2 Days in Hong Kong

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Hong Kong Disneyland, Symphony of Lights Cruise, Temple Street Night Market, Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant, Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant, The Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Observation Wheel, AquaLuna Evening Sail and more.

You can have a beautiful holiday with your loved ones by embarking on a well-curated Hong Kong 2 Days Itinerary. Hong Kong has something new and intriguing to offer in every single corner. Tourists can go on a thrilling journey on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car or visit the fantastic Disneyland.

If you are an adventure lover, you can indulge in the fun-filled activities of the famous Ocean Park, a sea-themed park as well as head out on a shopping tour to the famous Temple Street night market. 
The 2 Days in Hong Kong tour will give you a wholesome experience of the important tourist attractions.

You will get to visit some of the popular tourist destinations like Tian Tan Buddha which is known for its large sculpture of Buddha, Man Mo Temple, which is famous for its  Qing Dynasty architecture, and  Tai-O Fishing Village known for being a hamlet to historic stilt-houses. So get ready to be on your toes and have the time of your life when in Hong Kong.
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Day 1 in Hong Kong: Places to Visit & Things to do


Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Located on the Lantau Islands, this inexplicably breathtaking cable car ride takes you to the Ngong Ping Village. Here Tian Tan The Big Buddha as well as Po Lin Monastery is located. This cable car ride offers you an exquisite view of the entire landscape of the city that harbours a harmonious blend of nature and human civilization.

This is one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong in 2 days and will definitely fix your adrenaline rush. So enjoy the awesomeness of Hong Kong in this exciting cable car ride.

Location: Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Timing: 10 AM-6 PM.

How to Book: Book the tickets of  Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin at flat 20% off

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Tian Tan Buddha

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Tian Tan Buddha must be on your bucket list when you are opting for Hong Kong 2- day Itinerary. This place envisages intricate beautiful structural work of 12 years. You can see the strongholds of culture and ancient beliefs rooted in the sculptures. Witnessing the "Big Buddha" is a living chance of watching one of the world's second-largest sitting Buddha figurines.

Marking an astounding height of 34 meters, it's said it is perfectly visible from ocean coasts and ships from far away. You can avail yourself the chance to climb up and have a close view of Tian Tan. You will also get to see the beautiful greenery and lush mountains surrounding the area. This figurine will give a sense of serene beauty and unparalleled tranquility with the cool natural surroundings all around. 

Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping Rd, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
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Hong Kong Disneyland

Our next destination as per the Hong Kong 2 days itinerary, is the world-famed, DISNEYLAND! Hong Kong has its own take and version of, inculcating the Chinese culture, customs and traditions into the theme park effectively. You can have an incredible experience at Disneyland that is located in the heart of the Lantau Islands. Hong Kong Disneyland is a world of its own; once you enter the gates, all you are left to do is gape and be awestruck.

Be it the Adventureland, Toy Story Land, the sleeping beauty castle, the jungle cruise or the Iron Man Experience, all of these take you back into your childhood lanes. However, it is not just the rides that make it the best part of the visit. Lots of festivities go around every other corner as well, be it a circus or parade, the fun here never ends.

Location: Penn’s Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Timing: 10:30 AM-8 PM.

How to Book: Book the tickets of Disneyland Park at Flat 20% Off

Planning a Hong Kong Trip, Check-Out: Affordable Hong Kong Tour Packages


Man Mo Temple

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Man Mo Temple is an exceptional example of Qing Dynasty architecture, with its double-eave, green-tiled rooftop, and courtyard. The year when the temple was established is still unknown, however, an inscription found on a bell in the temple hall dates back to around 1847 A.D.

Despite its small size, Man Mo Temple is a very dynamic temple that attracts devotees from all around Hong Kong. It is recommended that you wear slacks, cover your arms, and refrain from snapping photographs when strolling through the prayer halls.

Visitors are welcome to stroll around the main temple at their leisure, as it is free to enter. Exploring the place won't take more than 30 mins, yet it's an ancient Marvel to witness when you can opt for the Hong Kong 2 day itinerary. 

Man Mo Temple, Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Symphony of Lights Cruise

Hong Kong Symphony of Lights is crowned as the World’s Largest Light and Sound Show in the Guinness Book of World Records. This beautiful spectacle combines the interactive lights of around 33 buildings on Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

The exciting show lasts for only ten minutes, but it’s galore leaves you awestruck for long. You can have some of the most amazing drinks while soaking up the sounds and sights of the fantastic skyline of Hong Kong.

