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Water Sports
1596004425 skydiving.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Day tours.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Day Tours
1464256849 chauffeur car melbourne.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
1622546003 shutterstock 649854703.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Theme Parks
1574057398 tf 190527052434 013705.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
1595416675 ssssssentry ticketss.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Entry Tickets
1595830413 tag sghtseeing.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Sightseeing Tours
1595396046 cruises and boat tours.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Cruises & Boat tours
1595832323 combo.jpeg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
1595832744 tag airport transfer.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Airport Transfers

Activities to do in Melbourne

Take a Street Art Tour, Catch a Moonlight Movie in the Park, Wander Queen Victoria Market, Party in St. Kilda, Soak Some Sunshine On The Beaches, and many more.

There are many things to do in Melbourne that will make your vacation to Australia absolutely unforgettable. Repeatedly voted as one of the most liveable places on the planet, the city is a treasure trove of fun-filled activities and exciting things to do that will make you skip with joy. Indeed, this coastal city in the Victorian province is perfect if you want to enjoy the amazing art and culture of Australia. Melbourne offers a host of delightful as well as thrilling activities that have mesmerized tourists for years and are bound to spellbind you too. Whether you want to shop for some exclusive brands and get some souvenirs for your loved ones back home, or simply hang out by the beach and watch as the days roll by – there are plenty of activities to do in Melbourne that will entice you.

The city has something to offer all age groups – wildlife sanctuaries for your kids to cuddle with adorable animals, skydiving opportunities for thrill chasers, and museums for those who appreciate the high culture and rich heritage of Australia. Watch people in the Federation Square, admire the architecture of the Flinders Station, or party late into the night with an energetic crowd, there is no dearth of activities to do in Melbourne for every kind of tourist. The endless attractions of Melbourne, its fun festivals, vibrant crowds and expansive collection of restaurants and bars make it a happening destination for people of all predilections.

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Amkveafambmr0bj6lwvkwjz8e0fz eps 8143 Tpnbe58r9fl4a80f4gu3hqw1bdfs jackson and young haunted melbourne 3 A8y4socxqm625fwxi1zbybja7hra rutledge ln1 Vepiobhtk2y2s0kebd9qfx91ub13 jtr identity1 6n4yv0wjdi9uunb3yvvhxonu4bjx haunted old melbourne gaol 8
Melbourne Ghost Tour


Mobile Voucher
Fixed day ticket
Meeting Location: Young and Jacksons, 1 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, AustraliaOperational Days: Friday, SaturdayActivity Starting Time: 8:30 PMActivity Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes (Approx.)About Melbourne Ghost Tour:Travel back to 19th-century Melbourne with a 1.5-hour walking tour of the city's haunted past. Explore the lesser-visited streets & ancient landmarks that carry the dark incidents taking place in those lanes. You will get to find out about some horrific incidents like the Gun Alley murder case and whether Jack the Ripper strolled the streets of Melbourne. Learn about the mysterious death of Federici, a well-known opera singer of the time, who died performing in front of his audience.

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

₹ 3,458

₹ 2,040 per Adult

2c3a6e3bcg1ml2azikxhrlxzlss4 1598879662 shutterstock 538645345 Sld6a4wsd16l8ykgj256e2avbkpx 1466490805 15 inflight lr large B60icjreq3dyfchxtyxaoqlpmfui 1598879670 shutterstock 1162375645 Mw07bjjx21ba8ecjtms8a8ja9wea 1598879672 shutterstock 554056114 Vx89uhjb7qaegmtldn3zznc9ri6l 1598879673 shutterstock 279276008
Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne


Mobile Voucher
Fixed day ticket
Activity Duration: 3 hours (Approx.)Activity Timings: All daysActivity Location: Melbourne, AustraliaHop on to see the most beautiful attractions from a sky-view. As you hover above, you will be watching the romantic sunrise with your companion. The sky may gift you a cloudy ride making you feel like you are on cloud nine, quite literally. Floating above, the fresh breeze will freshen up your mind and soul from within. Hear nature speak to you as you transcend above the waters, land, skyline and whatnot.

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

€ 320

€ 263 per Adult

Hi01m6d46eyca7my0y2dqh7to61o 1579603693 mel skydive2 Ywpvbp3oxaqssd1bmq0iawzyaegy 1579603709 mel skydive1 Wxii47943s7nq66xr0uq1n3fh87u 1579603709 mel skydive3 kl N07d7vnq8ccibjtsvi0wyd5auae8 melbourne3 1280x720 gallery Ktnuch9lc88ayvujauslcowob13o melbourne2 1280x720 gallery
Skydiving In Melbourne
Fixed day ticket
Mobile Voucher
Meeting Location: Skydive Melbourne, 42A Marine Parade, VIC 3182, MelbourneActivity Timings: 08:00 AM - 12:00 PMActivity Duration: 10 Minutes (Approx)About the Skydiving In Melbourne:Experience Melbourne's skydive and unleash your inner adventurous self. Take the plunge and free-fall from a height of 15000 ft. after leaping out of the plane. For 5-7 minutes, float through the sky and enjoy a bird's eye view over Melbourne while feeling the wind on your face. Allow the wave of adrenaline to take over while you witness Port Phillip Bay, Luna Park, and the MCG. The instructors record every moment of your skydive using unique wrist-mounted, high-resolution cameras so that you can have a magical memory of the experience.

64 Ratings


64 Ratings

$ 616

$ 489 per Adult

9jnkr2nu4jb7fdea50npittwk3lp shutterstock 1302592021 16h5ihduigxitmgzme4gv4uo7po2 shutterstock 436366315 Ktwdn8foqch5p09hy5r521ixr7tw shutterstock 500227822 Xlcvfjj776k44tbbc150eub1jusz shutterstock 1580210935 J76tbdwt4jtnvbbid4fh3uzr3mb2 shutterstock 1638691162
Melbourne Food Tour


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Meeting Location: On the steps by the entrance of the H&M store inside Bourke St Mall(Bourke St Mall Location: Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia)Meeting Time: 1:30 PMActivity Duration: 3 hoursWalking Distance: 1.5 kmAbout Melbourne Food Tour:Embark on a delicious and entertaining tour to Food Mecca of Australia, Melbourne. Enjoy coffee made by professional baristas and brewers before starting the Melbourne Food Tour and then visit Dumpling Restaurant, sweet shops, and a hidden bar. You will be guided by an English-speaking guide as you have fun with fellow food enthusiasts.

