Welcome to the city of vibrant yellow tulips, jarring red lights and bokeh-embellished nightlife. Go dutch and explore The Netherlands on unpretentious vehicles. Cycle your way through the quaint canal-bordered streets or take a boat-ride across its waters. Among the best tourist places in Netherlands, visit the historic Van Gogh Museum, a colossal monument that houses the world’s largest Van Gogh collection. Pay your respects at the historic Anne Frank’s House, which regales you with tragic stories of war-torn Germany and the plight of Jews in the Second World War. Marvel at the spectacular Koninklijk Paleis, whose interiors were done up by the legendary Rembrandt and Bol.  

 Amble through the most picturesque flower-park in the world, The Keukenhof Gardens. Indulge your inner cheese-a-holic at the Alkmaar and Waagplein cheese markets. Watch the exquisite porcelain ware and pottery works of local artistes, in the town of Delft. The Wadden Sea is an excellent site for sailing and bird-watching. The Netherlands is a country of museums. Visit Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Rijksmuseum Art Gallery and the interactive National Maritime Museum. The Gothic Church in Haarlem is an epitome of gothic architecture. Spend time watching a windmill in motion in the village of Kinderdijk. Apart from the villages and cities in The Netherlands, you could consider exploring the hidden gem of an island in the Dutch Antilles, called Saba, or The Unspoiled Queen. Explore the best tourist places in Netherlands, and marvel at its beauty. We are sure that this place will offer a lifetime experience to you.

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People Also Ask About Netherlands

  1. What are the best things to do in the Netherlands?

    1. Witness the gorgeous canals in Amsterdam: You will witness around 165 canals in Amsterdam which are the major attractions of the city. While touring the capital city of Netherlands, you will be delighted to travel by the canals in a boat or a water taxi while going from one attraction to another. Those travelling in winter will be enchanted to get an opportunity to skate on the frozen canals.

    2. Go wildlife spotting at the Hoge Veluwe National Park: A star attraction of Netherlands tourism is the Hoge Veluwe National Park, also known as the Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe. Go wildlife spotting at this largest nature reserve in the country and feel excited as you find wildlife in abundance such as mouflon, deer, and wild boar.  In this park you will also spot  important bird sanctuary as well. While visiting the park, you can indulge in several activities such as hiking and cycling. Do not forget to visit the sculpture park and art gallery, the Kröller-Müller Museum.
    3. Plan a day trip to Madurodam: Your trip to Netherlands will remain incomplete if you do not plan a a day trip to Madurodam during your vacation. Visit the Madurodam miniature park to take a look at the scaled models of the country’s famous attractions, such as the Rijksmuseum, Port of Rotterdam and Binnenhof. Take a look at the traditional Dutch houses along with canals, markets and windmills. Learn more about Netherland from educational exhibitions and informative plaques in the park.

    4. Spend a beautiful evening at the Garden of Europe: Another popular attraction in Netherlands is the world’s largest flower garden, Keukenhof, also known as the  Garden of Europe. Spend an evening at the enchanting garden with 7 million flower as well as kitchen herbs planted across 32 hectares of land. Feel enchanted as you take a stroll and look at vibrant coloured flowers such as tulips, daffodil and hyacinths.

    5. Travel in a Stoomtram: 
    Board on a stoomtram like a local and embark on an exploration of a city. You will be able to board this steam train with antique value from Hoorn daily from 10:40 am onwards and experience commuting across the country in a unique way. The train travels from Hoorn to Medemblik and you can enjoy a roundtrip if you want.

    6. Visit the Van Gogh Museum: 
    Pay a visit to the Van Gogh Museum, which is one of the  world’s best art museums, famed for housing the world’s largest collection of the works Vincent van Gogh, the world’s most popular artist. Feel spellbound as you stroll across the place and take a look at 500 drawings, 700 letters and 200 paintings by the artist. 
  2. Travel Advice

    Keep the touts at bay.

    - Do not entertain the beggars.

    - Make sure you have acquired sufficient knowledge about the place you are traveling to.

    - Learn the necessary words and their pronunciations whenever you are traveling to any new location.

    - Do not get involved in any types of brawls or fights with the locals.