Timing: 8:00 PM-8:10 PM.

How to Book: Book the tickets of Symphony Of Lights Cruise at Flat 18% Off

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25 Ratings
Superb 25 Ratings
25 Ratings Ratings
  • 4H
  • 4H
25 Ratings
Superb 25 Ratings
25 Ratings Ratings
₹ 3,996 ₹ 3,800 per Adult

Hong Kong, the city of dazzling lights and home of many beautiful places and the famous Big Buddha, is capable to soothe your souls with adventure, fun, and Chinese style architecture. The location culture is vast, diverse and exciting enough to let you experience the most pleasing outing ever because in Hong Kong you can never have enough. In Hong Kong, you are entitled to coming across plenty of fun-filled activities and gather a wonderful travel experience.


Children who fall under the age group of 3-11 years and Below 3 years would be considered as Children and Infants respectively.

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Temple Street Night Market

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Surrounding the Temple St ( Tin Hau), Jordan, the Temple Street Night Market is the perfect culmination of the first day of our Hong Kong 2 days itinerary. Representing the Chinese culture to the best abilities, you can shop here all the typical Chinese items like chopsticks, trinkets, jades etc.

Ranging from shops selling antiques, opera singers singing in restaurants, fortune-tellers predict about your future you’ll have unlimited fun over here. Flushed with vibrant shops and energizing activities, a visit to the market will be the best part of your trip.

Location: Temple St, Jordan, Hong Kong

Timing: 5 PM-11 PM.

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Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant is a world-famous tourist attraction. Multiple movie scenes have been shot over here, and it is frequently visited by the most famed celebrities of the world. It has been decorated in traditional Chinese style with, pagodas and dragons.

With a capacity to accommodate more than 2000 diners it is one of the largest floating restaurants all over the world. This restaurant serves more than hundred types of dishes and you should definitely come over here in your Hong Kong 2 days itinerary for a memorable experience.

Shum Wan Pier Dr, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Timing: 11AM-11PM.

How to Book: Book the seats at Jumbo Floating Restaurant at Flat 22% Off

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37 Ratings
Superb 37 Ratings
37 Ratings Ratings
  • 2H
  • 2H
37 Ratings
Superb 37 Ratings
37 Ratings Ratings
₹ 9,196 ₹ 5,978 per Adult

Meeting Location: Shun Tung Rd, Tung Chung, Hong Kong 

Activity Timings: 

  • Monday to Sunday: 03:00 AM 

Activity Duration: 7 Hours

About Lantau Peak Sunrise Climb:

Hong Kong is famous for its extraordinary beauty, one of the most exciting spots you definitely have to visit is Lantau Peak, the second-highest peak in Hong Kong. The trek is one of the most challenging adventures in Hong Kong, even for a seasoned trekker. The trek starts from the northern ridge and takes you to the peak. Admire the scenic views from there and fall in love with the amazing sunrise view. Also, take the opportunity to visit the astonishing statue of Buddha.

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Day 2 in Hong Kong: Places to Visit & Things to do

26 Ratings
Superb 26 Ratings
26 Ratings Ratings
  • 5H
  • 5H
26 Ratings
Superb 26 Ratings
26 Ratings Ratings
₹ 7,536 ₹ 4,899 per Adult

Meeting Location: Tai Po Market MTR station 'Exit B'

Activity Duration: 5 hours

Activity Timings:

  • Monday to Sunday: Exact timings will be shared with you after the booking confirmation.

About the Plover Cove Hiking And Cycling Tour Hong Kong:

Plover Cove is one of the beautiful regions of Hong Kong, it has several picturesque locations that will just take your breath away. Explore this stunning area with your loved ones on this cycling and hiking tour. Stroll through the lush green forest and discover various secret waterfalls spread across the jungle. Gain insights into the development and historical significance of this amazing location from your tour guide.

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The Victoria Peak

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Our second-day adventure in the two days long Hong Kong itinerary begins with a visit to the most exclusive spot on the entire Hong Kong Island, The Victoria Peak. Some people simply call it ‘The Peak’. You may wonder what is so special that it defeats the DISNEYLAND in terms of popularity? The Victoria Peak is the highest point on the Hong Kong Island, and a view from ‘The Peak’ is a feat on its own.

A simple sweep of eyes across the landscape of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak grants a surreal vision to your eyes. You can get a view of the skyscrapers rising towards the sky from Victoria Peak.

