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Which are the best places to visit in Zurich for Honeymoon?

1. Muhlesteg Bridge: One of the most romantic and idyllic places to visit on your Zurich honeymoon is the Muhlestein Bridge since it symbolises the love of hundreds of couples. Built in 1981 as a footbridge over the Limmat River, it connects Limmatquai and Bahnhofquai, the left and right banks respectively. It has a long standing tradition whereby lovers seeking to secure their love attach padlocks on the sides of the bridge. As you explore the Old Town, hand-in-hand with your partner, step onto this bridge and follow the tradition by tying a love padlock on the sides of the bridge, declaring and sealing your love for eternity.
Lake Zurich

2. Lake Zurich: is the perfect destination for a wonderful and memorable Zurich Honeymoon. It has an intoxicating scenery, with a mysterious and attractive charm in the air. The magnificent mountains in the background, the glittering lake and adorable swans, make for a perfect romantic place. Get intimate as you take a stroll along the lake’s shoreline, amidst a spectacular ambience of waves crashing and birds chirping. Together indulge in thrilling water activities like swimming, boat rides or simply sun bathing. For the most magical experience, make sure to visit the Lake at the time of sunrise and sunsets.

 3. Adliswil Felsenegg Cable Car: A Zurich trip remains incomplete without taking the Adliswil-Felsenegg Cable Car Ride. This cable car ride exposes you to almost the entirety of Zurich, from its mediaeval town to the magnificent lakes and mountains. The duration of the ride is around 5 minutes, and the maximum height is about 800m. Rejoice with your partner, as you glide down in the cable car, amidst the charming landscape of Zurich. Pass by famous attractions like Lake Zurich, Santies and Uetlisberg, and spot the mighty Alps in the background. This is an ample time to click some memorable pictures of yours, so make sure to capitalise on this opportunity.

4. Lake Lugano: Lake Lugano is a spectacular lake between Switzerland and Italy, and is one of the top rated Zurich honeymoon destinations. Discovered in the 6th century, this Lake extends as long as 9 square miles. Due to its spectacular charm and appeal, it has become a sacred spot for lovers from around the world. Along with your partner, climb up to the vantage points around the lake and get rewarded with incredible natural views. Water-based activities like swimming and boating, can also do, or you could simply sit around and get cosy.

5 Irchelpark: Offering an amazing natural retreat from the hustle and bustle of the urban regions, the Irchelpark is a hit among the people and tourists in Zurich. Spread around an area of more than 30 acres, the park overlaps the University of Zurich. Get close with your loved one as you take strolls in the park, amidst its stunning green cover, floral delight and ponds. Unwind and relax under any one of its streets, and lose yourself in the tranquillity.

6. Lindenhof Hill: No other place in Zurich has as much charm and loveliness as Lindenhof Hill does. It is a hilly public square located at the heart of the historic Old Town. Arrive at this place and you'll feel as if you have landed in the mediaeval era, thanks to the Old Town buildings and cobbled up streets which it overlooks. It holds significant historical importance, since it was home to a magnificent Roman fort, and also the place where the Helvetic Constitution was sealed. On your Zurich honeymoon, visit this hilltop and simply unwind with your beloved. Enjoy each other’s warmth as you sit and gaze and soak up the stunning Old Town views.

7. Swiss National Museum: The Swiss National Museum is the go-to place in case you are yearning to explore the culture of Zurich and Switzerland. The most attractive part of this museum is its building itself, which resembles a typical fairytale castle. Exploring the magnificent castle with your beloved is surely one of the most cherishable things to do on your Zurich Honeymoon. Explore the various exhibits at the museum, including historical paintings, sculptures, artefacts and handicrafts. The Simply Zurich exhibit is the most important exhibit, and depicts the diversity and culture of the Zurich canton. Visit the inner courtyard and attend the lively events and concerts that regularly take place there.

8. Bürkliplatz: The charm and beauty of Burkliplatz is such that it feels as if it was made for lovers itself. The Burkliplatz is an amazing promenade along Lake Zurich. One of the most loved things about Burkliplatz is the striking views and sceneries it offers, especially at sunrise and sunsets. The glittering Zurich lake, the buildings and the mighty Alps is what entices lovers to come here. Take a trip down to this promenade, and declare your love for each other, in such a spectacular and magical setting.

What are the most romantic things to do in Zurich for couples?

