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Luxurious Escapes | Popular Resorts In Mauritius

Mauritius Honeymoon Places

Trou aux Biches Beach, Mauritius Botanical Garden, Chamarel Park, Flic en Flac Beach, Black River Gorges National Park, Ganga Talao, La Vanille Crocodile Park, Château de Labourdonnais, Blue Penny Museum, Museum of Indian Immigration in Mauritius, Casela Nature Park, Eureka Creole House, Flic En Flac Casino and many more.

Places loaded with ultimate natural beauty, the places to visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon offer newlyweds with the best ever experiences to ignite their love. During your visit, you will get to spend time in diverse places and take part in loads of things to do. You can explore nature parks, privately owned islands, coral islets as well as crystal blue lagoons, and surreal beaches. Other attractions include some top-class restaurants, trendy bars & pubs, crazy nightclubs, and much more.

Exploring the Mauritius honeymoon places will give you some wonderful memories with your beloved partner like Chamarel VIllage which is known for its seven-colored earth and Ile Aux Cerfs which lets you hike to the treasure island. Grand Bassin is where you can find a desi connection, Le Morne Brabant where you can witness unparalleled beauty, and many other beautiful places to visit with your partner to create some everlasting memories.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon:

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Best Places to Visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon


Trou aux Biches Beach

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Image Credit : Beachcomber-hotels.com

Located to the north of Mauritius, this is one of the well-known beaches famous for its sand quality, weather conditions and accessible facilities. Protected by coral reefs, the beach is a pristine destination with its powder like sands. Engage in watersports and snorkeling while spending an unforgettable time with your spouse on this beach when on your honeymoon in Mauritius. 

The beach is also famed for offering one of the most brilliant sunsets you will find in Mauritius. So if you wish to take a peaceful stroll or engage in watersports, we recommend you to visit Trou aux Biches Beach and get enthralled by its spectacular scenery.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 70 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Grand Baie, Veranda Pointe aux Biches Beach, Le Meridien Ile Maurice Beach etc

Price For Two/Fee/Tickets: Nil

Location: Trou aux Biches Beach

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing, snorkeling, water sports

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Mauritius Botanical Garden

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Also named as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden after the first Prime Minister of Mauritius, this place is one of the oldest botanical gardens south of the equator. It is one of the most popular Mauritius honeymoon places, it is a host to more than 650 varieties of plants, the most popular ones being the water lilies, palms, Baobabs, sugar canes, and many more. 

The trees here are also famed for being planted by notable global dignitaries like Indira Gandhi, Princess Margaret, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, etc. We suggest you hire a guide to enrich a knowledgeable experience when visiting this horticultural wonder of Mauritius.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 60 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Mont Choisy Beach, Balaclava Public Beach etc.

Fee/Tickets: Rs 200 per person, Rs 50 per person for guide services

Amenities: Transportation, local guides etc.

Location: Pamplemousse, Mauritius

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Chamarel Park

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The astounding “seven-coloured earth” of Chamarel is known for its unique landscape which is found geologically. The sand dunes here are visible in a spectrum of seven colors which are red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow giving a stunning appearance. This place definitely counts as one of the most famous natural wonders of the earth and the striking colors of the soil along with a lush green landscape makes it a popular tourist attraction of Mauritius.

The premises also include a children’s park and giant tortoises. The Chamarel waterfalls are another great sight which you can witness while visiting this place.  So when you are on your honeymoon in Mauritius, we suggest you to visit the place during sunrise as at this time the beauty of the landscape will be accentuated with the sky. This should be must visit place in your trip to Mauritius.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 42.5 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Alexandra Falls, Black River Gorges National Park, Chamarel Waterfalls

Tickets: 125 MUR

Location: Rivière Noire District 

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing

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Flic en Flac Beach

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One of the longest and most popular beaches of Mauritius, Flic en Flac beach is located on the west coast of Mauritius between the village of Albion and Tamarin. Offering one of the most glorious locations for sunsets, this beach is quite popular for its brilliant views of the sky lit with hues of sun and it is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon.

Generally vacant during the weekdays, the beach is buzzing with people playing guitar and dancing on the beach which makes it an interesting experience.