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

₹ 9,587

₹ 5,944 per Adult

Itf6flm7eyamd1dha55f5octkjji shutterstock 1014467692 458zoj25gnrt6qcj0n6982hhae92 1572868423 eureka sly1 Yjv4u7tyd4bohzt63s5p0d0yh8fi 1572868423 eureka sly3 Lpsrhsmcf6d5s092jj8ynay2qpzx shutterstock 1012308301 1ufv2i7rwqlx0j153jr1gfpe9521 shutterstock 413178172
Melbourne Skydeck Tickets


Fixed day ticket
Location: 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, VIC 3006, MelbourneOperational Hours:Sunday- Saturday: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Last Entry: 9:30pm)Activity Duration: 1 hours approximatelyAbout the Melbourne Skydeck:Head out to the southern hemisphere’s highest observation deck with the Melbourne Skydeck Ticket. Look out through the giant glass windows and soak in the magnificent views from the height of 300 metres. Pump your adrenaline as you stroll on the glass deck and take in the views from a different perspective. Get yourself clicked with your travel partner with the backdrop of the stunning Skydeck. Spot various Melbourne landmarks by using the 30 viewfinders and high-definition binoculars.

140 Ratings


140 Ratings

$ 25

$ 21 per Adult

Jkljd33shhs96fq1vx1fa76lzvby shutterstock 486846196 0hyyh66k241pn0pjppkdkinjhec5 shutterstock 2072608709 Zsfipq0z7zk1hxkd3ecry6k5q6qg shutterstock 2095089241 Pep9532x8qqrsarxsc6chmw8qdd8 shutterstock 355039454 Lwhqk5708fen6plsuuwyhy660363  moejarkey
Great Ocean Road Tour from Melbourne


Fixed day ticket
Transport Included
Mobile Voucher
Pickup Location: Pick up at the hotel lobby and drive to the meeting point (Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne CBD)Activity Timings: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PMActivity Duration: 14 hours (approx.)About Great Ocean Road Tour in Melbourne:On this customisable trip, take in the breathtaking landscape of Australia's Great Ocean Road. Follow the coast-hugging route past stunning cliffs, beautiful beaches, and lush rain forests, stopping wherever your heart desires.Take a stroll around some of the charming beach towns along the way, keeping an eye out for koalas and other native animals. For a dramatic finish to your full-day tour, visit the site of a legendary shipwreck and marvel at the geologic miracle of the Twelve Apostles.

41 Ratings


41 Ratings

$ 222

$ 133 per Adult

Vtjs7qgd7otj3nj8ll61ubn5j8rq shutterstock 657253942 Olgk0gk1nhutgqge0s6ed5o2x2cz 1572851085 mel zoo kangaroo3 klook 0zmzgv6vokls5ifydfe1i93n7db0 1572851432 mel zoo4 Wg2dirs7bywzhcj70e6w5a05b5cd shutterstock 1466362238 Twiodcejr0ja4853237px2cedksd shutterstock 1608447790
Melbourne Zoo Tickets


Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Melbourne Zoo, Elliott Ave, Parkville VIC 3052, AustraliaActivity Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pmActivity Duration: 2 hours (Approx.)About Melbourne Zoo:Visit one of Australia's oldest zoos, Melbourne Zoo is located right in the middle of the city. The zoo features over 5000 animals from 300 species, making it a must-visit for animal lovers. With your Melbourne zoo tickets admire animals from all around the world like Koalas, Kangaroo, and the Trail of Elephants, including huge Asian pachyderms and exquisite African zebras, and giraffes from savannas. The zoo not only gives a chance to admire some of the amazing animals but also can contribute to the conservation efforts of the zoo for the sake of these species.

63 Ratings


63 Ratings

$ 50

$ 46 per Adult

L7e6ucyijj8z7t858k1on4yw16iy 1598873407 shutterstock 182019038.jpg 60k6msq1zothr0ykbtg50otjv9ya eps 10063 N76jhb509adymi5452msiknemi1i eps 10060 Eio7h2gaxai8shtfsti7hr1j8fqr 1572856545 otway3.jpg 527p3x7v4yhc2sxdp0pzou1t2i6y eps 10064
Ziplining In Melbourne


Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: 360 Phillips Track, Weeaproinah VIC 3250, AustraliaActivity Time: 10:15 AM or 1:00 PMActivity Duration: 3.5 hoursAbout Ziplining in Melbourne:Go for the adventurous ziplining experience amidst the rainforests of Australia in Melbourne. Get suspended at a height of 30 meters from the forest floor by a harness and fly from one treetop to another. Be assured of your safety as you embark on this eco-adventure with a professional instructor. Further, go on a self-guided treetop walk on one of the longest steel forest walkways in the world.

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 10,031

₹ 5,818 per Adult

38mcelrct8jwm45lyq305hxr4ero shutterstock 561922609 Vvi66nruzhff7i7vjqnw1txv45sn 1fb0e207 Gdkbfxpy1geudfkwgg7czozsq9nb 714a4fdd 81qy2f9gzzozlyq7igshx1y4dfv2 4f3f6fac Bddm6654s90a4rpc6k83be013jya som 012 1024x683
Yarra River Dinner Cruise in Melbourne


Fixed day ticket
Mobile Voucher
Meeting Location: Southbank Promenade, Melbourne VIC, AustraliaActivity Timings: 07:30 PM onwardsActivity Duration: 3 hours (approx.)About Yarra River Dinner Cruise in Melbourne:On a dinner cruise along the Yarra River, see Melbourne's main landmarks from a new perspective. Climb on board your fully covered floating restaurant and enjoy a 4-course supper with drinks while watching the city come to life. Over the course of this peaceful evening, click some memorable pictures and enjoy the ambiance of the cruise while getting accompanied by English-speaking staff.

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 13,206

₹ 9,425 per Adult

P7kwohxw6u4o24g5advqgaugen66 shutterstock 1157144968 R3uhad9i9dd4vi49qla0nw434rfn 1 Jg8regmb929o9nqq42xjrykxn66i shutterstock 1190685079 H8099lt32z4h1egjd8ssomkedzs2 shutterstock 1171644343 4epkuxacg7rb9wdkmta0l6m3bpdj shutterstock 79839343
Skydiving in Great Ocean Road


Mobile Voucher
Fixed day ticket
Meeting Location: Great Ocean Rd, Victoria, AustraliaActivity Timings: 09:00 AM - 03:00 PMActivity Duration: 4 hours (approx.)About Skydiving in Great Ocean Road:At the Melbourne skydive experience, let your inner daredevil loose! Jump from 15,000 feet or 10,000 feet and float back to earth in a parachute to experience the uncontrolled sensation of freefall.Catch your breath not just from the adrenaline rush, but also from the amazing views of Melbourne, Loch Ard Gorge, Twelve Apostles and Bay of Martyrs. Most importantly, your tandem skydiving will be followed at all times by a trained pilot, assuring maximum enjoyment while minimising risk!

