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From sunny beaches to charming lantern-lit rooftops, the effulgent Malaysian skyline is reflective of the festive spirit of the country. Offering the best tourist places in Malaysia, this place is a must-visit to witness high-rise buildings and luxury.

While Kuala Lumpur is abuzz with luxurious city life, the islands offer a glimpse at the richness of the nation’s distinct flora and fauna. What’s most refreshing about Malaysia is its varied heritage. On the one hand, you have the statuesque Petronas Twin Towers that are symbolic of KL’s ambition and on the other, there is the laidback village-side of Langkawi and the haunting forests of Taman Negara. Malaysia is also known for its beaches and the islands of Redang, Perhentian, Langkawi, and Rawa boast some of the most beautiful coastlines. The colours, flavors, and fragrances of Malaysia have an unparalleled charm of their own and the cuisine here appeals to the raw and finer senses alike. Fans of spicy food will be pleased to find that chili peppers are a prerequisite in most Malaysian dishes. Malay delicacies include Nasi Dagang, Nasi Goreng, Curry Mee, and Satay.

The landscape of Malaysia is embellished with beautiful flower gardens and parks, such as the Orchid Garden and the KL Bird Park counted among as the best tourist places in Malaysia. Finally, Malaysia is a warm country and makes for the quintessential tropical vacation. Furthermore, it’s quite a pocket-friendly foreign holiday from India! So, what are you waiting for? Head to Malaysia to experience luxury and fun times.

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COVID-19 : MALAYSIA is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 09 Sep 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to MALAYSIA?

Entry to Malaysia is restricted for leisure travel. Although, rescue flights are functional from Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong and 5+ other destinations.

  • Entry is restricted to international travellers except for medical tourists
  • COVID-19 test screening is mandatory on arrival for medical tourists
  • The passengers will have to bear the cost for the COVID-19 test and quarantine
  • Wearing mask is mandatory public places
  • Mandatory temperature checks at entrance of shops 
  • 14-day quarantine is mandatory at dedicated quarantine centre
  • 14-day quarantine requirement is also applicable for passengers with domestic connection to Peninsular Malaysia
  • For detailed quarantine rules, click here

Rescue flights are operational from Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong and 5+ other destinations to Malaysia.See more.

Local Transport
  • Local transports like buses, ferries and trains are fully operational
  • Wearing masks is mandatory while using in public transport

Malaysian government is slowly preparing to begin safe tourism by planning appropriate SOP (standard operating procedures). Once the borders reopen for tourism, you can travel to the country while following the guidelines issued by the government and practicing personal hygiene.

Entry restricted for most foreign nationals in Malaysia Updated: 21 Aug 2020

Malaysia has implemented entry and movement restrictions on all foreign nationals in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although, rescue flights are operational from various destinations. Read more.

Malaysia opens borders for medical tourists Updated: 17 Aug 2020

In a view to open tourism, Malaysia opens its border partially to medical tourists. With Recovery Movement Control Order in process, Malaysia is resuming its activities gradually including tourism.Read More

Luxury Hotels gearing up to reopen in Malaysia Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Luxury hotels like the Datai Langkawi, Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas and Four Seasons Resort Langkawi are ready to open in Malaysia under the standard operating procedures mentioned by the Malaysian government.Read More

Legoland Malaysia Resort reopens with reduced capacity Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Legoland Malaysia Resort opens for visitors at a reduced capacity after closing down temporarily due to the pandemic. The facility to make new operational changes as per government guidelines to provide a safe experience to the visitorsRead More

Genting Malaysia to reopen two Malaysian hotel resorts Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Resorts World Kijal and Resorts World Langkawi to be reopened by Genting Malaysia. Read More

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Newly Added Malaysia Experience