The beach is surrounded by lagoons and protected by coral reefs where you can enjoy swimming easily. The beach has many eateries so you can happily engage in sightseeing and savor the delicious Mauritian street food.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport:

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Tamarin Beach

Price For Two: Nil

Location: Flic en Flac Beach, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing

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Black River Gorges National Park

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Image Credit : travel-assets.com

This place is undoubtedly one of the most stunning natural treasures of Mauritius. With some majestic views of hilly rainforests and the striking gorges, Black River Gorges National Park is a host to a variety of flora and fauna. You will spot many endangered species of birds too which have their natural habitat in this national park. The place is famous for hiking and sightseeing as one of the most breathtaking destinations of Mauritius.

Tourists can easily plan a day trip to this natural paradise and enjoy an enriching experience amidst the wilderness of the national park. If you like the idea of listening to the ethereal chirping of birds and the calming ripples of the river while taking a stroll amidst the nature, this is one of the most recommended places to visit in Mauritius on honeymoon.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 30 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Le Morne Beach, Chamarel Waterfall etc.

Fees/Tickets: Entrance is free. Guide services are charged separately.

Location: Savanne, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing, Trekking, Birdwatching

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Ganga Talao

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Embark on a spiritual experience by visiting the Grand Bassin in Mauritius when you are there on your vacation and it is one of the famous Mauritius honeymoon places. The sacred lake is also popularly called Ganga Talao as it is believed waters of the Holy Ganges are present here. This place is one of the important Hindu pilgrim centers of Mauritius with temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Durga, Hanuman and others along the lake. The Maha Shivratri is the most important festival celebrated here when tourists are buzzing at this place.

Note: We advise you to visit here after wearing clothes a little conservatively and take off your shoes before entering since it is a revered holy place.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 25 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Bois Cheri Tea Factory and Tea Museum, Avalon Golf Estate  etc.

Fee/Tickets: Free

Location: Savanne, Mauritius

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La Vanille Crocodile Park

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Image Credit : Tourist Guide

For nature enthusiasts, the La Vanille Crocodile Park is an exciting place that is home to a variety of animal species from almost the entire world. This nature reserve is an ultimate destination to revel in the exotic natural beauty and it is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon.

Here you will encounter the fierce crocodiles, giant tortoises, rare collections of butterflies and the most amazing collection of brightly colored insects which are more than 2000 in number here. Many Mauritian animals and reptiles including geckos, turtles, bats, and skinks are found here and you can watch them with utmost safety in this nature reserve.

Here you can also pamper your taste buds with delicious Mauritian food and several dishes made from crocodiles at the Hungry Crocodile Restaurant. On the premises there is also a “Jungle Adventure Playground” where children can engage in fun activities. 

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport:25 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Riviere des Anguilles

Tickets: Adults-490 MUR, Children- 250 MUR

Amenities: Transportation, Restaurant

Location: South Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing

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Château de Labourdonnais

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Image Credit : Domainedelabourdonnais.com

Surrounded by beautiful orchards on the magnificent natural estate in Mapou, Château de Labourdonnais is an interesting example of colonial architecture of Mauritius. It was built in the 19th century by the influential Christian Wiehe but restored by Jacques Wiehe Between 2006 & 2010 and converted into a museum. 

This famous edifice is inspired by a neoclassical Italian style, but you will find many subtle influences of Victorian and Napoleon III style while exploring this place of heritage. The orchards boast of many endemic and exotic varieties of plants and used for cultivation of fruits like papayas, mangoes, guavas and passion fruit. 

Here you can avail the chance to learn about activities like production of rum, jellies, sorbets and also savor the taste of some finest products from their distilleries. It is a peaceful place for strolls in the lush green gardens where you can also spot the giant Aldabra tortoises.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 65 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Mont Choisy Beach, Grand Baie

Tickets: Adults: Rs 385, Children: Rs 220

Location: Riviere Du Rempart, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Tasting Bar, Boutique etc.

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Blue Penny Museum

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Image Credit : mauritiusattractions.com

Revisit the past of Mauritius, its colonial period, and its growth over the years by visiting the Blue Penny Museum, one of the most famous museums on the island. The Museum is well known for the exhibit of rare two issues of the famous ‘Post Office’ stamp dating back to 1847 famed for their uniqueness among philatelists and it is one of the best Mauritius honeymoon places.

It also prides in various exhibits ranging from old marine maps, paintings, sculptures, stamps, engravings to old documents related to Mauritian history. Some of the famous exhibits of the Museum are ‘The Island Builders’, ‘The Age of Discovery’, ‘The Postal Adventure’ etc. 

