Theme parks in Hong Kong are well known throughout the world for their theme-based innovations and exotic creations. Several tourists get lured to these amusement parks every year from faraway places. People come along with their family and kids to revel in the carnivalesque aura of these recreational hubs and take back worthwhile memories. Be it the majestic castles, the enchanting fairyland, the thrilling water amusement park or the terrific roller coaster rides; Hong Kong will yield to you the utmost adventure-filled elation with its theme parks.

Notable events of the year like Christmas, New Year and Halloween can be more exciting here as these Hong Kong theme parks glorify themselves in the intrinsic essence of the festivals. You can bump into any famous Disney character at Disneyland, experience the biblical story of Noah’s Ark unfolding before your eyes, take part in one of the interesting educational sessions at Man Wan Park or simply explore the scintillating marine world at Ocean Park.

So, if you are planning for a vacation in Hong Kong, do visit these entertaining places serving as a centre for all kinds of zestful activities. Fill your holidays with sheer mirth and remarkable memories.

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Ocean Park Dolphin Show Hong Kong, Flat 15% off
Ocean Park Dolphin Show Hong Kong, Flat 15% off


About the Activity:- Ocean Park Dolphin show offers an enthralling chance to meet and witness a fun-filled show put forth by dolphins. The show is a family entertainer with kids and senior citizens enjoying the show alike.- You can even touch and socialize with the dolphins at Ocean Park.- The friendly staff will teach you basic hand signals that professional trainers use for interaction with the dolphins.- Ocean Park Dolphin show gives you an insight into the behavior and natural living conditions of dolphins and creates awareness to conserve and preserve the species.- You need to disinfect your hands before the show begins and individuals with acrylic or gel nails must wrap their nails with medical tape before touching the mammals as a safety measure.- You can freeze your moments at Ocean Park with a photograph.- Ocean Park is open from Thursdays to Tuesdays between 3.40 PM and 4.20 PM and is closed on all Wednesdays.About the Ocean Park Dolphin Show: The scenes behind Ocean Park, Hong Kong invites you with its top attraction to make you awestruck. Here you get to meet the adorable dolphins. Yes, Dolphins! You can see them from closer. The more interesting thing is that you can touch them if you wish to. But that's not enough. You get to learn the basic hand signals used by professionals. Signals that instruct them to do certain things and you feel them like your friends. The staffs are very supportive and friendly. They let you know and understand behaviors of the dolphins and also how they live. They also share stories of efforts taken to conserve the species. Among these stories you can get yourself clicked with these friendly Dolphins. Just guess how much fun it will be. The Dolphins at Ocean Park are waiting for you. It is really an amazing place to enjoy for you and your family.Schedule:Thursday-Tuesday: 3:40pm-4:20pmMeet the Dolphin is closed on Wednesdays

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 3,260

₹ 2,771

Family Fun Tour of Hong Kong
Family Fun Tour of Hong Kong


About the ActivityHead out for a fun vacation to Hong Kong with your family for some memorable times.Enter the dazzling city of Hong Kong and immerse yourself in some of the liveliest amusement parks of the world.This 6 day 5 night tour covers sightseeing in Hong Kong along with 2 whole days at Disneyland and a tour of Macau.The trip includes accommodation, meals, transportation and a lot of activities.

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 58,750

People Also Ask About Theme Parks in Hong Kong

  1. What are the best Theme Parks in Hong Kong?

    1. Ocean Park Hong Kong: Amongst the popular theme parks in Hong Kong, Ocean Park is the most spectacular one. From enjoying the sleigh ride across the snow-clad Arctic Blast, exploring your way through China’s rich culture at the Sturgeon Aquarium and discovering some of the precious marine creatures, walking into the heart of the Rainforest and also meeting the giant pandas hailing from China’s temperate forests, each sight will awe you.

