Tourist Places Near Udupi

Shravanabelagola, Jog Falls, Dubare, Horanadu, Agumbe, Bhadra, Hassan, Kodachadri, Honnemaradu, Malpe, Yellapur and many more.

A well-known town of South India, Udupi features some fantastic places in its proximity for  every wanderer. A land of quaint settlement, a beautiful coastline, charming temples, picturesque locales, and utterly delicious cuisines, these destinations keeps both travellers and strollers engaged for a long haul. From old age customs and traditions to abundant and authentic wildlife to thick green forest covers, places near Udupi are  home to each one of them.

Be it either Agumbe with its various attractions or the mesmerising mountain peak Kodachadri , the
tourist places near Udupi are worthy of adoration. You can either soak in the sun at beautiful Maple Beach or have some fun in the shimmering blue waters of Jog falls– the choice is yours. Besides this you can also visit the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary for its rich biodiversity or have some fun  with the elephants at Dubare. All in all, these places are a traveller’s delight.

Here is a list of best places to visit near Udupi:

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Shravanabelagola is one of the noted Jain pilgrim spots situated on the bare and rocky summit of the Vindhyagiri Hills, lying to the west of Bangalore. The name of the place signifies ‘The monk on the top of the hill’ and is renowned for the hermits, ascetics, and mystics.

There is a large monolithic idol of Srvanabelagola Gomatheeshwara, which is both magnificent and munificent. The place has been known to be a hub for all the historians as many ancient inscriptions dating back to the period around 600 to 1830 can be found here.

Best time to visit:
 October to March.

Distance from Udupi: 
272.0 km, through the NH 73 (5 hours and 44 minutes).

-Gomateshwara Statue,
-Bhandaribasadi Temple,
-Vindhyagiri Temple,
-Akkanabasadi Temple,
-Jaina Math,
-Chandragiri Temple,
-Kalama Temple.


Jog Falls

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Formed as an outcome of the Sharavathi River, the Jog Falls is India’s second-highest plunge waterfall. Surrounded all over with a thick cover of dense evergreen forest cover, the Jog Falls presents a supernatural grandeur delight to the eyes of the strollers.

The magnificence of this waterfall gives rise to a cascading illustration unfettered by the natural rock formation. Jog Falls has got several vantage points from where you can capture the splendour of these magnificent falls. Kayaking, boating and river rafting are the essential adventures to try at the Falls.

Best time:
 June to September.

Distance from Udupi:
 162.6 km, through the Bhatkal – Siddapur – Soraba highway (3 hours and 19 minutes).

-Thyvare Koppa Lion and Tiger Reserve,
-Tunga Anicut Dam,
-Kanoor Fort,
-Unchalli Falls, and
-Linganamakki Dam.



Image Credit :

The less explored town of Dubare is not behind anywhere on the wanderer’s list. Nisargadhama, a massive wildlife sanctuary here features a wide array of flora and fauna; while the Veerabhoomi offers you an insight into the blend of rich and authentic customs and traditions of Karnataka.

The Dubare Elephant Camp gives you an excellent opportunity of exploring these enchanting creatures even better. The forest that surrounds the Dubare Elephant Camp features abundantly abundant wildlife like a leopard, sloth bear, partridges, wild dog, and peacocks. The river Dubare that flows close to the camp is a hub for some adventurous fun like coracle riding, fishing, elephant riding, trekking, and river rafting. All the shopaholics may seek a delightful shopping experience with coffee beans and berries.

Best time:
 September to March.

Distance from Udupi:
 215.6 km, through the NH66 and NH275 (4 hours and 59 minutes).

-Dubare Elephant Camp,
-Harangi Dam, and
-Dubare Shopping.



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One of the most breath-taking destinations of Karnataka, Horanadu, is a quaint little village embraced by the presence of numerous hilly mountains on all sides. The town is presided over by Annapurna, which is a chief deity of Horanadu.

The Annapurna shrine is entirely carved out in pure gold and is a primary religious source for the local residents. There are lush green tea estates and a magnificent tea lounge on your way to the Horanadu village. The lush green paddy hills, along with the verdant hills in the backdrop, also creates a scenic view embracing the overall charm of the Annapurna shrine.

Best time:
 October to February.

Distance from Udupi:
 118.9 km, through the SH66 (2 hours and 55 minutes).