Malaysia Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Malaysia

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I am reflecting on the wonderful trip that I had to Malaysia. I would especially like to thank Thrillophilia. I would also like to thank all the hotels who provided so many amenities.
I went to Malaysia with my family and we enjoyed a lot there. It was fun exploring the beautiful places in the city, Sunway Lagoon theme park was the best part of the trip, we had so much fun there, the rides were so amazing and thrilling. we even tried the local food there, it was so delicious. The facilities provided on the trip like- stay, meals, transport, everything was really nice. Thanks for the wonderful experience.
26 February 2020
Amazing place tourist should visit once worth money. Plus I would like to thank thrillophilia for providing me the cheapest tickets and assisting me with each and every enquiry within 5 mins. You guys deserve an applaud. Loved your service in every manner weather it comes to ticket prices or after service all top knotch. Would love to book all the events from you guys from now. Thank you for serving me with such a great services.
13 February 2020
The bus ride made me feel that I was on the top of the world. I was so much enjoying seeing the crowds and places. Nothing can be better than this experience. Grateful to Thrillophilia for making my trip this smooth and wonderful.
13 February 2020
Saw many places like central market and little India and we could not stop taking countless pictures in the different spots.Must say, I was worried about the language thing, but the guide was so fluent in English, he explained everything to us in detail and we faced no trouble during our KL city of lights tour
I still can’t believe that I am back home. It was a great week in Malaysia. Got very good service from the people at Thrillophilia. I highly recommend them for your International trips
Had great holiday tour, all thanks to Thrillophilia, great service and support, looking forward to book my next tour with you soon
Thrillophilia orgainised everything! Our hotels, the guides, the driver and an air conditioned car. Everything was amazing and was on time. A big thumbs up to the team for such arrangements.
We had a trip of a lifetime. Thrillophilia was very accommodating and the team made sure everything was perfect. We can’t say enough about our Drivers – they kept us safe and comfortable and were sure to point out and stop at sites
I want to express my thanks to Thrilloohilia for an excellent trip to Malaysia. I found your presentations and organisation over the period very thorough, informative, exciting and enjoyable

People Also Ask About Malaysia

  1. What are the must see attractions in Malaysia?

    1. Aquaria KLCC: Home to around 5000 different species of sea animals, Aquaria KLCC is the largest aquarium in the world. From tiger sharks to sea horses, here you can marvel at the colourful aquatic life without touching the water. This aquarium also has some tunnels and a restaurant which is covered by water on all of its sides.

    2. A’Famosa Fortress: Exhibiting the beauty of European architecture, this ruined fortress still has a similar aura that you feel while entering a castle. One of the most famous historical locations in Malaysia Country, this fortress sits on a high mountain from where you can enjoy the beautiful and panoramic scenery of the surrounding valleys.

    3. Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower: This 421 metres long building aims to provide the best panoramic sceneries of the city to the ones who visit it. From a mini zoo to an upside down house, this tower is home to many entertainment options which can be enjoyed while marvelling at the 360 degrees view of the whole city.

    4. Islamic Art Museum: Located in the heart of Malaysia Country is this beautiful museum which is home to marvels of ancient Islamic Arts. From frescoes to the beautiful carvings and from antique items to the handmade paintings, the museum houses numerous items dating back to the fourteenth century. In addition to this, the museum also has a Chinese gallery and an Indian Gallery.
  2. What are the best things to do in Malaysia?

    1. Skydiving: What can be the better way to enjoy the panoramic scenery of Malaysia Country other than taking a flight and descending from a high altitude towards the beautiful valleys beneath you.

    In Malaysia, places like Kuala Lumpur and Malacca are a famous spot among the tourists and people from all over the world visit here just to enjoy this exhilarating flight. The mesmerising 360 degree view of the whole city offers you with some of the most astonishing scenery.

    Location: Tandem Skydiving, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Timing: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
    Price: INR 14,000 to INR 25,000.

    2. Scuba Diving: 
    Offering you a plethora of adventurous water-based activities, the beaches of Malaysia are a perfect spot to indulge in some adrenaline rushing activities. What attracts visitors the most is the session of Scuba Diving in which you get a chance to go deep into the sea and marvel at the colourful marine life.

    Location: Kota Kinabalu, Borneo Island, Malaysia.
    Timing: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM (After evening, the session is not possible due to less light).
    Price: INR 5000 to INR 10,000.

    3. Mangrove Boat Safari: 
    A must-try activity among all famous adventures of Malaysia Tourism is a scenic boat safari in the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park.

    The park has a network of Canals alongside the deep and dark mangrove forests which can only be marvelled at by opting for a boat safari. The whole experience of rowing your boat and getting deeper into the forest is thrilling as well as exciting, thus people from all over the world visit here to get themselves indulged in this adventure.

    Location: Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Tanjung Rhu bay, Malaysia.
    Timing: 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.
    Price: INR 2300 to INR 3000.