Location: Victoria Peak, The Peak, Hong Kong

Timing: 7AM-12PM.

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31 Ratings
Superb 31 Ratings
31 Ratings Ratings
31 Ratings
Superb 31 Ratings
31 Ratings Ratings
₹ 20,941 ₹ 13,402 per Adult

Activity Location: Eco Tree Sheung Wan

Activity Timings: 9 AM onwards

Activity Duration: 3 hours (approx)

About Different Tastes Of Hong Kong:

Discover the food culture of Hong Kong the city with 263 islands. Indulge in local sweet and savoury foods as well as refreshing drinks. Get to know more about the culture and history of the streets and foods with an experienced local guide on the private food tour in the streets of Hong Kong.

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Visit Tai-O Fishing Village

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Hong Kong's Tai O fishing village is a beautiful and famous tourist site. It attracts a large number of visitors who come to spend the day soaking up the peaceful life of the hamlet, admiring the historic stilt-houses, and sampling local delicacies.

It's a fantastic area to spend a day exploring a different portion of Hong Kong. The fishing town is located on an islet on Lantau Island. Before spilling into the sea, the Tai O River splits and carves out this little islet. The name comes from the fact that the historic fishing community is constructed on the banks of this river. It's one of the best places to spend 2 days in Hong Kong.

Tai O, Hong Kong
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Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Madame Tussauds boasts of having around a hundred lifelike wax statues of famous celebrities from around the world. It has various sections such as the Hong Kong glamour section where glamorous wax statues of Hollywood actors are placed and music icons section where the world reckoned musicians statues are placed.

You can click pictures with them and take back a lasting impression in your mind. Be it Obama, Taylor Swift, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or the other renowned celebrities you will no way feel that they are not real.

Location: Shop P101, The Peak Tower, No, 128 Peak Rd, The Peak, Hong Kong

Timing: 10AM-10PM.

How to Book: Book the Madame Tussauds Ticket at Flat 20% Off

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Ocean Park

This sea-themed park located just near the Aberdeen tunnel on the south side of the Lantau Islands is an adventure to live. During your 2 days in Hong Kong, this will be your next stop. With the dexterous variety of shows, thrilling water rides, animal exhibits, the celebration is perpetual over here. Ocean Park in Hong Kong is the 7th most popular theme park in the entire world.

Wherever you turn your head, there is something or the other to do. It is divided into two levels, The Waterfront and The Summit. The Waterfront includes the Cable Car Rides, The Ocean Express Station and The GRAND Aquarium. The Summit, on the other hand, includes rides such as The Dragon, The Abyss, Arctic Blast, Shark Mystique, The Raging River, etc.

Location: Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Timing: 10 AM- 7 PM.

How to Book: Book the Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets at Flat 10% Off

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Hong Kong Observation Wheel

This 60-meter high wheel offers a stunning view of the day and night time views of Victoria Harbour. The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is located on 33 Man Kwong Street, Central Hong Kong, with a total of 42 Gondolas on one ride.

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is 60 metre. high, providing a spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour combined with the reddish skies and the blooming moon. It also has a plaza located around its wheel to have snacks and drinks.

33 Man Kwong Street, Central, Hong Kong

Timing: 11AM-11PM.

How to Book: Book the Hong Kong Observation Wheel Ticket at flat 20% off

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AquaLuna Evening Sail

We’ll end the trip with a calm and relaxing sail on AquaLuna along the Victoria Harbour. AquaLuna was made using the age-old traditional materials and designs that were crafted by the local craftsmen. It gives you a chance to absorb the rich history of Hong Kong while enjoying the skyline views and beauty of the harbour on board.

Enjoy the nighttime view of Hong Kong this 45-minute cruise ride. While you treat your senses admiring the skyline of the city sip a reinvigorating beverage and soak up in the refreshing vibes.

Location: Public Pier, 1, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Timing: 10AM-10PM.

How to Book: Book the Aqualuna Evening Sail tickets at flat 20% off

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Shopping at Ladies Market

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Ladies' Market is a renowned shopping destination in Hong Kong for low-cost fashion items. This Mong Kok open-air market stretches the length of Tung Choi Street. Stalls selling clothes, purses, shoes, and jewellery line both sides of the 1-kilometre-long street.