-Sri Sharada Peetham,
-Sirimane Falls,
-Vidya Shankar Temple,
-Janardhan Temple,
-Kigga, Mallikarjuna Temple,
-Hariharapur, Ganga Moola, and
-Lakya Dam.



Image Credit :

Surrounded by a rich bio reserve and bordering hill stations, Agumbe is Karnataka’s last surviving rainforest, lying in lowland regions. This bio reserve is famous for its rare medicinal plant species, such as Myristica, Garcinia, Diospyros, Ficus, and Eugenia.

A visit here for your next vacation is perfect as the region is embraced by the presence of numerous gorgeous waterfalls such as Jogigundi Falls, Kunchikal Falls, Onake Abbi Falls, and Barkana Falls. Moreover, the majority of the tourists visiting this place usually prefer trekking through the verdant forests to get closer to the waterfalls.

This place is one of the most enchanting tourist places near Udupi, where you have a gallery called ‘Sunset Point’ erected to embrace the panoramic beauty of the surrounding. On a clear day, you can even get stunning glimpses of the mighty Arabian Sea.

Best time:
 November to January.

Distance from Udupi: 
61.1 km, through the NH169 A and Brahmavar Road (1 hour and 19 minutes).

-The Sunset Point,
-Gopalakrishna Temple,
-Barkana Falls,
-Jogi Gundi Falls,
-Onake Abbi Falls, and
-Koodlu Theertha Falls.



Image Credit :

A region that gained popularity owing to the presence of the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhadra is a key town of Karnataka’s Chikmagalur district. Rich, lush green hills of the Western Ghats surrounds the village of Bhadra on all sides. It features a wide array of species of herbivores including the Macaques, Chital, Slender Loris, Langurs, Malabar giant squirrels, and Barking deer.

Trekking, boating, bird watching, rock climbing, and camping are essential adventures that one can enjoy here. The presence of Gagangiri, Hebbegiri, Bababudangiri, and Mullaianagiri hills surrounding the backwaters of the Bhadra reservoir makes the town an enchanting natural holiday getaway.

Best time: 
Mid of October till March.

Distance from Udupi: 
123.8 km, through the Hebri-Brahmavar Road (2 hours and 41 minutes).

-Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary,
-Bhadravati Dam,
-Shiva Idol,
-Halladama Devi Temple,
-Lakshmi Narasimha Temple,
-Jain Basadi,
-Mutts in Bhadra, and
-Bhadra River.



Image Credit :

Located in the South Indian state of Karnataka, Hassan is a famous historic site for Srvanbelagola, Halebid, and Belur. Being dedicated to the Hasanamba deity, this town is acknowledged as Karnataka’s architectural capital. It is highly influenced by the rich and authentic culture of the Hoysala dynasty.

The Hasanamba Temple situated here features the local, regional customs and has now become one of the key pilgrim attractions in town. Maharaja Park is a spacious and peaceful park located amidst the city. It is all over flanked with lush green lawns and tall trees. While the Hulikere Pond represents a stunning architectural piece flanked all over by lush greenery encircling numerous descending steps leading you to the bottom of the pond to dig the water.

Best time: 
November to February.

Distance from Udupi:
 221.7 km, through NH 73 (4 hours and 54 minutes).

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One of the outstanding places to visit near Udupi is Kodachadri, which is located atop a height of 1343 meters from the ground level. The mountain peak is surrounded by numerous dense forest cover. It is tucked deep within the premises of Mookambika National Forest.

The local deity of Kodachadri resides high on the top of the hill, which has been left bare due to the enormously strong winds. In addition to being a vibrant hub for the endangered flora and fauna, the forest that surrounds Kodachadri offers an excellent trekking atmosphere for the adventure enthusiasts as well.

Best time: 
October to March.

Distance from Udupi: 
111.3 km, through the NH66 (3 hours and 08 minutes).

-Jog Falls,
-Keladi, Dabbe Falls,
-Heggodu, and
-Gudavi Bird Sanctuary.



Image Credit :

Honnemaradu is a small yet beautiful town tucked beside the sprawling reservoirs of River Sharavathi. Over time, this lush green town has become one of the most fabulous offbeat destinations for all the tourists visiting Shimoga. The Sharavathi River backwaters flow down calmly through this sleepy hamlet and cover a land stretch of around 50 to 80 km.

The presence of Honnemaradu Lake here embraces the beauty of the town even more. People reserve their sunrises and sunsets to visit this Golden Lake, which never fails to impress the strollers with its charming aura. Boating, kayaking, wind rafting, hiking, and canoeing are some extraordinary adventures to explore in the region.

