Philippines Beaches

El Nido, Cebu, Southern Negros, Boracay, Pagudpud, Siargao, Paradise Beach, Cagayan Valley, Alona Beach, Dumaluan Beach, Caramoan, Babu Santa Beach Resort and many more.

The beaches in Philippines are famous all throughout the world for their beauty. With thousands of kilometres of coastline dotted with volcanic rocks and a pleasant tropical climate year-round, Philippines is a paradise for beach bums and water babies. At these beaches, you will find stretches of white sand, clear blue water, limestone cliffs, and beautiful lagoons that will leave you mesmerized.

Philippines beaches are diverse and each beach offers something unique that spices up your trip. Whether you want hip and happening beaches with parties and activities all around, or a quiet serene location where you can spend some alone time undisturbed by the crowd, you can find it all here.

Explore these beaches to your heart’s content, diving into the sea and exploring the coral reefs teeming with shoals of colour fishes and get some tan stretching out in the pristine white sand. Here, we have listed some of the best beaches in Philippines, each of which exude a certain vibe attracting different types of beach lovers.
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El Nido

Home to some of the best beaches in Philippines, El Nido boasts blue lagoons, limestone formations, and ancient caves. If you like an exciting adventure out in nature without all that noise and clamour, then El Nido is perfect for you.

If you are a diving enthusiast, you will love exploring the amazing marine life here which includes endangered turtles, dolphins, sea cows, and manta rays. Mountain climbers can climb up to Taraw Cliff and catch an amazing view of the ocean and the limestone formations.

Location: Bacuit Bay, north of Palawan.

Highlights: Island Hopping Tour that will take you through picturesque lagoons to secluded islands.


Cebu is a banana-shaped island having some of the most beautiful beaches in Philippines. It is easily accessible from the major cities in the Philippines and has international flights connecting it to the rest of the world. Close to the airport lies Mactan island with some luxury resorts.

From here, you can hire a boat that will take you to the Bohol Strait, where there are beautiful white-sand beaches. At the northernmost tip of the island, you can find boats travelling to the mystical Malapascua Island.

Location: Central Visayas Region.

Highlights: Scuba divers can go for a dive at Bounty Beach in Malapascua Island and get to see the fascinating thresher sharks.

Southern Negros

Consisting of world-class beaches and having a quiet, serene atmosphere, Southern Negros is a place where you sample many things in a short time.

You can catch a flight to Dumaguete, the capital of Negros Oriental, and from here, you can head to Apo Island, a volcanic island with clear water surrounding it. Here, you can go for a dive and witness the amazing and diverse marine life. Next, you can head to Siquijor Island, where the sand on the beach is the colour of bone. You will find scuba diving activities here.

Location: Central Visayas Region.

Highlights: Climb up to the lighthouse in Apo Island and witness the sunset.


Although Boracay is a bit crowded at times, it still has some of the best Philippines beaches. Here you will find various water sports activities, white sands, and delicious seafood. The still shallow water surrounding the beaches makes for good swimming spots and there are several restaurants and eateries around the beaches offering food and drinks.

The 27 dive sites near the island are perfect for scuba diving. Other activities include windsurfing, kite surfing, and snorkelling. There are plenty of options in terms of accommodations, from cheap hotels to luxury resorts.

Location: Western Visayas Region, 315 Km south of Manila.

Highlights: Beach party at night.


Near Pagudpud town, you can find some of the most amazing beaches in Philippines, like the Maira-Ira beach from where you can see the beautiful Tres Marias Islands and the Saud Beach with its clear turquoise waters and white sands.

This place is a heaven for kiteboarders and windsurfers, being exposed to strong winds from the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. Since the beaches here are harder to access, they are often secluded and if you are lucky you can have one all to yourself.

Location: North coast of Luzon Island.

Highlights: Rock formations at Kapurpurawan.


This island in the Philippines is a surfer's paradise, and also hosts other activities like scuba diving and snorkelling where you get to see the unspoiled marine life. Apart from the adventure activities, this island has some gorgeous beaches with sugary soft sand and clear blue waters.

Some of them are quiet and uninhabited, letting you spend as much time as you like sunbathing or swimming in the shallows. You can also try island hopping which will take you to Casulian, Naked, Daku, and Guyam islands.

Location: Surigao del Norte province.

Highlights: Explore Sohoton cave where you can get to see jellyfish and bats.

Paradise Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Philippines, Paradise beach offers emerald waters and an idyllic landscape consisting of powdery white sand and tall coconut trees.

