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What is the best time for trekking in Ladakh?

The best time to trek in Ladakh is July and August, when the temprature is low and the entire region is blanketed with thick snow. However, during February, you can attempt the demanding Chadar ice-trek. During winter season, one need to prepared with cloths and equipment for safe trekking.

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Which Season is the Best for Trekking in Ladakh? Winter or Summer? Which are the best Summer Treks in Ladakh? Which are the best Winter Treks in Ladakh?

Summer is highly considered as the best time to trek because most of the roads and trails are open and can help in trekking easily. April to July is summer month. However, many still prepfer winter which is during October to March to enjoy the thick snow and winter in Ladakh. There are some interesting trekking options in Ladkah during summer. This include- Mount Stock Kangiri, Tsomoriri Lake, Markha Valley Trek, Mount Kangyatse and few others like bike riding to Leh Ladakh. Some of the interesting trekking options in Ladakh are-
• Stok Kangri Trek
• Chadar Trek
• Markha Valley Trek
• Snow Leopard Trekking in Ladakh
• Lamayuru to Chilling Trek
• Ripchar Valley Trek
• Jhunglm Hemis to Padum Trek.

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Which are famous Mountaineering Peaks in Ladakh?

Some of the famous mountaineering peaks in Ladakh are:
• Stok Kangri- 6153m
• Kang Yatse 6200m
• Mentok Kangri 6250m
• Chamser Kangri 6620M
• Lungser Kangri 6666m

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How safe is trekking in Ladakh?

Trekking in Ladakh is safe, if you’re wholly prepared with right cloths, equipment, cash, knowledge about place, climatic condition and right trekking group. Climatic condition, especially snow storm should be checked because there are certain accidental cases before. Otherwise, one can enjoy a safe trekking in Ladakh. Travelling in Ladakh trek can be sometime unsafe in terms of health and disputed region around.
Acute Mountain Sickness: This happens due to lesser oxygen available at higher altitudes, resulting in higher breathing rate to balance. Symptoms could be headache, nausea and breathlessness.
Difficult Roads: During the journey, the roads does gets narrow and rocky, with hairpin bends and blind corners. So while you are driving on this route, make sure you drive at a safe speed.
Chinese Incursion: There has been Chinese incursion in Leh-Ladakh, but that never created any ruckus for Tourists. There are a lot of armed men around the city and they are really doing a great job. If going along with troop then it is quite safe in Ladakh trek.

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I am visiting Ladakh for the first time, how should I prepare myself for Trekking?

If you're visiting Ladakh trek for the first time, then here are certain things to consider:
• Do remember to check for road status updates online as landslides or snowfall may stall the traffic movement.
• One of the foremost issues while preparing for your Ladakh holiday is the issue of acclimatization. You need to prepare for acclimatization. If you are not acclimatized to high altitude air pressure and low oxygen condition, it could lead to acute mountain sickness (AMS). Spend first 2 nights in Leh for acclimatization to high altitude conditions.
• In terms of packing, warm jackets, pullovers, hand gloves etc. comes handy in Ladakh.
• In term of money, if you are traveling to inner places in Ladakh such as Nubra Valley, Changthang or Pangong Tso and Zanskar, do carry cash with you as there are no ATM facilities at these places.
• For accommodation, you don’t need to pre book your stay at most of the places in Ladakh as there are enough accommodation options to cater to the demand of tourists.

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What are the equipment provided from the company?

Apart from essential clothing and equipment, company will provide all that is necessary for the trek to happen safely and comfortably. Some of the equipments provided are- Mess Tent, Kitchen Tent, Matresses, Dome Tent, Sleeping Bag resistant up to -30 Degrees with liners, etc.

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What are the clothing and equipment that needs to be purchased from our end?

Packing is the most important part in trekking and one need to carry all the essentials for safer side.
• 2-3 pair of trekking pants
• Thermal innerwear (top/bottom)
• Pajama/sleeping pants
• 3 pairs of socks
• jackets and waterproof pants
Make sure you can carry extra pair of each clothing, especially if it's an expedition.
• Headlamp
• Sleeping Bag Liner
• Trekking shoes
• Reusable Water Bottle
• Sunsreen, hat, sunglasses
• Walking Stick
• Medical- aids.

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Do we need a walking stick on trekking?

Yes, walking stick is an important part of the trekking. There are certain trails and areas where you may need support to walk ahead. You can find trekking stick, which are designed to give stability and strength during the trek. These sticks come with 2-3 years of guarantee.

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Which type of shoes should I buy?

There are different types of footwears or boots for trekking. It depends on the weather, trail condition and duration of the trek.
Hiking Shoes: They are lightweight and have flexible soles. They are meant for short treks (one day or weekend). This type of shoes are good when you don’t have to carry heavy loads.
Trek Boots: These high-end version of hiking boots, have added support for your feet and ankles. Trek boots provide excellent support for leg muscles on rough terrain, especially when you are prone to occasional slips and twisted ankles.
Expedition Boots: Designed for trekkers looking for longer days of expedition, the boots have thicker and more aggressive out-soles. The fabric used in these boots are more robust too.

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What is the level of fitness expected from the participants?

The Ladakh trek can range upto 13000 feet to 18000 feet. Lack of oxygen, days of trekking can cause Acute Mountain Sickness to contend with, which include loss of appetite, nausea and dizziness. So one need to be very fit to cover the highest altitude of mountain.
• Cardio Exercises
• Weight and muscle training
• Rhythmic breathing and blowing balloons to increase capacity.
Keeping hydrated throughout the trek is extremely important. Moreover, having diet food before the trek is highly advised.

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Do you think I should bring some medicines along with me while on the trek?

