this has been the site of the launch of DRDO’s Agni, Prithvi, and Akash ballistic missiles.

One of the best activities here to walk deep into the seabed during the low tide. Biking enthusiasts can even ride up till the end of the shores. The beach has some amazing cafes and shacks that offer great seafood like prawns and pomfret, which are a must-try. This is a great place to meet friendly fishermen and observe their fishing activities. Every year in January, one can enjoy the Chandipur Beach Festival that includes cultural performances by local artists of dances like Chhau, Bihu, exhibits by DRDO, watersports like rafting & parasailing, etc.

The summer temperatures range between 25-40 degrees making the place hot and humid. The best time to visit the beach is during the winter months of October-March when the temperatures range between 17-27 degrees making it cool and pleasant to enjoy the outdoors.

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One of the most important and oldest seaports in the country, the historic Paradeep is located in the Jagatsinghpur District. This 17th-century sea-transportation area, initially a harbour, played an important role during the British regime and the famine of 1886. The coastal landscape of Paradeep is dotted with beautiful beaches, miles of dense forest, waterfalls, and forts. One of the best destinations in the country for an offbeat beachside getaway, Paradeep is visited by nature lovers from all over the country.

One of the best places to visit here is the main port area, considered to be the most scenic areas on the East-Indian coastline. One can see fascinatingly huge ships and other marine activities at this beautiful confluence of estuaries of Paradeep, Mahanadi, and the Bay of Bengal. Head over to the Gahirmatha Beach to spend a day under the sun savouring views of turquoise-green waters and spotting white crocodiles and Olive Ridley turtles. Visit the Bhitarkanika National Park to see the luxuriant mangroves and exotic animals like Saltwater Crocodiles, Wild pigs, Darters, Pythons, etc.

If you want to spend some time with yourself amidst serenity, do so at the tranquil ambience of the Jhankad Temple. Dedicated to Goddess Sarala, this temple also hosts festivals like Chandan Jatra, Dola Purnima, and Parbana. Marvel at the rare species of fish housed at the Marine Aquarium here. Climb the lighthouse at Paradeep Beach to get stunning sunset views and enjoy local snacks at the shacks near the lighthouse.

The summer months of March-May see sweltering heat with temperatures rising to 41°C. Heavy monsoon rains begin in May and continue till September. The best time to visit the place is between October-March when the weather is cool and pleasant dropping to around 12°C.

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Known as the ‘city of victory’ Jeypore city was set up in the 16th-century by the Suryavanshi dynasty. Located in the Koraput district, the historic city constantly changed hands between empires, leaving an unmissable footprint on its culture and architecture. Located amidst the Eastern Ghat ranges, Jeypore, one of the most popular places to visit in Orissa, is bestowed with dense forests, beautiful misty valleys, and waterfalls attract travellers from all over the country. The rich landscape also includes limestone caves, temples, palaces, and age-old bridges.

The stupendous architecture of the Raj Mahal here is one of the most popular attractions. Though in ruins, the architecture of intricately carved walls, arched doors, and minarets tells the story of its once glorious past. Another great attraction is the British-era iron bridge known as Patraput Bridge that connects the Ranchi-Vijayawada corridor. This magnificent 88-year-old structure is a magnificent symbol of stunning architecture. Visit the intriguing Gupteswar Caves located amidst forests atop a hill. These limestone caves have a hidden Lord Shiva temple along with a huge ‘lingam’.

If you want to spend some time with yourself in calm quietude, head over to the beautiful waterfalls at Jeypore. Shakti, Bagara, and Duduma waterfalls here are perfect for activities like swimming and trekking. Soak in the views of hundreds of varieties of colourful flowers at the Kolab Botanical Garden. The place is perfect for taking a long stroll amidst fragrant surroundings as you savour the rich landscape.

The summer months of March-June are quite hot as the temperatures frequently rise to 45°C. The monsoon months of July-September see a moderate amount of rainfall. The winters here are quite cool, the months of October-February being the best time to visit. The temperature during this time drops to as low as 12°C.

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Being one of the largest storehouses of iron and manganese in the country, Barbil is also known as Iron City. The semi-urban town is located on the banks of River Karo in the Kendujhar area of Odisha.