    4. Visit Penang Island: 
    What makes visiting Penang Island a must do activity in Malaysia is that this island is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and aims to provide its visitors with all natural stay and resources.

    From the ban of plastic to using all farm vegetables in the cafes, the place is a perfect example of preservation and conservation of nature and natural resources. In addition to this, the island is home to beautiful white sandy beaches and tropical spice gardens.

    Location: Penang Island, west coast of Malaysia.

    5. Paragliding: 
    Providing you with a chance to soak up the thrill and excitement, Malaysia is home to numerous beautiful sites like beaches and cliffs famous for hosting the activities like paragliding.

    Langkawi is one such famous spot frequented by flocks of tourists who just visit here to enjoy a free fall while enjoying paragliding. The activity required lots of expertise; thus, a well trained person is always sent for the flight with you who controls the glider and lands you safely. The panoramic sceneries of the whole sea and beautiful beaches from above add some more unique features to this activity.

    Location: Langkawi Island, Malaysia.
    Timing: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
    Price: INR 4500 to INR 7000.

    6. Sea Walking: 
    Walking on the land becomes too mainstream when the idea of walking in the sea strikes. In Malaysia, you get a chance to experience this adventurous and exhilarating activity of Sea Walking in which you are provided with weights and oxygen and are taken to the button of the sea. Since the distance is not too deep, one can easily reach the bottom and experience walking on the sea bed. This once in a lifetime experience is a must to activity when in Malaysia.

    Location: Multiple locations.
    Timing: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
    Price: INR 5000 to INR 8000.

    7. Spend a night in an Underwater Hotel: 
    Adding more fun to your staycation, the Greystone Boutique Hotel offers you a stay like never before - a stay under the water.

    The rooms here are designed in such a way that they stay fine and well fitted under the sea, and the surrounding windows exhibit the beauty of blue waters. It is similar to the experience you have when you visit a submarine, but here you get to spend the night marvelling at the colourful marine life.

    Location: Greystone Boutique Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Price: INR 40,000 to INR 60,000 for a night.
  3. Is it safe to visit Malaysia?

    Yes, Malaysia is a safe place for anyone who wants to visit here for a vacation, be it a couple or a solo traveller. The cases of theft or any other serious crimes here are low as compared to many other countries, thus Malaysia Tourism attracts tourists from all over the world. However, roaming alone in the streets around midnight is not recommended as it may attract pickpockets and thugs.
  4. What is Malaysia famous for?

    Malaysia Tourism is famous for numerous things including local delicacies, historical structures and adventure activities. Some famous things of Malaysia are:
    - Batik - fabric made of silk
    - Tropical fruit chocolate
    - Sarong
    - Beaches
    - Shopping plazas of Kuala Lumpur
    - Churches of Malacca
    - Gunung Mulu National Park.
  5. What is Malaysia famous for?

    Malaysia Tourism is famous for numerous things including local delicacies, historical structures and adventure activities. Some famous things of Malaysia are:
    - Batik - fabric made of silk
    - Tropical fruit chocolate
    - Sarong
    - Beaches
    - Shopping plazas of Kuala Lumpur
    - Churches of Malacca
    - Gunung Mulu National Park.
  6. What you will like there?

    Locals here are friendly

    There’s something about Malaysia that sets it apart from the rest of South East Asia. You don’t get that walking ATM feeling, there are little-attempted scams, fewer touts, and an overall feeling of being safe all round the clock. To me, Malaysia and the locals there seemed elated to see the tourists and were always up for help. In addition to that, English here is widely spoken given the fact that Malaysia once used to be a British colony. So, you’ll never have a hard time communicating with the locals here be it in restaurants, beaches, hotels, bus, food courts, and even otherwise.  


    A lot of tourists who come to Malaysia to spend their holidays are lured to the abundant wildlife found here. You can plan a visit to Sepilok that will get you up and close with the wild beings. Some of the beings easily spotted here are monitor lizards, orangutans, proboscis monkeys, gibbons and several thousands of multi-hued critters.   


    Traversing from the mountains to the jungles, beaches to the hills, one thing that will stay with you throughout is the colorful scenery. Malaysia is every bit a photographer’s and landscape junkies delight. Blue skies, crystal clear waters and lush green surroundings – Majestic!  


