Goa Villas

Villa Garden Grove, Villa Costa Grande, Villa Maroon Age, Family Villa, Sierra Villa, Baga Beach Villa, Heritage Portuguese Beach Villa, The V Beach Villa, Hamsa Villas, Villa Oliva, Villa Farrington, Villa Lyon Age and many more.

Villas in Goa are a combination of lavish décor and scenic surroundings, which make for a memorable stay for you. Most of the villas are on the beaches, or en route beaches. They offer a splendid view of the sunrise or sunset from the balconies. The beach villas in Goa are a go-to destination during festivals like Sunburn and are bound to be found booked for the season. So, if you are planning on visiting Goa around that time, it is advisable for you to pre-book the sought after accommodation.

All the villas vary in prices depending on your needs, facilities available, and their closeness to the beach. Naturally, those closer to the beach will be a little steeper in price, but always worth the stay. Very few of the villas offer booking on a one-room basis, so if you want to stay in a villa, you will have to book the entire place rather than a single room.

They vary in their luxury and deliverance of a Goan experience. They are stowed with food in the kitchen and often come with housekeepers and cooks who take care of your meals as per your dietary needs. They also have refrigerators, chimneys, and dishwashers available. Some villas come with jacuzzis and spas to rejuvenate your body from the lethargy and stress of daily life. Some of them even have massage booths with aromatic candles lit inside them.

Almost all of the villas come with an in-built private pool, so you can experience Goa in all its duality. Some of the villas have patios and front yards, which pose as perfect party spots. In fact, there are BBQ spaces constructed in some of them. Villas in Goa offer pleasant stays with an immersive cultural experience. You can make your own margaritas within the premises, or get a beer and relax beside the swimming pool.

Monsoon is the off-season in Goa, and so villas are comparatively cheaper to rent. So, if you don’t mind a little bit of rain and your itinerary does not constitute water-related activities like scuba diving, then you can rent a villa during monsoon and experience the best of what Goa has to offer.

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A Luxury Riverside Villa Retreat in Goa
4 guests
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Meals Included
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25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 18,999

₹ 17,820 per Room

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A Luxury Hill Cottage Surrounded With Lush Greens In Goa
2 guests
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29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 5,200

₹ 3,810 per Room

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A Peaceful Villa with Serene Views in Candolim, Goa
15 guests
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31 Ratings


31 Ratings

₹ 28,999

₹ 24,850 per Villa

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28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 22,000

₹ 20,379 per Room

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A Luxury Beachside Villa in Candolim, Goa
9 guests
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29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 15,999

₹ 14,945 per Villa

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A Luxurious Villa With Swimming Pool In Calangute, Goa
12 guests
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29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 30,000

₹ 21,430 per Villa

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A Traditional Cozy Home In Calangute, Goa
18 guests
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32 Ratings


32 Ratings

₹ 44,000

₹ 32,150 per Villa

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A Pool Villa Surrounded By Coconut Grove In Calangute, Goa
9 guests
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35 Ratings


35 Ratings

₹ 22,000

₹ 16,075 per Villa

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A Luxurious Vacation Retreat Near Beach In Calangute
9 guests
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29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 25,000

₹ 18,965 per Villa

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A Cozy Stay In A Villa With Splendid Views Of Goa
12 guests
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26 Ratings


26 Ratings

₹ 30,000

₹ 18,754 per Villa

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A Peaceful Villa Near Beach In Candolim
9 guests
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29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 15,000

₹ 11,608 per Villa

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A Private Pool Mansion In Calangute
27 guests
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33 Ratings


33 Ratings

₹ 75,000

₹ 63,215 per Villa

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A Balinese-Style Villa In Calangute
12 guests
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34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 30,000

₹ 23,215 per Villa

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A Boutique Hideaway With Swimming Pool in Calangute, Goa
16 guests
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33 Ratings


33 Ratings

₹ 35,000

₹ 23,214 per Villa

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Private Villa With Swimming Pool In Calangute, Goa
14 guests
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34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 56,000

₹ 41,786 per Villa

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A Boutique Villa Stay In Calangute, Goa
30 guests
Thrillophilia Safe
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37 Ratings


