Ajmer Tourist Places

Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Dargah Sharif, Adhai-Din Ka Jhonpra, Nasiyan Jain Temple, Gateways of Taragarh Fort, Nareli Jain Temple, Ana Sagar Lake, Birla City Water Park, Foy Sagar Lake, Ajmer Government Museum, Daulat Bagh Garden, and many more.

With their breathtaking beauty and historic relevance, these places to visit in Ajmer vouches to leave you spellbound and wanting for more. Known for its vibrant Mughal past and religious attractions, this city in Rajasthan attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year. Whether you’re a history buff or a nature lover, you are bound to find a home in Ajmer.

Whether it is the legendary charm of the Akbari Fort and the archaic Adhai Din Ka Jhopra, or the tranquility found at the Ana Sagar Lake and Durga Bag, these Ajmer tourist places promise a happening vacation to all those coming here. 
The Ajmer famous places also cater to those with a spiritual bent of mind. From the stunning marble complex of the Sai Baba Temple, to the world-renowned Dargah Sharif, or even the resplendent Ajmer Jain Temple- these religious attractions welcome tourists belonging to all faiths and practices. 

Here are some of the best places to visit in Ajmer:

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The Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Dargah Sharif, located in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, is a revered Sufi shrine and a significant pilgrimage site for millions of devotees. It is the final resting place of the great Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, popularly known as Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, who was a spiritual leader and a proponent of peace and love.

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Beyond the Dargah of Khwaja Mu'in al-Din Chishti, on the town outskirts, are the extraordinary ruins of the Adhai-din-ka-Jhonpra mosque and it is one of the famous places to visit in Ajmer.

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Nasiyan Temple, constructed in 1865 is located at Prithvi Raj Marg in Ajmer. It is also known as Lal Mandir (Red Temple) devoted to Lord Adinath, the first Jain 'Tirthankara', the temple is a two-storied building and it is one of the best Ajmer tourist places.

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The Taragarh Fort was built in the 12nd century AD under the rule of the Chauhan empire. One of the top places to visit in Ajmer, this stunning hillfort is known for its brilliant architecture, with its three massive gateways being its greatest assets.

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Nareli Jain Temple is another Jain temple found on the corner of Ajmer 7 kilometers from the middle of the town, the modern Nareli Temple is an impressive blend of tradition and modern day architectural style.

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Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer, India, is a beautiful and historic artificial lake built in the 12th century by King Anaji Chauhan. Spanning over 13 kilometers, it's a prominent attraction surrounded by lush gardens like Daulat Bagh. Tourists and locals frequent the lake to enjoy boat rides and savor the scenic beauty. The lake's serene ambiance and historical significance make it a must-visit destination, providing a peaceful respite from the bustling city life of Ajmer.

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The Birla City Water Park is the topmost Ajmer water park that is not just the largest in the Ajmer city but one of the biggest in India. This Park welcomes you to a world filled with rides, exciting activities and games for both the adults and kids.

You get to spend high-quality time exploring the exhilarating rides on water, toppling upside down while splashing, sliding, swooshing and slipping in the countless water pools that it houses. What’s more exciting is that the water park has a musical environment that lets you chillax your soul, body, and mind.

You can either laze beside the pools or groove to the foot-tapping beats that the drenched DJ plays under the rain. And it does not stop at that because the park’s ménage also arranges for themed Rajasthani folk performances, puppet shows, and camel rides.

Ajmer Bypass, Near Circle Makhupura, Makhupura Industrial Area, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305002.

Open 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Entry Fees:
- Weekdays (adults): INR 400
- Children: INR 300
- Sundays (adults): INR 500
- Children: INR 350.
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Initially constructed to fight a famine, Foy Sagar Lake is an artificial lake near the city of Ajmer. The 19th century lake is named after Mr. Foy, an Englishman credited with its planning and construction. Offering a panoramic view of the towering Aravalli peaks that surround Ajmer, Foy Sagar is one of the most beautiful Ajmer tourist places.

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Nestled within the legendary Akbari Fort, Ajmer Government Museum is among the most sought-after historical places in Ajmer. Established in the year 1908, the Museum preserves a staggering collection of artefacts related to the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

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Archaeological Museum was established in 1949. Located in the Dil-e-Aaram Gardens of Ajmer, the museum is divided into three sections and it is one of the best Ajmer tourist places

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Nestled on the banks of the majestic Ana Sagar Lake, Daulat Bagh is a charming little garden dating back to the Mughal eras. One of the best historical places in Ajmer, the Garden was constructed by the Emperor Shiv Dan in 1868.

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Initially built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in the 19th century, the Clock Tower now stands as a symbol for the city of Ajmer.

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Sprawling across 2 acres, Ajmer’s Sai Baba Temple is a fairly new tourist spot in this region. The stunning temple is built entirely out of marble, and is flocked by devotees throughout the week.

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The Prithviraj Smarak is a memorial to Prithviraj Chauhan, the great hero of the Rajput Chauhan dynasty. Located on the Taragarh Road in Ajmer, the memorial has a statue of the king in black stone, mounted on a horse.

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Ajmer Sharif Dargah, also known as Ajmer Dargah, is one of the holiest places of worship in India for followers of every faith. It is the tomb of Moinuddin Chishti, a Persian Saint who is believed to be the descendant of Muhammad. 

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One of the exceptional examples of Islamic design, this semi-octagonal Darwaza towers, displaying the glory of Akbar’s reign and it is one of the historical places in Ajmer.

