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Tourist Places in Udupi

Malpe beach, Kodi beach, Kaup beach, Sri Krishna Temple, Pajaka, Daria Bahadurgad fort, St. Mary's Island, Kallianpur, Karkala, Barkur, St. Lawrence Church, Chaturmukha Basadi, Achakanya Falls, Anegudde Vinayaka Temple and many more.

With several mesmerizing places to visit in Udupi, this town in the state of Karnataka, is truly a goldmine of the south. Karnataka in itself is a is an epitome of true beauty and Udupi enhances it with  pristine beaches, to ancient temples, and the lush greenery of the Western Ghats.

From old age traditions, the thickest of forests, rich wildlife, to art or natural goodness, Udupi is home to each of them. Also known as a temple city, the tourist places in Udupi truly make every traveler’s dream come true- be it a nature lover, a history enthusiast or a religious tourist.

What started from an ancient old town, is now one of India’s fastest growing cities, with Manipal giving it enough modern day presence due to its colleges and cosmopolitan culture. Every one can find something in Udupi to satiate their travel needs- be it the intricately detailed architecture of the historic buildings, or a luxurious resort holiday by the beach, makingcw Udupi indeed is a traveller's paradise. 

Some of the best places to visit in Udupi:

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Sri Krishna Temple

Built in the 13th century, the Sri Krishna Temple, also known as the Sri Krishna Matha, is a Vaishnavite temple founded by Saint Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya. This temple is known for a special feature, that is, that the deity is worshipped through a silver plated window with nine holes, known as the Navagraha kindi.

The daily services to god are performed by the Ashta Mathas and people from all over the country flock to this temple to pay respect. Known throughout the world for its customs, rituals and its teachings in Dvaita philosophy, this temple also attracts curious foreigners willing to learn about this culture.

: Temple Car St, Sri Krishna Temple Complex, Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika, Udupi, Karnataka 576101

: 4 am to 9 pm

Entry fee
: No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
: The temple is situated within the Udupi town and is about 4.5 kilometers away from the bus stand.


St. Mary's Island

St. Mary’s Island is the most famous amongst the four rocky islands of Malpe Beach. Also known as Coconut Island, St. Mary’s is known for its rare crystallized basalt rock formations, formed millions of years ago due to volcanic activities.

These rock formations give the island its very unique landscape, making it a haven for nature and geology lovers alike. This geological goldmine is also home to one of the 26 geological museums of India and is still an unexplored part of the country that holds massive tourism potential.

Malpe, Karnataka 576118

Ferries from Malpe Beach depart to St. Mary’s from 9:30 am to 5:30 am. The island is inaccessible during the monsoon months from June to September.

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
The Island is located about 14.5 kilometers away from the Udupi Bus Stand.


Malpe Beach

One of the most famous tourist places in Udupi, Malpe Beach is a natural port, traditionally known for its settlement of the Mogaveera fishermen community here. Now a famous tourist hotspot, Malpe Beach is the first Indian beach which provides free Wi-Fi all day long.

There are also a number of watersport activities at the beach including Jet Ski and parasailing among others. The massive shoreline of this beautiful beach is also home to four exquisite rocky islands, of which the most famous and frequently visited is the St. Mary’s Island.

Malpe, Udupi Karnataka, 576108

Open 24 hours

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
Malpe Beach is located about 10 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand.


Kodi Beach

Located close to the Kundapur Town, the Kodi Beach is also known as the Delta Beach. ‘Kodi’ in the Kannada language translates to ‘shore’ and is especially famous since it is surrounded by water on three sides, making it one of the most perfect places to visit in Udupi.

Also famous for being the meeting point of the River Suvarna with the Arabian Sea, Kodi Beach is a popular weekend destination for the students of Manipal, and is famous for its seafood.


Open 24 hours

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
Kodi Beach is located about 36 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand.


Kaup Beach

A town in the district of Udupi, lying between Mangalore and Udupi town, Kapu, or Kaup Beach is one of the best places to visit in Udupi due to its pristine water breaking against the sandy shoreline dotted with palm trees.This beach is also home to an age old lighthouse built in 1901, and is open for visitors during sunrise from 5:30 am to 6:30 am.

One can spend hours taking in the panoramic view of the sun slowly rising against the backdrop of the vast ocean, as it is absolutely breathtaking. The waters of Kaup Beach are rougher than the gentle Malpe Beach but are stunning nonetheless.

