1592505027 nture camp.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Nature Camping
1592504939 glam camp.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Glamorous Camping
1592504816 riverside camp2.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Riverside Camping
1592505018 jungle camp.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Jungle Camping
1600681388 shutterstock 657542155.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Off-beat Camping

Camping in Coorg

Camping in Coorg is one of the best recreational things to do when visiting this region as the soothing landscapes and serene ambiance of the place bring you close to the incredible nature and take you away from the city chaos. 

The lush green trails make the place an idle location for camping. Coorg is also known as the Scotland of India because of its astounding scenic beauty and flourishing greenery. The Coorg camping places are close to Bangalore (250 kilometers away), making them the right places to hang out and experience the thrill of camping.

Famous for coffee plantations, Coorg allows you to witness the aroma of the fresh coffee which makes your morning refreshing and delightful. The camps like Evergreen County or Maday Holidays were set up amidst the lush plantations so that the fragrance refreshes your mind. These camps are full of high-end amenities and best-in-class services like best cuisine, room services, etc.
Camps like Jungle Mount Adventure Camp and Votecad Nature camp are known to offer some exciting adventurous activities such as jungle safaris and trekking, adding more fun to the whole camping experience. Based on your budget and services offered you can choose the campsites. Camping in the beautiful city of Coorg works like meditation for the mind as the place soothes your mind and soul.
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Riverside Forest Camping in Coorg


Meals Included
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Stay Included

316 Ratings


316 Ratings

₹ 2,436

₹ 1,949 per Adult

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Camping In Gonikoppal Coorg


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher

759 Ratings


759 Ratings

₹ 1,800

₹ 1,404 per Adult

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Camping In Coorg


Meals Included
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2545 Ratings


2545 Ratings

₹ 1,550

₹ 1,100 per Adult

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Luxury Camping in Coorg


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Stay Included

581 Ratings


581 Ratings

₹ 3,086

₹ 2,449 per Adult

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Coorg Adventure Park & Campsite I Book Online @ 20% off

196 Ratings


196 Ratings

₹ 3,125

₹ 2,500

P9m7n475d0v1kedsxzbksn5jonzg 1586518001 trek 12 Ojgah5oc4anlf9l59rfzktetz33x 319f29 d825758992244deca9937128e236eb0a mv2 5fhmm1qwuer42vz0veqh3ssd5ibq 59b3567cbbbd11eb84c80242ac110003 Hlay55rpzbwa292cmwydibok757a brahmagiri trek main 2np7bs2ugyj2waq8hyzko57rreq2 nishanii
Coorg Camping Experience with Trekking


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Stay Included

100 Ratings


100 Ratings

₹ 5,000

₹ 2,089 per Adult

Gok5t5poa7edtxc545odq65a6psa 1498040621 coorg madikeri Zbymqnt85v24iv67h3tkl5mkjvdn 1563025216 91635231 Psoopmn2hckjcwlwgzxl82lt7acs 1601467134 shutterstock 787221445.jpg 3h9tduq2a2rqt8q8yn69p2s6i0ln tegan mierle fdostelvhn8 unsplash O06w7cilu3d7kn699nf5ki918hgb camping site of karnataka
Camping In Madikeri Coorg


Instant confirmation
Meals Included
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Very Good

920 Ratings


920 Ratings

₹ 2,399

₹ 1,700 per Adult

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Nature Camping Experience in Coorg


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher

144 Ratings


144 Ratings

₹ 2,000

₹ 1,500 per Adult

Etqyzcu7pneyiggni7flsm3341ia img 6050 Cpgkc4f3p49817yh5dqkgi2p8pfl img 20191228 161614 O7hlsurtpp4fuua45hkmi3ghcvkj large%20swiss%20tent Wso2bifk8bev1v51of5qnehg0z3j 2021 04 12%20(1) Kpy997n6o8cmj4t2uhjkkbhcjhmb bell%20tent%20jollyboys%20camp%2031
Coorg Fishing Camping with Activities


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher

38 Ratings


38 Ratings

₹ 1,899

₹ 1,149 per Adult

Cottage Stay in Coorg with Camping @ ₹870 Only | Book Now!

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 1,075

₹ 870

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People Also Ask About Camping in Coorg

  1. Which are the best campsites in Coorg?

    1. Evergreen County: Rich in natural scenic beauty, Evergreen County is a paradise for nature lovers and one of the best places for camping in Coorg. This unique campsite offers breathtaking views and promises a fun-filled holiday experience. You can experience varied activities here like a campfire, trekking, gun firing, and barbeque, making you feel like never before.
    This amazing resort is equipped with a spa, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, fitness center, and varied types of cottages. Their hospitality makes tourists cheerful and satisfied. The delicious cuisines offered here offer a treat to our taste buds.