    Malaysia is a land of abundant natural beauty. Exploring this Asia’s delight on foot gives you a chance to get up and close with nature. You have a plenty of trekking trails to best explore this tourist attraction. Some of the trails to follow are Taman Negara, Penang Hill, Mount Kinabalu and Cameron Highlands. That’s not all!  There are several untrodden trails about which you can hear from your tour guides and locals.


    This is one reason you’ll fall in love with Malaysia. There are not too many countries that are as culturally rich as Malaysia. From Mosques to South Indian temples, modern Malaysia of today is basically a potpourri of 3 distinct cultures – One, inspired from Malaysia itself, second inspired from China and the third one inspired from India. Malaysia in every way is Truly Asia!!


    A multitude of festivals celebrated in Malaysia is a direct consequence of the cultural diversity seen here. Every month, there is some or the other festival being celebrated around the country, be it secular or religious or sports or culture based.  

    Value for Money

    Malaysia, of course, is not the cheapest country in South East Asia but it does offer a great value for money. In comparison to the western standards prevalent here, the prices are every bit reasonable. Accommodation, as well as the quality of transport, is phenomenal. You can even book resorts, hotels and stays at very reasonable prices.   


    Not only Asians but people across the world love to hate Asia for its busy roads cramped with traffic, street markets and different cultures and traditions co-existing with each other. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is certainly one of the best cities in South East Asia with enough options for sightseeing that will keep you busy for days. However, the real delight is Penang, which is a great destination to explore. It is a small island that is packed with delicious food and great


    Malaysia definitely has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. It is a great place for honeymooners and everyone who loves blue waters and clear skies.


    Food in Malaysia is pure and simple. Undoubtedly, it is the best in the world. Satiate your taste buds with some of the authentic local dishes here.
  7. When is the best time to visit Malaysia?

    Malaysia is a hot and humid country and its west and east coast experience a paradoxical seasonal variation. Hence, it is important to know that the east coast receives the heaviest downpour during Late-November to Mid-February, whereas the west coast remains wet during September and October.

    Broadly speaking, the best time to visit Malaysia is between March and early October, when the rain isn’t severe.

    The months of January and February are particularly vibrant, thanks to all the parades and festivals that happen in these months.

  8. How to reach Malaysia?

    By Air: The major airports for Malaysian flights are in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Goa. Most airlines land at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Alternatively, you may travel from the neighbouring countries of Singapore and Indonesia, to other cities in Malaysia, via direct or connecting flights.

    By Train: Malaysia has railway networks with Singapore and Thailand.

    By Road: You can travel to Malaysia from Singapore and Thailand on bus or even hire a taxi.

  9. Do I need a visa for Malaysia? How does one get a Malaysia visa?

    Yes, you require a Malaysian visa to travel to the country. Malaysia offers visa on arrival to residents of very few countries. New Delhi has Malaysia High Commission in Chanakyapuri. Malaysian Consulates in India are in Mumbai and Chennai. Malaysia High Commission accepts visa applications from all over the country. The visa application fee must be paid via demand draft only. Note that you need to submit a complete list of required documents as well.

  10. What is the currency of Malaysia and where can I get my money exchanged?

    Malaysian ringgit is the official currency. There is no restriction on tourists to bring in any amount of foreign currency.

    - Cash: It is however, advisable to carry cash because exchanging cash in Malaysia is very easy. Forex booths are widely distributed throughout the country and they accept all major currencies.

    - Credit and Debit Cards: You may use your own international debit or credit card. Your home bank may charge a fee on foreign transactions. ATM’s are plenty in Malaysia.

    - Travelers Cheques: Tourists are also allowed to carry traveller’s cheques. When cashing traveller’s cheques, you are required to show your passport.

  11. What is the local food of Malaysia? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    The local food comprises Nasi Lemak, Nasi Dagang(rice steamed in coconut milk), a broth of Bakuteh, fried Hokkien mee, Sang Har Kway Teow noodles and the kebab like Satay. Some of the best places to taste Malaysian cuisine include:

    Nam Heong Village
    Tg’s Nasi Kandar
    Madam Kwan’s
    Nasi Kandar Pelita

  12. What is the best public transport to commute around Malaysia?

    Buses: One of the best options for public transport, the Hop On Hop Off Bus is an efficient vehicle for sightseeing.

    -Trains: The railway system in Malaysia is well-developed and include KL Monorail and Light Rail Transport LRT. Tickets are fairly cheap and you’re charged according to travel distance. The Touch N’Go Travel card comes in handy for tourists travelling by bus or train.