The Museum also organizes visits for students on numerous themes, some of them being Mauritius under French rule, “Paul et Virginie”, a tale of exotic adventure, Navigation etc. You can easily spare an hour and visit this famous museum to get a glimpse of history in Mauritius.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 47 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Le Caudan Waterfront, Fort Adelaide, Central Market

Price For Two/Fee/Tickets: Adults Rs 225 per person, Children-Rs 100

Location: Blue Penny Museum, Caudan Waterfront, Block A, Port Louis, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Historical tour

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Museum of Indian Immigration in Mauritius

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Image Credit : amazonaws.com

This is one of the specialized museums under the Mauritius Museums Council Act which is operated by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute. The objective of establishing this museum was to promote education and culture while paying a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. The Museum stands as a symbol of confluence of Indian and Mauritian tradition and culture giving a concrete shape to the values of interactive pluralism.

The museum is renowned for the collection of Indian Immigration Archives and the number of documents goes over than two thousand. Some of the documents include list of some 450,000 indentured immigrants from India, marriage certificates, original passport size photographs of Indentured Labourers in the archives.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 38 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Maison Eureka, Eureka Falls

Location: Indian Immigration, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Avenue Mahatma Gandhi, Moka, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Historical Tours

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Ile Aux Cerfs

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Ile Aux Cerfs is a great place for spending your weekend getaway in the middle of alluring natural beauty. It happens to be a privately owned island located close to the eaastern coast of Mauritius in the Flacq district. The island is spread over an area of 87 hectares and is covered with luxuriant vegetation and white sandy beaches.

Being one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon, you must spend considerable time here with your beloved partner.

Distance From Mauritius Airport: 35.8 Km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Croisières Australes Ile Aux Cerfs, Concorde

Activities: Speedboat Rides, Parasailing, Catarman

Location: Flacq, Mauritius

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Casela Nature Park

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Casela Nature Park is home to a world of adventure and one of the top rated places to visit In Mauritius for honeymoon. Coming over to this place, you will be able to encounter some of the majestic animals from various parts of the world and also get a chance to challenge yourself to try out thrilling outdoor activities.

Distance From Mauritius Airport: 44.1 Km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Safari Adventures, Big Grill

Fee: INR 3000 – 5000 per person excluding transfers

Location: Royal Road, Cascavelle, Mauritius
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Eureka Creole House

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Image Credit : Eureka Creole House

Revisit the historical colonial past of Mauritius by visiting the unique Eureka Creole House located by the river of Moka. Known for being one of the biggest houses on the island, the place was originally owned by British and French aristocrats in the 19th century. All the rooms in the house are decorated with antiquities that are older than two centuries and it is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon.

This house is famed for its tropical construction that keeps the insides cooler than the outsides even in scorching summers. It is now one of the famous museums of Mauritius surrounded by carefully manicured green lawns and waterfall hoisting relics of the modern past. 

It is recommended for those looking for an educational and learning experience when in Mauritius.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 39 km

Location:  Moka, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing, museum

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Flic En Flac Casino

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Add a little gaming adventure to your visit to Mauritius by visiting the Flic En Flac Casino. If you like to play with numbers and your luck, sure pay a visit here but remain careful to not get too indulged. The place is quite buzzing with tourists and the gaming consoles are always occupied with everyone enjoying. The casino is on a seaside resort and you can explore the breathtaking views of the beach from here.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 50 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Flic En Flac Beach

Amenities: Gaming, Hotel, Restaurant

Location: Flic en Flac Casino,Pasadena Building ,Flic en Flac, Mauritius

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Le Pouce Mountain

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Image Credit : wpengine.net

This mountain is named for its thumb shaped peak which is visible from Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. It is mountain formed from volcanic eruptions in the Mascarene Islands. It is one of the famous tourist attractions and mostly known for hiking activities. 

Charles Darwin is known to be the first man to hike to this mountain. You will be enthralled to witness a bird’s eye view of Mauritius standing on the top of its peak. You can easily engage in hiking to the Le Pouce Mountain with the help of a professional guide and immerse yourself with some breathtaking views of the island from this amazing place.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 45 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Moka Ranges

Location: Le Pouce Mountain Peak, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Hiking, Sightseeing

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Beautiful Beaches In Mauritius For Honeymooners


Le Morne Beaches

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Image Credit : Inspector.com

To the west of Le Morne Peninsula, lie the Le Morne beaches with a picture perfect background of white coral sands and turquoise waters of the ocean. With trees scattered throughout the beach with the Le Morne Mountain in the backdrop, be ready to be a spectator of mind blowing scenery here at the Le Morne Beach.  