Tourists can enjoy many adventure activities in the scenic surroundings of Barbil. Visiting Sanaghagara Waterfall through the hilly trail and verdant vegetation for a day outing is highly recommended for all thrill-seekers.

Another enthralling waterfall to visit here is the Badaghagara Waterfall that treats your eyes with a gorgeous panorama. A picnic at Murga Mahadev Waterfalls is an experience that you will remember for a long time since it is blessed with scenic surroundings. The art lovers here will enjoy the ancient fresco paintings on the rock shelter which is also called ‘Ravan Chhaya’.

The city celebrates a number of festivals which are organised with huge zeal and fervour. Some of the prominent celebrations seen in the city are Durga Puja, Ganesh Puja, Makar Sakranti, Ramzan, Guru Nanak Day, Muharram etc.

During Vishwakarna Puja, the celebration is witnessed by seeing a number of pandals around the town with many machines and vehicles being decorated and displayed around the town. Along with the sightseeing in the city, Barbil promises to enthral everyone with a superb view of the sunset at Kiriburu along with the blissful surroundings of Kanjhari Dam.

The temperature in Barbil ranges between 11 degrees Celsius to 39 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit this city is from October to March when it experiences the winter season. Due to the clear skies during this time, it is an ideal time to indulge in sightseeing and outdoor activities.

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Also called Berhampur, Brahmapur is famous as the abode of Lord Brahma in the state of Odisha. The city’s name Berhampur was given by the British and later changed depicting the ancient Sanskrit influences in the original name. Located in the Ganjam district of Odisha, it is also well known as the city of silk.

The beautiful city has imbibed the old-world charm and presents a gorgeous escape for religious tourists. When you are here, you will be enthralled to see a number of silk shops which dot the landscape along with many handlooms and jewelry showrooms.

The unique city has many beaches which makes it a paradise for all the nature lovers. A vacation in Berhampur will let you cherish the most amazing places to see in Orissa. Some of the popular sightseeing places in Brahmapur are Gopalpur beach, Dhabaleshwar temple and beach, Sri Sri Sri Sidhi Binayak pitha, Potagarh, Taratarini temple, Panchama.

You can look forward to having many memorable experiences when you are in Berhampur. All the theatre lovers can enjoy many Odia, Telugu and Indian movies in the theatres of Berhampur to enjoy the nightlife. You can also gorge on Odia delicacies in some of the popular places like Hotel Moti, Hotel CIty Palace and many  dhabas located at NH5.

A beach lover's paradise, it offers a tranquil ambience for the tourists to watch the waves crash and enjoy photography at Gopalpur Beach and Dhabaleswar Beach. Also, a vacation in Brahmapur will be incomplete if you don’t go shopping for silk sarees and jewellery in its bustling markets.

The normal temperature in Brahmapur ranges between 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit this beautiful coastal town is from the month of October to June when the weather is pleasant and allows you to indulge in many outdoor activities.

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Located at the tip of Mahanadi River Delta, this erstwhile capital and the second-largest city of Odisha, and is amongst the most beautiful places to visit in Orissa. Cuttack traces its history back over 1000 years to the Keshari dynasty in 989 BC and is counted amongst the most well-planned ‘Millennium’ cities in the country now. The beautiful waterside landscape of Cuttack is interspersed with small rivers like Kathajodi, Kuakhai, Birupa, and Mahanadi. The several beautiful pokharis (ponds), temples, forts, and lakes are nestled amidst the eastern hills and forested areas.

The 13
th-century Barbati Fort landmarks Cuttack and is a must-visit. Built during the Ganga dynasty, the fort used to be a 9-storey palace spread over 102 acres. You can still see the moat, huge sandstone walls, and earthen mounds.

Visit the 10
th-century island temple of Dhabaleshwar, which is popular for its beautiful architecture and serene ambience. One of the most intriguing places to see is the stone revetment on the banks of the Kathjuri River. This astonishing architectural feat was established in the 11th-century to break the flow of floodwater.

