Tucked away by the lush greenery which is beautified by the unique mammals, birds, and plants, hundreds of wildlife parks are there in Asia. But a perfect lodging space with all the modern facilities in terms of the tranquillity and harmony of nature in the surrounding is rare seen. Here is a list of 20 best wildlife resorts in Asia where you can expect the faultless accommodation and appreciated service along with a number of tours to witness the august world of the wildlife. It may be occupied by on-land species as well as marine wonders. 

Moreover, though we have described the resorts in possible ways, you have to witness these resorts to believe all of them are existing on Earth as they all possess a heaven-like ambiance unparalleled. Separated from the usual sights of your life, each of the resorts mentioned below will remain in your heart, shining after longer years as well.

Here are Asia's best wildlife resorts:

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Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort, Corbett National Park, India

Located in a close proximity to the Jim Corbett National Park, Corbett the Baagh Resort has to offer you more than what you can imagine, truly blissful and unforgettable. The popular and important among the wildlife resorts in India, Corbett the Baagh is perched luxuriously on reverberating greenery and second to none in terms of providing the brand new amenities and impeccable facilities to make each guest’s stay one-of-a-kind experience. 

To make it sure that everyone who arrives at the resort is going back with utmost pleasant memories, the resort is very much ready with the vastly opened windows and doors of its 52 spacious and luxurious rooms. You are welcomed to amuse at the tremendous array of adventure activities provided by the resort as well.


Kingfisher Eco Lodge, Laos

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In southern Laos, exactly at Champasak Province, the well-acclaimed Xi Pian Protected Area and Beung Kiat Ngong Wetlands are housed, carefully and beautifully. A perfect lodging experience is offered by the Kingfisher Lodge near these wetlands and natural protected area for those who are heading to explore the natural vistas and observe the protected endangered species prevailing exclusively in these regions.

The architecture blending with all the aspects of the forest extends the importance of simplicity on a large scale but the comfort level is never compromised anywhere inside the resort. The very traditional materials have combined in a modern way to build up the comfort bungalows and eco rooms promising privacy and calmness at their best.
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Tabin Wildlife Resorts, Malaysia

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Aspiring to preserve the luxurious blessings of nature and spreading the meaning of nature related life, the Tabin Wildlife Resort in Malaysia unveils its hilltop and riverside cottages which are full-fledged with the post- modern amenities and facilities, but without disturbing the pulses of the Tabin wildlife reserves.

The animals belonging to the family of Sabah, namely Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Tembadau are the protected wildlife members inside the reserve roaming peacefully. Along with the most blissful stay amid the incomparable forest area, the resort offers the guests the best chances to take part in nature based activities in plenty by which all of them indirectly experience the rapport with the silent beings of nature very well.
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Anantara Golden Triangle Resort, Thailand

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With a diversified focus to take proper care of the rescued elephants that cannot be returned to the wild and providing a luxurious and comfortable stay to the awesome guests arriving, Anantara Golden Triangle Resort in Thailand stands out in all senses. The authentic spa treatments, yoga classes, cooking classes, Muay Thai kickboxing are on one side to make your holidays vibrant throughout.

The resort paves the way for you to tread along the immaculate wilderness along with the elephants and to relax by jumping into the chilling water in the jungle river as well. The favourite activity all the guests have been described as testimonials is the dining with the baby elephants that become so friendly with the people so fast.
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Taj Mahua Kothi, Bandhavgarh National Park, India

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‘Kuthiya’s’ or suites and charming original homestead or ‘kothi’ are the prime factors that make Taj Mahua Kothi near Bandhavgarh National Park very popular among the wildlife resorts in India. The lush green thickets encircled by the picturesque Vidhya Hills will have nothing but the stories of beauty alone to share with the guests. 

The whole resort is shining with the carefully crafted interiors that display the vernacular style of architecture the central India had been following for years. In spite of the beauty the rooms and interiors possess, the resort is brimming with other features such as a large swimming pool, a traditional garden, interactive kitchen and a Safari Shop. The mahua trees seen in the landscaped surrounding have a great role in extending a peaceful blanket to the guests arriving here.

