One of the 29 states of India, Andhra Pradesh lies on the southern coast of the country, the compelling capital of the state, Hyderabad gives you enough reasons to plan a visit to Andhra Pradesh. Andhra’s Old Quarter is embellished with the palaces and the monuments of the bygone era and the streets here are lined with tea houses, narrow lanes, multi hued markets and a plethora of biryani restaurants. On the outskirts of the city, one can find a myriad of forts and tombs that speak volumes of the departed royalty that once was legitimate here. Meanwhile the new districts on the other side are lit up by the IT-fuelled youth, hotels, resorts, classy restaurants, bars and boutiques. Perhaps, it is this side of the state that attracts the tourists more.  

Other attractions of the the two states – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana which were one prior to the split in 2014 are perhaps a little less brazen however if you go around digging you are certain to the locate few gems like the magnificent medieval sculptures of Palampet, cherry coastal holiday vibe of Vishakhapatnam, Buddhist sites like the Guntupalli and Sankaran that are tucked away deep in the countryside as well as the positive vibe exuding from the colossal pilgrim crowd of the Temple.

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People Also Ask About Andhra Pradesh

  1. Travel Advice

    • Do not indulge in any fights – physical or verbal fights with anyone.

    • Do not do any form of drugs. In case you see anyone who seems like a drug peddler or a drug dealer, you must get away from the situation then and there.

    • Always be polite to the locals here.

    • Never hamper the public property. Do not liter anywhere.

    • Keep the touts at bay.

    • Do not entertain the beggars.

    • Never flash your valuables or cash in public.

    • If you book a hotel or room, make sure it is not in a secluded place.

    • Enquire about the room safe in the hotel.

    • Never leave your cash or valuables in the hotel room.

    • Do not carry with you cash more than you’ll need. There are ATMs everywhere, so carrying cards is a rather safe option.

    • If you suspect any miss happening, you must immediately contact the police.

    • When eating from a street stall, double check the quality before eating.

    • Carry with you medications that you may need during the trip.

    • Keep a first aid kit with you.

    Drink only bottled drinking water. If you find the seal of the bottle broken, return it right away. Buy water only from a known brand.   
  2. Drinking Laws

    The legal age for drinking in Andhra Pradesh is 21 years.
  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?


    Vishakhapatnam is indeed one of the beautiful coastal cities here. It is one of the most important places to see in Andhra Pradesh. Every nature lover and photographer will appreciate the pristine beauty of this city. Also known as Vizag, it is not just a beach city of Andhra but is equally popular for its expansive landscape. Right from the valleys to the lakes, beaches, hills and the caves, everything about the city is alluring. Besides the natural splendors, Vizag is also endowed with temples, architectural marvels and spiritual centers, that only amplify its beauty.

    Key Tourist Attractions

    • Kailasa Giri

    • R K Beach

    • Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

    • Visakha Museum

    • imhachalam Temple

    • Borra Caves

    • Submarine Museum

    • Buddhist Shrines

    • VUDA Park

    • Temple of Arasavalli Sun God

    • Bheemunipatnam Beach

    • Araku Valley


    Acclaimed for its temple, Tirupati is indeed the spiritual hub of Andhra Pradesh. In the Chitoor district of Andhra, there are several temples that are devoted to Sri Venkateswara. These temples are swamped by millions of devotees (majorly Hindus) each year. Besides the temples, the city is also popular for its red wooden toys.

    Key Tourist Attractions

    • Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy Temple

    • Horsley Hills

    • Chandragiri Fort

    • Goddess Alamelumanga Temple

    • TTDC Garden

    • Kanipakam, Srikalahasti Temple

    • Silathoranam


    Vijayawada lies on the banks of the River Krishna and is popular for its luscious juicy mangoes, spring season and the sweets. It also boasts of having the largest railway junction in South India. During the Vijayanagra Kingdom, Vijayawada used to be an important town. A number of hills and caves can be found here. These make it a must see attraction in Andhra Pradesh.

    Key Tourist Attractions

    • Mangalagiri

    • Kondapalli Fort

    • Gandhi Hill

    • Mogalarajapuram Caves

    • Kanaka Durga Temple

    • Mary’s Church

    • Rajiv Gandhi Park

    • Prakasam Barrage

    • Undavalli Caves

    • Kuchipudi

    • Manginapudi Beach

    • Mogalarajapuram Caves

    • Bhavani Island

    • Hazratbal Mosque


    Nellore is incredibly popular for its religious and spiritual legacy in the state. Holding a primary significance as a historic center, the city is definitely going to lure many history buffs. Nelore is often referred to as the city majorly known for its production of rice and the mica and lime. Do try sweets like Bobbatlu and Malai Kajaa when here. A number of tourist attractions can be found here.