    -Taxis: This is a slightly expensive alternative. Make sure you never get into a taxi which isn’t metered.

  13. Do I need to have any vaccinations before the trip to Malaysia?

    Yes. You must be up to date on the routine vaccines of MMR, DPT, Varicella and Polio. In addition, Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines are recommended. Some travellers may require prophylaxis against Cholera, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies and Malaria.

  14. What is the local language in Malaysia and which are the most commonly used greetings? (mention at least 4) (Hello, Thank you, Good morning/night, What is the price of ____?, How far is _____?)

    The native languages of Malaysia are Malay and Malaysian. Common greetings translate as:


    Thank you- Terima Kasih

    Good morning- Selamat pagi

    Good evening- Selamat Petang

    What is the price of? – Apa Harganya?

    How far is? – Berapa Jauh?

  15. Which are the best shopping places in Malaysia and what are they famous for?

    For a quaint street-shopping vibe, under the festive ceilings of hanging lanterns, check out Petaling Street, which sells everything under the sun (or lantern).
    For ethnic and rustic labels, try Central Market, KL. This place is known for its charming souvenirs as well.
    For a posh mall experience, hop over to Suria KLCC in the Petronas.
    Pavilion, KL is known for its high-end brands and designer boutiques.
    Alternatively, find yourself lost in the labyrinthine Berjaya Times Square Mall.
    Buy reasonably priced apparel and footwear from Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, also famous for handicrafts.
    For a duty-free shopping experience, hit the Zon Paradise.
    The Central Shopping Market of The Cameron Highlands is the place for a traditional Malay retail experience. Purchase strawberries, tea and flowers from here.
    Sungei Wang Plaza is a shopping haven for young, fashion-conscious women.
  16. Which are some famous beaches in Malaysia?

    The Malaysian coast is teeming with exotic birdlife, sea creatures and it boasts a relaxed atmosphere like no other. Some of the most famous beaches here are:

    1. Kapalai Beach
    , studded with rustic wooden chalets and hamlets at intervals
    2. Sipadan Beach, which is home to hawksbill turtles, manta rays, parrotfish and barracudas
    3. Rawa Island Beach and Lang Tengah Island Beach, known for their crystal clear waters, coral colonies and water-sports
    4. Matakang Island Beach, which has the world’s first Underwater Postoffice 
    5. Sapi Island Beach, where swimming, kayaking, sea-walking and cliff jumping are some of the most popular tourist activities
    6. Cenang Beach, an upmarket beach where you can enjoy banana rides, paramotoring, jet skiing and paragliding.
    7. Mabul Island, which is famous for being an important muck-diving site.
    8.Turtle Beach, known for its turtle conservation and clear coast and
    9.Mantantani Island, which is an Ornithologist’s paradise as many exotic species of birds visit here.

  17. How is nightlife in Malaysia? Which are the best places to enjoy nightlife?

    Malaysia is blessed with an active and effervescent nightlife. Unlike Bali and Thailand, the nocturnal activities offered by the country have a charm of their own as opposed to in-your-face tub-thumping.

    1. Gravity Club
    is by far the best club in Malaysia. It’s home to suave bartenders and renowned DJ’s.
    2. The warehouse interiors of Play Club at The Roof, make it a unique pub experience that is surely a crowd-puller.
    3. Bora Bora in Batu Ferringhi and Beach Blanket Babylon in Georgetown are plush beach bars.
    4. Famous for its ambience and a high-end beverage section, Stratosphere @The Roof is a hotspot for pub goers.
    5. Unlock the quaint world of speakeasies and sordid corners, in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot whose entrance is through a London-esque telephone booth!
    6. The nightmarket sentiment of Malaysia adds a colourful vibe to the country’s evening sky. Petaling Street Market is like mini Chinatown. It’s canopied by paper lanterns and parasols, which add to the bazaar mood.
    7. Kampung Baru Sunday Market is lively with bokeh lights and fairy lamps.

  18. Which are best islands to visit in Malaysia?

    The Malaysian landscape boasts a spectacular coast, home to some of the best beaches in South-East Asia.