The atmosphere here is relaxing, and you will feel like going for an idle swim, enjoy a snack while lying in your deck chair, or read a book. It is a great place to de-stress and forget about your troubles. You can also rent scuba gear at the beach and dive into the waters, or enjoy some delicious seafood at the restaurants.

Location: Southwest Bantayan Island.

Highlights: Majestic cliffs from where you can click great pictures.

Cagayan Valley

Cagayan Valley is a never ending place of adventure with some of the most gorgeous Philippines beaches. It is popularly known as the "Smiling Land of Beauty" owing to its historical, cultural, and natural splendour.

You can head to Palaui Island in north Cagayan valley, where you will find pristine beaches with majestic rock formations and white sand. The most famous beach around here is Anguib Beach, where the sand is creamy in colour. You will also get to see various bird species out there.

Location: Northeastern Luzon Island.

Highlights: Camping out at night in Anguib Beach.

Alona Beach

This tropical paradise is a famous tourist attraction in the Philippines and people often come here looking for some relaxing time away from the clamour of the city. Its crystal clear waters, stunning reefs, and white sand beaches will leave you speechless.

Here, the white sand stretches for 1.5 Km, with rock walls bordering either end. It is also one of the best destinations for diving activities, where you can undertake an underwater adventure to see the fascinating marine life.

Location: Panglao Island, Bohol Province.

Highlights: Witness sea turtles breeding in Balicasag and catch a sight of dolphins while island-hopping.

Dumaluan Beach

One of the most magnificent Philippines beaches, Dumaluan is a charming getaway spot where you can spend some fun time with your family and friends. The clear waters here are perfect for swimming, and you will almost always find some locals offering massage services.

You will find plenty and eateries lining this beach, where you can enjoy a drink or a delicious seafood meal. Although this place has been somewhat commercialized recently, there are quiet spots where you can enjoy some privacy.

Location: Panglao, southwest of Bohol.

Highlights: The shore is big enough for activities like snorkelling, kayaking, and jet skiing.


The Philippines consist of thousands of tropical islands, and most of the famous ones like Cebu, Boracay and Palawan are crowded with tourists. Caramoan Islands is a largely unexplored area containing some of the most magnificent beaches in Philippines.

The place boasts of diverse marine life, majestic rock formations, and white sand beaches. You can go for an island hopping tour which will take you from one scenic island to the next, most of which are almost deserted. You can also go snorkelling, kayaking, or hire a paddleboat.

Location: Caramoan Peninsula.

Highlights: Visit the old lighthouse at Tugawe Cove and watch the sunset from there.

Babu Santa Beach Resort

Babu Santa Beach Resort is a tropical paradise with an abundance of marine life in its clear, turquoise waters. Although getting to this resort can prove to be a bit tricky, it presents a serene atmosphere offering fresh air and solitude.

On the white sand coral beach, you will find the remains of a jetty ruined by a storm. There are palm trees lining the shores and frequent rocky outcrops that make for great photographs. The rooms and the furniture at the resort have a local touch to them.

Location: Talicud Island, south Samal.

Highlights: Crystal clear water and amazing coral reefs make for a great diving spot.

Canibad Beach Cove

The Canibad Beach cove was once a secluded paradise tucked away from the prying eyes of the tourists, but it has now been transformed into one of the most popular Philippines beaches.

The pebbled shore stretches for long, contrasting with the turquoise sea and the azure sky. There is lush greenery all around and several cottages offering food and drinks. You can stay here overnight at one of the beach resorts and enjoy the spectacular sunrise in the morning.

Location: Barangay Aundanao, Penaplata District, Eastern Samal Island.

Highlights: Hike up a trail to a high cliff and dive into the water from a height of 40 meters.

The Island Buenavista

This four-hectare island is a tropical paradise with lush landscapes and picturesque views. Take a walk along one of the most pristine beaches in Philippines, or take an underwater dive to explore the fascinating marine life.

This eco-friendly island is your own for the time you have booked it and you will have complete privacy here. You can try out activities like kayaking, swimming, and snorkelling, and witness the majestic Hawksbill turtles on the island.

Location: Barangay Balet, Island Garden City of Samal.

Highlights: Island Pool surrounded by greenery all around where you can enjoy a relaxing swim.

General Luna

The General Luna municipality area is famous for its surfing activities and has been nicknamed the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. The coast here is gorgeous and begging to be clicked, and the waves are huge.

You will also find a mangrove forest here that you can explore to your heart's content. Activities at this place include diving and snorkelling. The public market is quite famous for its seafood collection and you can bring the ingredients to one of the restaurants so they will prepare a meal for you.

