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A picturesque hill station near Bangalore in the Salem District of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud sits at 4970 ft above sea level and is a popular spot for nature lovers, trekkers and photographers. The highest point of the hill station is the Servarayan Temple, situated at an altitude of 5326 ft. The valley spreads for about 382.67 sq. km that also includes a reserve forest. 

The lush green vegetation and the high altitude lake make for a perfect weekend trip from Bangalore. This makes it a perfect stop for all kinds of travelers, frequented by both young and old. The valley of Yercaud also hosts an incredible amount of wildlife and you will be able to spot several unique bird and mammal species around the forests. 

The vegetation of this part of Eastern Ghats is unlike any other part of the country, earning the hills, the title “Jewel of the South”. Tourists, travelers, photographers, wildlife lovers, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts visit Yercaud all round the year. Popular attractions in the Yercaud Valley include the Yercaud Lake, Pagoda Point, Killiyur Falls, Lay’s Seat, Kaveri Peak, the Servarayan Temple and Arthu’s Seat. 

If you have been longing for a day spent in nature, this hill station offers easy treks, mountain climbing and long walks across natural trails within the forest. Go for a Bangalore to Yercaud Package that covers all your personal requirements. Accessibility to Yercaud is cheap and easy which also makes it a great alternative to more pompous destinations like Kodaikanal or Udhagamandalam. 

Well, here we discuss everything you need to know about a great vacation to Yercaud.

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Quick Facts


Bangalore to Yercaud Distance

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The distance between Bangalore and Yercaud is about 215.2 kilometers via the NH44. Yercaud gets more than 60% of its crowd in the weekends and most of them come from Bangalore. If you are starting late at Friday night, you will be easily able to reach Yercaud by Saturday morning. Spend the weekend and head back to Bangalore by Sunday evening. 

You will have been re energized and an experience to feel good about all week!

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Bangalore to Yercaud Route Map

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There are three routes to Yercaud if you are looking to make a road trip from Bangalore. All the routes are highly scenic and will be a fun experience.

Route 1: Bangalore - Electronic City - Krishnagiri - Kaveripattinam - Dharmapuri - Nallampalli - Deevattipatti - Danishpet - Bommidi Rd. - Kanavaipudur - Yercaud (A total of 215 km and will take you about 4 hr 16 minutes)

Route 2: Bangalore - Kanakapura-Hunasanahalli Rd - Dharmapuri-Hogenakkal Rd - NH44 to Deevattipatti - Danishpet - Bommidi Rd. - Kanavaipudur - Yercaud (a total of 272 km which will take you about 6 hr 38 minutes)

Route 3: Bangalore - Kolar - Kammasandra - Kuppam- Krishnagiri - Kaveripattinam - Dharmapuri - Nallampalli - Deevattipatti - Danishpet - Bommidi Rd. - Kanavaipudur - Yercaud (A total of 282 km which will take about 6 hr 26 minutes)

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Best time to visit Yercaud from Bangalore

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Yercaud is pleasant all round the year but the most popular months are between November and February. In the winters, the temperature is in a comfortable range of 10-15 degree Celsius. In other times of the year, you may find Yercaud a bit more humid but enchanting nonetheless. Meanwhile, it is also one the places around Bangalore to visit during monsoon.
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How to Reach Yercaud from Bangalore


Bangalore to Yercaud by Bus

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There is no direct bus from Bangalore to Yercaud. The closest you can reach by bus is till Salem, after which Yercaud will be another half an hour of journey. Plenty of buses, both government and privately run ply between Salem and Yercaud.

Types of bus and names

It is advisable that you book your bus from Bangalore to Salem in advance. Both KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) and private operators offer busses in this route. Popular KSRTC buses include:

  1. Airavat Club Class

  2. Rajahamsha Executive

  3. Greenline Travels

Multi axle, Volvo buses are a comfortable way to make the trip from Bangalore to Yercaud. Most buses plying in this route are AC Volvos that should ensure that you reach your destination completely fresh and energetic!

