Activities to Do in Denmark

Denmark is one of the most unique countries on the face of this earth and is a must-visit for all at least once in their lifetimes. Moreover, the numerous legendary attractions and things to do in Denmark will surely leave you awe-strick. Also, the cultural and architectural richness of this country is surely worth admiration.

If you are confused about what to do in Denmark on your visit, you should definitely add on trying out one of the various amazing adventure activities that Denmark has to offer. Ranging from water activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and surfing, to some hear throbbing activities such as skydiving, paragliding and mountain biking, you would definitely find an activity to enjoy, depending on your choices.

Apart from adventure sports, there are a whole lot of other great activities to do in Denmark during your visit. You should definitely consider hiking one of Denmark’s Legendary trails, go pub crawling in Copenhagen, explore the various museums and other historical places, watch a show at the Opera House, explore the various interesting islands of the country and take a road trip.

Here are some of the best things to do in Denmark:

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Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park Tickets, Denmark


Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: 3, Vesterbrogade, 1630, CopenhagenActivity Timing: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Sunday- Thursday)11:00 AM- 12:00 AM (Friday & Saturday)Activity Duration: 4- 5 Hours (approx.)About Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park:Visit the famous amusement park in Denmark and ride one of the world's oldest wooden roller coasters, Rutschebanen. Have an amazing experience as you brace yourself for an exhilarating journey into the future with The Demon, a mind-blowing virtual reality-enhanced ride. Explore the beautiful gardens, see the breathtaking lakeside views, see amazing performances at the Chinese theatre, or attend one of the frequent concerts held on the property. Let the adrenaline rush through your veins as you get on the thrilling rides including the waltzers, the Ferris wheel & The Star Flyer. Book tickets for the Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park and explore the world's third-oldest amusement park.

41 Ratings


41 Ratings

€ 23

€ 22 per Adult

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National Museum of Denmark Tickets


Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 København, DenmarkOperational Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PMMonday: ClosedActivity Duration: 1 HourAbout the National Museum of Denmark Tickets:When visiting the gorgeous city of Copenhagen, take a tour of the National Museum of Denmark to learn more about the fascinating history of Denmark by viewing the many artefacts from the Stone Age, Viking Age, Middle Ages, and wonderful ethnographic treasures that are on display. Make endless memories with your loved ones by bringing them along.

40 Ratings


40 Ratings

€ 15

€ 15 per Adult

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Danish Architecture Center Tickets


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Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Bryghusgade 10, 1473, Copenhagen, DenmarkStarting Time:Friday-Wednesday: 10:00 AM -06:00 PMThursday: 10:00 AM -09:00 PMActivity Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)About Danish Architecture Center:Spend a fantastic day as you walk through one of the most famous tourist spots of Copenhagen in Denmark, Danish Architecture Center. Explore the center to know about the fundamentals of Danish architecture, which carries a massive lead in the world for modern architectonics. Walk through the numerous exhibitions and observe the incredible buildings with modern art designs. Book tickets to Danish Architecture Center and indulge in the amazing activities offered at the centre like VR experience, Puzzle House & Slides.

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

€ 18

€ 18 per Adult

People Also Ask About Denmark Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Denmark?

    1. Explore the Kronborg Castle: Denmark has endless beautiful castles. However, this beautiful castle, right out of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a must-visit for every traveller. This castle’s unimaginably beautiful location and its mesmerising architecture right out of a fantasy movie will surely make you fall in love with it. Moreover, you can also watch a legendary act by professional actors within this very castle.

    Location: Kronborg 2 C, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark.
    Price: DKK 95 (INR 1111) (Adult) (September to May), DKK 145 (INR 1700) (June to August), Free for youth below 18 years of age.
    Timings: 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

    2. Spend a fun day at LEGOLAND: LEGOLAND is one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Europe if you are planning to visit your children. This place will make you feel like you entered a 3-D movie world. Moreover, its amazing rides will surely make you and your children fall in love with this place with endless fun memories to take back home. Visiting this great theme park is one of the best things to do in Denmark.

    Location: Nordmarksvej 9, 7190 Billund, Denmark.
    Price: DKK 399/person (INR 4667).
    Timings: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. (Sun, Mon, Fri), 10:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. (Sat).