Padu, Karnataka 574106

5:30 am to 6:30 am for lighthouse. Beach is open 24 hours.

Entry fee:
INR 10 for lighthouse, entry free for beach.

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
Kaup Beach is located 22 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand.



Pajaka is a small village in Udupi district, and is most famous for being the birthplace of the Dvaita philosopher and founder of Shri Krishna Matha Temple, Sri Madhvacharya. Among the many interesting places to see in Pajaka, the most famous is the home of Sri Madhava which also includes several archaeological pieces of evidence of his life.

The village is also home to a big old banyan tree which was supposedly planted by him. Another great spot to visit is the Kunjarugiri Durga Temple located atop a hill. This temple gives stunning views of Udupi district and is also a beautiful sunset spot.

Padu Belle, Karnataka 574115

Open 24 hours

Entry fee
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
This village is about 18 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand.


Daria Bahadurgad fort

Built by Basavappa Naik of Bidanur, Daria Bahadurgad fort is located on one of the four rocky islands of Malpe Beach. Just about 2 kilometers away from Malpe, this astounding island is also home to Mangalorean Tile factories near the fort as well, which can make for an informative day trip to understand the making of these tiles.

Now mostly in ruins, the view from the fort is mesmerizing, to say the least, and the best time to visit it during sunset when the entire horizon turns different shades of pink.

Laccadive Sea

Open 24 hours

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
The fort is situated about 10 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand.


Mattu Beach

Mattu Beach is a quaint, secluded tropical paradise that doesn’t see as many visitors. With the Kaup Beach on one side, Mattu Beach also boasts of having water on two of its sides. Hands down one of the quietest places in the state, Mattu Beach is also known for its bioluminescence at night.

The water glows and radiates a blow light in the dark which is caused by the bloom of a microorganism called Noctiluca that gives off this bioluminescence when disturbed.

With hardly a soul nearby, this makes for a perfect spot to sit in the dark with the Milky Way arching overhead, and the sea sparkle glowing at your feet!

Udupi District Karnataka 574118

Open 24 hours

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
Mattu Beach is about 16 kilometers away from the Udupi Bus Stand.



Kallianpur is a hamlet in the Tonse East village of Karnataka in Udupi District. This small settlement is developed with all modern day facilities like schools, hospitals, transport, colleges etc.

Situated on the south bank of the Suvarna River, Kallianpur is probably the place that was mentioned by Cosmos Indicopleustes, a Greek merchant, and is one of the most beautiful
places to visit in Udupi. This hamlet also has the ruins of a fort from the Vijayanagara era, and is also home to two churches and about six temples, dedicated to different gods.


Timings: Open 24 hours

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
This hamlet is located about 5.5 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand.



Once called Pandaya Nagri during the period of Jain rule, Karkala is a major stop for religious tourism due to its strategic location on the way to other pilgrimage sites. Located at the bottom of the Western Ghats, Karkala is covered with greenery throughout the year.

Karkala is majorly a Jain town and boasts of a 41.5 feet tall statue of Gomateshwara or Lord Bahubali. Every 12 years, a massive ritual is organized, called the Mahamastakabhisheka, where thousands of Jain devotees bathe the Bahubali statues in saffron, milk, honey, sandalwood, turmeric and vermilion.

Apart from being a pilgrimage town, Karkala also has a large number of lakes where one can see the sunset and spend some time in peace and quiet.

Udupi District Karnataka

Open 24 hours

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
Karkala is located about 38 kilometres away from the Udupi Bus Stand.



Also known as the village of temples, Barkur is a cluster of three villages, namely Kachoor, Hosala and Hanehali. Located on the banks of River Seetha, Barkur once used to be the capital of the ancient Alupa Kingdom.

The temples of Barkur is distinctive and have special characteristics setting them apart from other temples. Though they are built with sloping terracotta roofs liked the temples in Kerala, they are different because they do not have the gopurams.

There are over eleven temples in this small area, each with its own significance. There is also a Barkur Fort housing remnants from the life of the kingdom.

Udupi Karnataka 576210

: Open 24 hours

Entry fee
: No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
: Barkur and Udupi Bus Stand are located 15.7 kilometers from each other.


