Tourist Places in Manikaran

The town of Manikaran lies in the state of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 1760m. With many places to visit in Manikaran of historical, religious and tourist significance, this land is a pleasure to visit in every form. Being a land of famed Gurudwara engulfed in hills, Manikaran has a mythological attachment with history of being visited by both Lord Shiva and  Guru Nanakji, which makes it an auspicious place for people from both Hindu and Sikh religion.

There are many tourist places in Manikaran that include beautiful temples, trekking trails of Khe
er Ganga and Parvati valley, hill towns nearby to name a few, but the most popular attraction are the hot water springs. Here, the steam continuously rises from beneath the earth’s surface releasing hot water from underground, believed to have curative powers for which large number of people visit the town of Manikaran. Having an ideal time of visit in April to June, Manikaran welcomes all with plethora of places to check out this vacation. If you want to discover the beauty of Manikaran and other amazing places in Himachal Pradesh, Himachal packages are the perfect way to do it. These packages let you experience the rich culture and stunning natural scenery of the region. 

Here are the best tourist places in Manikaran:

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Manikaran Hot Springs

This place to visit in Manikaran is a natural geological marvel, full of hot boiling water that is rich in Uranium and radioactive substances. The water within is considered auspicious and said to have healing properties for the human body that can cure skin and other disorders. There are folklores attached to the spring that hail their origin from Hindu and Sikh religions.

Usually, water of the spring is hot enough to boil rice and other food and it has to be cooled with the water of the river Parvati for bathing purposes.There are indoor and outdoor bathing pools for both men and women on the lower level while the upper level has an open pool. It is advisable to carry a pair of clothes if one needs to take a bath here.

7am to 10pm

Entry fee-
There is no entry fees for the visitors.

the spring is located near Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib.

Distance from Kullu bus stand-

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The remote town of  Malana is perched 20km north of Jari on a hillside. This town has been the most isolated town in the region and still, the town folks strangely prefer to avoid the outside world. The residents of this town consider themselves as the descendants of the army of “Alexander The Great”.

Following a different lifestyle, a language of their own and a fully functional parliamentary system with a court, a prime minister and a president, they take pride in calling themselves the world’s oldest democracy. Anybody from outside the village is not allowed to touch the temples, the people and their belongings. It is advisable to take a guide while visiting Malana.

Time to Visit-

in the Manali valley near Chanderkhani Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Kullu bus stand-
47 Kms

How to reach-  
Trek or Cab from Bhuntar


Parvati Valley

Parvati valley begins at Bhuntar which also serves as the Gateway to this enchanting beauty. There are many tourist places to visit in Manikaran while visiting Parvati valley. From Manikaran, it further stretches on to the great Himalayan range going up to at an altitude of 5000m. Parvati Valley is ripe with myths and folklore of God Shiva visiting the valley and getting so impressed that he decided to stay back. Lately, it has been talked about for the cultivation of marijuana for which hippies and backpackers flock here from around the world.

There are some challenging wilderness trekking opportunities in the area for adrenaline junkies which takes them through forests, hot springs, lakes, and rivers. At higher altitudes, the landscape of the valley changes from lush green to arid snow covered with alpine pastures. Some of the popular trekking routes are Chandrakaani, Pin Parvati Paas and Khir Ganga.

Time to Visit
- Most parts of the valley are only accessible from June to September and become inaccessible after the snowfall.

- Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Kullu bus stand- 
37 Kms

How to reach- 
Trek from Bhuntar



This five-story gurudwara was built in 1940  on the bank of the river  Parvati in Manikaran.  The historical place has its mention in the twelfth Guru Khalsa. It is said to be visited by Guru Nanak Ji himself with his disciples in 1574 AD. For Sikhs, this the indeed the most sacred place to visit in Manikaran.  Thousands of them gravitate to this gurudwara to seek benediction and pay homage. On the lower level of the prayer hall, the langar serves free delicious food to the needy and disciples every day.

The food can be savored by anyone visiting the gurudwara. Not only this, Gurudwara also provides free stays to devotees. Gurupurab and Baisakhi are the major festivals that are celebrated here with a great passion and countless devotees throng to this place on these sacred occasions.

