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Everest Base Camp Expedition

Thinking about visiting during the best time to Everest Base Camp Trek? Well, you are in the right place! For you to witness the dramatic panoramas at the Sagarmatha National Park in the Himalayan region, we will give you an insight into all the seasons during the year so that it will be easy for you to decide when to visit the foot of the tallest mountain in the world.

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Frozen River Trek in 2020, Ladakh

Even though you can expect the weather to be unpredictable on the higher regions of the trek, the primary seasons in the Himalayan region tend to be Winter, Spring, Monsoons/Summer and Autumn. Although, our tip would be to go during the spring months (February to May) and autumn months (Late September to November) These months are considered as the best season to visit Everest Base Camp.

These months generally have greater visibility, longer sunny days and overall an appropriate condition for trekking to the Everest Base Camp. You will also have an advantage of exchanging compelling stories with a lot of trekkers from all over the world and some of them might even become your close companions after the exhilarating 15-day trek. All in all, the unusual and uneven yet astonishingly stunning trek is surely worth completing once in your lifetime. 

Check Out Best Time to Visit Everest Base Camp Trek:

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Everest Base Camp Trek in January

January is one of the coldest months for the Everest Base Camp Trek. Although a lot of snow will be dumped on the trail due to heavy snowfall, it is very much possible to reach the base camp. You will have to be careful and layer up properly with warm clothes as it gets pretty chilly up there.

There is an advantage of trekking to EBC in January- you will witness a very less number of trekkers, which means less obstruction for viewing the stunning panoramas in the Himalayas!  The average temperature during the day is 4 degrees Celcius and it may drop to - 18 degrees Celcius by night. 


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Everest Base Camp Trek in February

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February marks as the end of winters in the Himalayas even though it is pretty chilly up there. The sky gets a clear blue colour and the trails are still less crowded. The teahouses and mountain lodges will also be emptier, quieter and more economical, which would give you a true sense of adventure in the mountains. Booking flights to Nepal during this time will surely save you some bucks.

The average daytime temperature goes up to 4 degrees Celcius and during the night, it might dip down to -15 degrees Celcius. For these many reasons, you can consider this month for visiting as the best time to Everest Base Camp. 

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Everest Base Camp Trek in March

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From this month, spring season commences with the celebration of Holi in the country. As the weather starts to get balmy, the ice starts to melt away and the days seem longer. You will be able to see the beautiful sights of Rhododendrons starting to bloom along the trail, with a backdrop of snow-capped Himalayan ranges.

The average temperature during the day is around 7 degrees Celcius and the night temperature can be around -12 degrees Celcius making this month a favourable one to trek. 

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Everest Base Camp Trek in April

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April is also a great month to plan the EBC Trek. It is warmer at the lower elevation and moderately chilly at the higher altitude. With such a fascinating spring season in the lofty mountains, the flora is also in full bloom. The days will be sunny and it will be neither too hot nor too cold.

In the trails bustling with a lot of trek enthusiasts, you will be able to meet and interact with several of them see numerous tents on the way for the base camp. Although the day temperature on an average is 10 degrees Celcius, at night it drops down to -5 degrees Celcius. 

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Everest Base Camp Trek in May

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May is the time when spring ends and summer starts. By taking advantage of this favorable weather, a lot of experienced trekkers try aiming for the Everest Summit. It gets warmer day by day which makes it easier for them to attempt for the summit. As for the base camp, it is a very favorable time to easily finish the trek.

It is the best season to visit Everest Base Camp Trek for those who cannot bear much cold. With longer sunny days, the average temperature goes up to 15 degrees Celcius and at night it gets cold at 0 degrees Celcius. 

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Everest Base Camp Trek in June

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June is the month when monsoon clouds start to hover over the Himalayan region. The beginning of June is still acceptable to plan your trek but as the days move forward, frequent showers start and make the trails wet and sloppy. It is not recommended to trek for the base camp during this time of the year as the risk of slipping on the trail increases.

There are even chances of avalanches, landslides, snowfall and the pesky leeches which could keep you from reaching the base camp within the stipulated timeline. The average temperature goes up to 16 to 17 degrees Celcius during the day and may reduce to 0 degrees Celcius.

