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Located in the heart of Switzerland, occupying the banks of the Reuss River, the14th-century Lucerne is considered to be one of the most picturesque places in the country.

Miles of emerald-green meadows dotted with charming houses, church spires, and ancient towers edge around the sparkling Lake Lucerne with snow-capped mountains in the background. All these make Lucerne look straight out of a picture postcard making it one of the most astounding places to visit in Switzerland. The place even inspired Mark Twain and Leo Tolstoy to write about its beauty.

The city has beautifully preserved architectural relics from a lifetime ago, which lend an amazingly romantic and old-world charm to it. The Old Town area still seems to have held on to its 17th-century charm with its medieval-era buildings, red thatched-roof houses built of stone, charming town square areas, twin towers of the Hofkirche, the Lion Statue, and the 900-year-old St. Peter’s Church all dotted along cobbled streets. The area is known for its striking murals like that of Jesus turning water into wine and a meat cleaver outside an old cluster of butcher houses.

There are lovely cafes for one to enjoy decadent Swiss chocolates, coffees, and cheese and plenty of souvenir shops.  The 13th-century Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, with its flower-laden walls, art gallery-like sidewalks and astounding views of a setting sun behind the Water Tower.

You also get amazing views of the Lake and swans over the water framed by the Alps in the distance from the Chapel Bridge. There is the 17th-century Jesuit Church, famed for its gorgeous Baroque architecture and is a major landmark in Swiss history. Lucerne’s Glacier Garden is famous for its 20,000-year-old remnants like mussels & fossils from the Ice Age. 

The city is also famous for operating the world’s steepest cogwheel train up to the summit of Mount Pilatus, translating to ‘cloud-capped’, famous for mystical stories about its resident dragons and spirits. Another snowy peak that you can visit is Mount Titlis via the world’s first revolving cable car. The summit offers undulated views of the surrounding peaks, rocky crevasses, and stark glaciers. 

The summers in Lucerne are comfortable and the winters are freezing cold. The warmest month is July with temperature averaging around 24°C and January is the coldest, with temperatures plummeting to around 3°C. 
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People Also Ask About Lucerne

  1. Which are the must-visit attractions in Lucerne?

    1. Chapel Bridge : The Chapel Bridge, constructed around the 1300s, is not only the oldest monument of Lucerne but also the world’s oldest surviving  truss bridge! It stands on the Reuss River and connects the two edges by running diagonally for 200 metres.

    The covered wooden bridge dating back to the 14th century has several portraits on its roof that date back to the 17th century. There are only about 30 paintings that remain after the bridge caught fire in 993, leading to heavy reconstruction. Walking on the bridge is one of the most popular things to do and you can visit a souvenir shop in the basement to buy memorabilia!

    Location: Kapellbrücke, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland

    2. Hofkirche: Hofkirche, also known as the Court Church of St. Leodegar, is the main cathedral in the city and a major landmark for Lucerne tourism. The church has gilt statues which sit in the white stone interior, both ornate and plain pews which represent the social and economic divide of the olden times as rich and poor worshipped separately in the church. This historical monument can be visited to learn more about not only the religious history but also the social and cultural history of Lucerne.

    Location: St. Leodegar Strasse 6, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland
    - Friday: Closed
    - Saturday - Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    3. Sonnenberg Bunker: The Sonnenberg Bunker is a large nuclear bunker that was constructed around the time when the craze for building bunkers was at its height in Switzerland, around the 60s and 70s. The bunker is large enough to accommodate around 20,000 people.

    Today, you can tour the bunker on every last Sunday of the month. The tour includes a walk-through of the various hospital facilities, decontamination stations, vintage washing machines and massive ventilation systems. It offers a close look at the life around the time of the cold war and makes for a unique experience when in the city.

    Location: 28 Berglistrasse, Lucerne

    4. Bourbaki-Panorama : At the Bourbaki museum of art, you can learn about the history of the German-French war of 1870 through one of the oldest mediums found in human history, panorama. The museum is home to some of the biggest panorama paintings, the largest being 112 metres by 10 metres in size! The painting depicts the different aspects of the war and how it affected the local people. You can spend time admiring the art form and educating yourself more about the history of the place. 

