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Night Markets in Chiang Mai 

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Anusarn Night Market, Kalare Night Market, Sunday Walking Market, Ploen Ruedee Night Market, Saturday Walking Street Market and many more.

Chiang Mai night markets are shopping heaven that comes alive after dark to fulfill the shopping needs of tourists. Such types of markets are the major night-time attractions for the city travelers and tourists as they are spread across the city and provide an excellent range of diversity.

Night markets in Chiang Mai offer everything from fresh food to antique handmade items, clothing, and all kinds of essential accessories. In fact, night markets are probably the best places for observing the local culture, snacking, and soaking up the scene.

Therefore, even if you don’t want to purchase anything; just going for an evening walk will give you an amazing experience. Simply, these wonderful markets are the must-see destination if you are visiting the city of Chiang Mai. Some of the popular night markets in Chiang Mai include Sompet Market which is known for providing fresh seasonal fruits and the Kalare Night Market which is famous for being an excellent open-air dining zone.

Here are some best Chiang Mai night markets:

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Chiang Mai Night Bazaarr

Chiang Mai night bazaar is probably the largest night market in Chiang Mai accommodating hundreds of shops in one place. This night bazaar offers a range of products such as shoes, bags, clothes, handicrafts, artwork, sunglasses, and electronic items, etc.

However, make sure to test and check everything thoroughly before purchasing it, especially any electronic item. Moreover, the prices in this bazaar aren’t fixed so get ready to bargain hard before grabbing a cost-effective deal.

After long hours of roaming and shopping, don’t forget to fill your empty stomach with some delicious Thai seafood and tasty local dishes.

Location: Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Highlight of the Market: Handicrafts and portrait paintings.

Timings: 6 PM to 11 PM

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Anusarn Night Market

Just like the other night markets, the Anusarn night market is also filled with a range of small vendor stalls and permanent shops. This is a great place if you want to enjoy a low-cost wonderful dinner while shopping for some essential accessories.

You can find all kinds of Thai, Indian, and Japanese food stalls at a very reasonable price. If you are an art lover, you can get some incredible sculptures that will work as great décor pieces for your home and perfect gifts for your relatives. Furthermore, if you are tired of roaming around and shopping, enjoy the live music performance with some chilled beers and cocktails in any restaurant.

Location: 149/24 Chang Khlan Road, Night Bazaar

Highlight of the Market: Fish and Thai massage

Timings: 6:30 PM to 12 AM

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Kalare Night Market

Kalare night market is another beautiful Chiang Mai night market that hosts a number of shops such as clothes & bags outlets, jewelry items, accessories, and art studio, etc. With ample space for a variety of stalls, it also has a food center that operates on a coupon dining system.

This food court serves multiple vegetarian and non-vegetarian eating options so as to give you an excellent dining experience. All in all, Kalare night market is indeed an excellent place with a unique combination of cultural performance and an open-air dining zone.

Chang Khlan Road, Chang Khlan Subdistrict, Chiang Mai

Highlight of the Market: Puppet show and traditional Thai dance performances.

: 6 PM to 12 AM

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Sunday Walking Market

The Sunday walking market of Chiang Mai is essentially the most popular shopping place due to its wide spectrum of art, craft, music, and food items. You can find a lot of tourists and local people bargaining hard on a variety of items. You will notice many of the stall vendors selling their own handcrafted items that have superb quality.

This market is also a food lovers’ dream as there are multiple areas dedicated to food stalls. Also if you get tired while exploring this huge market; there are plenty of massage vendors where you can just sit down to get a relaxing and gentle foot massage.

Location: Tha Pae to Ratchadamnoen Road, Chiang Mai Old City

Highlight of the Market: Art and handmade items.

Timings: Every Sunday 4 PM to 12 AM

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Ploen Ruedee Night Market

This night market has become the most preferred tourist destination for grabbing a bite of tasty food along with some quality entertainment. You can just sit on casual picnic tables to have some delicious food and listen to live music and soak in the atmosphere.

In addition to enjoying your favorite drink with a live band performance, you can also purchase some handmade and jewelry items at extremely affordable prices. There is also a separate entertainment zone for children where they can indulge in a number of entertainment activities. Therefore, it is also considered as the favorite night market for family outings.

Location: Chang Klan Road, Opposite Mosque, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Highlight of the Market: Street food, restaurants with live music.

Timings: 4 PM to 12 AM

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Saturday Walking Street Market (Wualai Walking Street)

At a stone’s throw from Chiang Mai old city walls, Wualai walking street is one of those famous night markets in Chiang Mai, which is known for its liveliness and fun. The market is flooded with clothing stalls, bars, restaurants, art and crafts shops, etc. You will literally get confused about what to pick and what to leave here.