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 25,207

₹ 17,645 per Adult

J08xaiphj8zp76a18r4mn4dqcg97 1467262323 1 880scok7k6uiorn0zzv1sgx6l5un image 1 Km9w3zaeb6xk1gj9z1187gos7lwq 1467262324 2 Cxshrq95a8to1b2idwos07ye121w 1467262324 5 Zbnce3xt6jwd90wbxmskuvhv03el 1467262324 6
Mornington Peninsula Ultimate Day Tour


Meals Included
Hotel pickup
Mobile Voucher
Activity Duration: 10 hours (Approx.)Activity Timing: Mondays, Thursdays and SaturdaysActivity Location: Mornington Peninsula, AustraliaAbout Mornington Peninsula Ultimate Day Tour:Get ready to discover the rich history of Australia in this ultimate tour. Explore the various spots of Mornington Peninsula for a day full of adventure and excitement. Gather your friends and family and join this tour for a whole package of relaxation. Turn on your vacation mode as you go on the best day expedition of Australia.

29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 11,178

₹ 7,824 per Adult

Llo34joc9yasaszjvwmmoxkccoyr main+photo S7k4p9lgzm9fvtu3zj5pdwsv4vj1 image Wmy374lorct3x3uak53kmba0sg72 throne Tehfyaulma51lx9jwdade60vojlf kids+corner Xhi0g7d0vhh792gjtbmj4b43w033 functions+2
Melbourne IceBar Tickets


Mobile Voucher
Fixed day ticket
IceBar Location: Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, AustraliaOpening Hours: 11:00 am - 10:00 pmActivity Duration: 1hr (approx)About Melbourne IceBar:Feel like you're in the Arctic region as you enter the sub-zero setup of Melbourne IceBar. You will be welcomed by the friendly host with a glass of cocktail or mocktail. Enjoy the drink as you tour around the bar, admiring the design & beauty of the 30 tonnes of sculpted ice. Engage in the activities available at the bar and get to spend an exciting evening with your loved ones. Adults can try taking an ice shot to enhance the fun & frosty experience.

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

$ 39

$ 39 per Adult

961a9vk83hxx88mmx45ega98fojh family rec skat Zjbyk3qg14n1fgw6p0os7p7a41va obrien icehouse E176ff5dg6j4m2bpb2jlv4y6fjs0 image%20(2) Wzgvm9ftvpp7e5ofvaz29e0pu1ss image%20(3) Xo1hkrnstfc3jd34y61fzlysbp96 a99730b9 79f9 40c6 81e6 a0b33c50baef
Ice Skating at OBrien Icehouse, Melbourne


Mobile Voucher
Fixed day ticket
Activity Location: 105 Pearl River Rd, Docklands VIC 3008, AustraliaActivity Timings: Monday / Thursday: 09:00-22:00Friday / Saturday: 09:00-23:00Sunday: 09:00-21:30Activity Duration: 2 - 4 hours (approx.)About Ice Skating at O'Brien Icehouse Melbourne:Do you want to boost your adrenaline while also taking care of your health? O'Brien Icehouse is the ideal location for a fun, energetic, and healthy day out. O'Brien Icehouse has developed a delightful setting where ice skating can be enjoyed safely by people of all ages. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned ice skater, you're sure to have a great time at Melbourne's premier ice skating rink.

28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 1,181

₹ 791 per Child

I1mujci49m9gb0gnyoooklpzjrlf 8a9d387812bdddda2c94832ef65efbd2 1600x1200 Ycg8k5rxhxmfm66mpych05zr40zr 1c957580 01b9 42b3 9665 ce3adf57c53d ee4c0f4d dd63 44db 9993 2b14981d00d2 10546 melbourne yarra valley gourmet tour 03 V3mik1aaaotmhsmbl8v1xqbtmf4c image Rto3n8aehwie2nq664vnfjc81nx0 1467103578 img 027bb 983eooy2p991ifcgio1kyabcz1ma helen joey yarra valley hero3
Yarra Valley Wine Tours in Melbourne


Meals Included
Transport Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Duration: 8.5 hours (approx.)Starting Timing: 08:45 AMMeeting Location: St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, AustraliaAbout Yarra Valley Wine Tours Melbourne:Take this opportunity of tasting wines and smell the soothing essence of different varieties of wines with this tour. Embark on to the Yarra Valley where you will find many wineries and breweries and with the scenic landscapes of the region, you will have the chance to enhance this trip even further with the help of a professional tour guide.

27 Ratings


27 Ratings

₹ 140

₹ 109 per Adult

4qqo9uw2yitsbanb9h4bcwc59ipq ldc miniland 1 Nlxxgl5ywgmjyi6kvxsa7l31py6h 1420ac4cb538fed6b51c06e0e666b890 1600x1200 C8lbwgm22dfzkk9n9dose3hbda2u ocean invaders 2 Maesx072hedcm2mmb3vy8puau4c2 mel 5 Ijfw707l1annnsrnoh9oyrv24pw0 ldc miniland 3
Melbourne SEA Life Aquarium & Legoland Discovery Center Tickets


Mobile Voucher
Fixed day ticket
Activity Location: Legoland Discovery Center- Level 2/1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148, AustraliaSEA LIFE Melbourne- King St, Melbourne VIC 3000, AustraliaActivity Timings: LEGOLAND Discovery Centre:Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PMFriday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PMLast admission: 30 minutes before the closing.SEA LIFE Melbourne: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PMLast admission: 1 hour before the closing.Activity Duration: 3 hours (Approx.)About Melbourne SEA Life Aquarium & Legoland Discovery Center:Step into the world of SEA LIFE in Melbourne and admire the beautiful sea creatures that inhabit the planet's oceans and seas. Visit the Sea Life Aquarium to witness some exotic underwater creatures like sawfish, rays, moray eel, and many more. Spend an amazing time with your kids at Legoland Discovery Center and let them fire up their creativity as they play with millions of LEGO® Bricks.

308 Ratings


308 Ratings

$ 60

$ 50 per Adult

Nlxxgl5ywgmjyi6kvxsa7l31py6h 1420ac4cb538fed6b51c06e0e666b890 1600x1200 4qqo9uw2yitsbanb9h4bcwc59ipq ldc miniland 1 C8lbwgm22dfzkk9n9dose3hbda2u ocean invaders 2 Maesx072hedcm2mmb3vy8puau4c2 mel 5 Ijfw707l1annnsrnoh9oyrv24pw0 ldc miniland 3
Melbourne SEA Life Aquarium & Legoland Discovery Center Tickets


Mobile Voucher
Fixed day ticket
Activity Location: Legoland Discovery Center- Level 2/1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148, AustraliaSEA LIFE Melbourne- King St, Melbourne VIC 3000, AustraliaOperational Timings: LEGOLAND Discovery CentreThursday-Monday: 09:30 AM - 05:30 PMLast admission: 03:30 PMSEA LIFE MelbourneThursday-Monday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PMLast admission: 08:00 PMWeekends, School Holidays, and Public Holidays: Open DailyActivity Duration: 3 hours (Approx.)About Melbourne SEA Life Aquarium & Legoland Discovery Center Tickets:Step into the world of SEA LIFE in Melbourne and admire the beautiful sea creatures that inhabit the planet's oceans and seas. Visit the Sea Life Aquarium to witness some exotic underwater creatures like sawfish, rays, moray eel, and many more. Spend and amazing time with your kids at Legoland Discovery Center and let them fire up their creativity as they play with millions of LEGO® Bricks.