37 Ratings

₹ 127,000

₹ 94,821 per Villa

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A Cosy Villa With A Swimming pool In Candolim, Goa
6 guests
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26 Ratings


26 Ratings

₹ 27,000

₹ 19,807 per Villa

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Luxury Villa In The Heart Of Candolim, Goa
6 guests
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28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 27,000

₹ 19,807 per Villa

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79 Ratings


79 Ratings

₹ 5,940

₹ 4,950 per Room

Beach Stay in Goa | Book @ 23% off & Get Cashback 2300

58 Ratings


58 Ratings

₹ 3,832

₹ 2,950

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People Also Ask About Villas in Goa

  1. What are some of the best villas in Goa?

    Here is the list of best villas in Goa:

    1. Villa Garden Grove
    Living here is an offbeat experience as the villa lies in Candolim which is the most lively place in the city. If you're looking for a stay which promises you relaxation along with luxury then you ought to try out this one.

    Each room here comes with all the modern amenities including a spacious balcony which lets you enjoy the great views of the pool, garden, and the beach. You can spend your mornings on the lawns then at noon you can head to the pool for some sun-tan and fun and in the evening you can visit the beach for the mesmerizing sunsets.

    Candolim Beach
    Price: INR 5,000 per night
    Facilities: Swimming Pool, Balcony, Lounge, Garden, Private beach access, Outdoor sitting, and dining for 14 people.

    2. Villa Costa Grande
    Grande is the most renowned 5-star villa in Goa. Confronting its name, this manor faces a verdant paddy field. With its basic yet stylish insides, you'll be dazzled absolutely. The open property reflects innovation and highlights a covered cabana, private pool, liberal deck, and gallery.

    Grande has a cool breeze flowing practically in every corner as it is surrounded by a rich environment. The glassed dividers allow you to look at the vista without getting up from your bed.

    Caura Vaddo Next To Goan Heritage, Calangute
    Price: INR 4,200 per night
    Facilities: 24/7 security, Hot water, Furnished rooms, Iron, Parking, Private swimming pool, Water filter, Housekeeping

    3. Villa Maroon Age
    The lavish surroundings, modish décor, and stunning infrastructure are bound to make your stay memorable. There is accommodation available for 3 – 12 adults. It is close to the beach and can give a mesmerizing view of the ocean at night or day.

    Candolim Beach
    Price: INR 6,000 per night
    Facilities: Yoga lessons on request, Massage rooms, Internet access, A/C rooms

    4. Family Villa
    The family villa is a colonial Portuguese façade with accommodation for 3 – 6 people. It has a well-equipped kitchen and is 3 km from Baga Beach and 8 km from Anjuna Beach. There is a kid’s room with various toys kept in it too.

    Location: Arpora, Goa
    Price: INR 15,000 per night
    Facilities: Power back-up, Private swimming pool, Internet access, Hot water, Parking, Washing machine

    5. Sierra Villa
    Sierra Villa is a 6 bedroom luxurious bungalow which is 3 km from Baga Beach. Be it families, couples, or solo travellers, all of them experience an elite stay here. Its vicinity to other popular tourist places has made it a sought after accommodation.

    Location: Calangute, Goa
    Price: INR 5,000 per night
    Facilities: Private swimming pool, Parking, Hot and cold water, Refrigerator, Night security, A/C rooms

    6. Baga Beach Villa
    Baga Beach Villa is located opposite Tito’s Club, the most famous pub in Goa. Overlooking the villas are the very many beachside pubs and bars on Baga that attract tourists worldwide. The villa offers a mesmerizing view of the sunrise and sunset at Baga.

    Baga Beach
    Price: INR 3,000 per night
    Facilities: Outdoor pool, A/C rooms, WiFi, Parking, Satellite TV

    7. Heritage Portuguese Beach Villa
    Heritage Portuguese Beach Villa is built like Portuguese houses in the olden days. It has an open-air BBQ space and is close to Candolim beach. You can have a cocktail party during your stay, but make sure you do not break anything, or you will have to pay extra charges.