Starting point

You have several option is the boarding point from Bangalore. Depending on where you live, the options include:

  1. Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stop

  2. Santhi Nagar Bus Stand Double Road

  3. KMF Christ College Bus Stop

  4. St John’s Hospital BMTC Bus Stand

  5. Electronic City Toll

  6. Hosur Bus Stop (opposite AXIS Bank)

  7. Corporation Bank Chandapura

Timings of Buses

The most popular start for Salem is the overnight buses. However, you will be able to find buses to Salem across the day starting at 10.00 AM in the morning and till 22.40 PM in the night. It is necessary that you check out the bus departure timing before you go on to book your ticket.

Number of hours of journey

The exact number of hours it will take to reach Salem from Yercaud will depend on the bus you choose but the average duration is about 4 hours and 30 minutes. You must plan your booking in such a way that you get your next bus ride to Yercaud and wouldn’t have to wait too long for it. Buses from Salem to Yercaud will start early in the morning, about 5 AM and are available till late evening.

The total journey from Bangalore to Yercaud will be a matter of 5 hours on a bus.

Approx Fare

Government (KSRTC) run buses charge about INR 203 for the ride between Bangalore and Salem. However, if you are booking with private operators like Airavat, expect to pay double the price. Your trip from Salem to Yercaud will cost another INR 50 by local run buses. Consequently, the approx fare comes down to about INR 250 if you are looking to travel on government run transport.

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Drive to Yercaud from Bangalore

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A self driven vehicle is the most convenient option to reach Yercaud from Bangalore and it will be one of the best road trip around Bangalore that one can have. You will not only be in the comfort of your own car but also have the flexibility to make more number of stops. The route to Yercaud is scenic and if you are traveling by public transport, it will always get inconvenient whenever you would have liked to stop. 

The journey will take the same amount of time, between 4 and 5 hours and to cover the total of 230 kilometers; you will just need about INR 500 worth of petrol. However, make sure that you have enough fuel stored for the return trip too. 

The cost, when compared to traveling by bus comes down to the same amount if you are traveling with another person. For group travel, with more than 2 people, traveling by car will also come to be cheaper.

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Bangalore to Yercaud by Train

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No direct train from Bangalore is available till Yercaud. A train can take you as far as Salem, from where you will have to take a bus or a private taxi to Yercaud. There are plenty of trains running between Bangalore (SBC/KSR) City Junction Railway Station till Salem Junction (SA).

The distance between the Salem Railway Junction and Yercaud is 31.5 kilometers and can be covered in about 1 hour across the SH188 via Kuppanur.

The cost of train ticket from Bangalore to Salem would be about INR150 and from Salem to Yercaud; public transportation would cost another INR50.

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Bangalore to Yercaud by Air

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Yercaud is a small hill station and isn’t serviced by any airports. The closest you can fly to is the Trichy Airport, 165 kilometers from Yercaud. From then on, you can hire a taxi to reach Yercaud.

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Places to See Between Bangalore and Yercaud



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Mysore, just 150 kilometers from Bangalore, is the cultural capital of Karnataka and hosts several opulent palaces. The second biggest city for the state after Bangalore, it’s the erstwhile capital of Wodeyar Dynasty. Apart from the history, Mysore is also considered to be one of the best planned and cleanest cities of India. One of the best places for a 2 day trip from Bangalore.

The beauty of Mysore is not restricted to the Mysore Palace, the erstwhile seat of Tipu Sultan, the famous Maharana King. Other interesting things to see in and around Mysore include the Karanji Lake, Chamundi Hills, Mysore Zoo, Shivasamudra Falls and the Brindavan Gardens. 

The city also hosts many famous yoga centers set amidst sandalwood forests, also earning Mysore the title of “Sandalwood City”.

Another unique experience in Mysore would be to be a part of the festivals and fairs that the city regularly hosts. If you are traveling around Dushera, you would be entertained by unique festivities and be a part of the culture and traditions that date back several decades. This place is within 200kms from Bangalore and can be visited during weekend.