    Location: Nangala Village, Virajpet, Coorg
    Price: INR 4,206 onwards per night.

    2. Jungle Mount Adventure Camp: With breathtaking mountain views, Jungle Mount provides you a perfect village retreat. The cozy cabins are well equipped with amenities so that you can enjoy a comfortable and fun vacay. The front porch promises a scenic view of the pristine flowing river and the tranquil mountain. 
    You can gather around the fire ring with your friends at night and enjoy the barbeque sipping on your wine. The adventure camp offers a continental cuisine that will make your meals delightful. The place is located at an idle place as it is just 83 kilometers away from the Kannur International Airport.

    Location: Yavakapadi village and Post, Kakkabe, Coorg 
    Price: INR 3,896 onwards per night

    3. Maday Holidays: One of the best places to experience camping in Coorg, Maday Holidays ensures nature-based camping. Located in a coffee estate, the place is no less than a heaven for coffee lovers as the place is always filled with the aroma of coffee.  
    The place is in the western ghats thus, providing you spectacular landscapes for adventure and outdoor activities. The Asian cuisines provided daily in the camp uplifts your mood. The Kannur International Airport is just 61 kilometers from the place so you can easily travel here on your weekends.

    Location: Madikeri-Mangalore Highway, Coorg
    Price: INR 2,387 onwards per night.

    4. Votecad Nature camp: To enjoy endless adventure activities, the Votecad Nature  Camp is one of the best choices to make. The place makes you feel the real essence of camping. It is a complete nature zone surrounded by lush green plantations. The place offers the exact scenario of camping so that you can cherish the thrill throughout your life.
    You can destress and rejuvenate amidst nature. This Coorg camping place promises many fun-filled activities and outdoor games. If you are someone that has an interest in yoga or meditation, this is the idle campsite for you. 

    Location: Srimangala, Coorg
    Price: INR 6,000 onwards.

    5. Tharangani Tent Camp: Located in a coffee estate, the Tharangini Test camp provides great services and hospitality. You can organize different activities here such as campfires, night parties, and tent stays so that you have several memories to cherish for a lifetime. The wooden cottages provide you the authentic vibes and lets you experience the thrill and excitement of camping. 
    You can visit the place with your friends and family to turn your weekends into a fun-filled session. It is equipped with the necessary amenities so you have a leisure stay.

    Nargane Village Gaddehalla, Suntikoppa, Coorg

    6. Camp Coorg Tents: Camp Coorg Tents is a superb option for tents in Coorg for travelers. The tent is close to some spectacular places worth visiting. One of the famous tourist places close to the tent is Omkareshwara temple which is just 6.2 kilometers away from it.
    Camp Coorg tents is a perfect place to experience camping in Coorg for budget travelers. Flexible policies, friendly management staff, and warm hospitality ensure customer satisfaction. You can spend your weekend in nature here and experience serenity.

    Location: Kaggodlu village, Madikeri
    Price: INR 940 onwards per night

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    7. Camp Hills Resort: Nestled on the base of Western Ghats, the Camp Hills Resort is a beautiful campsite carved out of nature for travel enthusiasts as the place is surrounded by milky clouds and tender mist. You can witness the mighty mountains and breathtaking scenery of lush green coffee estates here. 
    This nature resort offers all the necessary services. Equipped with all the amenities, the resort is satisfactory in every aspect. 

    Location: Napanda Estate, Kargundha, Kodagu
    Price: INR 1,500 onwards per night.

    8. Coorg Coffee Camp: A perfect location for nature lovers, Coorg Coffee Camp is one of the fascinating campsites. The place not only has an astounding ambiance but also has dedicated areas for couples and kids. You can enjoy various indoor and outdoor games at the location, adding more fun to the whole experience of Camping in Coorg. 
    Rooms are equipped with the necessary amenities, providing you enough comfort, private space, and leisure time. The place promises a great relaxing and soothing stay and camping experience. The Traditional food served here brings you close to authentic Karnataka cuisine. 