- 05:00 am – 12:00 pm, 04:00 pm – 09:00 pm Everyday

Entry fee- 
There is no entry fees for the visitors.

Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Kullu bus stand
- 45Kms


Kulant Pith

It is a very important place to visit in Manikaran, being the most prominent pith in the Hindu religion. The holy waters of Vishnukund at Kulant Pith are well known for a life changing dip. Besides the religious significance, Kulant Pith is also a tourist place in Manikaran.

It is a dazzling spot with peaceful ambience surrounded by mountain on one side and river on the other. The place is very rich in geothermal energy which attracts researchers and scientists from across the country.


Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Kullu bus stand- 
40 Kms

Entry fee- 
There are no entry fees for the visitors.


Kheer Ganga

A small hamlet in Parvati Valley gets its name from the foaming milk colored water of the river Parvati. It lies at a distance of 64 km from Kullu, and an altitude of 3050 m. It is one of the best trekking sites in Himachal Pradesh that offer panoramic views of blue skies and lush valleys. Recently, Khir Ganga has become a hot tourist place in Manikaran attracting adventure enthusiasts.

A good gosh 11 km, 2-day trek to reach Khir Ganga begins from Barsheni which also offers many sites en route the trek such as the confluence of River Tosh and Parvati, Rudra Naag waterfall, Pandu Pol, Pin valley national park and hot water springs. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati here. Khir Ganga is infamous for the cultivation of marijuana and gained popularity with the hippies. 

Time to visit- 
between May and November. It remains snow-covered and inaccessible during winters.

Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Kullu bus stand- 
64 Km

How to Reach- 
11 Km Trek from Barsheni

Lord Shiva Temple

A highly revered temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located in the midst of the Himalayan foothills. It is said that the demi-gods come down from heavens to worship Lord Shiva in this temple. The Shivalinga worshipped here is entirely carved out of the black stone. After the huge earthquake of 1905, this temple has become one of the popular places to visit in Manikaran.

During the earthquake, this remarkable temple did not fall but got tilted on one side and it stands the same way till date. This temple is a huge crowd puller and can be visited during any time of the year. Mondays and the auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri are the important days when a large number of devotees visit the temple.

6 AM to 8 PM.

Entry fee-
There are no entry fees for the visitors.

Near Gurudwara, Manikaran.

Distance from Kullu bus stand-
45 Kms


Harinder Mountain

The captivating town of Manikaran is engulfed by lush green valleys, mesmerizing Paravati river, and snowcapped mountains. The Harinder mountain is a popular tourist place in Manikaran that overlooks the banks of the river Parvati, this mountain provides a very good view of the town below.

It is quite serene and a perfect place to relax. It also gives a variety of photo opportunities from its top to the shutterbugs.

Best time to visit-
May- November

Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Kullu bus stand-
40 Kms


Lord Ramchandra Temple

This temple holds both religious and historic significance in the places to visit in Manikaran and Kullu. The architecture of 17th century pyramidical shaped temple is typical to Himachal Pradesh. It has 3 large halls and 40 rooms to accommodate devotees.

The main temple altar enshrines the idols of  Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. It was built by the king of Kullu, Raja Jagat Singh who himself brought these idols from Ayodhya to Kullu. The best time to visit the temple is during the festival of Dussehra and Ram Navami to enjoy the celebrations.

6 AM to 8 PM.

Entry fee-
There are no entry fees for the visitors.

Ram Mandir Marg, Manikaran.

Distance from Kullu bus stand-
40 Kms


Chalal Trek

If someone is seeking a place for trance and weed parties, Chalal is the most accessible place to visit in Manikaran. The 30-minute trek trail from Kasol to Chalal is surrounded by mountains, rivers and a large variety of flora and fauna. There is a multitude of Israeli cafes on the way one will encounter.

The primary occupation of the locals in the region is the cultivation of weed and almost every resident can roll a joint as good as a pro.  There are quite a few options to stay in Chalal that have a good view of the valley to offer.

Best Time to Visit-

4 Kms from Kasol, 39 Kms from Kullu Bus stand

How to reach-  
Trek from Kasol

People Also Ask About Kullu

  1. What are the best places to visit in Manikaran with Family?

    1. Parvati river Hotsprings: One of the popular Manikaran tourist places is the hot springs which are a natural marvel here. The hot springs are situated by the Parvati river bank along with the famous Gurudwara Singh Manikaran Sahib.