    Location: 930 Candolim Villa Beach Road, Bardez, Opp. Coqueiral Beach Resort, Goa
    Price: INR 10,000 per night
    Facilities: Kitchen, Smoking allowed, Pets allowed, Breakfast included, WiFi, A/C rooms

    8. The V Beach Villa
    Being close to Candolim beach, the V Beach Villa is the best beach villa in Goa and offers a great view at a great price. It has a hospitable staff and a mesmerizing view of the sea view. The villa welcomes couples and family equally and makes for a delightful experience.

    837, Camotim vaddo, Lane opposite Candolim Panchayat, Near Taxi stand, Candolim
    Price: INR 3,000 per night
    Facilities: Private swimming pool, Restaurant, Balcony, A/C rooms

    9. Hamsa Villas
    Hamsa Villas has luxury accommodations amidst nature and serenity. Its pristine architecture is bound to grasp your attention. Immerse in the serene beauty in the surroundings, or meditate at reserved spots. You can also do yoga at the fitness center as the villa is a popular rejuvenating center.

    1/272-D, Gauravaddo, Calangute, Goa
    Price: INR 59,500 per night
    Facilities: Spa, Balcony, Jacuzzi, Yogashala – fitness center, Restaurant

    10. Silver Salt Villas
    Silver Salt Villas is yet another best beach villa in Goa. Its interior is a stark contrast of white and blue with stunning overview. The kitchen is well-equipped; there is a verandah and a dining room for you to have meals or snacks in.

    Location: 325- 1/A Cottula Waddo, Near Mae De Deus, Old Age Home, Mapusa Saligao Bardez, Goa
    Price: INR 8,300 per night
    Facilities: Swimming pool, WiFi, A/C rooms, Complementary breakfast

    11. Villa Caesar
    Villa Caesar is one of the best private pool villas in Goa without any doubt. It has its own massage booth, Balinese gazebo, and bar. It offers a luxurious experience with top-notch hospitable staff. Your stay here will not leave you disappointed.

    Location: Arpora, Goa
    Price: INR 25,000 per night
    Facilities: Patio, Bathtub, Parking, Swimming pool, Breakfast, Refrigerator

    12. Villa Oliva 
    Villa Oliva offers an exquisite view of the ocean, along with top-notch facilities. There is a garden and private pool attached to it. The kitchen here has amenities like a dishwasher, chimney, and king-sized bedrooms offer a grand view of the ocean.

    Location: Calangute Beach, Goa
    Price: INR 20,000 per night
    Facilities: BBQ area, WiFi, Dishwasher, Garden, Oceanview, Swimming pool

    13. Villa Farrington
    Villa Farrington is one of the best private pool villas in Goa. It can accommodate 4 – 6 people and is only 1.2 km from the Candolim beach. Even though there is no oceanic view overlooking the villa, it makes up for this loss with its outlandish swimming pool.

    Location: Candolim, Goa
    Price: INR 10,000 per night
    Facilities: River view, Quiet location, Kid/family-friendly, Hot water, Balcony

    14. Cinema Villa
    The Cinema villa in Goa gives an offbeat experience of stay here. The villa has two bedrooms with large bathrooms and modern amenities so that you live a lavish life here. Recliners in the pool make it even more exciting as you can relax or just have a snack.

    The villa is surrounded by lush green trees. The villa also caters to your additional requirements like car rental, local tour arrangements, private chef, and catering services at a nominal cost.

    Cavelossim, South Goa
    Price: INR 25,000 per night
    Facilities: Gym, Garden, 24/7 security, Power back-up, Romantic place

    15. Villa Lyon Age
    Appreciate the best of nature and relax at this extravagant manor in Colva. The beach is only a couple of minutes from the seashore. The villa has everything you would ever look for in your holiday home. Out of all the four rooms here, the most loved one is the kid's room which is specially designed for the apples of your eye.

    It has an outdoor garden dotted with palm trees, a private swimming pool, and a lounge. The soft lighting during the evening is surely going to spark the love between you and your partner.