Moreover, you will see some of the restaurants serving delicious local Thai food with live music performances. You can also find some portrait booths around and get a beautiful sketch portrait drawn for your friends or family. 

Wualai Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Highlight of the Market: Local Thai food and handmade items

5 PM to 10 PM

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Chang Puak Gate Night Market

Also known as North Gate Market, the Chang Puak market is one of the topmost Chiang Mai night markets that has built its reputation for providing a range of authentic Thai dishes. It is a favorite tourist destination to grab a reasonable and tasty meal for your dinner. You can find almost any type of dishes here including seafood, noodles, fresh fruit juice, soup, and Thai desserts, etc.

In addition to this, you can find a fantastic collection of household items such as electronic appliances, perfumes, clothes, candles, bags, shoes, and paintings, etc. 

Manee Nopparat Road, Si Phum, Chiang Mai

Highlight of the Market: Thai cuisine and seafood.

5 PM to 12 AM

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Kat Rin Kham Night Bazaar

Though it is relatively a smaller night market in Chiang Mai, yet it offers every small to big and top to toe essential thing under one roof. This night bazaar is quite popular among the youths because of its extremely affordable rates.

There are plenty of stalls selling bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, manicures, and crafts at a very reasonable price. You can even find a couple of stalls offering contact lenses in the market. 

Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand

Highlight of the Market: Household products and daily essentials.

6 PM to 12 AM

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Warorot Market (Kad Luang)

Located right in the center of town, Kad Luang is another great market for food lovers in Chiang Mai. It is the oldest Chiang Mai night markets where you can enjoy a wide variety of ready to eat food, snacks, juice, and cocktails.

Moreover, this market offers a range of herbs, mushrooms, and ingredients which can only be found in the northern areas of Thailand. Similar to the other night markets in the city Warorot Market also has plenty of shops featuring clothing, fashion accessories, and handcrafted items, etc.

Location: Chang Moi Road, close to the River Ping, north of Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Highlight of the Market: Street food and household shopping items.

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM

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Central Kad Suan Kaew Night Market

One of the smallest yet popular night markets of Chiang Mai offers a range of things like clothes, handicrafts, shoes, and accessories, etc. The best thing about this market is its outdoor food court with tasty and high-quality food offerings.

You can find tons of local snacks and dishes food stalls that are expertly prepared and perfectly priced. Moreover, you can also purchase the latest trending clothes, footwear, and other household items at very cheap prices.

Location: 2 Huaykaew Rd, Tambon Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand

Highlight of the Market: Variety of food stalls, clothes, bags, etc.

Timings: Thursday to Saturday, 4 PM to 10 PM

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Sompet Market

Sompet Market is an amazing place to buy seasonal fruits and dried goods. You can find a lot of tourists in this area bargaining with the local vendors. It is also considered as one of the most favorite Chiang Mai night markets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Furthermore, if you come here in the morning, you might also notice groups of students taking Thai cooking classes. Consequently, it gets a little crowded in the morning or early afternoon. Nevertheless, it is the best place to purchase ingredients for the day.

Location: Moon Muang Soi 6, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200

Highlight of the Market: Thai cooking classes and a wide variety of local fruits.

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM

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Muang Mai Market

Muang Mai market is considered as one of the greatest fruit markets in the world. It is a must visit place for fruit lovers. You can find plenty of vendors selling all kinds of fruits like common staples bananas, mangoes, oranges, watermelon, and tropical delights such as dragon fruit, durian, and rambutans, etc.

Location: Witchayanon and Mueang Samut Road | Chang Moi, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Highlight of the Market: Variety of fresh fruits.

Timings: Most of the seller stays, early in the morning to 6 PM in the evening. However, some of the stalls can be seen open throughout the whole day.

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People Also Ask About Chiang Mai

  1. What are the best Chiang Mai markets to visit with friends at night?

    1. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar: Famous for its handicraft and portraits, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the largest markets in Chiang Mai. You can bargain and make great deals on various items including shoes, clothes, bags, etc.

    2. Anusarn Night Market:
    Although famous for its fish and Thai massage, Anusarn Night Market is a great place to buy souvenirs to take back home for your loved ones.

    3. Kalare Night Market:
    Adorned with a great range of clothes, fabrics, and accessories, Kalare Night Market is also a great place to buy some local decor items. Also, do not forget to witness the local puppet show as well as Thai dance performance in the market.

    4. Ploen Ruedee Night Market:
    Ploen Ruedee Night Market is renowned among the gastronomic as the market is popular for its local street food and live music.
  2. What are the famous things to buy from Chiang Mai markets?