    1. For a luxe experience, beautiful waters and thrilling adventure sports, Langkawi is a must-visit.
    2. If you’re more of a hippie/indie vibe seeker, head over to the quieter Perhentians.
    3. To view the exotic wildlife of Malaysia, a la giant Monitor lizards, make a trip to Tioman Islands.
    4. Layang-Layang is known for its pristine sands and water. It’s a secluded beach and is possibly the most superior scuba-diving site in Malaysia.
    5. Sipadan is another famous site for water-sports. Its waters are teeming with rich marine life.
    6. Redang boasts limpid waters and a well-preserved coral ecosystem.
    7. Pulau Pangkor is loved by the locals for its decadent and rustic spirit.

  19. Which are the best cruise options available in Malaysia?

    Malaysia offers luxurious cruises. These include:

    1. Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise
     for a longer voyage. These are international cruise lines.
    2. For shorter trips, the five night Spice of SouthEast Asia Cruise by Royal Caribbean, is the perfect alternative.
    3. If you’re keen on exploring the interiors of Malaysia, then a jungle river cruise is the right choice for you. Pandaw River Cruises is one such river cruise that takes you through the heart of the Borneo forests.
    4. Malaysian port cruises are also popular incase you are interested in island-hopping. These tend to cover Langkawi, Malacca and Redang.

  20. Which are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia?

    Kinabalu Park and Cheng Hoon Teng are important UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country. Inscribed sites include:

    Lenggong Valley
    Gunung Mulu National Park and
    Melaka, Malacca town and George Town.
  21. Which are some romantic places in Malaysia for honeymoon?

    Malaysia has both economical and luxurious alternatives for a couple on their honeymoon. Some of these are:

    1. The exotic beaches, the thrilling water-sports and the mystical Asah waterfall of Tioman Island
    , whose landscape is a beautiful painting splashed with jungles, mountains and streams
    2. The turquoise waters and quaint villages of Langkawi also called Jewel of Kedah
    3. A stay at the Nature Lodge, Sabah Rainforest, where couples get to reside amidst the lush greenery
    4. An urban retreat at the luxe resorts of Kuala Lumpur
    5. An exclusive Malaysian cruise where young couples can sit back and soak in the good life
    6. The soft beige sands, rolling hills and sweeping views of Batu Ferringhi
    7. The enchanting, deep forests of Taman Negara, where the blue of the sky marries the emerald of the thick woods and
    8. The laidback, culture-rich area of Georgetown, known for its rustic nooks and forgotten corners.

  22. What kind of water sports can be done in Malaysia?

    The beaches of Langkawi, Sipadan, Rawa Island, Lang Tengah Island et cetera, are conducive to various kinds of watersports. These include:

    1. Snorkeling
    2. Scuba Diving (Best-Layang Layang)
    3. Kayaking
    4. Motorboating
    5. Speed boating
    6. Banana Rides
    7. Sea-walking
    8. Paragliding
    9. Paramotoring
    10. Muck Diving (Mabul Island)
    11. Jet Skiing (Cenang Beach)

  23. Which are some famous temples in Malaysia?

    The famous temples are listed below:

    Batu Caves, built within a limestone cavern, are a site of pilgrimage during the Thaipusam festival. It has a towering statue of Lord Hanuman.
    2. The Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple in Melaka, is one of the oldest in the region.
    3. The resplendent glass temple of Tebrau, which accepts idols of various religions and welcomes people of all faiths.
    4. The Klang Perumal Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu is located in Selangor.
    5. Sri Mahamariamman Temple, in Kuala Lumpur, is a highly ornate monument dedicated to Goddess Amman and
    6. The Waterfall Temple in Penang, which sits atop a hill and has a waterfall in its vicinity. It’s dedicated to Lord Muruga.

  24. Which are some best golfing locations in Malaysia?

    Some of the most superior golfing locations in Malaysia are in:

    Johor, the golf capital of the country
    Kelantan, known for its traditional golf courses
    KL, famous for its multicultural and urbane golf patches
    Langkawi, which has 3 golf courses including The Golf Club Datai Bay, Gunung Raya Golf Resort and The 99 East Golf Club.
    Negeri Sembilan, which is home to golf courses in its salubrious atmosphere and tranquil surroundings
    Pahang, which is host of the four hill resorts of Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highlands and
    Sabah, where players enjoy golf amidst the deep-blue waters and dark-green forests.
  25. Where can I get a helicopter trip in Malaysia?