    - Be warm and gentle towards the locals.

    - Always carry with you at least one proof of your identity.

    - Always make sure you sit in prepaid taxis or cabs. If you are unable to find prepaid taxis, it is a good idea to negotiate the fare before traveling.

    - Do not override the local cultures and traditions.

    - Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

    - In case a particular area forbids you from clicking a picture adhere to it.

    - If you are eating street food, it is good to check the quality before eating.

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  3. Our Recommendations: What You Can't Afford to Miss?

    1. Hoge Veluwe National Park: Netherlands is a small country despite that it boasts of one of the most diverse national park programs of Netherland. Of this, the largest is the Hoge Veluwe National Park that is located between Apeldoorn and Arnhem. Sprawling over an area of 13,800 acres, the national park is the largest continuous national reserve of the country. It is also one of the most popular day tour destination for both visitors and locals. Home to fascinating sculpture park and the dense woodlands in the north, the area once happened to be a hunting reserve and a country estate. At present, the park is a home to several red and roe deer. One of the most important thing to do here is bird watching. It is indeed a great tourist attraction for all photography and nature lovers.

    2. Anne Frank Museum: 
    Located in Amsterdam, The Anne Frank Museum is definitely a quintessential place to see in Netherlands. In the museum, on Prinsengracht is where the family of Anne Frank hid during most of the WWII. It is also the very place where the girl wrote her famous diary. True that the girl died just two months before the end of the war, her legacy has lived on through her words which have today been translated in more than 51 languages. The back of this house has been kept in its original state as it was the place where the family had their hiding place. This monument is indeed a must see attraction in Netherlands.

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    3. Exploring Amsterdam's Canals: 
    Similar to Venice, Amsterdam is another city that is built on water. It is one enduring memory which every visitor to Amsterdam will have that is the time that goes in exploring the beautiful canals of this city. True that most of the tourist attractions of Amsterdam can be accessed via water taxi or via boat tour, including few of the significant art galleries and museums. Amsterdam presents so much to be gained simply by strolling along the quieter and smaller streets which line the waterways. 

    4. Keukenhof: The Garden of Europe: 
    When tourists are told to think of Netherlands, they are inevitably going to be reminded of the tulips. Tulips are the most loved flower here. There’s probably nowhere else where you can enjoy the rich floral beauty than is visible at the Keukenhof which is otherwise known as the Garden of Europe. On the boundaries of Lisse, you’ll see what is widely considered as the ‘bulb belt’ of Netherlands. It is also the largest public garden of the world that surrounds over 70 acres of land which once used to be a former kitchen garden of a huge country estate. This site is also home to the largest open air flower show of the world. The very charm of Keukenhof is evident from the endless variety of colours. Besides tulips, you can also spot other varieties of flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses.

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    5. The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam: A Dutch Treasure Trove: 
    Rijksmuseum also known as the Dutch National Museum is one of the most spectacular museums of Amsterdam. It has long been collecting rare antiquities and art ever since the year 1809. There is no surprise that the extensive collection of the museum today amounts to over 7 million pieces of art. These include 5000 paintings that are housed in more than 250 rooms. There is also a gigantic library which houses more than 35,000 books. Besides the incredible collection of old masters, the museum also presents an exhaustive depiction of burgeoning art and culture in the country which is known to be rich in traditional sculptures, Dutch handicrafts and modern art. You ought to be prepared to spend the best part of your day even longer by exploring the endless treasures of the museum.

    6. The Windmills of Kinderdijk: Amidst Dordrecht and Rotterdam, nestled on the River Noord is one of the most remarkable village of Kinderdijk. The village gets its name from an incident of 1421’s St. Elizabeth's Day flood after a cradle of a baby had been stranded on the dike. Major drawcard here is the phenomenally preserved18th-century windmills. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, 19 Kinderdijk windmills were built during the span of 1722 and 1761. They are the largest surviving concentration of windmills in the Netherlands.      

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    7. Van Gogh Museum: 
    The magnificent, Van Gogh Museum befits one of the greatest artists of the world. It is ranked at 35th in the top art museums globally. Attracting over 1.5 million on annual basis, the museum is a great sightseeing attraction. It is home to one of the largest collection of the Van Gogh paintings. Besides there are 500 drawings, 700 letters and 200 paintings included in the vast collection of the museum. Works by the contemporaries of the Van Gogh can also be seen here. Visiting this museum is indeed a great thing to do.   