St. Lawrence Church

Overseeing a school and an orphanage, the St. Lawrence Shrine or Attur Church is a Roman Catholic Church and is said to be the place of many miracles. According to historians, Tippu Sultan captivated the Christians of this region and imprisoned them.

After being free, the villagers set up this church with the help of a Goan priest. This church is known to have the powers to intercede with God and the Annual Attur Jatle Festival is a huge celebratory day for Christians all over India.

Attur P.O. Karkala, Udupi District, Karkala, Karnataka 576117

Open 24 hours

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
The shrine is located about 18 kilometers from Udupi Bus Stand.


Chaturmukha Basadi

The Chaturmukha Basadi is an ancient symmetrical Jain temple located in the town of Karkala. Built by Immadi Bhairarasa Vodeya on a small rocky hill from the Santara dynasty in the 16th century, this massive temple is called ‘chaturmukh’ due to its four symmetrical faces.

Completely carved out of granite, this temple is also known as Tribhuvana Tilaka Jina Chaityalaya. The Basadi also has magnificent images of Mallinath, Tirthankara Aranath, and Munisuvratnath, and faces the massive Bahubali statue in the town.

This exquisite site took 30 years to complete and now boasts of having a total of 108 elegantly designed pillars in its complex.

Fisheries Office-Dhana Shala Rd, Karkala, Karnataka 574104

8 am to 6 pm

Entry fee: No e
ntry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
The temple is about 38 kilometers from Udupi Bus Stand.


Achakanya Falls

Achakanya waterfall is one of the less visited characteristic marvels of Karnataka. The cascade is framed by the River Sharavathi when it takes a mind blowing jump among the thick timberlands of Western Ghats. The fantastic fall has a statue of around 6 to 7 feet.

Amid the rainy season, when the water spouts down with full power, the waterfall turns into an interesting sight to watch. These falls can be reached via a small one kilometer hike through a rocky trail amidst the woods.

: Aralasurali, Shimoga

: Open 24 hours

Entry fee
: No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
: The waterfall is at a distance of 106 kilometers from Udupi Bus Stand.

Anegudde Vinayaka Temple

Anegudde is a little hamlet situated in Udupi district, Karnataka. Anegudde means "elephant slope" in the Kannada language. The spot is popular for the temple of Lord Vinayaka on the hill top, which is also one of the top places to visit in Udupi due to its rich history.

The town additionally has another name called Kumbhasi. Anegudde's well known Siddhi Vinayaka shrine has a history gone back to hundreds of years. According to mythology, the demon Khumbasura tried to stop a ritual being performed by Sage Agastya for the wellbeing of the people.

Bheem, one of the five Pandava brothers, killed the demon with a sword given by Lord Vinayaka, and so overtime, people started worshipping Lord Vinayaka here.

Vokwadi Road, Kumbashi, Karnataka 576257

5:30 am to 8:30 pm

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
The temple is at a distance of about 24 kilometers from Udupi Bus Stand.
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Mookambika Temple

The Mookambika Temple is a Hindu shrine committed to the mother Goddess known as Mookambika Devi. Sitting majestically in the lower regions of Kudajadri slopes, on the southern bank of Souparnika River, this ancient yet beautiful temple also finds a spot in the 108 Durga Temples in ancient Kerala.

The original shrine where Adi Shankaracharya meditated and Devi showed up before him is situated at the Kodachadri Peak at an elevation of 1,343 meters. This mighty peak is also noticeable as an imposing figure from the Mookambika Devi Temple in Kollur, adding to its mesmerising charm.

Kollur, Karnataka 576220

Open 24 hours

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
The distance between the temple and Udupi Bus Stand is 70.5 kilometers.
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Kudlu theertha falls

Kudlu Theertha Falls is a beautiful cascade situated in profound wildernesses of Western Ghats, close to Hebri. Otherwise called Sita Falls, this spot also makes for a great trekking destination. The water at these falls drop from a stature of 150 feet into a major pool.

This is a lovely waterfall and it is safe to swim in the pool underneath the falls, making it one of the best
tourist places in Udupi. One can hike near the base of the falls when the water is not too rough.Manga Teertha is another cascade above Kudlu Theertha, but without immediate access to its base.

Nadpalu, Karnataka 576112

9 am to 4 pm

Entry fee:
INR 50 per person. Camera charged are INR 200 overhead.