The festivals and the culture of Mysore truly reflect the legacy of the past and it would be a miss if you haven’t been able to be a part of it. There are several prominent options for accommodation, should you choose to halt at Mysore for the night.

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Nanjangud is a temple town, just a few kilometers (23 kilometers to be precise) from Mysore and is a holy place for the people in this part of the country. The highlight of Nanjangud is the Nanjundeswara or the Srikanteswara Temple. The town is also referred to as Garalapuri for the famous temple of the same name.

An important pilgrimage center, the temples in this town have been built in Dravidian architecture and is also one of its kinds found in South India. According to legends, the city hosted Gauthama, the ancient sage for some time, who also established the famous “Linga” in the temple. In fact, the city of Nanjangud is also referred to as the Varanasi of the South.

Situated on the banks of the Kapila River, the city witnesses the confluence of sacred rivers, Gundlu and Kapila. The confluence is also known as the “Parashurama Kshestra”. Consequently, you will also find a Parashurama Temple, one of its kinds for the country. The place also has temples that are dedicated to Basaveshwara and Anjaneya. 

Apart from this, several multinational companies have established themselves at Nanjangud, making it an important part of the map of Karnataka.

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Bandipur National Park

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Born back in 1931, the Bandipur National Park is one of the most popular natural escapes for travelers from across the country. Spread across 80 sq. km. the reserve forest is famous for tigers, elephants and sandalwood forests. The forests are located at the foothills of the Nilgiris and shelters several endangered and unique wildlife species. 

While you can always be a part of the wildlife safaris, this is perhaps the only reserve forest that allows for passengers vehicle to pass through the jungle. It is expected that you follow jungle ethics while crossing this route for your journey onwards towards Yercaud.

Depending on the time you are traveling, it is quite likely that you come across a herd of wild elephants or spotted deers on the road. Several species of birds, reptiles and smaller mammals roam freely across the reserve, making it a delight for any photographer or wildlife lover.

Your trip across the Bandipur National Park would be bestowed with the best of natural beauty. Lines by huge sandalwood trees on either side, this is one of the most picturesque roads to drive in. in it necessary that you maintain your speed limit and refrain from making loud noises for the sake of the wildlife that lives in close quarters.

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Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

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240 kilometers from Bangalore and 90 kilometers from Mysore, the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is located on the Ooty-Mysore interstate highway. The approach to the reserve is through sheep mountain roads and several hairpin bends, which also makes for a perfectly adventurous road trip. 

Located on the foothills of the Nilgiris, the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve covers an area of about 321 sq km and offers a classical natural landscape, marked by spindly trees and colorful leaves that conceal the myriads of spotted deers and wild boars. The tiger reserve also hosts about 570 tigers, making the reserve one of the mostly densely populated tiger sanctuaries of the country. 

It is Tamil Nadu’s top places to spot and encounter wild animals and if you are a nature lover, you will thoroughly enjoy the detour.

Along with the Bandipur National Park, Nagarhole National Park and the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve, the Mudumalai forms and unbroken chain of wildlife sanctuary that forms an important refuge to several endangered and unique wild animals and plants. 

Mudumalai get a lot of tourist attention for its close proximity to destinations like Masinagudi but at the same time, it is one of the most well kept tiger reserves of the country. It is necessary that you enjoy nature while sticking to the common ethics of the forests.

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A place of natural splendor, Masinagudi is popular for its majestic vegetation and calmness. Located in the district of Nilgiri, it forms both a hill station and a part of important wildlife sanctuary. A trip to Masinagudi is incomplete without witnessing the incredible variety of wildlife that it holds. 

A safari will take you through the forests and you will be able to witness myriads of birds, mammals, reptiles and other flora and fauna. Important wildlife in the region include tigers, elephants, flying lizards, grey langurs, wild boar, sambar deer, flying squirrels and several snakes and bird species. In fact, the Masinagudi Sanctuary hosts 55 mammal species, 227 bird species, 34 reptile species, 21 amphibian species, and 50 species of fishes.