37 Ratings


37 Ratings

€ 29

€ 24 per Adult

16zglif8u9knldd6y17rd5nj9j4q 1598884591 shutterstock 403773703 Jctjm57v4j2njskvw7ga6xthcvxn 1598884597 shutterstock 1701192151 Gtjgoybuhqay0bo3klvrcl7ubn7q 1598884598 shutterstock 1705220629 80fvqoyonb0le6vw6kbr01n3vmjg 1598884600 shutterstock 202145677 Yy172og5yr0d86nd7j6v3a8jddjz 1598884602 shutterstock 83112
Day Tour to Wilsons Promontory National Park, Melbourne


Mobile Voucher
Activity Duration: 10 HoursActivity Timings: 07:00 AMActivity Location: Melbourne, AustraliaAbout Wilsons Promontory National Park Day Trip:This tour takes you to one of the best national parks in Victoria, Wilsons Promontory. Enjoy this one-day activity strolling through the rainforest, beaches and well-preserved walking tracks. Experience great hiking trips at Mt. Bishop. Be ready to see multiple native wildlife such as Kangaroos, Wombats, and many more. Have fun exploring this park and wonder at the white sand of the beach. Learn about this whole settlement from the tour guide.

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

$ 279

$ 149 per Adult

Oxl7hpeffglhn2rklw9so4enmipe shutterstock 1712890078 Kn8bhpzywuk148d7rn10tspnwh8p shutterstock 1099436666 6c4fsb9bf02b651i6cwvjhhjr4ye shutterstock 168523592 U2cwdsyxu1qik18b873ljiq0svwo shutterstock 1844997001 54qigi9185abfpy0zdph269f517y shutterstock 561922522
Melbourne Bike Tour


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Meeting Point: Vault 14 Federation Wharf, Federation Square Melbourne 3000(Note: Meet at the shop on the riverbank level @ Federation Square near the Riverland Bar. The exact location will be confirmed after the booking.)Activity Timing: 10:00 AM - 2:30 PMActivity Duration: 4 hours 30 minutesAbout Melbourne Bike Tour:The capital city of Victoria State, Melbourne, is famous for its vibrant culture that can be seen in colorful and funky streets, cafes, restaurants, bars, and plazas. Embark on an informative Bike tour along with an English-speaking guide while riding past popular landmarks like Parliament, Ethnic Precincts, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Sports Precinct & MCG, Arts Precinct, etc. Stop by to sample gourmet dishes and have a delicious lunch in the end.

32 Ratings


32 Ratings

₹ 11,283

₹ 6,544 per Adult

58g9q0yohoqvdr8q0yb7sc1l982e 1598880565 shutterstock 606249512 9ba8g63bqj1038x30w702jbg7hx5 shutterstock 186981500 Sb0o73629j1etex4i6l0i142w3l9 shutterstock 1868293825 Em5fkwkg0hotg0pnspqxtn9ilvy7 1598880573 shutterstock 83112 5u60p9gc3oquazszulkgjnrjnl4x 1598880574 shutterstock 281756384
Grampians National Park Wilderness Escape Tour


Mobile Voucher
Activity Duration: 12 Hours and 25 MinutesActivity Timings: Tuesday: 07:35 AMWednesday: 07:35 AMFriday: 07:35 AMSunday: 07:35 AMActivity Location: Melbourne, AustraliaAbout:This trip takes you to one of Australia’s most beloved Grampian National Park. Learn about the rich heritage of the park from the live tour guide. Explore various natural wonders like waterfalls, mountain ranges, sandstone ridges, and many more. Traverse through this park and fall in love with the lovely colours of wildflowers and experience a true escape from the stressful city life. Look out for the astonishing wild creatures wandering around the park.

27 Ratings


27 Ratings

₹ 11,276

₹ 7,555 per Adult

Yz489jni9shjvr7d9jzpuda1yogw shutterstock 150196421 Yfv6cqp7ja9gmngv7m5d4unnkqlt shutterstock 15621967 8im49573gz563h5t4dqt6nijl1gs shutterstock 336230741 X0yimekc9j89bac0xttaink6y90h oiuytyuiiug Pvorlkacnjrglw4qi8bfgpiin0ou shutterstock 558010618
Melbourne Street Art Tour


Mobile Voucher
Meeting Point: ACMI, Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, AustraliaDeparture Time: 1:30 PMActivity Duration: 3 hoursAbout Melbourne Street Art Tour:Embark on a colorful journey through the vibrant streets of Melbourne. Enjoy exploring street art with a professional artist guide and learn interesting tales behind the dynamic laneways. Interact with fellow art enthusiasts while sipping refreshing drinks including beer, wine, and soft drinks.

28 Ratings


28 Ratings

$ 66

$ 41 per Adult

Hop on Hop off Melbourne Tour | Book Now @ Flat 20% off
Hop on Hop off Melbourne Tour | Book Now @ Flat 20% off



Home to amazing markets, lip-smacking brunches, and incredible beaches, Melbourne has a whole list of reasons to visit at least once in a lifetime. If you are planning to visit the sports capital of Australia, Melbourne hop on hop off tour will help you learn more about it.What to Expect:Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Melbourne City:Choose between one of two strategic boarding points in the city - Southgate, Federation Wharf and Gem Pier and start the quest. Start your Melbourne exploration on and Hop aboard from any of the available points and you can hop off wherever you want.Informative Audio Commentary Throughout Your Ride:Learn more about the history and culture of the city through the audio commentary available on-board.  The English language audio commentary will allow you to explore more and fell yourself to b a part of the place.Choose from 24 & 48 Hours Pass:There are two passes available with this package, 24-Hour Pass and 48-Hour Pass. Choose what suits you best and explore the city at your own pace. With both the passes, you can visit unlimited stops across 2 routes.Witness the Highlights of The City:Be it a coffee at one of the famous cafes or watching a footy (Australian football) game at Etihad Stadium, you can experience it all with this Hop On Hop Off bus Melbourne. Book the pass and taste the real essence of the city.Know Before You Go:Timings:City Route-Summer (Oct-Apr): 9:30 am-5:30 pmWinter (May-Sep): 9:30 am-4:10 pmFrequency: Every 40 minutesSt. Kilda Route-Summer (Oct-Apr): 9:45 am-4:45 pmWinter (May-Sep): 9:45 am-3:45 pmFrequency: Every 60 minutes during summer, 120 minutes during winterBus Routes:City Route:1. Federation Square2. SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium3. Eureka Skydeck 884. Crown Casino & Entertainment Complex5. South Wharf/DFO6. Harbour Town/Melbourne Star7. Etihad Stadium8. Queen Victoria Market9. Royal Melbourne Zoo10. Lygon Street Carlton11. Melbourne Museum/IMAX12. Chinatown13. Cathedral Place14. Fitzroy Gardens15. MCG/Sports PrecinctST. Kilda Route:1. Federation Square2. Shrine of Remembrance3. South Melbourne(Perrins ST)4. The Esplanade St Kilda5. Luna Park/Palais Theatre6. St Kilda Marina7. South Melbourne Beach8. Station Pier/Port Melbourne9. Crown Casino & Entertainment Complex10. Arts Centre Melb/NGV- Children aged 4 - 13 years can book the child ticket for hop on hop off Melbourne.- Children aged 0-3 years can join the Melbourne hop on hop off tour for free. 