While in Cuttack, don’t miss to take a street food tour to sample the unique Oriya cuisine. You can try bamboo biryani, prawn malai curry, Macher Kalia, Dalma, etc. Spot exotic flora and fauna at the beautiful Bhitarkanika National Park & Sanctuary. Mainly known for crocodiles, you can also spot species like Olive Ridley Turtles, Egrets, Darters, etc. during the migratory season. Attend the dazzling Durga Puja celebrations if you happen to visit in October. The gold and silver embellished sandals here are famous around the country.

Summers are sweltering in Cuttack with temperatures reaching 39-degrees. The monsoon rains are heavy with cyclonic winds. The best time to visit is during the cool and pleasant winter months of October-March when the temperatures hover around 20-degrees.

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One of the oldest places in the country, Sambalpur is Western Orissa’s largest district and edges along the banks of the Mahanadi River. This historically important place, in existence since the 4th-century, finds its name in the country’s freedom struggle and has changed hands between dynasties of the Koshalas, Sarbapriya, Somvanshiya, Marathas, and finally the British. It is an important trade centre and houses ancient temples, forts, and one of the largest railway junctions in the state known as Sambalpur Junction.

Sambalpur’s rich and varied landscape attracts tourists from all over the country for an offbeat vacation. The district is abundant in dense forests, hills, and valleys dotted with beautiful streams and waterfalls. 
Sambalpur has an intriguing tribal history that is evident in its various landmarks and traditions. The place is famous for producing the intricately threaded Ikat fabric ‘Sambalpuri’. One of the biggest attractions here is the 16th-century Samaleswari Temple from which the district takes its name.

Another attraction here is the Hirakud Dam, which is the world’s longest earthen dam that forms the largest artificial lake in Asia and is the home to several migratory birds and exotic trees. Another intriguing attraction here is the Leaning Temple of Huma, dedicated to Lord Shiva, that tilts at an angle of 47-degrees. 
Nature enthusiasts must visit the Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary to spot its famous residents like wild bears, tigers, sambars, etc. and to savour the luxuriant greenery away from the crowds. While here, one must try the unique Oriya cuisine especially foods like Bhat Pakhala, Basi Bhat, Kukra Jhol, and Jhuri Bhaja.

Sambalpur sees three distinct seasons of summers, monsoons, and winters. Summers are excruciatingly hot here with temperatures rising to around 45-degrees. July-August is the rainy season that sees a rise in humidity and temperature between 20-30°C. Winter months of October-March are the best to visit the place when the temperatures range between 12-27°C.

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Located in Sundergarh District in Western Orissa, Rourkela is one of the most important industrial centres of the country housing India’s first integrated steel plant. Besides being a planned city, Rourkela has stunning natural beauty and is amongst the most prominent tribal hinterlands in India. The beautiful and diverse landscape of Rourkela is dotted with waterfalls, temples, gardens, and wildlife sanctuaries; this is one of the best places to enjoy an offbeat vacation amidst nature.

One of the best attractions in Rourkela is the Khandadhar waterfall, the 12
th highest waterfall in the country. Famous for its sword-like shape and scenic surrounding, this is a must-visit here. Another great place to visit here is the Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium, managed by The Steel Authority of India. This stadium is an iconic landmark and has been important in promoting the sport in the country. There are several great markets in Rourkela, all unique in their offerings. Some of the best markets to visit are VIP Market, SuperMarket, and Ambagan Market.

Move away from the noise of the city to spend a day amidst fresh air and rustic village ambience at the Darjeeling countryside. You can enjoy great local foods here and spend tranquil time at the riverside. Savour the views of the tallest Hanuman structure in the country standing at 75 ft. at Hanuman Vatika. The beautiful gardens surrounding the Vatika are perfect for taking long peaceful strolls.

Rourkela experiences hot and humid summers with temperatures reaching up to 40°C during the months of March-May. The monsoon months of June-September see heavy monsoon rainfall and humidity. The best time to visit Rourkela is in the winter months of October-March when the days and nights are chilly and the temperature ranges between 9-24°C.

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Also renowned as Dwitiya Srikhetra, Baripada is one of the oldest cities in Northern Odisha. It is located at a distance of 248 kms from Kolkata and perched on the eastern banks of Budhabalanga River.