1. Open your heart at the Old Botanical Garden: What better place to open your heart to your loved one than a floral paradise? You heard it right! The Old Botanical Gardens is one of the loveliest places you can visit to get intimate with your loved ones. It is one of the oldest botanical places located right at the centre of Zurich, and consists of splendid horticultural exhibits. You’ll find hundreds and thousands of flower and plant species here, set in an amazing natural hilly setting. Take romantic strolls with your partner in the garden, admiring the beautiful floral collection and the pleasantness of the atmosphere to make the most out of your Zurich Switzerland honeymoon package.

2. Spend an artsy day at Kunsthaus: Visiting Kunsthaus Museum of Fine Arts is a fascinating way to spend time on your Zurich Switzerland honeymoon package.. Hold your partner's hands, and set off to explore the artistic splendour that the museum has to offer. Marvel at the incredibly-styled architecture of the building, in its stunning natural setting. Take delight in exploring the works of some of the greatest artists like Picasso, Edward Munch and Backmen. At the Old Masters exhibit, explore the works of some of the best Swiss painters Paul Klee, Giovanni Segantinni and Albert Anker.

3. Take a stroll down the Niederdorf: Ignite the flames of love for each other as you take a stroll down the Niederdorf region. It is the go-to place in case you are yearning for a highly social and lively atmosphere in Zurich. From soaking up the charming vibes of the place, indulging in its cuisine and shopping in the fine shops and stores, there are hundreds of things you can do in Niederdorf. Explore the Limmatquai and enjoy the views of the river, especially in the evenings. Also, go shopping and explore the indigeneous products of Switzerland. With tremendous vibes, fervour and craze, Niederdorf is surely one of the best places to go on your Zurich honeymoon package.

4. Hop on a boat at Limmatschifffahrt: One of the most fascinating and fun things you can do with your partner is to go on a cruise across the Limmat River. Rejoice as you sail past the magnificent architecture and attractions of Zurich. On your Zurich Switzerland honeymoon package, pass by the historical mediaeval buildings of the old town, which resemble fairy tale castles. Felix, Regula and Turicum are the three main boot cruises, and all of them have glass roofs and for a better view.

5. Walk down Bahnhofstrasse: What’s better than going shopping with your partner? It is surely one of the best ways to connect and discover each other. And in case you are searching for one such place, we have the answer. It's Bahnhofstrasse! Bahnhofstrasse is one of the most expensive lines of retail stores in Europe, and a trip down this lane will simply be exhilarating. It is home to a wide range of products, ranging from high end boutiques and brands to affordable ones. things like premium perfumes, jewellery, chocolates, apparels and other assessors are offered at this place. Some of the brands you can shop from are Zara, H&M and Louis Vuitton.

What is special about Zurich?

The Old Town of Zurich is what attracts people from all over the world. Other than that, it has a stunning blend of urban sprawl and natural attractions like lakes and the Alps. This means honeymoon packages for Zurich will be highly fulfilling and pleasurable.

What is the best time to visit Zurich for a honeymoon?

The best time to plan your honeymoon packages for Zurich is in the fall and early winter months i.e between September and January. It is at this time that the temperatures in Zurich are the most pleasant and best for a romantic and sensual honeymoon. Moreover, the number of tourists coming to Zurich drops significantly, enabling you to have a relaxed vacation and make most out of your honeymoon packages for Zurich.

How many days are enough to explore Zurich for a honeymoon?

Since Zurich is not that big a city, three to four days are sufficient to explore and enjoy the attractions at Zurich. In case you have the time and resources, you can even extend your honeymoon packages for Zurich upto a week to explore the city at its finest. 

How to reach Zurich?

By Air: The busiest and most important airport of Zurich is the Zurich Airport (ZRH), which facilitates both domestic and international flights.

By Rail: One of the most efficient ways to arrive at Zurich is by train. You can catch a train to reach Hauptbahnhof, the most important and frequented railway station of Zurich.

By Road: A good number of buses ply on the route to Zurich. You can even rent a car and use the plentiful highways that go to Zurich.

Is there a nightlife in Zurich?

Yes, Zurich is known for having a spectacular and vibrant nightlife. It is filled with hundreds of bars, clubs and restaurants that pulsate with life even at midnight. Some of the best places to visit are the Old Crow, Bar Enge and Jules Verne Panoramabar. You can also visit clubs like Jade and Aura on your honeymoon package to Zurich.

Are there adventure activities in Zurich?

Yes, there are plenty of adventurous activities you can indulge in as part of your honeymoon package to Zurich. You can go on thrilling expeditions to the summits of Jungfrau and Bernese Oberlands, or enjoy the panoramic views as you glide in the cable car across Mount Titlis. Moreover, you can also go on amazing cruises across Lake Zurich to admire the thrilling views or explore the mediaeval Old Town in a speedboat.

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