If you want to give trekking in Thailand a chance to make your vacation all the more exciting, there is a diverse range of trails to choose from. From easy trekking trails apt for beginners to strenuous paths that will require some skills and strength, Thailand features a spectrum of trekking expeditions with varying difficulty levels. Walkthrough dense vegetation of tropical forests, drench yourself under gushing waterfalls, overcome all the hurdles on your path, and get rewarded with breathtaking panoramas.

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Apart from letting you discover the raw nature of Thailand, some of these treks will also bring you face to face with the culture of prominent hill tribes. 
These outdoor experiences are indeed unskippable owing to what you see and feel, and that is why Thailand trekking is a great way to create lifelong memories on your vacation.

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Taking you to remote settlements and giving you a chance to encounter pristine nature, treks in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are our strong recommendations. 
But if you want something more challenging that rewards you with spectacular vistas, you can choose between Chiang Dao Trek and Doi Inthanon Trek. Furthermore, Hua Hin Trek and Phu Lang Ka Trek are also widely preferred by both sightseers and adventurers.

COVID-19 : THAILAND is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 08 Feb 2021
Latest Information on Travelling to THAILAND?
  • Thailand opens entries of all tourists for leisure travel. However, the travellers will be required to avail the Special Tourist Visa (STV) for long stays, as 14-day quarantine remains compulsory for all international tourists.
  • PCR test compulsory for all tourists upon arrival.
  • Wearing face mask is compulsory when you travel on public transport or flights.
  • Social distancing rules to be strictly followed especially in public places and entertainment venues.
  • Wai (Thai greeting) greetings are preferred from a distance of 1 to 2 metres.
  • Wearing masks, using personal serving spoons or utensils, and eating on À la carte basis are suggested for people staying together
  • A certificate of entry is mandatory for every individual and can be obtained from local Thai embassy or consulate. Read more.
  • Passengers are required to possess a negative COVID 19 test certificate or PCR test taken within 72 hours before departure. Read more about other requirements and how to attain the certificate.
  • 14-day mandatory quarantine for tourists in special quarantine hotel centers.
  • RT-PCR test is compulsory for tourists upon arrival. If found positive, the travellers will have to stay at medical centers in Thailand.

Flights are operating from major countries to Bangkok, Thailand including India, China, Vietnam etc.

Local Transport
  • Public transport options such as buses, trains and taxis are open for local movement.
  • Rattanakosin Island, Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Temple of Dawn, Khao Luang and Kaeng Lam Nam Wa are some of the places which are safe and can be visited on following the guidelines of the local government.
  • Various luxury resorts beaches and hotels in Phuket and Krabi have also reopened and are safe to visit. Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all precautionary measures and guidelines issued by the government & practice personal hygiene to stay safe while travelling to Thailand.
Thailand reopens for travel for all countries including India Updated: 08 Feb 2021

Thailand reopened travel for more than 50 countries. Tourists can visit Thailand with a Special Tourist Visa (STV). The 90-day tourist visa can be extended twice. However, a Covid-19 negative report test is compulsory. Upon arrival the travellers will undergo PCR test and a mandatory 14 day quarantine in another quarantine hotel facility.It is compulsory to have travel and health insurance that covers your duration of stay in Thailand Read more.

Thailand Soon To Introduce a 90-Day Long Visa For Tourists Updated: 22 Sep 2020

Thailand will soon be introducing a 90-day long Visa for tourists. The Visa will be extendable to 180 more days and will require an accommodation booking proof for 90 days in the country.Read more.

Luxury Resorts in Thailand reopens for domestic tourists Updated: 19 Aug 2020

Luxury resorts like Cape Nidhra and Anantara Hua Hin in Thailand have reopened for domestic tourists.

State of emergency extended in Thailand to curb COVID-19 Updated: 19 Aug 2020

Thailand cabinet has extended the State of Emergency for the fourth time till 31 August. The decision was made with an objective to curb the spread of COVID 19 and keep the infection count as low as possible.

Read More

Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa reopens with various safety measures in place Updated: 19 Aug 2020

Aleenta Luxury Resort in Phuket has been reopened to tourists with appropriate social distancing enablers and enhanced safety and sanitization protocols to keep the tourists safe.

Trekking in Northern Thailand


Trekking in Chiang Rai

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Widely famous for rich cultural heritage, Chiang Rai in the northern part of Thailand, is an ideal getaway for travelers looking for rewarding treks on their vacation. Lum Nam Kok National Park boasts the most popular trail in the region that commences from near the Kok River and leads to Doi Chang. With a perfect blend of forest walks and uphill climbs, this makes for one of the most ideal adventure of trekking in Thailand for beginners as well as seasoned trekkers.