Most of Masinagudi still remains untouched and unexplored – making it a thrill for wildlife and nature lovers alike. If you have been looking for that perfect evening to be alone or spend some quite quality time to close friends and family, the Masinagudi hill station is the perfect setup for it. Watch the sunset across the dense foliage of the Nilgiris and take back memories for a lifetime. 

There are several options of lodging at Masinagudi that will fit the pocket of all kinds of travelers. An overnight halt at Masinagudi is quite recommended if you are traveling to Yercaud, as it falls almost midway.

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Places to Visit in Yercaud


Yercaud Lake

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The Yercaud Lake is the most prominent place in the hill station and something that cannot be missed. The lake offers a stunning and panoramic landscape of the lush green mountains and the grasslands that define this hill station. The lake is surrounded immediately by gardens and well made trails that are lined by big wooden trees, making it s tranquil escapade.

You will be able to locate the lake in the heart of Yercaud and this is also the place known for its unique line of eateries, cafes and restaurants. The foods served in the eateries around the Yercaud Lake are the perfect representation of traditional Tamil cuisine that is prepared with the indigenous spices.

Apart from long walks and quiet meals, you can take a boat ride across the lake and this will be a great way to experience the picturesque valley around. Boating in the Yercaud Lake also presents the perfect opportunity to take back those precious postcard pictures that you might have been seeking from your trip! 

Overall, the Yercaud Lake defines the hill station and it would also be advisable that you find an accommodation close to the water body. The options are many but you might do a little bit of research.

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Pagoda Point

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Away from the touristy hustle of Yercaud, the Pagoda Point is the perfect escape if you have been looking for solace and peace. The view point offers amazing view of the hill station around and an hour here can easily uplift your spirits to new heights. You can see as far as Salem while the mystic and cool breeze creates a trance that will mesmerize anyone. 

An evening spent in the Pagoda Point would be a great idea to rejuvenate yourself. As you soak in the magical landscape, the silent chirps of birds and the hustle of the wind will make in fall in love with the spirit of nature. You will be able to see clouds floating lower than your vantage point and this is what the raw charm of nature is defined by.

Make sure you are not alone amidst this beauty because things of joy are to be shared! The Pagoda Point makes the perfect spot for couples and friends who have been longing for a quite time, away from the rush of Bangalore. You are free to be in your spirits here. Just ensure that you leave behind nothing else than your footprints!

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The Servaroyan Temple

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One of the most popular spots in Yercaud, the Servaroyan Temple marks the highest point of the hill station. Located 5326 feet above sea level, this temple holds a lot of history that is centered on the spiritual development of Yercaud. The Servaroyan Temple is quite ancient and had been built by the indigenous tribes that belonged to this part of the Nilgiri forests.

The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kaveri and a visit will fill you with a sense of piousness.

Around the Servaroyan Temple is a picturesque landscape that easily captivates your mind. If you go deeper into folklore, the history, art and the natural implications of the temple can be uplifting. Since the temple forms the highest point of the Yercaud Valley, you can also expect this to be the most enthralling vantage point of your trip. 

Below you are the floating clouds that create mystifying scenery. The best way to unravel more of the natural charm around the Servaroyan Temple is to embark on small hikes hat must be covered on foot. The rugged terrain will definitely offer the challenges that keep your adrenaline running.

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Kiliyur Waterfall

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A waterfall at such a height is always a welcome experience by any kind of wildlife lover. The Kiliyur Falls cannot be missed when you are in and around Yercaud. Falling from a height of 300 ft, the fascinating beauty of the surf will easily leave an imprint that you will carry for a lifetime. It is the beautiful place to visit in Yercaud.

The Kiliyur Waterfall is made more fascinating by the location it is in. Surrounded by lush green forests, it’s a place that you can spend hours doing nothing but reinvigorating your spirits.

The Kiliyur Waterfall can only be reached by a strenuous hike on foot. Though, it’s not too far from the Yercaud Lake, it does take some amount of work on your part to be a part of the landscape. Visitors to the waterfall can also engage in picnic activities.

