Taking a holiday to Portugal more or less means a discovery of one of the most remarkable and diverse destinations of the world. With over 800 km of enticing Atlantic Ocean coastline, the country is inevitably linked to the sea. The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon enjoys a magnificent geographical location near the mouth of the River Tagus. If you head from here, the innovative mariners set their sail in the 15th and 16th centuries on their epic voyages of discovery. Ever since then, Portugal has nurtured a proud sea-faring tradition.

The interior of the country infuses vast rolling plains of the sun-baked central regions of the country with the equally dramatic northern mountain ranges. Towards the southern end of the country, you’ll come across some of the best beaches of Europe which feature warm breeze and shallow waters. Dotted around the beach are the cosmopolitan cities, stone-built villages and enchanting towns. Here you can come around and explore the vivid monasteries, castles, historic palaces, and museums which are indeed a few of the best places to see here. Traveling to the country may also mean a visit to the subtropical and verdant island of Madeira as well as the secluded yet tranquil archipelago of Azores.

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  1. Travel Advice

    • Carry at least one proof of your identity with you at all times.

    • Get your important documents photocopied for safety.

    • Stay alert and keep a check on your luggage at all times.

    • Do not leave your valuables or baggage anywhere.

    • Don’t try and get over friendly with the passerby’s.

    • Do not indulge in any form of drugs or any other harmful substances.

    • If you come across any individual who may look or seem like a drug peddler it is always recommended for you to not interact with such an individual and try and get away from that place at the earliest.

    • In case you get into a trouble or in case you need help, it is good to contact the police.

    • You can seek help from the locals however make sure you are polite in your tone.

    • Do not book a hotel in a shady area.

    • If a particular place prohibits you from clicking a picture adhere to it.

    • In case you are suffering from a medical condition, carry with you all the necessary medications.

    • Whenever you carry out any adventure activity, give due importance to your safety and security.

    • Do not flaunt your valuables in the public areas.

  2. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Portugal is 16 years.
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    Lisbon is the capital as well as the largest city in Portugal. It is located in the Western Iberian Peninsula that falls on Atlantic Ocean and river Tagus. Lisbon city is one of the oldest cities in the world. There are various tourists spots in the city that is worth a visit. Rua Augusta Street is the famous pedestrian-on street where you can find jewelry shops that sells the kind of jewelry Lisbon is famous for. Alfama is an old hilly region of Lisbon that is below St. George Fort. Lisbon is one of the most famous tourist places in Portugal and around the world.


    Algarve is the most popular holiday destination in Portugal owing to its clean beaches, beautiful climate and unpolluted water. It is situated at the southernmost region of Portugal, on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. Faro is the capital of Algarve and it has some beautiful beaches you would like to visit. Algarve also has some world renowned golf courses. Built in the 15th century, Fortaleza de Sagres is fortress that is also worth a visit. There are over 100 different beaches, each unique in its own way. Stay in Algarve is relatively cheap and it is a safe place for tourists to visit.


    Sintra is a town in Lisbon that is well known for its romantic architectural monuments. UNESCO declared Sinatra as Heritage Patrimony site. Visit the famous historic center of Sintra, Regaleira Palace, which is included in UNESCO’s World heritage site list as “Sintra’s cultural landscape”. Pena National Palace is a beautiful example of Moorish Romantic architecture built in the early 19th century. One place you cannot afford to miss while visiting Sintra is Moorish castle. The castle was built by Moors in 9th century and remains one of the most fascinating places in Portugal.


    The second largest city in Portugal, Porto is located at the mouth of the river Douro. The city is known for its fortified wine around the world. Porto’s historical center was awarded with the World heritage site status by UNESCO. There are various museums in the city you will love to visit. Palácio da Bolsa is a stock exchange Palace that contains the most impressive room in the country. Cais da Ribeira is the most beautiful riverfront at the center of the city. Porto is a must visit tourist attraction spot in Portugal


    Coimbra is a historic city that serves as regional capital in central Portugal. It is the largest municipality in central Portugal with almost 150,000 inhabitants. Coimbra is one of Portugal's four largest metropolises. The city is well known for its University of Coimbra, one of the oldest universities in Europe that was built in 1290. UNESCO declared it among the world’s oldest universities in its list. This is a beautiful city with a vast culture and heritage, surely worth a visit.
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    Golfers Today, a British publication named Portugal “best golfing Destination 2012”. The country has 14 golf courses in the top 100 best courses in Europe. You can also learn golfing with perfect techniques here. Many resorts in Portugal offers golfing classes too if you want to learn the sport. Algarve has some renowned golf courses you can visit. Portugal is now considered as a golfing haven. For those who love golfing, Portugal is a great place to visit.

    Indulge in beach activities

    Portugal is mostly surrounded by sea that gives visitors perfect opportunity to visit these Portuguese beaches and indulge in beach activities. There are various beautiful beaches that offers excellent water sports opportunity. Algarve is famous for its clean beaches that lets a visitor indulge in water sports activities like scuba Diving, kite surfing, jet skiing, and snorkeling, among many more. Take part in other beach activities like aerobics and beach volleyball to have a fun time here.


    Portugal is considered as the surf capital of Europe. Due to its unpolluted water, many surfers visit the country for a memorable and adventurous surfing experience. Nazare, situated to the north of Lisbon is considered as legendary for its gigantic rollers. Garrett McNamara, a professional surfer marked a world record for his ride on 80 foot rollers. Other popular renowned spots for surfing includes Peniche, Sagres, and Espino. Algarve is also one of the finest beaches in the world for surfing.

    Taste the wine

    Porto is famous around the world for its eponymous port wine. You can taste many varieties of wine available in the country. Vintage wine is very expensive as it is kept in a bottle for 5-15 years before it is opened whereas the Ruby is the youngest and cheapest red wine you can taste. White wine tastes sweet and mixes well with tonic water. Vinho Verde is a green colored wine which is light, refreshing and accounts for 9-9.5% in volume. You can go around various wineries to taste the wine Portugal has to offer.


    Portugal is a good place for those who love shopping. You can buy designer clothes from fashion designers like Fátima Lopez and Maria Gambina. Look out for handicraft items, home utensils, handmade leather purses and toys among other interesting items. Portugal is one of the top world exporter of cork, and design products made using cork. The prices of these products are relatively reasonable and you can easily find them at markets in Portugal.

    Try local Cuisine

    Portuguese cuisine offers you delicious food that is surely worth a try. Soup is an essential part of the first meal in the country. Caldo verde, made from kale, potatoes and spiced, smoked sausage is most popular soup in Portugal. Bacalhau is Portuguese staple food that you will find everywhere. You can also try a variety of fish, beef and chicken dishes here. Vegetarians will find it difficult to find a vegetarian restaurant or a Russian restaurant that serves vegetarian dishes. Portugal also has an amazing Nightlife with various bars, restaurants and clubs open throughout the night.

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