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Six Senses Con Dao Resort, Vietnam

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The southeast part of Vietnam, majorly occupied by the serene Con Dao archipelago, is comprised of the lively Con Dao National Park which is a haven for an unlimited number of endangered species, basically marine. The travelers visiting Con Dao would be undoubtedly attracted by the name Six Senses Con Dao Resort that tirelessly works to make the guests’ six senses bewitched. 

Since the location is extremely secluded and privately kept, the resort can be the getaway destination for those who would like to escape from the humdrum of their lives. The spacious rooms with an enviable architecture mainly carved on wood provide utmost comfort and all the modern amenities will meet your needs, for sure.

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4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Cambodia

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Any description in words would be less for the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia, situated at an eco-friendly, secluded area, deep in the Cardomom rainforest and on the banks of the River Tatai. The rainforest houses overly 100 mammals and more than 550 bird species creating a heaven-like ambiance.

The top-of-the-line luxury in consent with the harmony Mother Earth demands is the key attraction though the white roofed tents are accommodating the guests. The twin bedded interiors of the tented villas have top class furnishings and decoration along with flat screen television and DVD player. In addition to it, the extra-large sun lounger balcony would extend a relaxed sunset time or peaceful private time to you.
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Sepilok Forest Edge Resort, Malaysia

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An unforgettable Borneo experience can be considered to be the highlight promised by one of the famous wildlife resorts in Asia, Sepilok Forest Edge Resort in Malaysia. Over 7 wildlife protection centers for different species such as Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, Bornean Sunbear Conservation Centre, Selingan Turtle Island etc. are located near the resort giving the guests a remarkable time during their tour.

The Malay-style chalets built with recycled wood have everything to please the visitors and you will be welcomed by the beautiful Bubuh Lights and Lanterns. In addition, to your surprise, each room is comprised of unparalleled and recreational decors that include local but traditional drawings, handmade natural artistic crafts or pictures of old Sandakan.
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The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore National Park, India

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Quite distinctly from the other resorts in the region, the Oberoi Vanyavilas in Ranthambore ecstatically offers the guests an inevitable opportunity to spot the last of the Royal Bengal Tigers preserved in Ranthambore National Park. The resort boasts of its rich variety of indigenous plant species which spread an enthusiastic beauty. The evening when the torch lights arrayed on the paths throw their lights upon the blossomed plants will showcase the visuals of nature being replenished uniquely. 

The luxury tents hushed by the gifted nature promises privacy, peaceful stay and the ways to create strong bonds with your family and close ones. Dining under the stars, a river safari on Chambal, a full day inside the national park and so on are there the resort can present before you to make your holidays memorable. 

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Terelj Lodge, Mangolia

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With exciting and adventure tours to Gorkhi Terelj National Park, the most comfortable resort, Terelj Lodge has marked an important space among the visitors of Mongolia especially the national park. The park is a haven for wild bears, and more than 200 different species of birds, hot springs, lakes and what not.

The resort is qualified with standard Ger, deluxe Ger, and wooden house, all of them are well equipped and with proper amenities meeting any type of guests’ expectation. A Ger museum that is occupied by a set of Mongolian antique furniture in a traditional style is a remarkable attraction the resort puts forth among other undeniable features such as a souvenir shop, open-air garden, playgrounds etc.
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Elephant Reach, Sri Lanka

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Elephant Reach that is situated at a location bordering the Ruhuna Yala National Park in Sri Lanka has immense reasons to hold back the guests. It is hushed by the bountiful nature with an easy access to many other national park and wildlife sanctuaries in the province. The unbreakable balance between tranquility and luxury is carefully managed in the deluxe chalets and superior rooms.

Each room displays a different mélange of modern as well as traditional architectural nuances and joyful colouring on the walls that make it looks in good terms with nature so well. Yala National Park locating in close proximity with the resort arrays wonderful sights of nature in the form of distinct forests canopies and a wide variety of fauna.
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The Rainforest Eco Lodge, Sri Lanka

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The fringes of a large reserve forest area where the ancient natives maintained vast tea estates, act as the protector of the famous Rainforest Eco Lodge in Sri Lanka, inviting its guests to experience eternal moments enhanced by sheer bliss. It is one of the well-celebrated wildlife resorts in Asia, located in the Sinharaja Division of the Enselwatte Estate in Deniyaya.