    Location: Löwenpl. 11, 6004 Luzern, Switzerland
    Price:12 CHF or Rs. 877
    Timings: Daily, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    5. Spreuer Bridge: If the Chapel bridge is too crowded for you, then you can take a route less travelled, but equally impressive by visiting the Spreuer Bridge. This is a lesser-known attraction of Lucerne city where you can walk through a covered wooden footbridge.

    Walking through the bridge is no less than a museum tour as you get to look at a series of paintings belonging to the 17th century, depicting Macabre-style reflection of mortality and human existence. In these paintings, you will find everything from skeletons, priests, courtiers, and angels. The scenes range from fantastical to violent, as you spend your time looking at this group of 45 paintings!

    Location: 6004 Lucerne, Switzerland

    6. Mount Pilatus: Taking the cogwheel train to the top of Mount Pilatus is a must-do thing if you are in Lucerne. While on your way to the summit, you can take a break at Fräkmüntegg. The place has toboggan run, a rope park and a restaurant.

    The cogwheel that takes you to the top is the steepest in the world and offers a thrilling experience as you climb along the rock walls and stare into the impressive landscape. The summit has several restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy marvellous views while enjoying a meal. Additionally, there is the ‘Dragon Path’ where you can get information about the myths around the mountain. 

    Location: Mount Pilatus6010 Alpnach, Switzerland

    Price: Starting from 103 CHF or 7,500

    Timings: May to October (8:30 AM - 4:30 PM)
  2. Which are the famous things to do in Lucerne?

    1. Enjoy a Pint at Rathaus Brauerei
    The Rathaus is Lucerne’s old town centre which is used for official purposes to this day! The historic building boasts of a colourful facade and a vibrant pub! Here, you can enjoy the full-bodied, fragrant Rathaus Bock. The Bock is the brewery’s own strong beer which is especially popular during the winters and during Lent.

    Apart from drinks, they also have an extensive food menu offering some delicious traditional Swiss dishes. The pub’s most popular dishes include Weisswürst (spiced white sausage) and Luzerner Käsekuchen (a savoury cheese tart).

    2. Taking the Goldene Rundfahrt Tour
    Sitting at an impressive height of 2,128 metres above the sea level, Mount Pilatus is a major peak situated to the south of Lucerne city. If you are in Lucerne for the summers, you must do the Goldene Rundfahrt or the Golden Tour.

    The tour begins at Lake Lucerne where you board a paddle steamer and then go on to take the world’s steepest cogwheel railway to the mountain. The summit is then accessed by the ‘Dragon Ride’ aerial cableway, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Once you have enjoyed your days amidst mesmerizing views, you can come down on a gondola cableway. 

    Location: Mount Pilatus
    Price: Starting from 103 CHF or 7,500
    Timings: May to October (8:30 AM - 4:30 PM)

    3. Climb the Towers
    Lucerne city has old fortifications and boundary walls that were built when the city was being developed more than 700 years ago! Today, around nine towers still remain along the city’s old boundary wall. People love to climb all the way to the top to enjoy scenic views of the mountains, lake and the vibrant marketplace of the old city!

    Location: Altstadt, Lucerne

    4. Time Travel at the Glacier Garden
    Glacier Gardens in Lucerne City are based around a natural site which was discovered back in 1872. The highlights of the place include a group of potholes that were created during the last ice age, some 20,000 years ago! What adds to the fascination of this place is the fact that the fossils of shellfish and palm fronds found in the area date back some 20 million years.

    This place is believed to be the shore of a subtropical sea that existed millions of years ago. When here, you can also climb the observation tower to enjoy uninterrupted views of Lucerne and the surrounding peaks.