    Colva, South Goa
    Price: INR 16,000 per night
    Facilities: Garden, WiFi, Patio, A/C rooms, BBQ area

  2. Which are the best villas in North Goa?

    1. Little Paradise, Assagao- Little Paradise is a serene and ideal place for individuals, looking for a tranquil home away from home. Set in 1200 square meters of lavish tropical greenery, the property lays on a sloping incline, giving the experience of a 'tree house'.

    It is surrounded by a number of trees which include mango, cashew, Jamun, teak, and coconut trees. This Goa villa is known to have an organic plantation of spices and vegetables too, the guests here can also enjoy the sowing and reaping experience.

    The stay gives you an option to choose from the four kinds of rooms, one is the independent cottage rooms and the second is studio style room, third is the treetop rooms, and fourth is the small rooms. The interiors of all the rooms are quite attractive. It also has common outdoor space which includes decks, terraces, balconies, and gardens.

    Location- The villa is located at a distance of 4km from Vagator and Anjuna.

    Price- The price starts from Rs 2500 and goes up to Rs 12000 depending on the room type and the season you choose.

    2. Frangipani Villa- Frangipani, is named after the wonderful blossoming tree (Frangipani) surrounding the villa. This Goa Villa is known for its architecture which was designed by Italian architect Annalisa Bellattat and is inspired by the Portuguese and Indian styles of building. It has a balcony that lets you enjoy the scenic vistas of the Pool and Garden simultaneously.

    The in-house chef makes the trip even more memorable with the delicious Goan cuisine and fresh seafood. The house has five bedrooms with all the modern fixtures and decor like stoned floor, wooden walls, large sliding doors, and clayed ceiling. 

    Location- The villa is located at 1257, Calangute - Anjuna Road, Anjuna, Goa 403509.
    Price- The rooms here are at an average rate of Rs 25,000.

    3. The Only Olive Villa- The Only Olive lies on a hillock with exquisite perspectives of the encompassing town. This is the solitary town caromed by waterways on every one of the three sides making it look like a horseshoe. The Mapusa river also known as the tributary of Mandovi river lies very close to the stay.

    One can easily reach the stream on foot and the best time to go is early morning as you get to see the view of sunrise. The river is surrounded by thick flora and fauna which include birds, butterflies, crabs, and if you're lucky enough then you can spot the rare fireflies too, etc. 

    The villa has three fully furnished bedrooms to choose from.

    Location- The Only Olive villa is located at Ranoi, Aldona, Goa.
    Price- The rate starts from Rs Rs4,650 per night 

    4. Villas by Vianaar, Vagator- With luxurious insides and warm welcoming outdoors, the estates by Vianaar are masterpieces in themselves. While La Viola Estate charms with its calm and serene living rooms, well-designed bathrooms with all modern amenities, and stylish rooms. Maroma Estate isn't a long way behind with its assertion floors and splendid furnishings. 

    There are private dive pools in the two manors and folding seats to pause for a moment and relax at the decks. The villas are known for their excellent services of a gourmet expert, proficient attendant, and housekeeping staff who strive to make it a memorable holiday for you. This villa in north Goa with a private pool is one of the best stays here.

    Location- The address to the villa is 325, Kolpa Waddo, Canca Parra, Goa- 403510
    Price- The estate starts from 35,000 and goes up to 70,000 depending on the kind of estate and room you choose. 

    5. Ishavilas, Siolim- One of Neemrana's 'Respectable Homes', Ishavilas is built solely for restoration. Unwind in the tranquil Kailash Room fixed with artworks of Mount Kailash or the regal Peacock Room fitted with an excellent light fixture and antique wooden furnishings. Ishavilas likewise has a patio suite that disregards the huge, private pool and nursery.

    The in-house facilities allow voyagers to go through, Dr. Ali's techniques for Kaya Kalpa or Time Reversal which is an antiquated Indian practice for profound development. The villa has four En-suite bedrooms with all the lavish amenities.

    Location- The address to the villas is House No. 103, Vaddy Siolim, Goa

    Price- The rooms here generally start from Rs 15,000.

    Alohomora, Siolim- Settled on the edges of Siolim in North Goa, Alohomora is a warm wooden cabin that is absolutely a standout amongst other extravagant manors in Goa. The dazzling manor got its architectural idea from the Portuguese style of buildings. The villa comes with a completely operational kitchen, a games room, an outside pool with a feasting space, and a small library as well.