Ecologically important and fragile area that assures your privacy is where the resort is located and moreover an empathetic communication with the sensitive nature is possible while you stay here. The luxury chalets are just 10 feet away from the tropical thickets along with the unending opportunities to enjoy the glimpses of the enriched flora and fauna.
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U Inchantree Resort, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

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Close to Kanchanaburi National Park and other famous attractions is the very prominent and luxurious resort in Thailand, named U Inchantree, overlooking the adorable River Kwai. The thick deciduous forests near Kwai is the guardian of the surroundings spreading the blanket of a pure romantic ambience always.

The contemporary style used in every room gives them a special charm alongside the modern amenities and well knitted balconies and veranda. The dining area that opens to the silent Kwai would create the beautiful stories the city dwellers may find heaven-like. The courtyard which is the most beautiful space at the resort is occupied by an inchantree has a special significance.
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Elephant Hills, Khao Lak, Thailand

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Being the first luxury tented camps in the middle of an enchanting wilderness, The Elephant Hills are situated in the Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand. The man made Cheow Larn Lake is the significant feature the national park holds apart from the rich biodiversity consists of wild elephants, gaurs, Malayan Sun Bears, leopards and so on.

Under the Elephant Hills, there are two campsites, namely the Elephant Camp and the Rainforest Camp. The very traditional hand crafted furniture and interiors inside the 35 luxurious tents make the Elephant Camp elegant and mind blowing. Simultaneously, the Rainforest Camp is located at the centre of Cheow Larn Lake and it has been claimed as the only floating camp in the world.
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Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat Island, Indonesia

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Quite different from all the other wildlife resorts, Misool Eco Resort in Indonesia is situated on an island that is considered to be a marine protected area. Raja Ampat Island is the guardian of the vast shark and manta ray sanctuary that is the creation of the Misool Eco Resort.

The resort is promised to keep their guests at an elevated position with umpteen number of surprises and it has accomplished the mission in purveying the blissful scenery around. Lined by the powder white beaches and nourished by the turquoise crystal clear lagoons and colourful reefs, the resort has played an important role in preserving the rich marine biodiversity intact. The guests are free to choose scuba diving also.
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Vivanta by Taj, Langkawi, Malaysia

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As the world knows, Langkawi has a tremendous tropical rainforest filled with an amazing collection of numerous wildlife species. Vivanta by Taj is offering its guests a very private time of their own looking at the turquoise sea water kissing the long white beaches.

While you are here, the umpteen numbers of activities will amuse you and it goes like, jungle trail to observe the indigenous creatures of Langkawi, the sunset cruise on a private yacht with exclusive cabanas, the mangrove tour and stingray experience and quite romantic dining settings outside the resort by keeping your legs in the chilled water. The most visited resort on the island is this one with incomparable serenity in the surrounding and envying service.
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Jungle Nepal Resort, Nepal

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Chitwan National Park is one of the main advantages if you visit Nepal where one can experience enduring moments of jungle safari, jeep safari, canoeing, and bird watching and so on. Those who have inundated with the beautiful lush greenery have become admirers of the prominent resort in the premises of the park, Jungle Nepal Resort as well.

A cleaned surrounding of the resort itself makes the stay very peaceful and enjoyable. Facilitated by the modern equipment, all the rooms have enough space to extend a relishing accommodation to the guests. The in-house restaurant has a special significance as it presents the authentic cuisines of Asia prepared by a team of experienced chefs.
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Jungle Safari Resort, Nepal

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A very traditional approach to the rooms and surroundings is the peculiarity of the Jungle Safari Resort located near Chitwan National Park. Edged by the elegant Rapti River, the resort claims to be at a 3 minute walkable distance from the national park. All the rooms and cottages are occupied with the most modern facilities which are maintained by a perfect team of people.

The warm hospitality offered by the staff is highly appreciated by the guests who have chosen the resort for their stay. Whatever activity you would like to do in and around the park, the resort has the ideal service providers to gift you more than you would expect.
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The Secret Paradise Resort & Turtle Sanctuary, Philippines

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The setting of The Secret Paradise Resort in the Philippines is a wonder to everyone; secluded away from the horns of the city, sprawling across the verdant greenery of more than 77 hectares, the resort is one of the most visited wildlife resorts in Asia. Why it is placed on the list of wildlife resorts is because of the turtle sanctuary and its location between Port Barton’s Marine Park and Sabang’s world famous Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River National Park.

