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Finland Tour Packages

Duration Price
Finland Igloo Holiday Package 5 Days / 4 Nights ₹ 156200.0
Norway Sweden Finland Tour from India 9 Days / 8 Nights ₹ 124000.0
Northern Lights Tour From Rovaniemi 1 Day ₹ 8734.0
Arctic Circle Rovaniemi with Northern Lights 2 Hours ₹ 5003.0
Scandinavian Classics | Group Departures 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 88561.0

Finland Packages

Browse through a wide range of Finland holidays packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Finland packages with exciting deals & offers.

If you want your holiday excursion to be a subtle blend of fun, serenity, and adventure, explore some amazing Finland tour packages and gift yourself with a memorable vacation on this surreal land. Whether you are an old travel enthusiast striving to have your own share of peace or an adventure seeker on a quest for challenges, these tailor-made packages have something for everyone. To top it all, they also bring along a wide array of exciting deals for the budget vacationers who want to experience the beauty of Finland at an affordable cost.

From immersing yourself in the magic of Northern Lights to racing up your adrenaline at the Santa Claus Village, there are a plethora of experiences to include in your Finland packages. The country also houses a trunkful of national parks where you can enjoy hiking or just submit yourself to nature. Want to delve deeper into the rich history of the region?

Set your foot in the Savonlinna city and find yourself surrounded by numerous museums, caves, and galleries which narrate the tale of this culturally-rich country. You don’t even need to worry about accommodation, sightseeing, or meal plans during the tour as all these amenities are already included in the Finland holiday package. If you want to customise your travel itinerary, feel free to select the number of days and type of accommodation you would prefer on your Finland trip.

The Finland holiday packages are all about taking you on a joyful ride of historical attractions, sightseeing spots, and adventure destinations. In addition to this, they also make sure that you get to relish the local gastronomical delights. From high-end restaurants to bars and cafes, there are numerous food outlets that you can visit and embark on a gastronomic journey. So, if you are all set to plan your Finland tours, book a package that suits your needs and ensure you’d enjoy your vacation without any hassle.

Places to Visit on Finland Tour:

1. Tampere: Cradled between the beautiful lakes of Pyhajarvi and Nasijarvi, Tampere is a tourist magnet that owes its popularity to its classic artworks and adventure sports that could be enjoyed throughout the winter season.While here, one can't miss out on its Moomin Valley Museum and Amuri open-air park that serves the visitors with a sneak-peek into the glorious history of Finland. If you are a history buff, you definitely can't miss out to include Tampere in your Finland tour packages.

2. Porvoo: If you are eager to dive deeper into the Finnish history, embark on a trip to this 600-year-old city and gather some unknown facts to take back home from your Finland tour packages. As you will explore this historical landmark, you will get to visit several cathedrals which narrate the tales of Danish and Russian invaders. While here, you can also head for a shopping spree, enjoy river cruising, or just take a scenic stroll around the city.

3. Turku: Enjoy a laid back weekend in this small town of Finland which is majorly known for its Turku Castle built in the 17th century. The ancient town of Turku is an ideal getaway for all those travellers who want to take their life down a few notches and indulge in leisurely activities. On your visit over here, you can take a stroll around its local market and engage in a shopping spree or satiate your taste buds at one of its riverside restaurants.

4. Northern Lights: Reckoned as one of the most unmissable things of Finland tours, Northern Lights can be enjoyed anytime between the months of September and March in the Lapland of Finland.
The magical beauty of shimmering lights and the surreal atmosphere of Finland blend together to serve the visitors with one of its kind experiences. If you love to add offbeat experiences in your travel journal, Northern Lights will amaze you beyond your imagination.

5. Aland: Aland forms an ideal getaway for all those vacationers who are looking for a quaint spot to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of city life on their Finland tour packages. Want to do nothing but sit back and admire the surreal nature and turquoise blue water?
Hop onto this destination which encompasses a large group of islands and get yourself ready for a rejuvenating holiday ahead. The island group also houses some tourist attractions like a maritime museum and open-air museum where you can steal a closer look into the ancient Finnish culture and traditions.