It is one of the most preferred locations for activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing with perfect wind conditions prevailing throughout the year. It is quite a buzzing place throughout the day brimming with tourists and surfers. It is a beautiful beach and you will love to spend time here either surfing or watching other professional surfers.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 60 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Le Morne Brabant

Price For Two: Nil

Location: Le Morne Peninsula

Any Other Specialty: Kite surfing, wind surfing, sightseeing

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Tamarin Beach

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On the west coast of Mauritius, Tamarin Beach is a beautiful beach with Tamarin bay and the Black River mountain range in the background. The shoreline is fairly one of a kind with its dark sand, wide extends and thundering waves coming in from untamed waters and it is one of the amazing Mauritius honeymoon places.

Tamarin Bay is not protected by the coral reef, and thus the beach is known for its vivacious waters. Though you would not find this beach busy during the weekdays, the weekends are usually a time when tourists are spotted engaging in camping along the beach. 

So if you are looking to relax by just bathing in the sun and swim in the shallow waters, this is the place where you should be in Mauritius.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport:

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Tamarin Bay, Flic en Flac Beach

Location: Tamarin, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Surfing, Sightseeing

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Gris Gris Beach

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Image Credit : Wikimedia.org

To the south of the island near the town of Souillac, Gris Gris Beach is famous for the magnificent views of wild waters crashing against the land. Witness the spectacular views from the top of the cliffs and admire the seas closely at Gris Gris Beach. This piece of the island is not encompassed by coral reefs which causes the thick waves crash against the beach with large splashes of water. There is no other spot on the island where tourists will feel so emphatically with the beautiful island nation’s quiet and secluded location.

"Roche Qui Pleure" is one of the most impressive part of this beach where it seems that the cliff is crying due to continuous squashing of waves against the flanks of the cliff.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 30 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Pont Naturel

Price For Two/Fee/Tickets: Nil

Location: Gris Gris Public Beach, Souillac, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing

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St Félix Beach

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Image Credit : Travelers.mu

This stunning beach is located to the south of the island and offers a sight to remember with its gorgeous hues of turquoise waters touching the white sands. It consists of two small separated small beaches, but the eastern part towards Morne is a great deal more wonderful with an incredible snapshot of closeness with the components and offers an ideal setting you would not find easily anywhere in Mauritius and it is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon.

The vegetation surrounding the beach provides a vivid contrast to the hues of the ocean visible from the beach. Though swimming is not recommended here due to the strong currents and the coral reefs, the beach is an ideal spot for relaxing and sunbathing.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 37 km

Price For Two/Fee/Tickets: Nil

Location: St Felix Public Beach, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing

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Riviere des Galets Beach

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Image Credit : Theculturetrip.com

Feel the wind twirling your hair and breathe in the fresh smell of the sea by visiting the Riviere des Galets Beach on your honeymoon in Mauritius.  Surrounded by thousands of small pebbles, the beach is a popular tourist attraction among honeymooners with its beautiful landscape and it is one of the best Mauritius honeymoon places.

Riviere des Galets beach is an incredible place to appreciate an extraordinary perspective of the ocean and the enormous waves slamming on the shore. Though the beach is not suitable for swimming, we suggest you to visit here to have a laid back time amidst beautiful scenery.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 38 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Grand Bassin, Rochester Falls

Riviere Des Galets, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing

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Belle Mare Beach

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The white sands and crystal clear waters of Belle Mare Beach offers one of the most pristine locations which you will encounter during your honeymoon in Mauritius. Many popular beach resorts in Mauritius are located on this beach and offer some of the best snorkelling in Mauritius' east coast waters and it is one of the amazing Mauritius honeymoon places. 

The Belle Mare beach is additionally well known for its one of a kind blend of hues. The turquoise blue waters change completely clear water near the shore and wind0 up in a white clean beach. If you wish to take a stroll in this idyllic destination, be ready to witness an enthralling landscape from Belle Mare Beach. 

Though quiet during the weekdays, the beach gets very busy during the weekends with tourists coming from surrounding areas.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 60 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Ile Aux Cerfs Island

Location: Belle Mare Beach, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing, watersports

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Blue Bay Beach

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Doing complete justice to its name, Blue Bay beach is known for the amazing contrasts of blue which emerge in the sky appearing from the bay. With a postcard-perfect landscape, Blue Bay beach is worth a visit to explore and relax. Easily accessible from Mahebourg, Blue Bay beach is popular among locals and many people visit here during the weekends and it is one of the best Mauritius honeymoon places.