    You can even opt for the cable car ride to catch a glimpse of the surrounding hills and the azure sea or hop onto the giant Ferris Wheel where you will be embarking upon an ardent journey crossing between the boundless earth and the infinite sky. The adorable penguins will give you a warm welcome at the South Pole Spectacular. On events like New Year, Halloween, the park gears itself up in a festive mood and will surely offer you cherishable moments.

    Location - Aberdeen, Hong Kong
    Timing - 10 am to 7 pm daily
    Entry Fee - HK$480 for adults, and HK$240 for children aged between 3-11.

    2. Hong Kong Disneyland: Disneyland is a magical realm which will enchant you with its wide range of themed zones and spectacles. Considered as the largest, it tops the list of all the amusement parks in Hong Kong, attracting millions of tourists every year. The Jungle River Cruise will take on an enjoyable excursion and don’t forget to look out for Tarzan’s Treehouse. The Cinderella Carousel is an absolute delight for children. Venture the Wonderland with Alice, immerse yourself in Pooh’s huge honey pot or take a stroll around the Mystic Point.

    For Marvel fans, this place is an ideal location as you can watch an Iron Man tech show or simply go meet the famous heroes. With the majestic castles, alluring Fantasy land, and the amusing Toyland, this entire place is sure to cast its bewitching spell on you. A sensational journey awaits you at Disneyland.

    Location - Lantau Island, Hong Kong
    Timing - 10.30 am to 8 pm daily
    Entry Fee - HK$619 for adults and HK$458 for children.

    3. Noah’s Ark: Popping up in front of your eyes from the bible classes of childhood days stands the magnificent replica of the ark built by Noah during an engulfing flood. The Ark Garden houses the model of 67 pairs of animals and birds, saved by Noah. Enjoy your time amidst the verdant setting and capture some moments with the animals on your cameras. The Ark Expo zone will sweep you off your feet as you enter the world of different sized arks exhibited beautifully. Your kids can also engage themselves in educational games and workshops, organized at the Ark Life Education House.

    Location - 33 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan Island, Hong Kong
    Timing -10 am to 6 pm daily
    Entry Fee - HK$ 155 for adults and HK$ 125 for children.

    4. Frontierland: Among the many theme parks in Hong Kong, Frontierland welcomes you to the quaint Old- West setting. Run by Disney and dotted with unique creations, one can avail a splendid train roller coaster ride at the Grizzly Gulch. The Geyser Gulch and the Wild West Photo Fun are other attractions of the place. The Big Grizzly Mountain sprawls as a spectacular backdrop for the place, and the train ride will take you through the heart of the mountain, giving you the soothing essence of the American countryside.

    Location - Hong Kong Disneyland
    Timing - 10.30 am to 7.30 pm daily
    Entry Fee - HK$480 for adults, and HK$240 for children aged between 3-11 ( The Disneyland entry fee is inclusive of Frontierland)

    5. Snoopy’s World: A small theme park, Snoopy’s World is another favorite among children. For those planning for a shopping spree at the Mall on New Town Plaza, take some time off and go peep into Snoopy’s World. Adorable cartoon figures will greet you as you enter along the Doghouse Entry. Hop into the school bus waiting at the School Plaza or take an overwhelming canoe ride with Charlie Brown. Also, grab some photos with the cute Peanuts characters. While you give your tired legs some rest, watch your kids play at the Baseball playground. Getting the community hall here for your wedding would indeed turn out to be an exquisite idea.

    Location - New Town Plaza Phase 3, Sha Tin, Hong Kong
    Timing - 11 am to 7 pm daily
    Entry Fee - Free of cost except for the Canoe Ride.

    6. Tomorrowland: Travelling through space and time, you can venture into a different world at Tomorrowland. Enjoy the roller coaster ride, and the Space Mountain will present to you with its unique rendition of time beyond our limits. Watch Iron-Man protecting the city of Hong Kong from the notorious Hydra forces and take a tour along the secret resistance base at the Star Wars- Command Post. With numerous shows and exhibits, this place ideal amongst youngsters will leave you wonderstruck with its futuristic landscape. Also, let your taste buds gorge on the sumptuous delicacies at the Comet Cafe.