6. Levi: If you wish to add a dash of adventure into your Finland tour packages, pay a visit to this ski destination that has been getting eyeballs for its never-ending ski slopes and flawless snow.
Just 170 Km away from the Arctic circle, this snow-clad resort features subzero temperatures and a wide array of open lifts and open trails. Whether you are a beginner or an expert ski enthusiast, Levi has something for everyone.

7. Nuuksio National Park: Presenting a unique blend of natural beauty and adventure, Nuuksio National Park is a surreal space sprawled over a wide area. Whether you are searching for a camping destination or you want to have your maiden experience at skiing, this park has got it all covered for you.
The national park features spacious trails where visitors love to ride on bicycles and horsebacks. The verdant spaces around the park furthermore add to the charm of this tourist spot. If you are a nature buff, you just can't forget to include this serene spot in your Finland tour packages.

8. Santa Claus Village: Want to include some entertainment spots in your Finland tour packages? A visit to this beautiful village in Finland is all that you might need. Perched on the snow-clogged mountains of Lapland, this beautiful amusement park welcomes you with ice restaurants, sleigh rides, and umpteen enthralling safaris.
The park also encompasses an igloo hotel where you can plan your stay for a better experience. Built on the concept of Disneyland, Santa Claus Village forms a one-stop destination for all the adventure buffs and kids.

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Things to do on Finland Tour:

1. Enjoy mountain biking and cycling: With numerous challenging trails like Pallas Yllas Tunturi National Park and Syote in its reserve, Finland has emerged as the paradise for mountain bikers and adventure seekers. For all those bikers who want to take their biking skills to the next level, a visit to Yllas Bike Park is all that is needed. The park encompasses a plethora of cycling trails which can be traversed by beginners, as well as advanced bikers.
It also comprises some special mountain bike paths to be accessed only in the winter season. The Lapland hosts numerous races, both challenging and easy, every summer to test your skills. If you want to make the most out of your Finland packages, visit here in the month of October when the pleasant climate adds to the thrill of biking on its scenic routes.

2. Embark on a hiking trip to one of the national parks in Finland: Are you eager to discover the verdant trails of Finland? If yes, hop on a hiking excursion in one of its national parks and find yourself surrounded by a wide array of exotic flora and fauna. With over 40 national parks like Nuuksio, Oulanka, and Urho in its reserve, the country promises you a hiking experience full of peace and serenity. While a hiking excursion to Repovesi amazes you with its beautiful lakes, hanging bridges, and several vantage point to absorb the 360-degree view of the park, a hiking trip to Urho is your golden chance to relax by the lovely lakes and enjoy sauna sessions after a strenuous hike.
If you are visiting Finland in the summer season, don't forget to hike your way towards Karhunkierros national park which is a 82 Km long trail dotted with pine trees and open wilderness huts.

3. Enjoy skiing at one of its ski resorts: In the winter months, Finland turns into a snow paradise with tremendous opportunities for adventure sports such as skiing and snowboarding.
The country has several ski resorts where you can enjoy your maiden experience in skiing. If you want nothing but best skiing experience on your Finland tours, plan a visit to the city of Syote which welcomes both experts as well as beginners alike.

4. Go for a Finnish sauna: One can't end Finland tours without visiting one of its saunas where guests are served with a rejuvenating experience to carry on their way back home.
Whether you want to relax your strained muscles or sweep away your anxiety, the Finnish sauna has something for everyone. With bountiful sauna options like smoke sauna and electric saunas in Finland, you can enjoy the luxury of choosing the best treatment for yourself.

5. Head for rock climbing in Repovesi National Park: Finland is reckoned as one of the best places to go for rock climbing. Whether you are an experienced climber or a beginner, it has something for everyone. Being home to rock climbing spots such as Korouoma Canyon and Repovesi National Park, Finland has emerged as the most sought-after adventure destination among the adrenaline enthusiasts.

6. Explore the Finnish nightlife: Want to explore the vibrant nightlife of Finland? Catch a flight to the capital city of Helsinki which is mainly popular for its fun nightlife. From lively streets and bars to music concerts and karaoke nights, the city has everything to spoil you with choices.
If you want to give a perfect finish to your night with some scrumptious delicacies, visit the Siltanen bar where you will be served with best-in-class food and drinks. To get the first-hand experience of its nightlife, choose the best Finland holiday packages and vouch for nights full of fun.