Best time: 
October to November.

Distance from Udupi: 
173.5 km, through the Bhatkal – Siddapur – Soraba Highway and NH66.

-Honnemaradu Reservoir,
-Dabbe Falls,
-Gademane, Sagar,
-Jog Falls,
-Burude Falls and,
-Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple.



Image Credit :

A beautiful beach town, Malpe is a natural port and a fishing hub of the state of Karnataka. Situated on the estuary of the Udyavara River, Malpe is known for its breath-taking vistas. The volcanic rocks that are tucked besides its shore form its central piece of attraction. The locals of this town engage their day to day routine in either fishing or coconut cultivation or tile-making professions.

Due to the uniqueness of their intricate geographical features, Malpe has always been a hotspot amongst other places to visit near Udupi. The beauty of this beach town is further amplified by the presence of the four rocky islands – Mary’s Islands, Daria-Bahadurgad, Daria-Gadara- Kalluthe, and Kari-Illada-Kallu that are definitely worth a visit.

Best time: 
October to December.

Distance from Udupi: 
5.8 km, through the Udupi-Malpe Road (12 minutes).

-St Mary’s Island,
-Sea Walk Malpe,
-Vadabhandeshwara Temple,
-Delta Beach,
-Mattu Beach,
-Swarna River, and
-Daria Bahadurgad Fort.



Image Credit :

Renowned as a stereotypical one-horse town, Yellapur is worth visiting amongst the rest of the tourist places near Udupi. Surrounded all over by the Western Ghats, the city of Yellapur embraces its overall charm as a popular weekend getaway of the South. This town is tucked atop a height of 1774 feet above the sea level.

It features some gorgeous waterfalls gushing down the verdant hills lined across the scenic valleys. Also, the forest that surrounds the town is famous in itself for luxuriously rich bio reserves where you can find ample of birds, plants, and animals.

Best time: 
December to February.

Distance from Udupi: 
233.9 km, through the Mirjan – Ramnagar Road (4 hours and 26 minutes).

-Jenukallu Gudda,
-Sathodi Falls,
-Maskatii rock formation,
-Shirley falls,
-Magod falls,
-Kodasalli dam,
-Kalimath temple, and
-Kavadikeri Lake Temple.



Image Credit :

Famous for its shimmering waters and shiny shores, the town of Byndoor is the hometown of Sri Someshwar Temple. Tucked along the beaches, the presence of this Lord Shiva shrine features a glorious natural setting.

Moreover, the Lingam and the stunning sculptures within, further add on to the beauty and charm of the temple. You should also visit Baindur Beach, which is a hub for water adventures such as boating and swimming. Nonetheless, the village is famous for bird watchers, and one can spot Eurasian Curlews, Ruddy Turnstones, Redshanks, Western Reef Egrets, and Great Sand Plovers here in Byndoor.

Best time: 
Second half of September to February.

Distance from Udupi: 
71.0 km, through the NH66 (1 hour and 12 minutes).

-Ottinene Beach,
-Maravanthe Beach,
-Kshitija Nesara Dhama View Point,
-Trasi Beach,
-Koosalli Waterfalls,
-Kodi beach, and
-Belkal Theertha Waterfalls.



Image Credit :

Tucked by a beautiful thick forest covering all around, the town of Sirsi is a popular weekend tourist place to visit near Udupi. There are valleys, pilgrimage sites, ancient monuments, temples, and waterfalls, magnifying the beauty of this gorgeous place tenfold. The presence of both natural and historic wonder makes it a worthy place to explore on your go.

The lush greenery of the Western Ghats that encircle this quaint little town features a wide array of insects, plants, and other local animals that would be a delight for all wildlife enthusiasts. Slender Loris, Gaur, Dhole, dragonfly, peafowls, doves, and owls are the key species to be traced here.

Best time: 
October to January.

Distance from Udupi: 
207.9 km through the Kumta-Hubli Road (4 hours and 06 minutes).

-Marikamba Temple,
-Unchalli Falls,
-Sahasralinga, Sodhe,
-Musukina Bavi,
-Devimane Ghat,
-Benne Holle Falls,
-Manjuguni, and



Image Credit :

One of the prime places to visit near Udupi is Sringeri, which is known for the establishment of the first of the four peethas throughout the nation. The town is wrapped with a lush green thick cover of the Western Ghats and features a 1200-year-old temple within.