Baripada is a city where you will have plenty of attractions to appreciate the cultural heritage and natural beauty. It is well known for its textile heritage which presents a landscape full of colors and designs. While wandering around the markets, the beauty of regional textiles will enthrall you.

Moreover, the natural beauty of this city can be seen in Simlipal Nature Park which is a famed tiger reserve and well known to have a landscape full of vibrant wildlife and beautiful waterfalls. The city also has a number of temples like Goddess Kichakeswari temple which resonate the cultural heritage of Odisha and are well-known for their stone carvings.

Tourists in Baripada can look forward to enjoying many cultural and fun activities at some of the best places to visit in Orissa. While attending the Car Festival (Rathyatra) is one of the most prominent things to do, visiting temples is a must-do for all religious travellers.

For art lovers, watching the famous Chhau event in April which celebrates the famous regional dance form is a pure delight. Shopping lovers here will love to fill their bags with the famous Bangripori "tusser" fabric which is available at the best prices here.

Baripada experiences a climate with hot summers, humid rainy seasons and moderate winters. The best time to visit Baripada is from November to February as the temperature ranges between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. During the summers, the temperature rises up to 40 degrees Celsius and hence it is not an ideal time for tourism.

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Other Attractions

It was built in the 12th century by the ruler of the Ganga Dynasty. The most famous festival of Ratha−Yatra is held here. The main deities worshipped here are Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. The temple serves as a mysterious historical structure built millennia ago. People visit Odisha to gain blessings of Lord Jagannath.

The temple is built on a raised platform in the heart of the city. Enclosed with walls about seven metres high. It is believed that birds do not fly over Jagannath temple because there is Garuda, which scares the birds away, and there is no bird in the region that can fly higher than the Jagannath Temple. There are also rules of visiting the temple, and foreigners and non-Hindu are not allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum. Those born Hindu are the only ones allowed inside the temple.

Location: Bhanumati Way, Puri, Odisha 752002.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

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The most abundant saltwater lake and coastal lagoon in India. Located 44kms from Puri. It is the most significant ground for migratory birds. It is flooded with all species of birds like; heroines, sea eagles, jacana, Flamingoes, and gray lay geese. This makes the lake a delight for bird watchers. It is also the home of the largest breeding colonies of flamingos.

It is one of the supportive ecosystems in the name Chilika lake Sanctuary. It also houses Irrawaddy dolphins that differ from the other dolphins with their color and dorsal fin.  The best time to visit Chilika lake is from November to February as it is the season for migratory birds, and one gets more exceptional views of the lake. It is merely one of the places to see in Puri.

Chilka Lake is spread over Khurda, Ganjam and Puri districts of Odisha.

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A pristine escape from the chaotic life of cities, Talasari Beach is located in Baleswar district of Odisha. The spectacular beach greets you the river banks of Subarnarekha river which finally flows into the Bay of Bengal. Here, you can witness some of the most untouched beaches which will enchant you with palm trees, coconut trees and cashew trees adorning the coastline.

One of the best tourist places in Orissa, the beach is flocked by many fishermen and has stayed away from the tourist map. If you like doing photography in the calm waters, this beach will offer many opportunities to get some Insta-worthy snaps.

For a superb experience, a boat ride or a quick swim will help you forget all the worries of life. After an adventure, you can look forward to enjoying seafood like crabs and fish in the nearby restaurants which are procured from the fresh produce.

Highlights: Seafood, beaches, boating etc.

Best Time to Visit: October to December.
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Sprawling over an area of 2700 square kilometres, Simlipal National Park is a wonderful respite for all nature lovers. It was once famous as a hunting ground and known to be bestowed with a rich diversity of forests, waterfalls and rivers.

The biodiversity in this national park is breathtaking and makes it a paradise for all nature lovers. It is blessed with more than 1000 species of colorful plants and offers a serene getaway for everyone.

The presence of the beautiful Barehipani Falls and Joranda Falls makes it a blessing for all the adventure seekers in Simlipal National Park. Moreover, wildlife lovers will be excited to see a number of elusive creatures roaming around like elephant, langur, python, crested serpent eagle, grey hornbill etc.

Highlights: Nature, waterfall, birdwatching, wildlife etc.