    The rooms accompany novel and provincial furniture as well. It's ideal for a family excursion as it’s an extravagant estate in Goa. It is said to have three bedrooms making it the most loved villas in north Goa with private pool.

    Location- The villa lies 10.4km away from the Vagator Beach

    Price-  The room here starts from 30,515 Rs.
  3. Which are the best villas in South Goa?

    1. Riverview Villa, Palolem- If you are looking for the best villas in Goa then the Riverview villa located on the Talpona River is one such. The villa has exquisite plants that go well with the interiors giving you a calm and relaxing vibe.

    This luxurious villa has two fully furnished bedrooms to give you a homely feeling even when you are away from the home. The villa is located at a distance of two kilometers from Palolem beach.

    Location- The address of the villa is H.no 125, Tahrir, Rajbag, Canacona, Goa 403702

    Price-The price during the peak season is around 27,000 Rs per night.

    Villa Casa Bala- This villa is located in Varca village. The terrace gives you the scenic vistas of the Varca beach which includes the white soft sands, clear blue water, and the palms adorning the coast.  The indoor spa and ayurvedic center at the villa rejuvenates your mind and soul so that you forget all your worries and just enjoy a peaceful stay here.

    The beach is just 10 minutes away from the stay and you can easily reach by foot to enjoy the mesmerizing scene of dusk and dawn along with spotting the dolphins.

    Location- The address of the villa is C1, Varca Fatrade Road, Opposite St Rocque Chapel, Salcette
    Price-  It starts from Rs 14000 to Rs 25000 depending on the availability and the season.

    3. Serenity Residences, Fatrade- The Serenity Residences lies in the center of south Goa at village Fatrade. The name itself makes it clear that the place is for the serene lovers who like a little nature and a lot of calmness around them. This three-bedroom villa is said to have all the modern amenities so that you don’t need to worry about anything else, throughout your stay.

    Location- The villa is located in Fatrade Beach Road, Colvá, 

    Price- The average cost per night here is 6500 rs.

    4. Ikshaa Villa, Loutolim- It falls under the list of luxurious Goa villas. This is the most ideal location in the city for an escape from the daily chaos of life as it’s a combination of a temple, a 19th-century mansion, and of course Hidalgo's villa.

    The interiors here give a warm and lavish countryside feeling. This villa has three bedrooms with a private pool making it a complete heritage stay experience. Meals served here comprise local cuisine like the famous Goan seafood making it a  gastronomic treat. 

    Location- The exact address to reach the villa is  H. No. 577/ A Quadros Road, Loutolim, Goa 403718.

    5. Sea Resort Beach Villa, Cavelossim- This is a spacious four-bedroom villa is surrounded by a lot of greenery.  The ground floor of the villa has a fully equipped kitchen including a washing machine, refrigerator, stove, and microwave along with a spacious dining area for 6 people.

    It also has a leather sofa and a music system for those relaxed evenings. The bedrooms with attached washrooms are on the first floor. You can make the most of your days while soaking up in the pool with the sun over your head.

    Location- The villa lies on the  Cavelossim Beach Road, Goa

    Price- The averages cost of staying here for a night is 14000 RS

    6. Infinity Bay in Vasco de Gama- This villa is known for its extravagance and luxurious stay experience. Bogmalo Beach is known as the paradise for comfort and pleasure in Goa.

    The modern decor and luxurious amenities make it an offbeat experience. The private pool here makes the stay even more relaxed. It is just ten minutes from the Goa airport.

    Location- The address to the villa is NH 17A, Holy Cross Colony, Vasco da Gama, Goa 403711.

  4. Which are the best luxury villas in Goa near Baga beach?

    1. On The Hill Villa- Ideal for a heartfelt Goa escape, this one-room manor, as its name proposes, is roosted on the slope. Encircled by rich greenery, the stay here is quite captivating. With its exterior helping us to remember Goa's legacy, the insides are done elegantly pacing up the latest interiors, without removing the exemplary appeal.