Yet another highlight the resort boasts of is the long cove coastline edged by numerous coconut trees and the four private beaches beautified by waterfalls. Does anyone need something more than this to forget the days on Earth?
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Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Bali, Indonesia

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Near the West Bali National Park is the enticing Menjangan Dynasty Resort, presenting before the guest's quite unique tented rooms, cliff top tented villas and environmental-friendly bamboo buildings equipped with all the modern facilities. One cannot imagine more than the panoramic views of the encircling rainforests, savannah grasslands, mangrove-lined coastlines, turquoise lagoon and the cute island of Menjangan. 

Unlimited flora and fauna are part of these forests and the resort will spoil you with the private pampering spa, a spacious restaurant, and a beach club. In addition to the magnificent on-land wildlife, the marine world will be auspiciously presenting before your eyes the magical world of protected marine animals and flora.
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23 March 2017
nice view property. it was my family trip , everyone are very satisfied with this resorts and location. the main important things food quality is very Good. well decorated room with modern toiletries. all staff are in well dress helpful. I suggest to every one to stay here.
03 January 2020
Vasudha Rana Paatlidun Safari Lodge
If you are a nature and wildlife lover than this place and this resort is perfect for you. We have visited Corbett to explore the wildlife of India. Came across this resort and the reviews were great so we have decided to book it. And after a lot of research we have found that Thrillophilia provides it at the best deals so we have booked it here. And loved their deals of activities and stay. Our bird watching which was complimentary in this package was well organized and amazing. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. Will surely book again from Thrillophila again.
16 December 2019
We were here for a 2-night stay. Resort is located in amidst nature. The staff here is very helpful, polite and gives prompt service. The rooms are very spacious and clean. The food was really awesome. Enjoyed various activities like nature walk, Bungee Swing, Rope By Rope Walk, Wall Climbing and many more.
20 January 2020
Corbett Machaan Resort has nice, comfortable rooms. The property has ample greenery and so many fun adventure activities. I have visited the resort with my better half and it was a surprise for me on my birthday. I loved the decoration done by the resort on the special demand and the cake arranged by the staff. Thank you to Thrillophilia for booking on such short notice and providing activities with the stay.
04 January 2020
Vishnu Dutta Namah Resort
I went to Corbett with my friends and we booked this resort through Thrillophilia at the best discounted deals after comparing on other platforms. Amazing place, friendly staff, Good quality food, hygiene was maintained at the top level. It was one of the memorable stay experiences. We had so much fun at the jeep safari and playing games. Our guide was very friendly enjoyed his company also. The spa session was so relaxing, would love to go again at this resort. Thanks, Thriilophilia for the amazing stay experience.
21 January 2020
Dakshayani Naik Clarissa Resort
Stayed for 2 days with my partner. On our arrival we were welcomed with a drink and smiling faces. Booked their executive room from Thrillophilia as they were offering it at the best price online. Also there was activities complimentary with the package. We loved our nature walk. Had a romantic time at the candle light dinner table. Must visit for couples especially.
20 December 2019
Geetanjali Kocchar Clarissa Resort
Shimla is a beautiful hill station with scenic beauty. I loved the stay at this beautiful property with amazing staff and tasty food. Highly recommended for a calm and relaxing stay.
20 December 2019
We stayed here for 2 days, Enjoyed a lot with family. Nice cottages with very nice interiors, very delicious food and very polite staff, Awsome location and property with well-designed rooms, restaurant, garden, swimming pool, children's play area etc.
19 February 2020
Apsara Sharma Bagheera Jungle Retreat
Perfect for adventure lovers, their cottages are awesome, spacious, are perfect for nature lovers. I would highly recommend to try their adventure activities. We tried ziplining, wall climbing and bungee swing which was the best of three. Take your time and do try all the outdoor activities. We had a lot of fun there. We made the booking online from Thrillophilia and they provided us the pocket-friendly package with discounts on adventure activities as well.
02 December 2019
Very helping and cooperative staff, good scenic beauty inside the resort and best in Corbett, room service people are very good too, restaurant food is very tasty and easy on the stomach. Do try Chinese dishes here. Overall five out of five.

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