Popular Yelagiri Packages

Yelagiri Tour Packages

Duration Price
Chennai to Yelagiri Tour Package 3 Days / 2 Nights ₹ 8200.0
Yelagiri Tour Package From Bangalore 3 Days / 2 Nights ₹ 6200.0
Pondicherry and Yelagiri Tour Package from Bangalore 4 Days / 3 Nights ₹ 17750.0

Yelagiri Tour Packages

Yelagiri tour packages are diverse and come with an array of fun-filled tour plans. The tours to this beautiful hill station in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu has something for everybody. There are various Things To Do In Yelagiri, be it spending a relaxing holiday with your loved ones in the lap of nature, or enjoy a thrilling mountain trek to the green valleys or a lazy stroll around the countryside and its serene locales, Yelagiri City offers everything. There are several Yelagiri trip packages that cover all of these. Some tour packages solely focus on the sports and adventure tourism part, as you can find most popular climbing and Trekking Tours In Yelagiri.

There are other Yelagiri tour packages in which festivals are mainly covered to make travellers accustomed to the local culture and tradition. The scenic locales, warm people, great food options, various events conducted by the local communities as well as pleasant weather across the year make any of the Yelagiri travel packages worth opting for. Since the choice of tour packages is vast, as a tourist you should decide what kind of tour plan to the southern Indian hill station will suit you. As per your preference and convenience, book any tour plan well in advance. Those with special interest in rock climbing and fun sports activities can never forget their Yelagiri tours.
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Chennai to Yelagiri Tour Package


Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included

28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 10,280

₹ 8,200 per Adult

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Yelagiri Tour Package From Bangalore


Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 8,540

₹ 6,200 per Adult

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Pondicherry and Yelagiri Tour Package from Bangalore


2D Puducherry 2D Yelagiri
Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 24,200

₹ 17,750 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Yelagiri Tours

  1. Which are the best places to visit on a Yelagiri tour?

    Yelagiri is known as one of the most exotic hill stations in South India. It provides some of the best sightseeing places and have been attracting both weekend and vacationing tourists to its groves. Being surrounded by hills and meadows all around, it is a place that can stir your heart and can leave you awestruck. Sightseeing places in Yelagiri is like walking into something beautiful and never coming back.

    1. Jalagamparai Falls: This waterfall is located near Yelagiri Centre. This is a perfect spot for family outing. Jalagamparai falls was created naturally. The roads up to the waterfall has been lately paved well by the district administration recently for tourists. The drive through the green forests on both sides of the road make your journey a memorable one. There are two temples located nearby that local residents attach a lot of beliefs. To enjoy a family bathing at the site, try to visit the falls at any time after July.

    2. Nature Park: The nature park is a part of Yelagiri hills which can be visited to enjoy the natural aesthetics of the region. The atmosphere is neat and calm and you can enjoy a stroll in the evening with your near and dear ones. The musical fountain amphitheatre present here offers a brilliant evening in the Yelagiri hills.

    3. Punganur Lake: This is one of the most beautiful man-made lakes in South India which is known as the place to be for morning walk, photography, boating and other such fun activities. The lakes opens at 8 am and closes at 7 pm, the entry here is priced at Rs 3 per person, while parking is free. In the foothills of the eastern ghat, this lake offers a refreshing experience for all the tourists.

    4. Swamimalai Hills: A climb to the Swamimalai Hills is a must if you are visiting Yelagiri. The breathtaking view of the surroundings, flocks of various birds, misty clouds, rich green cover across the mountains are some of the major reasons for trekking to the hills here. The best time to visit the hills is in the morning. The journey takes around 3 to 5 hours.

    5. Government Silk Farm: This silk farm is located in Mangalam village and remains open for six days a week from 6 am to 6 pm. The entry is paid and it is Rs 25 per head. You can witness the mulberry plantation, an inseparable part of sericulture, at this farm. Visitors can watch the entire process of silk farming from a very close range here and get accustomed to the people involved in the production.

    6. Velavan Temple: This temple is just 400 metres from Punganur Lake, perched on the highest peak of Yelagiri hills. The temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan, was built in 1964. It offers a panoramic view of the green valley of Yelagiri. As you enter the temple premise, you will see a giant structure of Gadothgajan, a mythological character. There is a separate temple of Lord Ganesha here too.

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  2. What are the most fun adventure activities to do in Yelagiri?

    The town of Yelagiri provides a number of adventure activities that can be done by the travellers and also by the adventure seekers that will entertain them to the extreme level. There is pretty much something for every kind of adventure lover. From camping under the stars to challenging rock climbing and treks, the levels of challenge varies accordingly to what you seek. Here we have some of the extreme thrilling adventures that one can enjoy in Yelagiri.