However it is necessary that you ensure to clean up before your leave. If you are wishing to get the best view of the Kiliyur Waterfalls, the monsoons are the best time. It is when the water is in full force and the sound of the forest deafens anything else. It becomes both majestic and magical.

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Montfort School

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The Montfort School in Yercaud highlights the history and development of the hill town in the most beautiful ways. The school is run by Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel with the defining motto of “virtue and labor”. The education here is aimed at instilling the value of moral education while offering practical means to lead a respectable and humble life.

The Montfort School was formed back in 1st June, 1917 and has since witnessed developments that have occurred across the world. In its initial days, the school was one of the best European Schools that had reached its pinnacle around the First World War.

There have been challenges that were met dues to the constant tension and war across, but the Montfort School has been able to stick to its high standards of education and value additions to the society. Even today, the Montfort School is regarded as one of the top educational establishments around and includes pupils like Sashi Tharoor, the famed politician and Nagesh Kukunoor, the renowned Bollywood filmmaker.
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Silk Farm and Rose Garden

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Just 2 kilometers from Yercaud, the Silk Farm and Rose Garden are popular sightseeing spots and offer some offbeat experiences for travelers. There’s a lot of history that goes into the establishment of these silk farms and it dates back to the era of the World Wars.

 A walk around and taking with the locals will give you unique insights about the place and is something that you can expect to take back from the trip.

Other than the history, the beauty of the silk farm and rose gardens also attracts a lot of honeymooners and couples in love. You can even learn a trick or two about silk production in the workshops that are conducted across the farm, all round the year. Silk rearing has been one of the major cottage industries in Yercaud and silk farmers from this place have consequently brought forward ages of history and skills in art and culture. 

The silk farm in Yercaud is also a living representation of how the silk industry evolved in India and went on to become a major contributor to the nation’s economy.

At the rose garden on the other hand, you will come across several elegant varieties of roses. The farms are filled with an aromatic glee that you would like to hold on to for a lifetime. The colorful bed of roses also makes for a perfect picture. The rose garden also attracts horticulture enthusiasts from across the country.

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Deer Park

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The Deer Park in Yercaud is a perfect spot for animal lovers and all those who want to witness wild animals in close quarters. The park holds a special place among kids and if you are traveling with your young one, a visit to this park can be exciting. The Deer Park also makes for a perfect picnic spot wherein, you can lunch amidst the beautiful view of the surrounding hills. 

Games like football, basketball, cricket and baseball can be enjoyed if you are traveling in a group.

With the best of nature all around, the Deer Park makes for a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers alike. However, it is important to note that the park closes at 5 PM in the evening, after which you can head on to several other nearby places to continue be in the lap of un-spoilt nature. 

The closest destination includes the Yercaud Lake and the Lady’s Rock, where you can spend the rest of the evening.

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Kottachedu Teak Forest

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Another amazing destination that you cannot miss around Yercaud is the Kottachedu Teak Forests. This is a perfect experience if you have always been curious about how human civilization started in the Stone Age and consequently, changed the world for the good. Though, you will not find much of bamboo forest in and around Yercaud, this is one particular patch of forest that will mesmerize you.

With an incredible mix of flora and fauna, the tall standing teak forests practically represent and feature how people used to live before the modern developments took pace.

It’s likely come across exotic wildlife species that include deer, ant eaters, squirrels, rabbits, hares, foxes, bisons and mongoose. Common birds to the forests include Paradise flycatchers, kites, sparrows and swallows. If you are a hardcore wildlife enthusiast, you can easily connect the flora and fauna of the Kottachedu Teak Forest to the rest of the Western Ghats.

For the best experience of the forests, it is best to be there early morning or late in the evening, when the sun in its golden glory.

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Resorts to Stay in Yercaud


Grange Resort

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Situated amidst coffee plantation and thriving greenery, the Grange Resorts offers the most amazing lodging experiences in Yercaud. You would be a part of the Shevaroy Range when in the Grange Resorts and being just about half a kilometer from the Yercaud Lake, you sure wouldn’t be missing out on the beauty of the hill station. 

