Coorg Villas

Coorg Mango Villa Home, Three Hills Coorg, Acacia Villa Five, Tall Silver, Rai Cottage, Green Pastures, Acacia Villa Three by Vista Rooms, Estate Stay – Riverside Coffee, and many more.

Renting out some of the most beautiful villas in Coorg is the best way to enjoy a private and exclusive vacation in one of the best hill stations in India. There are innumerable posh villas to choose from that have been constructed and curated with the best amenities to make your stay in Coorg exceptionally comfortable. You can choose from villas in various price ranges to suit your travel budget and irrespective of which property you choose, a common factor in all is the comfort of the property and the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Some of the most luxurious Coorg villas such as Acacia Five, Acacia Three and Tall Silver offer swimming pools and private plantation areas where you can soak in the coveted natural beauty of Coorg. Budget villas such as Rai Cottage and Green pastures, despite being pocket-friendly and extremely affordable, offer luxury services and incredible natural views and clean rooms. All the villas are curated to suit your travel needs and help you make the most of your Coorg vacation!
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Categories: Villas
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Luxury Bungalow Homestay Near National Park In Coorg
4 guests
Meals Included
About the Homestay and NatureSituated among the magnificent, coffee gardens and captivating Kodagu valleys along with the soothing jungle of the South, the property is also known as "God's own retreat". The property is located in a prime location it nestled around a 30-acre coffee estate and the valleys of Kodagu along with the dense forest sholas of Wayanad. It is in a where you can experience the love of nature at its most lavish. The land is within walking distance of the Nagarahole National Park. The climate here is tropical, with rainy conditions, with average temperatures of 15 °C.About its Location & AccessibilityThe Homestay has located towards the Kodagu valleys of the Western Ghats. The property is at a distance of 69km from Coorg. Head southwest on Nagarhole Rd Pass by Alameen trading and then turn right at St Marys and Pass by Police Quarters destination will be on the left.

72 Ratings


72 Ratings

₹ 2,999

₹ 2,099 per Adult

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A Getaway Amidst Serene Woods in Coorg
3 guests
Meals Included
About the Homestay and Nature:The homestay is a charming retreat sitting on a hilltop deep into nature's territory. It sits in the rich green landscape of the western ghats, with soul-soothing vistas of valleys and green canopies all around the property. You are sure to get lost in the bliss and serenity of the property. It is a perfect getaway for you and your loved ones. The location has pleasant weather and the average temperature range is 21oC to 30o C.About its Location & Accessibility:Located at a hilltop and outflanked by the majesty of endless lush greenery, the property is located at a distance of 850 m. from Badriya Masjid Padiyani. Both public and private transports are easily available to reach the resort. The main city of Coorg is 31 km away from the property and it is an off-road property on Talakaveri road.

84 Ratings


84 Ratings

₹ 2,499

₹ 1,999 per Adult

People Also Ask About Villas in Coorg

  1. Which are the best villas in Coorg?

    1. Estate Stay – Riverside Coffee: This stunning garden-side property is one of the best villas in Coorg due to the immense natural beauty that it is surrounded with. You can access the entire property which comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a patio, lawn with lawn chairs, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living area.

    The villa also offers private tours of the coffee estate, where you can get an insight into the coffee cultivation process and even sample some of the freshest brews.

    Location: Madikeri Road, SH 88B, Siddapura, Karnataka 571253
    Price: INR 5,270 per night

    2. Coorg Mango Villa Home: This is one of the most homely, welcoming and accessible villas in Coorg. The property comes with a friendly staff that is available to assist you throughout the duration of your stay. One of the unique features of the villa is its rental service, where you can hire bikes directly from the property to explore the surroundings.

    You can also enjoy a complimentary breakfast that is served to guests. The villa has 2 bedrooms and a living room, along with other amenities such as TVs, air-conditioning, a dining room and much more.

    Location: College Road, Kaveri layout Madikeri Coorg, Madikeri.
    Price: INR 1,200 per night

    3. Three Hills Coorg: The Three Hills is a posh property and a boutique homestay that is ideal for honeymooning couples and small families that want to spend their Coorg vacation in peace and tranquillity. What makes the Three Hills one of the most sought-after villas in Coorg is the beautiful scenery that surrounds the living spaces.

    The property is also located at an elevation, which allows you to catch an uninterrupted view of the surrounding landscape, engulfed in mist. The amenities on the property include a swimming pool, kitchen, a lawn, TVs, air-conditioning among others.