It is an exciting location for activities like swimming and snorkeling and you can also enjoy quality time with your partner on a peaceful stroll along the beach. Otherwise, tourists are also advised to visit the Blue Bay marine park which is the first and biggest marine park in Mauritius.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 12 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Blue Bay Marine National Park, Ile des Deux Cocos, National History Museum, Mahebourg Waterfront

Blue Bay, Mahebourg, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Swimming, snorkeling

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Pereybere Beach

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A tranquil place with the calm waters of the Indian Ocean, Pereybere beach is located to the east of Grand Baie and a popular attraction for vacationers spending time in Mauritius. Here you can engage in a variety of watersports and swimming since the lagoon is quite deep and the waters are translucent and it is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon.

Here you can savor delights like kebabs and exotic fruits sold by street vendors and restaurants all along the beach. The beach is full of life during the weekends and you will have an unforgettable time visiting this enchanting beach. You can easily spot youngsters here and engage in activities like Sand Soccer, swimming, surfing, kite surfing

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 75 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Grand Baie

Grand Baie, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Snorkeling, street food, watersports

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Magnificent Waterfalls In Mauritius


Alexandra Falls

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Image Credit : tourist-guide.mu

Located in the famous Black River Gorges National Park, there is nothing as relieving to the spirit as seeing the fabulous water falling over the rough outcrops witnessing the Alexandra Waterfalls .You can access the waterfalls by going to Plaine Champagne and heading towards Grand Bassin. It is located about 700 meters above the sea level and you will be exhilarated by the luxuriant green vegetation, and the glorious scenes making it a beautiful way to interface with the nature. During a visit here, we also recommend you to spend some time at Plaine Champagne where you can enjoy delicious ripe ‘goyave de chine’(Chinese Guava/ Strawberry Guava).

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 32 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Black River Gorges National Park, Grand Bassein

Location: Alexandra Falls, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing, Hiking

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Chamarel Waterfalls

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Image Credit : makemytrip.com

Known as the highest waterfalls of Mauritius, is known among tourists for its splendid views. The waterfalls are found in the village of Chamarel which is unique for its geological formations like the seven colored earth and gorges and it is one of the famous Mauritius honeymoon places. It is formed by sourcing the waters of three different streams from River Saint-Denis, Cascade Chamarel, and La Crete.

The place will simply take your breath away when you witness the water surging down against a picturesque backdrop of lush green forests and mountains. You will also have a chance of running into some wild monkeys when viewing the falls and we suggest you to be aware of your belongings every time if you do not wish to get robbed by these little muggers.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 45 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Seven Coloured Earths, Black River Gorges National Park

Location: Chamarel waterfalls, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing, Hiking

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Grand River South East

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Image Credit : panoramio.com

Another example of the verdant richness of Mauritius is the Grand River South East waterfalls. On the south eastern coast of Mauritius you will find this wonderful piece of nature after passing through meandering roads. Once you reach here, be ready to be mind blown by the turquoise-blue waters to greenish waters surrounded by a vast area of luxuriant vegetation.

It is a place to discover nature and relax in amidst spectacular scenery. The basaltic rocks give an interesting dimension to the waterfall and make the gushing of waters appear more beautiful. It is one of the most popular places to visit on a honeymoon in Mauritius and surely not to be missed.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 50 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Ile aux Cerfs

Location: Grand River South East, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing

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Rochester Falls

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Image Credit : panoramio.com

In the Savanne district of Mauritius, do not miss out on visiting the majestic Rochest waterfalls set in a secluded, natural and luxuriant green neighborhood. Here you will witness one of a kind and sensational cliff faces which have been changed into spiked rectangular pieces by the strength of intense water in the course of the last many years. The amazing landscape, falling waterfalls, pools of clear water, and rich greeneries encompassing the district, makes it one of the most romantic places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon.

One of the most widest and popular waterfalls of Mauritius, the place offers opportunities for swimming, climbing, taking a jump from a height or to just listen to the sound of the falling waters and relax in the tranquil atmosphere. Needless to say, we advise you to be safe while trying out jumping from the top at the spur of the moment.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 32 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Black River Gorges National Park, Gris Gris Beach

Location: Chamouny Road, Surinam, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing

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Tamarind Falls

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The Tamarind Falls prominently known as the 'Sept Cascades' or the 7cascades encompassed by rich green woodlands and dull volcanic rocks is one of the most enchanting attractions to visit while holidaying in Mauritius. The Tamarind Falls is among a standout amongst the most verdant, peaceful, and enterprise stuffed goals in the heaven island.