    1. Boat Ride in Punganoor Lake Park: Punganoor Lake is an artificial lake situated in the heart of Yelagiri. It is just one hour by bus or auto from Athavanur. Boating is a popular activity on this lake, both for locals and tourists. You have to pay Rs 75 per person for boat rides. The facility remains open from 7 am to 7 pm daily.

    2. Trekking in Yelagiri Hills: The hill station is also one of the popular trekking hubs in India. The basic treks generally start from Mangalam village. It takes around four hours to complete the journey. The view of the rich green forests and valleys from the hill top is breathtaking. There are many reserve forests around the hills that you can also visit once in Yelagiri.

    3. Enjoy Wall Climbing: Among the myriad adventure sports activities in Yelagiri comes the wall climbing that cost around Rs 500 per person and availed as a part of many private or group tour packages. It is a great value for money activity.

    4. Experience Human Slingshot: One of the fun activities to be indulged in Yelagiri is human slingshot where you are thrown into the sky while being fixed to a huge slingshot and then brought back to the ground again. The slingshot sport here costs around Rs 450 per person and the activity is insured with proper safety gears.

    5. Enjoy Paintball: Playing paintball is probably one of the best ways to enjoy your Yelagiri trip with your family and friends. The paintball game arena has been properly designed here with lots of challenges and great equipment like guns, pellets, safety gears among other things. It costs around Rs 250 per person.

    6. Camping in Yelagiri: Yelagiri is considered as the campers’ paradise. Different types of camping facilities are available here as per the tourists’ budget and other convenient factors. The camping price starts at Rs 3500. Besides mountain trails, star gazing, campfires, musical nights, game nights, debates, real-life adventure stories discussion and other such things are enjoyed through camping. Great food is another draw for camping here.

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  3. What is the best time to visit Yelagiri?

    Visiting Yelagiri can be fun anytime. The hill station offers pleasant and cold temperatures throughout the year. 

    Summer: During May and June, this place offers its tourists a respite from the heat and humidity. You can also enjoy the popular Summer Festival here during this time. In summer it goes up to around 37 degrees Celsius. The summer nights, especially in May and June, are balmy and comfortable, unlike many south Indian cities.

    Winter: From October end to February, Yelagiri becomes a tourists’ haven for its excellent weather conditions. The winters, from November end till January, are not biting cold either. The lowest temperature in winter reaches 15 degree Celsius. A trip to Yelagiri can be scheduled anytime as the hill station temperature hovers around 22 degrees Celsius round the year.

    Monsoon: The valley receives quite a number of showers in monsoon that starts from mid July. 50mm-60mm daily average rain lashes the hill station, making its green covers look rich and lushy. The average temperature during the monsoon is around 28degrees Celsius.

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  4. How can I reach Yelagiri?

    By Train: All major cities have connecting trains to Yelagiri and the nearest station is Jolarpettai, 21km from Yelagiri Hills. From the station, you can book a cab or private vehicle to reach central Yelagiri.

    By Flight: If you come to Yelagiri by flight, Bangalore is the nearest airport. You can also land at Chennai airport. It is just 160 km from the Bangalore airport which can be covered via taxis or buses.

    By Bus: Buses are available from Jolarpettai, Hosur, Salem and Tirupattur as well. Major cities like Chennai, Vellore, Coimbatore, Krishnagiri among others are connected to this hill station. All Yelagiri tour packages contain necessary information about the transport to the hill station.

    By Cab: Private cabs and luxury vehicles are available from all the major cities noted here. You can consult with the respective hotel travel desk as well to hire cabs.

    Plan your trip to Yelagiri with Thrillophilia: Yelagiri Tour Package From Bangalore

  5. Which are the most adventurous trekking routes in Yelagiri?

    Yelagiri is the heaven of some most wonderful trekking sites in India. The hill station of the south is scattered with many adventurous and exciting trekking activities and tours that will give you Goosebumps while exploring them with your team or even alone. In fact, Yelagiri is a top hit among trekkers from nearby cities like Bangalore and Chennai. Trekking activities are conducted every weekend and you can easily be a part of one, whether you are travelling alone or with a group of friends. There are many sites and places where a fun and thrill seeker can go trekking into the wild and explore the beauty of nature.

    •       Swamimalai Hill
    •       Javadi  Hill
    •       Palamathi Hill
    •       Jalagamparai Waterfalls
    •       Perumadu Waterfalls
  6. What is special about Yelagiri?