Treks to Doi Mae Salong and Doi Phatang also make Chiang Rai a hotspot for experienced trekking enthusiasts. Furthermore, there are several other trekking trails in the region that cover few villages inhabited by hill tribes, which are ideal for combining cultural exploration with adventure.

Level of Trek:
Easy to moderate

Best Time to Trek:
October to February as it features cool and dry climate

Mueang, Chiang Rai District

Things to Keep in Mind: 
Chiang Rai treks are usually through jungles and high mountainous region, so keep in mind to pack light, wear comfortable shoes at first! Don’t carry objects that could harm the environment in any way, Carry a water bottle along with some warm clothes as temperatures can dip at high altitudes.

Popular Treks in Chiang Rai:

Doi Mae Salong
2. Doi Ang Khang
3. Phu Chi Fa
4. Doi Phatang

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Trekking Trails of the Chiang Mai

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Popular amongst the Thai population as well as amongst tourists all around the world, the trails of Chiang Mai province are an excellent option to explore if you are an amateur trekker. Maetang and Chiangdao regions are mainly popular due to excellent forest cover, valleys and a varied type of tribal villages with a number of ethnic minorities.

The origin point of many rivers including the Maetang and Pin is in these ranges. The Doi Inthanon, tallest mountain in the country lies to the southwest. Hike the trail for a perfect time in nature!

Highlights: Diverse and beautiful trekking trails encompassing the tallest mountains of Thailand including the Doi Inthanon and Chiangdao peak.

Things to Keep in Mind: Pick up a trekking option from an operator with adequate experience in the area as it is fairly large.

Popular treks in Chiang Mai:

1. Baan Pha Dang Trek
Muang Kurt to Huay Kukap Trek
3. Lisu Tribe Trek

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Adventure Explore All (128)
Explore All (128)

Trek in Mae Sariang

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Mae Sariang is also known as a hidden town within the Northern region of Thailand and is gaining prominence within the trekkers who wish to seek solace and peace. Also, one gets to explore local tribe culture along with a stay with them, having local food and enjoy the time what most of the showbiz miss!

While being on the village trek, one crosses through lovely waterfalls, rice fields, forested hills, and tiny hamlets. Choose to stay either in the guest house or a homestay, you will not regret to be here and enjoy every moment in the greens.

Level of Trek: Easy

How to reach: Simple, hop on the bus from Chiang Mai bus station, and an approximate 5 hours journey will land you up here!

Best time to trek: All around the year!

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Trekking in Pai

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Also known as backpackers delight in Mae Hong Son Province of country’s northern region, the proximity of Pai is studded with the river, gorges, hot spring, waterfalls like Pombok and Mo Paeng, caves, canyons, and much more that can’t be expressed in mere words.

Be it an avid trekker or someone who wants to soak in nature’s lap at the end of the day, Pai surroundings have it all!

Level of Trek: Easy to moderate

How to reach: Fly down to Pai or reach through bus or cab, right from Chaing Mai. The distance between the two is around 150 km.

Best time to trek: All around the year!

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Trekking in Phu Lang Ka

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A 12 km long trail in Phu Lang Ka National Park leads to Phu Lang Ka Village, overlooking vast stretch of forested plains and valleys, and is claimed as one of the most scenic Thailand trekking trails. In order to reach Phu Lang Ka Village perched at an altitude of 1716 meters, you get to walk through refreshing foliage brimming with countless waterfalls.

If you are an inexperienced trekker looking for something adventurous in Thailand, this trail might be the best choice for you. In essence, this stimulating trek offers a perfect blend of nature walk and moderately steep climbs before taking you to the summit which is known for mesmerizing sunrise and sunset vistas.

Level of Trek:

Best Time to Trek
: November to February due to pleasant weather

How to reach:
  Nakhon Phanom town, where the trek is located, is approximately 12-hour journey from Bangkok as well as Chiang Mai. Take a bus from the bus stand as this is the easiest option available.

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Chiang Dao Trek

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From Chiang Mai, make yourself reach in the town of Chiang Dao, which shows a distinct aura of trekking in the region. While hiking up in the mountains, pass through fresh tea plantations at some ascent. As you move ahead, meet jungle canopy, refreshing rivers, crisscrossing trails and much more after which you also get to catch a small village in the mid of tall trees.

Choose to stay up or come back within the town. Though a 6-7 hours time will only be taken for hiking up only, consider your stay up!

Level of Trek: Moderate to tough!