50 Ratings


50 Ratings

₹ 1,874

₹ 1,499

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People Also Ask About Melbourne Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Melbourne?

    Here are some of the most exciting things to do in Melbourne that will be the highlight of your visit:

    1. Visit the State Library of Victoria: This historic institution sees 8 million visitors per year, and there is a queue of people to enter the library just before it opens. So, make sure that you reach here early so that you can admire the lovely wood furniture, book-lined walls, and striking architecture in peace.

    Location: 328 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    Price: no entry fee

    2. Watch moonlight movies in the Royal Botanical Gardens: For film lovers, this is one of the most unmissable things to do in Melbourne. The movie nights are held every day in the summer months, and most of the films are Hollywood feature films. You can also bring your own food and wine to make it a completely wholesome experience.

    Birdwood Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia
    Price: $19 AUD

    3. Wander through the streets of Queen Victoria Market: The outdoor market is well-known for its street food and knick-knacks. A unique combination of flea market and food market, this place is ideal for foodies who want to explore the local cuisine. You can also get some extremely cheap wines at Sword Wines and can check out the Food Hall.

    Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    Price: no entry fee

    4. Take the City Circle Tram: The tram in Melbourne can be used for more than transportation in the city. It also serves as an excellent vehicle for checking out the major sightseeing attractions in the city. It has a hop-on, hop-off service through which you can check out the major landmarks of Melbourne without worrying about the transportation from one place to another. There is also a recorded commentary in the tram about the historical, architectural and cultural significance of places like the Federation Square, the Parliament House, the Princess Theater and the Old Treasury Building. All in all, a tour on the tram is one of the most unique activities to do in Melbourne.

    Location: Central Business District, Melbourne
    Price: no entry fee

    5. Watch the vibrant crowds in Federation Square: Located right across the street from Flinders Street Station, this place is ideal for just sipping on some coffee and watching the vibrant crowds of the city. You can also get some lunch here and watch as the city takes its own life form. Just below the square, near the river are several restaurants and bars where you can also get a bite to eat.

    Location: Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    Price: no entry fee

    6. Admire the Flinders Street Station: The station features a beautiful display of Victorian architecture and various clock faces that are worth at least one visit. Considered a major landmark in the city, it is one of the busiest railway stations in the country and a beautiful building to admire.

    Location: Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    Price: no entry fee

    7. Take a walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens: Spread over 86 acres and featuring shrubs, flowers, and trees that are indigenous to Australia – the gardens are a perfect place for nature lovers. Take a walk through the lush greenery, get a guided tour, or simply sit under the shade of a tree and read!

    Birdwood Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia
    Price: no entry fee to enter the gardens, exhibits may cost extra, ranging from AUD 3-4 per hour.

    8. Sip your favourite brews in the cafes: Melbourne has an advanced coffee culture, and you’d be hard-pressed not to find the sheer variety of cafes here impressive. Whether you just want to enjoy your tea with some snacks, or want to have your unique, special blend – Melbourne cafes are at your service. You can take the café tour with Melbourne coffee tours or take the café culture walk to learn more about the local coffee culture.

    Location: Williamstown, North Victoria, Australia
    Price: no entry fee

    9. Take a look at the Como House and Gardens: This 160-year old building is a landmark in the city and an unmissable destination for those visiting Melbourne for the first time. The entire estate is complete majestic to the eyes. For architecture buffs, Como House is a delightful destination because its construction shows a clear mix of Italianate architecture with Australian elements. It is considered as one of the most historic buildings in the city, and a true symbol of the country’s regency.

    Williams Rd & Lechlade Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia
    Price: AUD 15 for adults, AUD 9 for children

    10. Party in St. Kilda: The famous nightlife area of the city is home to some of the most happening restaurants, clubs and bars in the country. Moreover, most of the places in this area are inexpensive, so you can party here without burning a hole in your pocket. For party lovers who want to explore the wild side of the city, this is the place to be at. You can hang out with the locals, meet fellow travellers, or simply enjoy your cold, crisp beer.

    Location: St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria
    Price: no entry fee

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  2. Which are the top things to do in Melbourne?

    1. Take a ride on the Melbourne Star: The Melbourne Star is a 120-metre-tall Ferris wheel located in Docklands, Melbourne. It is the only giant observation wheel in the Southern Hemisphere and offers visitors stunning panoramic views of the city and beyond. If you're looking for things to do in Melbourne that are a little bit different, then a ride on the Melbourne Star is definitely for you!

    2. Visit the National Gallery of Victoria: The National Gallery of Victoria is one of Australia’s oldest and largest art museums. With a collection that spans thousands of years and an impressive range of both local and international works, the NGV is one of the top things to do in Melbourne for art lovers visiting Melbourne.

    3. Visit the Melbourne Zoo: The Melbourne Zoo is the perfect place to learn about and experience Australian wildlife. With over 320 species of animals, the zoo is home to koalas, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, and platypuses, as well as many other unique and interesting animals. The zoo also offers a variety of special events and programs throughout the year, making it a great destination for families and animal lovers alike.

    4. Take a walk or ride along the Yarra River: The Yarra River is one of Melbourne's most iconic landmarks and is a great way to see the city from a different perspective. You can walk or ride along the river path from the city center all the way to the Yarra Valley, or take a leisurely stroll through one of the many parks along the way. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even go for a swim in the river itself!

    5. Visit Queen Victoria MarketQueen Victoria Market is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. With over 600 stalls, the market offers a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, seafood, flowers, souvenirs, and more, it is one of the top things to do in Melbourne. Open every day except Monday and Wednesday, the market is a great place to find unique gifts and sample delicious food from around the world.

  3. What are the best adventurous things to do in Melbourne?

    Here are some of the most adventurous things to do in Melbourne:

    1. Skydiving: For true adventure lovers, there is nothing quite like the thrill of taking a leap of faith from 14,000 meters above the sea level into open skies. The St. Kilda drop zone is famous for its mesmerizing views and pleasing vistas. The first 60 seconds of the drop are at a speed of 200 km ph, and then you will be floating over the Port Phillip Bay as you descend to Earth.