Local coffee shops and street booths serving wonton noodles, curry fish balls, and deep-fried squids are also plentiful. Ladies' Market, despite its name, contains many selections for men, as well as children's apparel, designer jewellery, shoes, bags, and traditional Chinese goods like tea and snacks. Don't forget to look around the permanent stores on both sides of the market stalls.

Tung Choi Street, Hong Kong
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Enjoy Nightlife in Lan Kwai Fong

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Lan Kwai Fong is perhaps Hong Kong's most popular nightlife location, drawing both visitors and locals. While there are plenty of bars to choose from on these well-travelled streets, a few pointers will help you find the best drinks and atmosphere. CÉ LA VI is one of Kwai Fong's most popular hangouts spots.

Before traveling to the rooftop to dance the night away, have cocktails in the stylish lounge bar. The venue boasts nightly DJs, an odd jacuzzi centrepiece, and a backdrop of Hong Kong's city lights. Yet Havana's tropical ambiance will make you love Cuba for the night. 

1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
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39 Ratings
Superb 39 Ratings
39 Ratings Ratings
  • 3H
  • 3H
39 Ratings
Superb 39 Ratings
39 Ratings Ratings
₹ 8,209 ₹ 7,210 per Adult

Cheung Chau is an island 10 kilometers southwest of Hong Kong Island. It is nicknamed the 'dumbbell island' due to its shape. Experience Kayak beneath the night sky along Cheung Chau's coastline. 

About the activity:

Watch the distant lights of Hong Kong island as you paddle away to the beautiful Cheung Chau Island. Meet up with your tour group at the Windsurf Centre, learn the basics of kayaking, say thanks to your professional instructors, and paddle away. After the tour, drop by Cheung Chau's famous night market and you can try out a variety of snacks like the island's iconic buns, seafood, and cold drinks.

Start point:

  • Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre

Start time: 06.00 pm

End time: 09.00 pm

How to reach:

The trip will start from Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre, Hong Kong. You can easily reach here by public and private transport. 

  • Take the ferry from Central (Pier 5) to Cheung Chau pier, cross the island to the main (Tung Wan) beach, turn right and follow the waterfront for about 5 minutes to Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre. Look for the kayaks.
  • The ferry duration is between 35-60 minutes (fast and ordinary services available) and departs approximately every 30 minutes
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People Also Ask About Hong Kong

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Hong Kong in 2 Days?

    1. Victoria Peak: It's a definite add-on to your Hong Kong 2 days itinerary. You haven't really seen Hong Kong until you've seen the skyline from Victoria Peak or The Peak. To observe the skyscrapers, bustling city, harbour, and neighbouring islands, take the tram to the top of this magnificent viewpoint. The Peak is best to visit in the evening when the stunning skyline is illuminated by the night sky.

    2. Ocean Park: As far as theme parks go, this one has everything you might want in a single day: a stroll through old Hong Kong, roller coasters, a Grand Aquarium, and a look at rare and exotic animals. Ocean Park is a massive aquarium dome with thousands of fish from 400 different species, a Reef Tunnel, and a chance to interact with sea stars.

    3. Dragon's Back Hike: If you've had enough of Hong Kong's cramped quarters and want to get some fresh air, head to the Dragon's Back Hike. This climb gives excellent views out over the water and is Hong Kong's most popular hiking track.

    4. Lan Kwai Fong: The vibrant alleyways that make up Lan Kwai Fong are busy with crowds checking out Hong Kong's trendiest eateries as it is the most popular dining spot in the neighbourhood. This is the spot to go if you're seeking a restaurant to eat in Hong Kong, especially at night. A must-visit place when you are staying for two days in Hong Kong.

    5. Avenue of Stars: It has reopened, bigger and better than ever, after being closed for several years due to waterfront development. The new promenade is curved and extends further out into Victoria Harbour than the previous one, providing spectacular views of Hong Kong Island. One of the greatest places to observe the nightly laser display and the neon lights shimmering across the water is on the Avenue of Stars.

  2. Which are the best resorts to stay in Hong Kong?

    1. Silvermine Beach Resort - The resort, which takes its name from the town's abandoned silver mines, offers relaxing access to the gorgeous ocean. Housing 129 large guest rooms and a long list of amenities includes an outdoor swimming pool, a spa, and access to the Silvermine beach. The resort offers a wide range of activities, including basketball, kayaking, paddleboarding, archery, and a children's play area.

    2. Gold Coast Hotel - The hotel is located near Golden Beach and every single room of the resort includes a panoramic view of the sea. Gold Coast Resort is Hong Kong's one of the most sought after resort hotels making it the ideal venue for family gatherings, events, or simply a break.