How to reach: Chiang Dao is approximately 70 km from Chaing Mai and is easily accessible by bus or cab!

Best time to trek: November to March

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Trekking in Soppong

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Wishing an off-beat activity? Well, wait no longer! Soppong is an ultimate destination to indulge not only in trekking but also act as a gateway to cave exploration as well as kayaking. As you begin to discover the jungles of Soppong, you will find yourself away from those dust-laden city spaces and into the deep of lovely forests, meadows, paddy fields, open blue sky and also get to meet the local tribes who love to offer some beverages to the visitors. Soak in the natural beauty before heading to shop in the local market.

Level of Trek: Easy

How to reach: As one travels in between Pai and Mae Hong Son, Soppong lies in the middle of the route. One can easily catch a bus to be here or even rent a scooter, making the road trip worth to cherish.

Best time to trek: Almost around the year.

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Trekking in Mae Salong

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Image Credit : adventureinyou.com

Want the whiff of fresh Oolong tea while hiking up and down? Mae Salong, the town earlier known for opium trade, is now famous for tea plantations in Northern Thailand while allowing the travelers to explore in-depth natural beauty in detail. Meet the hill-tribes in villages like Akha, Hmong, and Shan.

If you wish, hop on for a pony trek and see the village zones in and out with naked eyes while enjoying the surroundings marked with orange orchards.

Level of Trek: Easy to moderate

How to reach: From Chiang Mai, Mae Salong is around 240 km and the distance can be easily covered with a bus of taxis or rented bikes. Moreover, if you are in Chiang Rai, it takes around 1-1.5 hours to cover the distance.

Best time to trek: November to March

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Trekking in Kamphaeng Phet

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A wonderful town with ancient touch lets one tip down Kamphaeng Phet. But more to that, it contains national parks in proximity, high mountains, and dense forests, which all allow one to get soaked in nature with fitness as a part of the hike. 

Amongst them, Mae Wong National park has one of the highest peaks of Thailand and hiking into this dense zone lets you meet kinds of flora and fauna, waterfalls, streams, viewpoints, and an ultimate peace!

Level of Trek: Moderate

How to reach: To the North of Chiang Mai, one can reach Kamphaeng Phet by public bus, private bus or taxi where the distance between the two is around 335km.

Best time to trek: November to March; April to May

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Doi Inthanon Trek

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At a height of 2565 meters above the sea level and also termed as the highest mountain of Thailand, a trek to Doi Inthanon passes through the sights of birds, waterfalls, mountains, forests and much more to satiate the nature craving soul.

Take a dip in the plunge pools, have local food and get clicked at most exciting locations. Not just high treks, but one can also visit the Royal Agriculture station, Pagoda, meet the Karen tribe and the coffee plantations in Doi Inthanon.

Level of Trek: Moderate to extreme

How to reach: Down from Chiang Mai, Doi Inthanon is more or less about 1.30 hours drive. It is best to take a taxi to reach directly. If you are an efficient driver, you can also hire a scooter.

Best time to visit: 
November to February

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Trek to Khao Luang peak

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Being in Southern Thailand and not trekking the peak of Khao Luang is unmatchable. Climb to the peak which is 1385 meters above the sea level and embark the trails worth to match your nature savor expectations.

Hike to rocky trails and get into dense jungles, camp a night in the meadows and taste the sunrise next morning. We bet, the beauty is totally breathtaking, even if the legs shake out of tiredness.

Level of Trek:
Moderate to extreme

How to reach:
Choose Phuket airport and be here in 4 hours of taxi ride! Even regular bus services are available within the two region which is indeed the cheapest way to travel.

Best time to trek:
November to March; you can also choose to be here at any time of the year.

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Trekking in Umphang (Thi Lor Su)

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A major highlight of Umphang wildlife sanctuary, Thi Lor Su waterfall is highest known of its kind in Thailand. This cascading waterfall that roughs down from the cliff and makes spaces within the green patches can be approached with a hike in the woods.

An easy 3-kilometer hike is crossed with concrete patch and one can easily walk up to see the beauty closely.

Level of trek: Easy

How to reach:
 From Chiang Mai, you can get a bus for a journey of approx 10 hours to reach Umphang. Here, Interestingly, you can take a rubber boat from the Mae Klong river for 3 hours, and hike up for around 10 km to reach the top.

Best time to trek: Right after monsoon departure, in months of November to February, is perfect for the trek.

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Hill Tribe Trek in Thailand

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Image Credit : mattmangum

Allowing you to enjoy both cultural exploration as well trekking in Thailand, Hill Tribe Trek is the most rewarding adventure available in Chiang Mai. On this trekking expedition, you get to visit remote villages of Thailand, inhabited by hill tribes like Karen and get familiar with their culture.