    8. Historic Valkenburg: 
    Are you looking forward to delve a deeper in the ancient history of Netherlands? If yes, plan a visit to Valkenburg. Netherlands is nothing without its medieval and early attractions and one such attraction is the Valkenburg. Nestled in the magnificent Geul Valley, the romantic Valkenburg boasts of the only hilltop castle of the country. It has long been a prominent holiday resort. Other attractions of the town include the variety of caves available here.  If you plan a visit during mid November to 23rd of December, you can enjoy some shopping here at the Christmas Market.

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  4. What You Will Like There?

    1. Charming towns and villages: Almost all the villages and towns of Netherlands are just as charming as the other. Amsterdam is believed to be charming will its tall and narrow buildings. Going by the history, the Dutch people were taxed in accordance with the width of their houses. Most of the houses are lined with canals and the narrow streets. This is something which describes the different towns of Netherlands. You can visit the historical towns of Zierikzee, Goes and Middelburg, and you’ll be awed by them like never before.

    2. Language heaven: 
    In Netherlands, almost everyone speaks English. Besides English, there are a couple of other languages spoken here. Other languages widely spoken here include German, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic and French. Given the vast number of languages preferred here, communicating will be easy and hassle free. You’ll never experience any language barrier in the country. The only tip here to help you communicate with the locals is to always maintain that smile so that you don’t end up in a fight with the locals.

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    3. Koffie en Koek: 
    You’ll never have to experience bad tasting coffee in Netherlands. More so, the apple cake which is standard in most of the Dutch cafes is second to none.

    4. Birdlife: 
    Netherlands is a home to a vast array of birds. Some of the birds that you can spot here include the spoonbills, oystercatchers, black storks, gannets as well as the ducks of just about every type. Other than these, the redshanks, greenshanks and the northern lapwings can also be spotted here. Given the fact that the land here is flat, you’ll feel that your eyes are at level with the sky so birds will seem just as close. This will make bird watching the most important activity to be done in Netherlands. A number of migratory birds too come to Netherlands on annual basis.

    5. Great cycling: 
    One of the most important thing to do in Netherlands is cycling. The best thing about Netherlands is that cycling here is very organized. You can just go off the road without having to bother about getting a flat tyre as the cycle paths here are very well surfaced. This also ensures more speed.

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    6. Great beaches: 
    Netherlands is a home to a number of great beaches. You can spot wide white beaches that are stretched out for miles. The country indeed has some of the best beaches of Europe. During the autumn and winter months, the beaches are usually swamped by the land yachters, walkers and kite flyers. You can also carry out some of the best water sports and adventure activities on or near the beaches.

    7. Islands: 
    The Wadden Sea islands of Netherlands sprawl out a tail of droplets abode the mainland – Vieland, Terschelling, Schiermonnikoog, Texel and Ameland. There are also some sandbars in between. During the summer months, you can use the boats to venture across the islands from the mainland or from one island to the other. Of these, Texel is a mini Netherlands given its coastal woodland, Dutch landscape, mountainous dunes, shoreline and seawall and golden beaches.

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  5. How to reach Netherlands?

    Netherlands can be reached via three ways:

    • By Air

    The best way to reach Netherlands is by flight. The Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam, is the country’s main airport. Others include Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam- The Hague and Groningen-Eelde Airports. However, you can also fly from airports in the surrounding countries.

    • By Rail

    Alternatively, you may book a train ride if you are on touring Europe and are visiting The Netherlands from another European country. These include the Thalys and the ICE high speed trains operating from France, Belgium and from Germany, Switzerland and Poland respectively.

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  6. Do I need a visa for Netherlands? How does one get a Netherlands visa?

    Yes, you do need a visa for The Netherlands. However, the type of visa needed is called the Schengen Visa, which is common to 26 European countries. Visit a Visa Application Centre in your town or a nearby city, to apply for a visa. Be clear on your purpose of visit, have your documents in place and submit your application form with the required fee.