Best time to visit: November to Mid-June.
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One of the most popular tourist places in Orissa, Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary is found on the gorgeous banks of River Mahanadi. This sanctuary is renowned for the presence of gharial which is a species of crocodile along with many other animals like tigers, pangolins, leopards, spotted deer, rhesus, macaques etc.

There is Gharwale sanctuary here which has made a name to be a preservation centre for gharials along with the Tikarpada Crocodile Sanctuary which is well-known for its landscape of forests and wildlife.

Adventure lovers here can look forward to many amazing activities like river rafting, trekking, fish angling, boating etc. A tranquil escape from the buzz of cities, tourists here can also enjoy camping after taking permission from the forest department.

Highlights: Nature, photography, wildlife spotting, trekking, camping etc.

Best time to visit: December to April.
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Known to leave you spellbound with its splendid applique work in items like handbags, dress materials, cushion covers etc, Pipli is one of the best places to see in Orissa for art lovers. The city was established in the 10th century AD under the rule of Somavamsi dynasty.

It is believed that it was established by the King of Puri by engaging craftsmen in Jagannath temple of Puri. One of the popular events that is held in this city is the annual Ratha Yatra where you can see the pipli work used to decorate the chariots of Lord Jagannath.

The applique work here is known around the world and predominantly created by Muslim artisans. If you are a shopping lover, you will love to shop for many items like wall hangings, lanterns, bags, pouches, bedspreads etc as a souvenir.

Highlights: Shopping for applique work and handicraft items.

Best Time to Visit: January to April and July to December.
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Located in Southern Odisha, Gopalpur is a prominent coastal town of Gopalpur by the coast of Bay of Bengal. It attracts a number of tourists throughout the year to enjoy a slice of serene life. It was a popular trading centre during the British reign and still known as a vibrant hub for commercial activities.

It is a haven for religious travellers and has many popular places to visit in Orissa like Maa Tara Tarini Hill Shrine, Bala Kumari Temple and Sri Sri Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Pitha. For the lovers of sand and sun, there is the Sonepur Beach, Aryapalli Beach and the Gopalpur Beach for the visitors. To take a break in the middle of a plethora of wildlife, the city has the Satapada Dolphin Sanctuary and Bankeswari.

Highlights: Religious tourism, beaches, fishing etc.

Best Time to Visit: October to April.
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A popular town in Odisha, Daringbadi is well known for its beaches and temples. The city is believed to be named after Daring Saheb, a British official who was in charge of this region. Perched at an elevation of 3000 feet, it is sometimes called the Kashmir of Odisha.

The tranquil hill station lets you enjoy a quiet stay with your loved ones admiring a splendid landscape of trees and valleys. Blessed with stunning flora and fauna; this hill station is a great escape for all the nature lovers. With many colourful meadows, waterfalls and rolling hills, this hill station will help you take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Some of the popular places to see in Daringbadi are Madubanda and Badangia waterfalls, Hill View Park, Doluri river, Butterfly Garden, Belghar Sanctuary, Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Rushikulya river. Tourists here can enjoy varied experiences that include trekking, camping and picnicking.

Highlights: Nature, photography, camping, trekking etc.

Best time to Visit: Throughout the year.
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People Also Ask About Orissa

  1. What are the best places to visit in Orissa with family?

    1. Puri: Famous for its iconic Jagannath Temple, beaches, and open-air markets, Puri is one of the best places to visit in Orissa with family.

    2. Baripada: One of the best destinations for an offbeat family vacation, Baripada never ceases to surprise. Located along the eastern banks of Budhabalanga River, Baripada is the cultural epicentre of Orissa. It is famous for its exquisite handicrafts, tribal culture, temples, and its tiger reserve.

    3. Behrampur: This unique place is popular for its beautifully weaved ikkat silks, clean beaches, and temples. The city has some great local markets to pick up silk clothes, handicrafts, and antique jewellery.

    4. Daringbadi: One of the best
    places to visit in Orissa for a quick family getaway, Daringbadi is bestowed with extraordinarily beautiful natural beauty. The place has lush coffee plantations, forests, and pine tree-covered hills.