    Location: Skydive Melbourne, Marine Parade, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
    Price: Starting at AUD 300

    2. Caving: If you want to try something truly extreme and you don’t hate tight spaces – caving is one of the most fun and exciting things you can do in Australia. Walk through a labyrinth of deep, scary caves at the Yarra junction. You will have to crawl, climb and slide your way through the spaces and you may encounter worms and whatnot in the crevices. So, make sure you are physically fit and mentally ready to take up this challenge.

    Britannia Creek Rd, Wesburn, Victoria, Australia
    Price: AUD 110

    3. Rap Jumping: Rap jumping is an extremely dangerous sport that involves running down the side of a building while being held by a rope. If you ever wanted to feel like Tom Cruise, this is your chance. Some freestyle rope work, a dedicated team with 26 years of experience, and some safety equipment – and voila! You too can rappel at the edge of a high-story building and feel like you are in your own superhero movie.

    Location: Rap Jumping, 334 City Rd, Southbank, Victoria, Australia 
    Price: Starting at AUD 40

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  4. Which are the best water sports to do in Melbourne?

    Here are some of the most fun things to do in Melbourne that you can enjoy on its lovely beaches and clear blue waters:

    1. Paddleboarding: Slowly emerging as one of the most famous beach activities in Australia, paddleboarding is basically a combination of surfboarding and kayaking. Enjoy the marine life around you, and the magnificent vistas of the lovely beaches as you stand erect on the board and cut through the waters. Even if you have never done it before, you can try paddleboarding as it can be learnt quite easily. 

    St Kilda Beach, Melbourne
    Price: AUD 220

    2. Windsurfing: 
    The beaches of Melbourne are some of the world’s best places for windsurfing. If you happen to visit the city in the summer, that is between October and January, you will be able to witness the unique views of its lovely vistas in the warm weather. Windsurfing is a fun and family-friendly activity that lets you enjoy the lovely outdoors of the city.

    Location: Elwood Beach, Melbourne
    Price: AUD 300

    3. Cycling on the beach: One of the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, Sandringham beach is extremely popular among people who just want to enjoy the calm and serenity of the place while cycling. Relatively disconnected from the rest of the city, this place is also great for simply hanging out by the clear blue waters and taking a walk on the white seashore. If you love cycling next to the blue ocean, this is an unmissable destination.

    Location: Sandringham beach, Melbourne
    Price: no cost

    4. Snorkelling: One of the most fun things to do in Melbourne for people who want to explore the marine life of the continent is snorkelling. Though there are several places where you can enjoy snorkelling in Melbourne, the Half Moon Bay beach is best suited for it. Located in the suburban area of the Black Rock, this place has a diverse aquatic life that is worth exploring. Additionally, you will also get to watch a brilliant sunset over the ocean.

    Location: Moon Bay beach, Melbourne
    Price: AUD 500

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  5. Which are the best things to do in Melbourne CBD?

    1. Start your day with a coffee on Flinders Lane: Melbourne is famous for its coffee culture, and there’s no better place to start your day than with a caffeine hit on Flinders Lane which is one of the best things to do in Melbourne CBD . With plenty of cafes to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice but one of the best is Brother Baba Budan.

    2. Visit the State Library of VictoriaThe State Library of Victoria is one of the oldest libraries in Australia and well worth considering for things to do in Melbourne CBD – even if you’re not a bookworm. As well as being a stunning building, the library offers free exhibitions and events throughout the year, making it the perfect place to while away a few hours.

    3. Grab lunch at Queen Victoria MarketIf you’re looking for somewhere to eat, Queen Victoria Market is unrivalled – not only will you find fresh produce and gourmet food, but there are also plenty of places to sit down and enjoy your lunch. Our advice? Make sure you try one of the famous dim sims - it is one of the important things to do in Melbourne CBD!

    4. Take a walk down Degraves StreetOnce you’ve finished your lunch, take a leisurely stroll down Degraves Street – one of the most charming streets in Melbourne CBD. With its ivy-covered walls and quaint cafes, it’s the perfect thing to do in Melbourne CBD to take a break from sightseeing and people watching.

    5. Browse the arcades on Collins StreetMelbourne CBD is home to some stunning Victorian-era architecture, and nowhere is this more evident than in the city’s arcades. From Block Place to Royal Arcade, each arcade has its own unique style – so make sure you explore them all!

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  6. Which are the things to do in Melbourne this weekend?

    1. Visit the Melbourne Zoo: Founded in 1862, the Melbourne Zoo is the oldest zoo in Australia and home to more than 320 animal species from all over the world. It is one of the things to do in Melbourne this weekend where you can explore the zoo by foot or take a safari ride on a tour bus. The Melbourne Zoo also offers behind-the-scenes tours, educational programs, and overnight stays in luxurious accommodations.

    2. Take a walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens: The Royal Botanic Gardens are located just outside the city centre and are perfect for a leisurely stroll. There are plenty of benches and picnic spots if you want to stop and enjoy the view, and the gardens are also home to a number of sculptures and public artworks.

    3. Visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground: If you are looking for things to do in Melbourne this weekend, you can visit Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which is an iconic sporting venue in Australia and a must-see for any visitor to Melbourne. As well as being the home of Australian Rules football, the MCG has also hosted some of the biggest cricket matches in the world, including the Boxing Day Test. Visitors can take a tour of the stadium, learn about its history at the National Sports Museum or just enjoy a meal or drink with views over the ground.

    4. Take a ride on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel: The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is one of the top things to do in Melbourne this weekend, especially for first-time visitors. The wheel offers 360-degree views of the city and beyond, making it the perfect way to get your bearings before exploring everything that Melbourne has to offer. If you're visiting Melbourne in December, make sure to ride the wheel at night so you can see the city's Christmas lights. And if you're travelling with kids, they'll love the chance to ride in a glass-enclosed gondola.

    5. Visit the Eureka Skydeck: Visit the Eureka Skydeck and get a bird's eye view of Melbourne. The Eureka Skydeck is located on the 28th floor of the Eureka Tower in the Southbank precinct of Melbourne. It is 288 metres above the ground, making it the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere. On a clear day, you can see as far as Phillip Island.

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  7. Where can I enjoy the nightlife in Melbourne?

    If you are a party animal, one of the most fun activities to do in Melbourne is to check out its hip bars and vibrant nightclubs. Here are the best of them:

    1. Revolver Upstairs: If you want to have a great night out that borders between sublime and unforgettable, this is the place to be at. With a vibrant crowd that never seems down on energy and well-packed Thai restaurant that serves the best munchies, all your partying needs are sorted at this club. The place also hosts some of the most raucous bands in the city, so you can dance till dawn without any worries.