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  7. What is the currency of Netherlands and where can I get my money exchanged?

    Holland uses the Euro currency. It is useful to know that 1 Euro=77.53 INR.

    You can have your money exchanged at most Amsterdam banks or at special offices called Foreign Exchange Bureaus. You may exchange your money at the airport, but the rates may be inferior.  A sensible thing to do is purchasing the Euro currency beforehand, at a more suitable exchange rate. Traveller cheques is another option. It would be wise to consult your own local bank for information on foreign fees on usage of your debit/credit card.

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  8. What are the things to do in Netherlands?

    - The Netherlands are famous for their canals, their art galleries, museums and of course, the most beautiful Tulip gardens.
    - The nightlife here is also an important part of the city.
    - If you are here in April, revel in the celebrations of King’s Day.
    - Additionally, bike through the Hoge Veluwe National Park, home to driftsands, wild deer and the Kroller Muller Museum.
    - Cycling through the salubrious environs of the Dutch countryside is a refreshing travel activity.
    - Travelling to the old city of Utrechtis an experience in its own right. When here, tour the grand Kasteel De Haar, which was so colossal that an entire village had to be evacuated for the castle to be built!
    - Don’t forget to enjoy authentic Dutch cuisine at The Moeders Restaurantand let your hair down at the tub-thumping Trouw
    - One of the more eerie and macabre things to do in The Netherlands, is visiting The Vrolik Museum, dedicated to the study of pathological deformities!
    - You may also like to visit The Unspoiled Queen island of Saba, in the Dutch antilles, for its range of watersports.

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  9. What is the local food of Netherlands? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    The Netherlands is not especially renowned for its food, but it does boast its own Dutch cuisine. Make sure you try powdered pancakes called Poffertjes, Dutch waffles called Stroopwafels and Gouda cheese available here.
    - Restaurant Greetje for traditional dishes,
    - Haesje Claes Restaurant and Wilde Zwijnen for modern menus such as the wild boar special and
    - A taste of the local produce at de Kas

    Make for some of the important dining spots here.
    - Maoz and Walk To Wok food joints are pocket-friendly.

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  10. What is the best public transport to commute around Netherlands?

    Amsterdam is a city that is best experienced on bicycle. Public transport around Netherlands includes Trains, Buses and Trams, and Ferries. Buses and trains are the best and most inexpensive options for commutation. They charge about 3 Euro one-way. Taxis are way too costly and should be avoided.

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  11. Which are the best shopping places in Netherlands and what are they famous for?

    - The Magna Plazahas a bit of everything: Fashion, Jewellery, Souvenirs, Skin care and even Dutch Cheese.
    - De Bijenkorfis a chain of high-end department stores teeming with luxury brands.
    - Waterlooplein Flea Market is bustling with vendors selling Antiques, Furniture, Vintage Clothing and Knick-Knacks.
    - Albert Cuyp Market is an open-air bazaar famous for its Vegetables, Cheese, Flowers and even Clothes.

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  12. What are the romantic experiences for honeymoon couples in Netherlands?

    The Netherlands is a romantic experience by itself.

    - Couples can take a canal cruise for a decadent and poetic tour of the city. Pro tip, opt for a night cruise on these canals for a truly romantic holiday along the golden streets and under the moonlit skies.
    - Wobble over the cobblestones and tour the labyrinthic Dom Tower in Utrecht, hand in hand.
    - Pack a picnic in the idyllic atmosphere of De Kasteelhoeve.
    - What’s more romantic than sharing a meal? Dine at the 2 Michelin starred, Ciel Bleu restaurant and make a Champagne toast in style.
    - Say ‘’I love you’’ with flowers, shopping vibrant blooms at Bloemenmarkt.
    - Additionally, you can book a horse and carriage tour of Amsterdam city for an idea straight out of Disney.

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  13. What are the best attractions to visit in Netherlands that you can book via Thrillophilia?