    3. Disneyland hotel Hong Kong - If you enjoy Disney movies, you must go to Hong Kong's Disneyland resort. The resort combines all of Disneyland's excitement and pleasure with a touch of elegance and sophistication. There are plenty of recreational alternatives for both kids and adults, ranging from a peaceful spa to a gym, an outdoor resort and more.

    4. The Noah's Ark - The Noah's Ark Resort is one of Hong Kong's greatest luxury resorts for family gatherings and extended stays, being both subtle and spectacular. The resort has a variety of premium, deluxe, and ordinary rooms that can accommodate families of two to eight people. It is also built directly close to the famed Tung Wang Beach, allowing tourists to take a relaxing walk on the beach at any time.

  3. What is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

    The best time to visit Hong Kong would be from the month of September to the month of December. In this phase of the year, the climatic conditions remain moderate, giving a chance to the visitors to indulge in a wide range of outdoor activities and head out on various sightseeing tours.
  4. What is Hong Kong famous for?

    Hong Kong is mainly famous for being the confluence of cultures. Heading over to this place, you will be able to learn more about the customs, culture, and education of Hong Kong. The city boasts to be the home to some of the best museums, exhibition halls, shopping complexes, luxury accommodations, and what not.
  5. What are the best things to buy in Hong Kong?

    - Designer Clothes and Handbags
    - Tailor-Made Suits
    - Cosmetics and Perfume
    - Electronics and Computers
    - Gold and Other Jewelry
    - Watches
    - Hong Kong Pastries

  6. What are the best day and night tour packages you can book with Thrillophilia?

    Here are the best day and night tour packages you can book with Thrillophilia:
    1. Hong Kong 5 Days 4 Nights Package
    2. Hong Kong 4 Days 3 Nights Package
    3. Hong Kong 6 Days 5 Nights Package
    4. Hong Kong 7 Days 6 Nights Package

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Hong Kong Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Hong Kong
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We had a fun and great time here. We were able to maximize our time because the staff is friendly and we didn't have any difficulties during the tour
The trip was short just for 4-days but in all these 4-days we had the great fun of the place, the whole trip went smooth with no inconvenient at all, the hotel was good, the transport arranged for us was good too, we get all the help we need from the team. The local guide explained everything about the sightseeing of the places in detail which was interesting, Overall, we had a great experience at each spot we visited with lots of fun throughout. We tried the famous dishes of the place, learn their culture, even purchased souvenirs for memories.
This was my first time traveling with Thrillophilia and what an awesome experience it was, I really liked this HongKong Macau tours altogether...From the start till we finished the tour this package was completely packed with full of amazing sightseeing, fun activities which were a unique experience for me...The great thing was also that the leader of the tour made the trip memorable everything has been informed prior to the travel which does not mess up anything instead it was enjoyable...I got enough on this trip and I am totally satisfied...I can't wait to book another trip with Thrillophilia again
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Favorite trip of both adults and kids, My family and I were very happy to see that our booking website offers the best package of Hongkong Macau Disneyland package we gone through with the itinerary it was very rich and satisfying though... My kids are really excited about this package... Once we reached Hongkong from the airport we get picked-up by the Thrillophilia agent and transfered to the hotel and help with all the formalities process of the check-in...The sightseeing in Hongkong was truly breathtaking. The main thing we booked this package is for Disneyland and By God, this is truly paradise, it is more beautiful than I saw in Tvs and photos and the fun inside Destneyland was overloaded... the ocean world with the thrilling ride was just awesome... Nice time spend in Macau with the family, beautiful attractions, great markets, etc... It was a full fun trip throughout...
This was the ultimate vacation where I could feel myself closest to nature. The stay were comfortable and the facilities were perfect. I really recommend trying this to everyone.
It is the most amazing place that we have ever stayed in. It is a delight for travelers. It has serene surroundings. The place is so calm and relaxing that you almost forget the hustle-bustle of your busy life.
Hiranmaya Shah Hong Kong Cruise Package
Best experience I had ever had with trip this trip was a memorable moments captured by my friends they all are very much love these peacefull quite full I had ever experienced
Me and all my friends had a great experience at Disneyland. Would love to visit more
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I am very much satisfied with the overall booking i got the best quote and all things were manage nicely. guide and drive both were professional and made it a memorable experience.

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