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Everest Base Camp Trek in July

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The weather in July is still heavy with rainfalls and the air is a lot more hot and humid. Although it is not impossible to go on this trek during this month, there are chances that the flights from Kathmandu to Lukla get canceled due to an overcast.

Because of the everyday rains as well as humidity, the trails get muddy and you have a higher risk of slipping through the risky trails. The temperature averages around 18 degrees Celcius during the day and up to 2 degrees Celcius at night.

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Everest Base Camp Trek in August

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By August, the rains and humidity start to recede and the skies slowly start to clear up. Yet, we recommend not to plan your trek in this month as the trails will still be soaked with mud, slippery and risky. You will also not be able to enjoy spectacular views because of the frequent overcast.

The still-surfacing landslides and leeches are at a high recurrence which would be the main reasons to disrupt your hike. The sky will be usually murky, making your excitement for the trek shrink. Just like July, the average day temperature remains at 18 degrees Celcius and around 2 degrees during the night.

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Everest Base Camp Trek in September

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The autumn season prevails generally from mid-September. For the people who are waiting eagerly for the monsoons to end, now is the right time to plan out your Everest Base Camp Trek.

The crisp air and bright blue skies along with a clear view of the lofty mountains make the scene more alluring while trekking. The average minimum temperature at night grows colder up to -10 degrees Celcius. During the day, the maximum temperature can get as high as 17 degrees Celcius. 

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Everest Base Camp Trek in October

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This month showcases the most enjoyable scenes of the snow-capped mountains, trails surrounded by different shades of lush greens and overall pristine surroundings. There is also the most important festival in Nepal carried out during late-October and September.

It is the 15-day long Dashain (similar to Dussera in India) celebration when they celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga over evil by sacrificing several animals. For these reasons, this month is visited the most for the best time to Everest Base Camp by the trekkers.

So, be ready to engage with different trek enthusiasts as well as the humble locals on your way to Everest Base Camp.  The average temperature generally lies at 12 degrees Celcius during the day and -10 degrees Celcius at night.

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Everest Base Camp Trek in November

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On the verge of arriving winters, the starting of November can still be an option to trek to the Everest Base Camp. Although this month won’t be as temperate as the spring or autumn season, you can still enjoy fewer crowds and the quietude during this trek.

The cold winds start to cover the whole Himalayan region with temperatures dropping to 6 degrees Celcius in the daytime and -10 degrees Celcius at night.

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Everest Base Camp Trek in December

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Nepal in December becomes a winter wonderland for the people who enjoy an uninhabited environ during their voyages. The trails will be usually empty with a few trekkers peppered across the thick white sheets of ice.

You will have to be extra careful while trekking in this month as the sub-zero temperatures at such high altitudes can get the best of us. The temperatures drop to 4 degrees Celcius during daytime and -18 degrees Celcius during the night. 