Tamarind Falls offers numerous open doors for gutsy exercises, for example, climbing, hiking and canoeing. Situated in the centre of Mauritius, the hike at the Tamarind Falls offers an awesome revelation of the various idea of the beauty of Mauritius. The hike is challenging with some trying tracks which may require an accomplished guide close by to ensure your wellbeing and guide you through the best accessible ways.

With each fall, you will have the opportunity to appreciate one of a kind landscape and setting Going behind the astounding waterfall is basically a euphoric ordeal, where you can see the daylight reflected through the waterfall. The invigorating, extensive lake at the foot of the waterfall is particularly open for a wonderful swim.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 35 km

Location: The Tamarind Falls, Henrietta Branch Rd, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Hiking, Sightseeing

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Eureka Falls

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Image Credit : mauricia.com

While visiting the historical masterpiece of Maison Eureka, do not miss out on the breathtaking sight offered by the imposing Eureka Falls accentuating the elegance of the manor. A challenging path away from the mansion will lead you to this water fall set in a lush green area. A rich variety of flora and fauna adds to the exciting experience. 

There are aquatic plants and endemic species which you can find while taking a stroll in the garden nearby. An ideal place in the Moka ranges to relax and swim, we suggest you to pay a visit to this gorgeous waterfall when on your honeymoon in Mauritius.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 40 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Maison Eureka, Moka Ranges

Location: Maison Eureka, Moka, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Historical tour, Sightseeing

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Exil Waterfalls

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Located on the outskirts of the untouched Combo forest, Exil Waterfalls is one of the most popular places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon.  It is an ultimate waterfall for adventure lovers who can engage in a number of activities like abseiling, jumping, swimming etc. 

The Exil waterfalls is one of those places in Mauritius which offer a beautiful natural sight which will alleviate your brain and soul. The waterfall is surrounded by a tropical forest which is a habitat to many wild animals out of which some inhabitant of the area while some are native plant species.

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Riviere des Anguilles

Location: Savanna River, South Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Abseiling, jumping, swimming etc.

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Other Places to Visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon


Fort Adelaide

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Image Credit : staticflickr.com

Also known as 'La Citadelle' the fort was built between 1834 and 184 and named after the Queen Adelaide. A piece of cultural heritage, it was built for strategic purpose of guarding the harbour against foreign attacks and fires that broke in the city. It is also believed that the British constructed this port to resist any mishap by the remaining French settlers on the island. 

A ride up to the Fort Adelaide, will promise you a splendid views of the city of Port Louis, settled at the foot of the Port Louis/Moka mountain ranges and extending towards the harbor. The place is worth visiting to appreciate the cultural richness of Mauritius and you can enjoy some window shopping at their interesting boutiques.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 48 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Natural History Museum etc.

Location: Sebastopol St, Port Louis, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing, Shopping

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Domaine Anna

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Domaine Anna is one of the most sought after restaurants in Mauritius for vegetarians. Despite the fact it is a vegetarian friendly restaurant, you will also be able to get delectable seafood, Aisan, Chinese, and European dishes on the menu.

The restaurant has got a great interior which is beautifully decorated and you will love to witness the beautiful views all around. This is one of the most sought Mauritius honeymoon places that you should not forget visiting.

Distance From Mauritius Airport: 45.9 Km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Safari Adventures, Flic en Flac Beach, Tamarina Golf Club, Euro Divers Albion

Fee: Rs 1500 per person

Location: Medine, Flic en Flac, Mauritius
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Aapravasi Ghat

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Image Credit : panoramio.com

Also known as the Immigration Depot, this place is a building complex situated in the capital city of Port Louis which was used to receive contracted labour from India. Also famed for its listing in one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Aapravasi Ghat is a place of socio-historical importance of Mauritus.  Most Mauritians today trace their roots to this place which was central to large scale immigration of Indians to the small island nation by the British.

The structures of Aapravasi Ghat remain a declaration and the sole surviving case of this remarkable present day Diaspora, the underlying foundations of which recount the tale of some cutting edge working frameworks, similar to that of indentured labor. Socially, it talks about the conventions that Indian men and ladies conveyed with them to this outside land and implanted them here.

Here children can also engage in activities like storytelling, pottery making, and construction techniques etc.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 47 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions:  Le Pouce, Natural History Museum, Blue Penny Museum, Le Caudan Waterfront etc.