    Kuala Lumpur offers a panoramic helicopter tour of Malaysia. It’s a great way to witness the skyscrapers and natural scenery of the city. Usually, chopper rides last half an hour. Additionally, Langkawi offers a bird’s eye view of the islands on its exclusive helicopter tours.
  26. Which are some famous places for a village tour in Malaysia?

    1. Langkawi- The islands are chirping not only with flora and fauna but also known for their village settlements.
    2. The Pulau Ketam village tour includes sightseeing of Thean Hou Temple and Sultan Salahuddin Mosque.
    3. The Mari Mari Cultural village is away from the hustle bustle of city-life and is situated in the countryside of Kota Kinabalu.
    4. Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching is a living museum. It’s a 17 acre site studded with longhouse replicas and it gives tourists a sneak peek into the daily routines of its ethnic tribes.
  27. Which are some best forests stays in Malaysia?

    Jungle resorts are Malaysia’s ‘’thing’’. The Malaysian ecosystem is blessed with the Borneon bounty. With that in mind, some of the best forest stays here are of:

    1. Nature Lodge, Sabah Rainforest
    , where you can stay amidst the lush greenery
    2. Taman Negara, known for its lush woodlands and evergreen forests
    3. The Datai Langkawi, overlooking the Andaman sea
    4. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, which boasts paleozoic hills, mystical caves, geothermal hot springs and more, within the lap of luxurious greenery and
    5. The Shorea ecoresort, nestled in the Berembun Forest Reserve, where the clouds bow down to kiss the land.

  28. Which are the best hiking trails in Malaysia?

    The best hiking trails in Malaysia are listed below:

    1. Gasing Hill trail,
    in Bukit Gasing Forest Park, Petaling Jaya- It lets you choose between an easy 20 min hike and a ‘’killer’’ trail;
    2. Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong- With Rover Track being the most popular trail. The track later leads to Canopy Walk;
    3. Puchong Hill, Bandar Puteri Puchong- A hidden gem, which encompasses a waterfall. Beware it may get precarious following rainfall;
    4. Mt. Tok Wan, Seminyeh-A daunting experience for amateurs, but a thrilling trip for professional hikers;
    5. Kutu Hill, Kuala Kubu Bahru-Includes bamboo forest trails, root climbing, ladder ascent and river crossings, and
    6. Saga Hill, Taman Saga, Ampang-An exotic trail, studded with hills, streams and rivulets. The highlight here is a makeshift gym consisting of dumbbells and bars!

  29. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Malaysia

    First of all, Malaysia is known to be a retreat, so sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the decadence.
    Explore Malaysia beyond KL, because the heart of the country is in fragments dispersed throughout its terrain.
    Domestic flights are dirt cheap, thanks to AirAsia. Now everyone the jet-set lifestyle.
    The word ‘’bacon’’ is loosely used and most restaurants in Malaysia do not serve pork.
    Want to chug some Guinness outside Ireland? Malaysia is the place for you!
    Alcohol is duty-free on Malaysian islands.
    Malaysia is rich in flora and fauna so make sure you delve deep into the rainforests here!
    Cab fares in Malaysian aren’t fair! No wonder other modes of transportation are preferred!  
  30. Drinking Laws

    For Non-Muslims, the legal age for drinking in Malaysia is 18 years. On the other hand, there is no legal age for drinking for the Muslims as it is against the law.
  31. Travel Advice

    • Taxi drivers of the Malaysia are very smart. They have a habit of overcharging you. So, make sure you get a fair idea about the fare that you have to pay for traveling from one destination to another. This will prevent any chance or argument.

    • Thefts are a common site here. It is good to guard your cash and valuables. Do not flash your important stuff in the public. This can be an invitation for the pickpockets to cheat you.

    • If you are traveling via public transportation in Malaysia, you might experience traffic. So, do get yourself some patience!

    • If you have rented a vehicle here, make sure you know about the local rules.

    • Be wary of the touts.

    • Monkeys in Malaysia are a pain. A lot of monkeys can be found hopping around near the temples waiting for an opportunity to snatch away the eatables from you. Make sure you keep the eatables in the bag so as to avoid any such incident.

    • Keep away from the drugs. If you are a tourist, you must particularly avoid landing up in a legal hassle because of the drugs.

    • Make sure you carry with you a copy of your passport, visa and license.

    • Check for the quality before you eat any street food.

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