Due to the presence of a large count of pilgrim centuries, Sringeri is a famous learning centre. And people from across the world reach the town of Sringeri to get acquainted with the Vedic philosophy.

Best time: 
October to March.

Distance from Udupi: 
89.8 km, through the Hebri-Brahmavar Road and SH27 (1 hour and 56 minutes),

-Sharadamba Temple,
-Vidyashankar Temple,
-Sirimane Falls,
-Hanuman Gundi Falls,
-Kudremukh, and
-Jog Falls.



Image Credit :

The town of Yana is famous for its unusual rock formation which seems to attract both nature lovers and pilgrims equally well. A quaint little hill station lying silently in the lap of Mother Sahyadri it is a significant vacation site for the direst trekkers.

Tucked beside a phenomenally vibrant and elegant centre of bio reserves, Yana features an eye-captivating beauty that leaves the visitors enchanted. That’s why the city is famous amongst all the wanderers as a hub of adventure activities, pilgrim centres, and wildlife reserves.

Best time: 
October till February.

Distance from Udupi: 
174.5 km, through the NH66 (3 hours and 24 minutes).

-Yana Caves,
-Vibhuti falls,
-Oyster Rock Lighthouse,
-Cola Beach,
-Devarahole, and
-Om Beach.



Gokarna is a city located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, and is etymologically translated to ‘cow’s ear.’ According to popular mythological belief, it is the place where Lord Shiva emerged from the incarnation of Mother Earth in the form of a cow. Interspersed with ancient temples, the town is home to one of the oldest temples since time immemorial known as Mahabaleshwar, enshrined with Lord Shiva. The town is about 59 km from Karwar, 483 km from Bengaluru, and 238 km from Mangalore.

Furthermore, the rustic outlook of the town has attracted the attention of a lot of travelers and foreigners. There are several beaches, pilgrimage sights, and waterfalls that are reverberating tourist attractions. In fact, the town is situated around the River Aghanashini, which is considered to be deemed and sacred site for devotees.

However, due to the recent tourist influx, the town attracts both adrenaline seekers and those looking for spiritual solace. It is the town of golden beaches named after the way they are shaped like Om Beach and Half Moon Beach. Paradise Beach does no injustice to its name! The tall palm trees, serene waves of the ocean gushing towards the rocks, and the evenings spent watching the sun melting into the ocean add a surrealistic appeal to the place.

Apart from beaches, there is the Mahabaleshwar Temple that attracts many devotees and saints. Yana is another dainty town located in the vicinity of Gokarna, whose lavish surroundings and rocky terrain is perfect for activities like cycling and trekking. Mountaineering is another popular sport.

The serene beaches pose as perfect sites for watersport activities like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, and jet skiing. If you want to indulge in watersport activities, then the best time to visit the place is post-monsoon, from September to December. Winters in Gokarna are flamboyant, with a mildly cold climate and lush green surroundings. Summers in Gokarna are hot and humid, followed by the showers that cool the surroundings down with heavy rainfall.

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Wake up to the smell of tranquilizing coffee, and enjoy the scenic beauty of this misty land of hills and streams. Popularly known as the Scotland of India, Coorg lives up to its name with luring amalgamation of history, luxury, adventure, mouth-watering cuisine. Located along the western ghats, this famous coffee-producing hill station is well-known for its jaw-dropping ravishing scenery and opulence.

Not just the scintillating beauty, this misty landscape has a rich culture and a unique local clan - Kodavas specialised in martial arts, widely known for their hospitality. Ranging from admiring the beauty of this heavenly destination to a challenging trek or deep insight into the culture at the Madikeri Fort to the enthralling adventure at Abbey Falls or the spicy curries to the sweet heart-melting handmade truffles, Coorg will make you oscillate to the extremes in everything.

With so many activities in the house, this is indeed an ideal destination for everyone, whether you are a foodie, an explorer, an adventurer, or a tranquility seeker. Not to forget the popular festivals -  Keil Poldu (worship of weapons), Cauvery Shankaramana (return of the river goddess) and the Huttari (harvest).

Stunning mountains, the cascade of falling waters, and eye-feasting view of the flora and fauna, this place is indeed a perfect holiday destination for people who need an escape from their monotonous 9-5 hectic life. Much-acclaimed to be the preferred destination for trekking sports and white water rafting, Coorg qualifies to be the perfect location for the thrill-seekers.