Price For Two/Fee/Tickets: Free

Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty:  Pedagogical activities for children, Historical tour

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Le Morne Brabant

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Image Credit : mauritianlife.com

On the southwest coast of Mauritius, you will come across the gorgeous beauty of Le Morne Brabant cutting into the Indian Ocean. This rugged mountain was once used as a shelter by runaway slaves during the 18th and 19th century which eventually made it a symbol of the slaves’ fight for freedom, their suffering, and their sacrifice.

Today the place offers one of the most scenic locations of Mauritius where you can take a photograph to match those on the postcards from any angle. It was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to a variety of endemic species of plants. Le Morne Brabant is also a popular destination for hiking in Mauritius.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 60 km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Le Morne Beaches

Location: Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing, Hiking

Check out our top picks for resorts in Mauritius:-  Popular Resorts In Mauritius

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Indian Pavilion

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Indian Pavilion is a renowned Indian restaurant in Mauritius which is headed by chef de cuisine Faizan Ali. The restaurant gets a natural setting so that it can offer pristine views to the guests. Being one of the best Mauritius honeymoon places, you will find creative cooking experiences with a mix of Indian Spices and herbs.

During your visit, you must try out Mughlai cuisine at this place. You can also try Gosht Nizami Dalcha, Galouti Kebab with Ulte tawe ka Paratha, Mahi Anarkali, and Jheenga Zebunnisa.

Distance From Mauritius Airport: 57.6 Km

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Sagar Shiv Mandir, Belle Mare Beach, Euro Divers Albion, Marche De Flacq

Fee: INR 2000 per person

Location: Pointe de Flacq, Poste de Flacq 41518, Mauritius
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People Also Ask About Mauritius

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Mauritius in December for a honeymoon?

    1. Chamarel Park: Known for its breathtaking geological formation, the park is a marvel of nature one cannot miss visiting while in Mauritius. Looking at the seven-colored sand dunes of Chamarel Park is a surreal experience not found anywhere else on the planet.

    2. Flic and Flac Beach: Located in the tiny flic and Flac Village on the western coast of Mauritius, this beach is one of the best Places To Visit In Mauritius For honeymoon because of its vibrant yet harmonious blend of colors from the adjacent beachside market on a white sandy backdrop of the beach.

    3. Black River Gorges National park: Mauritius has its own beautiful Tropical Forest covered National ark that’s unlike any other. Unique wildlife exclusive to Mauritius roam around freely yet protected from poachers and illegal hunters in this national park with ease. Some of the unique wildlife of this National Park includes Pink pigeon, Rusa Deer, Mauritius Olive White Eye, Mauritius Kestrel, etc.

    4. Le Pouce Mountain: One of the most beautiful hiking spots and Mauritius honeymoon places, the thumb-shaped peak is at an elevation of 2282 ft above sea level. The journey to the top is surrounded by scenic beauty and unparalleled views that are not worth missing out on.

    5. Tamarin: The picturesque old fishing village of Tamarin is home to some of the most authentic cultures and cuisines of the nation. Preserved carefully despite the heavy industrialization and tourism, the Tamarin Village is a stark memory of what a true unfiltered beauty can be called.

    Recommended Read: Things To Do In Tamarin Mauritius
  2. Which are the best places to stay in Mauritius for a honeymoon?

    1. Shangri La Le Touessrok: Sparkling white sandy beach, pamper worthy spa sessions, and mouth-watering delicacies from around the world aside, this resort is surrounded by untouched natural beauty that is perfect for couples on their honeymoon to explore and enjoy.

    2. La Pirogue: Perfect for couples, La Pirogue has beautifully designed rooms and private bungalows that boast a luxurious all in one experience. From private whirlpool tubs to mouth-watering delicacies, this beachfront property is all about fun and relaxation.

    3. C Mauritius: Designed by the inspiration from the local lifestyle, this resort has the perfect romantic backdrop for a cozy and nice honeymoon far away from the public eye and yet surrounded by all the possible luxury.

    4. LUX Grand Gaube: Sand and water literally reaching up to the doorstep of your villa is the first noticeable trait of this breathtakingly beautiful and romantic 5-star elegance called LUX Grand Gaube.

    5. Sugar Beach Resort: The colonial 5 star watersports resort has a stunning backdrop that’s perfect for a romantic honeymoon. Laden with the best possible comforts and luxuries, couples get a chance to enjoy excitement and solitude in one single spot with Sugar Beach Resort.

    Click Here to Book: Mauritius Tour Package For Family
  3. Is Mauritius good for Honeymoon?

