Todgarh is a picturesque town in the Aravallis, the oldest mountain range of the world.

Todgarh Fort trek is 3281 feet above sea level and its original name was Boraswara.

In early times, nomadic tribes like the Banjaras and Gurjars inhabited this area.

Todgarh formed a part of Merwara. Captain Tod built the fort of Todgarh which is about 70 km from Beawar.

It is located 120 km south of Ajmer and only 13 km from National Highway No. 8.

How to get there

By train: From Delhi to Ajmer in Ashram which takes approximately 2 hours.

By Road: If driving, the distance can be covered in 8 hours. Else state transport buses are available

Nearest Town: Ajmer

Distance: Delhi - Ajmer : 389 km

Best time to Visit: Mainly in Winter i.e between October and March.


  • While Trekking up hill make sure you have proper equipments and are not alone.
  • Trekking in a group is recommendable.

Other Information

Todgarh Fort is a place to visit on the way to the trek.

Rest other famous places in that area are Ajmer ki Dargah and Pushkar.

Lesser known destinations around Ajmer which one can decide to see are Baghera which is an archaeological site, the artificial lake of Foy Sagar, Kishangarh, Kurki, Rupangarh, Merta and Nagaur.