Location: Surigao del Norte.

Highlights: The Cloud 9 surfing spot hosts international and domestic surfing competitions.


The city of Zamboanga is rich with natural resources which makes it an industrial centre, but apart from this, it also has some of the best beaches in Philippines.

There are a slew of activities to take part in here, like the boat race where boats adorned with bright sails race against each other. The pink sand beach on Sta. Cruz Island is not to be missed, for its calm tropical beauty and relaxing atmosphere. You can also visit the lagoon in Sta. Cruz to witness the hundred years old mangrove trees.

Location: Western Mindanao.

Highlights: Zamboanga La Hermosa, which is a famous festival consisting of street dance contests and parades.


Nacpan is one of the most beautiful beaches in Philippines with soft, creamy sand stretching on for four kilometres. The clear blue water is perfect for surfing and the surrounding coconut palm trees and fishing villages give this place a heavenly atmosphere.

You will find several huts lining the beach where they serve delicious seafood. The sunset here is absolutely spectacular, and you better bring your camera if you wish to capture some awesome moments.

Location: 17 Km North of El Nido.

Highlights: At the southern end of the beach, there is a hill where you can walk up to enjoy the spectacular view.


The majestic limestone cliffs plunging into the depths of the turquoise water makes the Coron beaches appear like some otherworldly fairy-tale land. In order to find the best beaches around here, you need to take a boat to Coron Island.

The islands and beaches here are privately owned and so they are subject to entrance fees. Banol Beach is one of the famous ones, with white sand and turquoise water gently lapping over the rock formations.

Location: Northern Palawan district.

Highlights: Island hopping tours, snorkelling in the coral reefs teeming with marine life.

Salagdoong Beach

This is a private beach operated by Hotel Agripino. The beach resort is open to everyone wishing to enjoy a little slice of paradise. This remote beach has a quaint and relaxing aura about it. Here, you can just walk out into the ocean and go for diving and snorkelling activities. There are schools of tropical fish you can explore while snorkelling in the clear blue waters.

Location: Eastern Siquijor.

Highlights: The chief attraction here is the cliff jump activity for which there are two concrete ledges, 20 feet and 35 feet in height, from where you can jump into the ocean.


Leyte is a lush green mountainous island with some of the most gorgeous Philippines beaches, tropical lakes, and dense forests. White Beach is a great family spot popular for swimming and diving.

Red Beach is one with historical significance, and as such, filled with international tourists. At Cuatro Islas, you will find beautiful coral gardens and sugary sand beaches. Another popular beach is Santa Sofia, located at the southern part of Leyte, which is lined with palm and mangrove trees.

Location: Eastern Visayas region.

Highlights: The Douglas McArthur memorial Park in Red Beach, when you can learn about World War II history.

Crystal Beach

This beach resort has waterfront rooms from where you can take a plunge directly into the water. Just off the beach, you can find a mesmerizing coral reef that makes this place ideal for diving and snorkelling activities.

It is an ideal place to visit with your partner, enjoying the delicious local cuisine served at the resort restaurant while taking a cool dip in the swimming pool. There is a children's play area inside the resort and therapeutic massage is also available.

Location: Branagay La Paz San Narciso Town.

Highlights: BBQ facilities at the resort, along with concierge services, and a gift shop.

Balesin Island

Balesin Island is 500 hectares of tropical paradise with white sand beaches running for 7.3 Km. Here there are seven villages, all of which are authentically designed to reflect the local heritage, culture, and architecture.

On the beaches, you will find some private villas displaying traditional Filipino architecture. While some of the villages here are constructed in Asian style, others feature European architecture with art masterpieces and lush vineyards. There are a variety of cuisines to try out here, such as Thai, Japanese, and Indonesian.

Location: Eastern Luzon.

Highlights: The Aquatic Sports Center at Balesin offers water sports opportunities like scuba diving, paddle boarding, snorkelling, and kayaking.

Dahican Beach

Dahican is one of the best beaches in Philippines, and you will fall in love the moment you see it for the first time. Surrounded by fine sand, powerful waves, and towering coconut trees, this beach is popular with skimboarders and surfers.

The coastline is shaped like a crescent moon and you can often sea turtles over here. There are several resorts near the beach where you can choose to stay in rooms, tents, or cottages.

Location: Mati, Davao Oriental province.

Highlights: You can see three colours of the sea here, namely dark blue, light blue, and light green.