  2. What are the best places to visit in Orissa with friends?

    1. Chilika Lake: This saltwater lake is not only the largest in the country but is also one of the most romantic places to visit in Orissa. Spend time soaking in the beautiful landscape, exotic birds, and the cool breeze with your loved one.

    2. Satkosia Tiger Reserve: Couples that love the raw wilderness of nature must visit this lush tiger sanctuary for an offbeat date. Here, you can spot not only majestic tigers but also try out hiking with your partner.

    3. Barehipani Falls: Take a break from the chaos of the city and whisk your partner away to the scenic Barehipani falls, one of the most picturesque
    places to visit in Orissa. This is one of the best places to spend a romantic date amidst lush nature and birdsong.

    4. Puri: One of the most romantic things to do at Puri is to watch a gorgeous beachside sunset. Besides the unending expanses of water and golden sands, what adds on to the experience is the sand art at this beach. This delicate art form that’s one of a kind is sure to make your date more memorable.

  3. What is the best time to visit Orissa?

    Winter is the best time to visit Orissa. The months of October-February see pleasantly cool and dry weather, perfect for being outdoors and enjoying the attractions without the heat and humidity of the summer months.
    The temperature ranges between 16-28°C during these months accompanied by the cool breeze letting one indulge in scores of activities.
  4. What is famous in Orissa?

    Orissa is famous for its spiritual atmosphere, which is apparent in the huge number of temples that it houses in cities like Puri, Cuttack, and Bhubaneswar.
    It is also popular for its intricately threaded Sambalpuri, Ikat, Kotpad, Pasappali weaves on cotton and silk. The rice-based and non-vegetarian dishes, especially the delicate desserts, are also equally famous.
  5. What is the famous food in Orissa?

    Some of the best Odia dishes that are a must-try in Orissa are:

    - Snacks like Badi and Dahibara
    - Vegetarian dishes like Chakuli Pitha, Dalma, Aloo Potol Rossa, and Besara
    - Desserts like Rasabali, Chenna Poda, and Cheena Jhilli
    - Non-vegetarian dishes like Mudhi Mansa, Dahi Macha, Kankada Jhola, and  Chingudi Jhola
    - Local chutneys known as ‘khatta’ and pickles.

Newly Added Orissa Experience

Orissa Travel Guides

Saw this package through Thrillophilia the package seems very interesting as the itinerary was very well-planned and all the sightseeing places were nicely selected... It was a great feeling seeing something new like the Ancient temples, caves, sun temples, Chilika lake, and more... the tour went so good right from the start till finished... Thanks, Thrillophilia for this great experience...
Esha Trivedi Jagannath Puri Tour
I never thought that this tour will be this much perfect, the picked-up and dropped-off were on-time with a nice-vehicle and a professional-driver, the accommodation was comfortable, the place has beautiful beaches, lush-greenery, temples and the local sightseeing we had in Puri was the major part of our trip... I love this trip... It was a new experience for me...
It was a great tour for sure, Everything was pre-planned they even arranged a nice stay and transport for us, the driver was very kind and helpful... Nice time we had in Bhubaneshwar and Puri. I highly recommend to everyone...
Shresthi Bandopadhyay Bhitarkanika Tour
It was a nice tour everything was arranged on time and was nicely planned, Kudos to thrillophilia for this awesome trip.
Niranjan Pothuvaal Puri Sightseeing Package By Car
We had an amazing time in Puri. All the days were perfectly planned for us. We really liked the way Thrillophilia team helped us all through this trip. We really appreciate the way they was continuously in contact with us.
Jyotis Ganaka Jagannath Puri Tour
Fully Satisfied with the tour , Stay food and sightseeing were Excellent. If you travel with your family book with thrillophilia only
Excellent, serene, religious place, is worth visiting. Very nice locals. Climate is the ultimate. Nice tour and much recommended to everyone who is planning to visit Puri
Brijesh Marar Jagannath Puri Tour
3-days is enough to explore this place, Thrillophilia arranged this Jagannath Puri Tour Package with perfection everything went so nice... The stay, food, transport and the services we get from the local-operator and Thrillophilia was EXCELLENT. Thanks for this memorable-trip

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