Furthermore, the splendid scenery of rice paddy fields, rolling hills, and quaint remote villages will accompany you throughout the endeavour to keep you motivated. So if you are an adventurer, planning to visit Thailand, add this trek to your itinerary for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Level of Trek: Easy

Best Time to Trek:
October to April due to pleasant climate.

Things to Keep in Mind:
People availing the Hill Tribe trek should be careful and should 
maintain the sanity of the local tribe and its culture.

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Trekking in Nan Province

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Marking its presence in the northeast part of Thailand, Nan is surrounded by mystical mountains of Doi Phu Kha National park, whose rugged terrain, waterfalls, flora, fauna, limestone caves, and surreal landscape view makes it most classy to hike up.

You can also choose to stay overnight at the meadows in tents and experience lovely sunrise the next morning. If nature is your cup of tea, then trek in Nan is the right call, indeed!

Level of Trek: Easy to moderate

How to reach: As you move in eastern direction from Chaing Mai, meet Nan after crossing 300 km. Here, as you take Nan-Pau road, you will be able to find directions for Doi Phu Ka national park.

Best time to trek: November to February

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Trekking in Mae Hong Son

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Image Credit : explorall.com

Trekking is a major attraction in Mae Hong Son and can be done as part of a day tour for a few hours or for a full day or longer. Longer treks will take you into the mountains towards the Burmese border, where you will visit Karen villages. Explore some hidden places in the country!

Highlights: The trekking experience generally starts with a drive out of Mae Hong Son for an hour or two to your starting point. This is followed by several hours of walking into the mountains, broken up by visits to villages.

There are three main trekking areas: Soppong, east of Mae Hong Son and west of Mae Hong Son. Other popular trekking routes concentrate on the Kayan villages west of Mae Hong Son towards the Salween river, taking in Karen and Hmong villages as well. The most interesting area is the relatively infrequently visited region to the south of Mae Hong Son, in and around Nam Tok Surin National Park.

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Trekking in Southern Thailand


Hua Hin

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Although Hua Hin is commonly known for the experience of elephant trekking, it also has a couple of exciting trekking trails in Sam Roi Yot National Park, which are perfect for an eventful day outing. Stretches of slippery stones and steep climbs make the adventure challenging and thus a real treat for all adrenaline junkies.

Apart from being a thrill-filled experience, this trek is widely known for the sweeping vistas of the sea and towering cliffs you get to see throughout the trail. Khao Dang ViewPoint makes for an excellent vantage point which allows one to soak up an overview of the surrounding region and click some impressive pictures.

Level of Trek:

How to reach:
 Take a bus or taxi from Bangkok to reach here! The distance between the two can be covered within a span of 3-4 hours.

Best Time to Trek:
November to February due to clear skies and low probability of rainfall.

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Khao Sok Trekking

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Indulge in supreme rainforest trek of Thailand with Khao Sok National park which includes the waterfalls, swimming holes, caves and plethora of flora and fauna. Choose a guide or hike at your own level, the trek is perfect for a lush green and serene exploration.

Either a day trek or stay in the woods overnight, you will never be disappointed with this lovely place. You can cross 11 km and also enjoy activities like rappelling, climbing, rafting, elephant bathing and much more with the attraction.

Level of Trek: Moderate

How to reach:
Once you land in Phuket, take a bus or hire a cab to cover 4-hour journey to reach Khao Sok.In fact, from Krabi, the region is 2-3 hours drive but only one bus per day is available for transit.

Best time to trek:
November to February

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Trekking in Khao Yai National Park

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Exceptional trekking trails await those who want to experience the adventure and adrenaline at the Khao Yai National Park. A UNESCO listed site, it offers some of the most exciting hikes and treks. Khao Yai trekking trails are interestingly beautiful despite lacking in tourist infrastructure. On this trail, you can see an astonishing variety of flora, a network of trails some of which lead to Heo Suwat waterfall as well. Open up with multiple options, this trek will never disappoint you.

If you decide to spend more time here, there are also two picturesque campgrounds namely, Lam Takong and Pha Kluai Mai. The captivating Haew Narok fall is also located on the park but is at the far southern end of the island and quite inaccessible on foot. Bring this into your list, if those tired legs do not hinder the path! 

Highlights: Unventured trails and virgin forests that lead to stunning locations.

Things to keep in Mind: It is advised that after 3:00 PM, you do not hike if you are unaccompanied by a guide. Certified private guides can be hired at the visitor centre for 500 baht per three hours.