    On The Hill villa in Goa near Baga beach will guarantee you an offbeat experience as it has the most lavish private pool villas in Goa for couples.

    2. Rio Villa- What happens when the Italian glitz converges with Goa, Rio! Encircled with Nerul Backwater of Goa from three sides, this estate will make you feel at home. The inside of each room stands apart from one another, having its very own unique design.

    The windows and entryways have floor-to-roof glasses so you enjoy the serene beauty of nature, without settling on solace. It has one of the best indoor pools together making it a luxurious villa in Goa near Baga beach.

    3. Capri 
    Villa- With its stylistic theme giving you a calm and serene vibe, Capri covers an area of 3230 sq. ft. This 4 room estate allows you to enjoy, to the fullest. The secluded kitchen hails visitors who love to cook, there are discrete products for vegans too.

    The host can make set-ups of your beverages too. We suggest you don’t need to waste a moment and book a stay in Capri as it's the best villas in Goa near Baga Beach.
  5. Which are the best villas in Goa near Calangute beach?

    1. Hamsa Villas, Calangute- This villa in Goa comprises two different estates —Casa Sea, Vista Villa and Casa Sea, Esta Villa. While the seashore confronting Vista Villa comes with a private pool, enormous verandas, and a gazebo that opens up to breathtaking perspectives of the nearby sea. The garden here is filled with different varieties of blooming flowers whose fragrance keeps you enlightened throughout the stay.

    Esta Villa has its own 'yoga shala', private exercise center, outside jacuzzi and pool lined by the dotting mango and coconut trees, well-equipped gym, cafeteria, etc making it a  better option for those who want a complete break from the daily chaos of life. 

    The insides of both the estates have pastel shades and interesting architectural designs making a fusion between the modern contemporary seashore house and old school Goan mansion.

    2. Summertime Villa- Summertime villa in Goa is located on a ridge near Calangute.  The view of the paddy fields and a rich tropical nursery below is worth watching. It is an uncommon extravagance estate that has private nurseries, an area imparted to birds, butterflies, along with calmness from the hustle-bustle of the city. Surrounding the lawns there is an infinity pool, cascade, and a Koi pond.

    During the hot months of March to June, the place is an extravagance in itself. The three suites which are indistinguishable in size but different interiors have huge dressing zones, palatial restrooms, and furniture sourced from  Bali and various parts of the country itself.

    3. Villa Alina, Calangute- This lovely and much-adored holiday home was built in 1926, on an abandoned stretch of Calangute seashore, and named after the proprietor's better half. The family usually spend their holidays here during the London winter. It has been reestablished to its previous brilliance, with the expansion of current solaces, and now accommodates visitors from around the world. In spite of the fact that Calangute has become the most vibrant seashore, Villa Alina stays an extraordinarily serene stay here.

    The colossal size of the manor guarantees there's a lot more on the villa which includes a spa, yoga, and natural therapies, etc. If even this doesn't excite you, then you can lay on the decks for chilling under the palm trees by the pool.
  6. Which are the famous beachside villas in Goa?

    1. A's Holiday Beach Resort-  It is a wonderful English-looking Villa, A's Holiday Beach Resort has probably the best conveniences you need for a get-away stay. It's a duplex space with appealing yet calming inside.

    You get a spectacular view of  Sunset Beach of Goa as it lies in close proximity. So you can just get into your seashore suit and head to the seashore whenever you desire.

    2. Casa Eventor- Casa Eventor is a 6 room sea confronting estate that offers a stunning perspective of the Arabian Sea and Zuari river, vibrant nightfalls, and the shining sparkles of Vasco city.

    Villa Raga- It is a masterpiece of architecture and a 4 room private pool manor in Reis Magos, Candolim, North Goa. This villa is known to provide scenic vistas of Coco beach. This independent villa has two floors, a garden to walk over the lawns or practice yoga, and a pool to dive into the blues.

    4. Villa Domus- This is the most loved villa in Goa as it gives mesmerizing views of Coco Beach. This four-bedroom villa has all the modern amenities so that you don't need to worry about anything throughout your holidays. The villa has its own swimming pool, garden, and a lovely terrace too.