Oslob Beach

Oslob Beach offers some exciting underwater activities where you can swim alongside whale sharks, witness the spectacular sunrise, and explore the unspoiled sandbar island. The beach with its inviting water and soft sand is surrounded by swaying palm trees and large boulders.

This place is perfect for a refreshing swim and diving among the coral reefs to explore the diverse marine life. There is a nearby waterfall called Tumalog Falls where the water flows over mossy rocks and the surrounding environment is absolutely magical.

Location: Southeast coast of Cebu Island.

Highlights: Take a boat ride to Sumilon Island where you can enjoy a picnic.

Port Barton

Home to some of the most picture-perfect Philippines Beaches, Port Barton is an offbeat destination in the Philippines where people visit to find some peace and quiet.

The place has a laid-back charm with a long trail of palm trees, hills clad with lush green jungles, and majestic sunsets. You can explore the nearby fishing village if you like, to get a taste of the local culture. At the beach, your time is best spent lounging, and enjoying seafood delicacies like fish and grilled squid.

Location: San Vicente, Palawan.

Highlights: The island hopping tour that takes you to a waterfall, fishing villages, and snorkelling spots.

People Also Ask About Philippines

  1. Which Philippines beaches are perfect for couples?

    1. Malcapuya Island: This island features stunning white sand beaches and is just a boat ride away from Coron town. There is a rugged view deck here where you can sit with your loved one and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean.

    2. Long Beach: This beach is San Vicente is an ideal getaway spot for couples seeking a tranquil, calm atmosphere. This pristine beach is less crowded than others and offers adequate privacy and great scenery just waiting to be clicked.

    3. Mahabang Buhangin Beach: The creamy white sand of this beach makes for an ideal romantic spot. Here, you can take a romantic stroll with your partner on the kilometer-long stretch of pristine white sand and find a quiet corner where you can enjoy some privacy.
  2. Which are the most beautiful beaches in Philippines?

    1. White Beach: This beach in Boracay Island is famous for its adventure activities and its thrilling nightlife. It has palm trees surrounding it, and is dotted with lounge chairs and umbrellas where you can chill out and watch the beautiful turquoise water crashing against the white sand.

    2. Bounty Beach: This is an isolated beach which is extremely clean and consists of rocky outcrops and beautiful blue water. The snorkeling activities available here are a special attraction.

    3. Pandan Beach: This beach at Araceli has shallow waters extending for 0.25 km into the sea. It has lush greenery all around and you can get a tan while being submerged in the water.
  3. Which are the best beaches in Philippines with luxury resorts?

    1. Mactan Island: At this island, you can find the Abaca Boutique Resort which features a luxurious spa, palatial suites, and spacious villas where you enjoy your stay.

    2. Sabang Beach: This beach is home to the Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort and the Atlantis Dive Resort from where you can see the underground river known as Puerto Princesa. You can also see the West Philippine Sea and the beautiful sandy beaches.

    3. General Luna: Here, you can find the luxury resort called Kawayan Siargao Resort that will provide you with the experience of lodging amid the tropical beauty of nature. The resort features surreal interiors and offers fine dining facilities.
  4. Which is the best time to visit beaches in Philippines?

    The best time to visit the beaches in Philippines is between December and February, as the weather is quite mild at this time, with the temperature ranging around 24 to 31 degrees Celsius. You can access all parts of the country during this time, including the remote areas and secluded islands.
  5. What activities can be done on the beaches of Philippines?

    1. Surfing: Many people visit the Philippines just to take part in surfing activities. The country hosts some of the biggest international surfing competitions. Popular spots include La Union, Baler, and Siargao.

    2. Scuba Diving: All Scuba divers agree that the beaches in the Philippines are some of the best diving destinations. You can get to see sardines, pygmy seahorses, barracuda, sharks, turtles, and colourful reefs.

    3. Cliff Diving: Many beaches in the Philippines have platforms built on the cliffs from where you can dive into the sea from a height of 30-40 meters. It is an adrenaline-fueled experience that will get your blood racing.
  6. Which are the white sand beaches in Philippines?

    1. Nacpan Beach: This beach in El Nido features white sand and huge waves. It has a serene atmosphere with coconut palm trees and clear turquoise water.

    2. Puka Shell Beach: Puka Shell Beach in Boracay Island has a unique sand texture that is quite fascinating. It is a public beach with no resorts or hotels.

    3. Saud Beach: This is a white sand beach in Pagudpud untouched by commercialization so it is free from pollution and noise.

    4. Subic Beach: Subic beach in Sorsogon has pinkish-white sand and clear blue water, so you can see the seabed clearly. Affordable accommodations are available in the form of huts.
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