    1. Clothes: Chiang Mai Markets will offer you a varied range of local clothing designs, traditional styles, colours and much more. You must pick each kind of authentic item from the market to flaunt off Thai looks at your place.

    2. Essential Oils:
    Essential oils are amazing things to own and Chiang Mai markets will be brimming with various options for the same. Make sure you get enough knowledge about the oils and then purchase the ones which will turn out to be useful for you.

    3. Meditating Bowl:
    Also known as Singing Bowls, meditating bowls are one the best things to invest in. You can get one of these for yourself and squeeze the negativity out of your aura which also makes a great gift.

    4. Silk:
    Thailand is home to a unique kind of silkworm known as Bombyx Mori which produces an excellent quality of very delicate silk. You must get a few fabrics like scarf or a cloth of silk with you.
  3. Where are the popular weekend markets in Chiang Mai?

    1. Sunday Walking Street: One of the most popular night markets in Chiang Mai comes to life only once a week. You can shop through an endless collection of souvenirs, handicrafts, and other accessories at this night market. Apart from that, you can also gorge on delicious Thai street food, grab a drink from makeshift bars, and indulge in a rejuvenating roadside massage.

    2. Central Kad Suan Kaew Night Market:
    This amazing night market only takes over the streets of Chiang Mai from Thursday to Saturday, 4:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. One can shop for trendy clothing items, accessories, and cheap household products at this amazing night market. The endless array of roadside street vendors will leave your mouth watering.

    3. Wualai Walking Street:
    This is surely one of the most fun night markets in Chiang Mai and comes into action only on Saturdays. This beautiful market features clothing items, makeshift bars and restaurants, beautiful arts, and much more. If you are lucky enough, you would also come across some local musicians performing by the side, making the market exploration even more fun.

    4. Sunday Evening Jhaban Market:
    This giant Sunday market comes with delicious food, cheap shopping, and a whole lot of fun. Visiting this market on Sunday evening is surely one of the best ways to kick start your weekend with community performers adding to the charm of this glittering market.

  4. What is there to do in Chiang Mai at night?

    1. Visit Wat Umong and Doi Suthep: These are two of the most amazing temples of Chiang Mai whose beauty comes to life at night with amazing lighting and effects. Wat Umong is situated in the tunnel in a forested area, which makes the visit at night even more amazing. Further, at Doi Suthep, to reach the summit, you shall have to climb up the 306 steps.

    2. Take up the Night Safari:
    The Nocturnal Zoo in Chiang Mai offers a completely unique and thrilling experience of night safari. You can explore this amazing zoo on an open-roof tram or even take a tour on foot. With over 14000 animals to admire at night, including white tigers, camels, and lions, this adventure is surely worth it.

    3. Take a Night Tour of the City:
    You can even decide to take a night tour of the glittering city and visit its most beautiful destinations, including Wat Phra Singh Temple, Wat Phan Tao Temple, Warorot Market, Mae Ping River, and Wat Ket Museum.

    4. Enjoy a Dinner Cruise on Ping River:
    What could be more fulfilling and peaceful than enjoying a heartwarming dinner on-board a luxurious cruise over the glittering waters of the beautiful Ping River, whilst admiring its beautiful banks and the skyline of Chiang Mai city.

  5. What is the best time to visit Chaing Mai?

    The best time to visit Chiang Mai and to explore its nightlife is from the month of October to April. The weather in Chiang Mai during these months is quite pleasant and if you are looking to explore the open night markets in Chiang Mai during your visit, this period would offer you the best weather to do so!

  6. How to reach Chiang Mai?

    1. By Air: Chiang Mai International Airport has direct flights from a few of the major cities of the world. However, you can always book a connecting flight to Chiang Mai easily, via Bangkok International Airport.

    2. By Rail:
    Thailand has pretty amazing rail connectivity and effectively connects Chiang Mai, with all the other major cities and tourist destinations of the country. You can easily book a train from any of the major cities of Thailand, including Bangkok for a budget-friendly travel experience.

    3. By Road: Chiang Mai has pretty quick and effective road connectivity via Bangkok. If you are planning to explore Bangkok before heading to this beautiful city, you can also plan a road trip or book a bus ticket.

  7. What can you buy in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar?

    Some of the best things that you can buy from the amazing night markets of Chiang Mai are silverware, paintings, Thai tribal clothing, silk products, tea, and artifacts.

  8. Which is the biggest market in Chiang Mai?

    Anusarn Market is the biggest one throughout Chiang Mai. As usual, food is one of the major reasons why people visit this night market. The market is also a great venue for free cabaret, music shows, and much more. You can also shop for some amazing artworks at the market, including paintings, wooden handicrafts, and much more.

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