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03 May 2017
Having trekked in the Sahayadris for over 4-5 years now and after doing two himalayan treks in the previous season, I wanted to do a more challenging trek. So finally I decided to climb the base camp of the highest mountain in the world. The majestic mountain range had been in my bucket list for many years. Now seemed to be the right time, and so I set off in search of the "Everest". I always thought how difficult could it be to climb mountains, after all, it just takes putting one step ahead of the other. I was wrong, it indeed turned out to be more difficult than I imagined. This is due to the rarefied air in the atmosphere, that makes breathing difficult. Even a nominal gradient while ascending seems to be a task. But thankfully I wasn't hit by any symptoms of AMS ( Acute Mountain Sickness ) which makes the mountaineer's job tremendously difficult at high altitudes. On the trek, it was the promise of some awesome photos, that helped me carry through many steep climbs. But, the sheer beauty of the barren mountains with clear blue sky in the backdrop and the ferocious Dudh Koshi River inspired me not to give up but to keep climbing. During the climb of Kala Patthar, I learnt the importance of balance and concentration, even when you are exhausted beyond limit. On the Kala Patthar summit day, I set out at 4 in the morning, climbing through the mountain with a 50-70 degree gradient; sub zero temperatures, chilly winds and freezing weather. It was total dark and the only thing I could see through my head torch was the next step. From this moment till 6 am in the morning, I only thought about the awesome feeling of summiting and achieving my goal. As the air was thin, I concentrated on breathing properly and adequately and took synchronized baby steps. And, finally at 6:30 am I reached the Summit (5643m)! The view of the sunrise on Everest was just spectacular and the feeling of having summited, exhilarating!! The Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar expedition made me realize that to achieve a goal, it is important to believe in your own efforts and strength (Both Physical and Mental).But more than that, we should be grateful towards the ecosystem around and factors beyond our control which play an equally important role in our journey to achieve anything.
30 July 2018
Trekking the adorable Himalayas is always a must on the “to do” list of an avid trekker. After trekking over the Sahyadris and taking a few treks in Karnataka I decided to place my foot on the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. Going through the various options from Chadar, Sandakphu, Roopkund, Hampta Pass, etc. I finally narrowed down to the Everest Base Camp. The very thought of following the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay thrilled me to the core. The sight of having a close encounter with the highest point on earth just pushed further my excitement levels. After a series of e-searches and consulting with other fellow trekkers, I finally made up my mind to enroll for the 14 day EBC Trek with Thrillophilia. The EBC Trek was by far my best trek so far. Though the thin air made the ascent difficult and more challenging, I am glad that I was able to complete the trek. The amazing view of snow clad mountains, the vast greenery and above all the company of similar fun-loving folks made the trek a memorable one. Kudos to the team at Thrillophilia. The trek was not only organized well but the pricing was also reasonable. All the questions, concerns, doubts and apprehensions I that had were properly attended by the travel consultant at Thrillophilia, Miss Madhuri Mathur despite some of them being repetitive. The representatives Mr. Subid Sahoo and Mr. Nitish Singh as well as the trek Guide Mr. Bijay along with his assistants were all friendly and helpful. I will definitely suggest my pals to go for this trek. I wish to do it again sometime soon. Cheers, Vignesh
20 October 2014
Rameshwar Bharadwaj Everest Base Camp Trek
A good trek at a very reasonable price is what I need to say about this trek first of all. I had a comfortable and good stay at the base camp. The camping was a great fun and I enjoyed to the core. Heard that this was the most challenging trek of Nepal and so I decided to try this out. This was obviously challenging but I could make it out till the end. it was just out of the world experience
23 September 2015
Sucheta Namboothiri Everest Base Camp Trek
The mountains were brilliant and nice, the clear sky after the summer monsoon had dusted away the dust and we hence got a chance to have a clear view of the whole peak and the adjacent places. The days we spent at the camp base was cooler even though it could have been more long.
15 April 2019
Manjunath Manjunath Annapurna Base Camp Trek
The trekking was very good. Also as we had a small group all the arrangements were good. As we did not expected more snow it was fun walking in snow for full day to reach the ABC. The view was spectacular at the base camp and got quiet good photos. Guide/Porter was very co-operating and helped us a lot while walking in the snow (as we did not had proper shoes to trek in snow :) )
I booked this tour as my first solo trip and I was amazed by its execution. We covered many old temples and monuments in a perfect span of time. The trip truly was amazing from the places to the people and the team were all very friendly. The food was delicious and pure. Will definitely plan our next trip with you.
I booked this trip from India to Nepal with my family. Nepal has best surroundings with cool environment and the highest mountain peaks. Everything mentioned was good and taken care of, the best thing was the time management, the staff and driver were friendly and gave a feel f home. It was an amazing trip which we visited and truly worth it. Would recommend anyone visiting, would try and visit with Thrillophilia.
We booked this tour after going thoroughly to the plan and it was interesting, so we finally decided to pick it and it. The places are filled with ancient temples and cool surroundings. All the transportation mentioned were managed by the team and it was on time, with a well-behaved driver. It was wonderful and absolutely recommended.
We booked this tour with our friends from Chennai. The great mountains range in Nepal make the whole trip more beautiful and scenic. Everything for the trip was well planned and specially the food served was mouth watering. Totally recommendable.
Nepal has it all being it spirituality, nature, adventure and history! It was fun visiting the summits for the sunrise early morning. The hotels were really comfortable which drained out all the tiredness of the day and freshens us every next morning. It was a fun a trip looking froward for more.

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