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Best Time for Finland Tour:

Though you can visit Finland at any time of the year, May to September remains the best time to visit this beautiful country. It is during these months when the country experiences the mildest weather and offers enormous opportunities for hassle-free sightseeing.

How to Reach Finland

1. By Air: Air travel is one of the most comfortable ways to access Finland. The country has its international airport in the capital city of Helsinki which shares good connectivity with several major international airports all across the world. Though there are several other airports in the country, Helsinki-Vantaa is the major international hub. All of the other airports are mostly used for domestic travel.

2. By Sea: Though sea travel is one of the most enticing ways to travel to Finland on your Finland holiday packages, there are limited cruises available on this route. However, if you still wish to travel via sea route, you can find several cruises that sail from some other European coasts. Helsinki and Turku are well-connected to Stockholm by sea and Eurail tickets are also valid on these routes.

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Finland Igloo Holiday Package


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
Taking place in the heart of the Finnish Laplands, the Finland Igloo Holiday Package lets one experience the beauty of the snow-clad mountains in all their glory. Elaborately planned and comprehensive at best, these packages make sure that each day spent in Finland leaves you with some of the best memories of your life.

25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 162,690

₹ 156,200 per Adult

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Norway Sweden Finland Tour from India


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
Travel to the ancient cities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and have a taste of the ancient beauty of these places with your Norway Sweden Finland tour from India. Carefully curated to bring the best of Scandinavia to you in a compact yet comprehensive package, this fantastic tour is a must have for those interested in exploring the native Scandinavian culture.

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 172,222

₹ 124,000 per Adult

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Northern Lights Tour From Rovaniemi


Transport Included
Meals Included
About the Activity:Get on an expedition of Rovaniemi northern lights for which you choose a location with your expert guide. Learn from your guide how to find the most expected location based on the current weather and Aurora forecasts. Treat your eyes to the magnificent views of the Rovaniemi northern lights and let the professional photographer catch the sights for you. Spend your night gazing at this extravagant natural phenomenon in the sky.

32 Ratings


32 Ratings

₹ 10,934

₹ 8,734 per Adult

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Arctic Circle Rovaniemi with Northern Lights


Transport Included
About the Activity:Wondering what to do in Arctic Circle Rovaniemi? Join the Rovaniemi Finland Northern Lights tour, a hassle-free way to explore the arctic beauty and witness one of the extraordinary natural phenomena. The Rovaniemi Northern Lights safari helps you go hunting for elusive Aurora Borealis on a dark cold night from some of the best spots under the guidance of an experienced and English-speaking guide with a complimentary round trip transportation facility.

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 7,047

₹ 5,003 per Adult

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Scandinavian Classics | Group Departures


1D Oslo 2D Stockholm 1D Turku 2D Helsinki
Hotel pickup
Transport Included
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher

25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 126,516

₹ 88,561 per Adult

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Scandinavia Northern Lights Tour Package


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
Book the Scandinavia Northern Lights tour from Thrillophilia to chase the rare and mystical phenomenon of Aurora Borealis caused by earth and sun alignments.

41 Ratings


41 Ratings

₹ 250,000

₹ 210,000 per Adult

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Iceland and Finland Tour Package


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
Explore nature's wilderness and magical wonders with this amazing tour that covers two of the most beautiful Nordic countries, Iceland and Finland. Both of these regions are unique and extremely gorgeous offering numerous places to see and things to do. The entire itinerary of the Iceland and Finland tour package is designed to explore all important landmarks in Reykjavik, Golden Circle, Finnish Lapland, along with magical Northern lights, snowmobile, reindeers, and husky safaris.

29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 265,753

₹ 196,000 per Adult

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10 Days Scandinavia Tour Package


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
Fulfill your dream of living in igloos and getting an authentic taste of Eskimo life by booking a 10 day Scandinavia tour package from Thrillophilia.