    229 Chapel St, Prahran, Melbourne, 3181, Victoria, Australia
    Price: AUD 20-50
    Timings: Tue-Wed 5 pm-4 am; Thu 5 pm-6 am; Fri 5 pm-noon; Sat 5 pm-noon; Sun noon-9 am

    2. Radar: Located in one of the most happening districts of the city, this all-night club is focused on catering to the local dance community. Radar has its own Function-One rig that goes on playing catchy tunes till the wee hours of the morning. You can also enjoy live music shows here, and dance with a crowd that never seems to want to stop partying. What more could you ask for?

    1/243 Swanston Street, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia 
    Price: AUD 50
    Timings: Wed 4 pm-3 am; Thu 4 pm-5 am; Fri-Sat 4 pm-6 am

    3. Angel Music Bar: As the name suggests, the Angel Music Bar is especially dedicated to music. There are records singing melodious tunes at each of its corners, and you will feel transported to an entirely different world here. Another of the USPs of the bar is its extensive wine collection that ranges from cheap to flashy. You can also get various types of snacks as accompaniment to your drinks – olives, nuts, pickles and whatnot. All in all, if you want to have a casual night out without any of raucous caused by the younger crowds, this is the place to be at.

    Location: 12 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Melbourne, 3000 
    Price: AUD 100 approx
    Timing: Mon-Wed 4 pm-3 am; Thurs-Sat 4 pm-5 am; Sun 2 pm-11 pm

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  8. Where can I go for a horse riding tour in Melbourne?

    Here are the best places to go for a horse-riding tour in Melbourne:

    1. Living Legends: This is the closest horse-riding tour to the airport in Melbourne and it offers you a chance to get to know retired racehorses in a lush, serene setting. The place is ideal for a layover on your way to the city, for you can enjoy a public tour of the horses here daily, between 11 am and 2 pm. Other amenities include a restaurant, a coffee shop, and verdant parklands where you can witness wild kangaroos and native Australian birds.

    Woodlands Drive, Greenvale, Victoria, 3059
    Price: AUD 10 to 25

    2. Bogong Horseback Adventures: This tour will transport you into another time where you can celebrate the rich, Australian heritage in abundance. Ride through the Mittagundi Bush Dance and get involved with the Pioneer Festival. Enjoy diverse landscapes, scenic routes, and the rich heritage of the Victorian High Country. The spectacular track will end with climbing the highest mountain in the province, Mount Bogong.

    Location: 52 Fredas Lane, Tawonga, Victoria, 3697
    Price: Starting at AUD 3150

    3. Billabong Ranch Adventure Park: 
    If you want to enjoy horse riding along the lovely waterways of Melbourne, this is the place for you. Meandering bushes, lovely farms, and magnificent views await you at this unparalleled adventure. The staff at the park is extremely friendly and will help you enjoy the horse-riding tour even if you are inexperienced. Besides, there is also an archery range, a mini-golf course, and a pedal boat dam in the park so that you can make a full day out of the adventurous and fun activities here. 

    Corner of Glanville Road and Tehan Road, Echuca, Victoria, 3564
    Price: ranging from AUD 70 per person to AUD 235.
  9. Which are the best places to see wildlife in and around Melbourne?

    Of all the fun and adventurous things to do in Melbourne, the most enjoyable is getting to know its diverse wildlife and native animals. Here are the best places to do the same:

    1. Werribee Open Range Zoo: Get transported to Africa and witness the iconic wildlife of the continent at this open range zoo. The 200-hectare zoo houses exotic African animals like rhinos, ostriches and zebras. You will also get to see majestic beasts like hippos, gorillas and African lions. The wildlife section next to the Werribee river also houses some animals that are native to Australia. 

    K Rd, Werribee South VIC 3030, Australia
    Price: Starting at AUD 20
    Timings: 9 am to 5 pm
    2. Phillip Island Nature Parks: Phillip Island has 3 nature parks and all of them hold delightful wonders for you to enjoy. The penguin parade experience at Fairy penguins is perfect for watching the world’s smallest penguins return to the sea at sunset, whereas the Koala Conservation Centre allows you to see these adorable creatures in their natural habitat. The Churchill Island Heritage Farm is perfect for learning about the various aspects of living on a farm like sheep shearing, whip cracking and herding livestock.

    Location: Wildlife Park Cowes, Melbourne, Victoria
    Price: Starting at AUD 30
    Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

    3. Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park: Located between the Phillip Island and Melbourne, the sanctuary is home to more than 60 animal species native to Australia. You can do much more than just observe the animals here – you can hand feed the kangaroos, hold a koala, or walk around with a bird on your shoulder. As night falls, the nocturnal animals come out like the Tasmanian devils, quolls and owls. 

    Location: 550 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd, Pearcedale VIC 3912, Australia
    Price: Starting at AUD 21.
    Timings: 10 am to 5 pm, every day
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  10. Which are some of the famous beaches in Melbourne?

    Here are some of the most popular beaches in Australia:

    1. St Kilda BeachThe white sandy beach of St. Kilda is one of the most popular places in Port Phillip. It is ideal for those who enjoy swimming in the clear blue waters. The most popular activity here is promenading on the pier. The brilliant sunsets allow you a chance to view the magnificent vistas of the sea. You can also enjoy a picnic and barbecue here.

    Activities: promenading, rollerblading, cycling, walking, swimming

    2. Brighton Beach
    The long stretch of sandy Brighton beach is ideal for bathing in the wonderful vistas of the sea. The beach includes Dendy Beach, Middle Brighton and Brighton group of beaches, and has an extensive shoreline for enjoying barbecues and beach sports. You can also try windsurfing, boating, and cycling here.

    Activities: watching the sunset, swimming, walking

    3. Port Melbourne: These sandy groups of beaches are close to the heart of the city and feature several walking and cycling paths for the citizens. Besides offering some of the most stunning views of the sea, this place is also ideal if you want to enjoy beach activities like volleyball, kitesurfing and swimming.

    Activities: kitesurfing, off-leash dog walking

    4. Kerford Beach: This white sandy stretch of beach is one of the most popular Melbourne beaches. You will get an opportunity to try various water-based activities here including boating, sailboarding and power skiing. Additionally, there is also a playground for children near the beach as well as special paths for walking and cycling.

    Activities: boating, power skiing, cycling

    5. Williamsworth Beach: Located right next to a variety of lovely reserves where you can hang out with animals and wildlife, this beach is mostly famous for its excellent marine life. People from all over the city come here to enjoy snorkelling and get up close with the rich aquatic life of the ocean. You can also enjoy other water-based leisure activities as well as barbecue and picnic here.

    Activities: snorkelling, walking, cycling, swimming
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  11. Where can I get to see penguins in Melbourne?

    Here are the places where you can see penguins in Melbourne:

    1. St Kilda Beach: living in the breakwaters of the pier, the flippered friends can be found at the end of the rocky outcrop past the kiosk. But make sure you don’t go on the rocks, as it can scare the penguins.

    2. Phillip Island: home to a huge colony of tiny penguins known as fairy penguins, these animals live in burrows near the beach and can be seen waddling on the shore at sunset.