    Location - Hong Kong Disneyland
    Timing - 10.30 am to 8 pm daily
    Entry Fee- HK$480 for adults, and HK$240 for children aged between 3-11 ( The Disneyland entry fee is inclusive of Tomorrowland)

    7. SuperPark Hong Kong: SuperPark presents you with a variety of gaming facilities and other adrenaline-pumping activities like wall climbing, skateboarding, trampoline jumping, and a lot more. Your kids can have a thrilling time at the Ninja Track, Flying Box and Pedal Car Track. The Slide Mountain and the Tube Slide will give your young ones a fun time as they happily glide along. Ranging from basketball, baseball, and golf, the Game Arena is another impressive zone. Under proper supervision and in a protected area at the Freestyle Hall, one can even try skating. So gear your nerves up for a stimulating game at Hong Kong’s Super Park.

    Location - One Silver Sea Tower 1, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong
    Timing - 10 am to 9 pm on weekdays, 9 am to 9 pm on weekends.
    Entry Fee - A full day ticket costs HK$250 for adults and children above 3 years of age.

    8. Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park: Situated in the open waters on the western side of Hong Kong, Sha Chau, and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park is one of the largest aquatic Hong Kong amusement parks. Under protected environs, different kinds of scintillating marine life thrive and contribute to the rich biodiversity. The picturesque view of the white sand islands of Lung Kwu Chau, Sha Chau, and Pak Chau appear before you as you sail along this zone. If you are one of those lucky ones, then you are sure to catch a fleeting glimpse of the white Chinese Dolphins.

    Location - To the West of New Territories, Hong Kong
    Timing - 24 hours daily.

    9. Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park: With a soothing atmosphere, Lai Chi Kok is an ideal place to get some relaxation and fresh air amidst nature’s beauty. The Lingnan Garden with the traditional and tranquil Chinese setting is the perfect place for a family outing. You can also enjoy the rollicking rides on the Ferris Wheel, the gondola, the dragon coaster, Astro Swinger and many others. Revel in the festive mood, play some carnival games, and enjoy a hearty time.

    Location - Broadway, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
    Timing - 24 hours daily
    Entry Fee - With entry being free of cost, some games charge between HK$12 to HK$25.

    10. Ma Wan Park: With stunning features, Ma Wan Park is an amusement cum educational centre, attracting young and old alike. A stroll around the Nature Garden is bound to please your mind. The majestic replica of Noah’s Ark is another appealing site, inviting hundreds of visitors. In this green island, you will come across several galleries and educational workshops. Have an enriching time and travel back to the times of Noah for a deeper insight. A sumptuous lunch at the Harvest Restaurant with the panoramic view of the Tsing Ma Bridge and theTing Kau Bridge is surely a must-try.

    Location - Ma Wan island, New Territories, Hong Kong
    Timing - 8 am to 6 pm daily
    Entry Fee - HK$ 168 for adults and HK$ 138 for children aged between 3-11 years.

  2. Which is the best season to visit theme parks in Hong Kong?

    The peak seasons when Hong Kong attracts numerous tourists lasts from October to April. The weather being a comfortable one, you can easily go around and visit the theme parks. Those wanting to enjoy the city’s pompous celebrations during Christmas or New Year, get your bookings done at the Hong Kong theme parks. However, irrelevant of the month of your visit, plan a visit on any weekday to avoid the chaotic rush of people.

  3. What are the things that I should carry while going to Theme parks in Hong Kong?

    If you have any upcoming plans on visiting Hong Kong and want to try out the amusement parks, then do not forget to carry these small but significant things.