  14. What are the adventures one can do in Netherlands?

    - Biking through The Netherlands countryside tops the list of outdoor activities here.
    - Alternatively, you can go Canoeing on the guided Waterland tour.
    - Play a challenging game of Dodgeball and Archery, at Archery Tag Amsterdam.
    - Enjoy insane festivities on the canals during King’s Day, which is an adventure by itself.
    - Pelgrimspad offers excellent hiking.
    - Additionally, you can enjoy Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Sailing in the Windwardside beach of Saba, a rather unexplored island in the Dutch Antilles.

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  15. What are the best hiking trails in Netherlands?

    - The Saban terrain is conducive to hiking and trekking.
    - Additionally, Stadtrundgangin Amsterdam,
    - Pelgrimspadand Varkensland offer decent hiking trails in The Netherlands.

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  16. How is the nightlife in Netherlands? Which are the places to experience it the best?

    It is no secret that nightlife is The Netherlands’ virtue and vice.

    - Club Up is a small-venue that usually plays pop and hip hop music.

    - Stained-glass Bitterzoet is also an interesting venue for gigs.

    - The industrial vibe and machinery at Trouw, infuses great thrill into the pubbing experience here.

    - Studio 80 is best known for its grunge, graffiti-decorated interiors and old-school trippy music.

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  17. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Netherlands.

    - Have your visa, official documents and currency intact. There’s nothing like being over-prepared.
    - Visit Holland during the season of tulips, which is by far one of the most inviting attractions here. You also get to enjoy the fun King’s Day if you are visiting in April.
    - Do not limit your travels to Amsterdam-Go crazy exploring The Netherlands in its entirety.
    - Save money and truly imbibe the spirit of Netherlands by biking and cycling your way through. Avoid taxis at all costs, pun intended!
    - Instead of booking a hotel room, opt for an Airbnb or use Couchsurfing, which lets travellers stay with locals for free!
    - Get a Museum Card, with which you can access more than 400 curatorial houses in the country!
    - Keep aside a daily budget of 45-75 Euro, which is subject to change depending on your activity.

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Newly Added Netherlands Experience
Europe is a good destination place where you can spend your honeymoon or a family vacation abroad, and it was truly fantastic. Thrillophilia greatly organized this tour accordingly to the needs of the travelers, Also appreciated the fast response times towards our queries, We enjoyed the hotel choices as we leave it to Thrillophilia to arranged everything for us and its turns out that all selection of hotels was excellent, Foods were surprisingly so delicious, We had a great time and good memories at each place we visited. All sightseeing was incredible and super beautiful with their views, architecture, culture, art, etc... We really enjoyed the Cologne Boat Ride and never forget the excursion to Mt Titlis. Our tour guide in Amsterdam was very informative, friendly, and experienced shared with us a great history of the place in a very interesting way. This is the tour that you won't regret.
31 January 2020
Must visit places for every art lover.
31 January 2020
Best museum I have ever seen! We got a direct entry and had a great experience.
31 January 2020
Sushil Kocchar Efteling Park Tickets
Amazing place! My children loved it. The rides were very good and we enjoyed a lot.
31 January 2020
Best day out of our Amsterdam Tour. Everything was so good. The transfer was very comfortable.
05 May 2020
Visiting Giethoorn was one in a kind experience and a memorable one too. The guide that accompanied us was very informative and friendly. I and my children personally liked the Boat tour in Giethoorn which came included in the package
05 May 2020
The guide we had while availing the tour was very knowledgeable. he informed us all about the place. He was friendly enough to answer all our questions and the stories he had for all of us made the walking tour interesting. We shared a laugh or two as well.
05 May 2020
A perfect Amsterdam Red Light District walking tour. everyone should look forward to availing while in amsterdam. We went past all the places including Oude Kerk which made the tour perfect one. Having small group size made the tour personalised.
05 May 2020
A perfect Amsterdam Red Light District walking tour. everyone should look forward to availing while in amsterdam. We went past all the places including Oude Kerk which made the tour perfect one. Having small group size made the tour personalised.
From the begining of the tour from the airport we received with a warm welcome, the tour start and we are very excited, the tour manager was very communicative and informative plus helpful, The accommodations were amazing with nice service and hospitalities, the foods were good qualities, sightseeing was incredible, breathtaking and unforgettable. The activities were fun and exciting... The entire experience worth the money we spend... Wow... this is what we are expecting and it satisfying us with everything.

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