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
These falls are at a distance of 57.7 kilometers from Udupi Bus Stand.
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Padubidri Beach

Padubidri beach is located about one kilometer from the National Highway. This is one of the region’s most pristine beaches and ideal to spend time quietly and peacefully. As the sun starts setting, the nearby lighthouses of Suratkal and Kapu start showing light.

During some time of the year, the sun set and moonrise are visible simultaneously in opposite direction. In the non-monsoon months, one can go swimming in the ocean since the sea is calm. The farthest corner of Padubidri Beach is famously called Padubidri endpoint and is the place where the river meets the sea.

Udupi District, Karnataka 574111

Open 24 hours

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
This beach is located about 31.5 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand.
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City Centre Shopping

City Centre Udupi is a landmark shopping and lifestyle destination. With several showrooms, restaurant and service outlets, this shopping mall is located on Mosque Road, at the heart of the city. Initially built to cater to the crowds of Udupi-Manipal, this is now also a popular tourist attraction, and one of the best places to visit in Udupi.

: Near District Bus Terminus Opp Jamia Masjid, Maruthi Veethika, Udupi, Karnataka 576101

Entry fee
: Entry free

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
: The shopping mall is located about 3.7 kilometers from Udupi Bus Stand.
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Museum of Anatomy & Pathology

The Museum of Anatomy and Pathology or MAP in Manipal is a well-known tourist destination. The gallery highlights human and animal specimens and is viewed as the biggest of its sort in Asia. There are around 3000 samples of organs and different pieces of human and animal anatomy including the skulls of an elephant and a whale and a long skeleton of a King Cobra.

This museum is also home to protected skeletons of different animals, making it one of the most popular
places to visit in Udupi.

Manipal Dr, Madhav Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104

: 8 am to 6 pm

Entry fee
: INR 10 for adults and INR 5 for children

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
: The museum is located about 5.3 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand


Uppinakudru Island

Uppinakudru Island is a small village known for its salt and seafood. ‘Uppi Nakudru’ literally translates to Island of Salt in the Kannada language. While the population of this island largely depends on agriculture, Uppinakudru is also known for its Yakshagana puppetry.

With wooden puppets about 18 inches high, this puppet show is a major show in the village. The puppeteer is known as the ‘Sutradhara’ and each puppet wears extensive makeup. Almost all of the storylines of each show are derived from the Epics.

Apart from being known for the puppet shows, this island also has a number of temples for different gods and is one of the very famous
tourist places in Udupi.

Uppina Kudru, Karnataka 576230

Open 24 hour

Entry fee:
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
This salt island is at a distance of about 40.7 kilometers from Udupi Bus Stand.


Coin Museum Corp Bank

Coin Museum Corp Bank, otherwise called Corporation Bank Heritage Museum has a broad accumulation of coins from various dynasties in India going back to 400 BC. Visitors can also get a broad understanding about the historical backdrop of banking in India since 1906.

The home of the founder of the Corporation Bank was redesigned to set up the heritage museum as a "Financial Temple". The gallery houses around 1400 coins with a present market estimation of more than 4 million rupees, making it one of the favourite
tourist places in Udupi.

Corporation Bank Road, Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika, Udupi, Karnataka 576101

: 10 am to 5 pm. (Closed on Sundays)

Entry fee
: No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
: The museum is just 4.5 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand


Jomlu Teerth

Located near the Belve village, Jomlu Teerth is a cluster of small cascading waterfalls formed on Seetha River. With several safe swimming spots located around the falls, this makes for the perfect spot for a family picnic or a friends gathering.

Brimming with natural beauty and lush greenery all around, these waterfalls have the power to rejuvenate and refresh a tired and stressed mind.


Open 24 hours

Entry fee: 
No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand:
These falls are at a distance of about 35.5 kilometers from Udupi Bus Stand.



Located right beside the famous Shri Krishna Matha Temple, the Anantheshwara Temple is one of the oldest ones in the Tulu Nadu region. Built in the 8th century during the reign of the Alupas, this historic Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The Anantheshwara Temple is also associated with Madhavacharya, the Dvaita philosopher, and is a perfect spot for peace seekers. One can visit the temple and sit here for meditation during the early hours.

: Sri Krishna Temple Complex, Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika Udupi, Karnataka 576101

: 6 am to 12:30 pm, and 6:30 pm to 8 pm.