26 Ratings


26 Ratings

₹ 228,916

₹ 190,000 per Adult

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Finland Northern Lights Tour Package


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
Enjoy nature's own fireworks by booking the Finland Northern Lights Tour Package that offers an adventurous winter break. With the adventures so thrilling and air so crisp, there's good reason to fall in love with the majesty of nature. Begin your tour by arriving at the airport where our representative will meet you, and you'll be transferred to Hotel. You'll have a lavish dinner, and you'll relax and unwind in your cozy double rooms.Three days consecutively, you'll enjoy various winter activities such as Snowmobiling, husky ride, and snowshoeing to pump up your adrenaline level. As per the Finland northern lights package, you'll be transferred to Nellim Resort, around forty-five kilometers away from Nangu. You'll set off for a husky ride after proper training. You will also go Aurora hunting on Lake Inari, where you can see the blue sky clearly above you. During the snowshoeing adventure, a guide will accompany you to share stories and facts about Finnish wildlife and nature. Enjoy a campfire lunch while admiring the beauty of the Finnish Lapland. Finland Northern Lights Tourwill come at the end of the fifth day, and you'll be transferred to the airport, where you'll board a flight to your hometown. 

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

₹ 201,316

₹ 150,000 per Adult

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Rovaniemi Tour Package Finland Winter Wonders


Transport Included
Meals Included
Experience the winter wonders of Finnish Lapland on this adventurous break in Rovaniemi. Meet the man in red himself at Santa Claus Village and enjoy thrilling excursions by snowmobile and dog sled with chances to see the northern lights. You’ll also learn about the local culture at a reindeer farm, relax in a real Finnish sauna and explore the Arctic SnowHotel with the option to upgrade to an overnight inside a snow room or glass igloo (optional; not included).

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

₹ 161,250

₹ 129,000 per Adult

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Astonishing Finland Tour


2D Helsinki 3D Rovaniemi 2D Saariselkä
Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 168,168

₹ 129,360 per Adult

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Finland Honeymoon Package From India


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
From ice hotels to cozy igloos and the spectacular phenomenon of Northern Lights, Finland Honeymoon Package from India will bring a glint of joy in the eyes of your significant other with its endless offerings. This package, however, doesn't include the flight tickets.

32 Ratings


32 Ratings

₹ 90,141

₹ 64,000 per Adult

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5 Day Tour To Discover Finland


About the Tour:If you are looking for an offbeat tour, head for this 5 day tour to Finland.Finland is a cold country that is very popular for the northern lights that can be viewed mostly between late August and late April.The tour starts when you arrive at Ivalo Airport in North Finland and are transferred to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.You will explore the best of Finland as you embark on a husky sled ride, stay in a glass igloo and go to Santa land.The tour includes accommodation, transport, meals and a lot of activities.

25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 141,599

₹ 131,500 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Finland Tours

  1. Where I can experience island-hopping on Finland tour?

    1. Pellinge Islands: Want to include some island hopping experience into your Finland tour package? Include Pellenge Island in the sightseeing list of your Finland tour and gift yourself an experience of lifetime.

    Pellinge is a group of around 200 islands which draws in the visitors with its festive vibes which can be experienced by witnessing one of its midsummer festivals or paying a visit to its restaurants and shops.

    The island group also features several galleries which hold a reputation of selling the best-in-class artworks and handicrafts. If you are not running short of time, you can also take a detour and include the tiny island of Klovharu in your Finland tours.

    2. Suomenlinna: Marking its establishment since the 18th century, this island destination is majorly known for its ancient architecture, ramparts, and numerous cafes and restaurants that serve the most scrumptious local delicacies.

    The place has its own brewery where you can take a delicious sip of wine amidst the natural landscapes. Just a 20-minute ferry ride from Helsinki market square will take you to Suomenlinna.

    3. Vallisaari: Located just 20 minutes drive away from Helsinki, Vallisaari is a magnificent island that has a bountiful of old fortifications in its reserve. Though the island intrigues the visitors with its vintage vibe, it majorly stands out because of its diverse flora and fauna. While here, you will get to see around 1000 species of butterflies which itself is a rare sight to behold.

    In addition to butterflies, you can also spot eagles, owls, and reed warblers on this island destination. If you are a nature seeker, this island certainly deserves a place in your Finland packages.