    Location: Denkmalstrasse 4, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland
    Price: 15 CHF or Rs. 1,100 
    Timings: Daily; 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    5. Get Clicked against the Lion Monument
    Lucerne tourism has a rich and vibrant history and the Lion Monument is a great place that captures a great yet painful aspect of Swiss history. The monument shows a wounded lion that has been carved entirely out of a stone that forms the side of a cliff.

    The lion commemorates all the Swiss soldiers that were wounded or martyred during the French Revolution. Beneath the lion, you can see the names of all the soldiers that participated in the war. The list includes names of the 760 killed and 350 wounded soldiers. The place also has a restaurant where you can sit for a delicious meal.

    Location: Denkmalstrasse 4, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland

    6. Visit the Swiss Museum of Transport
    The Swiss Museum of Transport has made its place in the top things to do when in Lucerne city as it is not just a display of Switzerland’s best transportation but much more than that! The museum has Switzerland’s first IMAX theatre, a planetarium and a 1:20,0000 scale photo of Switzerland taken from space amongst other fun features!

    On the transport front, you can expect to encounter one of the country’s earliest trains, cars and aircraft at the museum. This museum is one of the prime examples of how Lucerne tourism, and Swiss tourism in general, has been curating some memorable experiences for the city’s visitors. 

    Location: Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland
    Price: 26 CHF or Rs. 1,900
    Timings: Daily; 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    7. Get Tickets to Lucerne Festival
    The Lucerne Festival has been around for 75 years and is celebrated every summer with some of the world’s best orchestras, conductors and musicians arriving from different parts of the globe. The celebration goes on for around a month with people flocking into Lucerne city to enjoy the musical feast. Several famous names, including the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and legendary pianist Martha Argerich, have been a part of the festival in the previous years.

    Location: Lucerne Festival Ticket Office, Europaplatz 1, Lucerne
  3. What are the most romantic things to do in Lucerne?

    1. Dine on Lucerne Lake: Lake Lucerne is one of the most beautiful and vast lakes in the entire country! It offers plenty of opportunities to plan a romantic evening with your significant other. You can choose to rent a boat, ferry or book a table on a steamer and enjoy fine dining as you cruise down the lake. Depending on the cruise you go for, you can choose to stay for a colourful sunset on the waters or have an early breakfast as the town wakes up with the sun. 

    Location: Lake Lucerne

    2. Sing-along at a Concert in KKL : If singing along with your favourite music as you hold hands is your idea of a romantic date, then there is no better place to go, than KKL. KKL or the Lucerne Culture and Congress Center is a large venue which houses the city's concert hall, convention centre, art museum and a handful of restaurants.

    The place is almost always hosting a gig or a concert and is filled with a youthful crowd. So, if you happen to be here during a performance, try not to give it a miss! Apart from the vibrant music scene, KKL also impresses with its contemporary architecture; therefore, if you are an architecture enthusiast, you must visit the place at least once!

    Location: Europaplatz 1, 6005 Luzern, Switzerland

    Price: Depends on the concert

    Timings: Depends on the concert

    3. Walk around the Old Town: The Old Town of the Lucerne city is a vibrant place where you will find something to do at practically any time in the day! The town is situated between the river and the old boundary walls that stand intact to this day! You can spend your day walking past gorgeous buildings, visiting historic monuments and walking on scores of old bridges!

    You can always take a break from site-seeing by spending your time sipping on excellent Swiss coffee, relishing exquisite fondues or enjoying sit-down meals! The place is packed with some of the city’s best cafes and restaurants. 

    Location: Old Town, Lucerne 

    Click Here to Book: Walking Tour to Chapel Bridge & Old Town in Lucerne
  4. How to reach Lucerne?

    Several air carriers fly direct and/or indirect flights to Zurich, from where you can easily reach Lucerne. The international airport at Zurich is situated at a distance of 55 kilometres from Lucerne. You can choose to take a train or a cover the distance by road between Zurich and Lucerne.

    Another airport, situated at a distance of 123 kilometres is the Berne airport. If you are travelling from a place within Europe, travelling to this airport is also a great option. You can travel the distance between Berne and Lucerne in one and a half hours by road.