Quench your thirst for adventure as you drive along the misty roads in the winter afternoons around the hills. Though the tinge of excitement is unnerving enough to boost your enthusiasm, do take care of the safety measures while you enjoy your exhilarating journey to Coorg.

Make sure you do not miss out the mesmerising towns including Gonikoppal, Somwarpet, Kushalnagar, Pollibetta, and Virajpet to add rewarding experiences to your itinerary. 

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A hill station in the heights of Western Ghats of India, Sakleshpur is a small town located in the state of Karnataka. Famous for being surrounded by a surprising number of plantations of coffee, tea and spices, Sakleshpur’s economy thrives on these. Apart from that, with the recent development in the tourism happening around the town, places to visit in Sakleshpur have recently gathered a lot of fame for themselves because of their beauty and the kind of experiences that they harbour, both of which are unparalleled. 

Easily connected with Major cities like Bangalore and Mangalore, Sakleshpur has a bounty of beautiful places to see, both manmade and nature’s gifts. A prime example of that is the ages-old Manjarabad Fort constructed in the form of a star, which is also one of the prime tourist places in Sakleshpur. But that is not the only one, the list of names goes on and on as to where you should go to see Sakleshpur treating you with its best views of natural beauty, sometimes mingling with the manmade structures. 

The 600 year old Sakleshwara temple that sits on the river Hemavathi’s banks is a piece of fine craftsmanship in surroundings that are meant to take your breath away. And taking your breath away brings to mind the Bisle View Point, offering a panoramic view of the region and hills around, as well as the rainforests of the area. You can see as far away as the Pushpagiri, Dodda Betta and Kumara Parvatha Hills.

And no, the hill station is not just about the sights as there is a long list of things to do in Sakleshpur. The hill station knows how to live on the adventurous edge of life too. Sakleshpur is a heaven for trekking enthusiasts, and that is why this town has taken the definition of trekking to a whole new level by introducing something new like Railway Bridge Trekking. You can trek on the 52km long railway track (trek) between Sakleshpur and Kukke Subramanya road junction, which was closed down long ago. This unforgettable experience takes you through the scenes of at least 25 waterfalls.

And as far as the question of staying in Sakleshpur is concerned, nature stays in Sakleshpur are bound to take your breath away with their surroundings, features and comfort alongside the local hospitality that you will experience here. There is no one type in the places to stay in Sakleshpur and that is what makes it worth experiencing. So take your family, friends, or partner and come to Sakleshpur, and even if no one agrees, come solo. But do not think of missing out on so much fun.

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Situated 250 km west of Bangalore (now Bengaluru), the state capital of Karnataka, the coastal town of Mangalore (now Mangaluru) remains one of the prime tourist attractions in South India all throughout the year. Although Mangalore is known beaches, islands, temples and the sunrise and sunset points, you will be able to find many more interesting things in this coastal town if you are ready to explore. In fact, you can make Mangalore the base in the bid to explore the entire western coastline. Since Mangalore is well connected by air, road and railway network you can easily go out for sightseeing.

While you are on the move, food remains one of your major concerns for sure. When you visit Mangalore, be ready to serve served with delicious sea foods and other authentic Canara dishes which are simply mouth-watering to say the least. Now when you are in Mangalore, you must be prepared to face the tropical climate there. Although the mornings are not too hot and you can brave the sun, the evenings remain the best time to be at the beach and relax with an ice-cream while watching the sun disappear.  So, if you are stationed in Bengaluru and looking for a weekend destination, Mangalore can definitely be your ultimate choice.

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Sonda, or as it is locally called Sode, is a temple town of Vadiraj Mutt, which is a part of the Uttara Kannada district. Tucked at a higher altitude of 2000 meters, Sonda is the ideal city to peep into the historical setting of the Swadi Kings.

Moreover, this town is also a key headquarter of Sodhe Matha and features a Brindavan of Swami Vadiraja Tirtha. Blessed with scenic views and some mesmerizing landscapes, Sonda has a lot many tourist places to visit near Udupi during your off times.

Distance from Udupi: 
2.0 km, through the NH169 A (7 minutes).

-Sodhe Vadiraj Mutt,
-Jain Mutt,
-Muttinakere Venkataramana Temple,
-Mundige Kere Bird Sanctuary,and
-Hunasehonda Venkataramana Temple.