    4. Lonna: Stretched over 150 meters of length, Lonna is a beautiful island just 10 minutes away from the capital city of Helsinki. With popular restaurants, public saunas, and waffle bars thronged on its streets, Lonna is no lesser than a tourist's paradise. If you are planning to visit this Finnish beauty, don't come back without witnessing its Jazz nights which goes on till the wee hours in the summer months.

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  2. What is the best time to visit Finland?

    Though you can visit Finland at any time of the year, May to September remains the best time to visit this beautiful country. It is during these months when the country experiences the mildest weather and offers enormous opportunities for hassle-free sightseeing.

  3. How much would a trip to Finland cost?

    An average cost for Finland packages come around to 142 dollars per day which is inclusive of meals, stay, and local transportation.

  4. What month is best to see Northern Lights in Finland?

    If you are visiting the Northern Lapland, you might get to see the Northern Lights every other night between the months of September and March. However, in the Southern Lapland, the northern lights appear for only 10-20 nights a year.

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  5. How many days are enough for Finland trip?

    If you want to explore each nook and corner of the country through Finland packages, you need to plan at least a 7 days journey.

  6. Where can I see Northern Lights in Finland?

    Though your chances of seeing Northern Lights highly depend upon weather, you have the best chances to witness them in the Northern Lapland above the Arctic circle.

  7. Is Finland or Norway better for Northern Lights?

    To get clear visibility of the Northern lights, one needs clear skies. Norway is very cloudy, which makes it a less suitable destination to witness the lights. On the contrary, Finland has numerous mountains making it less cloudy and hence a better spot to watch Northern Lights.

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  8. How much does it cost to rent an igloo in Finland?

    A small glass igloo will cost you around 435 euros or INR 38,809 per night. However, if you are opting for a larger igloo in your Finland packages, it will cost you around 598 euros or INR 53,355 per night.

  9. Is the Schengen visa valid for Finland?

    If you are visiting Finland for less than 90 days, the Schengen visa stands valid for you.

  10. Is Finland safe for tourists?

    Yes. Finland is a pretty safe destination for tourists with extremely low crime rates. However, to ensure a hassle-free journey for yourself, it is advisable to remain vigilant all the time.

  11. Can you see the Northern Lights in Helsinki?

    Yes. Northern lights can be seen in Helsinki once every 20 days.

  12. Do Indians need a visa to travel to Finland?

    Yes. Indians do need a visa to travel to Finland.

Newly Added Finland Experience
Very impressed by the way Thrillophilia planned our trip...It is the longest trip for the span of 12-days and each day we spend there it was memorable for us...The sightseeing places were beautiful which we had a great time in Stockholm and Oslo...We had great activities which came with the package and also we add some itineraries on our own during our leisure time. We get 24/7 service...The trip was hassle-free...To be honest travel with Thrillophilia was great they were helpful and extremely friendly and coordination of tour...Thanks alot for this charming tours and for making our trip " WORTH"
I am a solo traveler!!! I was nervous about this tour at first but the company I booked encourage me and as well explained in detail about the trip I am going to have plus they were concerned about what the customer wants which they asked in details and accordingly plan the trip for me which later they shared the itinerary and I am satisfied with the way they planned my tour...From the airport, I got picked up by the professional staff on-time, the vehicle was nice and the driver was well-mannered...The hotel they booked for me was cozy and the staff was responsive and helpful...I enjoyed the experience I had at Helsinki, Sailing on the cruise towards Stockholm was an awesome feeling the cruise has everything you want and I indulged in various activities too, impressive sightseeing tour in Stockholm, Denmark, and Oslo with lots of pictures I clicked to make this trip a memorable one...Very well-organized trip, the staff paying attention towards the traveler and provided all the helps we need during the trip, Most places saw was first of its kind which you can't see anywhere else... Must-visit and a great place to visit with loves once.
The price we paid for this experience was paid-off, The place is truly amazing and the people there were friendly and helpful... We explored the place and really the place has lots to see and experience, The itinerary was very well-planned and well-executed which we get everything mentioned in it... The arrangements for accommodation, transport, pickups and drops and meals were fantastic... The driver was knowledgable and friendly too... We were totally impressed by the way Thrillophilia handled our trip...

Places to Visit in India

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