    Lucerne has great connectivity to all the major towns and cities of Switzerland and Europe. Express trains will take you from Lucerne to Zurich in less than 50 minutes. Similarly, you can get from Interlaken to Lucerne within hours by taking any one of the hourly trains that run every day. If you are travelling from Bern, the train journey takes around an hour and a half. 

    Lucerne has excellent road connectivity to all major towns in Switzerland. If you are travelling from Zurich, you can take the N14 highway and if you are coming from Bern, then you will be taking route number 10.
  5. What is the best time to visit Lucerne?

    Lucerne can prove to be a fun holiday destination almost any time of the year. June to September is the best time to visit as you can enjoy pleasant weather, clear skies and spectacular scenery. then the months between June to September are the best. Although the days are pleasant, the early mornings and evenings still remain cold allowing you to enjoy the most of the Swiss weather.
  6. What is Lucerne known for?

    Lucerne tourism is known for many things, including the iconic Chapel Bridge that dates back centuries and hosts some spectacular paintings that date back to the 17th century. It is home to the world-renowned Swiss Museum of Transport that houses some of the oldest modes of transport including the first railways in Switzerland.

    The Lion Monument that commemorates the lives of soldiers who were massacred during the French Revolution in 1792 is also a major tourist attraction in the city. Lucerne also has fascinating glacier gardens that date back to the last ice age.
  7. Is Lucerne worth visiting?

    Yes, Lucerne is definitely worth visiting and offers the best of Switzerland just in one city. Lucerne city offers everything from adventure, breathtaking natural beauty, rich and diverse culture and brilliant architecture!
  8. Is Lucerne safe at night?

    Like the rest of Switzerland, Lucerne, too, is a very safe city. The only type of crime that you will find in Lucerne is petty crimes like pickpocketing. There are no specific areas of Lucerne where you should not venture on your own or after a certain time.
  9. How to reach Lucerne from India?

    You can choose to fly from any of the major cities in India, like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. and reach Zurich. Air carriers like Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Qatar Airways, Etihad, etc. cover these routes and there are multiple flights every day. From Lucerne, you can choose to travel by road and take the N14 highways. Zurich and Lucerne also have excellent rail connectivity with hourly trains connecting the two cities.
  10. Do I need a visa to visit Lucerne?

    Citizens belonging to the EU, EEA or residing in the Schengen area do not require a visa to visit Lucerne. Individuals from these countries may also not require a visa for Switzerland if they apply for a residence permit when staying for longer than 90 days. People from all other nationalities require a valid visa to visit Lucerne.
  11. Does Lucerne have snow?

    Lucerne experiences snow in the winter months of December to February. Where snow is not guaranteed in the month of December, the city experiences light but almost constant snow in January. The chances of it snowing in February are also high.
  12. Does it rain a lot in Lucerne?

    Yes, you can expect rainfall in Lucerne throughout the year. The driest of months of December till March receive a significant amount of rainfall. The wettest months of the year are June and August.
  13. How is the weather in Lucerne?

    Lucerne has a cold and wet climate and you can expect it to rain in Lucerne all year round. The summer months extend from June to August where the days are warm but the mornings and evenings remain cold. The winters months of December to February are extremely cold and you can expect it to snow at any time of the day.
  14. Which is better, Lucerne or Interlaken?

    If we consider the size of the two cities, Lucerne is much larger than Interlaken and therefore offers many more activities, both indoors and outdoors. Lucerne also has more monuments including old bridges, chapels and mansions along with having some truly contemporary buildings like the KKL Lucerne and the Bourbaki Panorama.

    As compared to Interlaken, Lucerne also has more museums, shops, restaurants, bars and hotels, making it a place where you can enjoy a trip with your family, with friends or on your own.
  15. How expensive is Lucerne?

    Lucerne, like any other Swiss city, is an expensive place to holiday. You can expect to spend around CHF 1,000 per person per week. This total includes flight tickets, accommodation, food and other entertainment expenses. If you want, you can save money by cutting down on eating outside, booking hostels and using AirBnB instead of hotels and trying couch surfing. Making reservations for your stay and travel ahead of time can also cut down on the costs significantly.
  16. What should I buy in Lucerne?