    Key Tourist Attractions

    • Rangatha Temple

    • Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary

    • Pulicat Lake

    • Narasimhaswamy Temple

    • Mypad Beach

    • Barah Shaheed Dargah

    • Krishna Mandir

    • Ranganayaka Temple

    • Penchalakona

    • Patu ru

    • Jonnawada

    • Somasila

    • Ramalingeswara Temple

    • Udayagiri Fort

    • Venkatagiri Fort

    • Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

  4. What will like you like there?


    There are not too many tourists who actually shell out some time to discover the different sightseeing treasures of the state. It is deterred by its size and the very fact that most of the attractions here lie across the squares of miles of the rocky terrain. However, if you make an informed choice, Andhra Pradesh can definitely prove to be a very rewarding destination just as much as its neighbors -  Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


    When it comes to shopping in Andhra Pradesh, the state will definitely spoil you for choice, given that the craft pieces here are in abundance. For all shopaholics, shopping in Andhra Pradesh can indeed be a fruitful experience. Right from its Buddhist Nirmal paintings to the delicate silver filigree of Karimnagar, buffalo hide puppets, Kalamkari and Bidri work and the ikat garments, Andhra is in fact a treasure pile of magnificent crafts designed by the skilled artisans and craftsmen.  Kalamkari gets its name from the usage of the modest ‘kalam’ or pen. On the hand, Ikat is a type of weave where the dyed threads are collectively patterned into the fascinating fabrics. Andhra’s repertoire of fabrics is indeed not limited to ikat. A distinct practice of weaving the silk into cotton fabric known as himroo was a popular choice of cloth that went in the making of the luxurious garments for the royal men. Small towns of Narayanpet, Pochampalli, Venkatagiri and Dharamavaram also lend their names to some special categories of weaves each one different from the other. Saree in any of these forms is bound to allure any lady.


    For adventure seekers, activities like para sailing may be fascinating. This adventure activity is carried out with great enthusiasm in the Hyderabad city. Hussain Sagar Lake is the ideal spot for you to carry out this activity. Angling is another popular thing to do in Hyderabad. It is also enjoyed in Secret Lake. Other outdoor sport common in Andhra Pradesh is Golfing. In Hyderabad, there is an 18-hole golf course which is managed by Indian army and is extremely well maintained. Tourists can practice their swing and polish their chipping and putting skills here.

    Festivals and Events

    Andhra Pradesh is widely known and appreciated for its varied traditions and multi ethnic culture. Some of the most popular festivals celebrated here include Sankranti celebrated during the month of January and Ugadi that is celebrated in March. Sankranti is a festival which is celebrated to welcome the winter crop and Ugadi is the Telugu New Year. In both the festivals, a lot of gifts are exchanged. If you visit Andhra Pradesh during this time do partake in these festivals.  

    Foodies Paradise

    Irani, Chai, Hyderabadi Biryani and Haleen are just few of the many things that can entice your taste buds in Andhra Pradesh. You can find just about every type of cuisine right from fine dining to fast dining here.  

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Andhra Pradesh Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Andhra Pradesh

More Andhra Pradesh Attractions

Katiki Waterfalls, visakhapatnam Prakasam Barrage, vijayawada Sri Venkateswara Temple, tirupati Srikalahasti, tirupati Nagarjunsagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve Araku Valley, visakhapatnam Sri Bhramaramba Devi Temple, srisailam Ttd Gardens, tirupati Kailasagiri, visakhapatnam Akasaganga Teertham, tirupati Octopus Viewpoint, srisailam Srisailam Dam Kapila Theertham, tirupati Akka Mahadevi Caves, srisailam Chandragiri Fort, tirupati Submarine Museum, visakhapatnam Iskcon Temple, tirupati Regional Science Centre, tirupati Nagalooty, srisailam Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, visakhapatnam Rock Garden, tirupati Talakona Waterfall, tirupati Vuda Park, visakhapatnam Govindaraja Temple, tirupati Tirumala Deer Park Reserve, tirupati Simhachalam Temple, visakhapatnam Rishikonda Beach, visakhapatnam Coffee Museum, araku valley Pathala Ganga Walk Way, srisailam Padmapuram Gardens, araku valley Tribal Museum, araku valley Rama Krishna Mission Beach, visakhapatnam Galikonda View Point, araku valley Katiki Waterfall, araku valley Bojjannakonda, visakhapatnam Ross Hill Church, visakhapatnam Ananthagiri Water Falls, araku valley Chaparai Water Cascade, araku valley Sangda Waterfalls, araku valley Matsyadarshini Museum, visakhapatnam Victory At Sea War Memorial, visakhapatnam Gangavaram Beach, visakhapatnam Lawson’S Bay Beach, visakhapatnam Sagar Nagar Beach, visakhapatnam Visakha Museum, visakhapatnam Rana Jilleda Water Falls, araku valley Chenchu Lakshmi Tribal Museum, srisailam Sri Venkateswara National Park, tirupati Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary, visakhapatnam Tu 142 Aircraft Museum, visakhapatnam Bapu Museum, vijayawada Hinkar Thirtha, vijayawada Hazratbal Mosque, vijayawada Prakasam Park, tirupati Paladhara Panchadara, srisailam Papavinasanam Dam, tirupati Iskcon Temple, vijayawada Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla, vijayawada Ishtakameshwari Devi Temple, srisailam Gandhi Hill, vijayawada Rajiv Gandhi Park, vijayawada Mudasarlova, visakhapatnam Vmc Disney Land, vijayawada Gunadala Matha Shrine, vijayawada Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Temple & Museum, srisailam Akkanna Madanna Caves, vijayawada Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple, tirupati Sri Vari Museum, tirupati Thotlakonda, visakhapatnam Statue Of Lenin, vijayawada Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, vijayawada Sakshi Ganapati Temple, srisailam Rudra Vanam Park, srisailam K.L Rao Park, vijayawada Raghavaiah Park, vijayawada Bheemili Beach, visakhapatnam Mallamma Kanneeru Temple, srisailam Swami Pushkarini, tirupati
16 October 2015
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