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Sitting amidst an adventurous camp, admiring the glittering night sky that flirts with the cozy wind and the mellow setting, Wadi Rum is extensively celebrated by tourists for its splendid night adventures.

From floating through the blue sky in a hot air balloon to finding the mysteries of the Wadi Rum desserts in a Jeep safari or just loosening up a bit at a luxurious bubble tent with the backdrop of the tranquilizing stars, when it comes to spending a night at Wadi Rum, the list is endless.

Additionally, visitors can also be a part of an elaborate scheme of endless adventures kicking off with horse riding all the way to hiking in the wilderness of Wadi Rum. In short, a night at Wadi Rum is all about entertainment, leisure, and expeditions. 

Here is the list of best adventures to have in Wadi Rum:


Stargaze from a Luxury Bubble Tent

Sitting in the heart of the mesmerizing desert lands of Wadi Rum are the luxurious bubble tents. Embedded with a ton of amenities and a transparent roof, the tents allow holidaymakers to spend a cozy night under the soothing sky of Wadi Rum.

The circular, bubble-shaped rooms do not just deliver a spectacular view of the night stars but also comfort visitors with a panoramic view of the desert landscapes.

- Some of the best places you can enjoy the bubble tent experience are Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel, Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel, and the Memories Aicha Luxury Camp. 
- Food and drinks are also available at most of the tents. 
- Also, the tents are large and can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people.


Enjoy in Martian Domes at Sun City

A blend of adventure, wilderness, and luxury, the Martian domes at Sun City is the perfect spot for showboats with a knack for the flounce. The City of domes is housed amidst the red rocky deserts and mountains of Wadi Rum, giving an extraordinary feeling of living on the planet Mars.

The domes are fitted with a number of facilities like restaurant, room service, shuttle service, and are celebrated among tourists for its distinct quality of service and the fact that it's an equally fantastic experience for couples, families and even solo travelers. 

- The Martian domes come with quirky, geodesic shapes and their fronts are covered with transparent glass walls that offer a panoramic view of the desert and the sky.
- The guests will be welcomed in a traditional way with refreshing juices as well as scented face towels.
- You can experience several activities like Sunrise or Sunset Yoga, stargazing, or just a spiritual experience of living in the desert.


Camel Safari Expedition

Voyage into the wilderness under the twinkling stars with the most majestic desert creatures - the camels. Friendly, fun and frolic, camel safaris at Wadi Rum is a package for true adventurers. The rides range from an hour to up to 3 hours and are made to enlighten the tourists with an authentic introduction to the deserts of Wadi Rum.

Additionally, these expirations are designed for travelers ranging from solo to large groups of families. The best place to enjoy the magical Camel safari is Bedouin and the packages range from single overnight tours to safaris lasting up to 4 days. 

- The camel expeditions generally go on from 12: 00 noon to midnight. 
- If you have a lot of gear with you, it is always better to hire another camel for your convenience.

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Explore All (11)

Book a Bivouac Camping Trip

With soothing wind gushing through your body, birds chirping in a sweet melody amidst the tranquilizing sky, Bivouac camping trip at Wadi Rum is designed to provide an opportunity for visitors to enjoy a harmonious night away from the glitz, glams, and amenities.

This is an opportunity to travel back in time and spend a night like our late ancestors in the caves. Activities starting from cooking a traditional Bivouac meal to relishing a unique evening at a cave or enjoying the bonfire and finally drifting away into a rem sleep gazing upon the stars are included in this camping trip. The true essence of adventure, Bivouac camping trips are made for people who love to be on the edge. 

- There are some essentials that you'll be provided with sleeping bags and sheets. In the winter season, you will also be provided with blankets and tents if you don’t want to sleep in the open.
- Things like daily scheduled meals are provided but don't expect a toilet or shower facility.


Jeep Safari

Admire the landscape, appreciate the sky, laugh and sing as you tumble through the red rocky sands of Wadi Rum. Experience an incredible feeling of thrill as the Jeep Safari at Wadi Rum is a genuine adventure experience. With mountains and shades of red everywhere you look, the safari introduces the visitors to the vast history of the place.

From discovering the home of Lawrence of Arabia, an Arab freedom fighter, to a place where one of the largest Hollywood productions, The Martian was filmed, the safari is an exceptional ordeal. The guides also help tourists learn about the ancient tradition and cultures of the place through the safari. 

- The safari can cover up to 5 km taking as much as 5 hours. 
- Various locals will also help you with water and some food but it is advised you carry your own.