    When in Lucerne, you can easily get a host of typical Swiss souvenirs like cuckoo clocks, cheese fondue sets, Swiss milk chocolates, Swiss-made watches, Swiss army knives, music boxes, Modena Railway Clocks and Heidi books.
  17. Can you see the Swiss Alps from Lucerne?

    Yes, you can easily see the Swiss Alps from Lucerne. One of the most famous mountains is Mount Pilatus which lies right next to the city and is easily visible. Other notable mountains around Lucerne are Mount Titlis, Mount Rigi and Stanserhorn among several others.
  18. How many days do you need in Lucerne?

    Two to three days are enough for a trip to Lucerne. You can plan your days to include walks around the old town centre, a visit to old churches, museums and bridges. Lucerne also has a vibrant nightlife and you can spend your evenings in restaurants, clubs, pubs or at concert venues.
  19. Why is Chapel Bridge so famous?

    The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne was built in the year 1365 as a part of the city’s original fortifications. Today, it is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe which is still standing. What makes the bridge so famous is the fact that around the 1700s, there were around 150 triangular paintings positioned inside the bridge in the gables.

    A large chunk of these paintings depicting the everyday life of the people of Lucerne was lost in a fire but there are a few fully preserved paintings which you can still see when you walk on the bridge.
  20. How far is Mount Titlis from Lucerne?

    The distance between Mount Titlis and Lucerne is around 33 kilometres but if you plan on taking the road, the distance is around 82 kilometres. You can cover the distance by taking the Lucerne-Engelberg Express up to Engelberg.

    From Engelberg, you can take a bus to the Titlis Xpress gondola cable car and from there ascend to the midway station at Stand. From Stand, the Titlis revolving cable car takes you to the mountain top which sits at a height of 3,020 metres.
  21. Where can I watch the sunset in Lucerne?

    You can enjoy spectacular views of the sunset from the Lake Lucerne region.

    1. Pilatus Z‘Nacht
    With Pilatus Z‘Nacht or Pilatus Dinner, you can enjoy a romantic dinner at a height of 2,128 metres above sea level as you watch the setting sun.

    2. Ride the Fronalpstock
    You can ride a chair car that takes you from the village of Stoos to Fronalpstock. The place has a summit restaurant where you can sip and dine as you enjoy the sunset.

    3. Bürgenstock Sunset
    You can enjoy a sunset at Bürgenstock after taking a shuttle boat and a funicular ride to your destination. 

    4. Sunset Cruise
    Sunset cruises are also a great way of watching the colourful sky being reflected in the water as you cruise through Lake Lucerne.
  22. What are the best adventure activities to do in Lucerne?

    1. Hike Mt. Rigi
    There are several places in the Lake Lucerne region where you can enjoy scenic hiking trails with panoramic views of the mountains, water and the sky! One of those is the loop that starts from Rigi Kaltbad and goes through Kaenzeli to Rigi Kulm and Chaeserenholz before coming back to Rigi Kloesterli. The trail runs through high peaks with 360-degree views, old dairy farms and centuries-old chapels.

    2. Skydive over Lucerne
    Lucerne offers excellent skydiving opportunities where you can take a plane and fly to a height of 4,000 metres and then take a plunge towards the earth! The views from the top are truly spectacular as you get to watch the Alps and the lake from a bird's-eye view! 

    3. Paragliding over Lake Lucerne
    You can choose to paraglide over the beautiful, shimmering waters of Lake Lucerne. Whether you go for a 20-minute long ride or a three hours-long one, this is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

    4. Canyoning
    When in Lucerne, you can go on the canyoning tour through the gorges found along the Kleine Schlieren near Alpnach or the incredibly deep Grosse Melchaa gorge. Canyoning is a relatively new adventure sport in which you get to make your way through gorges and canyons with special gear strapped to your body. A typical canyoning trail can include anything and everything from cliff-jumping, rappelling, rock climbing, swimming and sliding through waterfalls.
  23. Which are the best shopping places in Lucerne?