    Location: Nalkeri Village Post, South Coorg
    Price: INR 1,800 onwards per night

    9. Fishing Camp in Coorg: Surrounded by a pristine man-made lake, Fishing Camp in Coorg provides an amazing and overwhelming stay. This eco-friendly campsite is surrounded by coffee estates, thus it will fill your nostrils with the enchanting aroma of coffee. 
    Staying in tents here provides you some spectacular views that will fill your heart with joy. You can indulge in various activities such as kayaking, trekking, and swimming when you visit this Coorg camping place.

    Ammathi, Karnataka
    Price: INR 2,400 onwards per adult.

    10. Jollyboys Coorg Camping: Established especially for tent camping and trekking, Jollyboys Coorg Camping provides a complete thrill campsite for all adventure activities. You can choose a suitable tent from the varied accommodation options offered by them including Large Swiss tents and Bell tents.
    You can gather around the bonfire with your friends and make beautiful memories so that you smile every time remembering them. The key camping activities of the place include Trekking in nature trails and waterfalls, etc. 

    Galibeedu, Madikeri, Coorg
    Price: INR 1,400 onwards per night

    11. Coleman Camping Adventure: 
    Coleman Camping Adventure is one of the best sites for camping in Coorg. With your travel buddies, you can enjoy this picturesque campsite and have endless fun. The place offers scenic views of lush green coffee plants and cascading waterfalls. After all the thrilling activities, you can return to the camps and enjoy a relaxing time near bonfires and barbecues. 
    The refreshing aroma of coffee activates the spirit. The place is near many tourist places such as Madikeri fort and Mandalpatti Peak. With varied tent options, one can stay comfortably and relax in nature’s lap.

    Location: Srimangala, Coorg
    Price: INR 1,800 onwards per adult

    12.  Alpine Campsites: Alpine Campsites is an idle location for spending weekends in the countryside. This Coorg camping place is just 60.8 kilometers away from the Kannur International Airport. The campsite organizes an entertainment show in the evenings for the guests. 
    You can enjoy the whole thrilling experience even with your pet here without any worries, all you need is an advance agreement with the management administration. The place provides all the basic facilities to the guests so that you can relax and enjoy nature and activities. 

    Location: Madikeri, Coorg

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  2. What is the best time to visit Coorg for Camping?

    The best time to visit Coorg for camping is between October and May as the winter season serves sites of flourishing greenery and the crisp air transports the travelers to paradise. The summers and monsoons also have mesmerizing beauty to offer but winter is the time when the beauty of Coorg is at its peak.

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    Best Coorg Honeymoon Packages

  3. Can we do camping in Coorg during the monsoon also?

    Monsoon season in Coorg is really refreshing due to the heavy rainfall, but it can make calm rivers ferocious and the terrain unpredictable. Coorg during this season is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but if you can motivate yourself and embrace the fear, you will get to indulge in unique adventures that very few people have experienced.

    When you wake up early in the morning, the only thing separating you from the rain and mist is the fabric of the tent. Camping in Coorg during the monsoon also allows you to be surrounded by intensified aroma of the coffee and pepper plantations. Just don’t forget to pack your raincoat and shoes with an extra grip.

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  4. Why is Coorg so famous for camping?

    Coorg camping leaves such deep impressions that not bringing a camera may be regretful. Everyone from adventure seekers to the people who would prefer peace from city life have a great time here. Perhaps the versatile natural beauty of the town attracts throngs of tourists every year that further encourages them for a revisit.

    You can enjoy sports activities like volleyball or go for some river rafting for the adrenaline rush. Winter camping can be even more rewarding with over 40 species of migratory birds taking temporary residence in the hill station.

  5. What activities will we do during camping in Coorg?

    When camping in Coorg, these are some of the activities that you will do:

    1. Enjoy Popular Games: When camping near Virajpet in Coorg, you can set up your tents and enjoy popular games like Volleyball, badminton as well as cricket with other campers. 

    2. Visit the Kabbe Hills: On your camping trip, you can also visit the scenic Kabbe Hills, and take a hike to the top, from where you can see the dense forests of Kerala on one side and the coffee plantations of Coorg on the other. 

    3. Stargazing at night: Since you will be camping on the hillside, you will be fortunate enough to see a clear sky, with millions of stars twinkling in the night. You and the other campers can enjoy stargazing in serenity. 

    4. Enjoy a Bonfire: Having a bonfire is probably one of the best experiences of camping, where people get to huddle around a pit fire and share stories in the dark and bond with each other. 

    5. Visit the beautiful Harangi Backwaters: If you are camping near the riverside, you must definitely pay a visit to the stunning Harangi Backwaters. You can not only see the Thala Kaveri at its absolute best but also sit and relax amidst the verdant greenery and soothing natural surroundings. 