    3. Sea Life Melbourne: if you want to see the adorable creatures from up close, this is where you can head. The aquarium allows you to watch king and gentoo penguins in their icy homes.
  12. What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Melbourne?

    If you want to enjoy all the fun and adventurous things to do in Melbourne, you need at least 4-7 days in the city. The majestic city has stunning landscapes, breathtaking landmarks, and thrilling activities that cannot all be covered in less than a week, at the very least.
  13. How much time is required to do a city tour of Melbourne?

    A city tour of Melbourne covering all the major landmarks in the suburb and main attractions on the island can be done in approximately 13 hours. You will get to visit Phillip Island, Moonlit sanctuary, and some of the best beaches in the city on this tour.
  14. Is it safe to do water sports in Melbourne?

    When it comes to the most fun activities to do in Melbourne, water sports are perhaps the most popular. Melbourne is considered extremely safe to enjoy these activities as there are certified experts everywhere to guide you through the processes. However, you should still follow certain guidelines so that there are no accidents or mishaps.
  15. Where can I do Bungee Jumping or skydiving in Melbourne?

    Here are the best places to enjoy bungee jumping and skydiving in Melbourne:
    1. Great Ocean Road Skydiving
    2. Yarra Valley Skydiving
    3. Melbourne Tandem Skydiving
    4. Bungy Vic, Pipeworks Leisure Market, Campbellfield
  16. Where can I see a dolphin show in Melbourne?

    Here are the best places to see dolphins in Melbourne:

    1. Port Phillip Bay: the little flipper buddies tend to ride next to the ships, and if you are lucky, you can even see them entering the Yarra River on occasion.

    2. Gippsland Lakes:
    the lakes are home to one of the most popular species, the Burrunan dolphins. This species is a type of bottlenose dolphin and they often tend to hang around in these lakes or even hop on a tour boat.

    3. Mornington:
     this is the best place to see dolphins from land. Schnapper Point and Mills Beach are the most popular locations here for spotting the adorable creatures.

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  17. Which are the best places to go for a shopping tour in Melbourne?

    Here are the best places to enjoy shopping in Melbourne:

    1. Bourke Street Mall: This pedestrian-only street is perfect for grabbing the finest branded clothes like Zara, H&M, and David Jones.

    2. Queen Victoria Market: If you want to get food, groceries, fruits etc – this is the place to be at. You can also find some value for money clothing and street fashion here.

    3. Chadstone Shopping Center: One of the largest shopping centres in the Southern Hemisphere, this place is known for its high-end brand stores as well as the cheaper local brands.

    4. Melbourne Emporium: The newest addition to shopping spaces of Melbourne, this place is most well known for the availability of international brands like Calvin Klein, Camilla, Armani and Lacoste, etc. If you want to experience high-end shopping, this is the place to be at.
  18. Which are the best fun things to do with friends in Melbourne?

    1. Take a Street Art Tour: If you are an art and culture fanatic, then a street art tour in this lively city is necessary. This tour is filled with "fun and frolic." As you walk through the bustling streets of Melbourne, you get to learn more about the city, its rich culture, delicacies, art, dance forms, etc. Click Here to Book: Melbourne Street Art Tour

    2. Catch a Moonlight Movie in the Park: If you're a night owl and love binge-watching your favourite TV shows during the night, then this place is for you. You can carry your own snacks and drinks to munch over while enjoying your beautiful binge-watching date.

    3. Wander Queen Victoria Market: Considered one of the largest markets in the Southern Hemisphere, Wander Queen Victoria Market is spread across 7 hectares. Opening five days a week, this lively marketplace has more than 600 small stores selling almost everything from vegetables, fruits, local cuisines, souvenirs, clothes, and many more.

    4. Party in St. Kilda: If you're a party person, then this should definitely be on your list of things to do in Melbourne. Explore the city's wild side by stepping into any one of the cafes, restaurants, or pubs located in St.Kilda.
  19. Which are the best things to do in Melbourne, Australia in December?

    1. Soak Some Sunshine On The Beaches: December in Melbourne is usually crowded as it's summer in this beautiful city. If you're looking for the best things to do in Melbourne during summer, heading towards the beach for that beautiful suntan is the best thing to do.

    2. Cherry Picking At The Cherryhill Orchard: If you're fond of nature and love collecting souvenirs, then the best thing to do in Melbourne step onto the Cherry hill orchard and pluck some freshly grown cherries.

    3. Midsummer festival Melbourne: The Midsummer festival is the best cultural event and things to do in Melbourne during December. If you're fond of drinks, then this is definitely for you. The most loved thing here is the brand-new beer garden, the thrilling cocktail menu, and limited addition flavoured beers.
  20. Which are the best free things to do in Melbourne with family

    1. Take the City Circle Tram tour: Take a Melbourne city tour through a tram get an overview of things to do in Melbourne. This tram covers a major part of the city that includes Federation Square, the Old Treasury Building, Parliament House, and the Princess Theater.

    2. St. Kilda Beach: If you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, heading towards St. Beach is the best thing to do in Melbourne. You can spend your entire day at the beach indulging in several water activities. The centre of attraction here is the penguins. The beach is surrounded by a number of shops that include boutiques, cafes, gift shops, etc.

    3. Nature walks around the Tan: If you are a nature lover and want to spend time in solitude, this nature walk around Tan is definitely the best thing to do for you. The track has an abundant variety of flora, and if you are a pet owner, you can take him along.
  21. Which are the best adventurous activities in Melbourne that I can book via Thrillophilia?

    Here is the list of best adventurous activities in Melbourne that you can book from Thrillophilia:

    - Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne
    - Skydiving In Melbourne
    - Ziplining In Melbourne
    - Skydiving in Great Ocean Road
    - Ice Skating at OBrien Icehouse, Melbourne
  22. Which are the best Melbourne attractions tickets that I can buy via Thrillophiilia?

  23. What are the best Australia tour packages that I can book via Thrillophilia?

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We were able to reach at the deck in less than a minute, the lifts were very fast. Spent a great day at Eureka tower skydeck. Every step was at ease from booking tickets to redeeming them. A truly recommended package.
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The only thing I can say about this tour is EUREKA. Taking the views of Melbourne from high above was something I remember for life. We were so high it felt like touching the sky.
This was my first time but the trainer was so good that I wish to do it again. The trainer helped me with all the safety instructions and helped me relax before the experience. would recommend Otway fly zipline tour to all.
I love doing adventure activities, and Otway fly zipline was the most promising one. I was amazed by all the greenery near the location and passing in between trees. It was so refreshing and great.
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I always wanted to do skydiving. thrillophilia team was quick enough to get in touch with me, even though i asked Kunal so many questions, he patiently answered them all. the guides there were very friendly and motivating as thrillophilia promised. I will remember this for the rest of my life. Would like to book again with thrillophilia

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