    1. Old Town
    If you want to enjoy a quintessentially European shopping experience, then you can cross the bridge and head over to the old town. This place has smaller shops that line the street which extends from the Hotel Schweizerhof to the Schwanenplatz. Here, you will find antique shops, shoe stores and clothing boutiques. 

    2. Rathausquai
    Rathausquai is a weekend market that is quite popular and frequented by both the locals and the tourists. Here, you can buy everything from fresh produce of fruits and vegetables to flowers, meat, cheese, fresh pasta and sauces. 

    3. Pilatusstrasse 
    At Pilatusstrasse, you can shop at the high-end departmental store, Globus, visit the Casagrande Gift Shop with multiple floors filled with souvenirs or shop for accessories at Bucherer. The place is filled with cafes, grocery stores, jewellery stores and fashion boutiques where you can easily spend an entire day shopping to your heart’s content.

    4. Weinmarkt
    Weinmarkt sets a handicrafts market on every first Saturday of the month, every year, from April to December. If you are in Lucerne around the time, do make sure to visit the place for some exquisite souvenirs and knick-knacks sold at the market.

    5. Burgerstrasse Flea Market
    If you love bringing home flea market finds, then you must visit the flea market at Burgerstrasse. This is a monthly market which is set up on the first Wednesday of every month, from March to December. When at the market, you can shop for everything from clothes, toys, ornaments, spices and sweets.
  24. What is there to do in Lucerne at night?

    1. Book a dinner at Penthouse
    This rooftop bar in Lucerne that not only promises excellent booze but also amazing views of the city. You can marvel at the beauty of the city wall or point out different monuments scattered around the city as you listen to the background music and chat away the entire day’s tiredness.

    2. Visit the famous Pub Roadhouse
    Roadhouse in Lucerne has been dubbed as 'the place to be’ by many! The pub is open throughout the week and you can visit every night as each night has its own theme. When here, you can enjoy scrumptious pub food, dance to your heart's content and meet locals over a pint!

    3. Take a Chance at Grand Casino
    The Grand Casino is grand in every sense of the word. Not only is it situated on Europe's largest lakefront, offering some spectacular views of the waters, but it also excels in gastronomy and gourmet delights. You can spend a fun evening at the casino, trying your luck and simply have a great time at one of the city's prime locations. 

    4. Attend a Concert in Casineum
    Every weekend, the Casineum hosts a range of events, from carnivals, DJ parties, fashion shows, you name it! When here, you can spend your time dancing, eating, socialising and having a great time in general!
  25. Which are the famous museums in Lucerne?

    1. Glacier Garden
    This garden can be best described as the ‘garden of frozen time’ as it has been created around elements that date back to the last ice age! The garden has natural potholes that were created due to the alternating periods of hot and cold in the Earth’s history. When here, you can also spot fossilized palm fronds in the potholes which offer invaluable information about the planet’s history. 

    2. Kunstmuseum Luzern
    This is an art museum which is located on the top floor of the Culture and Convention Center Lucerne. The impressive building of the museum was designed by the Parisian architect Jean Nouvel and puts on display rotating exhibits that deal with works of modern art. You can expect to see international pieces of art belonging to the 19th and 20th century. 

    3. Transport Museum 
    The transport museum in Lucerne has a host of interesting aspects to it, from different modes of transport to forms of communication. The displays include locomotives from Switzerland’s first railway company, the most powerful electric engine from the 1930s, several automobiles and aircraft and a satellite too!

    4. Richard Wagner Museum
    What was once the country manor of the celebrated composer Richard Wagner, has been converted into a museum about the personal and public history of the celebrity. You can choose to take a guided tour around the well-preserved house and learn more about the inspirations and family life of Wagner.
  26. Which are the best areas to stay in Lucerne?

