Activities to Do in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Enjoy the Rides, See the Penguins & Sea Lions, Visit Grand Aquarium, Stroll in Old Hong Kong, Meet animals at Amazing Asian Animals, Let Your Kids have fun at Whiskers Harbour, Watch the Symbio Show, and many more. 

With a plethora of thrill rides, fun activities, educational events and other recreational options, the list of best things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong is unending. As you enter the park, you will come across The Waterfront which houses some of the world-class attractions.

Let your child engage in the carnival games at the Whiskers Harbour where they can hop on the Bouncer House, Frog Hopper, Merry-go-Round and other rides. Watch the penguins and sea lions in their playful gestures and spend your time at the park in sheer amusement.

For families who want to indulge in a truly adventurous and recreational experience in a convenient setting, there are a plethora of activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong. After you are done with the adrenaline-charged sports, cross over to The Summit in the Cable Car Ride and witness the stunning views of the verdant mountains and the azure South China Sea at a distance. End your sojourn with a sumptuous dinner at The Neptune’s restaurant and come back with lots of good memories to cherish. 

Here is the list of best things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong:

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Enjoy the Rides

From adrenaline rush to easy going ones there is no dearth of activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong when it comes to rides. While thrill seekers can really keep testing their limits in one after the other rides, kids and even-tempered guests can also have an equal share of fun.

The Abyss is one of the power packed things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong which is a must try for adrenaline junkies. In a 2 minutes’ ride in the Raging River, be prepared with your camera when you are at the downhill side. Board on a cable car and treat your eyes on the fascinating landscape views of the surroundings from a staggering height.

See the Penguins & Sea Lions

Are your kids curious about penguins, walruses and other polar animals? Watching playful penguins and sea lions and their intriguing gestures is one of the best things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong. These animals are kept in low temperatures as it is in their natural habitat.

The Polar Adventure aims at educating the visitors about the threat of global warming. Kids can meet and get up really close to three species of penguins, snow owls, spotted seals, Pacific Walruses and arctic foxes in the theme pavilions of the park. Grab a seat in Tuxedos Cafe and dine with the penguins with a stunning view of the penguin pool area. A highly recommended activity for adventure and animal lovers of all ages.

Visit Grand Aquarium

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From the shores to the depth of the sea, the Grand Aquarium brings you to a multi-sensory journey and allows you to indulge in varied activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong. From a pool filled with starfishes and sea cucumbers to an astounding Tunnel Reef you can get to explore a beautiful marine ecosystem.

From the expansive underwater windows and an acrylic viewing panel you can watch a mind-boggling school of 5,000 fishes from 400 species. You can also come face-to-face with the hammerhead sharks, manta rays and Napoleon Wrasse. The world class 5.2 million litre aquarium is a great spot to experience personal interactive scuba diving with a qualified aquarist and get a glimpse of the marine world.
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Stroll in Old Hong Kong

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Revisit Hong Kong during the 50s till 70s as you visit the retro zone of the park. Opened in 2012, Old Hong Kong is located at the Waterfront area of the Ocean Park.

Filled with nostalgic sounds and sights, the site takes you back to the heyday of Hong Kong's culture. Those looking for some offbeat activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong, can try their luck in the skill-based and luck-based games in the streets of Old Hong Kong.
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Meet Animals at Amazing Asian Animals

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 Home to some of the amazing creatures, there are always some interesting things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong and make new memories. In terms of providing education, entertainment and conservation of unique animal species the park is truly one-of-its-kind which strives to obtain its goal while bringing guests close to nature at the same time.

Spread over 870000 sq. metre of hillside area, the park exudes a county fair vibe with plenty of fast paced rides, fairground sports and a lot more. Play with sea creatures like starfishes and sea cucumbers in the Giant Aquarium at the Waterfront.

Get amused by a pair of rare giant pandas and a red panda in a habitat modelled after their natural habitat in Western China. You can also spend fun time at the Wildlife Interactive Zone and Aquatic Zone and also watch live shows on animals.
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Let Your Kids Have Fun at Whiskers Harbour

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Whiskers Harbour is a play corner for the younger kids in Ocean Park. With carnival games, climbing wall, a small bouncy house and several other age-appropriate rides there is no dearth of activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong for the little ones. In the little stage, a great live show is hosted to keep young kids amused throughout the show time.

Some of the most popular kids’ activities include the Bouncer House, Merry Go Round, Froghopper and Clown a Round. From toddlers to teenagers, children of all ages can run around and ride on slides, see-saws, tunnels and jungle gyms in the Whisker Harbour Playground.

The Interactive Shadow Play is a multimedia game which is a hot favourite of kids. They can play quizzes on simple spellings and other skills and will be rewarded by audio-visual representations for giving correct answers.

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Watch the Symbio Show

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It is the signature night show of Ocean Park hosted regularly at Aqua City Lagoon. The circular fountain of the lagoon is used as a projection for this sensational show which is the world's first and only 360-degree water screen show.