Your stay in the Grange Resort is marked by a lush green backdrop of the Nilgiri Hills and is also one of the most idyllic settings to find yourself in.

The resort offers completely furnished rooms with amenities like doctor on call, round the clock water and other luxuries that you would want to compliment your stay with. Each of the rooms in the resort has been designed in a way that is offers a view of the landscape around and this also makes this a perfect stop to get away from the hustle of the tourists. 

The meals served in the Grange Resort comprise of authentic traditional Tamilian meals. The raw material for the food prepared here is sourced locally and this includes organically grown vegetables and fresh poultry. The resort also arranges for ATV rides for a unique experience of the hills that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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Golden Nest Resorts

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Golden Nest is particularly popular among business class tourists for its range of high end amenities and luxurious offerings. Even though the premises are confined to a small setting, it is a facility of international standards. Located on the top of a hill the views from your room are breathtaking and it will be a different kind of experience waking up to a landscape that awes you. 

If you have been looking for a personal stay or a business vacation, the Golden Nest Resort makes the cut. Meetings rooms and conference halls allow you to perfectly mix business with the pleasures of the hills. The highlight of the resort is in fact the conference hall that has been designed to offer a panoramic view of the landscape around.

Other than an incredible locale, the food served at the Golden Nest Resort is incredible and comprises of the richness of the state. You can dine in the naturalistic views of the hills and this easily leaves you wanting for more. This resort in Yercaud also offers a barbeque facility, customized to your needs. Campfires, dances, music and other recreational activities further add to the charm of your Bangalore to Yercaud package.

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Clifton Inn Resorts

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This is the resort for the most discerning of traveler. Excellent ranges of accommodation, the rooms here have been tastefully designed with neat interiors inspired by natural elements. Whether you are looking for leisure or are a business traveler, the Clifton Inn Resort will suit your precise needs. 

The furnishing across the Clifton Inn is completely Balinese and this is well complimented by fine hospitality. Well maintained and clean interiors are just the start of the advantages of staying at this resort. Deluxe rooms with intercom facilities ensure that all your needs are immediately taken care of. You can even book a family room that can accommodate as many as eight people – perfect from those group tours.

The highlight of the Clifton Inn Resorts is however the home cooked food that can easily tantalize your taste buds! Not only are the preparations authentic but food here is served in the traditional way. Through there is no network connectivity in this part of the hills, you can seek satellite TVs and phones to stay connected with the rest of the world while having the best of your vacation. 

There is uninterrupted power supply and the multi cuisine restaurants will be able to serve any other choices you might have.

The Clifton Inn Resorts also organize daily camping, trekking and other adventure trips and thus will be a one-stop way of experiencing Yercaud.

If you want to have some homely feeling then try out some beautiful homestays in Yercaud

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Grand Palace Resort

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The Grand Palace Resort is highlighted for being located in one of the most scenic and beautiful spots around Yercaud. The views from anywhere in the resort premises offer uninterrupted view of the natural scape around, including the sight of the emerald green Yercaud Lake. 

The impressive facilities of the Grand Palace Resort include multiple restaurants, Balinese Spa massage and other outdoor activity programs that are regularly organized.

Inside the compounds of the Grand Palace, you can engage in a number of sports that include volley ball, badminton, carom boards, dart boards, snooker and more. There is also a shooting range that offers target practice using several kinds of objects at a range of distances. 

A poolside bar further compliments your needs of the evening and this makes it a perfect sport for luxury tourists, be it couples, business groups or a group of friends. Lastly, fully equipped conference rooms and banquet halls ensure that you can easily mingle business with pleasure. The facility is capable to host even large gatherings and is a popular spot for social programs like engagements and smaller ceremonies.

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Wellington Hills Resorts

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Located close to the Montfort School, the Wellington Hills Resort is just about 28 kilometers from the town of Salem and is an idyllic setting for families and friends looking for some peaceful time in the hills. The offerings of the Wellington Hill Resorts are impressive and include doctor on call, round the clock power supply, and a travel desk that will be able to cater to any kind of sightseeing or travel requirement you may have. 