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Trekking in Koh Tarutao

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Image Credit : irisontheroad.com

If wishing for adventure full holiday, then Koh Tarutao, the largest island of Trautao marine park, welcomes all with open arms to undertake jungle hikes. Along with the hike, one can visit crocodile cave in kayaks, enjoy a barbecue in the overnight camps and be a jungle folk while saying Hi to awe-inspiring natural environ.

Spend a day or two in exploring the rainforests and surely, you will not regret including the piece of land in your trip.

Level of Trek: Moderate to tough

How to reach:
Since there are no direct buses to reach Koh Tarutao from Bangkok, one need to fly down to Ko Lipe from where a speedboat can be taken.

Best time to trek:
December to April

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Trekking in Sangkhlaburi

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Settled in the western zone of Thailand, Sangkhlaburi is one of the adventurous towns on its own. Hike the rugged slopes, take part in elephant treks, indulge in rafting session and do not miss the longest hand-made wooden bridge in Thailand, also called as Teak mon bridge.

Calling tourists from all over the world, Sangkhlaburi can be visited for kayaking, caves and old temples within.

Level of Trek: Easy

How to reach: Close to the Myanmar border, drive towards the town from Bangkok by a hired cab as this is the best way to reach while stopping in between at other major attractions. One can be here within 1-1.5 hours of time.

Best time to trek: November to March

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23 January 2020
It should be a must in Bangkok visit, specially with kids. Hotel pickup service was fantastic, in time. Children enjoyed most the orangutan and dolphin shows. Better to skip the river cruise which I felt like wastage of money. The last part of coming out through the open zoo was fantastic- all openly moving animals including lions and tigers were roaming near the bus.
The best experience of sea life till date. It overseeded my previous experience at underwater world pattaya. Getting tickets was hassle free - just show the QR code and get your ticket from Information Desk. Best feeding shows observed here. The sea otter feeding show was specially enjoyable with the otters asking for more food by shaking their hands above their chests. Next the penguin show, diver show, sea life 3D show, shark feeding show, etc. were awesome. You can chill around as it is cool inside with cafeteria everywhere. Those sharks in giant aquariums really amazed me and they are living in harmony with other fishes for the past 10 years (as learnt). The ambience was great with dim lights everywhere. A great place for kids to enjoy. There were numerous fishes as well, including the famous Giant of Siam - an Amazon fish.
"awesome experience. with good food, breeze views. loved it."
13 May 2019
Best jungle tour ever! Safari world is great where you can observe wildlife closely that includes birds, giraffes, rhinos, etc. The main attractions are tiger feeding and lion feeding inside safari world (which we were lucky to see) where a woman in the rear of the car inside a cage feeds the tigers and the lions from inside. As learnt only she can come near to them as they know her scent. It was nearly a half an hour tour through the jungle life and it was a thrilling experience. The Marine park was also great with many human and animal shows such as Orangutan show, Cowboy stunt show, Spy war, Bird show, etc. and the notable Dolphin show which was best among all. Guys please do not miss this show. The international buffet was also great with varieties of dishes though you can try out Indian buffet as well. Thanks to thrillophilia for making this trip memorable.
This was a great experience and I found the cheapest ticket on Thrillophilia. There was no admission issue. When showing the voucher printout at ticket window, we found that they already had a list of online bookings and they verified our names against it and let us enter. The ocean tunnel was great - we saw sharks, sting rays, large fishes and "giant of siam" - huge fishes bigger than humans. the feeding shows were awesome! the sting rays were cute and the diver hugged them and fed them small shrimps. The fishes were fighting for the bread crumbs and small fishes that the diver was feeding. It was worth visiting and truly a memorable experience. It may not be as big as the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World in Bangkok but the price is really very cheaper than it. A must visit for anyone visiting Pattaya.
09 November 2020
A beautiful piece of island standing Rock solid as if it's the admirer of every one else staring at him. The place is beautiful yet remote and hence it closes by evening and the island becomes completely out of reach.
09 November 2020
A very wonderful place to spend half day taking pictures & selfies with our famous actors, actresses, politicians,social activists, freedom fighters of all time. Try to allocate half day as you will be busy with taking pictures & videos of real life wax statutes.
Great service and it was fun 2 hour speed bpat ride from Koh Samui To Koh Tao
The place is just lit with people and colours and the food is mindblowing. Thanks a lot to Thrillophilia for making my trip comfortable and truly memorable!!”
It was a totally amazing experience. Everything was very well coordinated and arranged. All thanks to Thrillophilia for this amazing trip.

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