The Symbio show represents two dragons Yin and Yang who were in constant fight with each other but eventually make peace and create this world. With blasts of fire, pyrotechnics, music and animation, watching this animatic show is one of the most sought-after things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong and the perfect end of your day trip at the park.
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Witness a Live Performance at Ocean Theatre

The Ocean Theatre hosts live shows to signify the urgent need to protect the marine ecosystem. Visitors can explore the real treasures of the underwater world and meet the sea animals up close.

The best part about this theatre is that you can watch various rare animals having fun here with their masters including dolphins and sea lions. The fact that you can avail a chance to meet and greet these animals makes this activity worth a try.


Take a Cable Car Ride

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A 25 minutes’ ride in a cable car from one end of the park to the other is certainly one among the most thrilling activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong. If you are not faint hearted, then this is the one for you.

The fact that the entire cable car is held with a single cable wire demands a good deal of nerve, although it is absolutely safe inside out. The amazing views of the greenery against the turquoise sea waters of the South China Sea will be the bonus for the trip.

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Explore Ocean Park Eco Trail

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Sitting between the Brick Hill and Aberdeen amidst abundant flora the Eco Trail connects the bustling city of Hong Kong with greenery. After spending the whole day in varied things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong, you can sit and relax in a soothing natural ambiance.

It is also an excellent site for learning about the biodiversity of Hong Kong. You can hear strange calls of the world's largest and smallest Toucans, Green Aracari, Toco Toucan and coloured Poison Frogs.

You can also spot Pygmy Marmoset, Capybara and other animals sneaking and peeking from beneath the foliage who have adapted themselves in the park environment. The rainforest through which the trail runs is home to world’s largest freshwater fish, wide-eyed Kinkajou and the Arapaima.
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Have Fun at Aqua City

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The Aqua City is a comprehensive show which leaves your kids beyond entertainment as it includes conservation, education and loads of fun. The highlight of the Aqua City is the whooping egg-shaped Grand Aquarium which houses over 5,000 marine animals such as the scalloped hammerhead shark, Japanese skipjack tuna, manta ray and many more.

Let your little ones get hands-on experience of meeting sea cucumbers and sea stars in the Touch Pool. Trust us, it is one of the most exciting things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong for kids.

You can enjoy scuba diving without getting wet in the Bubble Tunnel. Last but not the least, don’t leave the park premises without watching the multi-sensory Symbio show which is the world's first and only 360-degree water screen show.
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Ride in Ocean Express

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Looking for some activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong that will give you the joy and thrill of an underwater journey in a submarine themed train? The Ocean Express is one of the best attractions in the park for visitors of all ages. In a 4 minutes' train ride you can experience the thrill of being inside a submarine.

Once you are at The Summit, get ready for a splash on The Rapids and Raging River water rides. Don't forget to wear a smile on your face as the boat slides down the massive water slopes.

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A trip to the Ocean Park is never complete if you have not visited the retail stores dotted across the park. If you are a panda lover, you have to visit the Panda Kingdom Shop which is dedicated to all kinds of panda products.

Buy some thematic souvenirs from the Waterfront Gifts and surprise your family and friends. For those in love with retro items, a visit to Wing Cheong Gifts will help you go back to the days of 50s-70s. Pick up any of the old-style souvenirs and regale everyone back home.
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Dine in at Neptune’s Restaurant

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 Dedicated to serve contemporary Chinese platters in an amazing underwater setting, Neptune is a hallmark of quality, innovation and sophistication among the epicureans. Using the finest seasonal ingredients from across the world and elegant serving of delectable platters to the guests, the restaurant has marked the birth of a new dining trend in Hong Kong.

Being sited inside The Grand Aquarium, the restaurant offers an amazing view of a whopping school of colourful fishes while enjoying gourmet meals. The spacious floor area of the property makes it a great venue for wedding banquets and other corporate events.

Try some of the signature dishes of Neptune such as Braised Australian Wagyu Beef Cheek in Red Wine or Termite Mushroom Sauce or the Consommé Soup that are a hot favourite of diners.
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Check Out the Adventures in Australia

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Adventures in Australia offers an authentic experience of meeting and greeting the cute koala bears, wallabies and kookaburras. The new exhibit in the park is based on the South Australian Outback featuring interactive panels, games and a ‘film corridor’ in a climate-controlled ambiance to match the climate of South Australia.

Use of both natural and LED lights create stimulation of the hours of the day. You can get to watch innovative seasonal events that are hosted with an objective of conserving Mother Nature. One of the highly recommended family activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong!
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People Also Ask About Hong Kong

  1. What can we do in the Ocean Park Hong Kong?

    1. Dine at Neptune’s Restaurant- Imagine yourself dining amidst crystal blue waters and thriving coral reefs. Some of the must try platters of this upscale dining venue are Stir-fried Lobster, Neptune’s signature Fried Rice, Kiwi Fruit Sweet Soup and others.

    2. Buy some knickknacks- Shopaholics are guaranteed to be spoilt for choices for the things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong. Some of the popular retail stores in the park from where you can buy souvenirs and memorabilia are the Ocean Paradise, Deep Sea Traders, Panda Kingdom Shop and Sichuan Treasures.