  7. Which are the best villas in north Goa with a swimming pool?

    1. Ahilya by the Sea, Nerul- The rooms at this rambling beachside property in North Goa are spread across three estates. The center of attraction here is treetop living at Arjun's Treehouse, a room that reaches out into the parts of a banyan tree. The ocean confronting rooms offer unhampered perspectives on the Arabian as the waves lap at the foot of the property. There are two sumptuous pools–an infinity pool to watch the sun transcend the coconut trees, and another to watch it set in their shade.  

    The Ahilya Experience is known for its tasty delights. They offer a menu consisting of Goan, Italian, and French foods and a daily prix-fixe which features the new catch of the day. The in-house chef uses organic foods and spices which are procured from the city so that you eat fresh and remain fresh. The alfresco meal during the night makes the stay unusual.

    2. The Island Pool Villa, Chorao- The Island Pool Villa in Goa at Chorao has many astounding highlights: a huge balcony where the sunlight peeps in through the trees, a heritage-filled living room with wooden furnishings and a library area with an old gramophone.

    The most striking component is its wide pool fitted with normal stones that make the water shimmer with a coral blue sheen. The best way to make the most of the pool is to soak in the dawn and when the night is live, indulge in freshly grilled barbeque. The villa has four bedrooms with all the basic amenities attached.

    3. Casa Kismet- Tucked away in a quiet lane in Candolim is Casa Kismet. The charming villa resembles a dream-like house with warm lighting, pastel color combinations and a private pool. There’s a patio that steps onto the garden, a fully equipped kitchen, a terrace with sofa seating and an indoor bar.

    What’s more? Kismet offers direct beach access which means you could be in the sand and on the water at any time you’d like.

  8. Is it safe to rent a villa in Goa?

    Yes, villas in Goa are safe to rent. Some of them even have a 24/7 security service. You will have your own room keys, so you can lock the doors of your rooms when you are going out. Most of the villas are kid-friendly, too, with a toy room constructed inside them.

  9. What is the best time to visit Goa?

    November to February is the best time to visit Goa as the average temperature during these months is twenty-one degrees celsius to twenty-eight degrees celsius which makes it ideal to wander in and around the city.

  10. What is the price range of villas in Goa?

    Budget category of the villa on average costs around Rs 3000 - 80000 Rs. The luxury category of the villa on average costs Rs 20,000 - Rs 50,000 or even more depending on the location, season and the facilities, etc. The best budget villas are little paradise and The only olive and the luxurious villas are Frangipani and River view villa

  11. What facilities will I get in villas in Goa?

    The facilities provided here includes 

    - Swimming pool
    - Gym
    - Yoga center
    - Spa 
    - Pickup and drop
    - Meals on request
    - Security
    - Outdoor lounge
    - Barbeque

  12. Do I need any identity proof to rent a villa in Goa?

    Yes, you will need an identity proof to rent a villa in Goa. These are mostly standardized Indian citizenship credentials like AADHAR card, PAN card, or driver's license. Passports can be used in certain cases too. You will receive your identity proof back after the villa manager has made a copy. This is a process ensuring your and the villa’s safety.

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Bhagvan Devar Siolim Homestay
It was an amazing villa to stay at. We spent one night here to relax and enjoy the beauty of these 350 old housing. The designs of the villa are simply wonderful and all rooms have its own amazing architecture and comfortable bedding.
Niro Mukhopadhyay Beach Stay In Goa
This Beach Stay is very lovely and the place is calm. There were different types of room that they are offering here. We choose the Garden cottage as it is really quiet and you can spend some quality time here. Also, While booking from thrillophilia we got an amazing deal.
Dhanpati Tandon Siolim Homestay
Quite a beautiful place to stay at with unique architecture and beauty views of the surroundings. It is a beautiful and lovely stay option to spend a night.
Kamala Deshpande Siolim Homestay
Quite a beautiful place to stay at with unique architecture and beauty views of the surroundings. It is a beautiful and lovely stay option to spend a night.
Shresthi Iyengar Beach Stay In Goa
It was a wonderful place to stay. It was really a great time spending there. The food was amazing as well.

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