    1. Alstadt
    This is the old part of the town which has cobbled streets and is entirely car-free. You can choose to stay here for quick and easy access to many historical buildings and monuments. Apart from these, Alstadt is also home to several quirky cafes, restaurants, boutiques, shopping centres and more!

    2. Tribschen
    This is the best place to stay if you are looking for budget accommodation. This is situated to the south of the city centre and was once a red-light district. Today, it has several cosy lanes, small cafes and green spaces where you can enjoy a relatively quiet stay. 

    3. Neustadt
    Right across the river from Alstadt or Old Town is Neustadt or the New Town. This is a vibrant place where you will find all kinds of accommodations, easy access to the major tourist destinations and several shopping centres, cinemas, shops, hotels, etc.

    4. Bruch
    This is an up-and-coming neighbourhood in Lucerne and is described as the coolest and most happening place to stay in the city. The place has many high-end boutiques, eclectic bars, quirky cafes and more! When here you can also attend the weekly concerts held at the Madeleine which is a bar, pub and a cultural venue based in a medieval building.
  27. What is there to do in Lucerne for free?

    1. Chapel Bridge
    You can visit the most iconic landmark of Lucerne, the Chapel Bridge, for free! You can walk through the covered structure and spend time admiring the paintings that date back to the 1700s.

    2. Lion Museum
    The Lion Museum is an important monument that was constructed to commemorate the lives of the Swiss people who died and survived during the French Revolution.

    3. Walk around Alstadt 
    You can walk around the old town centre of Lucerne, take pictures of the colourful, old buildings and witness the many street artists at work. A walk around Alstadt is never a dull affair!

    4. Climb a Tower
    Out of the nine existing towers on Lucerne’s old boundary wall, several are free for the public. You can climb to the top of any one of these and enjoy unparalleled views of the lake and the city.
    5. Go for a Hike
    Lake Lucerne goes on for miles and its scenic shores are marked with several hiking trails. This allows you to spend several days going out for hikes and treks that offer spectacular views of the water and take you in the heart of the lush foliage.
  28. What are some of the travellers’ tips for visiting Lucerne?

    - Do remember to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes as Lucerne requires a lot of walking around 

    - Keep an umbrella and/or a raincoat with you at all times as it rains year-round in Lucerne 

    - The only currency accepted in Lucerne is CHF and not Euros, so do keep enough cash or an international debit or credit card with you 

    - When you step out in the day, make sure to keep enough layers of clothes so that you can remove or put on clothes as the weather changes throughout the day 

    - Lucerne has several public water fountains which can be used to fill your bottles with drinking water 
  29. Which are the top adventure activities in Switzerland?

Newly Added Lucerne Experience

Lucerne Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Lucerne
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The place is perfect for half a day trip. It takes around 5 hours to completely enjoy every part of the museum and it is the place worth visiting. Everything about the museum is great, I mean the first thought in my head when I heard the museum was boring but the Swiss Museum Of Transport is completely opposite. There are a ton of fun activities to do and cars to admire.
28 August 2019
We took a ton of pictures and explored a number of ancient and modern transportation vehicles. Overall, a fun place to visit.
23 January 2020
The Mount Titlis Day Tour with Cable Car was a delightful experience for me. I was traveling with my spouse. The views were gorgeous and something that I can never forget about, it was dramatically gorgeous. If you are visiting Switzerland then Mount Titlis cable car ride is a great way to spend some time in the arms of nature and enjoy a great time. I was also able to capture some really good photos of the cute little snow penguins.
17 October 2019
The best time I spent with my family throughout our Switzerland tour was with Mount Titlis Day. The cliff walk was really amazing and my family was thrilled to enjoy such a breathtaking view from so high up. The tickets are also very reasonably priced and believe me I searched a lot of the tickets and found the best price here at Thrillophilia.
10 February 2020
The fully rotating cable car experience topped with interacting with the snow penguins makes for a really fun time to enjoy. I recommend everyone should once visit the Mount Titlis and do the Cable Car ride. And I must say that the view from the cable car was amazing.

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