The resort comprises of about twenty air conditioned cottages, with each offering an amazing view of the mountainous landscape from its balcony. The spectacular views from your room will surely bring you close to nature while offering you privacy and comfort.

Since the Wellington Hill Resort is situated right in the middle of the hill station, you are never too far away from the wilderness that defines this part of the world. Numerous trekking trails in Yercaud begin close to the resorts and the travel desk will also be able to help you with a guide for your expedition. 

The best thing is you may also bring your own camping gear and pitch your tent for the night in the safety of the resort compounds but right in the middle of the wilderness, with stars above. The food prepared here is rated high among guests and the rates are also quite nominal for the quality and range you are offered.

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Best places to Eat in Yercaud


Orange Restaurant

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Located inside the premises of the Grand Palace Hotel, the Orange Restaurant serves authentic traditional food at very nominal prices. The ambience of the place is what makes it more interesting, even with the most discerning traveler.

The restaurant is open between 7 AM in the morning and late till 11 PM in the night.

Popular food served here include Chinese, Indian and continental dishes. Even if you are not staying at Grand Palace Hotel, this restaurant would be worth the visit, be it with your family or friends or business colleagues.
Also, enjoy this new year at the best events of Bangalore.
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Malar Restaurant

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The Malar Restaurant forms a part of the Shevaroys Hotel complex and is located just about 100 yards from the Yercaud Lake. Malar Restaurant is popular among guests who are looking for pure vegetarian dishes. The Beer Cave Bar nearby will offer any alcoholic drinks that you might choose to have with your food.
The servings of the Malar restaurant are highly rated and are considered to be among the finest and cheapest options around this place.
This is especially popular among couples who are looking for privacy coupled with fine dining. Guests can even enjoy several games in the game room located close to the restaurant premises.
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Sweet Rascal

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Located at the K.A. Hospital Road, close to the Regent Hill Side Villa and Resort, Sweet Rascal is a creative ambience and is perfect for couples and close group of friends. The food served here is delicious and comprises of continental and barbeque offerings.
The most popular dishes that are recommended at the Sweet Rascal include the Grilled Chicken, Fish items and their Chicken Biriani.
The restaurant operates between 12 AM noon and 11.59 Pm in the night. This consequently makes it the perfect stop for a late dinner.
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Shri Saravana Bhavan Elite

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Shri Saravana Bhavan Elite is marked as the best place if you are looking to enjoy the staple south Indian dishes. You get to enjoy food that has been by highly skilled chefs. As such, this spot is particularly famous amount tourists from all of South India.
The restaurant only served pure vegetarian dishes and also has an open kitchen that meets the high demands and orders. However, the best part to be a guest at the Shri Saravana Restaurant is in the evening as the crowd is quite the number in the afternoon hours.
The restaurant is open between 8 AM in the morning and 10 PM in the evening.
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Salem Heights

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Just 2 kilometers from Anna Park, the Salem Heights is close to both Lady’s Seat and the Kiliyur Falls. The restaurant offers poolside views and has WiFi facility. The hotel offers mini fridge, coffee making equipment and upgraded room service. Parking and breakfast buffet is included in your stay. Even if you are a just a guest to the restaurant, you can use these services. 

The food is amazing here and is a mixed platter of Indian, continental and Chinese. There is a good variety of food but the best part is the lively ambiance. Do try out the desserts when you are here. 

The price is a little on the higher side but if you have been looking for a good meal t compliment your vacation, this is the place.

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Things to Keep in Mind


Things to carry

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The things you should be carrying to Yercaud will thoroughly depend on the kind of travel you are looking to make. If you are driving your own vehicle, the requirements would differ than if you were looking to take the public transport. Similarly, the place you choose to stay will affect a lot on the things you will need to carry along.