Being preventive during trekking is extremely important. Dehydration, dizziness, allergy and other heatlh issues can effect the body during trek. Seek advise from doctor to get prescribed for medication. Get yourself ready with AMS Preventive medication after consulting with your doctor. Do not carry any medication unless recommended from doctor.

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What about medical facilities and doctor while on the trek?

You can find base hospital Sonamn Norphel Memorial Hospital in Leh having fully equipped with medical facilities. Company would provide First Aid Box for any medical emergency. Most of the trekkers are qualified in Advance Mountaineering Course and Wilderness First-Aid. They are quite aware about medical emergencies trekkers can fall into. Every trekker need to carry medications.

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Is Diamox advisable?

For those who suffer Acute Mountain Sickness, Diamox is recommeded. However, many do avoid to consume such medication during the trek because it goes against the spirit of trekking. The deciding factor depends on the number of trekking days and condition of the body. It is best to start on a course of Diamox before you start the trek. If on the other hand you are on a 12-14 days trek, then you have sufficient time to allow your body to acclimatize to the altitude. In this situation, you may not need diamox. Diamox forces the kidneys to excrete bicarbonate, the base form of carbon dioxide. It helps in balancing the effects of the hyperventilation that occurs at altitude in an attempt to get oxygen.

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What can be the difficulties which we can face while trekking?

Acute Mountain Sickness is the major problem one can face while trekking. This is because of less oxygen in the highest range. Other difficulty is the climatic condition. During winter season, there can be snow storm or other climatic issues faced by trekkers. It is important to be in group, because any problem arises, you’ll get quick medical assistance.

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What is your evacuation plan in case a contingency happens? Who will pay for the rescue if any trekker gets unwell and needs to be taken back to the camp? What are the other costs involved the trekker will have to bear?

There is a backup team in every expedition equipped with the equipment required to take the patients back to Leh and keep the batch moving ahead. However, if there is any further problem like natural calamities during the trek, the entire batch will come back. If there is any case of illness or accident during the trek, there will be all the arrangements ready to make trekker come back safely. However, the additional costs, like transport to Leh, stay at Ladakh, will be borne by the trekker.

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Will we get safe drinking water on trekking?

Drinking water is the big issue in Ladakh trek. Many may face health issues after drinking stream or even local water. Better to carrying enough bottles of clean water along during the trekking period. The best way to have water filter, during your stay at the hotel. If you're using iodine tablets, then it would work fine. Before the trek, get yourself packed with boil water.

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What type of food is served during the trek?

Having a light food is the best way to keep yourself in better condition during Ladakh trek. Generally, veg foods are served for safer difgestive system. One can expect traditional Ladakhi meal like Momos or Indian flat bread (chapatis), sliced cheese, hard boiled egg and snacks. Heavy foods including non-veg items isn't served in during Ladakh trek to avoid digestion problem. Dry ration of biscuits and chikki will be provided as well.

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How many trekkers are there in one group? I am the only girl in trek, is it safe?

The number of trekkers can be from 4 to 12 or even 20. But it also depends on the trek to trek. For difficult treks, the group size will be small, but for easy trek the group size can be large. For girls, trekking is extremely safe. The trekking company have highest regards for women safety and will ensure that they're safe durint the entire trek. If there is only one girl in the trip, then she will be provided with single tent to sleep alone. If there are more girls, then they can sleep under one tent.

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How many trekkers will be sleeping in one tent?

It depends on the size of the tent carried during the trek. However, one or two trekkers will sleep in the tent. Also, sleeping bags will be there with the tents. Moroever, there will be separate tent for girls to sleep during the trek.

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What are the sanitary facilities?

There is no building or civilization available during treks. Niether there is a conceate toilet available. Tents are accopanied with portable toilets for nature calls. Also making cat holes is also encouraged.

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Can we hire a porter to carry our personal luggage? What will be the cost?

Yes, you can hire porter or guide, available in Ladakh. The cost of the porter depends on the type of luggage and number of people in the group. It can range from Rs 1000- Rs 3000/- roughly per day.

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What is the temperature in the day time and night time?

The temperature during day time is recorded around -10 degrees. However, sunny day can make the environment warm as well due to the reflection of the sunrays. During night time, the temperature futher falls to -35 degree.

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Can we have liquor or smoke while on the trek?

Strictly not. Smoking or alcohol is highly banned during the trek to Ladakh, or even any trek. This is because to keep our body active and high strength. In fact, there would be other people in the group who may object of consuming alcohol or smoking. For trekking, you need to mentally strongand physically active to have successful trek.

Will we stay in the caves?

Stay in cave completely depends on availabilty of the space. There are few caves in Chadar Trek, but due to huge traffic one may have few chance of staying in the cave.

What do we do with garbage which is produced during a trek?

There are garbage disposable facilities during the trek. So trekkers can use it during the trek to keep the area clean.

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Being a fauji kid i always dreamt to do something adventurous and so i chose the most dangerous most exciting chadar trek as my first trek. After reaching the hotel in LEH i was welcomed by Satya sir and guess what we both shared common backgrounds i.e. fauj. After having breakfast i went to the ro... Read More
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Puneet Prajapati
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Hi My name is Hemendra Kateja, I live in Jaipur, Rajasthan. My Chadar Trek was one of the unimaginable and most memorable trek. I went with my friend Nikhlesh for this incredible trekking adventure in February 2020. We both were very excited for this trek as we already mesmerised with chadar trek fo... Read More
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Hemendra Kateja
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Reviewed: 24 Feb 2019
Chadar Trek - Feb 2019 Julley!!!!! It's been 15 days my trek is over but chadar effect is still Onn!!!! Without fail I see the same pics again and again, take the pride to share my Chadar experience with my friends. Thanks to Satya, Shanshank, Guide, Porter's, my Group and Thrillophilia for this... Read More
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