    3. Enjoy a beer at the Carlsberg Brewery: Just outside the capital city of Copenhagen is one of the most popular beer breweries of the world, the Carlsberg Brewery. You can take a tour of this legendary brewery with one of the most prominent beer historians and get to taste various different varieties of beer. You also get to view the largest collections of beer bottles at this very place.

    Location: Carlsberg Breweries A/S, J.C. Jacobsens Gade 1, 1799 København V., Denmark.
    Timings: 10:00 A.M. -6:00 P.M.

    4. Take a road trip over the Oresund Bridge: Driving over this amazing bridge must be on the top of your list of things to do in Denmark. This is one of the most astonishing engineering marvels of the whole world.

    This 8-kilometre-long stretch connects Denmark to Sweden across the water. It is the longest bridge of Europe and views of the clear waters along the road with Denmark on the one end and Sweden on the other will surely leave you astonished. This beautiful bridge magically seems to be vanishing into the water, which is a site worth admiring.

    5. Visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: One of the best places to admire some of the best modern art by some of the most prominent artists of the 20th Century. This place is a must-visit for all the art lovers. Moreover, the beautiful location of this legendary museum is also one of the major reasons to visit for travellers from all across the globe.

    Location: Gl Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk, Denmark.
    Price: DKK110 – DKK130 (INR 1287 – INR 1520).
    Timings: 11:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. (Tue-Fri), 11:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. (Sat, Sun), Monday Closed.

    6. Explore the History behind the ancient fortress of Kastellet: Searching about what to do in Denmark? Add at least this place to your itinerary. This fortress dates back to the 1600s and has been shaped like a star.

    It is one of the most carefully preserved fortresses of Denmark with the best of the manicured landscape to spend some time along. There is also a windmill, a church, and various beautiful gardens situated within the fortress.

    Location: Gl. Hovedvejen, Kastellet 1, 2100 København, Denmark.
    Timings: 6:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

    7. Explore the natural beauty of Thy National Park: This beautiful National Park of Denmark spans over 12 kilometres along the western coast of the Jutland region. If you love untouched natural beauty lined with pine forests and sea on the other end. You can even choose to hike or bike on one of its scenic trails to admire its beautiful flora and fauna. You can even go birdwatching or spend some time along its gigantic sand dunes.

    Location: Kirkevej 9, 7760 Hurup Thy, Denmark.

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  2. What are the things to do in Denmark at night?

    1. Watch a legendary show at the Opera House: If you are in doubt about what to do in Denmark at night, Copenhagen Opera House is one of the best places to spend a beautiful night at.

    2. Explore the Nyhavn waterfront: Framed with colourful buildings, bars, and restaurants, Nyhavn waterfront is one of the best places to be admired during the dark hours.

    3. Ride the Roller Coaster at Tivoli Gardens: Tivoli Gardens is one of the oldest amusement parks of the world. However, the beauty of this legendary theme park is best experienced during the night.

    4. Chill at the Christiana Beer Garden: This amazing venue is open till midnight during the weekdays and till 3:00 A.M. over the weekends. It is one of the best places to grab a beer, eat some delicious food and catch a live music performance.

    5. Go Pub Crawling: You can register yourself with one of the groups to catch up with travellers and party all night.

    6. Enjoy a show at Koncerthuset: If you love enjoying an orchestra show with amazing light effects, this is the place to be for you to enjoy a night filled with music and lights.

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  3. What are the adventurous activities to do in Denmark?

    1. Experience Skydiving in Herning: Herning is a skydiving paradise. There are endless adventure activities to do in Denmark. However, if you want to experience that life-changing moment and wish to feel that adrenaline, you must try out this great activity.

    2. Conquer the Camønoen Hiking Trail: Camønoen is the most special hiking trails of Denmark. One of the major highlights of this hiking trail is Møns Klint, the 100m high white sandstone cliffs dropping directly into the sea.

    3. Go Mountain Biking in Aarhus: Marselisborg Sporet in Aarhus is one of the most popular trails for mountain biking in Denmark. If you are a biking enthusiast, you must not miss out on this amazing experience.

