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Sitting peacefully in the laps of the Himalayas, you will truly enjoy the thrill of paragliding in Kullu, which is a hub for recreational activities and mountaineering adventure.  At a decent point of elevation, the town offers a brilliant chance to gather a bird’s eye view of the surrounding environs, the clear blue skies and snow-capped mountain peaks. There are many iconic spots such as Solang valley, Bandrol village and Dobhi in this hilly district, which offer a picture-perfect view of the valleys. 

Enjoy the adventure of Kullu Paragliding, which starts with a basic training course by competent, trustworthy and reliable instructors. Glide down from a mountain top and experience the true adrenaline rush of floating mid-air as you manoeuvre the terrain from the skies above. 

A medium flight runs for 15 minutes while longer flights can go up to an hour, so that you can get an experience of the best paragliding in Kullu. Fly off into the vastness of nature, which will thrill your senses beyond amazement. You will find it extremely satisfying to experience this thrilling activity in Kullu and unravel the skies as you zoom past tree tops and hilly terrain. The activity is meant to be enjoyed by kids as well as adults and is mostly operational through all seasons. You can go solo if you have a license for paragliding or let a pilot accompany you if you opt for tandem paragliding.

Here are some of the best paragliding activities in Kullu:

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Camping in Forests of Kullu: Rafting and Paragliding Special
Camping in Forests of Kullu: Rafting and Paragliding Special



About the Activity:- Kullu is known to be the valley of gods, maybe owed to the number of many important temples in the region, or maybe because of the immense beauty around. With a river flowing right through the heart of the valley and the amazing rolling green hills make for a great getaway from the busy city life. - Apart from this, the valley of Kullu is also known for a great many adventures that one can be a part, which includes but is not limited to, rafting and paragliding.- With the amazing stay in the woods in your tent, you can choose to avail any one of the activities with the experience of camping.- The campsite has 10 tents set up on the ground with a capacity of about 40, as each tent can hold up to as much as 4 people each.Check-in:- 12 pmCheck-out:- 10 am

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

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INR 1,400

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Paragliding In Kullu


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Start point: Gulaba, Kullu- ManaliEndpoint: KothiParagliding In Kullu timings: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PMFlight duration:10 minutesAbout Paragliding In Kullu:The paragliding site is situated on a lush green mountain cliff amidst the dense forests of Kullu valley. Be ready to unleash your adventurous spirit with 360-degree mountain views while flying across the spectacular mountains of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountain range. Paragliding in Kullu will be conducted with fully functional safety equipment and certified instructors.

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46 Ratings

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INR 2,050

INR 1,700 per Adult

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River Rafting And Paragliding In Manali



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Water Sports
Activity Location: ManaliActivity Timings: 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM.River Rafting Duration: 30 minutes.Paragliding Duration: 10 minutes.Total Duration: 1 Hour and 30 minutes.About River Rafting And Paragliding In Manali:Kullu, the Valley of Gods located between the majestic Himalayas and enchanting river Beas offers you an extensive range of escapades, two of the most famous are river rafting and paragliding. River raft under the glory of the sun where the water cools you down and later on fulfills your dream of flying at a height of around 8200 ft by grabbing this package.The cool breeze, views of the majestic Himalayas, the sheer feel of flying, and getting a bird's eye view - all of it makes it an absolutely magical experience altogether. Be a bird set free for freedom and a mermaid living to enjoy the water.

76 Ratings


76 Ratings

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INR 2,365

INR 2,000 per Adult

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My kullu trip went great because of this paragliding arranged my thrillophilia on very short notice, we get the discounted price on website then booking from local market so we booked this. The instructor was very experienced ad funny, after short briefing we started it, the valley looks very beautiful from the sky and had this refreshing air hitting your face, it was memorable experience, thanks team .
Chaturaanan Jha Paragliding in Manali
Cant say no to adventure at all. Thanks to my friend who recommended me this package.

People Also Ask About Paragliding in Kullu

  1. What are the best places for paragliding in and near Kullu?

    1. Solang Valley: Experience a huge rise in adrenaline as you descend into the lush green valley of Solang. Here you will be offered both single and tandem rides and can opt for both small and long flights.

    2. Bandrol Village: Experience the panoramic views of high mountains, steep valley and River Beas as you enjoy a session of paragliding in Bandrol Village. This location offers some of the most scenic views to the people.

    3. Bir Valley: The adventure and the much required thrill awaits you in Bir Valley as you book a session of paragliding. Being home to some lush tea gardens and low plains, Bir offers the best site to enjoy Paragliding.

    4. Barot: Fly high in the sky like a bird and enjoy a scenic view of the valley. In Barot, you will find many locations perfect to take a flight upon.

  2. Is paragliding safe in Kullu?

    Paragliding in and around Kullu is safe as well as scenic. The locations where paragliding is done do not have any rocky terrains or steep valleys, thus ensuring a safe flight.

    However, if you are trying this sport in the months between july to october, then make sure you check the weather.

  3. What is the cost of paragliding in Kullu?

    Charges of paragliding varies depending on the height you are descending from and additional things you opt for.

    The pricing starts from INR 1000 and goes up to INR 5,000 in which you are offered various extra items like food, your video and pickup and drop off services.

  4. What do you wear to paragliding in Kullu?

    Since this is not a surface sport and needs a bit of flexibility, thus make sure you wear comfortable and a bit loose clothing.

    Track pants are a better option than jeans and cover your body as much as you can. Also, wear a proper pair of shoes so that you do not hurt yourself at the time of landing.

  5. When is the best time to visit Kullu for paragliding?

    Summers and winters are considered to be the best time to enjoy a session of paragliding at Kullu. From March to May you can admire the setting sun across the horizon and in the months between October to February, you can enjoy descending towards the snowy plains.

    Make sure that you do not try this sport in times of rain as it is not safe and can lead to accidents.