    3. Enjoy a cable car ride- Embarking on a thrilling to and fro cable car ride between the Waterfront and The Summit with stunning views of the park is one of the most exciting activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong. As you commute within the park you can get to witness a beautiful sunset from a staggering height.

    4. Spill and splash at Hair Raiser- Being true to its name this one-of-its-kind roller coaster ride leaves your hair really spring up after the end of the activity and your feet literally dangling. Even adventure junkies need to hold their breath after the ride which reaches a speed up to 88km per hour.

    5. Board on the Ocean Express- The ocean express is a submarine themed train and riding this train will give you a chance to experience the thrill and beauty around you. The Ocean Express passes through a tunnel which is decorated from inside to make it look underwater.

  2. What are the best things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong for kids?

    1. Watch Asian animals- Spend some time with your kiddos at the Amazing Asian Animals section of the park and trust us it will be worth your every second. There you will get to see the giant pandas feeding on bamboo and the elusive red pandas sneaking through tree branches.

    2. Embark on Arctic Blast- If your child is not faint-hearted, some hair-raising experiences are on their way in the Ocean Park. The Arctic Blast allows you to go on a roller coaster ride in an Arctic backdrop.

    3. Ride-on Sky Gondola- Seated in an open-air gondola you are bound for the sky. You can travel to different areas of the park in a jiffy in the Sky Gondola. Click some beautiful vistas of boasts in the harbour and the bird’s eye view of the greenery. It is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong which you can enjoy with your little one.

    4. Meet friendly pandas at Giant Panda Adventure- See the adorable pandas in a congenial habitat and get up close with them. If you are lucky, you can click some snaps of these cute animals. 

    5. Visit the waterfront- The Grand Aquarium is home to over 5,000 fishes belonging to over 400 different species. The Old Hong Kong Street takes you back to the time of the 70s and 80s through a nostalgic journey. Watching the water screen show 'Symbio’ in the Aqua City which is a combination of 7D experience and water blast is certainly one of the most memorable activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

  3. Which are the best rides there in Ocean Park Hong Kong?

    1. Crazy Galleon- When it comes to a swinging pirate ship, Ocean Park’s version of the same is quite commendable. Grab the seats at either end and feel the giddy butterflies when the ship descends. 

    2. Mine Train- The Mine Train is a complete package of thrill and joy from a height of 85 metres. The roller coaster ride allows you to experience a whole new world where a crowd of zombies and corpses rise from their graves and pop out in your face. 

    3. Arctic Blast- For those who are not much for the spine-chilling things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong,the Arctic Blast ensures plenty of fun and makes your day. Not every activity has to reach a cracklike level of adrenaline.

    4. The Dragon- It is one of the iconic rides of the Ocean Park which is large, menacing and scary. The full 360-degree rotation at a hurricane speed has a lot of surprises and dips along its way for you. This is not a children’s joy ride as the name suggests. 

    5. The Abyss- The initial ascent and drop of this ride are still hair raising but afterwards the Abyss lazily bobs up and down for about 30 seconds allowing you to relax and sit back. Still, it is the initial butt-clenching euphoria that makes it one of the most popular activities to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

  4. What is special about Ocean Park Hong Kong?

    Located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park is a premier educational theme park. It covers a whopping area of 915000 square metres featuring a diverse range of wild animals, adventure rides, souvenir shops, educational exhibits, zoo and shows in its Waterfront and Summit sections. The Ocean Park is a perfect family entertainment site in a scenic parkland amidst oceanic setting.
  5. What animals can you see in Ocean Park Hong Kong?

    The Ocean Park is home to wide range of animals including Pacific Walrus, Poison Dart Frogs, Nicobar Pigeons, Pygmy Marmoset, Macaws, Kinkajou, Giant Panda, Chinese Stripe Necked Turtle, Bowmouth Guitarfish, Arctic Fox, Chinese Alligator and others.
  6. What is the best time to visit Ocean Park Hong Kong?

    The best time to visit Ocean Park Hong Kong is during the autumn season which falls between the months of September and November. This is the time when the climatic conditions of the area are cool enough to let you enjoy rides without any issue.
  7. What are the important things to keep in mind while visiting Ocean Park Hong Kong?

    - Seasonal activities and special festive events take place during the summer holidays, Halloween, and Christmas at the park. There may be huge traffic of visitors during these times of the year. Book your tickets well in advance to avoid hassles.
    - Bring warm clothing for the penguin show where you have to spend long hours.
    - To explore every nook and corner of the park you will need an entire day. Arrive at the spot as early as possible so you can avail all rides and explore in depth.
    - Carry at least one changeable cloth while backpacking for Ocean Park as you may get wet while participating in the water activities.
    - Maintain code of conduct while you are visiting the animals. Teasing or disturbing them may lead to accidents.
    - Get a know-how about the climate before preparing your itinerary for the Ocean Park.
    - Make sure that you buy the Octopus card first as it will help you during transportation.
    - Keep all emergency contact numbers handy for any urgency.

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