    4. Go Paragliding in Jutland: Jutland has various paragliding centres which can take you on an adventurous flight over the beautiful city. If you are not much of a daredevil and don’t know what to do in Denmark, this is the activity for you to try out!

    5. Go Scuba Diving at Amager Strand: Diving is one of the most popular adventurous things to do in Denmark. Denmark has over 2000 shipwrecks lined up against its coastal areas to be explored by divers.

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  4. What are the romantic things to do in Denmark?

    1. Walk through the Christina Neighbourhood: Lined up with lush green landscaped areas, little gift shops, beer halls, and classic music venues, taking a walk through this lovely neighbourhood with your loved one will surely be a great experience.

    2. Add padlock at Bryggebroen: Bryggebroen is a pedestrian bridge which connects Islands Brygge with Copenhagen harbour. Since its opening in 2005, it has been one of the most romantic things to do in Denmark for love birds who attach a padlock along this bridge to seal their love.

    3. Spend some time at the Botanical Garden: Packed with beautiful flowering plants, manicured gardens and several other greenhouses, spending some time here with your partner would surely make you feel loved.

    4. Hop on a romantic cruise: Get on a romantic cruise to admire the beauty of the pastel buildings and Renaissance castles of Denmark through its beautiful canals. It is one of the most romantic activities to do in Denmark for couples.

    5. Enjoy dinner at the top of Christiansborg Tower: Couples surely need not worry about what to do in Denmark. What could be more romantic than enjoying dinner at Bojesen i Tårnet, situated in the Christiansborg Tower in Copenhagen at a height of 106 metres, overlooking the beautiful city.

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  5. What are the free things to do in Denmark?

    1. Explore the Frederiksberg Gardens: It is one of the most beautiful possessions of Danish Royalty and overlooks the grand Frederiksberg Palace. It is a perfect place to go picnic and relax on a sunny day.

    2. Visit the oldest European Amusement Park: Open from April till August end, this place is a must-visit if you wish to walk back into the history of amusement parks. Situated in Bakken, you can walk into this amusement park for free.

    3. Hike to Rubjerg Knude lighthouse: Situated in Løkken, this legendary lighthouse is visited by thousands of hiking enthusiasts each year. This non-operational lighthouse is now being buried down the moving sand dunes, and would probably disappear sometime soon!

    4. Visit the museums for free: Most of the Art galleries in Copenhagen can be visited for free and there are a number of museums as well which provide free entries on certain days of the week.

    5. Climb up a gigantic sand dune: You can climb the biggest migrating sand dune of Europe, Rabjerg Mile for free and get to experience an astonishing deserted area. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Denmark on your visit.

    6. Relax at Amager Beach: It is one of the greatest beaches in Denmark to relax and spend some quality time along the beautiful sandy shore. It also is one of the most visited beaches of the whole of Denmark.

  6. What are the best islands in Denmark?

    1. Amager Island: A small part of Copenhagen comprises this island which is famous for its beautiful beach, paragliding, wind farms, and a number of other tourist attractions.

    2. Als Island: You need to visit this Island to witness two of the most beautiful castles of Denmark. Sønderborg Castle and Augustenburg Island are situated on this very island.

    3. Bornholm Island: It is one of the most scenic islands of Denmark. Its beautiful shores will make you feel like they popped out right out of a beautiful painting.

    4. Saltholm Island: This beautiful Danish island is inhibited by a single person. However, that is not what makes this island special. You must visit this small island to admire the thousands of geese and sea ducks which find this island attractive enough to make it their home.

    5. Lolland Island: If you are looking for less crowded beaches, this is the island you need to be on. Apart from its beautiful beaches, some of its major attractions are the Fuglsang Art Museum, Lalandia Theme Park, and Knuthenborg Safari Park.

    6. Zealand Island: Some of the must-visit attractions of this biggest island of Denmark are the Mons Klint, Royal Deer Park, Frederiksborg Castle, and a number of museums, beaches, and a zoo.

  7. What are the best waterparks in Denmark?

    1. Legoland: One of the most important things to do in Denmark is to visit this theme park. Legoland in Billund surely needs to be on the top of your list of places to visit in Denmark. It is one of the biggest, most fun, as well as the most popular destinations in Denmark.