    Location: Betathur, Bhagamandala, Hobli, Madikeri Taluk, Karnataka.
    Price: INR 3,500 per night

    4. Acacia Villa Five: This stunning luxury villa is one of the best villas in Coorg due to its rustic but modern architecture, with floor to ceiling windows, spacious balconies and other convenient amenities. You can also enjoy barbecue facilities that are provided on-site.

    The entire property is surrounded by towering trees that add to the natural vibes of the place. The villa can accommodate up to 6 people at a time, which makes it perfect for tight-knit groups and families who are travelling to Coorg.

    Location: Koorgalli Estate, Suntikoppa post North, Madikeri.
    Price: INR 25,000 per night

    5. Tall Silver: Tall Silver is a beautiful, personalized property and one of the most beautiful villas in Coorg offering unique amenities such as a swimming pool, a patio, a private dining area, etc. There are also deck chairs beside the pool, along with an outdoor dining area that adds to the romantic ambience of the property.

    You can access the fully functional kitchen at all times during your stay, take walks in the adjoining forest, enjoy a freshly prepared Asian breakfast every morning and enjoy the comfort of your private rooms that have large glass windows that look out on to nature.

    Location: Coorg, Madikeri, Karnataka.
    Price: INR 18,700 per night

    6. Rai Cottage: When searching for eco-centric Coorg villas that enhance the natural beauty of Coorg while also providing you with a comfortable and homely place to stay in, it is impossible to miss Rai Cottage. This stunning rustic villa is teeming with quaint corners with direct access to an overflowing garden and the forests of Coorg.

    The villa also has an outdoor seating area with a glass roof, where you can relax, take your meals or just marvel at nature. The rooms in the villa are large, spacious and comfortably decorated for you to experience the best of Coorg hospitality when you are visiting.

    Location: Arthur Nallur Village, Kambinane Road Via Suntikoppa,Kodagu District
    Price: INR 3,500 onwards

    7. Green Pastures: One of the most beautiful Coorg villas can be found in the heart of a sprawling coffee estate – one of the specialities of Coorg. Green Pastures is a homely, 3-bedroom property spread over one story and surrounded by manicured lawns and parks and forests.

    The lawns surrounding the property are fitted with benches, bonfire zones and barbecue facilities for an exciting time outdoors. Inside, you can get facilities such as wardrobes, kitchenettes, bathrooms with toiletries, air-conditioning, washing machines, WiFi and much more.

    Location: Kiragandur Post, Somwarpet Taluk, North Coorg, Karnataka 571251
    Price: INR 4,500 per night

    6. Acacia Villa Three by Vista Rooms: 
    If you are looking for an uber-luxurious stay with your loved ones in the midst of the famous natural beauty of Coorg, then you need not look any further than the Acacia Villa Three, another stunning property by Vista Rooms. This is one of the best luxury villas in Coorg that comes with coveted amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, complimentary breakfast, several open spaces including terraces and balconies, an open lawn with a deck along with outdoor seating, etc.

    You can get an uninterrupted view of the Coorg mountains from all parts of the villa. There are also provisions for barbecues on the property.

    Location: Koorgalli Estate, Suntikoppa post North, Madikeri.
    Price: INR 25,200 per night

    7. Crystal Villa: A wonderfully quaint and private villa in Coorg is the Crystal Homestay located in Pollibetta, which is characterized by its old-world, colonial feel and beautiful natural beauty. The property is located at a slight elevation and the surrounding hills are filled with the dark green forests of Coorg.

    The lawns surrounding the property are equipped with bonfire and barbecue facilities, along with wrought iron chairs and benches for an elite experience. The rooms are comfortable, clean and homely, with four-poster beds, free WiFi, private bathrooms, a kitchen equipped with a fridge and microwave and other important amenities.

    Location: Crystal Estate, Pollibetta Road, Pollibetta, Karnataka 571215
    Price: INR 6,000 onwards

  2. Which are the best private pool villas in Coorg?

    1. Three Hills: Three Hills is one of the best pool villas in Coorg with an outdoor swimming pool and a property that is surrounded by the best of nature. The rooms come equipped with air-conditioning, patios, outdoor seating, barbecues, etc.

    2. Acacia Villa Three: A great private pool villa in Coorg is the Acacia Villa Three by VistaRooms. The highlight of the property is the massive outdoor swimming pool that can be accessed from all the rooms in the villa. There is also an adjoining dining area.