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Fondly dubbed the King of the Hill, this historical monument pays tribute to Maharana Pratap, the last king of Rajasthan. The hill-top memorial pictures the King on his horse, riding his way into battle. Commanding excellent views of the surrounding town, the monument serves as a popular viewpoint in Ajmer as well, making it one of the most sought-after places to visit in Ajmer in one day.

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If you are looking for a luxurious Ajmer water park that can compare with any of the world’s international works, and is unrivaled, then you must come to the Greenland Water Park. You are going to be floored by just having a look at the color theme of the park, its serene and calm environment.

But, as much as it has a calm vibe to it, the fun quotient is remarkably higher. That is because you get to release your pent-up stress oscillating in the huge wave pool, and explore the multi-water slides that are about 155 feet high.

You and your children are definitely going to savor the chills that the water coasters bring to your spine. There are many adventurous activities that will satisfy your senses and one of them is hitting the large floor of the rain dance and dancing your time away to the trending remixes and hits.

Hatundi Road, Makhupura, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305002.

10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Entry Fees:
- Adults: INR 450
- Children: INR 350.
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People Also Ask About Ajmer

  1. What can I buy in Ajmer?

    1. Phad Paintings: Unique to the city of Ajmer, Phad is an ancient form of scroll painting done on long canvases. Generally, these paintings depict scenes from mythology or figures of local deities.

    2. Handicraft items: The local markets of Ajmer are well known for their handcrafted wares. Wooden, marble brass or earthen souvenirs are the most common types of handicraft ornaments found here.

    3. Lac ornaments: Lac is a special kind of resin harvested from lac insects. Jewelry and ornaments fashioned out of lac are commonly sold around Ajmer, with lac bangles being one of the most popular wares.

    4. Jewelry: Colourful bangles, earrings and headgears designed in the traditional Rajasthani style are massive crowd pullers in the markets of Ajmer.
  2. Which are the famous historical places in Ajmer?

    1. Dargah Sharif: Better known as the tomb of the Mu'in al-Din Chishti, Dargah Sharif is one of the most prominent Islamic pilgrim spots in all of India.

    2. Adhai Din Ka Jhopda: Complete with ornate arches, minarets and beautiful pillars, Adhai Din ka Jhopra is an ancient mosque built by Emperor Qutu-ud-din Aibak in the 12th century. It is said that the mosque had been built within a span of 2 and a half days, thus giving it its name.

    3. Akbar’s Palace: Constructed during the early Mughal ages, Akbar’s Palace served as the royal residence of the Mughal Emperor whenever he visited Ajmer.

    4. Akbari Fort and Museum: Constructed some time around the 16th century, the Akbari Fort served as the residence of Emperor Akbar’s son, Salim. The Fort now houses the Government Museum, which is known for its collection of Mughal artefacts, epigraphs and relics.
  3. Which are the best places to stay in Ajmer?

    1. Foothill Pushkar Resort: Nestled on the foothills of the Aravalli, this luxury resort promises a rejuvenating escape in the heart of nature. Lavish, well-equipped luxury tents at the resort are complemented by multiple diners and a plethora of organized activities here.

    2. Ananta Resorts: Guarded by verdant hills and forests on all sides, this luxury resort offers tent suites and luxe cottages for stay. Added amenities at the resort include multiple dining options, a spa, fitness centre and outdoor games courts.

    3. Pratap Mahal: An upscale Mughal-styled heritage property, Pratap Mahal in Ajmer promises a stay fit for kings. The well-decorated rooms at the resort, equipped with carved woodwork and latticed windows, come fitted with all modern amenities. Additional facilities at the resort include an outdoor pool, a spa and fitness centre, and games courts.

    4. Badnor House: A unique homestay with Bed and Breakfast facilities, Badnor House sits cradled amidst the majestic Aravalli’s. The heritage home comes with the charm of a traditional Rajput Haveli, with spacious, well-equipped rooms promising a comfortable stay.
  4. Which are the best places to visit in Ajmer in 1 day?

    1. Ana Sagar Lake: Constructed in the 12th century by the then-Emperor Anaji Chauhan, Ana Sagar is an artificial lake in Ajmer. Verdant gardens and marble pavilions by the lake offer a visual treat.

    2. Ajmer Jain Temple: Also known as the ‘Red Temple’, this sandstone temple in Ajmer is dedicated to Lord Rishabhdev, the first of the 24 Tirthankars of Jainism. The main attraction at the temple is the inner sanctum, or the ‘Swarna Nagari’, which houses an intricate model of the city of Ayodhya designed out of pure gold.

    3. Taragarh Fort: Although now in ruins, this 12th century hill still serves as a popular tourist destination among hikers and history buffs travelling to Ajmer. Water reservoirs, ancient cannons, and massive gateways are the major attractions at the fort.

    4. Fort Masuda: Constructed in the 16th century, this ancient Fort prides in its collection of archaic Mughal paintings and manuscripts. Compartments within the Fort, such as the Bada Mahal or the Kanch Mahal, offer a fine display of architectural designs.
  5. What is Ajmer famous for?

    Among several other things, Ajmer is well known for its historical monuments dating back to the Mughal Era. The Akbari Fort, Baradari Pavilions and Ajmer Fort are some of the most prominent historical landmarks in the city.
  6. What is the best time to visit Ajmer?

    The best time to visit Ajmer would be during the months of winter, between October and May. Summers in the city are generally extremely hot. The cool, dry weather of the winter months would allow a plethora of sightseeing opportunities here.
  7. What is the timing for visiting Dargah?

    In winters, the Dargah Sharif operates between 05.00AM to 09.00PM, while in summers it remains open between 04.00AM to 10.00PM.
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