    2. Blåvand Badeland: Situated within the 40 kilometres long beautiful stretch of white sandy beach, the most amazing attraction of this place is its 70-metre-long water slide!

    3. Fårup Sommerland: One of the best destinations if you are travelling with your family. This theme park has a separate Aquapark and offers a great list of activities for all age groups.

    4. Jesperhus Feriepark: This is one of the classic water parks with temperature-controlled pools, amazing water slides, an artificial submarine, and a fully-fledged 25 meters poll for swimming enthusiasts.

    5. Aquadome: It is one of the most magical water parks in Denmark. The tropical theme, heart-thumping rides, temperature control, amazing location, and a giant spinning funnel.

    6. Nordsø Badeland: An amazing indoor water park! You need to be here if you are looking for some solace and to reset yourself. It is situated within a huge campsite and is perfect for families as well as couples.

  8. How to reach Denmark?

    - By Flight: Denmark’s major international airport is the Copenhagen Airport which receives frequent flights from all over the world. If you are visiting Denmark either from the UK or any of the Scandinavian countries, you can also check out direct flights to Esbjerg, Aalborg and Billund.

    - By Train: If you are planning to visit Denmark either from Germany or Sweden, there are various rail options which you can look into, which are much cheaper than flights.

  9. What is the best time to visit Denmark?

    The best time to visit Denmark is either from the month of March to May or June to September, when the temperatures are quite moderate and multiple events are also organized. The whole of Denmark actually freezes beyond September and you would not find any exciting things going on even in the big cities.

  10. Do we need a visa to visit Denmark?

    If you are visiting Denmark from any of the Schengen EU countries, you shall not require a visa. However, if you are planning to visit Denmark from any of the other countries, you shall require to get hold of the visa before visiting.

  11. What is Denmark known for?

    Denmark is known worldwide for its beautiful architecture, its porcelain, its royal culture, a rich array of delicious cuisines, stunning beauty of Greenland, football, and obviously beer!

  12. What to buy in Denmark?

    Some of the best things that you can buy in Denmark either for yourself or for your loved ones are:

    - Scarves
    - Vikings Jewellery
    - Liquorice
    - Butter Cookies
    - Home Decor Items
    - Porcelain Products
    - Chocolates
    - Lego
    - Kitchenware.

  13. Is it safe to visit Denmark?

    Denmark is considered to be one of the safest countries to be visited by travellers. This beautiful country does not have any history of natural disasters and has a pretty nominal crime rate as well. Needless to say, it is also tagged as one of the happiest countries of the world!

  14. Is Denmark worth visiting?

    Denmark is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is a must-visit at least once in your lifetime. It is one of the most culturally rich countries of the world and has beautiful architecture and nature to be explored. Moreover, it has really delicious food, iconic museums, as well as amazing cities.

  15. Can you see the northern lights in Denmark?

    Northern lights can surely be seen in Denmark. It is one of the most beautiful astronomical phenomena of our planet, with various streaks of beautiful colors visible in the sky during night.

    This phenomenon can be best experienced from the northern region of Denmark, that too during the winter months of October to February, which is the least favourable time for travellers to visit Denmark.

  16. How to reach Denmark from India?

    There are frequent flights directly to the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen from two major international airports of India, Delhi and Mumbai. The major airlines which operate directly from India to Copenhagen are SAS- Scandinavian, Air India, Aeroflot Russia, and Air France.

Newly Added Denmark Experience
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Picked-up from the airport was on time, the representative already waited for us at the arrival area and with a bright smile gave us a warm welcome, the vehicle arranged for the picked-up and dropped-off was good, spacious and clean and the driver was very accommodating helps with our luggage and placed it in a proper manner, Detailed briefing session about the trip to happen...The hotels they booked for us was a nice hotel in that place which was in a prime location which was easy for us to roam and explore the nearby places, All the day tours sightseeing in different places would definitely amazed you... It was really a nice thing to meet new people from different countries with different languages and cultures. Cruise along the Geiranger Fjord with the spectacular views was lovely... Great shopping we had... Overall this trip was greatly organized and greatly executed... Hurray

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