Drive to a Cave and Enjoy the Night

Spending a night in a cave is a once in a lifetime experience. With next to no amenities and a whole lot of adventures, Wadi Rum is embedded with ample caves. There are several tours that provide a package trip to the caves at places like Bedouin.

Visitors can also choose to drive through the mesmerizing desert and reach the caves at Bedouin with a guide. Adventurous and thrilling, the experience helps thrillseekers with a raw night under the shade of the stars. 

- The area is also secured and offers utmost visitors protection.
It is also worth noting that there are no toilets around the cave. 
- A night in the cave is not easy and hence, you'll need some essentials including a torchlight or headlight, enough fuel, food, water, sleeping bags, sunscreen or lotion to protect your skin, shoes, and sandals for a comfortable walk on the sandy surface.

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Hot Air Ballooning

Rise above, closer to the rising sun and experience a morning of a spectacular experience in a hot air balloon. It is one of the most beloved adventures enjoyed by many tourists at Wadi Rum. These enormous balloons can carry up to 16 passengers, making it the perfect activity to be enjoyed with family and friends.

It begins early in the morning and goes on for up to an hour where visitors enjoy the delightful sunrise, the tremendously picturesque landscapes of Wadi Rum and a bird's eye view of the red rocks. Although remember that this activity can only be enjoyed in summers. Since the wind directions are uncommon every day, hot air balloons discover new arenas each time. 

- The best place to enjoy Hot Air Ballooning is at Luxor. 
- The balloon can go up to 1000 m delivering a spectacular view of the city.


Have a Bedouin Dinner

Amongst the most ancient traditions to enjoy at Wadi Rum, Bedouin Dinner is much appreciated by visitors. A special dining experience, Bedouin dinner includes sitting on the floor and enjoying conventional meals. The food includes a special sort of bread, rice called Munsef (a combination of rice and yogurt/curd) and cooked lamp.

Additionally, the platter also includes Kofta and chicken and is cooked on coal, sometimes on the spot.  The dish is available to enjoy at various desert trips in Bedouin and is worth spending your time watching the whole cooking process. 

- Being a traditional dish, its authenticity has survived throughout the years and is something a tourist should certainly try. 
- The Bedouin Dinner is best enjoyed at Sharm El Sheikh.
- The dish contains a lot of meat and dairy and people with allergies should be aware.


Hiking in Wadi Rum

At Wadi Rum, lies the true essence of adventure. With activities like hiking that indulge in fighting though the red desert and climbing on top of the towering mountains, Wadi Rum is the perfect spot for adventure lovers.

Places like Burdah Arch have amusing natural architecture, where hiking is a fantastic experience. From small hikes to small mountain treks that demand a bit of fitness, the terrain at Wadi Rum varies and hikers can choose to trek their own way. 

- One of the best treks is through the Wadi Village where travelers can hike to various extraordinary places including Khazali Canyon, Wadi Umm Ishrin and Abu Khashaba among others. 
- The total trek time ranges from 1 to 2 hours.

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Explore All (11)

Horse Riding

Riding through the raging sand on a horse sure sounds like something from an action movie but it definitely can be done in reality at Wadi Rum. Travelers looking to take adventure onto a new level can indulge in horse riding here. Galloping through the mountains, the horse ride is a Bedouin tradition.

There are a number of Bedouin families that home trained horses and offer rides through the deserts to the tourists. With the calm and cold weather in April, some tours also offer prolonged horse rides that canter for up to 4 days exhibiting the tranquilizing landscapes of the village.  

- Thes Arabian horses are usually strong, responsive and quite fast to run around in the vast space. 
- Essentials you'll need to carry with you include Water, blankets/jackets, sunscreen lotion.

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You made our experience unforgettable, not bad!!! the trip was very well-organized with proper execution, the team who helps us with the planning, booking, and during our trip was very responsive, considerate and, professional. The day trip we had for 4 days was simply amazing the place is very rich with culture, ancient history and the people were very warm and very helpful, the sightseeing was extremely wow...especially the trips to Red Rose City and the Dead Sea. The hotel, picked-up, and dropped-off were totally spot-on... Thank you for making sure our holiday was everything we wanted it to be.
Firstly let me tell you that we enjoyed the trip... I always had a great experience booking my trip with Thrillophilia. Yes, this is my first time in Jordan but the way the team planned my tour I felt that I knew about each and every place I visit as it went so smoothly from the itinerary. The accommodations were fabulous at the prime-location, helpful-staff, and served with delicious breakfast to start the day. Transport was always on time, I usually like the entire plan as it makes my family and I easy to covered and experience the beautiful Jordan.

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