    6. Take a walk in the many coffee plantations: Coorg is known for its coffee plantations, which exude a certain charm to anyone who visits. On your camping trip in coorg, you can take a walk in one of the many coffee plantations spread across the region, and rejuvenate yourself with the bittersweet aroma of coffee. 

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Newly Added Coorg Experience

Coorg Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Coorg
08 January 2019
Keerthi sv Camping In Coorg
Hi this is keerthi vaasan, We are of 14 members for the trip. We reached at afternoon. The climate was really awesome. We started playing volleyball ball after long time. We played like this while we are in college. After some time we went for a trek on water falls. Really a fantastic ride. We took bath the water is nearly to freezing stage. I first really scared to go on. But after sometime my soul got sticked there. While returning from there only my body returned but my soul sticked out there. Food was really more delicious. They served with good respect. They are maintaining it in good way. The best palce to visit with frnds.
Mallikarjun Devaramane Camping In Coorg
"One of the best places for camping. You will love the drive to reach this place, those roads!! so beautiful.\nCan't forget the hospitality of the host. Bahaddur, who is working over there and his kids are so much fun to talk. They served delicious authentic madikeri food. walk around the estate, don't worry Bahadur kids can take you there and be such a wonderful company. Bonfire, you get to meet different people from different places, share a drink, exchange of thoughts, what not. Overall its one of the affordable best packages in madikeri."
03 January 2017
Muthuvel Raman Camping In Coorg
It was an stunning experience for me as solo traveler. Location is in 16 km cut from Madikeri towards Talakaveri and last 3 km pathway is very much into the forest and you will be enjoying that. Location is untapped by many and road in the last stretch is not so comfortable and that is the beauty of the place. The place is very much into the forest and you wont here any sound other than birds,leaves and wind. No Wifi and Network is very weak and that's exactly what we need when we are in holidays. Temperature is damn low at night and camp fire sets the mood for it to enjoy. Tent sleep is a different experience for me and i am sure it would be the same for all. Water stream flows nearby and we can go and pass time there. Morning, we walked around 2 Km into the forest to see a jungle falls which is icing on the cake. Trekking path is also untouched by many i believe. Also you can coffee estate to walk around. No need to mention that food is very delicious and so are services. On a whole, I am sure it would be a complete package for a camp day or two. if it is Coorg, this should be your stay place. I landed at thrillophilia accidentally and it is a needed one. If i want to say in Rajini style, "Magizhchi"
10 April 2016
Madhuri Prajapat Dubare Elephant Camp Coorg @
Coorg is indeed a lovely place and the perfect place to take your spouse and kids. If you are planning a Coorg trip then you should go to this amazing elephant camp for a quick and amazing vacation! There are whole lot of activities and specially elephants. My kids loved it a lot.
15 October 2015
The term 'Gentle Giant' might have been coined especially for elephants! This was a very offbeat and enchanting experience. Totally loved our stay and activities like jeep safari, bird watching, elephant interaction for best part of the whole trip.
22 January 2021
Kamlesh Roy Camping In Gonikoppa
Very Good
We had spent a great time with friends and family. The Tour Guide Mr. Arun guided us well through the place.
28 January 2020
Sushma Ahuja Camping In Coorg
I booked the camping experience from Thrillophilia. This was the best camping experience I ever had. The camps were clean and hygienic and the staff here is friendly approachable. We stayed here for one nice and it went fantastic because of the food they served, totally worth the visiting as per the price. Highly Recommended .
09 February 2020
Trilokanath Nayar Camping In Coorg
It was my first camping experience and it turned out to be the best. We enjoyed the various activities they offered near the camp area. The food was perfect in taste and had quality and quantity both. The place looks so beautiful right from the entrance, our stay was comfortable and we had an awesome trip.
01 February 2020
Deeptimoyee Chopra Camping In Coorg
Such a beautiful place in that price, we initially were in shock but the sales person gave us the assurance, and must say that the place was exactly as same as they have written on website. Amazing staff, the activities, the food, the camps, the bonfire, each and everything was perfect and we really had good quality time here, Thanks Thrillophilia for arranging this for us.
18 January 2020
Lakshminath Chaturvedi Camping In Coorg
The camping was good and so do the activities, we took Jeep Ride and Zipline also for my family picnic. They served good food and we enjoyed the bonfire arranged by them. Perfect place for family and sure it is safe.

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