    Yes, Mauritius is a great honeymoon destination in the Indian Ocean. This tropical paradise has got everything to make your vacation wonderful and a memorable affair. You will get to stay in five star hotels enjoying state of the art facilities, relishing a wide range of international cuisines, hedging out on various island hopping tours, and carrying out loads of activities with your partner.
  4. How much does a honeymoon in Mauritius cost?

    A 5-6 days honeymoon trip to Mauritius would cost around INR 35000 to INR 45000. This pricing includes the stay and the activities to be done in Mauritius all through the stay.
  5. Which is the best month to visit Mauritius for a honeymoon?

    The best time to visit Mauritius for a honeymoon vacation would be in between the month of May and the month of December. In this time of the year, you will get to visit some of the best beaches, enjoy sun drenched days, and much more.

    Checkout & Book: Mauritius Couple Package
  6. What are the best Mauritius travel packages I can book with Thrillophilia?

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We booked this honeymoon package to Mauritius from Delhi for around 6-7 days. And it was the first time both of us visiting Mauritius. We got time to travel and get to know one another. We had the best time with the team and a lifetime of memories to cherish. Cheers to the team.
I booked a trip to Mauritius, travelling all by myself it wasn’t going to be easy, so rather I decided to go with some experienced operator. And it was the best decision as the trip was undoubtedly awesome. Thanks for making my trip worth remembering. Wish to travel more.
I use Thrillophilia for 2 years and this booking platform gave us good packages and affordable prices, This time I took with an international trip to Mauritius with my life partner... I am already aware of the company policies, procedures, and service which I was very okay to plan my trip with them. For this package to, they suggested it to me and I've no regret at all deciding on this trip... Since the time we land at this place we were received by the professional staff and helps us with the paper procedure and all and the hotel they provided was nice with a warm welcome along with delicious welcome drinks and the staff there was friendly and kind, the place is truly breathtaking... The day tours we had in north islands, south islands and Ile Aux Cerf Island tour the sightseeing-spots and the activities we had at each place was exciting and impressive, the scenic beauty of the seas, white sandy beach, and the surrounding took our breath away with a nice photo at each... The shared transport was good and comfortable though... The place has a very rich culture and amazing people... Everlasting memories with my partner...
This being my first longest and an international trip I had... I am thankful to Thrillophilia for planning this amazing trip for me... Without the help and proper plan I would have never reached there, I appreciate the support and the service they gave me during my tour, The tour went exactly as in the itinerary which was well-planned and well-executed... The resort is at a great location with the amazing view we get from there. We had a great time enjoying the sightseeing-spots, adventure activities, and exploring the place...This trip was an amazing and memorable one for a lifetime.
So happy that we had the best-planned holiday with the entire family in Mauritius through Thrillophilia, They made sure that everything was properly organized and also ensured that we get everything as promised and need to be covered according to the package we choose, they even provided good service the entire trip and we did not face any kind of issues at all the whole trip. The resort they booked for us was very beautiful and the rooms were spacious and comfortable along with good service at any time and the staff were responsive, polite, and friendly... we had a wonderful stayed and the breakfast and dinner were served with freshly made and tasted like home... The transfered they arranged for us was a sharing one but very good no doubt... The place is truly beautiful by its scenic beauty, historical places, markets, culture, and traditions... The north islands, south islands, and Ile aux Cerf island tour was brilliant... we had great fun in many fun activities like watersport, shore activities and explored the place on our leisure time... Overall this trip was a fantastic trip which suitable for a family, couples and different type of group... 100% will recommend
Booked this tour through Thrillophilia and it turned out to be one of the best trips I have ever done, location, meals, everything was just great, in this price it was a bit surprising for me and was happy with it.
Recently we went to Mauritius, and it was one of the best trips we have ever been to. The place is so beautiful and mesmerizing, the beaches are so alluring. The nightlife is so lit there, We even had fun exploring the historical sites in the city, and we even went to the temples. The entire trip was so well planned, we had to worry about nothing. All the facilities provided on the trip were so good, rooms were cozy and comfortable, the food provided was delicious, the driver given to us was also amazing he was quite knowledgable and was very helpful. Thanks Thrillophila for the great trip experience.
We totally enjoyed the trip. A must trip for all the honeymooners
I am very much satisfied with the overall booking i got the best quote and all things were manage nicely. guide and drive both were professional
Last year, I went to Mauritius for having the fun of the tour of this charming destination. I booked my tour package from thrillophilia, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India. All the services, which were provided to me, were very good.

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