    Yelagiri is famous for its natural beauty, sericulture, heritage, temples and adventure tourism. The Tamil Nadu government has launched several initiatives like paragliding, trekking, hiking, mountain climbing and other such activities to promote adventure tourism. With the weather remaining pleasant across the year, this is a perfect place where you can enjoy a lazy vacation. Authentic delicacies can be relished at the comfortable homestays in Yelagiri. You can also purchase local items such as coffee, spices, silk fabric, and handmade chocolates among other things here.

  7. Which are the most famous temples to visit in Yelagiri?

    The famous hill station is not only a home to the best trekking activities but also is known for its famous and historic temples that still stand as a quite memento for this beautiful land. There are many temples that one can find in the town but there are some must visit temples that should not be missed.  Each of Yelagiri’s temples have a fascinating history attached and it could be both fun and enlightening to talk with a local and know more about how they came to be. Don’t miss on

    •       Velavan Temple
    •       Jalagandeeswar Temple
    •       Moksha Vimochana Temple
  8. Is Yercaud and Yelagiri same?

    No, Yercaud and Yelagiri are two different tourist destinations. Yercaud is another amazing hill station in Salem district of Tamil Nadu. Yercaud and Yelagiri both are popular jewels of southern India in terms of picturesque landscapes, great atmosphere and peaceful surroundings.

    There are plenty of fun activities and elements to enjoy a comfortable and adventurous vacation in both destinations. The distance between both locations is around 150 km which can be covered in just four hours through a cab ride. Yelagiri tours are different from the ones meant for Yercaud.

  9. Which are the top waterfalls to visit in Yelagiri?

    The Yelagiri Hill Station hosts one of the most exotic waterfalls in the country. There are several exotic forest patches and finding the best of the nature can be fun where you can explore the hidden waterfalls that mark the beauty and mystery of the Yelagiri hill station. The most famous waterfalls that tourists must visit are:

    • Jalagamparai waterfalls
    • Artificial Waterfall in Nature Park

    However, there are several smaller waterfalls that look inconspicuous but make for a beautiful trekking experience. You will need to explore the mountains to find the beauties. Taking a local guide is preferable.

  10. What type of local cuisine can be found in Yelagiri?

    There are plenty of roadside eateries that serve local delicacies here in Yelagiri. Rice-based meals are the most popular here that you must try during your Yelagiri tours. In fruits, the use of jackfruits, coconuts and bananas is huge. However, many renowned restaurant chains have launched here that offer international dishes in their multicuisine setups.

    For desserts, you should definitely try payasam and jangiri. Curd based foods are also easily available here. The authentic platter here includes curd rice, flavoured rice items with three types of vegetable sides garnished with coconut, some pickles, papad and one dessert. For snacks, you can try idli or vegetable bondas from the roadside stalls.

  11. Which are some famous restaurants in Yelagiri?

    1. Thenkani Restaurant: Located in Athanavoor, this is one of the most popular restaurants in Yelagiri that offers a vast array of authentic dishes in an open atmosphere. The food is great, the portions are large and the service is prompt here.

    2. Peter’s Pearl: Peter’s Pearl is situated at Manjakollai and besides typical south Indian delicacies; it also offers Chinese and barbecued items as well. Bonfire, karaoke and other such fun activities can be enjoyed here.

    3. Ambur Star Biryani: This is the place for the biryani lovers, which is located near the Vanyambadi toll. Halal food is available here with one of the oldest biryani hands at the helm. Awesome range of biryani with various kinds of meat is available here. You can try the vegetarian options too with great curd raita.
  12. What are the best lakes to visit in Yelagiri?

    The district of Vellore is beautiful with mesmerizing lakes and hills that are a pure treat for your eyes. There are several lakes but some of them are a must visit which are famous for their breathtaking beauty.

    •       Punganur Lake
    •       Nilavoor Lake
  13. Which are the famous resorts in Yelagiri?

    1. Sterling Yelagiri Resorts and Hotels: Located on Nilavoor Main Road, this is a beautiful option for accommodation that is surrounded by green hills. Away from the city crowd, this resort offers great hospitality with pool, wifi, restaurant, children’s area, conference room and other such facilities.

    2. Moonland Residence Yelagiri Resort: This is a newly constructed facility on Nilavoor Road that offers tourists to stay in three-bedroom villas and cottages. This resort is located in a peaceful surrounding with indoor and outdoor games, campfire and restaurant facilities.