People Also Ask About Udupi

  1. What are the best places to visit near Udupi for a one-day picnic?

    1. Jog Falls: This second-highest plunge and the tallest un-tiered waterfall in the country is one of the most stunning places to visit near Udupi. It is made up of 4 cascades known as Rover, Rocket, Raja, and Rani and is surrounded by the Sharavathi Valley, lush dense forests, and the Swarna Nadi.

    2. Kapu Beach: This pristine long and white sand beach is perfect to spend the day amidst cool sea breeze as you savour panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. This lush green beach houses a lighthouse built in 1901, that’s a must-see. There are places near the beach that have rich marine life, perfect for scuba diving & snorkelling.

    3. Agumbe: Often referred to as the ‘Cherrapunji of South India’, Agumbe is known for receiving the second-highest rainfall annually. This is where the famous serial Malgudi Days was shot and is also popular for housing one of the tallest waterfalls in India- Kunchikal Falls. Besides these, it is famous for its Sunset Point and river rafting.

  2. What are the best day trips from Udupi?

    1. Horanadu: This holy village is known for its ancient Annapoorneeshwari Temple and Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada Temple that are visited by thousands of people from South India. The place is also known for its hillside beauty, expanses of paddy fields, and for a variety of South Indian foods.

    2. Kodi Beach: Drive down to this secluded & peaceful beach where the Arabian Sea and Suvarna River meet to enjoy a day amidst cool ocean breeze. The beach is loved for the amazing sunset views that it offers and for the delicious seafood and South Indian available at the beachside shacks.

    3. Belkal Theertha Falls: These beautiful falls located near the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary are surrounded with luxuriant forests, making them even more enthralling. The water here is considered to have healing properties alluring people from all over the region.
  3. What is Udupi famous for?

    Udupi is the most famous for being a holy pilgrimage place and for its temples like the 8th-century Anantheshwara Temple and Sri Krishna temple. Besides, the beaches here like Malpe, Maravanthe, and Kundapura are famous for their scenic beauty. One of the biggest draws to the place is the delicious Udupi cuisine served here.
  4. What are the best places to visit near Udupi with kids?

    1. Malpe Beach: Let your kids enjoy watersports here like a banana boat, parasailing, and jet skiing. This beautiful beach, perfect for spending a whole day with the family, has several great beachside shacks that serve delicious juices, ice creams, and south Indian snacks.

    2. St. Mary’s Island: Also known as Coconut Island, this iconic place is where Vasco da Gama landed on the Indian soil first. The island is loved for its azure waters and stark white sandy beach shaded by lush thickets of coconut trees. The beach is abundant with seagulls, sandpipers, grey egrets, and Brahminy kites. 
Newly Added Udupi Experience
19 March 2016
anuj anuj Three Days Surfing Activity in Udupi
Happened to visit this Surf club last month. Stayed 2 days and surf 3 sessions. Location of the campsite is mind blowing. Like u sleep on an narrow island. Water both sides of it camp. It was fun learning basics of surfing with amazingly fun coach duo. Camping and surfing equipment are nearly maintained. Thou food were very basic, but lived up to expectations of what they claim " local Maland Cuisine". It was my first riding on swell. And after all failure efforts and fatigue, the first ride over wave felt bliss.

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Moroccan Dirham
Moldovan Leu
MKD - ден
Macedonian Denar
Myanmar Kyat
Mongolian Tögrög
Macanese Pataca
Mauritian Rupee
Maldivian Rufiyaa
Malawian Kwacha
MXN - $
Mexican Peso
Malaysian Ringgit
NAD - $
Namibian Dollar
NIO - C$
Nicaraguan Córdoba
NOK - kr
Norwegian Krone
NPR - Rs.
Nepalese Rupee
NZD - $
New Zealand Dollar
PEN - S/
Peruvian Sol
Papua New Guinean Kina
Philippine Peso
Pakistani Rupee
QAR - ر.ق
Qatari Riyal
Russian Ruble
SAR - ر.س
Saudi Riyal
Seychellois Rupee
SEK - kr
Swedish Krona
SLL - Le
Sierra Leonean Leone
SOS - Sh
Somali Shilling
Salvadoran Colón
Swazi Lilangeni
THB - ฿
Thai Baht
TTD - $
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
TZS - Sh
Tanzanian Shilling
UYU - $U
Uruguayan Peso
UZS - so'm
Uzbekistan Som
Yemeni Rial
South African Rand
JPY - ¥
Japanese Yen
Vietnamese dong