    2. Kheerganga: A quaint little town of Parvati valley situated at an altitude of 3050 m. Kheerganga is a popular trekking spot that offers panoramic views of Parvati valley. It is a peaceful town to spend a few days with your family interacting with the locals and eating fresh farm produce.

    3. Harinder Mountain: The majestic mountains overlook the banks of Parvati and provide a spectacular view of the town. Harinder Mountain is mostly covered with snow during winter. You can do a small hike comfortable even for beginners and watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset as you watch the grizzling water of Parvati flow by.
  2. What are the famous temples in Manikaran?

    1. Lord Shiva temple:   A popular temple of Himachal Pradesh dedicated entirely to Lord Shiva and is one of the famous religious places to visit in Manikaran The Shivling inside the temple is entirely carved out of the black stone. This is also popularly known as the Manikaran temple of Bholenath among the locals.

    2. Lord Ramchandra temple: This temple holds a historic and religious significance in Manikaran for a long time. The temple holds the shrines of both Shri Ram and Sita and was built by the Raja of Kullu. The temple witnesses a large number of tourists during Dussehra and Diwali.

    3. Naina Bhagwati mandir: One of the oldest temples in Manikaran known for its carved wood architecture and its uncanny resemblance to a monastery. The temple is devoted to Goddess Naina Bhagwati with her beautiful idol inside.
  3. What are the best treks in Manikaran?

    1. Chalal trek:   The majority of the Manikaran tourist places involve the starting point of many trekking trails, Chalal being one of them. A tiny little town near Kasol is famous among tourists for the beautiful scenic views. From Kasol, Chalal is approximately two hours of the walk which is pretty straightforward and easy for beginners to cover without too much hassle.

    2. Kheerganga trek: One of the simplest and popular treks in Himachal Pradesh is Kheerganga. Kheerganga trek begins from the small town Bharshaini and there are three routes that can be followed along. Take the shortest route via Nathan village to Kalga and finally to Kheerganga. The total distance is over 9 to 10 km of moderate trail.

    3. Tosh valley trek: Another popular trek in the Manikaran region is the Tosh valley trek. This is a fairly simple trek for the beginners offering stunning natural escapades on the way. Tosh valley trek is a pretty simple two days trek that starts from Kasol goes till Bharshaini towards the Tosh waterfall and finally to the base camp.
  4. What are the best adventure activities to do in Manikaran?

    1. Trek: Manikaran houses a lot of popular treks in Himachal Pradesh starting from Kheerganga, Tosh, Chalal, and even the Pin Parvati valley trek. All these treks range from beginner, moderate to difficult levels. There are diverse kinds of terrain and vegetation you will find in these trekking trails.

    2. Camping: There are many camping grounds available in and around Manikaran. The abundance of the natural beauty of the area is unmistakable and if you wish to spend the night in the lap of nature and stargazing, this is the place to be.

    3. Paragliding and River Rafting: One can also indulge in the thrilling and adventurous activities like river rafting and Paragliding when in Manikaran during the summer season. Solang Valley and Parvati valley are two popular places to visit in Manikaran if you want to experience these adventurous activities.
  5. What is the best time to visit Manikaran?

    Starting from the first week of March till the last week of June, the summer season is the perfect time for visiting Manikaran or any region in North India. Most of the adventurous activities are open and enjoyed during the summer season. The weather ranges from 10-degree Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius during summers with a fairly pleasant yet cold environment.
  6. Is Manikaran safe?

    Manikaran is safe to travel for families, groups of friends, solo travelers, female backpackers, and everyone else. The locals are quite helpful, the roads are in good condition, and accommodation is available conveniently and at a feasible price.
  7. What is Manikaran famous for?

    Manikaran is famous for the Gurudwara Singh Manikaran Sahib with the hot springs situated along it. This town is also a starting point for a lot of popular treks in Himachal and is also the main spot for many religious and auspicious temples.
  8. What are the best Himachal Pradesh Treks that we can book with Thrillophilia?

    Here is the list of the best Himachal Pradesh Treks that you can book with Thrillophilia:
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