    3. AGS Holiday Resort: This is a budget resort that comes with all essential amenities like complimentary breakfast, pool, internet, business centre, conference hall, kids’ area among other things. You can choose from suites, family rooms and premium rooms here, for your Yelagiri tours.
  14. Which are some comfortable homestays in Yelagiri?

    1. Athulya Homestay: Athulya Homestay is located just in the heart of the city. This is one of the finest accommodation facilities with spacious and comfortable rooms, open space, pool, dedicated multilingual staff, wifi, easy transportation to and from any destination in Yelagiri.

    2. GB Castle: This homestay is located on Abdul Kalam Road in Yelagiri that offers beautiful spacious rooms with law view. All the rooms are equipped with closets and bathrooms. Free internet, playground, kitchen with 24-hour cooks are available here.

    3. Silent Waters: This property is located just opposite DonBosco camping centre in Thavanur. Beautiful and serene natural atmosphere, great food, clean rooms, easy connectivity, warm hospitality, open space for outdoor activities are some of the reasons travellers opt for this place in Yelagiri for their comfortable yet economical stay.
  15. What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Yelagiri?

    Yelagiri is a hill station and offers a lot of trekking opportunities. Therefore, packing sufficient woollen garments and sports shoes for comfortable hill hiking is a must. However, the southern Indian temperature doesn’t get biting cold even in winters, so consider some light warm clothes. Sunglasses, umbrella, lip balm, mosquito repellent creams, essential medicines and hiking backpack must be in your packing list. 

  16. What festivals do the local people celebrate in Yelagiri?

    1. Summer fest: Summer festival is one of the biggest events here which is organised by the tourism department in May. Several interesting shows and functions like cultural performances, dog show, and food festivals are held here in Yelagiri on this occasion.

    2. Pongal fest: In January, Pongal festival takes place with many celebrations across the state.

    3. New Year: In April, New Year is celebrated here as per the Tamil calendar.

    4. Dance fest: Natyanjali dance festival happens in March.

    5. Onam and Diwali: You can also visit Yelagiri in mid-August during Onam or mid-November during Diwali as both the festivals are celebrated with lots of vividness and cheer.
  17. Is paragliding tour available in Yelagiri?

    Yes, paragliding tour is available in Yelagiri. It is one of the most sought after adventure sports to be enjoyed here. Paragliding is one of the essential parts of Yelagiri Tour Packages. It is equally famous among both natives and tourists. Athavanur is the spot where paragliders generally halt. Two major types of paragliding- tandem and hang gliding are taken up here. In both cases, expert pilots guide tourists and manage their routes as per the wind.

Newly Added Yelagiri Experience

Yelagiri Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Yelagiri
Vinay Dubashi Camping in Yelagiri
Yelagiri is a superb place to have fun with friends. Simply awesome trip. Camping was average. Food was but good. Guides did a good job. But the activities were not upto the mark. Still, we had a lot of fun. Reasonable rate also.
Aashritha Mahajan Camping in Yelagiri
Except for the dirty toilets, everything was fine. All the activities I had were fun and I really enjoyed the perfect package being offered by Thrillophilia.
Budhil Sethi Camping in Yelagiri
i had some really great moments on this trip.The trek was really good, my guide, Manan was very supportive throughout and the food back at the resort was delicious. totally satisfied by Thrillophilia on this trip.
Fatema Rexinewala Camping in Yelagiri
Very Good
"It's scenic for sure, had some great moments with adventure activities in built in the resort. However my expectations of the trek by our organisers was not met at all. Great food at the resort on special request. "
Bhushan Gandhi Peter's Park, Yelagiri
So much fun the whole day along with good foods and nice service from the staff really made our day.
Chitraksh Pandey Touchstone Resort Yelagiri
Wonderful place!!! above all, the staffs were friendly, good foods, nice show, and fun games.
The resort has nice views, a good lawn to play some outdoor activity. Well-maintained and clean. the service was amazing.
Amazing place, totally different awesome expereince that I fell, because in just a day-out you would get so much fun beyond expectation, we did some adventurous activity and the price was not expensive at all if compared with the expereince we get, foods were simply good, really we enjoyed the place like anything... Strongly recommended to all to visit once!!
Akshaj Dwivedi Camping in Yelagiri
When I saw this adventure at Thrillophilia I started yearning for adventure and booked it for me and my brother immediately. Though we loved the camping part, what we enjoyed the most was the set of amazing activities we got a chance to try during our trip. The tents were clean and the campsite offered a perfect panoramic viewing experience. The food was satisfactory. Considering the price, the experience was amazing.

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