Entry fee
: Free entry

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
: This temple is located about 5 kilometers from the Udupi Bus Stand.



Manipal is a locality in the city of Udupi, mostly known as campus town because of the presence of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Attracting thousands of students and faculties from over 60 countries, Manipal is one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the region.

Situated atop a plateau, Manipal offers picturesque vistas of the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other. Some of the most popular and breathtaking
places to visit in Udupi are found near Manipal include Manipal Lake and Kalasa Fort.

: Udupi

Timings: Open 24 hours

Entry fee
: No entry fee

Distance from Udupi Bus Stand
: The distance between Manipal and Udupi Bus Stand is about 4.5 kilometers.

People Also Ask About Udupi

  1. Which are the best beaches in Udupi?

    1. Malpe Beach: Maple Beach is one of the ideal Udupi tourist places to indulge in a wide range of water sports. This place is very much famous for its unique adventure sports, peaceful walks, and pleasant weather.

    2. Kaup Beach: 
    Walking around the Kaup Beach is one of the best things that you do during your visit. The dazzling coastal side of the area surrounded by palm trees is definitely a stunning sight to behold.

    3. Kodi Beach: 
    Kodi Beach is famous for its lighthouse which was built a century ago. The rocky shoreline of the beach attracts avid photographers to capture the scenic views.

    4. Maravanthe Beach: 
    Maravanthe Beach happens to be one of the ideal places to Visit in Udupi for family get togethers and a lovely place for kids as well. You will get a chance to witness the stunning sunset at the horizon and spend playful time at the pristine sandy beach.
  2. What are the best things to do in Udupi?

    1. Visit Sri Krishna Mutt: Sri Krishna Mutt is about 600 years old and it is very much famous for its miracle and aesthetics.

    2. Explore nearby villages: 
    You can visit a number of nearby villages such as Moodubelle and Alevoor where you will get a chance to experience the mundane of the native residents. You will also come across a number of traditional houses like Padumane and Badagumane.

    3. Taste the authentic Udupi Cuisine: 
    Udupi is very much famous for its cuisine and you must try out its wide range of offerings in veg and non veg delicacies. You must also try out many sea food options available.

    4. Hop on the ferry ride: 
    A trip to Udupi will on no occasion be complete without taking a ferry ride from the famous Malpe Harbour to St. Mary’s Island. You will surely be impressed by the beauty of the island.
  3. Which are the best places to visit near Udupi?

    1. St. Mary’s Island: St. Mary’s Island can be considered as a Seashell Heaven because of its pristine nature beauty. You will find seashells of various shapes and sizes here. It is a set of four islands off the coast of Malpe.

    2. Malpe Beach: 
    Malpe Beach is truly an unexplored territory that happens to be a great holiday destination situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the madding city crowds. You can come over to one of the best places to visit in Udupi with your beloved ones to enjoy watching the scenic sunset and explore the Daria Bahadurgad fort.

    3. Kaup Beach – A Hidden Udupi Gem: 
    Kaup Beach is one of the hidden gems of Udupi that offers an offbeat experience to the travellers. You will get to witness the endless views of the Arabian Sea and laze all day long on the white sandy beach.

    4. Jumadi Islands: 
    Jumadi Island is yet another most sought after Udupi tourist places where you can relax and unwind yourself. You will get to enjoy the scenic beauty of South India.
  4. What is Udupi famous for?

    Udupi is one of the top destinations in the Indian state of Karnataka which is home to a number of educational institutions as well as tourist attractions. The city is however very much famous for its scenic beauty and cuisines.
  5. What is the best time to visit Udupi?

    Winters are the best time to visit Udupi as the climate remains a bit chilly giving you a pleasurable experience. You can indulge in sightseeing tours as well as some of the best adventure activities as well.
Newly Added Udupi Experience
19 March 2016
anuj anuj Three Days Surfing Activity in Udupi
Happened to visit this Surf club last month. Stayed 2 days and surf 3 sessions. Location of the campsite is mind blowing. Like u sleep on an narrow island. Water both sides of it camp. It was fun learning basics of surfing with amazingly fun coach duo. Camping and surfing equipment are nearly maintained. Thou food were very basic, but lived up to expectations of what they claim " local Maland Cuisine". It was my first riding on swell. And after all failure efforts and fatigue, the first ride over wave felt bliss.

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