    3. Tall Silver: Another luxury homestay in Coorg is Tall Silver, which has a stunning pool on the property that is surrounded by the forests of Coorg. The outdoor seating area adjoining the pool is also considered a highlight of the property, where you can relax, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy bonfires.

    4. The Ibnii: This is one of the most premium luxury villas in Coorg which also has an outdoor swimming pool that looks out onto the natural beauty of Coorg, including the hills and forests. The property has several open living spaces, rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and other enviable amenities.

  3. Which are the top luxury villas in Coorg?

    1. Acacia Villa Three: One of the most luxurious Villas in this beautiful hill station is the Acacia Villa Three, which is known for its rustic architecture, incredible interiors, spacious rooms and amenities such as a swimming pool, a private forest area, bonfires and barbecues, etc.

    2. Tall Silver: This beautiful private villa with a swimming pool, several rooms, open dining spaces and other exciting features is ideal for families travelling to Coorg.

    3. Green Pastures: Located in the midst of a coffee estate, this luxury villa has an old-world feel but is fitted with the most modern amenities that make it one of the most premium properties in the area.

    4. Estate Stay – Riverside Coffee: Another luxury property that can be found in the middle of a coffee plantation is the Estate Stay, where you can see the coffee plants, along with the misty hills and forestlands of Coorg from the large balconies that this property is known for.

  4. Which are the budget villas in Coorg?

    1. Coorg Mango Villa Home: This quaint and homely property is a conveniently located property that has its own in-house staff that ensures your stay is completely hassle-free and comfortable. You can get bike rentals from the property to explore the place at leisure.

    2. Rai Cottage: This beautiful villa has several bedrooms, private bathrooms, a private parking space, a natural landscape surrounding the property and other enviable amenities that make it one of the best private properties within a reasonable budget.

    3. Three Hills: Despite being one of the most budget-friendly villas, the Three Hills is also one of the most sought-after because of its luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, its elevated location and surrounding natural landscape.

  5. What is Coorg famous for?

    Coorg is one of the most popular places in Karnataka that is known for its incredible natural beauty. The hill station is known throughout the country for its misty hills, thick and dense forests and abundant flora and fauna.

    It is also one of the leading producers of coffee in the country, and you can find several villas located in the middle of the famous coffee plantations in the town.

  6. What is the best time to visit Coorg?

    The best time to visit the hill station of Coorg is during the summer months between March to June. If you want to avoid the rainfall that occurs during the summer and monsoon months, then you should travel only during March and April, when the temperature is comfortable enough for you to go trekking, hiking or exploring the landscape.

  7. How much does it cost to stay in a villa in Coorg?

    The price range of private villas in Coorg is different for different villas. If you are travelling on a budget, you can rent out a villa for as little as INR 1,500 per night. However, if you would like to rent some of the most luxurious properties, then you can even get properties that cost up to INR 30,000 per night.

  8. What are the facilities provided with villas in Coorg?

    While the range of services and amenities is different in all the villas, some of the common facilities that you can avail, includes:

    - Private bedrooms
    - Private bathrooms with toiletries
    - Air conditioning
    - Lawns
    - Swimming pool (in select properties)
    - Outdoor seating with patio
    - Bonfire and barbecue facilities (in select properties)

Newly Added Coorg Experience

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30 December 2020
I and my family stayed at the Villa for a few nights on Christmas 2020. The experience was really great. Villa is located deep among coffee plantations and offers breathtaking views of the valley and surroundings. The food offered to us was truly excellent. We also had a tour of the plantation and a walk to nearby Cauvery river. We are very happy with our stay and look forward to visiting sometime again!
A wonderful place to spend your weekend away from the chaos of city life. It was a special moment for my visit. Very spacious, well maintained, staff are very friendly, there service was even more good.
I and my friends had a great weekend at the Villa, it was one of the best stay experience. The location of the stay was amazing near to the river and greenery everywhere. The rooms are spacious too. The morning views are awesome. The food is great. Above all, the staff is really cooperative and flexible. Thanks to Thrillophilia for amazing experience!!
A quiet, scenic and homely condition. Excellent hospitality. Caring n disciplined staff. You will love the scenic views, birds chirping. Food was tasty and customized, served in an in-house restaurant. Hygienic and clean property.
Great place to stay and amazing service. The location is picturesque A good place to get away from busy life n enjoy the nature around the stay. Good food n friendly staff

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