Overall, here are some things that you must be throwing into your backpack:

  1. Light jackets / sweater depending on the month you are traveling. If you are visiting Yercaud during the winters (between November and February, make sure you have carried warm clothing)

  2. Raincoats, if you are traveling during the monsoons. The rains in the hill station can always take you by surprise.

  3. Camping equipment if you are looking to pitch your tent outside and sleep under the stars.

  4. Flashlights and mosquito repellants, if you are in the habit of exploring in the dark

  5. Good pair of trekking boots, as you cannot miss out on the opportunity

  6. Preventive medicines

  7. Camera – you won’t forget it of course!

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Travel Tips for Yercaud Trip from Bangalore

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  • Start late Friday evening such that you reach one of the several sops by morning. This trip is all about enjoying the journey and not the destination. Don’t miss out on opportunities or hurry!

  • Yercaud is a small hill station with not a lot of attraction to keep you engaged for the full weekend. If you are looking to just relax or chill out, it’s perfect. Otherwise, club it with a detour to Bandipur or Masinagudi.

  • Research for the best Bangalore to Yercaud package to have a comfortable and hassle-free holiday.

  • Be careful when driving the car around the ghats – the hairpin bends can be fatal and have caused accidents in the past.

  • Trek only if you are with a lively group of friends. Otherwise, the offerings might easily bore you.

  • Book a nice hotel as food and stay will be the highlight of your trip. Sipping coffee with a view is the best thing in Yercaud.

  • Shopping is cheap in Yercaud and you can keep some budget aside for it!

  • Meet and talk to the locals if you have an interest in history. The stories from World War will be interesting.

Lastly, enjoy your stay at Yercaud. Have fun and be ready for Bangalore again!

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Newly Added Yercaud Experience
Looking for a good getaway with family and freinds I would love to suggest to you about this Greenberry Resort because the place has a good garden, space for kids to play, nice indoor games, hospitable staff, delicious foods which tasted like homemade foods. Booked this from Thrillophilia was easy as the price is reasonable along with good customer service.
Rajendra Reddy Yercaud Camping
The best way to spend good quality time with family and friends, this Yercaud Camping suitable for all age group, the place is perfect for camping, accommodation was clean, foods were great, the rope-activity, zip-line, and Burma bridge is in good condition, the hike towards the waterfall was fun... Overall nice activities on this camp stay... All-over well-organized and well-maintained.
Aslesha Desai Yercaud Camping
me and my friends went for this camp on hilltop in Yercaud and it was such a memorable experience. the travel was comfortable and our driver, Bhima was very kind and polite. the tents were comfortable and we had lots of fun at such an affordable price. Thrillophilia highly recommended to all.
Vaishvi Iyer Yercaud Camping
I've always enjoyed hilltop camping experiencs but this one was made special by Thrillophilia team. I did this trek with 3 friends and all of us loved everything from campsite to food,
Deepesh Namboothiri Yercaud Camping
We have come to Yercaus before but we never knew that were actual camping options here, that too in such lesser known places. Me and a group of my college friends from Chennai came here in the summer season, and had a lot of fun! The tents were quite comfortable, and also there were a lot of things for us to do, like ziplining, trekking, Burma bridge and more.
Yercaud is a beautiful place to visit, the greenery, coffee plantations make it more beautiful. I recently went to Yercaud with my friends and we had a lot of fun there. We had fun exploring the places in city and the boating was also a great experience. Thanks, Thrillophilia for arranging the tour so well. Stay, meals, transport every thing was great.
Giriraaj Shah Yercaud Camping
Pick-up and dropped-off were on-time, tents stay expereince was great, thrill and fun activities, amazing-meals, Super amazing weekend we had
Darshan Bharadwaj Greenberry Resort Yercaud
Best place to chill out with some friends on a holiday or a vacation... I would recommend this to others
Devani Butt GRT Yercaud
Good day outing with family, the place is gorgeous, everywhere was a clean and well-maintained, friendly and caring staff, the service was nice, so much fun there, really the price matched with the expereince. Strongly recommend this resort and Thrillophilia
Gotum Mehrotra GRT Yercaud
The resort looks luxurious, all over the places is neat and clean, really a nice place for a day-out with loved once, the foods and activities came with the package were absolutely great, nice leisure time we had at the pools along with chill-drinks, Children and adults both had a great time. Next time would come back for the stay...

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