    1. Comfortable shoes and light clothing are a must. Be it the scorching heat or the downpour, carrying an umbrella is always advisable.
    2.Lightweight strollers for your kids can come handy while you hop from one place to another.
    3. Carry refillable water bottles rather than availing plastic ones.
    4. A hand sanitizer will be a savior when your hungry stomachs yearn for some lavish dishes.
    5. A city travel guide book will surely prove its worthwhile you are exploring Hong Kong amusement parks.
    6. Lastly, the most important thing to carry is your camera. You don’t want to miss out on seizing some precious moments, do you?

  4. Are there any medical facilities available at the theme parks?

    Honk Kong Theme Parks are meticulously maintained to ensure the safety of each visitor. In case of any medical emergency, a patient gets instant help. Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), nurse stations, and first- aid medical services are inbred within these parks.

    In case of any deterioration in health, the sick will immediately be rushed to the nearby public hospital. Special services for the physically challenged tourists to help them in their visual, hearing, and accessibility needs are also made available.

  5. Are theme parks in Hong Kong open throughout the year?

    Hong Kong theme parks are open throughout the year, rendering their amusing services to you across all seasons and make your visit worthwhile. Parks may remain closed for renovation or restructuring purposes for which you need to follow the individual website available online for each recreational centre. Bookings during special dates like Christmas, New Year, will add an extra cherry to your fun with its jubilant festivities.

  6. What types of items are not permitted in Hong Kong theme parks?

    The theme parks in Hong Kong restricts its visitors from bringing some items that can tamper with one’s security issues.

    1. Do not carry any hazardous or inflammable substance.
    2. Weapons, sharp objects and glass cans of any kind are strictly prohibited.
    3. Most parks do not allow the entry of any pets.
    4. Tourists are not allowed to carry any alcoholic beverages or outside food inside the park’s premises.
    5. Do not bring any big luggage, box or bag. Each park has its fixed baggage dimensions for allowance inside the site.

  7. What is there to do at the theme parks in Hong Kong?

    The theme parks of the splendid city will offer myriad activities for you to engage in.

    1. From rides to adventurous games, these parks will stir your nerves up with sheer excitement and fun. You can try out the Ferris Wheel, the train ride, the cruise journey, the dragon rider, and the list is endless.
    2. Walk-in for a learning experience, as the several exhibits and tech shows, will make you yearn to know more about these themed parks. Interactive sessions for kids are also engaging.
    3. Each park has its shopping areas. Along with your kids, you too can make some deletable purchases.
    4. Capturing some photos with your dear ones would shape happy memories. There are specifically designed zones for engaging in photo sessions like the Wild West Photo Fun in Disneyland.
    5. Last but not least, do visit the eateries for a heart-filling lunch/ dinner amidst the joyous setting.

  8. Which is the Best Theme Park of Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong will offer you a countless number of amusement venues. However, topping the list is the legendary Disneyland followed by the equally lauded Ocean Park. These two places known for their diversity requires a full day for the tourists to explore its innovative and spellbinding theme zones. Pleasing the senses of both young and old, Disneyland and Ocean Park has seen a flourishing growth and renders quality service to all.

    Rest assured your time and money will not go to waste at these entertaining and enriching parks. If you are travelling under a stringent time limit, then do visit Disneyland for a lifetime’s experience.

  9. Is it necessary to book in advance for Hong Kong Theme Parks?

    Most of the theme parks in Hong Kong have the facility of prior online bookings. Such a convenient method will save both your time and effort while you are on the trip. As most of these places remain crowded throughout the year, why spend hours standing in the ticket queue when you can easily procure it by sitting at home.
    So book your dates, and grab your tickets at the earliest to enjoy the bountiful service provided at these venues.

  10. Is there any age limit for visiting the Theme Parks in Hong Kong?

    Generally, amusement parks in Hong Kong do not have any particular age limit. However, it is advisable for kids below 3 years of age not to try the daring rides, though Snoopy’s World and a few other places are suitable for toddlers' visit. Children below 16 years should be accompanied by an adult for entering Disneyland. The rides at different parks have their respective age limits. Before venturing on, do read through the instructions issued by each themed park.

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